10 Best Toy Cars for 5-Year-Olds 2023 – Improve Kid’s Skills

best toy cars for 5 year old

Toy cars aren’t just for fun but will help your little ones to develop gross motor skills. Made using non-toxic ABS plastic and sometimes, die-cast iron sets, these toy cars are perfectly safe. There are various sizes available, and it is mandatory to look for the best one for your kid. Listed below some reviews on the best toy cars for 5-year-olds for your reference.

Fixed playtime with toy cars will help your kids to get exposure to STEM learning. This education deals with technology, mathematics, engineering and science. Even though it seems confusing how toy cars help your kids achieve the same, you will realize their importance shortly.

Our Pick
Joyjam Remote Control Car for Boys 4-10, 360° Rotation RC Stunt Car Off Road RC Toys Cars for Kids and Adults, 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck High Speed...
Good Price
Pussan Car Toys for 6-12 Year Old Boys Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids 2.4 GHz RC Stunt Car for Boys Girls 4WD Off Road Monster Truck Birthday...
Good Choice
PREXTEX RC Police Car Remote Control Police Car RC Toys Radio Control Police Car Toys for Boys, Remote Control Car with Lights and Siren for 5 Year...
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Best Choice Products 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride On Car Toy w/Parent Remote Control, MP3 Player - Black
Joyjam Remote Control Car for Boys 4-10, 360° Rotation RC Stunt Car Off Road RC Toys Cars for Kids and Adults, 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck High Speed...
Pussan Car Toys for 6-12 Year Old Boys Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids 2.4 GHz RC Stunt Car for Boys Girls 4WD Off Road Monster Truck Birthday...
PREXTEX RC Police Car Remote Control Police Car RC Toys Radio Control Police Car Toys for Boys, Remote Control Car with Lights and Siren for 5 Year...
Best Choice Products 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride On Car Toy w/Parent Remote Control, MP3 Player - Black
Our Pick
Joyjam Remote Control Car for Boys 4-10, 360° Rotation RC Stunt Car Off Road RC Toys Cars for Kids and Adults, 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck High Speed...
Joyjam Remote Control Car for Boys 4-10, 360° Rotation RC Stunt Car Off Road RC Toys Cars for Kids and Adults, 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck High Speed...
Good Price
Pussan Car Toys for 6-12 Year Old Boys Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids 2.4 GHz RC Stunt Car for Boys Girls 4WD Off Road Monster Truck Birthday...
Pussan Car Toys for 6-12 Year Old Boys Amphibious Remote Control Car for Kids 2.4 GHz RC Stunt Car for Boys Girls 4WD Off Road Monster Truck Birthday...
Good Choice
PREXTEX RC Police Car Remote Control Police Car RC Toys Radio Control Police Car Toys for Boys, Remote Control Car with Lights and Siren for 5 Year...
PREXTEX RC Police Car Remote Control Police Car RC Toys Radio Control Police Car Toys for Boys, Remote Control Car with Lights and Siren for 5 Year...
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Best Choice Products 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride On Car Toy w/Parent Remote Control, MP3 Player - Black
Best Choice Products 12V 3.7 MPH 2-Seater Licensed Land Rover Ride On Car Toy w/Parent Remote Control, MP3 Player - Black

Toy cars will help your little kids to know more about trajectory as they get to launch their mini cars off loop-de-loop. They will come to learn about distance, velocity, weight, gravity and more. Thanks to the playful mood, kids won’t feel burdened when trying out something new every day!

Toy cars can also help your kids to focus more on fine motor skills. Playing with small toy cars shall improve their skill sets shortly. Fine motor skills are mandatory to help them build upon one another. So, grasping and even moving the toy cars around will help your child to hold a pencil, cut with scissors and more later on.

Let’s learn a bit more about these top 10 toy car models, which are my personal favorites!

Best Toy Car for 5-Year-Olds Reviews

1. JoyJam RC Stunt Car Off-Road RC Cars

For a fancy looking toy stunt car, nothing can beat the importance of this product from the house of Joyjam. It comes with tumbling at 360 degree, along with flips and spins all the way through. This car is designed with two-side racing to help move the car backward, forward, right and left on water and land.

The toy car features four-wheel duty friction. Moreover, it has a tri-axis system for enjoying that superior experience, which is unimaginable. This is a high speed and ultra-fast reactive car with a maximum speed of 12 km/hour. It helps in covering a quick rotating and turning action.

It has 2.4 GHz spectrum technology which will improve the anti-interference ability for several cars running at once.

In addition, such toy cars for 3-year olds will have elastic anti-slip based hollow tires. There you have major surfacing concave along with the much-awaited convex friction, designed for that powerful grip. The cars are well-associated with flexible wheels to allow better flexibility and high speed.

Note that no matter where you are planning to run the toy car, it can smoothly glide over it.

You can’t ignore the shockproof construction of the car with 4WD full function. The manufacturing unit used only premium quality ABS plastic for a durable and firm car body.

Furthermore, this product comes with quality assured. It has 1 rechargeable battery designed for the car, plus 2 AA batteries intended for the remote.

The only issue is that you have to undo the battery holder to get it recharged. Even though it is not a significant problem, you have to be careful with the crews to not lose them.
  • Great sturdy body and flexible movements
  • Rugged wheels
  • Using premium ABS plastic for construction
  • High speed of 12 km/h at max and ultra fast reaction
  • Have to remove battery holder for charging the car
All in all, this product is amazing for your little kids and helps them to enhance their fine motor skills. Grab one now and see your kids have a blast!

2. Racing Car Toys from Play22

A perfect gift for holidays and birthdays, this racing car toy from Play22 is a masterpiece. It helps your kids to learn engineering at a tender age. These toy cars will provide your little kids with realistic sounds and lights. The dimensions measure at 7.5″ X 3.5″ X 2.5″.

This 30-piece set consists of 5 modification parts, 5 car parts, 8 tires, screws and a drill.

This car comes with various interchangeable modification parts. You can take out the wheels and other parts of the cars and try remodeling it again. This toy car is meant for gross motor skill development among little kids. These car toys could entertain your little kids for hours.

Not only that, but this Play22 car toy comes with Lights and sounds power drill.

Though the engine battery is included, you need to purchase 2 AA batteries separately to make it work.

I hope the manufacturers would have inserted them to complete the set. Other than that issue, it is hard to find fault with this fantastic toy.
  • Great light and a sound power drill for your kids
  • Can help your kids to learn mechanical tricks at a tender age
  • Designed to last long and comes with 10 interchangeable parts
  • Has realistic sound and lights
  • Wish there were batteries included to complete the set
If you are currently looking for the best toy cars to teach your little ones some mechanical skills, this one is a perfect option. Your kids will immediately fall in love with it!

3. Mattel FDM61 Hot Wheels Spider-Man Car

An Amazon exclusive toy car, this product is excellent for all the Spiderman lovers out there! If your little one is addicted to that character, you should get this toy car with Spiderman imprints on top. This is one of the best and attractive toy cars for 2-year-olds, which are based on the new suit of the latest Homecoming movie.

The windshield of the car moves with a push of a spoiler, to focus more on the target! When pushed down, this spoiler further launches an exclusive web car to knock down the obstacles and villains on its way. That applies to some other superhero cars as well.

Additionally, with the same spoiler pushed down, the size of Spiderman’s eyes will change to help focus and aim!

As this car has a large dimension of 4.33 x 11.02 x 3.94 inches and weighs just one pound, your kids can carry it around without effort. It is a great toy to play both indoors and outdoors. Be sure to clean the car toys from time to time to avoid dirt accumulation.

This perfect toy car set is not just meant for fun, but will help your bundle of joy to learn how to aim and shoot. It further gives wings to their imagination while spending hours playing with friends. They get to develop their hand-eye coordination with this piece of plastic toy.

The only issue is that the little car fails to launch with high velocity. For some kids, this toy can get a bit boring after a few turns.
  • Perfect toy set to help your kids learn to aim and shoot
  • Comes with a little web car
  • It has the amazing print of the latest Spiderman homecoming movie
  • Easy to carry around
  • The little car fails to zoom out with high velocity
This is one interesting car toy set, perfect for Marvel character lovers. The outstanding design, along with aim and shoot functionalities will make this toy car perfect for your use!

4. Pussan Remote Control Car Toys

The Pussan Amphibious remote-controlled toy vehicle is a perfect land and water racer, both. It has a precise sealed design, which makes it easier to glide on water. Moreover, you can’t ignore the weatherproof version of this toy car, designed to conquer some extreme situations.

It is one off-road stunt car with four wheel gears. That makes the toy rather flexible to cover some amazing 180 degree flips and 360 degree rotations! In addition, its amazing off-road design supports it well on sandy beaches, land and even on water.

For this toy to help your little kid understand maneuvering well, a remote control is equipped. This controller can cover 200 feet easily, which is extra-long for any RC car.

To top it all, it has been proficiently upgraded using the anti-interference technology to ensure proper fun of exploration whenever kids are using it.

The car has special auto shut-off functions to keep it from losing.

Furthermore, you can’t ignore the strong car body. It is made using non-toxic PVC and quality ABS material. Even if your child wants to play this toy outside, you don’t have to think twice before allowing him. The shockproof car body will prevent any form of damage associated with dropping or hitting.

Another charming characteristic of this toy car is its long-lasting based rechargeable option. It has a reliable rechargeable battery, which can last long and can also get charged up quickly. The entire product is packaged in a premium box with special storage space for the gun-type controller.

The dual-motor of this toy car can help it drive faster and flip and rotate. The product can even climb hills and conquer any extreme scenarios like mud, snow and what not!

However, the car’s movements turn out to be pretty slow on water. That’s the only issue with this product. Apart from that, this toy car is a perfect call for your little ones.
  • Can rotate and flip like a pro
  • Comes with a sturdy built using non-toxic plastic materials
  • Can perform well on roughest conditions and on mud, snow and more
  • A reliable rechargeable battery is included
  • The movement turns out to be slow on water
All in all, if you are looking for a toy car that can easily withstand daily pressure, it is perfect for you. This toy car is amazingly crafted to ensure proper fun time with family.

5. Dmazing Toys for 2-6 Year Old Boys Kids

It is one perfect example of Dinosaur car toys that your little ones will absolutely love. These toy cars are ideal for children within 3 to 6 years of age.

Being one educational plaything, these toy cars for babies will help your kids to learn more about dinosaurs. Additionally, you can’t ignore that these toy cars will help your kids to improve their gross and fine motor development skills.

These are your traditional pull back car toys, so no need to invest money on batteries. To play, simply pull the car back and let it go. It helps in exercising the visual tracking ability of your child along with hand flexibility.

These toy cars are perfectly safe for your kids to use. It comes with premium quality ABS material. Moreover, the corners are made using soft plastic, so the chances of getting hurt are zero. The toy is not only light but also resistant to impact. It proves to be quite suitable for children without worrying about hampering the toy car.

The mini size of 2.75 inches each will make these toys absolutely perfect for toddlers. They can comfortably hold and play with the cars. Even if they want to take the toy cars outdoors, it won’t be a problem.

The pack comprises six different dinosaur pull back cars. Each dinosaur is different from the rest to help your kids learn more about them. The dinosaurs included in the collection are T-rex, Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, Pterosaur, Tatankacephalus and Allosaurus. This set will be the winning flavor for your party, especially if it is a dinosaur-themed one.

These outstanding pull back cars are well-packaged into beautiful and stylish gift boxes. If you want to present these toys as Christmas or birthday gifts, you can do that easily!

While parental guidance is not always mandatory while playing with these toy cars, playing together will help your child to improve parent-child interaction and develop their feelings.

This creativity will help your child to love this car more and enrich his imaginative play. He will get thoroughly inspired by dinosaurs and car mechanisms.

The only issue is that the plastic body of the car is quite flexible. If you have feisty little kids at home, they might take apart the car without difficulty.
  • A perfect combination of dinosaur and car
  • Uses the traditional pull back mechanism so no batteries needed
  • Great for tiny hands
  • Can be taken outside to play
  • Improve kids’ gross and fine motor development skills
  • The plastic is flexible so very easy to take apart
If you want the best educational car toy, this one seems to fit the bill well. It will help your little ones to learn a lot more about dinosaurs and improves their gross motor skills.

6. WolVol Off-Road Military Fighter Car Toy

Looking for friction-powered toy trucks for 4 year olds, which are crafted to last for a long time? If so, then this masterpiece from WolVol might be your call. This toy truck comes with fun sounds and lights to complete its look with 2 open doors. Whether for girls or boys, this gift is perfect for all.

This friction powered toy truck can easily travel long distances and can drive and even climb over obstacles. The little ones in your family will enjoy pushing these frictions based trucks forward. It replicates the SUV jeep with its utmost detail and camouflage texture.

The construction is of premium quality, designed for offering long-lasting use and strength. This is a military car jeep that uses perfectly crafted durable plastic for withstanding endless play hours.

When it comes to lights and sounds, this model has four various colored buttons. The front lights will flash and there are four different sound effects available, including backing up sound, horn honking, driving forward sound and motor starting one. If your little ones love light and sound, this truck toy is for them.

This truck will trigger curiosity and imagination among your little ones. This is noted to be a perfect fighter car, which comes with two movable doors. Your kids can open and close them to get that real feel. They could also spend hours playing pretend war games with this truck.

The size of the truck is perfect to match those tiny little hands. The batteries are already installed within the model for your convenience. All you have to do is pull the plastic out from the battery section to activate the trucks.

However, as a single car piece for toddlers, its price is a bit towards the expensive side. There are similar models with the same functionalities available at a much lower rate.
  • Robust structure to withstand daily pressure easily
  • Comes with lights and sounds
  • Good to play outside and on rough terrains
  • Has movable doors
  • Price is a bit steep when compared to the size
The entire toy truck is outstanding if you want to give your little one something different from the regular car toys. The lights and sounds will act as bonuses, and keep your kid glued to this piece for long.

7. Prextex RC Police Car Remote Control RC Toy

If your kid loves policemen and wants to join force someday, why not help him start a bit early? How you may ask? Well, this RC Police Car from Prextex will help him enjoy this police based imaginative plays even more. The realistic look of this toy car, along with lights and sounds will make it a perfect call for anyone. For easy maneuvering, your little kid will have a remote control by his side.

It is one full functional radio-controlled cruiser, which comes with siren and lights. The design is pretty unique and robust. However, this set needs AA batteries, which are not included in the pack. The car is free from sharp edges, making it safer for kids to have fun with.

The 60 feet range of the remote controller is another outstanding feature of this electric car for 6 year old. Due to the durable plastic used for manufacturing this car, it is crash resistant. If your child wants to take the model outside to play, he can do that with ease.

For ensuring sturdy drive, this RC control car comes with rubber wheels, with rugged designs on them. The toy has premium quality long-lasting material. With 3 different siren sounds, your kids will come to learn more about police duties to save the world. Screwdriver is included in the pack, making it easier to get batteries in when needed.

The only issue is that it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery. You have to plug the car in and the battery will get recharged completely within four hours. So, that’s a major downfall with this picture-perfect police toy car for kids.
  • Comes with 3 different siren sounds and matching lights
  • Robust structure to make the toy lasts long
  • Great for outdoor playdates with wear-resistant features
  • A safe toy with no sharp edges
  • It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery
If battery is not a problem, then this police RC full radio car toy is one that you must have for your kids. It helps them to improve their knowledge on police duties and gain some more interests in this field.

8. Jeestam RC Car Robot

This unique product from Jeestam is a transformation car toy. It is a remote-controlled mechanism with a deformation vehicle model, associated with one button transformation. The toy car comes with 360 degree rotating drifting. If your little one likes adventure, this toy car is a perfect choice to work out with.

The remote control design is primarily inspired by the Transform Robot. Your child will enjoy a fashionable drive every time with this model. Furthermore, this car is manufactured using non-toxic and environmental ABS plastic, targeted to be fully guarded for kids.

This toy car comes with one button transformation. So, it helps transform RC toys from a car to a powerful robot by pressing one button only! It can easily change back and forth, making it amazing to look for.

Such toy cars for 5 year old are perfect for enjoying a real racing feel. The products are well-equipped with 2.4 GHz remote controllers so that you can have full control of the direction and speed. It moves in every possible direction. The most amazing feature is that it can finish 360 degrees flexibly in both car shape and robot model.

On top of that, the 1:18 scale makes this toy car more realistic to look at. Your kid can easily control this toy and help improve their imagination with every playdate. Plus, you can’t forget the rechargeable long-lasting batteries. This product is equipped with a premium capacity rechargeable battery pack. It is not only durable but also safe for kids to play with.

The entire car gets charged within one hour and can last for 30 to 40 minutes. But However, you have to purchase separate batteries for the controller. It needs 2 AA batteries, each of 1.5 volts.

This manufacturer is pretty confident with its unique car toys. In case, you are not unsatisfied with the product, you will get your whole money back within 30 days of purchase. The toy car comes with 12 months of warranty.

The only bummer with this almost picture-perfect toy car is that it comes without any instruction manual. Parents may sometimes find it hard to look for the transformation button. Other than that, it is hard to find faults in this magnificent piece.
  • Great transformation from car to robot and vice-versa
  • One button transformation, making it easier for kids to handle
  • Long-lasting battery power with fast charging mechanism
  • Can rotate 360 degrees with ultimate flexibility
  • Wish there was a clear instruction manual with the pack
This Transformers RC Car robot is completely different from all the other products I have mentioned in my list. If you want your kids to improve hand-eye coordination and imagination, I recommend you to head for this toy car now!

9. Best Choice Products Land Rover Ride

Once you are done with the basic toy cars, it is time to upgrade to something new. Well, you now have the best ride-on cars for toddlers from the house of Best Choice Products. Perfectly replicated the style of a real Range Rover, this toy car comes with remote control for parents and it is going to be a licensed product.

This officially licensed ride-on car comprises double seating arrangements. Not only your child, but you can allow his friend to comfortably sit in the car and share a ride. With this, your child can learn about socializing in a fun-filled manner.

Moreover, this car can be driven in two ways. Your kid can manually drive the car under parental supervision, or the parents can take it under their control with the remote controller. The 2.4GHz controller will safely guide your kid whenever needed. It has reverse and forward controls and even speed selection.

This ride-on toy is perfect for your child to enjoy smooth driving and improve fine and gross motor skills. The product comes with 4-wheel suspension and treaded tires. It helps in creating that smooth ride all the time. Your child can cruise at a lower speed of 1.8mph or at a maximum speed of 3.7 mph.

An extra feature of this car is the AUX player. Kids can now jam to their favorite music, much like adults, while enjoying a ride. The parents just have to plug the device to the AUX input.

Moreover, some of the other captivating features this car has are horn, a startup sound and working LED headlights for creating that realistic ride.

The car is crafted smartly and pretty tough. Only durable PP plastics are used on a tough metal frame for withstanding years of uses. There remains enough space under the hood for storage. There is also a rear bottom handle, which helps transport the car to a new location when not in use.

This car weighs 128lbs and comes with a dimension as 51.25″(L) x 34″(W) x 26″(H).

The only point to consider before a final purchase is the price. Being an official product, this toy car is quite expensive and not meant for an instant buy.
  • Replicating the real Range Rover style
  • Comes with sounds and lights
  • Two-seater to accommodate a friend with your child
  • Manual driving along with a remote controller help
  • Pretty expensive when compared to some other ride-on cars
I really like this ride-on and am pretty sure your little ones will do too. Just invest once on this officially licensed toy car and the product is here to stay in your child’s memories for the lifetime!

10. Imaginext Fisher-Price Transforming Batmobile

If your kid has a soft corner for batman, then this Batmobile styled toy car is what you must get him on his birthday. It is a great item from the house of Imaginext, which has been creating premium quality toy cars for ages now!

This toy car comes with a remote-controlled mechanism to help your kids learn more about hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills and also improving their imaginative play. Whenever your kid wants, he can transform to the Battle mode and then launch disks and send super villains running for help.

You can transform the mobile with sounds and lights, and then return to its basic vehicle mode. With so many changes, your kids will remain glued to this piece for a long time and have thorough imaginative play with it.

The remote control helps control the batman’s movements and will also send him zooming in the vehicle forward, right, backward, left and more. Your kid can use the same remote control to spin the batman figurine all around!

Additionally, the available remote controller with this car can be used for launching projectiles in its battle modes. There are four different projectile discs available to complete the set. So, no need to purchase anything separately.

The full functional remote control can be stored conveniently on the backside of the vehicle when not in use. These controllers come with easy grip, and made in a perfect shape and size to match your little ones’ tiny hands.

Note that this car toy is perfect for kids within 3 to 8 years of age!

The problem with this set is that it doesn’t come with the required batteries. You need 4 C batteries for the main batmobile and 2 AAA batteries for the remote control. Parents have to buy these all separately before letting their kids enjoy a round.
  • Great for a durable and long-lasting play
  • Perfect for improving your kid’s imagination
  • Kids remain glued to this Batmobile styled toy car for long time
  • It comes with LED lights and sounds to make the piece even more attractive among masses
  • Have to purchase batteries separately for both the car and remote controller
Overall, this toy car is a delight for all the Batman lovers out there. They can get it easily from reliable online stores. Once purchased, the toys are here to remain as lasting memories for your kids.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cars for 5-Year-Olds


Those days are long gone when you had to wait for a long time to purchase the best toy cars for your 5 years olds. Thanks to online shopping, a few clicks are all you need to purchase the best car toy cars for your five years olds.

The real question now lies with the parents. Which one will they choose? With so many options available online, it is tough to make one selection.

For a bit of help, I have shared some of the best features for you now! Make sure to tune in for those features before the final selection.

  • The build of the toy car

The toy car is crafted using some of the best materials only, once you have reputed experts to guide you through the stages well. These manufacturing units are here to create a long-lasting relationship with the buyers.

They ensure to use of safe and sturdy materials for making these toy cars. Most of the time, reputed manufacturers use ABS non-toxic and safe plastic for the toys’ bodily construction.

The cars come with rounded or rubber edges, therefore your child won’t get hurt while playing with them, even without parental supervision. Make sure to check the durability of the toy cars before purchasing one for your little kid.

  • Warranty period from the manufacturing unit

You can’t seem to ignore the warranty period of the toy car before making a purchase. The reliable companies will also offer a 30 days refund policy. If your kid doesn’t quite like the toy, you can get your entire money refunded.

On top of that, the warranty period is subject to vary from one center to another. So, it is hard to pinpoint some years as the warranty call.

Make sure to look for the basic warranty period, which runs for a one-year minimum. Some might offer some extra years as well. No matter whatever the case might be, remember to choose the best center with high-end warranty help with their products.

  • Lights and sounds included in the list

Going for generic toy cars won’t be a delightful option for parents and kids. Little ones are more attracted to lights and sounds. Being a responsible and loving parent, you have to look for such cars with attractive Led lights and perfect sounds. Some cars will have more than one sound type, to help kids learn about different sounds with ease.

For example, the police model car toy, as mentioned already, comes with sirens and other sounds. Your kids will easily get attracted to these models. Not only that, but the cars have their specialized sirens to help kids know more about those police noises. These lights and sounds are important to improve your kid’s imaginative play.

  • Remote controller usability

There are various toy trucks for 5-year-olds available and designed with remote-controlled usability. It means, your kids get to enjoy complete maneuver and control over the toy trucks. Yes, you indeed have to purchase separate batteries for the controller, but those are worth it. You get the opportunity to enjoy the best remote control usage with these toy trucks for kids.

Thanks to these controllers, your kids can now move the cars or trucks forward, backward, left and right. Some controllers will help them to flip the cars at 180 degrees and rotate at 360 degrees too. These are some other characteristics, which will help you to make the right choice with the best toy trucks or toy cars for your five years olds.

  • Durability for the ride-on cars

When it comes to ride-on cars, you are literally spending hundreds of dollars on some products, especially if those models are officially licensed products. Here, you get the opportunity to work on some of the best ride-on for your little ones and let them have the first-hand experience of riding a car on their own. There are manual riding mechanisms available with these products. With that, your little ones can move the wheels and proceed forward much like driving a regular car.

But that’s not all, as these manufacturing hubs are thinking about parents too. They have created the best remote controls for parents. If you are scared of leaving your kid alone with the car, you can control the car’s movements with the remote controller by your side. There remains a back handle, which allows parents to push the cars easily to their storage areas when not in use.

  • Cleaning and taking care of the toys

It is no rocket science to take complete care of toy cars. Whether you are aiming for the ride-on cars or the miniature versions of toy trucks, cleaning mechanisms remain almost the same with each product.

Just remember to use mild soap or shampoo, which is readily available if you have a kid at home. Mix it with clear water for creating a cleaning solution. Then with the help of a clean cloth, wipe the toys and get that perfect shine back.

If the toys are only designed to be used indoors, then cleaning it once a week is enough to maintain their sanitary needs.

However, if you allow your kids to take their toys outside, then cleaning becomes regular. Accumulated dirt and dust can degrade the quality of your toy car and remove its shine. So For that reason, cleaning, using the same mechanism but on a regular basis, will help the toy car to get its old and original shine back!

  • Colors of the toy cars

Not all kids love the pitch-black color of toy cars. Some want some colorful renditions to make the toys even more attractive than before. Most of the reputed manufacturing units keep these points in mind and will manufacture toy cars in multiple colors. Some toy cars are available in a set of five or six, with different color combinations for each one of them. Don’t forget to try those out too!

  • Educational value related to the car toys

Parents are planning to invest some money in car toys because of their educational values. Proper car toys allow your kids to learn about fine and gross motor skills. The same products can help improve their sensory skills and perceptions well. Even you can give their imaginations a chance to grow and develop.

With different types of trucks, cars, and police vehicle-based toys your kids will learn about different cars at a tender age. Since toys are crafted just like real-deal police cars, firefighting trucks and more, playing with them will help your kids to learn about the professions in detail.

You never know but he might end up taking that profession in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will these cars last?

If you can maintain the cars well and as per the manual, then you can have these toy cars by your side for a longer span of time. The colors and functionality remain intact, if you can change batteries from time to time.

Is it hard to play with remote-controlled cars?

For little kids, it might be a bit tough initially to play with the remote controller. The little ones have to learn how to maneuver the car toys using these remote controls. It becomes easier with parental guidance. Once they get the remote controls ready, playing seems a lot more fun and easier for your kids.

How to use these toy cars?

Depending on the model you have selected, the usability of toy cars will differ a bit. The easiest one among the lot is the traditional friction powered pull back toy cars. Here, you have to hold the toy car by pulling back for a few seconds and then release it to zoom forward. It is super fun and the easiest to learn.

The complex ones come with remote controls. Here, the remote controls are designed to help maneuver the car according to your child’s wishes. So, learning about those buttons is a must, to use the controllers as per the needs.

Do you need batteries for all the toy cars?

If you are currently using the friction-powered toy cars, then there is no need to invest money on batteries. But you have to spend some on the remote-controlled ones. Then, if your car has sounds and LED lights as its features, then be prepared to spend AAA batteries on that model as well.


From my review, you will realize that the best toy cars for 5-year-olds are not just for fun and play, but for some knowledge and skill improvements as well. Let your kids learn a bit more about the real world and other imaginative play in the most fun-filled manner. The top 10 car toys will definitely help you make the right choice. But, don’t forget to do your own thorough research as well to make the right choice in the end.

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  • 【Part and Assembly】: 2.4GHz technology supports high-speed vehicles and speed competitions, All parts easy to disassmeble and assembly by screw...
GaHoo Remote Control Car for Kids - Durable Non-Slip Off-Road Shockproof High-Speed, All Terrain Electronic RC Racing Car Toy Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8...
  • Interesting Toys: Let’s race together! This RC car is very easy to handle. It will bring you great pleasure and an exciting experience from the fast...
  • Safe and Durable: Battery-operated RC racer (included) is crafted with durable, non-toxic plastic for safe, long-lasting use. The tires with great...
  • Easy to control: The remote is easy to control and rewards kids with major action - race your kids on Various terrains and watch it come to life! Slow...
  • Includes A remote control car, a remote control; 1 AA rechargeable battery (for car), 2 AA batteries (for remote control), and a USB charging cable
  • Ideal Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 Children: Round edges to protect children from getting injured. Kids would be thrilled to own this cool remote control car....
NARRIO Kids Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Birthday Gift, Remote Control Car for Boys 3-5 RC Cars Monster Trucks Age 4-7, Christmas Teen Gifts for 3-7 Year...
  • 💠【Monster Trucks for Boys】- “Mommy, i want to get a remote control car.” Everyone is eager to racing, holding the remote control allows you...
  • 💠【Racing Car Toys】- RC car toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor, which also allow parents or partners to play interactively. You will have a...
  • 💠【Enjoy Every Moment】- This bright and colorful graffiti remote control car and 4 durable rubber tires could satisfied to you. It will more...
  • 💠【Easy to Operate】- The remote control car toys can go forward and backward, turn left and right, free and easily to rotate, flexible and...
  • 💠【Perfect Gifts for Kids】- Cool and amazing Monster trucks is the unique gifts for 3-8 year old boys and girls. Don’t miss any chance to...
huwairen Dinosaur Toys for 3-6 Year Old Boys for Kids Transforming Dinosaur Car with LED Light and Music Gifts for 4-7 Year Old (Blue)
  • 【Best Toys for Kids】Dinosaur toys and car toys have always been very attractive to kids.This Transforming Dinosaur LED Car is just let dinosaur...
  • 【Suitable for Boys age 3-8】The car toy is made of non-toxic and thick plastic, safe material for kids.Easy to use for boys, it will automatically...
  • 【Automatic Mode】:When turn on the switch,the car will drive by itself. After driving for a period of time,the car will automatically change into a...
  • 【Colorful Lights & Dynamic Music】With lights and music, it will make an amazing sounds and colorful light effects! Once the car shapes into a...
  • 【Unique Gifts for Boys】Dinosaurs toys are always maintained their popularity among all the toys,let your children have both dinosaur toy and car...
Aosom 12V Electric Ride-on Car, Licensed Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo Battery-Powered Ride-on Toy with Remote Control, Bluetooth, Music, LED...
  • Officially Licensed Lamborghini: This kids electric car is an officially licensed Lamborghini with an advanced LED custom light-up dashboard, offering...
  • Bluetooth & Horn: Bluetooth connection makes for a high-end system, keeping the ride-on car up to par with the most popular modern-day music players....
  • Child Driven or Remote Control: Little riders can control the 12V Lamborghini directly inside the driver's seat, or you can direct the ride-on vehicle...
  • Safe & Convenient: The kids' electric vehicle offers an ultra-safe ride with extra-wide 10" tires, a low center of gravity, a slow start, and...
  • Car for Kids Information: Overall Dimensions: 46" L x 26" W x 19.75" H. Weight Capacity: 55 lbs. Certification: SOR, ASTM F963-17, CPSIA. Suitable for...
GaHoo Remote Control Car,2.4GHz Electric Race RC Stunt Car, Double Sided 360°Flips Rotating Vehicles with LED Headlights,4WD High Speed Off Road...
  • 360° RC Stunt Car - Double sides running, moving forward, backward, turning left, right, 360° tumbling flip for a different playing experience on...
  • Sturdy Construction - The wheels are rubber so it grips well, that fit indoors and outdoors like sandy beaches, wetlands, grasslands, etc. Equipped...
  • LED Headlight Racing Car - Featured with LED lights, it will be bright when moving in day and night. 4WD rechargeable car toy runs fast and will be...
  • Packing - RC Stunt Car x 1, Remote Controller x 1, Cross Screwdriver x 1, User Manual x 1. The remote control takes 2 x "AA" Batteries (not included)
  • Best Gift for Racing Car Lovers - The 4WD stunt car is a great Christmas, and birthday present for boys and girls. This RC stunt car will develop...
H 4.2 inch Pull Back Cars Toys Set, Friction Power Alloy Casting car Mini Race car, Suitable for Toddler 3 4 5 6 Year Old Kids Toy 6 Piece Set, Boys...
  • Exquisite design : 4.2 inch pull back car, 6 different colors appearance, random packaging, bring you unexpected surprises!
  • Super fun : imaginative game that helps to improve hand-eye coordination and early pre-school development skills; the size of the vehicle is suitable...
  • High quality : The metal body bottom of the car is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which has passed American safety standards. The triboelectric...
  • Racing toy set : an excellent gift for collectors and car enthusiasts.
  • The perfect gift : suitable for parties with various themes. The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and New Year.