12 Best Toy Cars for 3 Year Olds 2023 – Boy & Girl

By the time your little one is 3 years old, they are likely to get more excited about categorizing shapes and colors while playing with their friends. When looking for the best toy cars for 3 year olds, be it a boy or a girl, you must ensure choosing designs that match their interests. Also, do not forget to get the one that helps them in learning something new.

To help prepare the three-year-olds for their pre-school and beyond, I suggest testing their toy cars for functionality, safety, and more.

Best Choice
Think Gizmos Take Apart Racing Car Kit Toy for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys & Girls – Hours of Fun Learning Includes Working Drill - Kids Interactive Car...
Second Best
Toys for 3 Year Old Boys - Large Race Track - 3 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas - Car Toys for Boys 3-4-5-6-7 - Montessori/Thinking/Fine Motor Skills...
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Think Gizmos Take Apart Racing Car Kit Toy for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys & Girls – Hours of Fun Learning Includes Working Drill - Kids Interactive Car...
Toys for 3 Year Old Boys - Large Race Track - 3 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas - Car Toys for Boys 3-4-5-6-7 - Montessori/Thinking/Fine Motor Skills...
KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back Car, Gift Pack for Kids (Official Car)
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Think Gizmos Take Apart Racing Car Kit Toy for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys & Girls – Hours of Fun Learning Includes Working Drill - Kids Interactive Car...
Think Gizmos Take Apart Racing Car Kit Toy for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys & Girls – Hours of Fun Learning Includes Working Drill - Kids Interactive Car...
Second Best
Toys for 3 Year Old Boys - Large Race Track - 3 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas - Car Toys for Boys 3-4-5-6-7 - Montessori/Thinking/Fine Motor Skills...
Toys for 3 Year Old Boys - Large Race Track - 3 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift Ideas - Car Toys for Boys 3-4-5-6-7 - Montessori/Thinking/Fine Motor Skills...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back Car, Gift Pack for Kids (Official Car)
KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars Set of 5, Openable Doors, Pull Back Car, Gift Pack for Kids (Official Car)
Amazon Prime

Toy cars for three year olds work exceptionally well when it comes to building the motor skills of a child. With the toddlers rolling the vehicles back and forth and picking them up, there is good advancement and improvement in their ability and hand-eye coordination.

Comparison Table:

Go for these parent-and-kid approved vehicles that I have detailed below. These will spark serious imagination while helping them develop brand new skills at the same time.

Top Picks Toy Car for 3 Year Olds

1. Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Racing Car

Looking for an exclusive take-apart toy car for your 3 year old? I would recommend this ThinkGizmos Toy Racing Car with an easy on and off switch for its motor. With this car coming in handy, you can completely forget about being tired and frustrated trying to entertain your kids.

This super-fun construction toy car for the kids is a brilliant set, including everything required for top quality enjoyment. There’s a toy drill, engine battery, more than 30 parts, and whatnot. Some pieces can be used for changing the look of this exclusive racing vehicle. Isn’t that cool!

Your curious little ones will be intrigued by this car’s realistic sounds and lights. If you are looking for a gift for a 3 year old. This will be ideal. More specifically, it is one of the best toy cars for 5 year olds.

Now, there is no need for you to hunt for items that help improve the fine motor and cognitive skills of your toddler. It is because the ThinkGizmos buildable take-apart vehicle will help you with this.

I found that the different parts of this toy have been made to last for years as they are made with ABS plastics, which are both strong and secure. It comes with an international trademark that guarantees complete protection. An electric drill set is also available with it for fitting the wheels and screws whenever needed.

Another word of caution is that some parts might be fickle, so be careful when your little one puts them together. Keep reminding him about having patience.
  • Exclusive toy car for kids
  • Super-fun construction toy comes with everything included for proper assembly
  • Offers realistic lighting and sound
  • Perfect to be used as a present
  • Small parts might be hazardous
  • The sound function switch is inaccessible
The perfect put-together toy car in no time! I suppose your 3 year old would be able to take it apart and then put in together over and over again. Yes, assembling the car requires proper hand and eye coordination, but this is good as long as your kid does not find it exhausting.

2. CubicFun Race Tracks

Teaching cause and effect along with hand-eye coordination will be at their best if you give this fun CubicFun Race Tracks to your children, both boys and girls.

The two-in-one track of this toy is perfect for training children’s overall ability. They will be happy to control the truck with its 6 buttons. In detail, these buttons will help them in overcoming 8 interesting challenges. I find these features perfect for improving and training a child’s problem-solving and motor skills.

I am sure that the creative and functional design of this product will also blow your senses away. There are three mini cars: an ambulance, police car and fire engine for the kids to play with their friends. This track table car set was designed with an exclusive color matching for stimulating the kids’ color perception.

Not to forget, its rounded-edge structure is made using top-rated and non-toxic ABS plastic. The corners of the product are totally smooth and polished. Thus, it is completely safe for children.

This is an ideal set of toy cars for a three year old with an in-built mechanical connection track and inertial vehicle railway. This adventure toy without batteries is suitable for both boys and girls under and above 3 years.

There’s just one thing I do not like about this product is that you will not be able to find replacements for lost vehicles.
  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Improves excellent motor skills in children
  • Functional and creative design in matching colors
  • Rounded edges make way for more enjoyable play sessions
  • Extra vehicles are not available
I love the fact that the kids will be so intensely engaged and focused on it for several hours. And yes, they will be using their excellent motor skills for testing the varied adaptations they want to make.

3. Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

This vehicle from the house of Play22 offers satisfaction-both for the parents and the kiddos. For me, the first reason to buy this fantastic toy truck for 3 year olds is that it makes a great gift for both boys and girls.

This toy set comes with 6 super-cool die-cast racing vehicles with proper construction signs. There are even construction roadblocks and cones to make construction play sessions fun for the little ones.

There are a total of 28 slots on both sides of the truck case to make storage a breeze. The rotating detachable cab in this toy truck turns easily. The handle attached on the top of this truck allows little kids to carry the vehicle set inside with ease.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and portable. Thus, you can carry it with you wherever you go so that your kid can play with it. Lookwise, it is very attractive. So, you can easily give it as a present on birthday or other occasions.

Though I like the major part of this truck set, the quality could be better. Its packaging box can be torn out sooner than expected but that is not a major issue. The sides of this playset can also get dirty.
  • It offers great satisfaction when used during play sessions.
  • The construction signs of the 6 vehicles are accurately provided.
  • 28 slots make way for easy storage.
  • Detachable cab rotates easily.
  • Packaging can be torn out sooner than expected
If the lightweight construction of this toy is not considered, then, in my opinion, this is one gem of a product!

4. Best Choice Products 6V Kids Ride On Car Truck

Go by my words, allow your little one to cruise along with its in-car steering, and just watch your kiddo’s fun. This superior quality ride-on truck is the perfect thing you can get for giving your child some hours of adventure.

Toddlers can drive free on their own while there’s the remote control for the parents to ensure their kids remain out of danger. I suppose this useful feature offers parents complete peace of mind! It comes with reverse/forward controls, speed selection, and parking function for the parents to guide the little drivers in their seat.

This truck has been scaled small but built large for the kids to have incredible adventures. Your kids are going to love the realistic design of this truck. Its LED headlights, foot pedal accelerator and in-built horn are ideal for the 3 year olds to have their first try at driving.

The in-built AUX outlet enables the children to plug in media tools to drive in the company of good music. There is a charger for the battery included to offer several hours of exciting playtime.

Have your little ones voyaging through parking lots and sidewalks at safe but adrenaline-charged speed. There’s even a seatbelt for the safety of the kids. This is a cute little truck, which is perfect for our big 3 year olds.

So far, everything was right, but I would like to put down the horn in this toy truck that sometimes does not work fine.
  • Children can enjoy driving while listening to their favorite tunes.
  • Remote control available for the parents to guide the toddlers
  • Complete safety guaranteed
  • Several exclusive parts included to make driving fun
  • The horn does not work properly sometimes
This truck has a lot on offer while being available within an affordable range. I was exceptionally pleased to find this truck superbly suitable for my little one home. I hope it strikes your senses and your little one’s taste for toy cars as well.

5. Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Roadster RC Car

This remote control car with polka dots will be an exciting addition to your kids’ toy collection. Its flashy and bright pink dots are not just attractive but stylish too.

And yes, there is this recognizable character named Minnie Mouse in the driver’s seat. The presence of this adorable character is nothing to worry about as the kids are in complete control of the car with the easy to operate remote. Your children cannot remove the minnie from the driver’s place. Thus, parents need not worry about the kids putting it in the mouth or swallowing it. In detail, the remote control is perfectly sized for those cute little hands and the simple-to-use two buttons to avoid confusion.

With this roadster home, you can have the 3 year olds driving forward onto adventure while taking some of the most exciting spins on the way. Though there’s no music onboard, it is good. This is because it is always wise to have some toys that do not have audios playing in the background. This will give your little one some time to ponder on building his motor skills.

I wish this vehicle came with some sort of a bag with several parts to keep it organized. Another problem the little ones will face is that the car does not operate on carpets.
  • Remote control car makes it easy for the kids to handle everything
  • Polka dots make the car even more stylish and attractive
  • The spin functionality on the remote control is not confusing.
  • Must have included a bag to make storage and organization a breeze.
  • Cannot be operated on carpets.
This is the perfect remote control vehicle for a toddler. Not difficult to use, this car offers several hours of fun without costing much. I highly recommended it as the first introduction to RC vehicles for the 3 year olds.

6. Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car

If you have been looking for a colorful and bright 3 year old toy car, the Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car is for you. This is the perfectly-sized vehicle for your kid’s small hands.

The pull-back feature makes these cars stand out among numerous toys available. This 12-piece car toy has many vehicles like a taxi, police car, bread truck. Besides, there are fire trucks, fruit cars and freight trucks as well. Hence, your kids can learn more about various types of trucks and cars.

Its cartoon design increases the fun while playing. Children love to watch cartoons and when they get this car in their favorite designs, they just fall in love with it.

When it comes to performance, this truck is excellent and completely safe for the kids as it is made of non-toxic and high-grade plastic. Want your child to build some social or communication skills? I would recommend getting this toy car to help your kiddo play different roles while interacting with his or her friends.

Its minuscule plastic part as well as other gears could be better. Your kids might misplace the tiny parts if you do not keep an eye on them. Performance wise, it is not up-to-the mark. The small cars do not work properly sometimes.
  • Perfectly-sized product for the 3 year olds.
  • The attractive pull-back feature makes playtime enjoyable.
  • Made of good quality, non-toxic plastic
  • Perfect for building social skills in kids
  • Different varieties of cars help in understanding the difference
  • Misplace the tiny parts
The cars in this set offer endless entertainment. Though this product is not for kids below 2 years of age, it is highly recommended for the 3 year olds.

7. KIDAMI Die-Cast Metal Toy Cars Set

I was surprised to find the KIDAMI Die-Cast Metal toy car’s package to be changed into a completely different and new style. Besides its fantastic package, this set of 5 vehicles speaks top-rated quality.

These cars are quite strong and long-lasting due to the use of excellent quality plastic and metal. Best of all, curious 3-year-old kids will love the bright colors and the number of varieties of the cars in this set.

Another attractive feature is its superb friction-powered structure. It allows your kids to pull the cars easily in any direction they want. It’s time for enjoyment and fun with these cute little designer cars that work better on smooth surfaces.

I also appreciate how exclusive vehicles have been included in this gift pack, like school bus, van, and police car. Both the vehicles’ body and their interiors have each and every detail. For instance, the decorations are so realistic that you can even open the doors. These will capture the little ones’ imagination while greatly impressing the adults.

It is a little large for the three year olds. However, the impressive quality and features will make you buy this one.
  • A toy car set differently designed and styled.
  • Top-quality plastic materials and metal have been used for making this sturdy product
  • The friction-powered design makes pulling-back easier.
  • The body contains superb details
  • Different varieties of vehicles in bright and stunning colors.
  • A little large in size
I like the fact that these are not ordinary toy vehicles. They are very detailed and sturdy enough, as well.

8. KarberDark Pull Back Car Toy Kit Set

This Pull Back Car Toy Kit Set is better than anything that I was expecting! You can buy them as a present for your little ones. Best of all, the product comes with a backpack for putting all the 20 pieces in. So, there’s no more lost or misplaced pieces.

Top quality materials are used for building these cars. Thus, they are durable and sturdy and will last longer. This car set will provide you with 12 vehicles for racing as well as 8 construction trucks. So, your children will get a lot of cars in 1 set to play with. Different styles of the cars are very attractive. Your kids can learn about different trucks and cars too from this set.

Each little car in this toy car set has its personality; hence, your little ones can play with them for hours without getting bored. The cars offer a completely different streak while shooting across the surface. I also love them because there’s no muss or mess while playing with this toy set!

These can make a mark on furniture if they bump into pieces accidentally. They also do not hurt young babies if they contact the product as excellent and non-toxic materials have gone into making them.

I think these cars make nice distractions for long rides. And yes, they can be brought along for your appointments to keep the kiddos occupied.

The dump trucks, race cars, excavators, and bulldozers in this set speak of excellent workmanship and can be ideal for role plays. Quite convenient for the 3 year olds to hold and have untamed play sessions.

If you are looking for some fantastic and funny gifts for birthdays or parties, you can opt for it. They also serve as the best Easter egg fillers!

One issue, though, is that the tires come off if your kids play with it continuously for hours.
  • 20 different toy vehicles perfect for role play sessions
  • Backpack included for easy organization
  • Will not damage furniture
  • Offers hours of entertainment
  • Encourages creation and stimulates the imagination
  • Tires can come off after a long-hour play
Your kiddo will be delighted by this wonderful gift. You will find your little ones playing with it all the time, which means complete peace of mind for the adults.

9. FDM61 Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man Web Car Launch

Want to give your 3 year hold a bit of adventure? If so, then I would recommend going for this large Spider-Man Character vehicle! Do you know what’s so exclusive and trendy about this product? It’s the new Spider-Man suit. Also, the windshield of this car can move slightly to focus on the target.

This unique web car comes straight from the house of Hot Wheels, the name you can trust when it comes to buying exclusive toy car models.

I found it to be the coolest toy vehicle presently available in the market. It comes with very impressive decorations and the details are quite realistic. Starting from Hot Wheels originals to themed character vehicles, there’s everything to satisfy your child’s taste of driving and yours as well.

One of the best things about this product is the spoiler that helps remove obstacles and take down villains while racing straight to the crime scene.

Do you want to enhance your kid’s imaginative power? Do you want them to overcome every hurdle? Then this car is the ideal option. The little ones can build a customizable track and epic thrills with amazing launchers, accessories, and a loop.

It is more of a scoot that does not go very far off. And another thing is it is a bit expensive. Other than these small issues, it is one of the perfect toy cars for 2-year-olds.
  • Adventure, Spider-Man Character vehicle offers great adventure
  • Exclusive product available in an exclusive design
  • Authentic decorations and realistic details make it worth a purchase.
  • It helps in unlocking the creativity and imagination of the little ones.
  • A great many accessories to make play sessions fun and enjoyable.
  • Pretty high-priced
  • The car does not travel far, so it is more of a scoot.
This car from Hot Wheels offers high-octane thrills and thus serves as the ultimate play system and toy that can help the little ones accomplish their objectives.

10. AOKESI Take Apart Toy Racing Car

This is an awesome racing toy car I would readily recommend no matter what your budget is! What I appreciate the most about this car is that the kids will love putting all their pieces together and then taking them apart.

Its smooth edges and surface ensure complete safety for the 3 year olds. Also, it makes way for learning while playing, which is the basic design concept at AOKESI. This toy will help improve the cognition of engineering, science, mathematics, and technology in a child. This is because of the participation in the taking apart and the re-assembling procedure.

Get the best gift for your kiddo by going for this toy car set that comes with 30 pieces of interchangeable parts. Here you will get 5 parts each for vehicle and modification, 8 tires, drill as well as screw to fix them. This is probably one of the most entertaining construction toys and a brilliant take-apart set, including toy drill batteries, engine batteries, and 3 parts.

The realistic sounds and engine make this product stand out. This toy is reasonably-built and includes two sets of tires along with extra screws for the pieces that get misplaced.

I also do not like that the item comes in a plastic bag. There are 30 pieces included, so the manufacturer should have pondered on providing a backpack or something sturdy enough to organize the pieces or keep them in place.
  • Perfect toy car for both boys and girls.
  • Smooth edges make the toy extremely safe for the little ones.
  • Helps in building engineering skills in kids because of dismantling and re-assembling procedures.
  • Realistic sound and engine
  • A plastic bag is not recommended for the use of children.
Parties, birthdays, summer projects, after school-fun, and Christmas can be made even more enjoyable and entertaining with this take-apart construction toy.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cars for 3 Year Olds


Frolicking with the best toy cars for toddlers encourages the children to use their thought procedure. Going for cars from varied areas or careers of life, like dump trucks, racing vehicles, and police cars, make way for role play and stimulate the imagination.

You can fuel the imagination of your little one with one of the best toy trucks. This will engage their curious minds for an extended period. Giving your little one an assortment of toy vehicles is one good way of helping them learn while having fun at the same time. The features to look out for when purchasing toy cars for the 3 year olds are as follows:

1. Mobility

This is probably one of the most significant features to consider when looking for the best toy vehicles for 3 year olds. I always go for toy vehicles that can move properly or the ones that are powered by motors. Of course, the hand-held vehicles would be cheaper, but they would not travel very far by the force of the little ones’ wrists.

2. Material

It makes sense to go for toy cars that would not fall apart or break easily. You should provide them with those toys which do not have small pieces and will remain together. This way, the child will not get the chance to swallow the small pieces or chew them.

Even if the child has this tendency of chewing the toys, if they are made of non-toxic material, there is no need for you to worry. If you are prioritizing build quality, then go for toys that are specifically engineered to last for a very long time.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. Style

The present-day toy car market is attractive and beneficial because it is jam-packed with toy cars in different styles and designs. So, there is no need for you to stick to just one style over and over again. There are more colorful racers available in comparison to the ones with simple designs. Others feature odd vehicles and popular characters as well. You can choose a toy vehicle that looks quite similar to an original sports truck or car.

Remember, if a toy car’s specifications are important, the way the vehicle looks is equally vital. From pick-up trucks to off-road cars, you can find some of the most inspiring varieties to choose from.

2. Extra Components

Parents should go for toy vehicles that come with extra components in case some parts go missing. So, the vehicle remains always on the move.

Furthermore, the track included in the toy car set prevents the vehicle from colliding and remains on the proper track. In addition to this, it is also quite entertaining to see them racing around on their tracks.

3. Speed

The majority of these vehicles offer good speed, but you must always consider this first before making the final purchase. The ones that come with adjustable speeds are better because they are friendly to the new drivers. Go for the ones that come with adjustable speed settings so the little ones can increase the speed limits once they are comfortable riding them.

4. Battery Life

If you are going for a battery-operated vehicle, make sure it comes with batteries that can last for a long time. Stay away from the ones that offer just a few hours of driving time.

Apart from these important considerations, you also need to be wary of small parts in toy cars that might cause choking hazards. Parents should decide whether your kids would like a set of different toy cars or just one large product. Keep in mind that toy cars that can be set up to make little villages and towns for imaginative play!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the most trusted toy car for 3 year olds brands?

When it comes to choosing the most trusted toy car for 3 year old brands, there is no other name that can replace Hot Wheels. Owned by Mattel, this brand started operations in 1968. It produced die-cast toy vehicles initially. The brand is known for manufacturing and supplying real-life cars. It was Elliot Handler who made the authentic cars from Hot Wheels. The brand is known to produce some of the best-known toy cars available in the market.

Apart from Hot Wheels, brands like AOKESI, KIDAMI, Funcorn, and Play22 also deserve special mention. Nevertheless, if you are in the lookout of affordable toy cars, then Think Gizmos and CubicFun can prove to be beneficial.

2. Where to buy toy cars for 3 year olds?

The best place to buy toy cars for 3 year olds is the internet. You can find many stores selling some of the best toy vehicles coming from brands like Hot Wheels, Aokesi, Kidami, and Play22. These stores operate to put together proper age recommendations to make it easier for the parents to find the right vehicles for their toddlers. I am a huge fan of these stores mainly because of the service quality they offer and the support available as an when required. Picking toy cars from their collection means availing good quality products within an affordable range.

3. How to care and clean toy cars for 3 year olds?

The ones placed in display cases can accumulate dust and dirt. But the ones used by the kids to play regularly might be in perfect condition as far as cleaning is concerned. Nevertheless, even if the kids play with them regularly, they can get dirty and sticky. So, the best thing I do is rub the vehicles clean by using a damp cloth. I also do not forget to get to the grooves as this is where the dust accumulates. Well, if possible, you can even use compressed air for blowing off dust and dirt.

4. What are the different benefits of toy cars for three year olds?

One of the major benefits of toy cars for one year olds is that they offer endless entertainment. Apart from this, these toy vehicles are amazing stress-relievers. They are one of the best ways of calming down fussy kids. Since these cars are mobile, they can be carried anywhere. Additionally, they come with sounds and lights for added amusement and pleasure.


There are some of the best toy cars for 3 year olds available across the market. But buying just any of these items is not considered wise. You must take all the features, pros and cons about the toy into consideration.

Apart from finding cute and colorful products, parents must also consider the academic perspective of these items for the kids. It always works to find toy cars that teach the kids about causes and effects while showing them more about how engines and motors work. It’s all about Physics, you know!

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  • PERFECT SIZE FOR KIDS: The monster truck toy is 3.5*4.3*4.7in, designed for 1 2 3 year old boys, perfect for small hands to hold and push, very handy...
  • BEST GIFT IDEA FOR TODDLER: The monster toys truck packed with a colorful gift box, perfect as a birthday gift for 1 year old boy, party favors,...