14 Best Toy Cars for 4 Year Olds 2023 – Vehicle Toys

Toy cars have been the first item of playrooms everywhere since Matchbox invented the first vehicles for kids in the 1950s. The reason is simple: the miniature versions of things that go howl make it possible for kids to have real experience with those huge machines they ride in.

Editors Pick
ZHFUYS 1:32 Bugatti Veyron diecast car,Alloy Model Cars Toy Cars for 3 to 12 Years Old
Good Choice
KKONES Remote Control car,2.4GHz Electric Race Stunt Car,Double Sided 360° Rolling Rotating Rotation, LED Headlights RC 4WD High Speed Off Road for 3...
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ZHFUYS 1:32 Bugatti Veyron diecast car,Alloy Model Cars Toy Cars for 3 to 12 Years Old
KKONES Remote Control car,2.4GHz Electric Race Stunt Car,Double Sided 360° Rolling Rotating Rotation, LED Headlights RC 4WD High Speed Off Road for 3...
Outdoors Toys for 4-5 Year Old Boys Race Car Toys Remote Control Trucks for 5-6 Year Old Kids Radio Control RC Car for Boy Toys Age 3 4 5 6 Best Gifts
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editors Pick
ZHFUYS 1:32 Bugatti Veyron diecast car,Alloy Model Cars Toy Cars for 3 to 12 Years Old
ZHFUYS 1:32 Bugatti Veyron diecast car,Alloy Model Cars Toy Cars for 3 to 12 Years Old
Good Choice
KKONES Remote Control car,2.4GHz Electric Race Stunt Car,Double Sided 360° Rolling Rotating Rotation, LED Headlights RC 4WD High Speed Off Road for 3...
KKONES Remote Control car,2.4GHz Electric Race Stunt Car,Double Sided 360° Rolling Rotating Rotation, LED Headlights RC 4WD High Speed Off Road for 3...
Amazon Prime
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Outdoors Toys for 4-5 Year Old Boys Race Car Toys Remote Control Trucks for 5-6 Year Old Kids Radio Control RC Car for Boy Toys Age 3 4 5 6 Best Gifts
Outdoors Toys for 4-5 Year Old Boys Race Car Toys Remote Control Trucks for 5-6 Year Old Kids Radio Control RC Car for Boy Toys Age 3 4 5 6 Best Gifts
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Moreover, the great toy vehicles are utility sources for creative play, such as children will create interesting stories with those vehicle toys. Besides tons of entertaining benefits, toy cars also enhance kids’ motor skills or imaginative skills.

In detail, playing with cars requires consecutive sensory activities. By using a hard push or a soft push, pressure or non-pressure, children will determine how the car reacts. Furthermore, when kids engage in “pretend” play with toy cars, it also boosts social interaction skills, especially when playing with their fellow.

Comparison Table:

4-year-old children who are adventure seekers love to discover their surroundings and involve role-playing with their friends. Therefore, qualified best toy cars for 4 year olds either bring friendly competition or offer endless curiosity. Also, there are various available types of cars from a fire truck to recycle truck to bring the most excitement for pretend playing.

Top Picks Toy Car for 4 Year Olds

This is the must-read part for helpful information about 10 best model toy cars for 4-year-old kids. You can find different innovative types of car toys from remote-control cars to classic friction trucks. There is also a short advantage/disadvantage section below each product detailed review for extra convenience.

Stop wondering what you get a 4-year-old boy for his birthday. Scrolling down for more in-depth and useful information to find the most suitable toys for your precious one!

1. ZHFUYS Bugatti Veyron Diecast Car

The model of this Bugatti Veyron toy car initially impresses me as a handcrafted car. The zinc alloy toy car is polished by organic diecast after 24 painting processes, so there is no surprise that this toy’s outlook is a bomb.

Later I found that this diecast toy car is made of non-toxic water-based paint spray and is naturally dried in a ventilated place. Hence, parents are worry-free about the material of this car toy since it is free from formaldehyde and other harmful substances.

Aside from the aesthetic appearance, this toy car also has excellent functions that allow your little ones to engage their creative play. There are 2 openable doors, a unplug insulation sheet, and a movable hood, which all are well-made and detailed. The most noticeable parts are the bright LED lights that feature on the front and rear of the car.

Your kids will be amazed when discovering two different colors of the headlights and taillights, which are white and red. you. Best of all, don’t need a battery to activate the toy due to its pull-back functions.

However, because of the characteristic of diecast alloy material, the painting can be starched during transportation.
  • High-quality and non-toxic die-cast alloy for extra safety
  • Innovative LED light and sound effect
  • Convenience operation functions
  • Aesthetic look
  • An affordable toy car
  • The painting can be starched sooner than expected
Unlike other die-cast alloy car toys that usually don’t have sound/lights effect, this unique car has lively LED lights and the car alarm toy. Coming with excellent packaging display stand and display box packaging, this is an unusual gift for a 4-year-old boy that delights their birthday and any special events.

2. KKONES Remote Control Race Stunt Car

If you are looking for a car toy that challenges your 4-year-old kid instead of the usual easy-to-play toys, this KKONES RC is an excellent option. With four operation methods to control the car, your little one will need time to figure out how to drive it to the destination.

For example, the combination between pushing the left lever up and switching the right gear to the left will move the car forward. Similarly, to move the car backward or rotate 360-degree, kids are required to learn and remember coordinative actions. Hence, it enhances kids’ cognitive development to the next level.

Parents will be impressed with the durable construction of the wheel, which is an anti-skid secure grip. Let your baby drive it on any kind of ground from outdoor, indoor to grass, sand terrace without worrying about the car’s resistance. With smart 360-degree clockwise and anticlockwise rotation, you will be surprised about the toy’s smooth flipping when hitting the wall.

In addition, KKONES puts a lot of effort to make the charging process effortless. The battery is rechargeable by a USB cable that can work with a phone or PC charger. The battery installation is also simple; all you need is a screwdriver to open the lid.

However, it takes about 2 hours to power the battery entirely, and you will need separate batteries for remote control.
  • Comprehensive controller operation for learning purpose
  • High-graded tire construction
  • Versatile running on different surfaces
  • Smart clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
  • Favorable charging components
  • Take a long time to charge the battery
Overall, this cool stunt vehicle is a must for any kids who have car’s obsession, so don’t hesitate to fulfill your kiddo’s wish list!

3. GILOBABY Take Apart Racing Car

GILOBABY brings another magnificent candidate when it comes to the best educational toys for 4-year-old boys. These 26 pieces set has a plastic drill and screws that feature an excited assemble/reassemble and fix process for your kids.

This educational toy for 4-year-olds not only requires the installation for the track but also for the racecar. Parents can use the electric manual drill to change the style of the car.

Your little one must be delighted and joyful because these assembled car toys are either a luxurious or classic sports car style with a simple snap. Plus, the price of this car is super affordable compared to the development values for your kids.

There is a refreshing and thoughtfully screwdriver box in the vehicle bottom to surprise the curious one. The electric drill is safe and easy-to-use. If all the functions mentioned above are not enough for your demand, GILOBABY even designs realistic light/sound effects as the celebrate way after your kid successfully builds the car.
  • Fantastic set for education purpose
  • Unique 2-in-1 outlook
  • Unique light and sound effects
  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple electric operation
  • The screw is quite hard to work
To sum up, I believe that this DIY car is a perfect toy for 4-year-old kids who love playing with their fellows. In other words, the engineering toy demands a higher level of concentration and teamwork; hence, it helps to develop children’s social skills.

4. Dreamingbox Dinosaur Toy Cars

Dreaming Box offers well-designed pullback dinosaur cars to light up your baby’s car collection. There are 6 types of dinosaurs to choose that flawlessly mimics in small animal shapes. The color and the rough of dinosaurs’ skin are realistic, promising to attract your child’s attention at first sight.

Dreamingbox has put safety as their top priority. Dinosaur cars are not only made of non-toxic plastic and shatter/crash resistant but also are designed with soft plastic in sharp corners. Therefore, this delicate shape of a dinosaur car is comfortable for holding and pulling back.

Your kids are free to ride the car toy on tables or the stairs without worrying it would be broken after dropping. Specifically, parents can protect kids from choking hazards by small broken pieces. I appreciate that the material of this car toy is made of non-toxic material, emphasizing Dreamingbox’s priority is a full-pack of safety functions.

Another plus of this dinosaur car is pull-back operation without electric functions. There aren’t any sounds, lights, or automatic features that restrict your kids from engaging by themselves. If you are looking for extra-large sized vehicle toys, this dinosaur’s car might not be an ideal option due to its small dimension (2.76 x 1.97 x 2.36 inch).
  • Impressive appearance design
  • Convenient size
  • Do not require batteries
  • High-quality safety functions
  • Might be too little to handle for some kids’ hand
Lastly, Dreaming vehicle toys have fun dinosaur themes that should be on top of your shopping list if you look for simple functions toys without electric features. Meanwhile, the car toy stimulates an excellent opportunity for interaction that you become more bonding with your kiddos.

5. AOKESI Transport Car Carrier

Rather than a straightforward car toy, AOKESI brings a full city set that is more suitable for above 4-year-old kids. This big carrier truck includes 6 toy cars, 2 construction signs, 7 roadblocks, 2 oil cones, and 1 city map, which are ideal for construction truck games.

At the age of 4, children tend to play more with friends and develop communication skills further. Acknowledging that, this truck toy comes with a waterproof fabric mat and a dice, enabling kids to play the same as a monopoly game with 4 players. Therefore, this stimulates friendly competition and improves kids’ awareness of cooperation.

The carrier truck toy is made of ABS plastic that doesn’t have any chemical smell and is eco-friendly. You can open the transparent lid of the truck from both sides then display all cars or any items into 12 empty slots. There is also a handle on top of the car for extra comfort. Bring it to your friend’s house or any outdoor picnic and let your kids have fun with their fellows.

This truck set toy not only utilizes sharing time with your kiddo’s friend but also teaches kids about basic city concepts. For example, you can use the map to educate children about different buildings such as hospitals, zoos, or airports, or create construction signs and roadblocks for better knowledge of fundamental traffic concepts.

Beyond that, the mini car of this truck set can be broken under hard pressure or falling.
  • Rich accessories for multiple ways of playing
  • High educational toys for 4-year-old value
  • Thoughtfully designed toy for both playing and displaying purpose
  • Portable toy car
  • Premium material of carrier truck, map, and mini car
  • Might be broken under tough play or falling
Lastly, you don’t have to doubt the quality of mini cars, as they are made of metal with diecast coating. Each mini car is unique in shape and color. This transport carrier truck is definitely one of the best car toy sets I have ever seen, so don’t hesitate to purchase it!

6. Uenjoy Maserati GranCabrio for Girls

Most car toy brands target boys as the primary customer, so finding a suitable car toy for your barbie is not easy. Luckily, this princess pink ride-on car from Uenjoy can be your unique gift for a 4-year-old girl.

Designed for kids aged from 3-6 ride, your little can enjoy the speed up to 5km/h by controlling the steering wheel, gas pedal, and shift lever. The car has built-in music and FM radio connected by Bluetooth and USB, thus, maximizing the exciting riding experience.

Moreover, there are useful 2 headlights and 2 taillights that work best under aphotic conditions, featuring more fun driving at night. You also don’t have to worry about transportation because this ride-on car toy has a handle in the front and additional wheels behind. Therefore, your kids can pull it like luggage.

I know that safety function is an essential key when choosing the ride-on toy cars. Luckily, Uenjoy design qualified all features that you are looking for: seat belts, emergency brake, suspension wheels, double lock door, and parental remote control.

However, the windshield can be easily scratched, so carefully when you clean or move the car.
  • Specialized appearance design for girl
  • Visionary safety features
  • High-end music function with FM radio
  • Effortless to transport
  • Well-design of motor speed
  • The casting and windshield are easy to be scratched
This is the only ride-on car type on the list with the rare design that targets girls who love adventures. Uenjoy has done amazing work to create comprehensive functions. safety features, so this car toy promises to bring the most realistic driving experience for your baby.

7. MYCARON Mini Trucks

This MYCARON toy car is an innovative combination of mini trucks and remote-control. The toy construction is solid with durable, sturdy front and rear bumper that provide fast and smooth riding even on a rough terrace.

In my opinion, the remote controller is the most creative part of this well-made toy. It has 2 buttons – one for forward/backward and one for left/right. Although the controller sounds simple for adults, kids from 3 to 5-year-old still find it challenging. Instead of using one button for every movement, children need to learn, remember, and combine buttons to have their desired results.

The size of this toy car perfectly fits the adult’s hand; therefore, it is either not too big or small to carry around for kids. It is also lightweight and anti-collision, so the car toy will not be easily damaged if falling. In addition, this car provides a smooth racing experience due to its well-constructed front, rear bumper, and sturdy wheels.

However, parents should notice there are 2 batteries for remote control and 2 batteries for the RC car. If you are struggling to replace the battery, remember to read the instruction and notice the place of anode and cathode.
  • Simple yet effective remote controller
  • Lightweight and not easy to be broke
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to transport
  • Hard to replace batteries
Finally, if your kids’ obsession is playing mini trucks, MYCARON is a safe pick for simple and practical operation yet still benefits eye-hand coordination and requires frequent practicing from kids. Put these RC car toys on your cart before too late!

8. Jellydog Toy Stunt RC Car

This blue toy car initially stands out due to its futuristic appearance. If your kid already is a car toy collector, this 180-degree double-sided slip car is the next-level toy to bring endless hours of fun. Imagine your kiddo’s priceless reaction when seeing the car toy turns upside or down, or nonstop rollover.

The exciting part doesn’t end yet. The wheels of this stunt car can rotate 360-degrees that ensure flips and spins in all types of direction. By combining with a 2.4G remote transmitter, your kids will freely experience the feeling of becoming a “real” racer.

I’m totally convinced by the high-quality of the anti-skid grip tires. Jellydog Toy features all-you-need from tires: qualified TPR vacuums, concave-convex texture non-slip design, and pressure resistance. These advanced attributes the fast and smooth driving in the roughest grounds.

You don’t have to worry about charging components of this stunt car toy because the accessories pack is inclusive from the USB cable, 2 fuselage batteries, 2 remote control batteries, and a manual book.

Still, one of the apparent drawbacks of this car toy is the limited playing times compared to the long charging time when you need 2 hours to change for 18-20 minutes playing.
  • Advance 360-degrees wheels and 180-degrees body rollover
  • Outstanding high-speed flashing remote controlled
  • Superior quality of grip tires
  • All-inclusive charging pack
  • Versatile driving on different surfaces
  • Short time playing
In conclusion, this rollover RC toy even can amaze adults with their unique and inventive functions. The overall construction is well-designed with high-quality material with fast motors function. There is no doubt Jellydog stunt cars will bring endless entertaining hours for your little racer!

9. KIDAMI Die-cast Metal Toy Cars

KiDAMI official car set is a valuable gift for newbies who begin to build their car collection. This car toy set comes with 5 different official cars, including van, school bus, police car, and more, making it perfect for “pretending” city for your littles.

The size of each car is tiny, perfectly fit with little hands. Despite the small size, the car’s interior is detailed and well-designed, such as the neat openable doors on both sides. The operation functions are simple and elegant without battery requirements, which activate by the pulling-back then letting-go actions.

The dedicated coating is super eye-catching; your kids will be thrilled when seeing the black “SWAT” vehicle, red crossover car, or orange-and-white VW microbus. The inside interior of each car is also highly detailed and well-designed. Most parts of mini car toys are made of metal; therefore, they are more sustainable and harder to break than other standard plastic toy cars.

The die-cast metal toy car rides smoothly on almost all types of floors, especially on wood floors. KIDAMI has recently changed its packing to the exquisite black box, so this car is a stunning and unusual gift choice for a 4-year-old, even for your kid’s friend.

However, I notice that not all vehicles in this set have openable doors, so keep that in mind.
  • Great value for a set of 5 mini car toys
  • Highly detailed die-cast metal painting
  • Last long thanks to sturdy construction
  • Affordable toy car set
  • Nice packaging
  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • Not all mini cars have openable doors
In conclusion, I think this car toy is best suited for beginners based on its smart pull-back friction power. Without any electric functions, your kids can unleash their creative playing.

10. Byonebye Light Up Monster Truck Car Toy

If your toddlers love playing with toys with LED lights, this 2-pack monster truck is a unique reward. Unlike regular car toys with a flashlight in the front and back rear, this vehicle toy has flash LED tires. This monster truck promises to satisfy any kid party by a simple switching button that comes with red and blue colors lighting wheels.

Led toy truck is made of lightweight plastic, which is completely non-toxic. The push-and-go mechanism is easy to use and control, either the batteries replacement process. There are 3 button batteries under the bottom of cars for effortlessly. You also find a switch controller in a similar area that illuminates the multi-color LED wheel.

I appreciate that the power wheel is illuminated without any unpleasant noise. The car construction is designed with special reinforcement and the packaging is well-made with a fresh commemorative carton. The set comes with 2 cars so kids can share meaningful times with your friends.

The size of this stunt car is another plus. The monster truck can fit into a pocket, so kids can easily carry it around or anywhere and have fun. However, because of the specific lightweight plastic, the car toy is pretty breakable, especially under tough play.
  • Stunning and unique LED tires
  • Comfortable size
  • Lightweight and non-toxic ABS plastic material
  • Smooth push-and-go motor
  • Don’t have any noise
  • Easy to breakable
In the end, the car construction designs with special reinforcement and the packaging is well-made with a fresh commemorative carton. The set comes with 2 cars so kids can share meaningful times with their friends.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cars for 4 Year Olds


1. Material

Most car toys are made of plastic or metal. If your choice is plastic, remember to look for ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and environment-friendly. Die-cast metal is more sturdy and harder to break compared to plastic. However, the coating metal toy cars are easy to scratch.

If you are confused between plastic and metal, choosing the mix of two materials is a great start. For example, you can refer to the DAMI set of 5 toy cars on my list. The material will determine the quality of car toys, so the high-quality material makes the vehicle toy build to last and won’t easily break or fall apart.

2. Types of car

There are a wide range of toys for 4-year-olds that can overwhelm you, but mostly they are cars, trucks, and buggies. Each type of toy car has its characteristics, so it is better if you understand your kid’s taste in order to find the most appropriate one.

While remote-control cars are the fastest and are more favorable to drive on smooth surfaces or indoors, friction-motor or pull-back trucks work best on the off-road drive, especially outdoor playgrounds.

If you want to go back to the classic, the car toys that don’t have battery functions are an ideal choice. For more advanced playing, take-apart car toys will offer more challenges with the assembling process. Ride-on car toys are expensive options, but they will bring the most realistic driving experience for your toddlers.

Moreover, you should check for types of required batteries and read charging guidelines to utilize all the car toy’s functions.

3. Motor function

Moving ability is another crucial factor you should pay attention to. Pull-back or push-and-go functions are common types of toy markets. This type of motor function requires hand-driving from kids and usually can’t reach far distance compared to a motorized toy car.

Remote-control car is a more advanced motorization that features at least 2 motors for the desired speed. Testing how well the vehicles move or do online research reviews before purchasing is a must to make sure it’s worth every penny you pay for.

4. Style

Kids love eye-catching and attractive design. The easiest way is to pick multi-color painting toy cars for 4-year-old boys or real-mimic official vehicles such as school buses or fire trucks. Oversized wheels or LED flashing tires are also rational picks. Depending on your kid’s obsession, choosing the right style will bring longer engagement times and countless joyful times.

5. Educational Value

The unique gifts for 4-year-old kids either entertain or educate. As the age to have more interactive time with friends, the parent should choose the toy for a 4-year old boy that promotes friendly competition. DIY toy cars or sets of cars, including maps and dice, are the outstanding option that demands kids to work as a team with a lot of fun.

You also should seek award-winning toys for 4-year-olds that encourage your kiddos to be active. There aren’t any fun or development benefits if your kids only sit and watch the toys “perform”. No matter what type of car you choose, it has to motivate your little to explore and spark imagination by themselves.

For example, picking the RC car toys has two or three buttons in the controller instead of a single switch. This function will require your kids to learn and remember the combination of different buttons to drive a car. Consequently, playing is a valuable time to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills for children.

Another note for parents is that you should carefully examine the age recommendation before making a decision, which will maximize the development benefits that kids receive. If your kids have plenty of experience with different types of cars, I recommend the above 4-year-old toy cars.

6. Safe function

Firstly, you should pay attention to the material. The high-graded material doesn’t bring any harmful chemical effect in long terms and is also sturdy and hard to fall apart. In addition, safe toys for kids don’t have any sharp edges.

Parents usually forget to check dimensions before buying. The appropriate size of the toy will prevent choking hazards or swallowing accidents. More carefully, you can choose the toy set that doesn’t have any additional small items for extra safety.

7. Additional effects

Children are amazed by buttons, levers, lights, and music. Thus, many brand toys feature special creative effects to enlighten kid’s playing times. Some car toys even can rollover 180-degree or rotate 360-degree that bring endless surprises for kids.

However, parents shouldn’t choose the toys with random music or an unclear activated button because this can confuse your kids and lose the opportunity to learn cause-and-effect.

8. Price

Most of the products on my list have an affordable price. Typically, a ride-on car is the most expensive pick. Remote-controller car toys are more expensive than handheld car types, so knowing your budget can help you decide the types of vehicles.

A high reputation brand usually has a higher price, but the standard price is from $10-$30. Know your needs and what you pay for.


4-year-old children are a little explorer who learns by playing. Finding the best toy cars for 4 year olds for your littles is a great opportunity to shape their development and bring joy by following their unique interests. Therefore, put some efforts to find the most innovative toys that create a wonderful time with your children!

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Dinosaur Toys for 2-5 Year Old Boys,Pull Back Car Kids Toys,Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5,Monster Truck Toddler Toys Age 2-4 with Lights and Dino Roar...
  • Safety Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5: The dinosaur toy car is non-toxic, odorless, being made from durable, ABS plastic that conforms to all US toy...
  • Updated Dinosaur Monster Truck: Vibrant colors, flashing lights and dino roar; Press down, release and run fast, based on T-Rex, Pteros and...
  • Press Down Design: Just push down the head gently and release the hand, and the monster truck toy goes forward, and then the dinosaur's mouth will...
  • Perfect Size: The toddler boy toys are approximately 5 inches in length. Perfect size for girls and boys to hold and play. Bigger than most of mini...
  • Ideal Gift for Little Dinosaur-lover: The dinosaur toys for boys are both a dinosaur and a toy car, two-in-one kids toys, double happiness! Great...
Laradola Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old - Transform Robot Kids Toys Cars | STEM Building Toddler for Ages 4-8 | 5 in 1 Construction Toys Christmas...
  • 🚗【5-in-1 Construction Robot Toys】Our creative building robots cars toys for boys 3-5 years old comes with 5 Pull Back Vehicles - Mixer, Truck,...
  • 🚜【STEM Learning Building Toys】Interesting and novel transforming robot toys allow kids to explore different possibilities, enhance Imagination...
  • 🚚【Premium Quality Transforming Robot】We care about safety as much as parent do! All the toy trucks are made of thick and sturdy ABS materials...
  • 🚒【Assemble Robot Toy Cars - Easy to Build】Each small part has a magnetic force, assembling into a big robot through the magnetic spots. This...
  • 🎁【Great Christmas Gifts Idea For Boys & Girls】Our robot toys for kid also has sound and light functions that kids will love. These sand toys...