12 Best Toy Fire Trucks 2023 – Boost Your Child’s Imagination

Toy fire trucks are perfect educational toys for your little toddlers, helping them to learn gross motor skills and more about the real world. This simplistic toy has massive learning means behind it.

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Zetz Brands Fire Truck Toy for Boys, Girls, Kids, w/ 4D LED Lights, Toddlers - Age 3+ Fire Engine Push Toy Car for Little Fireman Real Firetruck Siren...
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19 Pcs Fire Truck with Firefighter Toy Set, Mini Die-cast Fire Engine Car in Carrier Truck, Mini Rescue Emergency Double Side Transport Vehicle for...
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DICKIE TOYS: 24" Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (with Working Pump), Ladder Rotates by 350 Degrees, Battery Powered, for Ages 3 and up
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PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 ft. Tall Ladder, for Ages 3 and Up
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Bruder Toys 02771 Man Fire Engine
Zetz Brands Fire Truck Toy for Boys, Girls, Kids, w/ 4D LED Lights, Toddlers - Age 3+ Fire Engine Push Toy Car for Little Fireman Real Firetruck Siren...
19 Pcs Fire Truck with Firefighter Toy Set, Mini Die-cast Fire Engine Car in Carrier Truck, Mini Rescue Emergency Double Side Transport Vehicle for...
DICKIE TOYS: 24" Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (with Working Pump), Ladder Rotates by 350 Degrees, Battery Powered, for Ages 3 and up
PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 ft. Tall Ladder, for Ages 3 and Up
Bruder Toys 02771 Man Fire Engine
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Our Pick
Zetz Brands Fire Truck Toy for Boys, Girls, Kids, w/ 4D LED Lights, Toddlers - Age 3+ Fire Engine Push Toy Car for Little Fireman Real Firetruck Siren...
Zetz Brands Fire Truck Toy for Boys, Girls, Kids, w/ 4D LED Lights, Toddlers - Age 3+ Fire Engine Push Toy Car for Little Fireman Real Firetruck Siren...
Amazon Prime
Amazon's Choice
19 Pcs Fire Truck with Firefighter Toy Set, Mini Die-cast Fire Engine Car in Carrier Truck, Mini Rescue Emergency Double Side Transport Vehicle for...
19 Pcs Fire Truck with Firefighter Toy Set, Mini Die-cast Fire Engine Car in Carrier Truck, Mini Rescue Emergency Double Side Transport Vehicle for...
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
DICKIE TOYS: 24" Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (with Working Pump), Ladder Rotates by 350 Degrees, Battery Powered, for Ages 3 and up
DICKIE TOYS: 24" Light and Sound Fire Brigade Vehicle (with Working Pump), Ladder Rotates by 350 Degrees, Battery Powered, for Ages 3 and up
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 ft. Tall Ladder, for Ages 3 and Up
PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2 ft. Tall Ladder, for Ages 3 and Up
Also Consider
Bruder Toys 02771 Man Fire Engine
Bruder Toys 02771 Man Fire Engine
Amazon Prime

These toys are well-embellished with ladders, stickers, and little bells, to replicate the real deal. It helps to boost your child’s imagination and help him learn more about firefighters. You never know, but he might get interested in being a firefighter when he grows up! Thanks to the best toy fire trucks, though!

In this review, I have listed 12 of the most unique and promising choices I have come across while doing my research. However, these are all my personal experiences, so you must not completely rely on it unless you have done your research thoroughly.

Best Toy Fire Truck Reviews

1. Zetz Brands Electric Fire Truck

This realistic-looking Electric Fire truck comes with flashing 4D lights and real siren sounds. Furthermore, with its automatic steering, this toy truck is a perfect help for your child’s imaginative play. I have seen that the 4D effects of the toy will reflect blazing colorful lights on floors and walls, bringing this truck to life.

It has a bump and go action, which means this fire truck toy for toddlers can glide smoothly on surfaces without any hitch. The siren sounds will mimic that of fire trucks, and the toy will change directions automatically when bumping into an object.

In addition, this amazing toy can turn into a push toy. So, whenever your little munchkin feels tired, you can turn off the light and sound. It is one of the finest sensory toys for developing your kid’s fine and gross motor skills.

The durable plastic of this material ensures that no part gets to fall off, even with daily use. If your child isn’t happy, the company assures you to get your money refunded! That’s how confident the manufacturer is!

This fire truck runs on 3 AA batteries, which you have to purchase separately. I wished those were included in the pack to save some money and hassle as well.
  • Highly durable even with daily use
  • Comes handy with perfect light and sound show
  • Can glide smoothly on flat surfaces
  • Can be turned into a push toy after switching off the lights and sound
  • Have to purchase 3 AA batteries separately as not included within the pack
Generally speaking, this fire truck toy is perfect for giving your kid’s imagination wings. It isn’t costly and comes with attractive light and sound shows. So, it is worth giving a try!

2. Funerica Toy Fire Truck

This fire truck for toddler is crafted to look just like the real deal. This truck comprises flashing lights, and some are located inside the main toy. There are four different real sounds and an extendable ladder included in this toy. It helps children to imagine them to be a part of the rescue team and saving lives. To top it all, there are five toy figures included within this pack.

The best thing about this toy is its powerful wheels. This friction truck can smoothly glide over hard surfaces and teach your children the power of cause and effect. A gentle push will help the trucks to roll. So, it is a great learning toy for your little munchkins.

The swiveling ladder will help to move the firemen to be on and off the truck when your child demands. Your little one will be in complete control of their movements and will get carried away in playtime more. All the parts are made with premium quality plastic and tested out extensively to ensure safety.

Not only children but grown-ups will also be thoroughly satisfied with the way these toy trucks help their kids to learn new things about life. The four sounds, as included, are that of the driving, bugle, start, and siren. The lights, on the other hand, are located at the front and will light up every time your kid is ready to play.

The pack has batteries included. So, no need to rush to your nearest store to get one. Moreover, the toys are non-toxic, as tested by some of the reliable labs. The trucks are free from any sharp edges, too, making them perfect play things for your little ones. Thanks to the premium quality manufacturing materials, these toy trucks will last for a long time.

The only disappointment I have is with the toy figures. These figures can stand but do not have proper joints. So, your kids cannot bend them to sit.
  • Four amazing sounds and flashing lights
  • Five figures included with batteries
  • Realistic design with ladder and all
  • Built to last with non-toxic materials
  • Ensure child’s safety with no sharp edges
  • The figures don’t have joints so cannot bend
If you are currently looking for a fire truck toy, which is realistic in appearance and helps boost your child’s imaginative play, I would advise you to go for this one. The five figures come as added bonus points.

3. Green Toys Fire Truck

A perfect combination of realistic design and BPA free materials, this toy truck from Green Toys has already won thousands of hearts. It is a perfect addition for enjoying indoor and outdoor play.

Apart from helping your child to improve their fine motor skills and gross motor development, this fire truck for 2 year old will also give wings to your child’s imagination. Your child has to use his fingers to move the truck forward, which helps him to develop his finger’s usage and grip well.

The best part is the materials used for manufacturing this masterpiece. It is made using earth-friendly materials and will match the FDA food standards. If your child has the tendency to put everything in his mouth, then this truck won’t cause any issue.

The packaging is also environment friendly. Only recycled materials are used for packing these toy trucks, and the words are printed using soy inks. So, everything, right from the packaging to the real product, remains safe to possess.

The fire truck consists of a sturdy roof ladder, which is placed vertically and can rotate 360 degrees. To top it all, this piece has two removable ladders on each side of the truck. Once your kid is done playing, you can clean this truck easily as it is dishwasher safe. It is advisable to use a mild soap or baby shampoo for covering the cleaning spree.

With a perfect dimension of 10.5 x 6.2 x 7.5 in, this fire truck is really easy to carry around. The details of the truck are hard to ignore with compartments, hatches, and dials with GTFD shields. So, your child always remains safe while playing with this toy.

This toy is perfect for encouraging the development of fine motor and gross skills among children. They can even work on their imaginative play, whether inside their house or outside.

The only bummer is that this toy truck doesn’t produce any light or sound. This could make it pretty boring after a few rounds of initial play.
  • Sturdy materials which are BPA free
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Helps children to develop their fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Easy to carry around
  • Ensure child’s safety with GTFD shields
  • Doesn’t have lights and sounds to make it more realistic
If you want a push toy without being exposed to loud siren noises, this one is perfect for you. It doesn’t run on batteries, so there is no need to get one from the store.

4. Byonebye 19 in 1 Fire Truck Set

For a complete set of fire truck fun, this set from Byonebye is one to watch out for. This set comprises 10 assorted mini fire trucks, along with nine mini firemen. It includes a Fire Minivan, Fire Tanker, Armored Car, Fire Ambulance, Fire Engine Vehicle, Rescue Helicopter, Lifting Fire Truck, Fire Pickup Truck, and so much more!

Now, you get the opportunity to play rescue games with your child with so many fire truck toys for kids in your hands. Such play times will help your kids to boost eye-hand coordination and also develop their imaginative skills. Even the sizes of these trucks are perfect for little hands. So, now your kid can grab the trucks on their own and carry them around the house.

Only durable and non-toxic plastics are used for crafting each one of these trucks. The manufacturer further used lead-free die-cast alloy for giving the trucks their needful shapes. Not only durable, but the trucks are environment friendly as well, making it safe for your kids to play with these amazing toys.

These are all push car toys, so no need to invest extra on batteries. Just let your kids give a slight push and see the trucks roll forward. The more power your child puts in, the faster they will run. Helping your child to develop gross motor skills has never been so much fun and easy.

This amazing fire truck set is great for helping kids the fire protection consciousness and even emergency situation handling. So, When the time comes, your kids can protect themselves to some extent.

Nevertheless, I am a bit concerned about the size of the trucks. With so many trucks in one set, each of those is so small that it could be a potential choking hazard.

Nevertheless, I am a bit concerned about the size of the trucks. With so many trucks in one set, each of those is so small that it could be a potential choking hazard.
  • Multiple assorted fire trucks in one set
  • Comes with firemen as well
  • Great imaginative toy with unlimited fun
  • Durable, non-toxic and environment friendly
  • Battery-free
  • Sizes of the trucks are way too small. The child may put the toy in their mouth
What I love most about this entire set is the safe materials used for manufacturing. I am pretty sure every parent will agree.

5. Kidsclub Ride On Fire Truck Toy

After you are done with the smaller toy trucks, it is time to move towards something bigger. Next time looking for fire trucks toys for toddlers, you shall have the option to get this ride-on truck for your little champion. It is a remote-controlled electric car, designed to give your kid first-hand experience on riding a truck.

It is a perfect toy to help your kid live out his firefighting dreams! This is a 12-volt motorized car, which comes with a water pistol, realistic alarm sound, simulated fire extinguisher, and even a helmet. So, Upon riding this amazing toy, your kid will feel like a real firefighter!

Not only the child, but even the parents can control the movements of the truck, thanks to its two driving modes. The child can operate this toy using the foot pedal accelerator and the steering wheel. The parents can also take control if they want, with a remote control.

The rear and front wheels of these trucks are proficiently equipped with a spring suspension system, giving your kids. A smooth and comfortable ride. Whether they want to play inside the house or outdoors, this truck toy is a great choice to make. For maximizing safety quotient, this fire truck comes with seat belts, parental remote control, and double lockable doors.

When it comes to battery life, this truck has 60 to 120 minutes of a smooth ride on every charge. This toy fire truck ride solely depends on your child’s weight. The battery will control horn, remote control, and MPS connection music. I find this fire truck simple to assemble and clean. Parents are requested to follow the instruction manual carefully.

I wish there was a movable ladder rather than the fixed one, included in the truck, just like the real deal. Other than that, this toy is a picture-perfect gift for your little kids for a fun ride every time.
  • Easy assemble with no screws needed
  • Perfect safety measures for a smooth ride
  • Comes with realistic lights for indoor and outdoor play
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors with various safety accessories
  • 2 driving modes (manual and remote-controlled)
  • Missing the movable ladder as one major component of the truck
The entire truck toy is perfect to give a realistic firefighting experience. Your kids will love it right from the first ride and keep on asking for more.

6. Dickie Toys Fire Rescue Vehicle

Looking for a fire truck that performs realistic fire fighting actions? Well, I may have found the right toy! This amazing 24 inches long remote-controlled fire rescue vehicle from Dickie Toys is known for its detail. This is a great educational toy to help children learn more about emergency services in a playful manner.

There is a cable remote control, designed for acceleration. Apart from that, the truck toy consists of sound and light effects, to signal the arrival of the rescue team. It helps your kids to learn the real-life experiences when firefighters arrive for the rescue mission.

The ladder forms a major part of these fire truck toys for 4 year old, which rotate 350 degrees. With that, your kid can now take the rescue basket exactly where he wants to give fuel to his imagination. The fireman’s hose is remote controlled. The accessories complete the list with cones and fire extinguishers. These options help to add more fun for children who love to play emergency helpers.

The detail of the truck is hard to miss out. It makes rescuing missions super fun and learning as well. However, I realized that I need to purchase extra AA batteries for squirting water from the hosepipe, for moving the truck backward and forward, and also for moving the ladder.
  • Real-life water hose
  • Comes with cones and fire extinguishers
  • Movable ladders with 350 degree rotations
  • Has realistic sound and light effects
  • Have to purchase extra batteries for moving ladders and squirting water from the hosepipe
Not just for the kids, but even parents will get attracted to the realistic design and functionality of these trucks. Make sure to get this truck toy, before it gets out of stock.

7. WolVol Electric Fire Truck

WolVol, the manufacturer of some of the best toy fire trucks for years, has introduced a new fire truck to the market. Not just your regular toy, it has some stunning sirens and 3D lights to complete the look of fire truck toys for 3 year old. It will go around on its own, once you switch on the battery and will change directions when bumping into something.

This fire truck is known for moving backward, forward, and even spins 360 degrees on any of the flat surfaces. The amazing light show will easily attract your kids for long hours!

It is a perfect toy to boost your child’s imaginative play. It will inspire them to head for role-playing and give them creative wings. They can imitate real firefighters and enjoy real-like experiences.

The lights on display are proficiently equipped with flashing lights, which will help to deliver a spectrum of multi-colored 3D effects as seen on top and even through the window. Turn your room lights off and see the magic unfolds in front of your eyes!

Children always have a weakness for sound and vibrant colors. This truck toy has been manufactured, keeping these points in mind. It comes with LED flashing lights, beeping sounds, and siren. For that, you need 3 AA batteries.

Since the fire toy truck comes with high-speed wheels and wailing siren sounds, So, all your little future firefighters will definitely get inspired by it. Let their imagination run wild with this toy, with which they can save imaginary people from fire and other hazards.

One thing that bothers me is that the 3 AA batteries aren’t included, which are a must to make this toy truck fun and entertaining. Since everything from the sound to the light will be managed through battery power. It should have been a part of this pack.
  • Colorful Led flashing lights and siren sounds
  • Will move directions when bumped into an object
  • Great for your child’s imaginative play
  • Perfect for role-playing
  • Have to purchase 3 AA batteries separately
If purchasing batteries separately is not a big deal for you as you have some spares at home, this toy fire truck is a perfect gift for your little prince. He will love it instantly as he gets his hands on it.

8. Gizmovine Fire Truck

This is one great example of the best fire truck toy, known for its four real-life sounds, flashing lights, and extendable rescue rotating ladder. Children now have the right to imagine themselves as firefighters and rescuing people from their miseries.

This toy is handy to help develop your little one’s manipulative ability, quick mind, motor skills, creativity, and symmetry.

It comes with a swiveling ladder, which can move a pair of firemen on and off from the truck. With that, they get to fight the fire and be the rightful heroes. Moreover, as the set is highly durable for outdoor and indoor uses, your little ones can play wherever they want whether it’s on patios or living rooms.

It is a realistic 14 inches toy fire truck, which kids are eager to play with. Moreover, it has all the authentic fire-truck details, right from its working ladder to the classic red color. You can extend and rotate the ladder to reach fire spots.

This amazing piece of toy becomes your kid’s favorite with its dispatcher voices, siren sounds, and light bars. All can be activated with just a push of a button located at the side of the truck!

These are strong toys, perfectly designed to assist your kid to engage in some group plays with other kids. That helps in improving his social interaction skills. Furthermore, they get to increase communication skills, recognition skills of real things like machines and vocabulary with these toys.

The only disappointment lies with the quality of plastic. For such a price, there are stronger and more durable alternatives from other brands.
  • Complete realistic look with moving ladder and sound
  • Lights to enhance attractive quotient
  • Perfect for helping kids enjoy social interaction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play
  • The plastic could have been a bit sturdier and durable
I wish that I knew about this toy truck before. It is perfect for enhancing your child’s imaginative play and helps him enjoy social interaction through group plays too.

9. Paw Patrol Fire Truck

Now, let your kid’s imaginative juices flow and let him save the day with this amazing Rescue Fire Truck from Paw Patrol.

It comes with a 2 feet tall extendable ladder, which is hard to find in some other models. Not only that, but this best fire engine toy is associated with light and sounds and a mini fire cart, making this model all set for action.

It has water cannon launchers located at the front and backside of the vehicle, designed to put fires out. Your little ones just have to turn the yellow knobs and press button for launching water from the cannons. The most exciting part of the toy is the 2 feet ladder.

Aside from that, you cannot ignore its roll out mini fire cart. Your little one can easily open the lookout cab and move the working claw arm to help save the day! This amazing fire truck is perfect for kids of 3+ age. And the best part is that the package includes 2 AAA batteries used for functioning this toy truck.

This entire package comprises one mini fire cart, one ultimate rescue fire truck, four projectile launchers, one Marshall figure, one ladder, one sticker sheet, and one instruction sheet.

This toy truck is perfect for your kid’s creative play. Thanks to pretend-play, your kids get the opportunity to build developmental skills and learn about the real firefighting world. It even encourages your kids to create their own adventures.

The only issue is with the functionality of the ladder, which doesn’t feel good for the toddlers. It takes a bit of strength to move the ladder. So, the toddlers might need parental guidance for the same.
  • Movable 2 feet ladder
  • Water cannons as part of the set
  • Comprises of a small figurine
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • Moving the ladder is hard, making it not a good choice for toddlers
All in all, if you are looking for large fire trucks toys for children above three years of age, this one seems to be taking the cake. It can help in giving fuel to your child’s creative play.

10. Top Race Take Apart Toys

For such an affordable rate, this Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill from Top Race is a perfect deal.

It is a 3-in-1 remote controlled and battery-powered DIY fire truck set, which is not something you get easily. You get the chance to create your vehicle with easy guidance from the manufacturers and with a powered drill tool to complete the set for one of these toddler fire truck toys.

Now, your child gets the opportunity to convert the powered drill into a remote control fire truck by following one simple step. It will help them to build three different trucks with 54 pieces included in the set. For that, parental guidance is mandatory. Those three different trucks are rescue fire truck, ladder fire truck, and spray hose fire truck!

If you are looking for fireman toys for 4 year old for your kid, make sure to give this one a good look. It comes with a remote control, which you can use over 100 feet. Furthermore, it has 2.4 GHz technology with some realistic truck sirens. However, you have to purchase 4 AA batteries separately.

The materials used for manufacturing the trucks are sturdy plastic, therefor, it can withstand daily pressure easily and help your kids have a blast. They get to learn ways to develop new objects as this truck toy helps them to get first-hand experiences.

I wished the batteries were included to make this set complete. It needs 4 AA batteries, which you have to buy separately.
  • Great to teach kids how to build
  • Comes with a power drill, which can be converted into a remote control
  • Easy instructional manual to follow
  • Made of durable materials
  • Have to get 4 AA batteries separately
If you ask me about these toy fire trucks with lights and sirens, I would tell you to give it a try. You won’t regret purchasing this gift as it helps you to spend some quality time with your kid and craft the perfect fun toy to enjoy later.

11. Tonka Spartans Fire Truck

If you are done with firefighter toys for toddlers and looking for something bigger in size, then this 22 inches Tonka Fire Truck might be your right call and for good reasons.

This amazing toy truck is perfectly designed to make those realistic sounds, which come in handy with flashing lights. Not only that, but this toy fire truck comes with a working ladder. It helps in lifting and lowering figures, as your child wants.

It is one of the ideal fire engines toys for both boys and girls, who are in love with fire trucks. You get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids and give their imagination wings. They will enjoy and learn the power of role-playing through this toy.

It is an appropriate toy for kids over three years of age. It runs on batteries, which are already included in the pack. With lights, sounds, and a realistic ladder, you couldn’t ask for anything more while looking for a giant fire truck toy. It fits the bill well.

However, there remains a warning sign while using this toy truck. It is not meant for children under three years of age because of choking hazards. That’s a point to consider.
  • Realistic sound and lights to complete the look of such biggest toy fire truck
  • Comes with batteries to complete the set
  • It has a movable ladder, which is a plus point
  • Good fit for imaginative role-plays
  • Choking hazard for children below three years of age
Overall, if you are exclusively looking for a large toy fire truck, this might be the right piece. Yes, when compared to other items, this single truck is expensive but worth every penny once you start using it with your kid.

12. Bruder Fire Engine

In case you are looking for the top-rated Bruder fire truck, this one with a water pump, light and sound will prove to be the most promising option you could have asked for. It is crafted in Germany and known for its premium quality ABS plastic use.

This toy truck comprises lights and sounds, along with four different functions of the horn. There you have engine noise, siren sound, and a flashing light to complete the deal. If your kids already have a toy fire truck with doors that open and are looking for something else, this toy seems to be a perfect addition to their toy chest.

This unique fire engine has its own water tank. It is a remote control fire truck with a working water pump and an extendable ladder. You can’t miss out on the tilting hose basket of the fighter as included in the list. The tilting cab helps in revealing the engine. To finish the look, this toy truck comes with adjustable side mirrors.

The ladder of such metal toy fire trucks comes with 360 degrees of movement with removable stabilizing legs. Thus, it will snap right back into its place in no time. Make sure that you get this fire truck for kids over four years of age who love to play indoors and outdoor. The fire truck’s dimension goes as 18.5 x 6.9 x 9.5.

Batteries are included with this pack, so no need to purchase one separately. It helps the 2801 light and sound module to work, which forms a significant part of the toy fire truck for sale.

When I gave this truck to my nephews, they were a bit disappointed, as they cannot open the doors of the trucks, much like other models from the same manufacturing house.
  • Love the realistic sound and light
  • Comes with movable ladder
  • Batteries are included within the pack
  • Equipped with a real water pump and flexible side mirrors
  • Cannot open the doors of these trucks like other models
Overall, this one is a great purchase if you want to make your kids happy and improve their imagination power. This toy helps in improving their constructive skill as well.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Fire Truck


Parents find it hard to purchase the best toy truck, especially with so many options available in the market. Some run on batteries, and then you have others, which are functioning manually. No matter what the reason might be, there are some simple steps designed to help you purchase the best toy truck.

I did my research and am hereby, presenting some of my thoughts.

Age of the child

You have to focus on your child’s age before finalizing the fire truck. Some trucks are meant for children above 4 or 5 years of age. If you have a toddler, then these trucks won’t match their needs. Remember to check the side of the box, where the age is proficiently mentioned, before the final call.

The durability of the material

Work out on the durability of the materials before finalizing on the truck toy. Look for the toys, made using BPA-free plastic materials, with no sharp corners. It will not just be safe for your child to play with, but also environmentally friendly. You should get one that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors as well.

Price of the final product

Don’t forget to check the price point before finalizing the product. It must match your pre-set budget plans. The realistic toy fire truck can be a bit expensive but worth the price. However, for a tight budget, you can still get promising-looking fire trucks with realistic moves, but without burning a hole in your pocket.

Items included in a set

If you are going for a fire truck set, be sure to check out each part included to cover it. The reputed brands offer sets with more than three types of trucks, at least, with figurines, movable ladders, cones, water pumps, and whatnot! So, do take your time to check out all these items before taking the call.

The realistic look of the trucks

You can’t ignore the realistic look of the fire truck toys, before making a purchase. The ones with the red-colored body, sirens, LED lights, and movable ladders, will be your perfect choice. You can also head towards the remote-controlled mechanism with water pumps, to add that realistic fire fighting approach.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a fire truck toy?

In layman’s terms, a fire truck toy will replicate the real firefighting trucks for your little ones to enjoy. These are toy vehicles, well-crafted with realistic sounds and LED lights. Some come with movable ladders, figurines, water pumps, and more. The market houses some premium quality fire fighting truck toys, known for remote-controlled mechanisms.

Some truck toys are bigger in size and good for the toddlers to ride on. It helps to create a real-life riding experience. On the other hand, some are constructive in nature and will help kids to make them from scratch with parental guidance.

How does it work

It isn’t hard to play with firefighter trucks. It is in the child’s natural instinct to play with the toy once it is out of the packaging. But, parental guidance is somewhat recommended if the kid is still too young. For a bigger Tonka fire truck, kids can work with the movable ladders and play with the water hose pumps and even the available figurines, to enjoy the real deal.

Who is this for

This amazing fire truck toy is perfectly designed for the little ones, from 3+ years of age. These little ones will need parental guidance to use these toy fire trucks. However, a bit older kids, say within four years of age, will get a grip on the bigger trucks and can play with them without parental guidance. All in all, anyone interested in the life of firefighters will find it amazing and attractive to play with these trucks.

What are the different types of toy fire trucks?

Nowadays, just to make fire truck toys attractive, manufacturing units are coming up with different types of toy fire trucks. Some of the best ones are listed below for your reference.

  • Fire trucks with movable ladders
  • Remote-controlled versions
  • Battery infused light and sound truck toys
  • Fire trucks incomplete set
  • Firetruck toys with water pumps, hose pipes, and figurines
  • 15 trucks in a complete set with figures, and more

Why do you need fire truck toys

What most parents do not realize is that fire truck toys are not just for that playful mood but have some hidden real-life development skills included. Playing with these fire trucks will help develop fine and gross motor skills within your child. It will further lead to better finger movements and hand-eye coordination.

Playing with some fire trucks, which are to be constructed from scratch, will give your kids some ideas of the real construction work. Other than these, these toys are best to give wings to their imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted toy fire truck brands?

Right now, the market houses various trusted brands, manufacturing top-graded toy fire trucks for all ages. If you ask me, I have some of my favorites listed above in the top 12 categories.

Some of the best brands I trust with quality fire truck toys are Zetz Brands, FUNERICA, Green Toys, Byonebye, kidsclub, Dickie Toys, WolVol, Gizmovine, Paw Patrol, Top Race, Tonka and Bruder, to name a few. Just to clarify, these are my personal experiences. You are free to do your research as well, before finalizing on the trustworthy brand name.

How to use it?

Simply take the product out from the packet and look for the battery slot if your chosen one runs on battery. If the set has a remote control, then you have to hook it up with AA batteries, as asked for. Once done, press the start button, and your kid shall enjoy the amazing sound and lights it makes. Your kids can play with these toys, both indoors and outdoors.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase these toys from reliable online stores and large retail stores. Some manufacturing houses have their own standalone stores, from where you can physically check the truck toys before purchasing one. Remember to check the price, as sometimes, the e-commerce stores might offer discounts on some of their selected fire truck toys. Keeping a note on those discounted deals can help you save a great deal of money.

How to care and clean?

There are simple steps used for caring and cleaning the toy trucks. Most of these toys are dishwasher safe. So, parents can put those toys inside the dishwasher and wait for it to come out clean. If you don’t trust this method, use a mild soap or baby shampoo. Mix it with water and then use a clean cloth to wipe down the dirt and dust from the toy fire truck.

How frequently should I clean the truck?

It all depends on the places the toy trucks have been through. If your kid is restricted to playing with his toy truck indoor only, you can clean the truck only once a week. But, if you give them the liberty to take the toy truck outside and play on dirt and sandbox, then cleaning it on a regular basis is mandatory.


To help develop your child’s cognitive and motor skills in a fun-filled way, you are requested to invest some bucks on the best toy fire truck. I hope my review on the top 12 toy fire trucks will give you clearance on the best choice to make. If not, you are free to do your own research and create a list too.

In the end, it is about your child’s happiness, and he will definitely get that with these amazing toy trucks.

Check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Disney’s Mickey Mouse Mickey’s Fire Engine, Figure and Vehicle Playset, Lights and Sounds, Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just...
  • Includes one 3” articulated Mickey Mouse figure and one Pluto figure.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (included).
  • Fire engine really rolls!
  • Press the siren to activate lights and sounds.
  • Ages 3+
FUN LITTLE TOYS 12 in 1 Die-cast Fire Truck Toys Car Carrier Truck with Fire Engine Cars, 16" Transport Fire Truck Firetruck for Boys & Kids
  • 12 assorted mini die-cast fire engine truck toys in an approx. 16’’ friction powered carrier fire truck, including fire engine vehicles, speed...
  • Ultra-realistic sound of engine, reverse with flashing light effects bring little builder a head start on the thrills of enjoyable imaginative fun.
  • Snap close lids with ample slots on both sides of the Car Carrier Truck to keep the mini fire engine vehicles secure and be easily stored.
  • The most amazing gift of carrier truck toy for boys ages 3 plus, perfect as Christmas gift, School Prizes, birthday party favors, cake toppers, car...
  • Crafted from the highest quality of 100% recycled plastic: Conforms to US toy safety standards.
Paw Patrol, Marshall Remote Control Fire Truck with 2-Way Steering, for Kids Aged 3 and Up
  • OFFICIAL PAW PATROL RC VEHICLE: This PAW Patrol remote control fire truck vehicle looks just like Marshall’s fire truck! With authentic details, a...
  • EASY TWO-BUTTON REMOTE: Marshall’s Fire Truck RC Car is easy to drive with its Pup Pad controller! The simple two-button design is perfect for...
  • SAVE THE DAY WITH MARSHALL: Your child can explore their imagination to recreate scenes from the hit TV show and act out all-new rescue missions with...
  • The PAW Patrol Marshall RC Fire Truck makes a great kids toys gift for boys and girls aged 3 and up. Requires 3 AAA batteries for the vehicle and 2...
  • LEARNING AND EDUCATION TOYS: PAW plush toys and toy cars are toys for boys and girls that enjoy building toys and make great Valentine’s Day gifts...
Blippi Mini Vehicles, Including Excavator and Fire Truck, Each with a Character Toy Figure Seated Inside - Zoom Around The Room for Free-Wheeling Fun...
  • This Blippi Mini Vehicles 2 pack features two iconic vehicles that your child has seen and learned about on popular episodes of Blippi!
  • Both vehicles have a unique feature! Shovel up some gravel with the Excavator, then raise your ladder and save the day with the Fire Truck!
  • The free-wheeling feature lets your child zoom all around the room!
  • Both Blippi Mini Vehicles have an exclusive Blippi seated inside!
Fire Truck Car Toys Set, Friction Powered Car Carrier Trailer with Sound and Light, Play Vehicle Set for Kids Toddlers Boys Child Gift Age 3 4 5 6 7...
  • Double-Deck trailer with inertial wheels, with a gentle push and the big truck could run smoothly for a long distance. Recommend to use it on flat &...
  • 2 Rescue Truck, equipped with movable ladder, simulating real rescue action. Helps your kids to work understand how firefighter recuse people and keep...
  • Air rescue force consists of an airplane and a helicopter. Plane can throw fire extinguishing agents and helicopter responsible for rescuing trapped...
  • Kids love toys with sounds & lights; Realistic lights will flash with Engine start and horn sound. Requires 2-AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED).
  • We focus on details and make every small part reliable. The Fire Truck vehicle play set has smooth edges without sharp corners. Multiple movable and...
Dickie Toys - Light & Sound Viper Fire Truck
  • Toy car
  • Rosenbauer license
  • Light and sound effects
  • Scale 1:18. Length: 10"
  • Batteries included. Age recommendation: 3 years +