15 Best Toys for 2 Year Old with Autism 2023 – Broaden Imagination & Senses

Just like a normal kid, an autistic child is no different when it comes to toys. The best toys for 2 year old with autism need not be fancy, but they should be enjoyable and engaging. These toys should make autistic kids run their imagination and explore their senses.

Best Choice
Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads for Toddlers. Montessori Toys for 3 Year Old Girl Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Toddler Activities. Kids 4-5...
Second Best
Fidget Toy Pack . Sensory Toys Set with Infinity Cube, Stress Balls, and Pop Tubes and More for Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety of Kids, Party Favor,...
Good Choice
Magz-Bricks 40 Piece Magnetic Building Set, Magnetic Building Blocks, by Magz
Also Consider
Impresa - 5 Pack Original Stretchy Fidget Sensory Toys for Kids and Adults - Monkey Noodles - Stretches from 12 Inches to 8 Feet...
Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads for Toddlers. Montessori Toys for 3 Year Old Girl Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Toddler Activities. Kids 4-5...
Fidget Toy Pack . Sensory Toys Set with Infinity Cube, Stress Balls, and Pop Tubes and More for Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety of Kids, Party Favor,...
Magz-Bricks 40 Piece Magnetic Building Set, Magnetic Building Blocks, by Magz
Impresa - 5 Pack Original Stretchy Fidget Sensory Toys for Kids and Adults - Monkey Noodles - Stretches from 12 Inches to 8 Feet...
Best Choice
Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads for Toddlers. Montessori Toys for 3 Year Old Girl Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Toddler Activities. Kids 4-5...
Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads for Toddlers. Montessori Toys for 3 Year Old Girl Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Toddler Activities. Kids 4-5...
Second Best
Fidget Toy Pack . Sensory Toys Set with Infinity Cube, Stress Balls, and Pop Tubes and More for Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety of Kids, Party Favor,...
Fidget Toy Pack . Sensory Toys Set with Infinity Cube, Stress Balls, and Pop Tubes and More for Stress Relief and Anti-Anxiety of Kids, Party Favor,...
Good Choice
Magz-Bricks 40 Piece Magnetic Building Set, Magnetic Building Blocks, by Magz
Magz-Bricks 40 Piece Magnetic Building Set, Magnetic Building Blocks, by Magz
Also Consider
Impresa - 5 Pack Original Stretchy Fidget Sensory Toys for Kids and Adults - Monkey Noodles - Stretches from 12 Inches to 8 Feet...
Impresa - 5 Pack Original Stretchy Fidget Sensory Toys for Kids and Adults - Monkey Noodles - Stretches from 12 Inches to 8 Feet...

With all the toys available on the market today, picking just one will be a headache. Let me ease your burden and narrow your choices with these top recommendations below. I’ll also offer a guide in case you want to find another brand yourself.

Comparison Table:

Top Picks Toy for 2 Year Old With Autism

1. Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads For Kids

Skoolyz large lacing beads make excellent autism toys for 2 year old because they can help your kids relax and concentrate as they lace the beads into a string. Besides that, your kids can also improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination when playing with this set of 30 beads and two strings.

I appreciate that the beads’ holes are large to make stringing a lot easier for toddlers. The beads are as big as a quarter dollar, so they’re easy to handle for small hands. Thanks to the different shapes and colors, my toddler’s attention greatly focused on the beads while playing.

The beads are made of hard plastic, so they’re easy to sanitize. The best part is that the package comes with a sturdy pouch to keep the beads and strings together. Even when we travel, we can still bring the string beading set with us.

There seem to be endless possibilities when playing with this string beading set. My little girl was able to make a necklace and bracelet out from the beads. She also likes to sort the beads according to color and shape, which is very exciting to see.

My only pet peeve about this beading set is the size of the pouch bag. I think it’s a bit small to fit all the beads inside.
  • Helps enhance motor skills, concentration, and hand-eye coordination
  • The beads are easy to handle and have large holes for easy stringing
  • The various colors and shapes grab the kids’ attention
  • Easy to sanitize with its hard plastic material
  • Comes with a beautiful pouch for storage
  • The pouch is a bit small
Overall, the Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads is a fun way to teach your toddler with autism how to improve focus and motor skills. I like to recommend this to those who aim to teach their kids how to sort colors and shapes.

2. Small Fish Sensory Fidget Toys Set

This Sensory Fidget Toys Set from Small Fish is another great product to infuse learning with fun for 2 year olds with autism. The toys include six stretchy strings, six spiky balls, three mesh balls, three meshed marbles, two flip chains, squeeze beans, a snap-and-click snake, a stress ball, and a magic cube.

I find that these fidget toys help my toddler improve her focus and relieve anxiety. When she throws a tantrum, I simply give these toys, and her mood improves immediately. I like that these toys don’t create any sound, so she can bring them anywhere from school to road trips.

My favorite is the box because it serves as good storage for all the fidget items. There’s a variety of toys inside, which is why my toddler never got bored with them. My niece specifically loves the squeeze ball because it’s squishy.

I love that this fidget toy set doesn’t break the bank. For the price, you get various toys to suit your toddler’s different mood who have sensory problems. Honestly, I want to keep one for myself to release the pressure after a long day of work.

However, the toys aren’t your best choice when it comes to durability. The magic cube falls apart quickly, while the peas don’t last long with constant use.
  • Offers a variety of sensory fidget toys
  • Helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • Comes in a beautiful box for storage
  • Suitable to bring anywhere as they don’t create any sound
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • The magic cube and peas aren’t durable as expected
All in all, the Small Fish Sensory Fidget Toys provide variety like no other. They make excellent sensory toys for 2 year old because they help reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler

This liquid motion bubbler from Super Z Outlet is another great sensory toy to keep my 2-year old relaxed and stay focused. This anti-stress toy contains two bright, colorful drops that drip down slowly when upturned, almost similar to an hourglass sand timer.

I love the slow and steady drops because they’re very soothing. Whenever my 2 year old requires comforting, she likes to watch the bright colored drops. Thankfully, this fidget toy isn’t battery-powered, so she can use it for hours.

This liquid timer is made of hard plastic, so I think it’s extremely sturdy. Even when dropped on the floor, this product still remains intact. My toddler has been using it for more than six months now, and the toy is still in excellent condition.

I like the size of this one because it’s neither too big nor small. For this bubbler, it measures two inches wide and 5.75 inches long. I’m quite happy that my two-year old had no problem flipping the bubbler over.

However, this package only comes with one item. Also, the oils might stain when it leaks from the container.
  • The slow drop of colored oils is very relaxing, helping to stay focused
  • The colorful drops are very visually appealing
  • Offers endless power since it doesn’t need batteries to work
  • The hard plastic container doesn’t break easily
  • Has a good size to flip over easily
  • Only comes with one item
  • The oil might stain when it leaks
Altogether, the Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler is a nice visual feast to entertain your children with attention issues. The slow drop of colored oils helps toddlers stay focused and relaxed.

4. Magz Bricks 40- Piece Magnetic Building Set

Another exciting toy that I got for my 2-year old with an attention problem is the Magz Bricks Magnetic Building Set. The set consists of magnetized blocks that have the same shape but different colors.

Stacking is quick and easy, thanks to the magnetic interlocking system. The strong magnets can hold my niece’s creations together, which is less frustrating from her part. There are so many things that my 2-year old can build with this one, including towers and heart shapes.

I like that the colors are vivid because they add a visual appeal to the product. My kid got fascinated by how the bricks repel and attract, so I think this toy set is a nice toy for exploration. The bricks come in a good size, making them easy to handle for toddlers.

The bricks are made of hard plastic, which I find very sturdy. One box contains 40 pieces of bricks, so there are more than enough to fuel the kids’ imagination. Considering the endless possibilities that can be done with the bricks, I guess the price is a great value.

However, some magnets only stick together in particular patterns. This building set would be perfect if it included different sizes of bricks for more design ideas.
  • Easy to put together, thanks to the strong magnets
  • Builds creativity with endless construction ideas
  • Available in vivid colors to attract the attention of kids
  • Made of hard plastic for a sturdy stacking
  • Consists of 40 pieces of bricks to build different creations
  • Offers a bang for your buck
  • Some magnets repel each other
  • Only consists of bricks of the same shape
The bottom line is that the Magz Bricks Magnetic Building Set is an excellent option for creative development. These bricks make good toys for 2 year old autistic child because they’re quite engaging and easy to build.

5. SyPen Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Toys

The SyPen Stretchy Strings are perfect fidget toys for nonverbal autism as they’re fun to play around. This package comes with six pieces of stretchy strings in different colors, like green, yellow, and blue.

I like how these strings can be stretched in any way you can. My autistic niece loves to pull and twist the strings in different shapes. She has so much fun that she brings these strings anywhere she goes, even during car trips. Whenever my niece plays on the flex strings, she becomes calm.

No matter how the kids fidget on the string, it immediately reverts back to its original shape. More importantly, the flex strings are free of harmful chemicals, like BPA, so I’m reassured that my niece is safe even when she puts the strings on her mouth.

As I have observed, the string can be stretched up to eight feet. The strings seem durable because they’re still in condition after being pulled many times.

My only dislike is the shape. I think it will be safer to have circular strings because the straight ones can cause danger when swung around.
  • Comes in vibrant colors for better engagement
  • Can be pulled and twisted in many ways
  • Returns back into original shape and size after twisting
  • Safe for children as they’re free of harmful chemicals
  • Seems durable for long-term use
  • The straight shape can be dangerous when swung around
Overall, the SyPen Stretchy Strings impresses with its vibrant colors and stretchable qualities. They’re the perfect toys for autistic 3 year old because they help them get occupied when they have nothing to do.

6. ZaxiDeel Fidget Pop Tube Toys

These ZaxiDeel Pop Tube Toys are extremely fun toys for 2 year old autistic boy and girl because they can be bent and pulled in any shape. They can also be connected to make a very long tube.

The thing I like most is the wooing sound it creates when you stretch and twirl the tubes. These tubes also make a nice popping sound when you compress them, giving that satisfying feeling. My 2-year-old loves them so much that she keeps playing with them for hours.

With constant play, I observed that my toddler with special needs has improved her fine motor skills. She also gets more focused when using the tubes while reading or studying. She even learned how to form simple words, like “mama”, using these flexible tubes.

I appreciate that the tubes come in various colors to pique the interest of children. More importantly, these tubes are very portable since they’re lightweight to carry around anywhere. The plastic material seems strong because these tubes still remain intact after several days of bending and pulling.

However, the clear packaging is a letdown because it doesn’t look pretty for gifting. Sometimes, the plastic tube collapses, so I have to stick my finger inside to pop it back.
  • Very flexible to create any shapes, to be pulled and stretched constantly
  • Creates popping and wooing sounds to make them more enjoyable
  • Helps improve fine motor skills, focus, and creativity
  • Available in beautiful colors
  • Lightweight to carry around anywhere
  • The clear packaging has less appeal for gifting
  • May collapse sometimes
Altogether, the ZaxiDeel Fidget Pop Tube Toys are perfect for creative play. These tubes make popping and wooing sounds, adding appeal to these toys.

7. NUENUN Bubble Sensory Square Fidget Toy

If your toddler with special needs enjoys popping the bubble wrap, then this NUENUN Bubble Sensory Square Fidget Toy might be an excellent option. This toy creates a little popping sound when you press the mouse bubbles down.

I like that the material used is silicone because it’s nontoxic and can endure long-term use. Even if my two-year-old put this toy in her mouth, I’m not worried that she’s going to be poisoned. The size is as large as an adult hand, so this is easy to handle and far from a choking hazard.

Whenever my niece with special needs feels anxious or stressed, we let her play on this bubble fidget toy. The bright yellow color looks pleasant, while the sounds that it makes keep her entertained.

Notably, the toy is washable, ensuring personal hygiene for your kids. Now they can play with cleaned toys and feel safe with them.

The best benefit of this square fidget toy is that it can be reused endlessly. Simply flip the toy over, and you can pop the bubbles again. However, not all of the bubbles snap as I anticipated.
  • Creates a nice popping sound for added entertainment
  • Made of nontoxic silicone to keep your child’s health safe
  • Large as an adult hand, easy to handle and avoid choking hazard
  • Can be used many times, thanks to its washable feature
  • Effective in reducing stress and anxiety
  • Some of the bubbles don’t snap like they’re supposed to
All in all, the NUENUN Bubble Sensory Square Fidget Toy is one of the best toys for autistic 2 year old because of its novelty design. This toy is a wise alternative to plastic bubble wrap popping.

8. Learning Resources Hedgehog for Toddler

The Spike is a perfect toy to help your autistic child learn how to recognize colors and improve fine motor skills. To play, you only need to fit the peg-shaped pieces onto the hedgehog’s back.

I like the size of the pegs because they’re easy to grasp for toddlers. In a set, you’ll find 12 quills and a 2-piece hedgehog measuring six inches in diameter. I appreciate the bonus activity guide because it allows my kid to do several activities on the toy, like color sorting and memory games.

Another thing that appeals to me is the easy storage. After playtime, the quills can easily fit inside the hedgehog. The compact storage makes it convenient to bring anywhere, so my toddler stays focused.

The pegs are made of plastic, making them easy to wipe clean. My toddler enjoys the different colors that she likes to create various patterns and sequences from them. Additionally, the quills snug nicely into the hedgehog body, so playing with them is easy.

However, the pegs aren’t sturdy because they bend when they get chewed on. The spikes also have a horrible smell straight out from the package. I have to air them out to remove the odor.

  • Helps kids recognize different colors and enhance fine motor skills
  • Has a good size to fit into little hands
  • Offers compact storage for easy travel
  • Easy to use as quills snug nicely into the hedgehog’s back
  • The plastic material is easy to clean
  • Comes with various colors and an activity guide for more game ideas
  • Not as sturdy as expected, especially the pegs
  • Might have a slight smell after unwrapping
All in all, the Spike is an enjoyable toy to teach your autistic children to learn colors and enhance their fine motor skills. This toy stands out with its compact storage.

9. Impresa Products Stretchy String Fidget

This pack of stretchy strings is perfect for tactile stimulation as your autistic 2 year old stretches, squeezes, and twirls them. The string is so flexible that it can extend up to eight feet.

I’m glad that the strings are hypoallergenic and non toxic because my child likes to put things in her mouth. The high-quality custom formulated material is free of harmful chemicals, like phthalates, latex, or BPAs, making the strings safe for kids.

Each time my autistic niece plays with the strings, she gets calm and focused. I love the bright colors because they draw attention easily. Together with the shapes, these colors help to stimulate sensory and tactile activities. When I tried to use them, the texture felt squishy but firm, which I like.

I’m impressed that the strings are quite strong. No matter how my niece stretches the strings, they return back to their original shape. These strings are also easy to clean when they get saliva or dirt.

The strings are cool, but I hoped that they could make letters and remain in a particular shape. I also observed that the strings pick each fuzzy thing and dust.
  • Flexible enough to twirl, squeeze, and stretch up to eight feet
  • Safe for kids as the strings don’t contain chemicals
  • The bright colors draw attention, perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation
  • Feels squishy but firm to last a long time
  • Easy to clean from dust and dirt
  • Doesn’t stay in a particular shape
  • An attractor of fuzzy things and dust
Altogether, the Impressa Stretchy Strings are excellent toys to play with for tactile stimulation. These strings are perfect for autistic toddlers because they’re nontoxic and flexible.

10. Intock Magnetic Blocks

These magnetic blocks from Intock are the best toys to help cultivate the imagination and creativity of your child with special needs. This set includes 40 pieces of magnetic blocks, which is enough to build many creations.

The best thing about these blocks is that they connect with a simple click. The blocks use magnets, making them super simple to build. Best of all, storage isn’t a problem since all the blocks have the same shape.

The ways to play these magnetic blocks are endless. My niece used the magnetic squares to build sets, count cubes, and even serve as stress-relief toys. She was able to express patterns and shapes quickly.

The blocks are crafted from ABS plastic, which is BPA-free. They feel solid, so I think they can withstand any beating. The blocks came in a nice box, so they suit as a perfect gift for kids.

However, the box is a bit flimsy, so it’s not an excellent choice for storage. For the price, I also expected the blocks to be a little bigger.
  • Helps improve creativity and building skills
  • Easy to build with its magnets, can be connected by a simple click
  • Convenient to store as all blocks have the same shape
  • Safe for kids since it’s BPA-free
  • Feels sturdy and solid, thanks to ABS plastic material
  • Comes in a box to make perfect gifts
  • The box is a little flimsy, which makes it hard for storage
  • A bit smaller for its price
Overall, the Intock Magnetic Blocks are perfect for autistic kids to go beyond their imagination. Toddlers can build sets, count blocks, and use them as science toys. Using these adorable blocks, children can learn while playing.

What to Look for When Buying Toys for 2 Year Old With Autism


Toy shopping for your autistic child is sure is difficult if you don’t know where to start. Let me enumerate the important factors to consider when looking for the best toys for 2 year old with autism.

1. Colors, Shapes, And Sound

Many autistic children enjoy activities that utilize their senses. Most of the time, this type of kids like activities that utilize their visual skills, so try getting them colorful toys and matching shapes. Look for visually appealing toys or have a unique element, like sound, to help autistic kids understand the concept of cause and effect.

2. Material

Toddlers, three years old and under, may still put things in their mouth to explore them. To keep the safety of your kids, look for a toy that’s made of nontoxic material. If the toy is made of plastic, make sure that it’s BPA-free. Painted toys should use paint that’s free of lead.

Since the toys will constantly fidget, make sure that the material is flexible and sturdy. Silicone is an ideal choice because it’s durable and odorless. This material is also free of harmful chemicals, like phthalates and latex.

best toys for 2 year old with autism

3. Size

Choking is a risk for children three years old and below because they like to put toys in their mouths. For the safety of your kids, avoid small parts that can be a choking hazard. Make sure the toy is adequately large so as not to be a choking hazard.

4. Skill Development

The best toys for autistic kids aren’t only fun but also a great tool for skill development. To improve the motor skills of your kids, look for block and peg puzzles. Toys that involve motion, like swinging and spinning, are helpful to enhance the vestibular sense.

For the development of your kid’s tactile stimulation, look for fidget toys and bubbles. You might also want to look for toys to improve their social skills.


Toys are certainly one of the best tools to calm your autistic kid. The best toys can calm your 2 year old with special needs, at the same time teach them new skills. All of the products above are good, but the Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads is my top pick.

The Skoolzy Preschool Lacing Beads are the best toys for 2 year old with autism because they help your kids sort different colors, as well as improve focus and creativity. My favorite is the storage pouch to keep all things together. If you want more variety, the Sensory Fidget Toys Set from Small Fish is a good alternative.

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