13 Best Toys for 3 Year Old with Autism 2023 – Developmental Disorder Toys

If you are having trouble choosing a toy for a kid who has a developmental disorder, imagine buying the best toys for 3-year-olds with autism. Children and toddlers on the autism spectrum require toys that cater to their needs beyond just a fun toy.

Best Choice
6 Pack Fidget Pop Tubes Toys for Kids and Adults, XXL Size, Pipe Sensory Tools for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Cool Bendable Multi-Color Stimming Toys...
Second Best
Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors as Shown) - Ideal for Kids and Adults - Squishy Relief Toys...
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Skoolzy Lacing Beads for Kids Toddler - JUMBO Primary Toys For Toddlers - Autism Fine Motor Skills Montessori Toys - 36 String Beads, 4 Strings,...
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6 Pack Fidget Pop Tubes Toys for Kids and Adults, XXL Size, Pipe Sensory Tools for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Cool Bendable Multi-Color Stimming Toys...
Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors as Shown) - Ideal for Kids and Adults - Squishy Relief Toys...
Skoolzy Lacing Beads for Kids Toddler - JUMBO Primary Toys For Toddlers - Autism Fine Motor Skills Montessori Toys - 36 String Beads, 4 Strings,...
BUNMO Suction Bath Toys 24pcs | Connect, Build, Create | No Mold Bath Toy | Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys | Easter Gifts for Boys
Best Choice
6 Pack Fidget Pop Tubes Toys for Kids and Adults, XXL Size, Pipe Sensory Tools for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Cool Bendable Multi-Color Stimming Toys...
6 Pack Fidget Pop Tubes Toys for Kids and Adults, XXL Size, Pipe Sensory Tools for Stress and Anxiety Relief, Cool Bendable Multi-Color Stimming Toys...
Second Best
Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors as Shown) - Ideal for Kids and Adults - Squishy Relief Toys...
Stress Relief Balls (3-pack) - Tear-Resistant, Non-toxic, No BPA/Phthalate/Latex (Colors as Shown) - Ideal for Kids and Adults - Squishy Relief Toys...
Also Consider
Skoolzy Lacing Beads for Kids Toddler - JUMBO Primary Toys For Toddlers - Autism Fine Motor Skills Montessori Toys - 36 String Beads, 4 Strings,...
Skoolzy Lacing Beads for Kids Toddler - JUMBO Primary Toys For Toddlers - Autism Fine Motor Skills Montessori Toys - 36 String Beads, 4 Strings,...
Don't Miss
BUNMO Suction Bath Toys 24pcs | Connect, Build, Create | No Mold Bath Toy | Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys | Easter Gifts for Boys
BUNMO Suction Bath Toys 24pcs | Connect, Build, Create | No Mold Bath Toy | Easter Basket Stuffers for Boys | Easter Gifts for Boys

You might think that they need something fancy or special, but it is not that. You should focus on two things when looking for the best toys for autistic 3-year-olds; it should be fun and developmentally appropriate.

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It could be a real challenge but don’t think that it is impossible. We have product reviews and a buying guide that you can check. This will no doubt help you make an important decision. So, read on and learn more about buying the best toys for your child.

Top Picks Toy for 3 Year Old with Autism

1. ZaxiDeel BENEWY Fidget Pop Tube

If you are looking for toys for autistic children aged 3, there are many options available in the market. Fidget tubes are famous and one of the most common toys that you can find. And I think this multi-color pop tube from ZaxiDeel can be a perfect choice.

Take a look at this bendable pipe sensory toy that you can pull, snap, and pop. It is a great fidget toy that offers many fun play possibilities. With a simple-looking tube in different colors, kids and even adults can benefit from the sensory stimulation.

Furthermore, this toy stimulates the tactile and auditory senses. The tube creates a popping sound and can curve into any shape. It’s a great toy to be used for the physical and occupational therapy of kids with ADD and ADHD.

The package comes with six tubes of different colors (yellow, pink, blue, red, orange, and green). The ends are designed to be attached, creating a long tube to bend into different shapes for more creative play. Moreover, it comes with three blank greeting cards making it ideal for gifting.

This toy is very lightweight at only 0.4 pounds and small enough to fit in children’s tiny hands. It is portable; you can bring it anywhere and have fun with it. Besides, it is made of durable materials. You can expect it to endure long hours of snapping, bending, pulling, and popping.

However, there is a small issue that I noticed while playing with the tubes. The pipes can be dented easily and challenging to pop back into shape. The casually hitting here and there doesn’t really affect it, but when you accidentally step on it, that is where it gets challenging to return to its original shape.
  • Offers sensory stimulation and creative play
  • Ideal for gifting
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of durable materials
  • It can be dented easily
For a plain-looking toy in several colors, this is a pretty decent sensory toy. While it can be dented easily, it is still a relief that you can pop it back to its original shape.

2. IMPRESA Stress Relief Balls

There are many calming toys for autism in the market, and choosing one best is a challenge. Start looking for what interests your child and begin there. It’s a good idea to check out these squishy stress relief balls from Impresa.

Consider this squishy toy that children will surely find interesting and fun. You can stretch, pull, smoosh, squeeze, and watch it bounce as you toss it. There are many play opportunities for this stress relief ball set.

Children with autism, high anxiety levels, OCD, and ADD/ADHD will find this toy helpful. Even adults will find relief as these stress balls promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, and increase focus and attention.

You can rest assured that this is entirely safe for kids to use. In detail, it is made of 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber that is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Besides, it is free of phthalates, latex, and BPAs.

Furthermore, these stress balls are durable and strong. It is highly tear-resistant and won’t break open. This is made possible with the use of production methods resulting in a stretchable and pliable stress ball. These will put you at ease knowing that you can use this toy for a long time.

When it comes to caring and cleaning, there are simple and easy instructions included in the package. After frequent use, you can wash it with warm water and dish soap. Then, air dry and apply a small amount of baby powder. It is uncomplicated, and you’ll get it as good as new after cleaning.

There is just a minor drawback that I want to point out. The balls get dirty easily, and when they do, it gets sticky. When this happens, and it is not cleaned right after, it collects hair and dirty
  • Many play opportunities
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Tear-resistant
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • It gets dirty and sticky easily
Overall, this is a stretchable stress ball that can endure many squishing. You just have to clean it as soon as you notice it getting dirty to avoid gathering dirt.

3. Fi-gent LE Sensory Fidget Toys Bundle

What types of activities does your little one prefer? If they don’t have anything specific, you can opt for bundles with a selection of different toys like this set from Fi-gent.

This bundle of sensory toys that are perfect for children of all ages, even adults. In detail, the package includes a fluffy slime, two mini cubes, liquid motion, DNA stress balls, fidget bike chain. Rainbow cube, fidget cube, a pack of mochi animals, and five marble toys. It is a complete set with all kinds of stress toys for everyone to share.

This set is specifically designed to relieve anxiety and stress. Each one of the toys in the bundle has a very appeasing effect that calms the nerves. Besides, it helps children with autism when it comes to sensory or hyperactivity issues that they have. It is the perfect set that also aids in keeping focus.

Furthermore, the soft and squishy balls provide relief and ease bouts of autism, ADD, and ADHD. It promotes better focus and clarity, which is a big help out not only kids but also for teenagers and adults.

The slow and rhythmic drop of the liquid motion is great for killing time. The soft silicone and stretchy mochi animals are squishy and perfect for kids to squeeze. These are just two toys in the kit, and there are more options for play with the other ones; no boring time and more fun learning for kids with autism.

However, there is a small problem that I can consider as a con. While the mochi animals are soft and squishy, they are also sticky. It makes them a magnet of dust and dirt, plus it is a challenge to clean it.
  • Designed to relieve anxiety and stress
  • Helps keep focus
  • Soft and squishy
  • It comes with a liquid motion toy
  • The sticky pieces collect dirt
For those looking for the best toys for 3-year-old with autism, this one is a fantastic choice. It’s common that the mochi animal toy is sticky and easily collects dirt but you can get it clean by washing them in cold water.

4. Magz B014K26L24 Bricks Magnetic Building Set

The best toys for a 3-year-old boy with autism differ for each child. Knowing what a child likes can be an excellent start to finding the ideal toy. I think this Magz-Bricks is worth considering to give them.

For children who like creating things, this stacking toy is perfect. There are a lot of pieces to work with, offering unlimited options for building configuration. It is a fun set that can tickle the imagination and creativity of children to create structures.

The magnetic bricks are equipped with strong magnets for easy stacking and interlocking of the pieces. Besides, we can remove the bricks without hassles and with ease. The effortless and fast attachment will give way to a more fun experience and less frustration.

Each piece measures 2.3 inches x 0.8 inches x 0.6 inches and comes in many colors. This makes it appealing to children and enhances their visual senses, and teaches children about shape recognition. There are 40 pieces in each package, which gives way to many configurations mixing and matching the pieces. They will surely have an exciting and fun time playing with this set of magnetic bricks.

But there is just a minor issue that I want to raise. The pieces are smaller than expected and as viewed from the product description. Another thing is, there is no storage bag or box to put everything in after play. This also makes it a problem if you want to carry this set with you since it is not portable.
  • Offers unlimited options for building configuration
  • Features strong magnets
  • Easy to stack
  • It comes in many colors
  • The pieces are smaller than expected
  • No storage bag included
After going over this toy, it is one of the excellent building sets in the market. There might be some drawbacks, but they are not too big to affect the toy’s performance.

5. Skoolzy Lacing Beads Set

When thinking about purchasing toys for a 3-year-old autistic girl, you always see those familiar toys. Don’t be afraid to go for unique ones such as lacing beads.

This toy set from Skoolzy includes a complete kit with beads and strings that is ideal for toddlers. The beads are big and chunky, so kids can effortlessly grasp and lace them together. On top of that, it comes with a convenient storage bag so you can carry it anywhere you like.

The materials used for this toy are non-toxic and BPA-free. Besides, it passed the necessary tests and received the ASTM certificate. It is also certified to be durable and can last for a long time of use. Parents can rest assured that their kids are playing with a safe toy.

This fun toy is also educational. It helps develop fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it is a useful resource for occupational therapy for children with autism. Kids can sort the bead and learn colors while doing so. There are many play and learning opportunities for this lace set.

The beads come in different sizes and encourage children to decorate, pattern, string, and lace through the large holes. The different colors and shapes stimulate the visual sensory of a child and help them identify each one.

Cleaning up the pieces is effortless by simply wiping them. It also doesn’t easily get dirty. However, there is a small drawback that the end of the lace is too short. It is not long enough for a kid to insert and retrieve on the other side. It would be best if you also tied the other end of the string, so it doesn’t slip.
  • Easy to grasp
  • Safe and durable
  • It helps develop fine motor skills
  • Teaches shape and color recognition
  • The end of the plastic lace is too short
The different sizes of beads make it ideal for a broader range of age which is perfect if you have several kids. I highly recommend this as the best lacing set for beginners.

6. WIly Fox Super Cooking Play Set

Books are always a good gift for any child. Some variations and styles can cater to different children. This brain activity exercise game is ideal for traveling anytime, anywhere. It is a book that is fun and provides sensory learning opportunities for children with autism.

This toy has multifunctional features that offer a diverse experience. Besides, it encourages many skill developments in kids. By playing with this sensory book, children develop their imagination and visual perception, communication, fine motor skills, memory, and several others. It is a toy that combines enjoyment and learning.

You can rest assured that it is of the highest quality because child disability specialists and speech therapists develop this toy. These are the people who understand what kids need, especially when it comes to learning. This board game is designed for every child age three years old and up and autistic kids with delayed speech development.

Safety is essential, especially when it comes to kids’ toys. This toy is made of only the highest quality and safe materials. You can expect this to withstand years of use and can even be passed through the generations. The flashcards have rounded edges to keep them safer.

Using this colorful sorting game is more manageable than you might think. It includes an easy to understand rules and instruction. There is just a drawback that I don’t like about this toy. Some animals in the story are portrayed unrealistically, like four-legged animals standing up on two legs. You can just pull the animals out of the book, and the gameplay is not affected at all.
  • It offers a diverse learning experience
  • Developed by experts
  • Safe to play
  • Easy to play
  • The animals are portrayed unrealistically
When it comes to toys for a 3-year-old autistic child, this is definitely a good one. It is uncomplicated and is safe for kids to play.

7. Ayeboovi Plush Talking Hamster Toy

Cute toys often are what we go after when buying a toy for kids. This can also be a good option for children with autism.

Take a look at this cute hamster toy. It is plush with 0.4 inches of hair and gives off warmth when kids hold it in their hands. While it has a blank expression on its face, it can bring laughter and fun for children ages three to five years.

This interactive toy talks and not like other talking toys you see in the market. The hamster repeats what you say to it and not just language but all kinds of sounds too. With its own voice, it mimics the way you talk. Children will indeed have fun talking to this toy and hearing it talk back.

Some kids are shy to talk with others; this toy will be of great help to them. From getting their attention to leading them to talk and laugh more, it is an interactive toy that is good to have around. Besides, it is suitable for any party or occasion and makes it lively and fun. It will also encourage interaction between kids and foster a good relationship.

However, there is a minor issue that I had observed when my kid started playing with this. The volume is loud, and there seems to be no option to lower it down a bit. Also, the words the hamster repeats are difficult to understand or decipher.
  • Fluffy and cute
  • Funny talking toy
  • Interactive toy
  • Fantastic features
  • The sound is a little loud
  • Words repeated are not clear
When looking for toys for a 3-year-old autistic boy with speech problems, this is a fantastic toy to start with. It is a funny talking toy that is educational and entertaining.

8. Cozy Bomb 54789125 Shape Sorting Game

A sorting toy for autistic teenagers is a good choice for the development of kids at their early ages. This shape sorting toy from Cozy Bomb is chosen by many parents as one of the best.

Puzzles are great toys every time for any kid. This colorful number sorting and counting jigsaw puzzle is a 3-in-1 shape sorter set that comes with many play opportunities. Children can sort the rings, count the pieces, stack the blocks, and name the colors. There will be no boring time with this wooden puzzle game.

The kit comes with 55 pieces of rings, a wooden board, ten number blocks, ten shape blocks, and a gift box. Kids have many parts to engage with, which offers endless learning and play opportunities.

Furthermore, it aids in children’s early development making it ideal for toddlers ages three years. When kids play with this Montessori toy, they develop their hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity, and color recognition.

This toy is made of 100% wood with smoothed edges. Non-toxic and water-based paint is used to cover the surface in multiple layers. It is also certified with CPC and ASTM. It is how you know that it’s safe for children to use and doesn’t hurt the environment.

If you are looking for an excellent gift to give to a kid, you can consider getting this set. But there is just a small problem; the set doesn’t come with a mesh bag where you can store everything after play. It is not portable, and it is a challenge to bring it places.
  • 3-in-1 set
  • Promotes learning
  • Safe and environment friendly
  • Ideal for gifting
  • No mesh bag
For those who prefer wooden toys, you can think about getting this puzzle set. It is a fantastic toy that can entertain your kids for hours.

9. BunMo Pop Tubes Sensory Toys

Professionals often mention BunMo as a good brand where you can find great toys for kids. They have a collection of sensory toys that have been named best-sellers in the past years.

Consider these popping pipes that are fun and functional. Kids can stretch, connect, and pop these tubes. Many play opportunities are making it a great go-to toy for toddlers.

Children with special needs will find this entertaining and useful. It is the perfect physical therapy toy that can excite and inspire. Kids can get creative twisting and bending the connected pipes into colorful shapes and even letters. There is no limit to what they can create with this learning toy.

Besides, it provides tactile stimulation, auditory feedback, and fine motor skills. They are having fun with this and developing their well-being and learning at the same time. The flexible tubes also aid in improving bilateral coordination, which is very useful for toddlers with autism and special needs.

Furthermore, when compressed or stretched, the pipes make a popping sound. For more variety, you can connect the tubes and create many fun sounds. Each kit comes with four vibrant colored tubes in green, pink, blue, and purple. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection of sensory toys. There is no need for any battery to play with this, making it easier to carry around anywhere.

These are made of high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that they are safe and can last for a very long time. However, I want to point out a minor issue. The ends of the pipes don’t connect that well with each other. It doesn’t hold out that well too, which can be frustrating at times.
  • Fun and functional
  • Provides sensory stimulation
  • It comes in four vibrant colors
  • Creates popping sound
  • Some pieces have difficulties staying connected
Overall, this is an excellent sensory toy for kids with autism. The vibrant colors and popping sounds are beneficial in providing sensory stimulation which is very important for autistic children.

10. LiKee Wooden Pattern Blocks

LiKee is well-known when it comes to children toys that are not only fun but also educational. You can find a wide variety of wooden pattern blocks that is a great option for children with autism.

This sorting and stacking game is engaging and fun. Drawing the traditional way can get boring quickly, but it’ll be more exciting with this set. In detail, the kit comes with 36 wooden pieces and 60 pattern cards. What kids will do is recreate what is shown in the card with the parts available. They can also come up with their own designs and patterns, providing many play opportunities.

Furthermore, this is very useful in sparking toddlers’ interest and fostering their creativity. They are having fun while learning and developing necessary skills like fine motor, learning shapes, colors, and putting their imagination to work.

If you want to bond with your kids, this is a good toy for that. The flashcard is also used as sight words that adults can use, or they can opt to choose at random and let the toddler build what is shown on it. The shapes puzzle is easy to use and doesn’t require much, but you can have loads of fun while growing closer with your child.

When it comes to safety, this wooden toy set has been tested for safety by a trusted and reliable international laboratory. You can expect it to be well-crafted and non-toxic, safe for kids to use.

However, there is a slight issue with this toy. There are not enough pieces to work with if the toddler wants to create more than one pattern simultaneously. It will only work when they do it one at a time. But you can purchase another set to double the challenges.
  • Engaging and fun
  • It offers many learning opportunities
  • Provides a good bonding time
  • Safe to use
  • It doesn’t have enough pieces
This is a unique puzzle toy that will no doubt attract the attention of toddlers. The learning opportunities in this one is endless and it also works as a good toy that you can use to bond with your kid.

11. BunMo Bath Toys with Suction Organizer

Free autism toys are a thing, but if you want a good toy, there are affordable options that you can go for. You can also find toys that double as a useful product for everyone.

Take this product, for example. It is a unique toy that offers a fantastic learning resource. This super silly sucker is excellent for bath time and anytime. In detail, it is a suction construction toy that sticks to all non-porous surfaces. You can do a lot of things with this kit, including connecting, building, sticking, and popping.

This toy is different from other sensory toys that you see. The set has 24 multi-colored wacky shaped pieces with flat centers to build them from various directions. They also stick easily, so it’s frustration-free.

The suction pieces are water-resistant and portable. It comes with a zippered toy organizer that is nautical themed. There are also two wall hooks that are easy to adhere and remove anytime. All these make it handy and easy to transport from one place to another.

It also doubles as an excellent autism toy. The shapes and functions encourage children coordination and motor skills. It will keep those little fingers busy while they are enjoying themselves learning. Besides, it is ideal for any occasion and works as a fantastic gift.

There is just a drawback that I noticed. My kid loves playing with them, but he always asks for more pieces. Somehow there are fewer pieces than I expected.
  • It offers a fantastic learning resource
  • Water-resistant and portable
  • Sticks easily
  • Ideal for all occasions
  • There are fewer pieces than expected
I highly recommend this Bunmo set as it works as a good bathtime toy and has decent qualities that are safe for kids to play with. The kids will definitely have fun with them when in a bath.

What to Look for When Buying Toys for a 3 Year Old with Autism


When looking for sensory toys for autistic toddlers, there are several things that you should take into consideration. Instead of stocking the playroom with all special needs toys you find in the market, pause and think. How can you make a perfect choice and purchase the good toys for an autistic 3-year-old? Now, please take a look at what we have right here.

  • Sensory Play

Autistic children crave different sensory input. When looking for a good and fitting toy, it is crucial to acknowledge these needs and seek toys that provide the sensory stimulation they need. Many toys can address various sensory needs, and while this is great, you should also look out that they are not overstimulating.

When this happens, their attention will be focused solely on the toy and not around them.

  • Developmental Ability

Toys have age-grade set by manufacturers and are written on the packaging. While this helps parents understand what’s appropriate for their kids based on age, it’s different for autistic kids. When purchasing autism toys for 3-year-olds, it is necessary to consider their developmental ability. Some children with autism have intellectual disabilities while others don’t; only parents know what playthings genuinely fit their child.

  • Preference

There are some autistic children that are highly interested in one thing. Some parents think it needs to stop the child’s intense interest, treating it as a habit that has to be broken. However, experts advise that this interest should instead expand play and learning.

Take note of these crucial factors; they can impact your buying decision for sensory toys for 3-year-olds. Rest assured that it will significantly help narrow down your options to the best few, making it easier to decide.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for any kind of toy, such as the best toys for 3-year-olds with autism is the kids’ enjoyment. Moreover, it should cater to their unique needs and interests while helping them develop necessary skills, emotions and behaviors.

I hope that with the product reviews and the buying guide that follows, you learned a lot. These will significantly help you in finding a good toy for your child. If you have any toys for nonverbal autism tips and suggestions, let us know by writing a comment.

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