19 Best Toys for Babies 3 to 6 Months 2023 – Develop Senses & Skills

Once your baby enters the stage of three to six months, they will need more entertainment that helps develop senses and skills. The best toys for babies 3 to 6 months are ideal to provide this. However, they are different at this time. Thus, it is crucial to be particular about purchasing baby toys for 3 to 6 months.

Best Choice
Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Musical Activity Station and Tummy Time Toy, Age 3 months+
Second Best
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Clip On Car Seat and Stroller Toy - Soft Baby Hanging Toys - Baby Crinkle Toys with High Contrast Colors - Baby Travel Toys...
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Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teethers Toy Educational Squeeze Play with Numbers Animals Shapes Textures 6 Months and Up 12PCS
Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Musical Activity Station and Tummy Time Toy, Age 3 months+
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Clip On Car Seat and Stroller Toy - Soft Baby Hanging Toys - Baby Crinkle Toys with High Contrast Colors - Baby Travel Toys...
Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teethers Toy Educational Squeeze Play with Numbers Animals Shapes Textures 6 Months and Up 12PCS
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Musical Activity Station and Tummy Time Toy, Age 3 months+
Baby Einstein Glow & Discover Light Bar Musical Activity Station and Tummy Time Toy, Age 3 months+
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Clip On Car Seat and Stroller Toy - Soft Baby Hanging Toys - Baby Crinkle Toys with High Contrast Colors - Baby Travel Toys...
Lamaze Mortimer the Moose Clip On Car Seat and Stroller Toy - Soft Baby Hanging Toys - Baby Crinkle Toys with High Contrast Colors - Baby Travel Toys...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teethers Toy Educational Squeeze Play with Numbers Animals Shapes Textures 6 Months and Up 12PCS
Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teethers Toy Educational Squeeze Play with Numbers Animals Shapes Textures 6 Months and Up 12PCS
Amazon Prime

Toys for 3 to 6 month olds can be considered a tool that helps your little one develop in many ways. It includes speeding up their visual processing, improving their fine motor skills, and advancing their coordination.

Comparison Table:

The task of getting the right developmental toys can be a real challenge to parents, but with the help of our product reviews and buying guide below, it will be more manageable.

Top Picks Toy for Babies 3 to 6 Months

1. iPlay iLearn AC-10DX-001 Baby Rattle Toy

As babies grow stronger and become more coordinated, providing them with a rattle exercise of their fingers, arms, and hands is the best thing to do. iPlay iLearn is an excellent place to look for such toys.

This toy set comes with 10 brightly colored rattle and teethers. Each is designed to accompany infants through different stages of development. You can think of it as the perfect gift idea for babies 0-3 months.

What makes it unique is the variety of textures on each rattle’s handle. It offers different grips and shapes that can assist in developing fine motor skills. Besides, it is suitable for tactile development and encourages exploration.

Numerous sound effects can expand your baby’s sensory experiences. When paired with the textures and bright colors, it helps develop their sense of touch, auditory, and eye-tracking skills. This makes it an excellent developmental toy.

The set comes with a container where you can easily store all the pieces neatly. Moreover, it is easy to clean the parts. You can keep it in pristine condition with a simple cleaning method of wiping it vinegar and water.

However, there is a small drawback. Not all the rattles in the set are suitable for teething. Some parts consist of more hardened plastic than others, which makes it not ideal for kids’ mouths.
  • Has bright colors
  • Features different textures
  • Comes with sound effects
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Not all toys in the set are good for teething
Brightly colored toys come in different varieties.This is one thing that most parents look for in the best toys for babies 3 to 6 months. It is an added plus that they can last for several stages of your child’s maturing journey.

2. Baby Einstein 11083-6 Light Bar Activity Station

For a growing baby, it is vital that they practice grabbing and dropping things. Baby Einstein has many toys for 3-month olds that you can browse through.

Take a look at this fun and interactive toy bar that is packed with many exciting features. It is easy to activate, so you don’t have to go through any frustration while trying to figure out how to make it work.

This musical toy lights up with a simple touch of the colored section. There are three modes available: xylophone, colors, and animals. Babies can explore and experiment by spinning the rattle drum or playing the xylophone sounds with no mallet needed. The other modes introduce colors and animal sounds. It offers many play opportunities that can keep little ones engaged for several hours.

You can prop it up and collapse it down, making it easier to store away and carry with you wherever you go. Besides, it is easy to clean with only wiping to keep it in perfect condition.

Another notable feature of this toy is that there are three language options available. You and your baby can enjoy this rainbow toy in English, Français, and Español. The audio will introduce the colors and animals in the language that you have chosen.

This is undoubtedly an excellent musical toy that can help infants strengthen their listening skills and language development. But, there is a minor issue that I want to raise. The leg stand collapses easily. It can be frustrating at times since I have to prop it back again and again.
  • Fun and interactive
  • Has three modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with three language options
  • The leg stand easily folds back
If you want a fantastic musical toy that can hold your baby’s attention, you should consider getting this activity gym. On top of that, it comes with language options.

3. TOMY L27014A1 Lamaze Mortimer Toy

Giving babies a toy that they can cuddle and play with is what most parents do. TOMY has these types of toys that goes beyond offering a snuggle buddy.

Consider this toy that is not only cuddly but also fun and engaging. Infants will find the soft fur gentle and want to hug and touch it all the time. Besides, it features many accessories that they can explore and experiment on.

What makes this a fantastic tummy time companion is its soft teethable antlers, knotty legs, and textured hooves. No tummy time is boring with this toy as it offers many play opportunities that are beneficial for your little one.

Aside from being fun, it is also educational. In detail, it assists in developing auditory awareness, soothes a baby’s mouths, and stimulates their tactile senses. The surprise crinkles, colorful legs, and multi-textured hooves are an excellent combination for a baby’s healthy growth.

This is not a tummy time only toy. You can also clip this on carriers, diaper bags, and strollers. You can carry it with you conveniently wherever you go with your little one. However, there is a drawback with this toy. The chewy antlers with textures are supposed to be suitable for teething, but it is difficult for infants to maneuver. It often leaves them frustrated.
  • Fun and engaging cuddle toy
  • Ideal for tummy time
  • Features surprise crinkles
  • Can be clipped on almost anywhere
  • The antlers can be challenging for kids to maneuver
This fun-looking snuggly toy that features wobbly legs is packed with educational features that babies will find interesting. It also comes with a clip, so you can carry it with you without any hassle.

4. Sassy 80109 Developmental Bumpy Ball

Bumpy toys are always a good option that you can give to a baby. At Sassy’s, you can find all kinds of bumpy balls that your little one can explore.

These colorful bumpy baby toys have high contrast colors and bold patterns, designed to attract and hold a baby’s attention for hours. You can expect them to be entertained and have fun with it.

As an educational toy, it comes with multiple textures and materials that can teach kids about variety. It allows them to explore and be familiar with their surroundings, an excellent way to move from one milestone to another.

Moreover, chunky bumps are all over the ball, making it easier for the baby to grasp. It also encourages reaching and grabbing. As babies transfer it from one hand to another, they develop fine motor skills and exercise their tiny fingers.

The gentle rattle sounds pleasant to their ears and creates neural connections in kids’ brains. The color and patterns assist in developing their vision and introduce colors. Also, the textures of different materials help develop tactile sensitivity. In short, this is an excellent toy that helps in the healthy growth of infants.

However, I noticed a minor issue with this product. It is recommended to clean this toy with a wet cloth, but that doesn’t seem enough. But, if you wash it in a washing machine, the water can get inside the plastic, and it is not easy to drain and dry thoroughly.
  • Has bright colors and bold patterns
  • Comes with multiple textures and materials
  • Encourages reaching and grabbing
  • Features gentle sounds
  • Not easy to clean
Are you looking for toys for a 4-month-old? Why don’t you consider purchasing this? It is a simple bumpy ball that has all sorts of features to benefit your infant.

5. Fisher-Price FPY65 Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

At age three to six months, babies will begin reaching out for things that they find exciting. When you check out Fisher-Price, you can find toys for infants 0 to 3 months like this one here.

Anything that makes a sound will grab the attention of infants. This set of two maracas will give your baby a fun time. It comes in blue and orange, and has colorful patterns. One maraca for each hand means double the fun.

The soft and colorful head is suitable for teething. It is gentle to the mouth, making it ideal for kids ages 3 months and up. There are vividly colored beads in the handle that makes fun rattle sounds stimulating senses.

The handle is designed for comfortable handling, and babies can grasp it easily and shake it without requiring too much effort. The grasping and shaking are good exercises to develop and strengthen gross motor skills.

Playing with this toy helps infants control their hold on things and learn how to drop or let go of things on purpose. They are not only having fun but also developing skills at the same time.

There’s just a small drawback that I have observed. Washing the soft parts of this toy is a real challenge. Another thing, the rattle doesn’t produce as good of a sound like maracas.
  • Comes with two maracas
  • Soft and colorful
  • Fun rattle sounds
  • Ideal dimension for babies
  • The soft parts are challenging to wash
  • It doesn’t rattle well
Two is better than one, and this Fisher Price set of two maracas is a fantastic toy that I highly recommend to any parent. It’s soft, colorful, and great for infants.

6. Baby Einstein 30704 Tunes Musical Toy

Things that make sounds are a big hit for any baby. They find it fascinating and will often extend their hands for it. For musical baby toys, Baby Einstein has many good options to choose from.

This best-selling toy is a favorite of many and has received high ratings from people who purchased it nationwide. It not only inspires a lifelong love for music, but it also helps a child develop healthily. Besides, it is one of the best musical toys for prodigies.

The volume of this is perfect for 3 months old babies. The grip is just right, fitting snugly in their hands. You can also have it lie down flat on the floor while infants explore all the buttons. Also, it features stimulating lights that can hold their attention for hours.

It produces fun sounds and 10 melodies. You can switch from one song to another and enjoy the high-quality and baby-friendly version of classics like Rossini, Chopin, Vivaldi, and many more. Awaken the inner genius in your child and help speed up their auditory development. When it gets too loud, you can lower the volume and turn it up later.

There is no need to worry about how to maintain this toy. You can conveniently wipe and have it cleaned in just a few seconds. Your little one can enjoy their favorite tunes at home or outside since it’s portable and convenient to carry around.

However, there are some drawbacks that I noticed while using h this product. The songs are too short, and you need to press the button for the next one to play. Babies understand this, but it is too hard for them to push the button even if they try themselves.
  • Perfect size for 3-month-old
  • Adults can adjust the volume
  • Features ten melodies
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • The songs are short
  • Buttons are too hard for a baby to push
You can consider this as one of the best baby toys 6-12 months from the looks to the features. I can confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a musical toy.

7. Bigib Blige Cute Animal Baby Socks Toy

Babies around three months start getting curious about their surroundings. It is by this time that they want to explore and get familiar with what’s around them. To satisfy their needs, you can scan Bigib for gifts for a 3-month-old baby boy.

Take a look at these cute socks and wristbands. Aside from being a nice-looking toy that catches infants’ attention at first glance, it is also an educational product that helps your little one achieve their milestones.

Everything, from the design to the manufacturing, is created in scientific studios to provide a good toy that aids a child’s healthy development. It is what all parents want their child to have.

These foot finders and wrist rattles help develop many skills, including hand-eye coordination. This is necessary for the healthy and expected growth of any child.

Furthermore, it enhances sensory development. The bright colors and patterns, the materials’ textures, and the small bugs together make it a fantastic developmental toy.

There are four pieces in the set: two socks and two wristbands. They come in a single volume that fits most babies. The only problem I have with this is that the wristlet cannot be adjusted and can’t fit all infants’ wrists. If you have a baby on the chubbier side, then chances are this will barely go around their wrist. If it does, it could be uncomfortable.
  • Created based on scientific studies
  • Enhances sensory development
  • Aids in the development of many skills
  • Can fit most wrist and feet
  • The wristlet cannot be adjusted
This set of baby toys doubles as a comfy sock and fancy wrist band that babies love. It features colorful bugs that effectively attract babies’ attention.

8. Baby Einstein 30974 Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

The combination of a rattle and ball is perfect for babies entering a new milestone where they start to move their hands and fingers a lot. When it comes to bendy rattles, Baby Einstein is where you should look.

This unique and captivating ball that doubles as a rattle toy has high contrast colors and is multi-colored, which will surely attract any baby’s attention. The recommended age for this is 3 months and older.

The bendy and easy to grip features come with many benefits for your infant. Every time they reach out and grasp, they are exploring their surroundings and learning new skills. It propels them to boundless possibilities of learning through play that is fun and exciting.

There is a ball inside that they can shake to make a sound. It can pique their interest and curiosity, which in turn helps their development. In detail, it aids in the improvement of their senses alongside other vital skills that they need to learn for healthy growth.

Due to its small size, this toy is handy and portable. You can conveniently take it wherever you go with your little one. Besides, cleaning the toy is easy and can be done with a simple wiping.

However, some parts of this product are made of hard plastic, which I think, is a minor issue, but worthy of mentioning, nevertheless. The caterpillar part, in particular, is too hard and can hurt infants when they accidentally bump their head with it.
  • Captivating and fun
  • Bendable and grippable
  • Works great as a travel toy
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Some parts are hard plastic
You can think about getting this as a toy for a 6-month-old. It is a hassle-free 2-in-1 option that is not only captivating and fun, but educational and convenient.

9. VTech 80-184700 Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy

Once infants begin connecting with their senses, it is time to provide them with developmental toys for babies. You will find many sensory toys at VTech.

One of them is this musical rattle that does more than what you might think after seeing it for the first time. It is recommended for babies aged 3 months up to 2 years. Hence, your little one can have loads of fun with this for a very long time.

It features colorful designs and patterns with a cute character that seems to stand on the ball rattle. The ears are crinkly and can deliver a texture and sound that is new to babies. These provide tactile and visual stimulation. When they start playing with it with their little hands, they can build fine motor skills.

The puppy’s cheeks light up when you shake the toy, and pressing the button will make sound effects. There are more than 20 melodies, songs, and phrases that they can listen to. Besides being fun, it teaches them the concept of cause and effect through play.

You should also note that the handle is easy to grasp. No frustration could lead to throwing the toy away and forgetting about it. With this, the fun starts the moment toddlers reach out and grab it.

There is, however, a small drawback that I want to talk about. You can find some small pieces at the back of the toy that keeps coming off. When not addressed, it can cause a choking hazard. It would be best just to take it off.
  • Colorful and crinkly
  • Play fun sound effects
  • Lights up
  • Easy to grasp
  • Some pieces can cause choking hazard
Babies love crinkly toys. This one combined both and so much more. Children can have endless hours of fun with this high contrast developmental product.

10. Sassy 80654 2-in-1 Fishy Fascination Station

When looking for good baby toys for your infant, always keep in mind their developmental value. Sassy have fun and educational baby toys that you can consider.

Here we have a 2-in-1 baby toy with many exploration opportunities. From the colorful appearance to functionality and features, there is a lot to fiddle and play with.

This toy is equipped with a suction cup base that you can secure on any flat surface. It is a station with spinning wheels and textured handles. Every part of this plaything is an opportunity for a fun learning experience.

The handle has different textures, making it ideal for mouthing. It soothes teething babies and helps their tactile development. This is appropriate for babies that are starting to step from one milestone to the next.

The brightly colored and high contrast beads are within a clear cylinder. This enables infants to link what they hear to what they see.

The wheels that spin independently demonstrate a cause and effect concept for children to grasp and master in no time. Besides, tugging and batting at the toy strengthens hand and eye coordination.

The only problem I have is that the suction does not stick too well. So, babies can pull it out effortlessly. A quick fix is to remove the suction and transform it into a play mat for floor seat play mode. you.
  • Offers plenty of play opportunities
  • Comes with colorful beads
  • Encourages the development of vital skills
  • Has multi-textured handle
  • The suction is not too sticky
A play gym where your baby can learn and develop essential skills as they grow. I stand behind this and consider it as a fantastic toy that any baby deserves to have.

11. Gizmovine Baby Rattle Set

Having several baby toy varieties is crucial for a growing child. You can mix and match or opt for sets like those that Gizmovine offer.

For example, this cute rattle set intended for babies ages 3 months to 12 months old. It comes in many varieties. Each pack has 10 pieces of toys in different colors and designs.

The materials used in manufacturing this toy are BPA-free and environment-friendly. It means that it’s non-toxic, odorless, and heat-resistant. You can conveniently disinfect these with 100 degrees celsius hot water without worrying about deforming or damaging it.

These toys’ volume are made for easy grabbing and fit snugly in babies’ small hands. When they continuously work on their muscles while playing with these, they develop their fine motor skills. Besides the suitable volume, it is also lightweight and portable. It is travel-friendly, so you can take it with you almost anywhere.

Furthermore, there is a storage box included in each set for you to neatly organize and store all the items. It will also make it easier to carry them from one place to another.

The advanced designs are specially for early education. There are different soft candy-colored shapes and features that make fun shaking sounds. This piques kids’ interest and stimulates their listening, which leads to healthy child development.

However, I noticed a minor problem with this product. While these are great rattles, they don’t make an excellent teething toy. The plastic is more on the stiff side making it less appealing for babies’ mouths.
  • Environment friendly
  • Lightweight and small
  • Ideal for early education
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Not great for teething
This is one of the best toys for a 5-month-old if you prefer an environmentally-friendly toy. It is packed with plenty of features that help develop important skills.

12. VTech 80-502960 Baby Shake Ball

Keep your infant’s little hands busy and help them move into their next milestone. With VTech, you have many different choices to ponder upon.

This wobbly product features six trails with beads that babies can slide through. Rotate, jiggle, and twirl it for exciting learning through play!

It has motion sensors. With every movement, it responds with sounds and tunes. Besides, there are three buttons you can press to introduce numerals, animals, and colors.

Play fun sounds and songs that babies can listen to and stimulate their hearing. You can also hear vocabularies, which is useful when your baby grows a bit older and starts to talk.

This is packed with many features that promote developmental benefits, including visual awareness, gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. In detail, the ball is easy to grasp and carry around.

Furthermore, it comes with parent-friendly features, like a volume control for quieter play. There is also an automatic shut-off feature and durable design. While babies are having a fun time, parents can also have a good time.

The set comes with two AAA batteries, so you can try it as soon as you open the package. New batteries are needed for regular use and to have an uninterrupted play. The problem with this product is that it is not suitable for teething babies. The plastic is hard and can sometimes hurt them.
  • Has six tracks with beads
  • Three buttons introduces music and colors
  • Equipped with motion sensors
  • Comes with developmental benefits
  • Has volume control
  • The plastic is hard
Some baby toys are fun but noisy for parents. This one is a delight for both babies and the family since you can opt for a quieter play.

13. Mini Tudou Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys

Block toys are ideal if you want your young ones to work on their grabbing, while soft toys are perfect for teething. Mini Tudou has a combination of these two that you will find fascinating.

Take a look at this toy for babies featuring a relief design. In detail, it is three-dimensional with elements raised from the flat surface of the cube. The embossed sections are shapes, numbers, animals, and patterns. It is not only attractive but provides early learning play.

Babies can develop their vision by observing the patterns. Touching the 3D prints stimulates their sense of touch. These support their early childhood development, making it easier to move from one milestone to another.

The stacking toys are made of soft and durable food-grade materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free. It’s chewable and perfect for infants who just got their first tooth. Babies can use it as a teething toy, providing comfort to their mouths.

Furthermore, the cubes are easy to grasp with their little hands. A squeaking sound is produced when you squeeze the blocks, teaching children the concept of cause and effect.

This toy offers many opportunities and play options that are educational for babies. But, there is a small drawback that I have observed while going over this product. The cubes lack stacking ability. If babies can’t find the perfect match for each embossed shape, they cannot stack it neatly, and it’ll fall over.
  • Features relief design
  • Provides early learning play
  • Made of soft materials
  • Makes attractive squeeze sounds
  • Lacks stacking ability
Chewy and soft toys are excellent for teething babies. If you are looking for this specific type of baby toys, then this is what you should consider buying.

14. CubicFun Sensory Balls Set

Stimulating the senses plays a vital role in the healthy growth of a baby. If you are looking for an excellent sensory set, you can visit CubicFun.

This set comes with six pieces of sensory balls and a baby rattle. Each one is manufactured from high-quality and non-toxic materials that comply with the set safety standards. In detail, the balls are designed with smooth edges to ensure a safe play. It is also soft and lightweight, recommended for infants 3 months old and up.

Each features unique concave and convex textures. The volume also varies, but they are easy to pick up and work great in developing babies’ tactile skills. Besides, it helps them exercise their ability to grasp different items.

The colorful designs are visually interesting for any baby. It is an ideal toy that can help their visual transition from black and white to colored. This engages their visual senses while developing their color recognition skills.

There is no plastic plug that can cause any choking hazard so that you can be at ease. But, that doesn’t mean these balls don’t make any sound because they do. It can contract and expand, produce BB sounds, and open an opportunity for babies to discover the notion of cause and effect.

There are many good things to note about this product. However, there is an issue that I want everyone to be aware of. It is a challenge to dry it completely when water seeps inside it. To avoid this, you have to wash them carefully.
  • Comes with six pieces of sensory balls
  • Has unique textures
  • Colorful design
  • Features squeak and rattle sounds
  • Challenging to dry
This is one of the best toys for babies 3-6 months that can encourage sensory play at a young age. There are many exploration and learning opportunities that can benefit your baby.

15. Aitbay Plush Elephant Music Toys

Musical toys are always fun and exciting for an infant that is fascinated by sounds. Aitbay included this feature with a cuddly toy resulting in toys for babies under 6 months that your baby can’t resist.

Consider this musical stuffed elephant toy made of ABS and plush materials that are durable and non-toxic. This makes it not only safe to use but also soft and comfortable to cuddle.

When looking for a baby toy, it is good to opt for those that allow for parent-child interaction. The red heart button can set off a soothing light, the yellow flower button produces calming sounds, and the green round makes funny sounds when pressed.

This product provides you with the opportunity to bond with your little ones. In detail, it features 12 classic tunes as well as nature sounds and funny sounds. There is also lullaby music that can calm and get your baby to sleep quicker.

Learning through play is one of the things that this product boasts. Continuous use of this aids in developing cognitive ability, creativity, imagination, and many more. It is like training a little Einstein and helping them reach milestones.

However, there is a minor issue that you should know. There are no batteries included in the package. It would be best if you got your batteries ready, so you can try it as soon as you open the box.
  • Safe to use
  • Provides parent-child bonding
  • Comes with lights and sounds features
  • Aids in early skills development
  • Batteries not included
A good toy can provide you with a bonding opportunity with your child where they can have fun and learn. This specific product offers that and a lot more.

What to Look for When Buying Toys for Babies 3 to 6 Months


When picking new toys for your baby or the best gifts for babies 3-6 months, there are several things that you should keep in mind. It needs to meet the following guideline to purchase the best toys for 3 to 6 months. Let’s get to it.

1. Features

Baby-friendly toys should be interesting, and this will depend mainly on their features. It must include colors, textures, and parts that babies can grab or move.

While most toys are somewhat captivating, not all of them can encourage child development compared to the best baby toys 0-6 months. The features should hold their attention for a long time. Otherwise, they’ll get bored quickly and curb their progress in reaching a milestone.

2. Well-Built

When buying things, we always make sure that they can be with us for a long time. It also applies to toys that our children use. No one wants 3 to 6 months toys that fall apart after only a few uses or come apart after washing.

Most parents want to have baby toys that are machine washable. If you are replacing toys every few months, then chances are you are buying the wrong toys. Make sure to opt for those that have good quality and can endure any play.

3. Safety

Don’t forget about safety when buying any toy for your kids. The most obvious things you should avoid are sharp edges, choking hazard pieces, moving parts that can trap their small fingers, and toxic materials that are not ideal for putting in their mouth.

Toys for infants 3 to 6 months are most likely to end up as teething toys, so it is crucial to get mouth-safe materials that are also gentle on their sensitive gums.

What Do 3 to 6 Month Babies Need


Around this age is where babies get to taste real food. It is an excellent time to have feeding supplies ready. Teething toys are also important, and it might take you a while to figure out what they like best.

These, alongside other toys for 6-month-olds, come in all shapes and sizes with different textures and features. They would need one to play with while developing essential skills and practicing preliminary moves, like rolling, crawling, and eventually sitting up. Besides, sensory toys are a must since it is the stage where they begin connecting their senses and stimulating their interest.

How Do You Entertain a 3 to 6 Month Old

At the age of three months to six months is when your baby starts babbling and moving their hands and feet. It is the best time to give them toys that they can grab, mouth, and explore.

When entertaining babies at this age, developmental toys can help them play to their advantage. It can encourage new skills while improving ones that they recently learned. Remember to keep an eye on them and make sure that all the things within their reach are safe to play.

How Do You Play With a 3 to 6 Month Old

Developmental toys for 3 to 6-month-olds are shown to make great bonding opportunities. It is the best way to build a strong and lasting bond with your child. Getting a fun toy that babies love and enjoy is very important. This way, you not only help develop their skills but also have a good time with them. Spending time with your babies and the best developmental toy is the perfect play combination that you should aim for.


What you need to keep in mind when choosing the best toys for babies 3 to 6 months is a balance of fun, engagement, and safety. You might be intimidated by all the things that you need to consider, but they are there to make your search easier.

Whether you are buying for your kid or as gifts for a 3-month-old baby girl, you can expect it to be a little challenging but not impossible. Just refer to the product reviews and guide above, and you are good to go. Follow us for more helpful advice!

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  • 👶🏻🥰【Meet Safety Standard and Easy to Clean】The materials used are BPA FREE non-toxic and harmless, and have passed the safety Testing and...
  • 👶🏻🥰【Multiple Play Methods & Attracting Baby's Attention】When children Hand Catching, throw, kick, chase crawling or hold a sensory ball,...
  • 👶🏻🥰【EXCELLENT STRESS RELIEVER Hand Grip Balls】These Stress-relief Balls can increase focus and attention for kids with anxiety, help...
Little Tikes Activity Garden Playhouse for Babies, Infants and Toddlers - Easy Set Up Indoor Toys with Playtime Activities, Sounds, Games for Boys...
  • EVERYTHING IS BLOOMING. Multi-functional activity and play center designed to stimulate and expand your child’s curiosity and imagination through a...
  • TWO WAYS TO PLAY. Easily converts from a closed play center to an open, two-sided play center to grow with your child
  • ON-THE-GO PLAY. Removable take-along play panel features a bead tumbler, mirror, spinning "gears," and even plays music
  • INTERACTIVE FEATURES. Window shutters open and close to play a game of peek-a-boo with your child. For more fun games, use the window planter for ball...
  • TAP-A-TUNE PIANO. Colored chimes and buttons produce a range of tones and let your child experiment musically.
Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Infant Piano Toys 6 9 12 18-Month-Old Baby Elephant Toys Musical Light Baby Early Learning Educational Toys Toy Gift Toy for...
  • 【7 Fun Play Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills】The cute elephant baby piano comes with 7 fun play ways, which allow your little one to improve fine...
  • 【Eco-Friendly Materials, Polished Smooth Edges & Soft Light Safe to Baby】The baby girl boy toys is made of BPA free and non-toxic premium ABS,...
  • 【Learning Mode & Music Mode for Early Education】The baby toys have 2 play modes: Learning Mode & Music Mode. Learning Mode: Learn numbers, songs...
  • 【Cute Toy for Baby at Different Age Stages】The baby piano is suitable as baby toys 3 6 9 12 18 36 months. For baby 0-6 months, it can work as...
  • 【Durable Shatterproof Materials & Worry-free After-Sale Service】The baby infant toys are made of shatterproof materials, so they are sturdy and...
Sassy Stacks of Circles Stacking Ring STEM Learning Toy, Age 6+ Months, Multi, 9 Piece Set
  • Straight post accepts different sized rings, strengthening hand-eye coordination
  • Chunky rings make it easy for baby to grasp, strengthening fine motor skills
  • Each ring features a different texture and weight; Textural variety is great for mouthing!
  • Colorful beads in the clear ring allowing baby to connect the sound to sight
  • 9 piece set