19 Best Play Doh Tools 2023 – Activities For Kids

Every child had a memory of playing with play dough, mixing different colors, and molding different shapes. At some point, it had become everyone’s favorite modeling clay even up to this day of modern and electronic gadgets.

Most of us mold these clays by hand, but we can’t deny that using the best play doh tools makes everything better. Moreover, most play doh sets all come with a lot of shapes and forms for your kids to play with.

Top Pick
KIDDY DOUGH Tool Kit for Kids - Party Pack w/Animal Shapes - Includes 24 Colorful Cutters, Molds, & Accessories for Air Dry Clay & Dough
Second Best
FRIMOONY Dough Tools Set for Kids, Various Plastic Molds, Assorted Colors, 45 Pieces
Good Pick
Clay and Play Dough Tools Six Piece Set - Ages 3 & Up DIMROM (6pcs)
KIDDY DOUGH Tool Kit for Kids - Party Pack w/Animal Shapes - Includes 24 Colorful Cutters, Molds, & Accessories for Air Dry Clay & Dough
FRIMOONY Dough Tools Set for Kids, Various Plastic Molds, Assorted Colors, 45 Pieces
Clay and Play Dough Tools Six Piece Set - Ages 3 & Up DIMROM (6pcs)
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Top Pick
KIDDY DOUGH Tool Kit for Kids - Party Pack w/Animal Shapes - Includes 24 Colorful Cutters, Molds, & Accessories for Air Dry Clay & Dough
KIDDY DOUGH Tool Kit for Kids - Party Pack w/Animal Shapes - Includes 24 Colorful Cutters, Molds, & Accessories for Air Dry Clay & Dough
Amazon Prime
Second Best
FRIMOONY Dough Tools Set for Kids, Various Plastic Molds, Assorted Colors, 45 Pieces
FRIMOONY Dough Tools Set for Kids, Various Plastic Molds, Assorted Colors, 45 Pieces
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
Clay and Play Dough Tools Six Piece Set - Ages 3 & Up DIMROM (6pcs)
Clay and Play Dough Tools Six Piece Set - Ages 3 & Up DIMROM (6pcs)
Amazon Prime

This is why most parents are looking into play dough cutters and tools from different brands to determine which ones are worth buying. This process could be very time-consuming, especially without a guide to help you, but no need to worry; we got just the thing you need.

Comparison Guide:

In this article, I will provide you with detailed information of 12 play doh sets. With this info, you will be able to choose the perfect one for your child.

Top Picks Play Doh Tool

1. Kiddy Dough Tool Kit

Are you looking for a play-doh starter set for your young ones? Then it is my honor to introduce you to the play doh tools from Kiddy Dough.

This play dough tool kit is manufactured to be safe and non-toxic. The pieces are fashioned to the perfect size for kids’ tiny hands so they can easily press and cut the play dough with ease. In addition to this, the pieces are also lightweight.

The kit has 24 pieces of brightly colored tools with many different variations, including animal shapes that most kids love molding. Aside from being entertaining, it can also stimulate kids’ imagination and creativity.

It doesn’t require much time to wash the tools since they are low maintenance and easy to clean; you just simply soak in water and lay it out to dry. Kids can even do it on their own so you can teach them about responsibility and cleaning up after each play.

A drawback that I noticed is that the pieces are made of flimsy and thin plastic material. Besides, some pieces are difficult to figure out how they are supposed to work at first glance. But with the assistance and explanation from an adult, everything could be sorted out.
  • Made of safe and non-toxic materials
  • Lightweight pieces crafted to fit kid’s hand size
  • Includes 24 tools with assorted colors and shapes
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Supports the kid’s creativity and imagination
  • Made of flimsy and thin plastic material
  • Some pieces are difficult to figure out
These play dough tools are a good purchase. However, an adult’s guidance is needed to figure out how some of the pieces work.

2. Frimoony Play Dough Tools

If you are one of the many parents who don’t have any free time to make homemade playdough tools, then this set will be a solution to that. There are many pieces of tools that come in sets with different varieties of cutters and rollers. One might think they are not really necessary, but I bet the kids will disagree.

This play dough tool kit from Frimoony contains 45 pieces with various shapes and kinds from animal molds to rolling pins. The tools are made from ABS plastic, so the components are lightweight and durable. Furthermore, they are crafted with the little kids’ tiny hands in mind; thus, they are of the perfect size.

The play doh and tool kit is the ideal combination that can help develop kids’ hand-eye coordination and enrich their imagination and creativity. Cleaning them is as easy as running them in water and laying them to dry after. Thus, parents can also let the children clean their play doh tools to teach them to be responsible.

One issue that I found is that some of the pieces are too small, even for kids. The animal cutters have narrow parts, making it difficult to poke through and have the dough still intact once it’s out.
  • Includes 45 pieces of play doh tools
  • Made of lightweight and durable plastic material
  • Perfect size for children’s tiny hands
  • Easy to clean
  • Improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, imagination, and creativity
  • Some pieces have narrow parts
It is a large set of tools with many variants that kids will surely love using to mold their play dough. One downside is some cutters have narrow parts that cause the mold to fall apart when your kids poke it out.

3. Carykon Smart Dough Tools

Carykon’s play doh tools kit is another perfect set for kid’s creative play. It will mold up their motor skills and imagination, allowing children to express themselves through it. Furthermore, not only will they get entertained for hours, but they will also enjoy every minute of it.

This set is created both for classroom and home use, but you can bring it anywhere you want. The package includes 11 tools in different; six dough cut tools and five extruder. All of the pieces are made with durable and sturdy materials that are safe for kids to use.

Besides, each one is crafted in the ideal size to make it child-friendly and easy to grip. A random colored keychain is also included as a souvenir of some sort.

One downside that I noticed is that the extruder tools have small holes, making it hard for kids to push the plunger. To get it out, an adult’s supervision is needed.
  • Improves motor skills and creativity
  • Consists of 11 different play doh tools
  • Includes a keychain in random color
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • Quite hard for kids to push the plunger
To sum up, this kit has everything a kid would want, from playdough cutters to rollers. However, the extruder is a little bit difficult to use for younger kids.

4. Strokes Art Supplies Dough Tools

Despite the modern-day technology of this generation, there are still many kids that enjoy playing with playdough. The reason for this is the unparalleled fun in molding and shaping clay, especially when there are tools available to make more interesting creations.

The play dough tools offered by Strokes Art Supplies includes 15 pieces of tools made of high quality and durable plastic material. This guarantees that your kids can play with them for a long time despite the constant throwing and rough play. Also included in the package is a handy bag where your kids can store all the tools in the package and even some play dough cans.

This all-in-one play dough kit has a variation of tools that are all brightly colored and in a size that is ideal for kids. By having this kit, it encourages collaborative play and helps develop kids’ motor skills with their little fingers. Despite its small size, the tools are effortless to clean by just rinsing it with water.

I just noticed that the plunger tool is a bit difficult to work with even for kids aged three to four. Some kids might struggle using it because of too much resistance, so it is best to have an adult around to help whenever the kids need a hand.
  • Made of durable and high-quality plastic
  • Includes a handy bag for a convenient storage
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The plunger gives too much resistance for kids to handle
With everything considered, this kit is a decent buy designed for toddlers and kids. The play doh rolling pin and cutters work great except for the plunger, which some might find complicated.

5. Pandapia Dough Tools

If you want to develop your kids’ creativity and imagination, getting them a play doh set is ideal. Not only will the children learn and have fun, it will get them engaged for long hours.

Pandapia’s set is an extensive collection of play doh tools that many kids can use together during playdates with their friends. The package contains 47 play dough tools and a tutorial book that guides kids in making different objects and animals. With an adult’s supervision, the children can easily follow the illustrated guide that comes with this kit.

Since it is made from strong plastic material, the pieces are strong enough to last a long time despite kids’ rough use. When it comes to safety, this one is non-toxic and safe for kids’ use as it is constructed from ABS plastic. Each pieces’ sizes are adapted for children’s little hands so they can have a good grip on each tool.

There are just minor issues with some tools, too small for kids to see but significant enough for parents to notice. For example, the rollers’ handles do not roll separately, the piping tool only works with the broadest tip, and the extractors are challenging to push the dough out.
  • Consists of 47 pieces of varied tools
  • Includes a useful illustrated tutorial book
  • Made of strong plastic material
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Made in the perfect size for kids
  • Several pieces have minor problems
To conclude, this set has many minor problems with some specific tool pieces, making it a so-so purchase. From a kids’ point of view, it could be a great kit, but it could be a bit lacking for parents.

6. Strokes Art Supplies Dough Tool

A play doh kit is a must-have toy for kids aged three years old and up. Young children around this age can learn many things, and a play doh set can offer many learning opportunities for them.

This play doh kit from Stokes Art Supplies features six brightly colored tools made of durable and robust plastic. These are the primary tools that kids usually use to sculpt and mold their clays. There’s no need to worry about them breaking way too soon. Additionally, the size is specially designed to fit the children’s small hands so they can use the tools comfortably.

The design and detail in each tool is outstanding, such as the roller handles that actually work, unlike stationary rollers. Moreover, due to the design, the tools are easy to use and simple to clean. The other good thing about this kit is you only have a handful of tools to clean up after each use because this set does not include so many pieces.

What I just noticed is that the handle of the roller often falls apart. Nevertheless, you can easily pop it back in and make it work just like before. But then again, once the kids find out that it can be removed, they displace it often.
  • Made of durable and robust plastic
  • Brightly colored basic play doh tools
  • The size is custom made for kids
  • Excellent tool design and detail
  • The pieces are easy to use and clean
  • The roller piece often falls apart
On the whole, these basic play dough tools are great as a starter kit for any kid. They have everything that is needed for those who are playing play dough for the first time. Just make sure to glue back the roller’s handle once it pops off.

7. Melissa & Doug Dough Tools

When you give the children a play doh set, you are not only giving them a thing to play with, but you are providing them with learning opportunities. To maximize the experience, purchasing a play doh toolset is often advised.

This Melissa & Doug play dough tools for toddlers features eight exciting tools and four play doh cans of different colors (purple, orange, blue, and yellow). Also, on each play doh cans’ lids are unique details that children will surely like molding their clays on.

The vibrantly colored sturdy wooden tools include two scissors, two dough cutters, two pattern wheels, and a sculpting tool. A wooden tray is also part of the kit to minimize the mess and for a neat storage after each use.

Every tool in the set has a different texture, including plain ones. It should also be noted that the rollers glide flawlessly with minimal effort, so rest assured that kids can use it with ease. Furthermore, this set encourages texture, pattern, and color recognition that is important for young kids.

The only minor problem with this kit is that there is less play dough quantity for each can. In this case, you can buy the play dough separately, so kids have more clay to work with.
  • Consists of eight tools and four play doh cans with detailed lids
  • Made of sturdy wood
  • Pieces comes in vibrant colors
  • Includes a wooden tray for neat storage
  • Ideal for color, pattern, and texture recognition
  • Dough quantity is lesser compared to regular play doh cans
All in all, I can consider this kit as an excellent buy for anyone looking for wooden playdough tools. While the play dough is lesser in quantity, buying extra play dough will solve this easily.

8. Play-Doh Store Fun Tub

Almost everyone has experience playing with play doh when they were a kid. It is a memory that brings the nostalgia of fun and excitement of molding the clay to many various shapes.

Kids can get creative and imaginative with their play dough, thanks to the variety of tools included in this kit. The children can cut, stamp, extrude, and roll their play dough for hours and not get bored. And once they get their fill, you can simply toss everything in the tub to do it all again tomorrow.

This set comes not only with tools that can help kids mold and cut clay but also with five play doh colors. It is packaged in a reusable plastic fun tub that you can re-use to store everything after each play session.

In detail, the kit includes three stampers, two extruders with rail, 12 cutters, rollers, a knife, and five cans of play doh. The pieces are well-made and sturdy enough to endure the casual throwing kids often do. Moreover, these are easy and safe to use, even without an adult’s help and guidance.

One downside that I noticed is that the play dough dries up rather quickly when not in use. However, that’s how most play doughs are. It is best to close the containers well after each use to preserve the clay. This way, the kids can play with them for several months before it needs replacing.
  • Includes five play dough color
  • Comes in a reusable plastic tub
  • Well-made and sturdy tools
  • Easy to use and store
  • The play dough dries up quickly
Summarising, if you want to introduce play doh to children, then this is one of the best kits you can get. I think the minor problem could be solved by having a secure storage for the play dough after each use.

9. JPSOR Clay Dough Tools

Playtime should be not only fun but also educational. Play dough toys can provide both the enjoyment and the learnings that parents want for their kids.

JPSOR’s play dough kit includes 26 pieces of tools that come in random colors. Since there are many pieces in the set, your kids can play together at once without fighting. Likewise, it is designed to be the perfect size for the children’s little hands so they can play with it comfortably.

There is no need to worry about the products’ safety since they are made of non-toxic and durable ABS plastic. In detail, ABS plastic is resistant to substantial impacts and corrosive chemicals; it is relatively harmless as it doesn’t contain any toxic carcinogen. Thus, these tools can endure the wear and tear from kids’ rough play and pose minimal health risks.

The pieces included in this reasonably big collection of tools is a perfect way to exercise kids’ hands-on ability, imagination, and creativity. The only downside is some of the tools are sometimes difficult for children to use. For example, the extruder is too hard for them to push the dough through, requiring adults to lend them some muscles for it to work.
  • Includes 26 pieces tools of random color
  • Several kids can play the set together
  • Crafted to an ideal size for kids
  • Made of non-toxic and durable ABS plastic
  • Cultivate kids’ imagination and hands-on ability
  • Some pieces are difficult to use
On the whole, it is a reasonably good set of tools for playdough as it comes in many varieties that promotes creativity. There are just some tools that are difficult for kids to use without the help of an adult. Other than that, everything works excellently.

10. Play-Doh Fun Factory Deluxe

Finding a creative playset for kids is not as difficult as one might think. If you are familiar with a play doh clay and toolset’s learning benefits, then you are well-aware that your kids should have one.

Play-Doh’s deluxe set of play doh tools provides many open-ended and creative fun. After all, this set also includes six play dough cans of different colors (yellow, green, blue, orange, red, and purple). In short, it is a complete set of play doh and tools that the kids can play right out of the box.

The kit includes 30 tools with many varieties, from rollers with attachments to animal cutter shapes in different colors. There are many pieces to work with, so kids can have more possibilities molding their play doughs. With the attachment feature, children can have a custom play and enjoy rolling the pins more comfortably.

Cleaning all the pieces is a hassle, especially when there is no storage box included where you can put all the tools. This is a minor problem that I have observed with the kit. Though, it can be solved if you have a box where you can store everything; if not, you need to purchase a separate storage box for it.
  • Includes six playdough colors
  • Consists of 30 pieces of tools with many varieties
  • The roller tool feature attachments for custom play
  • Excellent starter kit of play dough tools
  • Does not include a storage box
To conclude, this large set of play dough tools offers many options for kids to play with. However, it would be best if you had a storage box for all the pieces as the package doesn’t include one.

11. Alex Art Wooden Dough Tools

When buying a toy for kids, parents should not only look for one that can keep the children occupied. They should also consider the advantages that come with it like the shape cutters for play doh that enhances a kid’s creativity and imagination.

This Alex Art dough tools set is made of wood, which is non-toxic and lead-free. It is durable and sturdy, just like other plastic-made play dough tools, so you can rest assured that kids are safe to use these tools.

The package includes 11 wooden tools with brightly colored handles that can get the children’s attention and spark their creativity. For easy portability and clean-up, a sturdy and matching wooden tray is included in the package. Moreover, cleaning up the tools is an easy task; just rinse it in water.

Just a few minor problems with the tools are the variety of the pieces. There are only rollers and mallets with different textures and sticks with different ends, which are supposed to be knives. Everything is textured, and there’s no plain roller or mallet to create a smooth playdough surface.
  • Non-toxic and lead-free
  • Made with durable wood materials
  • The pieces have brightly colored handles
  • Comes in a sturdy wooden tray for portability
  • Easy to clean
  • The pieces have less variety
  • Does not include shape cutters and plain rollers
This playdough tools set is an ideal kit for kids that just started playing with play dough. It might come with less variety of tools and doesn’t include shape cutters, but it is a great set with all the basics included.

12. Creativity Street Dough Tools

Play doh kits are well-loved by many generations of children, and there is a good reason why. The fun in modeling clay is exceptional, and the learning opportunities are unlimited.

The last play doh set I want you to take a look at is the one from Creativity Street. These brightly colored Creativity Street dough tools are not only eye-catching but also durable. They are very sturdy and well-made, so there is no need to worry even if kids throw it around while playing. Despite months of use, it can endure any pulling and throwing with little to no show of wear and tear.

There are five pieces included in this set; a rolling pin, zig-zag cutting roller, round cutting roller, plastic blade, and a double-sided massive hobby craft tool. These tools’ sizes range from 5 inches to 8 inches, making them ideal for kids’ small hands. Each one is designed for easy use and easy cleanup, just soak them in water and let dry.

One problem with the rolling pin that many of us find annoying is it doesn’t actually roll. The handles are permanently attached to the center spool, so there’s no way you can move it over the play dough smoothly. Looking on the bright side, you won’t have a problem with the handles of the rolling pin detaching from its body.
  • Made of brightly colored and durable plastic
  • Very sturdy and well-made
  • Made in the right size for kids’ comfortable use
  • Comes in five creative assortment
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The roller piece doesn’t actually roll
These play dough tools are school quality, which means they are excellently made and sturdy for kids’ play. Other than the roller piece not really rolling, the other tools work just fine.

What to Look for When Buying Play Doh Tools


Play dough had gained popularity since its release, and through the years, it had steadily maintained people’s interest. Furthermore, it has become a staple of early childhood fun that had kids preoccupied for an extended period.

What is it with the soft dough inside the iconic yellow can with colorful lids that is well-loved by many? The answer lies in the play doh’s ability to be smashed, molded, cut, and twisted, allowing kids to have boundless possibilities with it.

Besides being fun and entertaining, play dough is packed with essential benefits like improving children’s motor development and critical thinking abilities. Moreover, it stimulates their imagination and creativity, especially when they have playdough shape cutters and tools.

When getting play dough for kids, it is wise to purchase tool kits to allow children to create some great molds and cuts. But before you decide on the first kit you find online; there are some things you should consider. Take a look at this short guide we have for you:

  • Variants

Getting all the basics in the package like rollers, cutters, and extruders with 1 to 3 pieces each is a good choice. But if you intend to let several kids play with the kit, it is best to opt for a set with many variants and quantities for each kind. This way, the kids can use the same type of tool simultaneously without having to fight over it. There are play-doh fun factory sets with around 20 to 30 pieces of tools and can cater to two to three kids at once.

  • Colors

Having brightly colored pieces to cut and mold equally colorful play doughs is a great joy for the kids. In addition, it will help them learn to identify different colors and distinguish one from another.

  • Price

Play dough and tools are reasonably affordable regardless of the brand or manufacturer. The price range differs depending on the tools added in the package and if play doh cans are included. If ever you find an extremely overpriced set, chances are it is more of a collectible and less for kids’ play.

If you are more into creating the pieces yourself, you can opt for DIY play dough tools. But then again, if time is not really on your side, purchasing the best play-doh sets is your best choice. Just make sure to bear in mind the things we mentioned for a surefire way of acquiring a high-quality play doh tool kit.


Looking for the best play doh tools on the internet is an arduous task, especially for those who are purchasing a kit for the first time. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, not when you have a buying guide that can help you narrow down your choices to less than the number of fingers in your hand.

The product reviews we have will give you a general idea of each products’ good and bad side. I hope this review will help you decide whether a play doh tool set is worth buying despite the cons.

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  • 【STORAGE BAG】The storage bag is made of high-quality PVC material, can be recycled. Perfect storage of dough set, convenient to store and carry.
  • 【EDUCATIONAL TOYS】:A variety of accessory and models stimulate children's imagination and creativity, cultivate children's hands-on ability. Learn...
Melissa & Doug Shape, Model, and Mold Clay Activity Set - 4 Tubs of Modeling Dough and Tools - Arts And Crafts For Kids Ages 3+
  • Colorful collection of play clay and wooden tools
  • Includes 5 wooden stamping cubes, 3 rolling pins, 4 tubs of modeling dough, 1 patterned wheel press
  • 4 vibrant colors (red, yellow, blue, and green) in tubs with adorable animal molds on every lid
  • Great for fine motor skills, finger strength, color recognition, shape recognition, and creative expression
  • Makes a great gift for preschoolers, ages 3 to 6, for hands-on, screen-free play