13 Best Ride On Trucks 2023 – Outdoor Play

Kids of all ages absolutely love playing with ride-on toys. Personally, I am a huge fan of ride-on toys because they keep kids engaged in physical activity while having a lot of fun. In these uncertain times, being physically active and fit is very important in growing kids. Quite evidently, the best ride on trucks are perfect for outdoor play.

Top Pick
Aosom 6V Electric Ride-On Fire Truck Vehicle for Kids with Remote Control, Music, Lights, and Ladder
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VALUE BOX Extra Larger Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Electric Kids Toddler Motorized Vehicles Toy Car w/Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, Seat...
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DAKOTT GMC Sierra Denali HD Two Seater 12 Volt Ride-On Truck w/ 2.4G Remote Control, LED Lights, Horn, Music, MP3/USB, Storage Box, Spring Suspension,...
Aosom 6V Electric Ride-On Fire Truck Vehicle for Kids with Remote Control, Music, Lights, and Ladder
VALUE BOX Extra Larger Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Electric Kids Toddler Motorized Vehicles Toy Car w/Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, Seat...
DAKOTT GMC Sierra Denali HD Two Seater 12 Volt Ride-On Truck w/ 2.4G Remote Control, LED Lights, Horn, Music, MP3/USB, Storage Box, Spring Suspension,...
Top Pick
Aosom 6V Electric Ride-On Fire Truck Vehicle for Kids with Remote Control, Music, Lights, and Ladder
Aosom 6V Electric Ride-On Fire Truck Vehicle for Kids with Remote Control, Music, Lights, and Ladder
Don't Miss
VALUE BOX Extra Larger Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Electric Kids Toddler Motorized Vehicles Toy Car w/Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, Seat...
VALUE BOX Extra Larger Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Electric Kids Toddler Motorized Vehicles Toy Car w/Remote Control, 3 Speeds, Spring Suspension, Seat...
Also Consider
DAKOTT GMC Sierra Denali HD Two Seater 12 Volt Ride-On Truck w/ 2.4G Remote Control, LED Lights, Horn, Music, MP3/USB, Storage Box, Spring Suspension,...
DAKOTT GMC Sierra Denali HD Two Seater 12 Volt Ride-On Truck w/ 2.4G Remote Control, LED Lights, Horn, Music, MP3/USB, Storage Box, Spring Suspension,...

Experts all over the world recommend ride-on toys for developing kids because it helps in the growth of fine motor skills and overall hand-eye coordination. Operating and driving a ride-on toy at a young age provides young kids with a sense of self-confidence and achievement.

Comparison Table:

If you visit a toy store, you will see that there is a lot of variety in the kinds of ride-on toys available. With so many attractive choices available, it can be challenging for first-time gift buyers to go ahead and choose something of great quality. That is why I have put together a list of reviews and important information.

Top Picks Ride On Truck

Here are some comprehensive reviews of the top 10 kids’ ride-on trucks available in the market today. Please note that all these reviews are based on my personal experiences with the toy. Hopefully, it will help you in your purchase process!

1. Best Choice Products Blue Ride-On Truck

Remote control ride-on trucks are just the coolest toys that you can find in any toy store. Besides having a remote control option, I love this blue 6V ride-on truck mainly because of its stylish and realistic design. The toy looks exactly like an open-top SUV with a set of heavy duty tires.

What I noticed is that the manufacturers have gone with an optimum single child design, which has provided them more room to add a ton of awesome features. This ride-on truck has a large steering wheel and it comes with fascinating designs such as LED headlights, built-in horns and realistic foot-pedal accelerator.

With such designs, I can ensure that it has all activities to keep your toddlers being entertained for hours. I sat my toddler in the car and drove him over the lawn. Well, we had a fabulous time.

The manual control is perfect for older kids who want to drive the truck on their own. You don’t have to worry about accidents at all because the toy is equipped with many thoughtful safety options. The automatic brakes, speed selection and a pedal accelerator, just to name some. These features keep them safe while having fun.

If you want a truck for kids to drive, then I think you can’t do any better than this awesome toy. It comes with a built-in AUX outlet so that your kiddo can jam to music while they’re playing. Another amazing thing about this truck that you should know is that it has a 6V battery that charges fast.

Actually, this ride-on truck needs to be assembled and fully charged beforehand. The assembly instructions are rather confusing and vague.
  • Stylish and realistic design for fun playtimes.
  • Automatic brakes and speed selector for safety.
  • The large steering wheel and pedal accelerator for control.
  • AUX outlet for playing music.
  • The 6V battery charges fast.
  • Assembly instructions are rather confusing.
This is a fantastic toy with loads of exciting features for a real truck driving experience that I definitely recommend you to get for your kiddo.

2. Kidsclub 12V Motorized Ride-On Fire Truck

My kid is a huge fan of firefighters and fire trucks, and I find it very difficult to control him when he sees a fire truck when we’re out. So when I found this ride-on firetruck toy, I just had to buy it. What caught my attention was the authentic and endearing design of the firetruck.

This 12V ride-on truck has a very realistic and exciting alarm sound, which all young firefighters find extremely exciting. Besides that, it has loads of immersive and fun accessories like a helmet, a fire extinguisher and a water pistol. My kids love driving around the house and putting out fires, and I am sure your kiddo will too!

I appreciate the dual control modes that modern toymakers offer on ride-on toys nowadays. This fire truck ride-on toy allows parents to choose between manual control and remote control. If your child is old enough, then you can let them drive about on their own. If you have a toddler or a youngster, you can use the RC-mode.

Well, I understand that all parents have the safety considerations of their little one in mind. The KidsClub understands that worries so they have provided a bunch of amazing safety features. I noticed that both the front and rear wheels are loaded with a spring suspension system. For additional safety, it has lockable doors and seat belts.

This ride-on truck for kids is great, but I saw that the accelerator pedal tends to get stuck sometimes.
  • Fire alarm sounds and lights for exciting playtime.
  • Comes with loads of accessories for realistic play.
  • Dual control mode for convenience.
  • The spring suspension system for a smooth ride.
  • Lockable doors and seat belts for safety.
  • Accelerator pedal gets stuck.
If you want an affordable and exciting ride-on toy for your energetic little one, this fire truck is just the best.

3. Rock Wheels Toyota Tundra Ride-On Car

Many kids are crazy about cars, they can memorize the names of all the makes and models even though they’re so young. The love for SUVs and pick-up trucks remain higher than other models. When I saw this amazing battery-powered Toyota Tundra ride-on car, I knew this is one of the top picks cars for kids.

When it comes to children’s ride-on trucks, you should never compromise on the quality of the product. This officially licensed toy has a very realistic and stylish design, so I can assure you that your kid will absolutely love it. The single-child design has a heavy duty steering wheel and other amazing functionalities.

The car has LED headlights; thus, your little one can go for a ride in the garden even after dark. The wide wheelbase and tough tires of this truck navigate complex directions and rugged terrain successfully. It supports great safety features such as lockable doors, automatic electric braking systems and seat belts for a worry-free play time.

I bought this model as a birthday present for my nephew, and he loves listening to music when he’s playing. He can do that thanks to the truck’s built-in music player. It’s a good entertainment source that involves him more to the driving play.

Additionally, this truck has a spacious storage compartment where your kiddo can keep their snacks and toys while they go on an adventure. Dual control modes are offered on this toy, making it perfect for young children too.

Driving the truck can be a little complicated for younger kids, especially if they are not familiar with steering wheels.
  • Officially licensed design is extremely stylish and attractive.
  • LED headlights and electronic brake system for safety.
  • Tough tires are appropriate for all sorts of terrain.
  • Delightful built-in music player.
  • A storage compartment for convenience.
  • Driving the truck is difficult.
When it comes to battery-powered ride-on trucks, this Toyota Tundra model is definitely the most attractive and functional.

4. Best Ride-On Cars Realtree Ride-On Truck

The Realtree battery-operated ride-on truck is definitely one of the coolest and most rugged toy cars that I have ever seen. I got this truck as a present for my friend’s child, and he fell in love with it immediately. The rugged and detailed design appeals to young boys.

Realtree has an official license to make these ride-on trucks. No wonder why the level of detail and precision is so high when compared to other models. I love the front grille and raised hood of this toy since it does give off a very macho vibe. I also noticed that the tires are very hardy and versatile for all terrains to match with this Mud truck.

If your little one is super into music and rhymes, then they can make use of the built-in music player that comes with this truck. This ride-on toy provides an AUX cord and a micro-SD slot, which can be used to play their favorite songs and stories during playtime. The truck also has functional LED lights and horn sound effects.

Manufacturers have taken concrete steps to enhance the safety and well-being of the little ones who will be playing with this ride-on truck. The wheels are equipped with suspension systems for a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. Additionally, the car comes with lockable doors and seat belts. For younger kids, parents can access remote control features.

However, I should warn you that this particular model is rather pricey. It might be too costly for some buyers. But I think it’s worth the price for such a high detailed ride-on truck.
  • Grille and bulky design are very macho.
  • Hardy tires and suspension system capable of tackling all terrains.
  • AUX cord and micro-SD slot for playing music.
  • Functional LED lamps and sound effects for fun playtimes.
  • Standard safety features.
  • Slightly pricey.
If you want boys’ ride-on trucks, then this Realtree ride-on truck is an amazing choice. Your kid will love it!

5. Costzon Electric Ride-On Truck/Jeep

I have boisterous kids that they love off-road vehicles. I am also a huge fan of jeeps and rugged SUVs. When I found this awesome battery-powered electric ride-on jeep, I couldn’t resist but to get them. This model comes with powerful heavy-duty tires to deal with all kinds of rugged terrains.

First of all, let me tell you all about the dual modes of control that this ride-on truck has. Apart from manual operation, there is a 2.4 GHz RC remote control where you can step in to control the car. This feature is perfect for parents who have small kids.

This car has a lot of fun features to ensure that your kid is going to have a fun time playing. There is a very sophisticated and functional gearbox, which allows your child to choose between three speeds. You will also come across a reverse gear so that the car can be controlled easily. What’s more, it’s equipped with automatic brakes for instant safety.

I looked into the materials that have been used to make the different parts of this car and was very impressed. The wheels and the tires of this ride-on truck are made of polypropylene (PP) material, which is an extremely tough and durable polymer. The truck comes with a soft start technology, acclimatizing kids to go for acceleration/deceleration easily.

I love this product but I have to mention that the assembly instruction manual was very vague and completely unhelpful.
  • 2.4 GHz RC mode for parental control.
  • Sophisticated 3-speed gearbox for immersive playtime.
  • Gives high safety with automatic brakes and seat belt.
  • Durable PP tires can handle all terrain types.
  • Soft start technology is kid-friendly.
  • Assembly instructions are awful.
Costzon is a pioneer when it comes to toddler ride-on trucks, and their high quality products are always worth buying.

6. VALUE BOX Pink Extra Large Ride-On Truck

Ride-on trucks are cool and are a great toy for toddlers and growing kids to have. The only problem is that they become unusable when the child grows out of it. That problem can be fully solved if you get this awesome extra-large battery-powered ride-on truck for your kids.

First of all, let me tell you how cool the design of the car is. Once you get the toy, you will see that the car has a rugged construction and looks exactly like the off-road jeeps you see in rallies. The LED headlights of this toy ride-on car are fully functional that bright both rear and front. When the car is on high-function, it has a maximum run-time of 2 hours.

The truck has a parent-friendly remote control mode as well. All you have to do is strap in your kiddo in the seat, lock the doors and start rolling all over your lawn or backyard. The truck comes with all necessary safety features- such as automatic braking systems to keep your kid safe at all times.

Talking about the gearbox, it allows the rider to choose between 3 speeds, ranging between 2.5 and 3.7 mph. Your kid can use the gearbox to toggle between forward and reverse gear. The controls themselves are super intuitive and very easy to pick up. The good news for parents is that this toy is easy to assemble.

The car might have some motor issues for the first few days. This problem usually gets resolved a little later.
  • The 12V battery has a maximum run-time of 2 hours.
  • Parent-friendly RC mode for young kids.
  • Safety features like door locks, seat belt and automatic brakes.
  • 3-speed gearbox and speed selector.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Has motor issues initially.
If you are looking for ride-on cars with remote control that are extra-large, then this product is definitely the best bet for you.

7. TOBBI Kids Motorized Ride-On Fire Truck

Those kids who want to grow up and become firefighters are absolutely in love with fire trucks and firefighter uniforms. If your little one is going through a prolonged firefighter phase as my kids did, you should definitely consider getting them this super cute motorized fire truck.

First things first, I’d like to tell you about the gorgeous design of this toy. The red paint used for this vehicle is super realistic – just exactly like the red paint used by fire departments all over the country. The truck is detailed, includes “911” is stenciled on the side and has a working siren and lamp as well.

This truck is easy to drive since it comes with a steering wheel and automatic brakes. All the kid has to do is sit in the drivers’ seat and change directions when they like. The truck has a speed selector mechanism which is exciting and fun to play with. For parents’ convenience, there’s an RC-mode.

To make the playtime experience realistic and fun, the manufacturers have included a ton of fun accessories and toys. There is a water pistol, a fire extinguisher and a fireman hat as well. I have discovered that this toy is a great way to teach young children and toddlers about the merits of fire safety as well.

This is a great toy but I have an issue with its small size. I wish it was slightly larger.
  • Red paint and detailing for realistic playtime experience.
  • The steering wheel and automatic brakes for easy control.
  • 2.4 GHz remote control mode for parents.
  • Fun firefighting accessories for immersive playtime.
  • Speed selector mechanism for better functionality
  • The truck is too small.
When it comes to 12 Volt ride-on toys with rubber tires, this fire truck is certainly the best bet for its fun accessories and unique mechanism.

8. Little Tikes Ride-On Scooter Truck

So far, all the products I have reviewed have been heavy duty motorized and battery-operated trucks for kids. When I got the opportunity to buy something delicate and simple and cute for a relative’s child, I jumped at the opportunity.

I personally think that all kids should get to play with ride-on toys during their early and formative years. Using these toys let them enhance their motor skills and build up their overall hand-eye coordination. This ride-on truck has a foot-to-floor scooting mechanism that will help your little one to walk on their own.

Little Tikes is a well-known brand when it comes to ride-on cars for toddlers; hence, this car has been filled to the brim with a number of innovative features. It has working doors and a working tailgate that can be manipulated according to the wishes of the child. The floorboards can be removed too, making it a walker-cum-ride-on toy.

The wheels that have been used on this ride-on truck are pretty tough since they are made out of durable polypropylene (PP). These wheels are pretty rugged and can operate smoothly on different terrains. One important aspect is that the steering wheel on this ride-on truck is fitted with a working horn, which I am sure is loved universally.

The door doesn’t have a secure locking mechanism. Therefore, you should fix it securely so that your kid doesn’t get injured.
  • Foot-to-floor mechanism strengthens muscles.
  • Ride-on scooting trucks help develop motor skills and coordination.
  • The wheels are hardy to run smoothly on varied terrains.
  • Removable floor for parents’ convenience.
  • The steering wheel has a functioning horn.
  • The door lock is rather flimsy.
If you want your little girl to develop perfect hand-eye coordination and motor skills, this is a gift you can surely take.

9. TOBBI Red Ride-On Truck with RC

Toddlers need to play with the best ride-on toys for their full physical and cognitive development. The best toddler ride-on trucks are those that are featured and intended for enthusiastic kids. This battery-operated ride-on truck is a cool and phenomenal product.

What I like best about this particular model is that it is designed to grow with your child all through their formative years. You can get this car when your child is young since it comes with a parent-controlled RC mode.

Operating the car is simple. There is a simple accelerator pedal to be pushed to move the truck. The powerful steering wheel can be used to change direction easily. It also features an MP3 player with USB/AUX which is solely added for entertainment.

I discovered that the front and rear wheel systems of the car are equipped with spring suspension. It enables your little one to have a smooth and comfortable ride even while on unfamiliar terrain. Other nice safety features have been included such as magnetic door locks, seat belts, soft start function and non-toxic PP construction.

The only major issue that I have with this toy is that its battery life is poor and short.
  • Parent-friendly design grows with your child.
  • 2.4 GHz parent control RC mode for convenience.
  • An easy-to-use steering wheel and automated brakes.
  • MP3 player with USB/AUX for entertainment.
  • Magnetic door locks and suspension for safety.
  • Battery life is short/unsatisfactory.
Well, this ride-on truck has a parent-friendly design that helps your child grow. Additionally, the safety suspension is a great feature for your kid’s security.

10. DAKOTT GMC Sierra Denali Ride-On Truck

I am sure that you’ve seen the GMC Sierra Denali SUV in action movies. This car is used in loads of thrillers/action flicks as an armored vehicle used by secret agents and spies. If your kid likes thriller movies and secret agents, this ride-on truck is a great choice.

The design of the toy is realistic and cool because it is based on the officially licensed GMC Sierra Denali SUV. This design is a coupe convertible and doesn’t have a hood, which is perfect for ride-on toys. The toy has an ergonomic and adjustable seat equipped with seat belts for optimum safety and security.

12V electric motors used in toy cars aren’t powerful. But I must say that the engine used in this ride-on truck is exceptionally powerful. It is capable of taking on a variety of terrain such as grass, asphalt, raw earth, etc. It can easily manage the weight of 2 kids or 130 lbs. The rubber wheels are reinforced with the help of a spring suspension system for extra comfort and durability.

Battery-powered ride-on toys with rubber tires are a popular toy, especially for toddlers and growing kids. If your little one likes to play outdoors, then they can have a lot of fun driving around in their own SUV. This truck has a built-in parent remote control mode that you can use for slightly younger kids.

This ride-on truck’s battery is not of sound quality. It takes a long time to charge and discharges fast.
  • Can handle 130 lbs. of weight and 2 kids.
  • Powerful 12V motor can handle all terrains.
  • Rubber tires are tough and hardy which ensures durability.
  • The spring suspension system to drive smoothly.
  • Remote control mode included for young kids.
  • Battery quality is poor.
I felt that the spring suspension system is indeed an awesome feature to drive smoothly. Well, if you are looking for ride-on toys with rubber wheels for your kid that ensure smooth performance, then you should look into this awesome ride-on truck.

What to Look for When Buying Ride On Trucks


If you look up ride-on trucks online, you’re going to find a lot of variety and products available. If you’re new to buying toys, the variety can be difficult to deal with. If you want the best set of power wheels for your kid, here’s what you should look for.

1. Make of the Toy:

Trucks are a generic term and can actually be used to mean a lot of vehicle types. It can include SUVs, pick-up trucks, jeeps, etc. The first consideration that you should check is the make of the ride-on toy that you’re looking for.

2. Brand of the Toy:

Secondly, you should give some serious thought to the brand of the toy that you want to buy for your kid. I would always suggest you go for trusted and well-known brands like TOBBI, Little Tikes, etc. because their products are of high quality.

3. Power Source of the Toy:

If you are getting a motorized vehicle, then you should consider the power source of the toy. Motorized ride-on toys for kids generally come with a 12V motor. If you want something more powerful, I would recommend you to get a 24V ride-on truck.

4. Age of the Child:

Next, I think that the choice of toys depends on the age of the child that you are buying the toy for. Motorized ride-on trucks can be controlled with 2.4 GHz RC, which makes them perfect for young kids and toddlers as well.

5. Preferences of the Child:

Once the age of the child has been cleared up, it is when you should give a lot of thought to the individual preferences and tastes of the child. If the kid is a huge fan of firefighters, then you should go ahead and get a fire truck.

6. Features of the Toy:

Modern motorized ride-on toys are similar to one another. That is why I advise toy buyers to consider the special features offered by each product. I think that you should choose something with LED lamps, working horns, storage space, working MP3 players, etc.

7. Convenience of the Toy:

I would advise you to get something that would be convenient for you as well. Since you’re going to be assembling and looking after the toy, you should get something that is easy to assemble. The toys’ assembly and upkeep instructions should be clear.

8. Maintenance of the Toy:

I would urge you to give some thought to the overall cleaning and maintenance of the toy. In these uncertain times, I would recommend you wipe the toy clean with disinfectant spray after the playtime session. You should charge the toy properly.

9. Safety of the Toy:

You can never take safety features lightly. Toys like these are required by state and federal governments to subscribe to a large variety of safety standards. In addition to them, you should look for safety features like automatic brakes, seat belts, door locks, etc.

10. Your Budget Constraints:

Last but not least, gift buyers have to keep in mind their financial constraints. Even though we’d like to, we shouldn’t end up overspending on toys. I’ve found that setting an initial budget ceiling helps me to stick to my budget.


The best ride on trucks can ensure numerous benefits for growing children. From developing their fine motor skills and boosting cognitive development to providing an idea of spatial awareness, these toys can help in a number of ways. Moreover, they are great toys for your kids to play with.

Make sure that you pick a model that comes with a bunch of safety features such as magnetic door locks, automated brakes and seat belts. If you have a young child, I would advise you to get something that can be controlled via RC. Well, on that note, hopefully this guide would help you!

Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Blue
  • REALISTIC DRIVING ACTION: Give your kids a realistic behind-the-wheel experience with controls sized for small hands and a powerful 12V battery that...
  • PARENTAL REMOTE CONTROL: Join in the fun and take your child on a wild ride with full control over the truck's driving features
  • INTERACTIVE FUNCTIONS: Fully functioning wheels with spring suspension pairs with working LED headlights for a realistic multi-terrain experience
  • CHILD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Designed to seat 1 child, this ride on includes plastic wheels, seat belts with locking doors, and a 3.7mph max speed for...
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Connect your kid's favorite devices to the built-in Bluetooth speakers and add a musical element to playtime; OVERALL DIMENSIONS:...
Kid Trax CAT Dump Truck Toddler Electric Quad Ride On Toy, 6 Volt, Kids 1.5-2.5 Years Old, Max Rider Weight 44 lbs, Yellow (KT1615)
  • Authentic CAT Dump Truck ride-on toy seats one rider, age 18 to 30 months, with a maximum total weight of 44 pounds
  • Easy push button drive system has a max forward speed of 1.5 mph
  • Side button operates a rear working dump bed; includes a plastic CAT hard hat
  • Power Trax rubber traction strips on all four tires helps provide a smooth ride
  • Includes a 6-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger (included)
Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car w/Parent Remote Control, Spring Suspension, LED Lights, AUX Port - Black
  • FOR KIDS 3 YEARS & OLDER: This small yet powerful ride-on is perfect for your little racers who want to start driving like the grownups do!
  • POWERFUL 12V & REALISTIC DESIGN: Adjustable seatbelt, bright LED headlights, lockable doors, and grid windshield for off-road style, with a 12V motor...
  • MANUAL AND PARENT CONTROL: Let your child drive manually or use the remote control to safely guide them yourself; remote has forward/reverse controls
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Includes plastic wheels that will never deflate, plus a spring suspension system and safe, 2.8mph max speed for smooth rides on...
  • CONNECT YOUR MUSIC: A built-in AUX outlet allows kids to plug in media devices to drive while jamming to their own selection of music; OVERALL...
Kidzone 12V Battery Powered Licensed Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss LT Kids Ride On Truck Car Electric Vehicle Jeep with Remote Control, MP3, LED...
  • [STYLISH DESIGN] Officially licensed Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss ride-on car looks like the real version. LED lights, startup sounds, and openable...
  • [SAFE & DURABLE] Made with durable and non-toxic plastic with ASTM certification for greater reliability. Adjustable seat belt and lockable doors...
  • [SMOOTH & SAFE DRIVING EXPERIENCE] This two-seater motorized toy car is fitted with wear-resistant wheels and has a shock-absorbing suspension system,...
  • [REALISTIC OPERATION] Let your toddler experience the thrill of starting his own car. Push one button start, choose the forward/reverse gear, press...
  • [POWERFUL & RECHARGEABLE] Comes with a charger and a rechargeable 12V battery with a charging time of 8-12 hrs. Kids can enjoy up to 1-2 hours of...
Costzon Ride On Car, 12V Battery Powered Electric Ride On Truck w/Parental Remote Control, LED Lights, Double Open Doors, Safety Belt, Music, MP3...
  • Two Modes Design: 1. Parental remote control mode: You can control this ride on truck through remote control to enjoy the happiness of being together...
  • Attractive and Fun Function: With forward and reverse functions and three speeds on remote control for adjustment, children will gain more autonomy...
  • Soft Start & Security Assurance: Four wear-resistant wheels made of superior PP materials with no possibility of leaking or tire burst, eliminating...
  • Cool and Realistic Appearance: Featuring bright front & rear lights and double doors with magnetic lock, this ride on truck is committed to providing...
  • Perfect Gift for Children: Scientifically designed kids ride on truck is a wonderful present for your children's birthday or Christmas. Choose the...
Play22 Toy Tractors for Kids Ride On Excavator - Music Sounds Digger Scooter Bulldozer Includes Helmet with Rocks - Pretend Play - Toddler...
  • Great Gift for Birthday and Holidays for Toddlers Boys & Girls - Original By Play22
  • Kids ride on tractor has Digger and Scooter removable comes with music sounds - includes a safety helmet and 2 rocks
  • Diggers for kids comes with handle to make the arm up or down and makes horn sounds, engine sound, Construction sound with adjustable volume
  • Ride on digger kids excavator has rotating driver's cab for scooping up sand and pebbles - comes with an under-seat storage compartment
  • Digger toys is Stem educational fun and build the kids confidence - Meets all safety requirements - requires 3 aa batteries (not included) - great...
Little Tikes Cozy Truck Ride-On with removable floorboard, Small
  • Durable ride-on truck with a drop-down tailgate and a removable floorboard for growing toddlers
  • Includes rugged "off road" wheels
  • An opoening gas cap, a steering wheel with a working horn
  • Distinctive truck styling with a realistic front grill
  • Opening and closing driver's door, fun graphics and dash, tail and headlight decals. Maximum number of children: 1
CAT Shovel and Sift Dump Truck Ride-On Toy for Kids and Children Ages 1-3 Years Old, Featuring Realistic Job Site Sounds and Removable Sifter and...
  • This sandbox-ready CAT shovel and sift dump truck with classic yellow and black styling is designed for children 1 - 3 years old or a maximum weight...
  • Realistic construction site sound effects are activated by moving the dump bed or by pushing buttons.
  • This ride on toy includes a removable sand sifter and shovel that are perfect for playing in the sandbox.
  • Your children can ride on this dump truck and scoot or push it from behind and walk.
  • No assembly is required for this CAT Shovel and Sift Dump Truck. The 2 AAA batteries that are necessary for the sounds are included.
Digger Scooter, Ride-on Excavator, Pulling cart, Pretend Play Construction Truck (Color May Vary) by POCO DIVO
  • 3-in-1 Ride-On Toy: Digger, Scooter & Pulling cart
  • Rotation driver's cab, Raise or depress the handle to make the arm up or down
  • Music steering wheel with switch, Lights flash with music
  • Help to build baby's physical skills and learn movement
  • Around 20 minutes to assemble, Color may vary