17 Best Power Wheels for 4 Year Olds 2023 – Improve Motor Skills

As the holiday is fast approaching, searching for a four-year-old little explorer’s best gift can be challenging. How about checking this curated list of the best power wheels for 4 year old and fuel your child’s need-for-speed while improving their spatial processing and motor skills?

Best Choice
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Second Best
Costzon Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Powered Car, Parental Remote Control & Manual Modes Vehicle w/Colorful LED Lights, MP3, Volume Control, Overload...
Also Consider
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On, Multi-Colored, 12
Don't Miss
Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Convertible Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3 - 7 years old, 12 Volt Battery, Max Weight of 130 lbs, Two Seater, Working Lights,...
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Costzon Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Powered Car, Parental Remote Control & Manual Modes Vehicle w/Colorful LED Lights, MP3, Volume Control, Overload...
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On, Multi-Colored, 12
Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Convertible Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3 - 7 years old, 12 Volt Battery, Max Weight of 130 lbs, Two Seater, Working Lights,...
Best Choice
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Second Best
Costzon Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Powered Car, Parental Remote Control & Manual Modes Vehicle w/Colorful LED Lights, MP3, Volume Control, Overload...
Costzon Ride On Truck, 12V Battery Powered Car, Parental Remote Control & Manual Modes Vehicle w/Colorful LED Lights, MP3, Volume Control, Overload...
Also Consider
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On, Multi-Colored, 12
Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On, Multi-Colored, 12
Don't Miss
Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Convertible Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3 - 7 years old, 12 Volt Battery, Max Weight of 130 lbs, Two Seater, Working Lights,...
Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Convertible Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3 - 7 years old, 12 Volt Battery, Max Weight of 130 lbs, Two Seater, Working Lights,...

While not every electric car was created equal, you want something high-quality that won’t break the bank. Several factors must be included in your checklist, including safety, reliability, fun, convenience, reverse and forward drives, seating options, traction capabilities, and price.

Compersion Table:

Complete details and a helpful buying guide can be found at the bottom of this page. However, here’s a quick list of the top-rated cars for 4 year olds you may want to check out right now.

Top Picks Power Wheel for 4 Year Olds

1. Peg Perego John Deere Tractor

Peg Perego does an excellent job with their Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor if you’re looking for a ride-on car.

The tractor looks authentic and cool that your little farmer will surely love and be a great entertainment source for hours. The detachable full-size trailer at the back is ideal for loading toys and pieces of equipment. Aside from that, it comes with cool features, including the FM radio, adjustable seats with flip-up armrest, and high traction wheels.

I like this ride-on car because of its safe yet straightforward features with two-speed options. It offers a slow drive at 2mph, and if your child prefers to operate at a higher speed at 4.5 mph, there are lockout features you can use.

With an accelerator pedal that comes with an automatic brake, safety is always a top priority. The brake system allows stopping quickly and functions perfectly on all terrain types.

This tractor is built with your kid’s safety and comfort in mind. With its adjustable seats and flip-up armrest, the driving experience is a sure breeze. Parents can maintain a safe driving speed with its second gear lock features.

Your kid will appreciate listening to music while roaming around with its built-in battery-powered FM radio. Pretend play has never been this fun, thanks to all the authentic features this John Deere offers.

You won’t have to worry about any terrain your child wants to conquer; with its high farm traction wheels, drive on pavement, gravel, dirt, or grass is easier.

Another feature worth noting is if the tractor breaks, you can purchase replacement parts on their website; how cool is that? In a world where everything is disposable, you’ll be able to buy any parts to fix a kid’s tractor toy.

While there are several setbacks like the single-seat accommodate just one kid, and it’s back trailer doesn’t have a hatch, this ride-on is still a good buy for a young farmer to drive around.
  • Two-speed types with reverse and lockout feature for safe high-speed driving
  • An accelerator pedal and automatic brakes for safety
  • Includes farm traction wheels ideal for all-terrain types
  • Adjustable seat with a flip-up armrest for comfort and security
  • Entertain your child with music on the FM radio
  • Extra-large trailer for toys and other equipment
  • Replacement parts are available to purchase
  • Single-seat to accommodate one child
  • The back trailer has no hatch
If you’re looking for a tractor style ride-on with trailer functionality, then this one is an excellent choice. With proven durability, this kid’s electric vehicle is suitable for kids ages 3 to 7 years.

2. Kidsclub Ride-on Fire Truck Toy

This 12-volt remote control, battery-operated ride-on firetruck is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to put a big smile on their kid. It comes with a water pistol, pretend fire extinguisher, realistic fire alarm sound, and a helmet for that make-believe experience of being a fireman.

Unlike other single-operated motorized vehicles for kids, this one provides a 2-way driving mode for parents’ convenience.. If your child gets stuck on the road, navigate the truck, and continue entertaining your child. Or perhaps, let your child drive around with the steering wheel for total control—until your turn to take things over.

When it comes to safety, you’ll undoubtedly have peace of mind knowing this fire truck has both its front and back wheels suspension. They are also equipped with a spring suspension mechanism that ensures a comfortable and smoother ride. With dual lock door options, seat belts, and remote control features, it’s what every parent dreams of for their kids.

In case you want to play your kid’s favorite nursery rhyme, this MP3 integration and compatibility feature allows you to play the right music to entertain your kids. The electric vehicle’s battery life can last from 60 minutes to about 120 minutes based on your child’s weight.

You’ll love this vehicle because it won’t take so much of your valuable time to assemble. With easy to follow and clear instructions, in about 25 to 30 minutes, everything is correctly set and ready to roll.

One side note for this ride-on vehicle’s setback is that the battery life will depend on the driver’s weight. Though it secures your kid when riding it, the time duration for operation varies with the load it carries.
  • Multiple playing and control options ideal for parents peace of mind
  • A spring suspension mechanism ensures comfort and smooth drive
  • Promotes safer driving for kids with horn and siren, seat belt, and dual lock
  • Easy-assembly process, no bolts, and screws needed
  • Complete parental control over motorized toy navigation
  • Battery life vary on kid’s weight
Someone must have loved fire trucks that creating one identical for kids to enjoy has been a priority. If your child is interested in the siren and horn, water pistol, and wishes to be a fireman, this power wheels for 4 year old boy is a must-buy!

3. Costzon Ride On Truck

Perhaps the Costzon Ride-On truck is the best gift for your kid’s birthday. With its colorful LED lights and secured seat belts, two kids can surely enjoy the fun ride.

As a parent, with the freedom and happiness visible in your kid’s eyes, you don’t want to spoil the fun but still keep it low-key and in total control. Good thing, this electric vehicle can be controlled via remote control and the unit itself.

Manufactured with fun and safety in mind, either with the electric pedal or with parents’ control, the possibilities are endless. The dual-speed settings allow you and your child to drive their way around but of course, you still have the remote for total supervision.

With a fully charged unit, your kid can enjoy up to 40 minutes of non-stop driving on any terrain. The premium quality and stylish look is a total knocker. For complete comfort and a smooth ride, it comes with a cozy seat for your little ones and MP3 integration for a fun ride with your child’s favorite music.

Ensure that your child wears their safety seat belt for added protection and awareness of the natural driving protocols.

The wear-resistant truck wheels add safety to the toy vehicle, and I love how you can drive it around the house, the park, or any open space. While it may slow down a little on the grass, evidently, it works perfectly, and the kids have a fun and memorable driving moment with this battery-powered toy.

On the contrary, the ride-on toy may have a challenge with setting the frequency button. Regardless of that, this ride-on truck is still an excellent buy.
  • Multiple navigation features for parents peace of mind
  • Dual safety speed settings ideal for kids age and driving experience
  • MP3 music integration to keep kids entertained
  • Can accommodate two kids on its cozy seat with safety buckle features
  • With a soft and comfortable start, colorful LED lights
  • Long-life battery wit up to 40 minutes of simultaneous usage
  • Challenge with frequency button
This battery operated ride on toys for 4 year olds is an excellent gift for your kid who wants to have a real feel of steering the wheel. As a parent, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can still have full control of the battery-powered electric vehicle for your child’s safety.

4. Power Wheels Thomas Friends Exclusive

This Thomas Train power wheels for four year olds with tracks offers young drivers to explore on their own. It comes with sounds and phrases from your favourite Thomas And Friends show that kids have fun watching. This 6V battery-powered ride-on offers 1 mph on-track speed and 2 mph off track speed for safety.

I recommend this battery powered car for 4 year old kids as it offers easy-to-navigate operation with its push-button features for stopping or driving around. Even a one-year-old child can operate it, and when your infant is confident enough, you can omit the ways and let them drive around.

What sets it apart from other 4 year old power wheels is its intended use indoors. It is fascinating that the train can correctly run on and off track to improve your kids racing confidence.

Fisher-Price makes sure their battery operated vehicles for 4 year olds can stand the test of time by ensuring its durability, high-quality, and safety. This one-seater ride-on allows your child to be comfortably seated with convenient footsteps.

Furthermore, the 18-feet train track is super easy to assemble. It can be installed on all types of floorings, including hardwood floors. I like its versatility with the features that it offers, including train tracks extensions if you wish to expand your kid’s indoor adventure.

Beyond that, you need to unscrew the seat to charge its batteries for about 18 hours. However, your kid will indeed have fun driving it for three to four hours non-stop!
  • Entertaining Thomas and Friends phrases and sounds
  • Safe drive speed: 1mph on track, 2mph off track
  • Easy push-button operation to start and stop
  • Comfortable one-seater power wheels with footsteps
  • Easy assembly 18ft train tracks
  • Long-lasting 6V battery last for 3-4 hours drive
  • Requires unscrewing seat to recharge batteries
Overall, this powerful Thomas train is an excellent gift for all kids. It allows them to drive their favourite show, stay on or off track, and have fun for long hours of driving!

5. Best Choice Products 4-Wheeler Ride On

There’s no better way to surprise your child than giving them the gift that enables them to explore, drive, and stand out. Whether you’re looking for power wheels for 5-10 year olds or power wheels for 8-10 year olds, this one is an excellent choice.

With its realistic features: engine sounds, built-in horn, bright lights, and music, your child will surely adore these power wheels for grass, sand, or almost any terrain. This realistic ATV for kids comes with two-speed motor options. Notably, its 12V battery can be recharged for optimum convenience.

The gear switch enables your child to easily drive forward or reverse on any surface. The ride-on four-wheeler ride helps improve and develop your kid’s motor skills through the brake and steering wheel system. With guaranteed safety, the unit will surely help hone your child’s driving skills.

I recommend it for kids up to 66 lbs weight. While it’s intended for a five-year-old child, the restrictions vary on your child’s current load. With proper maintenance, battery care, and driving precautions, the unit can last for years in good condition. It comes with bright LED lights that offer great illumination.

On a side note, it is best to drive it outdoors as the treaded tires can leave spots on your wood floor.
  • Comes with realistic features for an excellent driving experience
  • Double motor speed for young driver’s safety
  • It’s conveniently ideal to drive on all terrain types
  • Runs on 12V rechargeable batteries
  • Helps develop your child’s motor skills
  • Bright LED lights for optimum illumination
  • Treaded tires are not suitable for wood floors
While you want to find the best motorized car for 4 year old kids or above, Best Choice has kept young driver’s interest in their mind. It’s realistic, durable, and safety features are enough to provide peace of mind for adults and a fun driving experience for kids.

6. Peg Perego Polaris CAMO Ride On

If you’re looking for the most effective way to help enhance your kid’s motor skills, this Peg Perego Polaris CAMO truck is an ultimate rocker.

This ride-on comes with a massive cargo where two kids can perfectly and safely fit. The adjustable seat belts and bucket seats make this truck design realistic, offering little kids a fun driving experience. Also, The unit comes with a built-in horn, an automatic brake that stops the unit when your kid takes control of the foot pedal.

It comes with a dual-speed motor with reverse and lockout features suitable for little kids around 4 years old. Parents should know this truck is best driven on grass, pavements, parks, gravel, dirt, and other hard surfaces.

This truck comes with cup holders in case your child felt thirsty while driving. The 12V rechargeable battery offers convenience on the adult’s end when it’s about time to plug it in for the next day’s driving sessions.

The maximum weight capacity of this truck is 130lbs. Whether you are looking for power wheels dune racer or some electric cars for 10 year olds to drive, this four-wheeler truck is an excellent gift either for a birthday or the coming holidays.

On the contrary, it can take some time for you to assemble the unit and place the decals on the right spot.
  • Large cargo seats can accommodate two kids
  • Adjustable seat belts and bucket seats for a realistic design
  • The dual-motor speed with lockout features for safety
  • All-terrain enable kids to drive around
  • Comes with cup holders for kid’s drinks
  • Automatic brakes stop unit for peace of mind
  • With up to 130 lbs maximum load capacity
  • Assembly unit is time-consuming.
The brand is known to manufacture the best kids’ gear and toys with safety in mind. This truck will surely enhance your kids driving skills with total safety driving on hard surfaces.

7. Power Wheels Kawasaki Racing ATV

As a parent, you can be skeptical of a significant reason, safety. But this ride-on power wheels ATV racing battery-powered truck is an excellent choice.

The low frame design, comfortable seat, and easy-grip driver’s handle allow your young driver to have the best childhood experience. Whether you’re looking for a truck for power wheels for 7 year old or 4-year-old drivers, this one is a great deal.

It’s one of the fastest battery-powered ride-on trucks with excellent graphics and a realistic quad style. With a dual-motor speed that lets you drive between 3 mph and 6 mph with forward and reverse. Your child can seamlessly move it around any hard surfaces or wet grass.

With safety features like a high-speed lockout, parent control, and power lock brakes, you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety when driving around. While it’s intended for kids three to seven years of age, roughly about 65 lbs maximum weight, it can also be your excellent choice of power wheels for 8-year-old drivers.

These ride-on wheels’ battery life varies with several elements, including your kid’s weight, frequency of use, and proper maintenance. Overall your child can continuously drive it for about 30 to 35 minutes.

While most customers have issues with the axle being too big, I don’t see any problem whatsoever. Yet, there might be an issue with the rear wheels falling out if not properly assembled.
  • Comes with comfortable seats with a low frame and easy handle grip
  • Fastest ride-on truck in the market
  • Realistic quad designs and great graphics that stand out
  • Dual motor speed settings ideal for driving on all surfaces
  • Guaranteed high-safety features with parental control & high-speed lockout
  • 65 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Battery life varies with load weight, usage, and maintenance
  • Axle size vary with various kids frame
  • Rear wheels require proper assembly otherwise will fall off
Aside from the price, features, and feedback, manufacturing reputation plays an important role when choosing a ride-on truck or car for your child. It must meet safety standards to ensure it enhances motor skills and, above all, peace of mind on your end.

8. Rollplay MINI Cooper Ride-On Car

The Rollplay 6V battery-powered Mini Cooper helps stimulate brain development, individuality, and motor skills for ages three and up. Whether you’re looking for that stylish electric car for 4 year old drivers and up, this model can be your pick.

They are made with high-end materials for your kid’s safety and backup with stunning features that guarantee a fun ride. The real-life features include detailed backlit dashboard, horn and engine sounds, and chrome details for a fun and adventure-filled drive around. It includes a clear windshield, cup holder, and stability, the rubber traction strips.

This Rollplay ride-on car passes safety standard features to ensure your kid has a safe ride. While it’s a compact size car ideal for one child, the fun and adventure start after it’s minimal assembly parents will surely like the product. Yet, two triple (AAA) batteries are not included in the package, so you will want to purchase them before assembling the car.

With 77 lbs maximum load capacity, your kids will enjoy the sound of the steering wheel when driving. Like any ride-on trucks and cars, Rollplay Mini Cooper requires 24 hours of charging to achieve optimum unit performance.

The drawback with this ride-on truck is you’ll need to get into a part of the unit to recharge the battery.
  • Helps improve brain development and motor skills
  • Includes backlit dashboard, horn and engine sounds & chrome details
  • Compact and safe design certified for kid’s use
  • Minimal assembly required for parents convenience
  • 77 lbs load capacity limit with steering wheel sound
  • It requires 24 hours charging for high-performance
  • Requires you to unscrew unit part to recharge the car
I love how cute the design of this ride-on car is. It’s very realistic, and all its features are on-point. Highly durable and safe for young drivers to enhance and continually develop motor skills while having fun.

9. Costzon Licensed Maserati Suspension

Another well-designed ride-on car that kids will surely love is the Costzon Licensed Maserati.

The realistic toy car comes with two modes to operate: parental control using a remote control or by your child when they’re older enough to navigate the car. It also features multiple functions that allow your child to control backward, forward, turning left, right, or a brake.

This Maserati car offers a sturdy two motor speeds, powered by a 12V rechargeable battery. With up to two hours of continuous driving and exploring under a fully charged battery, your kid will have the best childhood and driving experience. It’s best both for outdoor and indoor use.

The unit is equipped with multiple integrations your child will adore. I recommend placing a USB of your kiddo’s favorite nursery rhymes for an entertaining drive. It also comes with a working horn, rear lights or headlights, and MP3/USB input. What’s interesting is both doors can be opened.

As parents, we always value safety standards of a ride-on car. Luckily, this model’s adjustable seat belt and large seat help kids drive with comfort. It also comes with a pull handle for parents to easily carry it around while searching for the best place to drive. Best of all, the wheels are made of high-quality materials with wear-resistant features for driving stability.

Few setbacks with this ride-on electric car are limited remote control instructions, and assembly instructions are not clear.
  • Dual operational mode for parents peace of mind and child safety
  • Comes with multiple functionalities for advanced drivers
  • Sturdy two motor speed powered by a 12V rechargeable battery
  • Long-life two hours of outdoor and indoor driving
  • Features a horn, rear lights/ headlights, and MP3/USB input
  • Adjustable seat belt for security and pull handle for parents to drag it
  • Tires are made of wear-resistant and high-quality materials
  • Limited remote control features instructions
  • Assembly instructions need to be clear
Give your child the best childhood memory with this licensed Maserati ride-on car that’s made with premium materials for durability and longevity of use.

10. Rubie Kid Trax Dodge Viper Ride SRT

Let your child go on style with this Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT. The sleek car allows your young driver to smoothly and safely drive around with its tires that offers excellent traction for various terrains.

This two-seater ride-on unit is best for siblings and friends to go for an adventure. Let them feel independence with guaranteed safety up to 130 lbs of weight load capacity. The car allows your kids to reverse, forward, turn, or stop conveniently. It comes with two motor speeds for beginner and young drivers.

Besides, this battery-powered car is equipped with LED lights, a working horn, FM radio, MP3 input to entertain your little ones. The two doors open entirely for two kids to enjoy the drive, whether indoor or outdoors.

With its 12V rechargeable battery and single-step charging options, your child will never miss the driving fun and adventure that makes their childhood memorable. It also comes with a battery life indicator to quickly determine when it is time to plug.

It’s conveniently easy to assemble and ideal for kids as young as three and up to seven years of age. The Dodge Viper comes with a 1-year warranty and six months limited battery warranty.

One thing worth noting is that you need to push the car’s charger to charge correctly properly.
  • The ride-on traction tires allows your kid to drive on any surface
  • Spacious two-seater car ideal for siblings with 130 lbs load capacity
  • Allows kids to reverse, forward, turn, or stop
  • Features LED lights, a working horn, FM radio, MP3 input for entertainment
  • 1-year unit warranty with 6-months battery warranty
  • Affords a single-step charging option with battery-life indicator
  • The charger needs to be plugged properly when charging.
Let your child have the best childhood memory by allowing them to explore on their own with guaranteed safety and fun. This car is a great way to show your love.

What to Look for When Buying Power Wheels for 4 Year Old


With tons of electric cars and power wheels in the market, choosing the right one seems daunting. However, with the correct elements to look after, things will be a lot easier. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift or to spread some cheer during the holidays, here’s what you need to check:

  • Speed Options

Several electric cars come with single, double, or multiple speed options; find one that comes with numerous gears and speed settings for growing kids.

  • Parental Control Override Options

Parental control options enable you to override your child’s decision when getting into the hype and speed. This will provide peace of mind and additional safety for your child.

  • Seat Belts

Not all battery-powered cars are equipped with safety restraint and seat belts; choose one for added security, especially if the ride-on truck or car offers more incredible speed.

  • MP3 or Bluetooth Integration

If your child has particular music preferences aside from built-in FM radio, MP3 integrations, find one that you can integrate technology for entertainment.

  • Sound and Lighting Effects

The realistic feel of driving enhances and further develops kids’ motor skills. Most electric cars come with working horns, revving sounds, or headlights that can be turned on or off.

  • Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Shock and suspension absorption features can prevent the car from getting damaged and maintain a comfortable driving experience for toddlers.


While budget is a vital factor when purchasing gifts, investing with a high-quality ride-on car or truck is also crucial. With the aforementioned factors and top recommendations, it’s easier to weigh your options and decide the best deal.

The best power wheels for 4 year olds are a worthwhile investment. It is something that’ll pique their interest and help develop motor skills while having fun.

Kid Trax Caterpillar ATV Toddler Ride On Toy, 6 Volt Battery, 3-5 Years, Max Rider Weight of 60 lbs, Single Rider, CAT ATV
  • Little construction workers in training will love this authentically-styled CAT ATV, Sits one rider between 3 and 5 years old, with a maxium weight...
  • Working LED headlights will light up the driveway, Realistic horn and engine sounds take playtime to the next level
  • Real foot pedal acceleration creates a lifelike driving experience
  • Goes in forward and reverse at 2.5 MPH for maneuvering through tight spaces
  • Comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger so the fun never has to stop
Power Wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler Ride-On Battery Powered Vehicle with Music Sounds & Storage, Preschool Kids Ages 3+ Years​, Baby...
  • Disney Frozen themed battery-powered ride-on toy styled with bright colors, movie graphics and Jeep Wrangler styling
  • Plays fun songs from the movie and makes realistic driving sounds
  • Multi-terrain traction: Vehicle drives on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrain for awesome outdoor adventures
  • Ride on has 2 forward speeds (5 mph and 2.5 mph) with parent-controlled, high-speed lock out, plus reverse driving; includes Power-Lock brake system
  • Driving play for preschool kids ages 3-7 years; Seats 2, max. weight 130 lb (59 kg); Includes rechargeable 12-volt battery and charger
Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV, 12-V battery powered ride-on vehicle for preschool kids ages 3-7 years
  • Pink battery-powered, ride-on ATV with Barbie graphics
  • Drives 3 and 6 mph (4.8 and 9.6 km/h) max. forward; 3 mph (4.8 km/h) max. reverse
  • Vehicle drives on hard surfaces, grass and other rough terrain
  • Parent-controlled, high-speed lock out and Power-Lock brakes
  • For preschool kids ages 3-7 years, max. weight 65 lb (29.5 kg)
Kid Trax 4x4 Tracker Electric Ride On Toy, 3-5 Years Old, 6 Volt, Max Weight 60 lbs, Dino Tracker Green
  • Kid Trax Dino Tracker 4x4 ride-on toy for kids 3 – 5 years old, with a maximum weight limit of 60 lbs. It’s the perfect ride for the budding...
  • Working headlights pair with horn and engine sound effects for extra playtime fun.
  • Real foot pedal acceleration offers a lifelike driving experience. Goes forward and reverse at a top speed of 2.5 MPH.
  • Power Trax rubber traction strip tires keep the ride smooth and steady.
  • Includes 6-volt battery and One Step Direct Connect Charging System for easy no-fuss charging.
Kid Trax Yamaha ATV Toddler/Kids Electric Ride On Toy, 12 Volt, 3-7 yrs Old, Max Weight 88 lbs, Single or Double Riders, MP3 Player Input, Kodiak Tan
  • Yamaha Kodiak ATV ride-on toy by Kid Trax is perfect for backyard and driveway adventures. Seats one rider, ages 3 – 7 years old, with a maximum...
  • Crank up the tunes with the FM radio and MP3 player input. Horn and engine sound effects and working headlights add to the fun, while front and rear...
  • Real foot pedal acceleration creates a lifelike driving experience
  • Working suspension and Power Trax rubber traction strip tires keep the ride smooth and steady
  • Comes with a 12-volt rechargeable battery and wall charger so the fun never has to stop for long
Costzon Ride On Car, 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz Battery Powered Electric Vehicle w/Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Music, Horn, MP3/USB/TF, Ride...
  • Two Modes Design: 1. Parental remote control mode: When your babies are too young to drive the car by themselves, you can control the ride on car...
  • Real Driving Experience: This licensed Mercedes-Benz S63 car is equipped with multi-media center, shifter for forward and reverse, horn buttons on the...
  • Various Attractive Features: Designed with MP3 interface, USB port and TF card slot, it allows you to connect portable devices to play music or...
  • Security Assurance: This ride on car features a slow start function, which can avoid the risk of sudden acceleration. And 4 wear-resistant wheels with...
  • Perfect Gift for Kids: With stylish look and cool coupe shape, this Mercedes-Benz S63 ride on car is a perfect gift for kids aged 3-8 years old (...
Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car w/Parent Remote Control, Spring Suspension, LED Lights, AUX Port - Pink
  • FOR KIDS 3 YEARS & OLDER: This small yet powerful ride-on is perfect for your little racers who want to start driving like the grownups do!
  • POWERFUL 12V & REALISTIC DESIGN: Adjustable seatbelt, bright LED headlights, lockable doors, and grid windshield for off-road style, with a 12V motor...
  • MANUAL AND PARENT CONTROL: Let your child drive manually or use the remote control to safely guide them yourself; remote has forward/reverse controls
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Includes plastic wheels that will never deflate, plus a spring suspension system and safe, 2.8mph max speed for smooth rides on...
  • CONNECT YOUR MUSIC: A built-in AUX outlet allows kids to plug in media devices to drive while jamming to their own selection of music; OVERALL...
Power Wheels Hot Wheels Ride-On Toy Racing ATV with Multi-Terrain Traction and Reverse Drive, Seats 1
  • Battery-powered ride-on toy ATV with cool Hot Wheels colors and decorations
  • 2 speeds plus forward and reverse motion: Drives 3 and 6 mph (4.8 and 9.6 km/h) max. forward; 3 mph (4.8 km/h) max. reverse
  • Multi-terrain traction: toy drives on hard surfaces, grass and other rough terrain
  • Easy-to-use Power-Lock brake system plus parent-controlled, high-speed lock out for beginner drivers
  • For preschool kids ages 3-7 years, max. weight 65 lb (29.5 kg)
Power Wheels Ride-On Toy BBQ Fun Jeep Wrangler Battery-Powered Vehicle with Sounds, Pretend Grill & 5 Food Pieces, Preschool Kids 3+ Years​
  • Battery-powered ride-on vehicle with a removable pretend grill, 5 pretend food play pieces, and a flying disc for outdoor play
  • Realistic Jeep Wrangler styling with pretend radio that plays fun grilling and driving sounds
  • Vehicle drives on hard surfaces and grass at max. speed 5 mph forward, 2.5 mph reverse
  • Power-Lock brakes and parent-controlled, high-speed lock out
  • For kids ages 3-7 years. Seats 2, max. weight 130 lbs