15 Best Baby Cell Phone Toys 2023 – Improve Kids Motor Skills

Little kids are extremely curious, which explains why flashing lights, bright colors, and happy music can attract their attention. In fact, they can spend many hours playing with toys such as cell phone toys of good quality.

Best Choice
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Orange
Second Best
JOYIN My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle with Music, Fun Smartphone Toys for Baby, Infants, Kids, Boys or Girls, Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Birthday...
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VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Orange
JOYIN My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle with Music, Fun Smartphone Toys for Baby, Infants, Kids, Boys or Girls, Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Birthday...
Skip Hop Baby Phone Toy, Explore & More Selfie
HISTOYE Baby Toy Phone for 1 2 Year Old Boy Girl Fake Phone Toys with Music Baby Cell Phone Toys 6 to 12 Months Light Up Play Phone for Babies Kids...
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Orange
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Orange
Amazon Prime
Second Best
JOYIN My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle with Music, Fun Smartphone Toys for Baby, Infants, Kids, Boys or Girls, Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Birthday...
JOYIN My Learning Remote and Phone Bundle with Music, Fun Smartphone Toys for Baby, Infants, Kids, Boys or Girls, Holiday Stocking Stuffers, Birthday...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Skip Hop Baby Phone Toy, Explore & More Selfie
Skip Hop Baby Phone Toy, Explore & More Selfie
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
HISTOYE Baby Toy Phone for 1 2 Year Old Boy Girl Fake Phone Toys with Music Baby Cell Phone Toys 6 to 12 Months Light Up Play Phone for Babies Kids...
HISTOYE Baby Toy Phone for 1 2 Year Old Boy Girl Fake Phone Toys with Music Baby Cell Phone Toys 6 to 12 Months Light Up Play Phone for Babies Kids...
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Parents have started to realize that the baby cell phone toy is not just entertaining for children. Such toys can actually contribute to their development, especially regarding their motor skills, speech skills, etc. Overall, it is an excellent, all-in-one toy.

Comparison Table:

However, sometimes it turns out to be difficult for parents or new gift-givers, etc. to select among toys of all shapes and sizes in the current market. With that in mind, I’m here to provide you with a detailed review and buying guide for the best baby cell phone toys.


Top Picks Baby Cell Phone Toys

From my own experience and evaluations, below are the top 12 baby cell phone toys that I believe might be entirely fascinating to the children. So, let’s take a look at them without further ado!

1. VTech Baby Toy Phone

The first baby toy phone on my list is the “Touch and Swipe Baby Phone” produced by VTech, one of the top toy manufacturers. It is available in a variety of visually stimulating colors, such as orange and pink. Hence, it will engage your baby or toddler in hours of imaginative play where they can develop their motor and thinking skills.

I really love this product because its touchscreen interface is lined with 12 pretend apps such as calendar, clock app, and weather apps. All of these apps are designed to light up and respond to touch. Additionally, this toy phone also has a “Music Mode”, which allows your baby to listen to some of the included melodies and rhymes.

With this realistic toy cell phone phone, your kids will spend a lot of time making pretended phone calls and talking to their imaginary friends. My little daughter has spent hours having drawn-out conversations with all her friends and learned some educational concepts like the alphabet and numbers.

Even better, you can use its included apps to teach your children how to call home, check the weather, and tell the time. The home button will also allow you to save your home phone number, which your kids can dial and make pretend phone calls. Indeed, this is both entertaining and helpful to them.

However, the only drawback of this model is that it requires 2 AAA batteries, which is not powerful enough, so you may have to replace them regularly.
  • Gorgeous colors available.
  • A bunch of pretend apps.
  • The alphabet and numbers for kids to learn.
  • A fascinating “Music Mode.”
  • Regular replacement for batteries.
This toy would be great for your little munchkin. It will help the kid to have pretend conversations with friends and learn alphabets and numbers.

2. JOYIN Baby Cell Phone

This is a charming toy mobile phone with a touchscreen and a pretend remote control. This control’s buttons are incredibly similar to those you can find on a real remote control. It also features a bunch of realistic sound effects, which will allow your kid to immerse themselves totally in the fun little game that they are playing.

The included toy phone also comes with several cute icons and buttons all designed to look like those in a real smartphone. When your kids press the buttons with the animal icons of animal faces on them, they will produce catching sounds. These sound effects will keep your children entertained and promote their cognitive ability.

Another feature that I like about this toy phone is that it’s made of really durable materials, which is not available in some models of the same price. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the toy being broken just because your playful children handle it clumsily or step on it inadvertently.

I also highly appreciate the efforts and commitment of Joyin Inc in bringing the best product that ensures the safety of the customers in this play phone for babies. To be more specific, it was made of 100% ABS plastic for child safety. Therefore, even when your kids chew on stickers or any parts of this toy, it doesn’t pose threats to them.

However, the only downside of JOYIN toy phones in general and this model, in particular, is that they are a little bit expensive, which may make it not the best choice for parents or anyone who are on a tight budget.
  • Includes remote control and a toy phone
  • Bright colors and attractive phone icons
  • Entertaining sound effects and lights
  • A slightly high price
Even though it’s highly priced, this toy phone can promote cognitive actions in your child and keep them engaged. It would be a useful gift for their holistic growth.

3. Wow Wee Baby Smartphone

If you use social media regularly, you MUST be familiar with the hugely popular Baby Shark song. On YouTube, Pinkfong’s Baby Shark song has more than 6 billion views! If your child loves the Baby Shark and dances along to its incredibly catchy tune, then you should get them Wow Wee’s Baby Shark Smartphones!

This brightly-hued phone comes with many buttons that play the official Pinkfong Baby Shark song when pressed. Hence, I can assure you that they’ll probably switch on the official Baby Shark song and dance all over the living room, which is probably the best baby phone toy.

Notably, this toy features an interface with the suitably bright colors, which contributes to your child’s improved hand-eye coordination. Also, the stickers on it are eye-catching with colorful shapes, numbers, and symbols, so when playing this toy with your kids, you can teach them basic things like counting objects or memorizing numbers.

Something else that is impressive to me is the volume level of this toy phone. The volume level is at a low level. I think that this is very beneficial for children’s ear health. To be more specific, the low sound level won’t not impact their delicate ears, especially when they keep listening to the fantastic Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” song for long hours.

Although the price of this toy is a little bit high, it still lacks what an interactive toy is supposed to possess – the volume adjustment button. This downside may make it less attractive to some buyers.
  • The song Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” included.
  • The volume is set at a very low level
  • No hearing damage to the children.
  • The phone is very cute and fun.
  • A slightly expensive item
  • Lack of volume adjustment button
The toy is designed to promote hand-eye coordination amongst kids. I would also recommend this toy phone as it helps your kiddo learn about colors, symbols, and shapes.

4. Fisher-Price Baby Cell Phone

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone is an extremely durable and highly recommended cell phone toy for babies. It’s designed to resemble a hi-tech smartphone with more than 12 colorful tiles on its screen that respond to touch. Your baby can press these tiles and enjoy entertaining and educational music, greetings and sounds in return.

The phone has a convenient slider that your baby/toddler can use to activate the songs and music pre-installed in this baby smartphone. By simply teaching your children to move the slider back and forth, you can help them slowly pick up basic cognitive skills. Using the included keypad and the pretend tiles, you can also introduce your little one to the alphabets and numbers.

This toy can allow your baby to develop and fine-tune their hand-eye coordination. The bright colors and bouncy sounds will also ensure that your child’s brain is properly stimulated. The songs, phrases and the music will help develop the little munchkin’s newborn senses of sight and hearing.

Also, this phone toy will allow your child to pretend to call up their friends and talk to them for hours and hours. This will ensure that your little one manages to develop proper communication skills. For instance, by asking your child questions and instructing them to talk with this toy phone, you can easily facilitate his communication skills.

However, the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone has a drawback in terms of sound volume. I have heard some of my friends complain about that, and in fact, this toy phone model has a slightly poor sound performance, and it’s hard for me to turn up the volume.
  • 20+ engaging songs, phrases, and greetings.
  • Brightly-colored tiles to stimulate the baby’s senses.
  • Your baby can start role-playing.
  • This toy is very reasonably priced.
  • This toy phone offers low volume.
On the whole, I would suggest you to buy this toy phone as it comes with engaging songs and greetings at a reasonable price.

5. VTech Pink Little Smartphone

VTech is an extremely well-known brand that produces some of the most highly sought-after electronic toys for babies, toddlers, and growing children. Their smartphones for babies are extremely fun to play with, and this Pink Little Smartphone is not an exception.

This toy is really compact and comes in the prettiest pink color. It is modeled on the cell phones that were popular in the early 2000s. The buttons come in very bright colors. All of them are touch-sensitive and will result in the flashing of lights and sounds, which ensures that your child’s senses are stimulated in a very engaging manner.

The retro design will inspire a lot of nostalgia in you, and at the same time, it will allow your little kiddo to have a lot of fun. Besides, this model comes with many in-built voicemails and pre-recorded songs, which your child will be able to listen to by pressing the buttons, which are large enough for little hands.

The screen of this toy phone also has holographic images of puppies and kittens, which will surely stimulate the imagination and creativity that’s trapped inside your kid. Specifically, thanks to 2-3 included sing-along songs, your child can simply play the music by pressing the buttons and singing along with the prerecorded computerized voice.

The only thing that I want in VTech toy phone models is the moisture-proof feature. It would be one of the most suitable phone toys if the brand made these products more outstanding with moisture-proof quality.
  • Cute holographic puppy and kitty images.
  • There are loads of sing-along songs.
  • The phone buttons are appropriately large.
  • The bright colors of the phone are attractive.
  • This model is not 100% moisture-proof.
This toy phone would be great as the holographic kitty and puppy images will engage your little one. You can teach them to sing along with the computerized voice as well.

6. Skip Hop Baby Toy Phone

This baby toy phone is absolutely adorable and will allow your little child to start taking their first selfies! To be more specific, the Skip Hop baby toy phone’s front panel is entirely reflective, which will allow your baby to start taking their own adorable selfies.

This baby toy cell phone also comes with cute sound effects and three light-up “filters”, including the filters one can usually find on Snapchat, such as the puppy snout and the glasses filter. To access these sound effects and filters, all the child has to do is press the various buttons present on the toy phone.

The phone also has a bunch of fun songs, musical pieces and phrases included. Your baby can use all of these features and enjoy an absolutely smashing time taking pretend selfies and trying out all the cute, silly filters. The sound effects include fun animal sounds such as barking and meows and there is also an adorable “Hello!” phrase included.

One of the things I like about this phone is the “antenna” ring holder receptacle. This setup allows you to attach the toy phone to your stroller and ensure that your tiny tot stays adequately entertained. The toy phone also includes some upbeat musical numbers and three customized baby songs produced by Skip Hop themselves, which are very engaging.

However, it seems to me that the biggest shortcoming of this phone toy is its weight. It weighs 5.6 ounces, which is a bit too heavy for young children to play with.
  • Shiny and sleek design that engages your child.
  • Adorable selfie feature with three custom “filters”.
  • Loads of cute songs, sound effects
  • Music is installed on the phone.
  • This toy is a little heavy for young children.
If your kiddo is highly active and follows you taking selfies, this toy phone would be the perfect item for them.

7. Byserten Baby Cell Phone

The Byserten Baby Cell Phone is a play cell phone for babies that is exceptionally detailed and realistic. It is available in baby pink and baby blue, and the pastel shades are incredibly soothing. Also, this toy has exciting features which are very valuable learning tools for growing children and toddlers.

With this toy, your baby will start to play simple role-playing and impersonating games, which will allow them to develop and sharpen their senses and cognitive skills. Especially with the digital mode and question and answer model, this model can help your kid to learn alphabets, and numbers and develop their fine motor skills.

Besides, this model will help your toddler learn the names of colors, animals, and fruits with the special cognition mode. There is an adorable dial-up mode that can keep your child engrossed. with this feature, your child can make a pretend phone call and make a conversation.

The Byserten phone also comes with a fun and interactive drawing mode, providing your baby with the opportunity to exercise the wild imagination. There is also a game mode, where your baby will be able to play Whack-A-Mole on the toy phone. These unique modes will enhance the child’s cognitive skills and his hand-eye coordination simultaneously.

The only downside of this baby toy cell phone is that it runs on AAA batteries instead of AA ones. Hence, it can run out of power more quickly and I have to replace the batteries more regularly.
  • 5 unique modes, such as Numbers, Dial-Up, Cognition, etc.
  • Extremely attractive pastel pink and blue colors.
  • Very engrossing Whack-A-Mole game mode.
  • Durable and energy-saving features
  • AAA batteries are required for proper operation.
I would highly recommend this toy cell phone, as it comes with 5 unique modes. Your little kiddo will get attracted to its bright blue and pink colors.

8. Cooplay Black Y Phone

The Cooplay black Y Phone is a very realistic baby iPhone toy that you can get for your baby or toddler. I bear some resemblance to the Apple iPhone in its sleek design. It also comes with rechargeable batteries and a USB adapter, so you will not have to keep replacing them regularly anymore.

The baby cell phone provides more than 10 unique modes that are really basic and entertaining, such as the fruits mode and the mode of the numbers. You can actually use this toy to start educating your toddler about numbers, fruits and colors. Learning while playing is extremely beneficial for young minds and can help enhance their cognitive and coordination ability.

The phone also has a really cute camera mode that allows the user to take a pretend picture and provides a realistic shutter sound. It comes with a piano mode, which helps keep the children engrossed and entertained. Your toddler will just sit with the phone and listen to music and sing along with the computerized voice.

The phone also comes preloaded with more than 10 sleeping melodies and lullabies and more than 20 classic children’s songs and melodies. Besides, the phone toy provides realistic sound effects and greeting phrases like “Hello” and “Thank You”, so you can teach your children basic communication skills with this toy model.

However, in terms of quality, it seems to me that the Cooplay black Y Phone is hardly up to par with the same-class models. Simply put, it can easily be broken, especially when your kids are active and play with it so forcefully.
  • 10+ lullabies and 20+ classic nursery rhymes.
  • Looks like the toy version of the Apple iPhone.
  • A USB charger cord and rechargeable batteries included
  • Diverse modes for children to play and entertain
  • Not very durable.
I would suggest you to buy this phone as it has almost 20+ classic rhymes and 10 lullabies for your little one.

9. Sommer Teething Toy Phone

If you are looking for a toy phone for a 1-year old, then I would recommend the Teething Toy Phone produced by Sommer. This is a toy phone that is meant primarily for teething babies, who are currently biting everything that they can get their little hands on.

The entire toy is exceptionally compact and tough, and you will be able to carry it wherever you go. The phone is made of BPA-free and extremely sturdy plastic materials. It will be able to withstand whatever your boisterous little baby will throw at it. Your tiny tot will be able to enjoy lots.

I am very impressed that this model features a detachable rubber phone case, which is very soft and completely drool-proof, so it is straightforward to clean. The phone also comes with a lot of attractively colored buttons and cute cartoon images, which will visually stimulate your child and keep them engrossed.

The phone can help you get started teaching your little one about basic concepts like shapes and numbers. Also, the phone has pre-recorded sound effects and phrases that your toddler can access with the brightly colored buttons’ help. Most importantly, this toy phone is so flashy and attractive that it will surely keep your naughty little one away from your cell phone.

Nonetheless, the only drawback of this Sommer teething toy phone model is that it is powered by three AAA batteries instead of AA ones. Therefore, it can run out of power more quickly and I have to spend more for more frequent replacement.
  • This phone is perfect for teething babies
  • A tough, drool-proof rubber case.
  • Great durability for boisterous treatment and falls.
  • Bright colors and lights will stimulate your child.
  • AAA batteries need regular replacement.
With the help of this teething toy phone, your child will know about bright colors and get stimulated. The adorable cartoon images will also keep them engaged.

10. Fisher-Price Selfie Fun Phone

If you want your tiny tot to learn hand-eye coordination, get entertained, and deal with teething in a safe way, then you should get the Selfie Fun Phone & Teething Toy manufactured by Fisher-Price. This is a toy smartphone for baby that will allow your little munchkin to have a whole lot of fun.

The phone has a reflective front surface that will work as a “selfie screen” and will allow your child to learn self-recognition and object permanence. The mirrored screen is very large and sturdy and is perfect for tummy time sessions. The phone is also a baby rattle and will make funny and engaging noises that will keep your boisterous little one fully entertained.

What’s more, the phone comes with a really cute pop socket/stand on the back that you can use to prop it up. Your kiddo will feel like a real hipster and keep taking adorable “selfies” all the time. With a tough and soft detachable case made of drool-proof rubber, you can sterilize and clean it by dunking it in boiling water.

The rattle and the teething features will allow your baby’s hearing and tactile senses to develop properly. The selfie feature of the toy phone will also enable your child to learn object permanence and self-recognition. You little kids will be able to have a lot of fun taking their “selfies”, giggling at the rattle sounds and chomping on the teether with their small baby teeth.

However, though this sort of toy phone is mostly suitable for ​babies around the age of three months and older, it has a limit in the user range. Simply put, for older children, they can easily get fed up with the design and features of this toy.
  • A cute pop socket/stand to prop it up.
  • An engaging baby rattle and teething toy.
  • Helps improve baby’s coordination
  • The phone cover is easy to clean and sterilize.
  • This toy phone is boring for older kids.
I would suggest you take this fun phone, as it is an appropriate teething toy for your baby. By using this fun phone, you can improve your baby’s coordination too.

11. HISTOYE Baby Toy Cell Phone

The HISTOYE baby cell phone is a really handy baby telephone toy that you can give to your kid to keep them entertained. The entire toy is very compact and tough and comes with several engaging musical and sound effect options. This phone toy has a very prominent home button that features a number of fun pre-recorded melodies when the baby presses it.

There are twelve buttons on the touchscreen interface of the phone. Each of these buttons leads to unique pretend apps, which will familiarize your child with alphabets, numbers, animal sounds, fruits, etc. The voice-activated keypad will also allow your baby to start learning what numbers and colors are, contributing to the development of your baby’s imagination/creativity.

The material used to make this toy is child-safe and non-toxic. There are also no small removable parts that can present itself as a choking hazard. The bright colors, flashing lights, and attractive sound effects will allow your child to stay entertained and engrossed.

Another attractive feature of this baby phone toy is that it has more than 20 melodies, songs, sound effects, and nursery rhymes. Your growing baby can also start imitating their parents and start doing role-playing activities, where they’ll have long conversations on their toy phone.
  • Compact and perfectly sized for little toddler hands.
  • More than 20 engaging songs and melodies
  • Support to develop the child’s cognitive and physical skills.
  • Voice-activated keypad for kids to learn numbers and colors
  • This toy will require AAA batteries to work.
This phone has 20 unique melodies which will surely play a vital part in engaging your little one. Your child’s cognitive skills will also develop, and that’s another reason to buy this toy.

12. Silli Chews Baby Cell Phone

If you are looking for an interactive and eye-catching baby play phone, then you should get this baby teether cell phone. It is made out of silicone and is shaped like the Apple iPhone. It has bumps, ridges, and all the right textures expected from a proper teething toy, so it can help your baby soothe their teething needs and provide proper comfort.

The Silli Chews Company is well-known for coming up with fun and imaginative products that help babies to adjust to their teething phase. They make bright, vibrant, and “silly” chew toys that are universally adored by the babies. These toys are constructed out of food-grade silicone and completely non-toxic to little kids’ delicate systems.

In addition, there is no external paint involved and the toy phone is completely free of BPA. This is a feature that I love about this phone toy. Also, it is also drool-resistant and extremely easy to clean. All I need to do to clean and sterilize the toy phone is to dunk it in a saucepan of boiling water.

The toy phone also has a cut-out opening, which allows it to be attached to strollers and cribs. The bright colors will also stimulate the visual senses of your kids and provide them with a sense of calm and safety. This is a perfect toy for your little teething munchkin.

However, the only drawback of this baby teether cell phone is that it is limited to the small kids at the age of about three 3 months to 2 years. For those who are a bit older, this product’s design and features are not perfectly suitable and they can become easily fed up with it.
  • A sleek design like the Apple iPhone model
  • Safe and food-grade silicone material.
  • Easy-to-clean and sterilize
  • Easily attached to strollers and cribs.
  • Not really suitable for older children.
If your kid is about 3 months, you can stimulate and engage him/her with this adorable toy cell phone. This would be a great purchase as a teething toy too.

What to Look for While Buying a Baby Cell Phone Toy


In the market, there are hundreds of toy cell phones for babies available. While shopping for presents, many parents may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices at their disposal. If you’re like me, you would want nothing but the best for your child and it can be difficult to know which toy is actually the best. You’ve to consider several factors if you want to purchase the right baby cell phone toy.

1. The material of the Toy

It is crucial to provide your baby or toddler with toys that will not endanger their health. It is also a good idea to check the appropriate age labels while you are toy-shopping to remain safe. The age labels on toys are assigned due to safety reasons – you shouldn’t give your baby a toy meant for a toddler even if they’re fairly older. The cell phone toy should be made of non-toxic and easily cleanable material, such as silicone.

2. The Features and Functionality

To ensure that your child is entertained and educated by the toy that you pick out for them, you have to double-check all the features. Handling the toy phone and pressing the buttons will enhance your child’s motor-sensory skills, and that’s why you should go for a toy with lots of brightly-colored buttons. The flashing lights, sweet melodies and sound effects will also stimulate your child’s sensory perceptions and stroke their creativity. If you’re getting a toy phone, get a good one.

3. Pick a Well-Known Brand

There are loads of toy brands in the market, and it can be difficult for first-time parents to know which brands to pick. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with well-known brands such as Fisher-Price, Silli Chews and VTech. These brands have been in the market for 20+ years and they all subscribe to the industry specifications issued by international governments. All of their products for toddlers and babies are tried, tested and perfectly safe for your tiny tot to play with.

4. Included Melodies and Songs

There is no point in buying a toy phone for a 1-year old if it does not keep them entertained and engrossed. There should be loads of songs, melodies, sound effects, phrases already loaded into the memory of the baby toy phone. With the help of this toy phone, you can start teaching your baby about numbers, alphabets, fruits, animals, etc. If your cell phone toy also includes nursery rhymes, songs and lullabies, then that is just perfect.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What is a baby cell phone toy?

A baby play phone or cell phone toy is a toy that looks like a mobile phone or smartphone. These toys were introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s when real cell phones were just coming out. Most of these toy phones are very simple – they consist of a brightly colored body with unique buttons. When the buttons are pressed, then you can hear some kind of sound effect or music. Recent models of this baby cell phone are incredibly advanced, and they offer additional functionalities as number modes, music modes, animal modes, etc. This is the kind of toy that’s perfect for an imaginative and active little munchkin who’s always talking.

2. How does this toy work?

Some baby cell phones are simply a block of silicone equipped with ridges and textures that the baby can use while they are teething. Other simple models of the toy cell phones also have a “selfie” mode nowadays, which is a simple reflective surface where the baby can see their own face during tummy time. The models that play songs and have audio work with the help of rudimentary electronic memory circuits present inside the toy phone’s chassis. When the buttons are pressed, a specific area of the phone’s memory is activated and the saved songs, melodies, sound effects, etc. start playing through the speakers of the toy phone.

3. Who is this toy for?

Smartphones for babies aren’t a perfect idea, and your toddler can wreak a lot of havoc if they get a hand on your phones. In fact, the toy cell phone is a really good choice to keep your boisterous little babies happy. The music and the bright colors will keep your child distracted completely and at the same time, they will not feel the need to take your cell phone and toss it around. This kind of simple toy is usually for children over the age of six months, such as growing babies and toddlers. For really small babies, it is best to provide them with the “selfie” phones and the phone-shaped teether models.

4. What are the different types of baby cell phone toys?

Nowadays, a lot of baby cell phone toys are beginning to resemble the popular cell phones of the day. I have noticed that many of the toys look like the Apple iPhone. There isn’t a lot of variety in the “type” of baby cell phone toys – most of them have the same basic functionalities and appearance. They are all very brightly colored and they all have really large and cute buttons. When these buttons are pressed, you can hear songs, melodies, sound effects, phrases, etc. which will entertain and educate your child. By grasping the phone and pressing all the buttons, their tactile and motor skills will also develop.

5. Why do you need baby toy phones?

Babies today have to be constantly entertained to ensure they grow up holistically. To make sure that your baby is entertained in a healthy and educational way, I would suggest you get them a toy cell phone. Growing babies will notice how their parents act on the phone and they will pick up their toy cell phone and start to have long, make-believe conversations with their friends. Apart from this being extremely cute, such pretend conversations are also a very promising sign of the fact that your baby’s cognitive and imaginative skills are developing nicely. Additionally, holding and handling a pretend cell phone will also improve your baby’s actions and performance skills.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have tried to provide some quick answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that most parents have about pretend cell phones and any toy mobile phone with a touch screen. I hope that these answers will help clear up any lingering doubts.

1. What are the most trusted baby cell phone toy brands?

The most trusted baby cell phone toy brands are actually the ones that have been around for a pretty long time. Brands like Fisher-Price, VTech and Mattel have some of the most baby cell phone toys currently available.

2. How to use a baby cell phone toy?

Using a baby cell phone toy is very easy. They are brightly colored and have many attractive buttons on them. All the baby has to do is hold the phone, press the buttons and then enjoy the little melody that follows.

3. Where can I buy a baby cell phone toy?

Baby cell phone toys are widely available at any big box toy store in the world. If you want more variety and flexible pricing options, you should check out online stores like Amazon.

4. How to care for and clean this toy?

Baby cell phone toys are designed for highly active toddlers, who might want to chuck the toy about. All you have to do is replace the batteries regularly. The teething toys can be easily cleaned by dunking them in boiling water.

5. Can you make a cell phone toy at home?

You probably won’t be able to make a proper cell phone toy at home, but you can surely sit down and make a fun DIY version with your kid. All you need is some cardboard, markers, scissors and some glue.

6. What age is a baby cell phone toy best suited for?

Pretend cell phone toys are perfectly suited for growing babies and toddlers, who have started to crawl and imitate their parents. They will be able to handle the phone, press the buttons and sing along with the phone.

7. Does a cell phone toy have any educational value?

Yes, you can actually use the songs and sound effects in the cell phone toy to teach your baby their alphabets, their numbers, fruits, animal sounds and much more. Baby cell phone toys are entertaining, exciting and also very educational.

8. Why are the cell phone toys so brightly colored?

Babies’ sensory perceptions like sight, hearing, touch, etc. are still developing and they need to be stimulated properly. That is why baby toys and baby cell phones are so brightly colored and equipped with flashing lights and cute sound effects.


So, here I end! This is everything that you need to know to pick the best baby cell phone toy for your tiny tot. Now that you know all about the top products, extra information and all the FAQs about play cell phones for babies, you can pick a nice toy for your little one.

This comprehensive guide has provided you with all the information and assistance that you need to pick a lovely pretend cell phone toy for your own child or the child of a relative/friend. If you have any additional queries regarding this, please feel free to reach out. I would be there to help you out!

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
  • Touch screen kids phone with 12 light-up pretend apps including pretend calendar, clock, and weather
  • The 12 included apps respond to touch and light up; toggle between the app screen and the Music mode screen using the slide at the bottom of the...
  • Home button saves your phone number so toddlers can pretend to call home; 15 melodies, different phrases and sing along songs keep kids engaged
  • Educational kids toy introduces role-play and hand eye coordination for your children; songs help teach ABCs, 123s and first words
  • Baby phone is designed for 6 month to 3 year olds and is not moisture proof; required 2 AAA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only, new...
LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone, Green Small
  • Have playful conversations with Scout and receive pretend phone calls and voicemail messages with this role-play smartphone built just for toddlers
  • Explore and count numbers 0-10 with exciting animations by pressing the light-up number buttons
  • Watch cute videos featuring Scout by pressing the video button and add Emoji with sound effects just like popular social media sites
  • Listen to two songs about counting and phone manners or a melody by pressing the music button
  • Games include a guessing game to try and guess the objects and a number game that asks to match the number buttons with the number on the screen....
Richgv Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls, Baby Cell Phone Toy Sensory Learning Toys with 12 Functions, Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Multi Sound Effects...
  • Baby Boy Toys Gifts: Richgv interactive baby phone features 12 learning modes, each button having multiple sounds and features. There are numbers 0 to...
  • Teething Toys for Babies 6-12 Months: The silicone antennas are made of non-toxic material and light up with four different colors. They are great for...
  • Right Size&Volume Adjustable: Richgv toy phone is built for little hands and is the perfect size for easy on-the-go entertainment for babies. The...
  • Power-saving Mode: Richgv baby fake phone will enter power-saving mode after a ringtone reminder if no operation is performed within 15 seconds...
  • 1 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift: Richgv baby toys make a great gift for babies aged 6 months to 1 year. Not only is it a phone toy with actual buttons,...
HOLA Baby Phone Toys for 1 Year Old Boy Girl, My First Learning Play Phone for Kid, Musical Light up Phone Toys 12 18 24 Month, Toys for 1,2 Year Old...
  • ♫【Keep Babies Joyful in Play Games】Full-screen play music toys with 12 icons, Each toy phone button plays realistic sound effects according to...
  • ♫【Perfect Phone for Baby】This interactive baby toys are funny while they boost. The developmental phone toy makes proper volume to protect your...
  • ♫【Musical Educational Toys】There are lot of educational games for a little one to have fun with. Flashing lights, counting, music and visual...
  • ♫【Travel Conveniense】Educational activiities erol for are the perfect solution to long car rides, airplane rides and travel. This portable...
  • ♫【Quality You Can Trust】Won't breek like cheap toys, this is a high quality kids learning phone that is sturdy and engineered to withstand daily...
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby & Toddler Toy Smart Phone with Educational Music & Lights for Ages 6+ Months, Blue
  • Blue toy phone with 30+ sing-along songs, sounds and phrases that teach numbers, counting, greetings and more
  • Press 12 “app” tile buttons to hear rewarding songs and phrases
  • Light 'dances' along to songs and phrases
  • Slider activates more music and sounds
  • Helps foster sensory skills, fine motor skills and early role-play for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years old
BABBYO Baby Toy Phone with Big Touch Screen & Toy Remote Control for Baby,Play Phones for Kids & Toy Remote for Baby
  • 【Super value】 This baby musical toys bundle includes a baby toy remote and a Smartphone Toys for Baby, perfect for birthday gifts,...
  • 【Realistic design】 The kids phone looks like a real phone, there are 15 light-up APP images on the big touch screen including message,...
  • 【Tons of Songs and Phrases】 Baby play phone & baby TV remote includes 30+ songs, 20+ sound effect and 50+ phrase, keep your baby busy on...
  • 【Premium Quality】 Baby cell phone and baby toy remote made of 100% child safe ABS.
  • 【Early Education】 These two baby musical toys are perfect for inspiring your kid’s knowledge of numbers, shape, music, color and...
VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone, 0.91 x 3.27 x 5.91 inches, Black & blue
  • Kids smart phone features 10 realistic phone apps including music, clock, photos and games; kids can play and talk just like mom and dad
  • Kids pretend phones allows for a pretend phonebook; add and store up to 5 family or friend numbers that you can pretend to call
  • Pre-K learning toy teaches numbers, letters and time concepts with fun apps and games; personalize with 5 different ring tones
  • Voice activation allows toddlers to talk with a friendly animated bird on the pretend phone screen
  • Smart phone toy is intended for kids 2 to 5 years of age; 2 AAA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use