12 Best 2 Seater Power Wheels 2023 – Improve Child’s Coordination Skills

Driving an electric toy car can significantly help develop your toddler’s coordination. So, buying the best 2 seater power wheels for your child is not only for entertainment purposes. It can encourage children to operate cars with a more careful and skillful approach.

Best Choice
TOBBI Kids Ride On Car Maserati 12V Rechargeable Toy Vehicle w/ MP3 Remote Control White
Second Best
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Pink
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Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
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TOBBI 12V 7AH Licensed Mercedes Benz Kids Car Electric Ride On Car Motorized Vehicle with Remote Control, 2x35W Powerful Engine, LED Lights, MP3...
TOBBI Kids Ride On Car Maserati 12V Rechargeable Toy Vehicle w/ MP3 Remote Control White
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Pink
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
TOBBI 12V 7AH Licensed Mercedes Benz Kids Car Electric Ride On Car Motorized Vehicle with Remote Control, 2x35W Powerful Engine, LED Lights, MP3...
Best Choice
TOBBI Kids Ride On Car Maserati 12V Rechargeable Toy Vehicle w/ MP3 Remote Control White
TOBBI Kids Ride On Car Maserati 12V Rechargeable Toy Vehicle w/ MP3 Remote Control White
Second Best
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Pink
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Pink
Also Consider
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
Don't Miss
TOBBI 12V 7AH Licensed Mercedes Benz Kids Car Electric Ride On Car Motorized Vehicle with Remote Control, 2x35W Powerful Engine, LED Lights, MP3...
TOBBI 12V 7AH Licensed Mercedes Benz Kids Car Electric Ride On Car Motorized Vehicle with Remote Control, 2x35W Powerful Engine, LED Lights, MP3...

More than that, it helps build children’s confidence; it teaches them to be independent and offers them a sense of adventure. With that in mind, we have gathered the top-rated 2-seater power wheels that you can check out.

Comparison Table:

By reading our product reviews and buying guide, you can obtain some useful information before making the final buying decision. So, let’s compare each product and see which one can meet your requirements and budget.

Top Picks 2 Seater Power Wheel

1. TOBBI Kids Ride On Car Maserati

Are you wondering what ideal gift to give your little one this holiday season? Then, give this 12v 2 seater ride on a closer look. For sure, your most precious child will be delighted to receive such a grand present this holiday. This amazing and expensive-looking electric car is unquestionably a great purchase to consider.

This toy car is easy to carry, thanks to its compact design. It includes a pull rod, so carrying the toy car back to your place even if it is out of power is not a hassle at all. Sure thing, your little one won’t stop thanking you for giving him a real Maserati driving experience.

It comes with dual modes of play: kid’s self-control where the child can control the toy car on their own, parent control mode where parents can control the toy vehicle for turning backward and forward.

Parents looking for safe and comfortable toys for their children consider this product a great option. It is made with several functions such as high/low-speed switch, real working headlights, MP3 input and plays, horn, doors that open and close, and the movable rearview mirror. This can give your child the feeling of driving a real car.

To ensure more comfort and safety, this toy car is made with a comfortable backrest and seat, a safety belt, plus a large sitting area for your little one. Enhance the safety of your child during driving time by ensuring that he’s wearing the safety seat belt. Meanwhile, to allow your kid to enjoy playing for about an hour, make sure that the toy car is fully charged.

However, some sensitive little kids may find the sound of this toy car’s engine a little loud. So, it is better for parents or guardians to assist their little one the first time they use this toy car, so they won’t be surprised.
  • Designed with two modes of play
  • Easy to carry with pull rod
  • Manufactured with multiple functions
  • 1 hour of play on full charge
  • Offers safety and comfort
  • Generates loud engine sound
Ultimately, if you want top-quality power wheels with a remote, you can give this product a try. Your kid will absolutely love it!

2. Fisher-Price W2602 Power Wheels

Are you purchasing power wheels for 7 year old children? If yes, then you don’t need to search further. This tough-looking toy car will definitely catch the attention and interest of any kids who love toy cars. Your kid will enjoy the excitement of independence as he drives off in this mini toy car. This is a great choice to allow your kids to enjoy hours of fun.

This product is a fun-filled and safe way to get your children into driving. You won’t have worries anymore because this toy is purposely made for off-road or rugged outdoor use. So, even if your kid drives it in rough terrain, grassy areas, and on hard surfaces, it is durable enough to endure all that.

The package already contains a 12v battery and a charger. This toy vehicle is also manufactured with metal sidebars to offer hand support whenever your child is at play. You can be at peace even when your kid is driving around because this product is designed with a power lock brake system.

As you can see, this toy vehicle is made with a solid steel frame, so even if your kid hits hard surfaces, the toy won’t easily get damaged. Many shoppers prefer this option because it is specifically engineered for extended hours of fun and adventures for toddlers. Your kid won’t have a dull moment while driving.

Be that as it may, the assembly process of this battery-powered riding toy is not as easy as expected. So, it might take a while to assemble it. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide when assembling this item.

Luckily, it will all be worth it in the end because your kid will have a great time after the intricate assembly process.
  • Ideal to use for rugged outdoor applications
  • Equipped with power lock brake system
  • Features solid build materials
  • Kit contains 12V battery and charger
  • Engineered with metal sidebars
  • Assembly is a bit time-consuming
Buyers shopping for premium quality 2 seater battery powered cars will certainly find this option a wise investment. This battery-operated toy car seems built to last!

3. Best Choice Products SKY2858 Ride On Truck

For those searching for a two seater kids car, this product is an excellent alternative worth buying. Its solid and stylish craftsmanship proves that this toy car is built to last for years. As you can see, its design looks like a real car. It is manufactured with super bright LED lights, an easy-to-adjust seat belt to ensure kid’s safety, and a 12-Volt motor that comes with three-speed options.

This item is engineered using a non-toxic and sturdy plastic body, and the traction wheels are made with a spring suspension system that makes it perfect for rugged use. If your kid is into adventurous games and hobbies, he will certainly love this as a special gift on any occasion. Your little one will have fun driving in grassy or dirty spots.

One good feature of this product is its remote and manual control functions. Such a feature allows children to drive manually or parents can utilize the remote control to guide their children while driving. The remote control comes with speed selection and reverse or forward controls. The kit includes a rechargeable battery as well.

If you can’t think of an ideal gift to give to a 3 to 8-year-old kid, two seater ride on toys will be a great choice. Aside from ensuring adventurous driving experiences, this toy car will make kids thrilled even more as it is designed with a built-in AUX outlet that enables children to plug in their media devices.

Hence, they can enjoy listening to their favorite music while enjoying the ride. If you are a parent who wishes to train your child on how to drive, then power wheels with remote are one great way for you to get started.

However, please take note that the light bar located behind the seat of this toy car is not real. So, don’t expect it to light up.
  • Heavy-duty and stylish craftsmanship
  • Features real-car design
  • Comes with built-in AUX outlet
  • Equipped with remote and manual control functions
  • Includes rechargeable battery
  • Unreal light bar behind the seat
Out of the box, this remote control 2 seat power wheels is loaded with unique and thrilling features. So, it is a more impressive choice compared to other available options.

4. Moderno Kids 2 Seater Ride On Car

Would you like to purchase a 2 seater ride on jeep that is specifically designed for 2 to 6-year-old kids? This model can be the perfect alternative that you shouldn’t miss.

This toy car is easy to transport, and is specially manufactured to ensure a fun-filled, safe, and adventurous driving experience for little ones. So, if you are still contemplating what ideal present to give this Christmas or other occasions, this product is worth a shot.

You can enjoy watching kids driving as this toy car comes with a remote control that could halt or overpower the jeep anytime. This allows two up to six miles speeds for both reverse and forward modes. Did you know that adults can also be entertained by this toy car? Yes, that’s right! Enjoy playing with this toy car through remote control operation.

This toy jeep is engineered with an electric brake system and a soft start. Hence, your kid will be safe as the toy allows reliable braking and gradual acceleration. You can adjust the seat, and this item is designed with a two-way easy-to-convert safety seat belt. You can use the seat belt for a single kid, or use it as two separate seat belts for two kids.

You will be impressed by this product’s sound system feature. Kids will love connecting their phones with horns, FM radio, Bluetooth, and Music. This toy jeep also features lights with on and off switch, as well as an on-screen digital battery life display. Isn’t it more entertaining for kids to enjoy the ride while listening to music?

One minor gripe about this toy car is the lack of easy-to-follow assembly instructions. This is perhaps not a problem to experts in toy car assembly, but for first-timers like me, the assembly process is not a sure fun thing to do.
  • No sweat to transport
  • Remote control with reverse and forward modes, 2-6 miles speeds
  • Reliable braking and gradual acceleration
  • Ideal for 2 to 6 years old
  • Equipped with a sound system and a safety belt
  • Light switch and battery life display
  • Lacks clear assembly instructions
Two-seater ride on toys like this model is one of the pricey options. However, their features and functions are the best bang for the money!

5. VALUE BOX Electric Remote Control Truck

Are you planning to purchase a perfect gift for kids age 2 to 6 years old? Then, you don’t need to think of any other gift besides this double seat power wheels. This option will definitely bring great happiness to toddlers. They can surely enjoy a thrilling and entertaining ride wherever they are.

Toddlers are in good hands even when they delight in an adventurous ride. This toy truck is designed with a wireless remote that parents can control. It has three distinct speeds, so it is safe to drive for kids. Such a feature guarantees a more customized driving experience for kids who love adventures.

This electric toy car comes with a steering wheel and a foot pedal. It comes with seat belts, and it is effortless to use with the reverse and forward buttons. Keep in mind that it is essential to charge it for roughly 8 to 10 hours to allow the toy truck to operate for approximately 1 to 2 hours.

This option can be deemed the best 2 seater ride on car with parental remote control. It is multifunctional in that children can enjoy their most preferred music by means of the pre-programmed music and built-in aux jack.

So, kids can take pleasure while riding this toy truck, and at the same time, they can sing or dance with the beat of the music. The maximum driving speed is 2.5 mph.

Moreover, the realistic design of this toy car is also what really attracts shoppers. It looks tough, elegant, and built to last.

It is equipped with a 6-Volt rechargeable battery, and this is plain sailing to charge with the plug-in hole. The charger is included in the kit too.

For all that, this toy car model is sometimes unavailable online. So, if I were you, I would immediately add this item to my shopping cart once it’s back in stock.
  • Equipped with 6-Volt power rechargeable battery
  • Designed with wireless remote control and 3 speeds
  • Looks like a real truck (with pedal, seat belts, etc.) with a tough design
  • Perfect gift for kids age 2 to 6 years old
  • Pre-programmed music and aux jack
  • Sometimes out of stock online
Overall, this electric ride-on truck will absolutely bring a fun-filled and thrilling experience for your most cherished toddlers.

6. Peg Perego IGOD0063 John Deere Gator XUV

You won’t regret purchasing these 2 rider power wheels because your kids will certainly jump with joy once they’ve received this toy car. Undeniably, this item is a perfect addition for toddlers who are into an adventuresome type of play.

They will like the idea of being able to attach a trailer to their XUV by using the locking hitch pin. At an early age, you can teach your kids how to do some chores as this toy car trains them to load up and drop off stuff with more fun.

This toy car model is made with a larger dump bed that has a tailgate. The seats are adjustable too since the manufacturer considers how fast kids are growing. Your kids won’t be in danger while driving since this option is designed with an accelerator pedal that has automatic brakes. Therefore, it is safe and easy to use.

Interestingly, it features a huge hauling capacity. The wheels are sturdy making them ideal for rugged use. This toy car’s weight capacity amounts to 130 pounds, and the kit contains a 12-Volt battery and a charger. This item will be great for children age 3 to 8 years old and is durable enough for two kids riding at the same time.

Fortunately, premium quality 2 seater ride on toys like this option are not hard to find. The assembly process may take a while, but it is worthwhile. This is a practical gift idea for kids on any occasion.

Honestly, this is not so easy to install especially if you haven’t assembled a ride-on toy before. But, it is worth the time-consuming assembly process.
  • Comes with larger dump bed with a tailgate
  • Made with easy-to-adjust seats
  • Features huge hauling capacity
  • Makes loading up and dropping off stuff fun
  • Sturdy, designed with a locking hitch pin
  • Has accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Assembly could be quicker
Overall, this toy car model is a great gift idea that won’t fail to meet the expectations of your little ones!

7. TOBBI Kids Ride On Toys Police Car

Is your child passionate about being a policeman? If so, this ride-on realistic police car is a perfect choice. It is built with a siren, police signs, flashing lights, a megaphone, and other unique features that children will absolutely adore. It features a multifunctional design with LED lights, horn, and built-in music. Hence, it is ideal for a thrilling ride.

This police toy car is made with dual control modes. The parental control mode allows you to control the toy car for turning backward and forward. Meanwhile, the kid’s self-control mode allows children to control the police car on their own using the steering wheel and the power pedal. It’s definitely one great way to delight your kids with adventurous playtime.

The wheels are built with wear-resistant and shock absorption features, as well as a suspension system. This means that they are ideal for any type of road. Your kids will love driving it because it is also designed with easy-to-adjust speeds, and it allows smooth sailing movement. It is designed with safety and comfort in mind. You can let your toddlers delight in a police car driving experience without any risk.

Besides, there is a USB interface, AUX port, TF card slot, and Bluetooth for kids to use as well. The design and features are kid-friendly, so you’ll have no worries. Even though this police toy car model is made with heavy-duty materials, it is not bulky to carry around. So, transporting it when necessary is not a hassle for you.

While you cannot deny that this police toy car looks tough and is great for multiple purposes, its size is smaller than expected. Luckily, this does not change the fact that it can ensure an enjoyable riding and driving experience for kids aged 3 to 6 years old.
  • Heavy-duty but easy to transport
  • Wear-resistant and shock-absorptive with suspension system
  • Engineered with dual control modes
  • Easy-to-adjust speeds
  • Features realistic police car design
  • Multimedia features (Bluetooth, TF card slot, and more)
  • Smaller than expected
On the whole, if you prefer a 2 seater ride on cars that are kid-friendly, this model is worth a try. Safety, comfort, and multiple functions are guaranteed!

8. Kid Motorz Hummer H2 2 Seater Ride On

This two seater ride on car is the best bet for shoppers who want a fun-filled yet low-risk riding or driving experience for their toddlers. This toy car version is designed with storage space at the back, one reverse speed, as well as two forward speeds. It also has hubcaps and a chrome front grille.

What is more, the kit already contains a 12V battery and a charger. This electric toy car can entertain kids effectively because of its unique features. It comes with realistic sound effects on the dashboard. Hence, this is a practical option for your toddler’s biggest adventures.

In addition to this, it is made with stylish decals and can ensure an hour of fun-filled riding adventures per charge. This is a wonderful present for kids age 3 to 10 years old. The maximum capacity amounts to 130 pounds, so your toddler’s playmate can simply hop in and partake in a thrilling adventure.

The charge can last a while. Your little one can easily drive this electric toy car on the concrete, or through the grass. You won’t have a hard time teaching your toddler how to use this toy hummer since it is easy to operate. For sure, your kid won’t get bored driving around, so you can save him from playing other risky games.

This toy hummer model is perfect as a car; however, it is smaller than anticipated. The two seats are fine, but only thin and small kids can occupy the limited space.
  • Equipped with stylish decals, hubcaps and chrome front grille
  • Comes with storage space at the back
  • Designed with 1 reverse speed and 2 forward speeds
  • Includes 12-Volt battery and a charger, realistic sounds
  • Can handle 130 pounds, concrete and glass
  • Full battery provides an hour of operation
  • Suitable for small kids only
In general, this power wheels for grass is a smart purchase. If you prioritize excellent speed and power, this electric toy car won’t disappoint your expectations.

9. VALUE BOX Luxury Large Ride

Parents searching for top-quality 2 seater childrens electric cars can rely on this model. This ride-on toy truck is designed with a tough and unique look that offers multiple functions. It is a great gift because it has special features that can make your toddler’s driving experience safer, more fun, and entertaining.

This toy truck lets kids have a good time by driving on their own with an easy foot pedal and start or stop button. There is also parent control mode wherein parents or guardians can control the toy truck to ensure their toddler’s safety using a 2.4 G remote control.

Likewise, there is an MP3 Aux Cord that allows kids to listen to music and a real-working horn. They can also use the plug-in intended for an MP3 player. Meanwhile, the openable door is designed with a magnetic lock. Hence, your little ones can easily open it, so they could go in and out without any hassle.

Kids can also use the portable handle located beneath the back of the car to allow effortless movement when necessary. You can hide it when not in use too. As for the wheels, they are built with a durable and anti-skid feature. They are explosion-proof and can withstand wearing. As a result, kids can have a smooth driving experience.

The seats are big enough and come with safety belts. You can adjust the seat belt for more comfortable and safer use. Kids 3 years and above will certainly find this toy truck a very fascinating gift on special occasions.

Unfortunately, this item sometimes runs out of stock. This is probably because many shoppers opt for this toy truck model. So, be sure to buy this immediately when it is back in stock. You simply cannot miss a good product like this.
  • Easy-to-control foot pedal and start/stop button
  • Openable door and MP3 Aux Cord
  • Roomy seat with safety seat belt
  • Designed with a parental control mode (2.4G remote control)
  • Durable and anti-skid, explosion-proof wheels
  • Portable handle that can be hidden
  • Not always available for purchase
Unquestionably, this high-performance ride-on truck is a wonderful investment. The smile that this item brings to your little one’s face is absolutely priceless!

10. TOBBI Mercedes Benz Kids Ride On Car

This Mercedes Benz Kids Ride On Car by TOBBI is one of the best-sellers. It is easy to assemble and allows more safety and convenience for toddlers. It looks stylish with unique taillights and headlights and two openable doors. It comes with retractable wheels and a handle, so it is not a hassle to transport when it runs out of power.

Not to mention, this battery-powered toy car can ensure an enjoyable riding experience with a USB interface, built-in music, TF card slot, and AUX port. The parental remote control, adjustable safety belt, low-speed reverse, and double lockable doors are all meant to ensure toddlers’ safety and security.

In fact, the slow start design is intended to help prevent children from being shocked due to sudden deceleration and acceleration. For a more comfortable and smoother ride, this toy car is built with a quakeproof feature. Such attributes are barely found in other available options.

The four wheels are designed with a wear-resistant feature and spring suspension that absorbs shocks. Hence, regardless of the terrain, your toddler won’t be at risk. Parents can control this ride-on toy car with the aid of the remote controller.

The slight inconveniences that you can observe with this cute mini car are the tiny seats. They seem not roomy enough for kids to sit and move freely and comfortably. I wish they were designed to be a little more spacious to allow easy and more comfortable movement.
  • A piece of cake to assemble
  • Retractable handle and wheels for more convenience
  • Adjustable safety belt, wear-resistant wheels
  • Parental remote control and ports for devices
  • Stylish look and prioritizes kid’s safety
  • The seats are not spacious enough.
To wrap up, this ride-on mini cute car prioritizes your child’s safety, convenience, and security. Thus, if safety comes first for you, then no doubt, this is a wise investment!

What to Look for When Buying 2 Seater Power Wheels


How to pick the best 2 seater power wheels for your most precious little ones?

Here are some buying guides for you to ponder on:

  • Kid’s age

Different 2 seater power wheels models are designed for different age ranges. So, when picking a toy car, check the recommended age range of the product first. This is to ensure that the controls and features are easier to handle or suitable for your toddler.

  • Safety

While electric toy cars generally operate at a very low speed, it is still critical to consider all safety measures. This will help your toddler learn about the significance of wearing safety belts while driving or riding.

  • Remote control

Kids who are too young usually need adults to supervise them while driving. So, if your kid is too young to drive on his own, opt for options that come with parental control.

  • Motor voltage

The smooth movement of an electric toy car highly relies on its voltage. Toy car models come in three voltages: 6, 12, and 24V power wheels. 6-Volts are for indoor applications, while 24-volts are ideal for rugged outdoor use.

  •  Battery

It is critical to inspect how long the battery can last after one charge. Needless to say, a toy car with a long-lasting battery is highly recommended.

  • Toy car model

While picking a model for your little one, see to it that it does not merely look appealing, but is also safe and comfortable to drive and sit on.

  • Extra features

Other special features include headlights, built-in music, horns, radios, and other devices that you can use in a real vehicle.

However, the more features the toy car has, the more expensive it is.

  • Price

Primarily, electric or battery-powered toy cars are priced expensively. Thus, depending on your requirements and budget, decide upon the toy car you can purchase for your toddler.

There are some manufacturers that sell high-quality toy car models at less expensive price tags.


In summary, choosing the best 2 seater power wheels for your child can be a pain in the neck given there are countless options available to date. We encourage you to carefully read our product reviews and shopping guides, so you can gain some practical insights on what to look for when purchasing one.

Whether you are looking for a 2 seater ride on car 24V, 12V, or 6V, there is a suitable option that will best match your requirements. Research the most trusted brands before picking a toy car model. This way, you can be sure that you are on the right track.

Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler Ride-On Battery Powered Vehicle with Music Sounds and Storage, Seats 2
  • Ride-on vehicle with Hot Wheels colors & graphics, ​flashy “chrome” wheels & accents ​
  • Drives on hard surfaces and grass at 2.5 and 5 mph (4 and 8 km/h) max. forward; 2.5 mph (4 km/h) max. reverse​
  • ​Power-Lock Brakes​ and parent-controlled, high-speed lockout for beginners
  • ​​Motor sounds & revvin’ tunes, roomy rear storage area ​(Requires 3 AA batteries for motor sounds/pretend radio)
  • For kids ages 3-7 years, max. weight 130 lb. (59 kg), seats 2
Explorer 2 (Two) Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car Truck with R/C Parental Remote + EVA Rubber LED Wheels + Leather Seat + MP3 Music Player Bluetooth...
  • Best Fast and Powerful 1 - 2 Seater Kids Ride-On Car Truck for Toddlers Up To 4 Years or Single Rider 3-6 Years Old (Under Supervision of Adult) with...
  • Swappable / Removable Large Capacity 12V 12Ah Battery with Overcharge/Overdischarge and Overload Protection, 2 Powerful Motors, 2 Forward Speeds (3...
  • Soft Start and Electric Brake System for Gradual Acceleration and Reliable Braking. 2 Way Adjustable Soft Perforated PU Leather seat with 2 Way...
  • Full Function Long Range 2.4Ghz Parental Remote Control with remote STOP function. Front + Rear Spring Shock Absorbers, Underbody Soft Glow Blue LED...
  • Integrated MP3 Music Player with Bluetooth FM Radio, Plays files from Micro SD card, USB Flash Drive or external devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone or...
Aosom 12V Police Car Ride-on Truck with Remote Control & Siren, 2-Seater Battery-Operated Electric Car for Kids with Music, Electric Ride-on Toy with...
  • High Traction Wheels: Provide an extra powerful ride with big, wide wheels, a shock-absorbing suspension system, and a design that powers through...
  • Siren, Horn, and Music: The ride on car features flashing siren lights and a cool look. The steering wheel features a button to sound a horn, giving...
  • 2-Seat SUV: This car for kids has two seats with seat belts to provide space for your kids to bring a friend! Cruise around the neighborhood in style,...
  • Child Driven or Remote Control: Little riders can control the ride on car directly inside the driver's seat, or you can direct the kids vehicle using...
  • Toddler Car Information: Overall Dimensions: 53.25" L x 33.75" W x 33.5" H. Recommended Age: 37 Months - 5 Years Old. Certifications: ASTM F963,...
Kid Trax Dodge Viper SRT Convertible Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3 - 7 years old, 12 Volt Battery, Max Weight of 130 lbs, Two Seater, Working Lights,...
  • Hit the road with a friend on board with this Dodge Viper SRT 12V Battery-Powered Ride-On Toy from Kid Trax.
  • Capable of both forward and reverse speeds of 2.5 to 5 MPH and equipped with an electronic horn, LED lights, and an FM radio with MP3 input, this...
  • Features such as Kid Trax Power Trax rubber traction strip tires for all-terrain performance make this toy adventurous, yet safe.
  • A 12V rechargeable battery with Kid Trax direct connect one-step charging system guarantees that fun is never more than an outlet away.
  • This ride-on toy ships ready to be assembled, has a two-rider, 130-pound maximum weight capacity, is recommended for ages three to seven years and has...
Best Choice Products 12V Kids Ride On Truck Car w/Parent Remote Control, Spring Suspension, LED Lights, AUX Port - Black
  • FOR KIDS 3 YEARS & OLDER: This small yet powerful ride-on is perfect for your little racers who want to start driving like the grownups do!
  • POWERFUL 12V & REALISTIC DESIGN: Adjustable seatbelt, bright LED headlights, lockable doors, and grid windshield for off-road style, with a 12V motor...
  • MANUAL AND PARENT CONTROL: Let your child drive manually or use the remote control to safely guide them yourself; remote has forward/reverse controls
  • SAFE & DURABLE: Includes plastic wheels that will never deflate, plus a spring suspension system and safe, 2.8mph max speed for smooth rides on...
  • CONNECT YOUR MUSIC: A built-in AUX outlet allows kids to plug in media devices to drive while jamming to their own selection of music; OVERALL...
Power Wheels Ride-On Toy Bbq Fun Jeep Wrangler Battery-Powered Vehicle with Sounds, Pretend Grill & 5 Food Pieces, Preschool Kids 3+ Years (Amazon...
  • Battery-powered ride-on vehicle with a removable pretend grill, 5 pretend food play pieces, and a flying disc for outdoor play
  • Realistic Jeep Wrangler styling with pretend radio that plays fun grilling and driving sounds
  • Vehicle drives on hard surfaces and grass at max. speed 5 mph forward, 2.5 mph reverse
  • Power-Lock brakes and parent-controlled, high-speed lock out
  • For kids ages 3-7 years. Seats 2, max. weight 130 lbs
Ride On Toy, ANPABO 12V Ride On Truck with Remote Control, Off-Road UTV with Spring Suspension, Adjustable Speed, Safety Belt, LED Lights, MP3 Player,...
  • 【Powerful UTV For Outdoor Adventure】Looking for a ride-on car for your little one that can cope in pretty much any situation? ANPABO gives just...
  • 【Perfect Size For Kids】 This electric vehicle can fit young drivers under 4.5 feet height and 110Lbs weight. The 19 inch seat will be wide enough...
  • 【Safety is Top Priority】 The specially designed P button on the remote allows the parent to stop the truck when there is potential danger. And...
  • 【Two Modes, Double fun】 Worried that your kid is too young to drive? The remote control mode is designed for toddlers who can't drive by himself....
  • 【Lifelike Driving Experience】 For precocious youngsters who can't wait to get behind the wheel, this ride-on truck provides a great opportunity to...