16 Best Slot Car Tracks 2023 – Enhance Hand-Eye Coordination

Slot car racing is an incredible toy for automobile fans and anyone who loves speed and competition. It is also a perfect alternative to video games. Joining active play with the best slot car racing sets can enhance their hand-eye coordination, risk-reward thinking, and other hands-on skills.

Best Choice
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
Second Best
Anki Overdrive Starter KIT & Expansion Bundle - Limited Quantity! Fast & Furious Limited Editon (All CAR Batteries are Upgraded & Brand New - Other...
Good Pick
Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale
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Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track C1364T Playset
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
Anki Overdrive Starter KIT & Expansion Bundle - Limited Quantity! Fast & Furious Limited Editon (All CAR Batteries are Upgraded & Brand New - Other...
Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale
Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track C1364T Playset
Best Choice
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
Second Best
Anki Overdrive Starter KIT & Expansion Bundle - Limited Quantity! Fast & Furious Limited Editon (All CAR Batteries are Upgraded & Brand New - Other...
Anki Overdrive Starter KIT & Expansion Bundle - Limited Quantity! Fast & Furious Limited Editon (All CAR Batteries are Upgraded & Brand New - Other...
Good Pick
Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale
Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale
Also Consider
Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track C1364T Playset
Scalextric American Racers 1:32 Slot Car Race Track C1364T Playset

Although slot cars have been around for centuries, they are still favorable and indispensable toys for speed lovers. Nowadays, slot sets are beefed up with digital technology and various innovations. You will find endless customized options from car lanes to the remote control. There is also a wide range of available analog formats if you prefer more traditional car slots.

Comparison Table:

Therefore, picking the best slot car tracks is a difficult task. Besides your personal preference, you need to pay attention to types, track material, spaces, and other race track accessories in order to choose the most suitable slot car racetrack.

This list of the best 12 slot car tracks for kid sets promises to bring the feeling of hard-fought victory with a new level of realism, so don’t hesitate to take a more in-depth look!


Top Picks Slot Car Tracks

1. Carrera Slot Car Race Track

This Carrera slot car racetrack is the best fit for newbies. If your kiddos are big fans of the Pixar Car movies series, this set comes with dual Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz characters to make your kids exciting. Carrera thoughtfully chooses 1:50 scale size and a magnet underneath the car, ensuring newbies to have more control and tight cornering.

This Carrera slot car set functions with 7.87-ft battery-power and it offers the perfect length for the beginning racer. The track figures 8 turns and is painted with theme décor for extra attractiveness. Thanks to 2 small ergonomic speed controllers, children can go head-to-head for the checkered flag without worrying the cars would fly off the track.

I do not find any challenges when setting up the track. You will find everything you need for a car racing system inside the box. The track construction is made of high-quality material that is able to last for a long time.

Notably, most slot-cars are not suitable for very young children, so here is another good news for you: this slot car racetrack made for children above 3-year-old. Let’s the journey of your little car enthusiast start by this enlightened slot car racing!
  • Suitable for beginners, especially kids who are 3-year-old
  • Eye-catching design with favorable movie characters
  • Excellent car size and appropriate track length
  • Smart ergonomic speed controllers
  • Don’t include extra accessories and batteries
However, because of its beginner-friendly characteristic, there aren’t additional cars, accessories, or available track parts. If you are looking for a product with an interesting design and efficient performance, this could be the best slot car race track for you.

2. Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Edition

Want to experience the real racing from Fast and Furious, don’t miss this Anki slot racing set! This product might be considered the best digital slot car set which comes with high-tech robotic cars that can pair with any technology devices from Apple to LG with Wi-Fi enabled. All you need is to download an app on your phone and enjoy exciting racing missions.

I’m impressed by the well-contrast cars with cutting-edges, optical sensors, dedicated 50MHz CPU, and two high-performance motors. There are two unrivaled supercar techs with different characteristics: while Hobb MXT is sturdy and steady, Dom has a grabbing hook to slow down opponents.

Kids, and even adults, will find this slot car track always fresh due to its stay-up-date software and accessory add-ons. You can build your racing system by customizing weapons, adding expansion cars and Supertrucks, and building jumps and curves with extra tracks. The whole concept is cool and not too complicated to assemble. Therefore, there isn’t any barrier for your kids to put all the magnetic pieces together.

I personally appreciate Anki Overdrive as a superior blend of digital functions and physical items. The cloud services work smoothly to activate the car with weapons and a nice dimension that affects the play.

However, the track is very susceptible to dust and requires regular cleaning.
  • Advanced and outstanding high-tech function
  • Comprehensive accessories track
  • Unique cloud services with a wide range of connecting options
  • Well-made racing cars
  • Simple set up
  • Attractive Fast and Furious concept
  • Quite expensive
  • Need frequent cleaning
Anki Overdrive slot car track set takes down the barrier between the Hi-tech generation and the old genes with its innovative functions. Believe me, even adults need some practices to master this racetrack, so give this gem slot car set a try!

3. Joysway Super 251 Slot Car Racing Set

Joysway is a trustworthy brand when mentioning sturdy and sustainable design. As expected, its Joysway Super 251 model does not disappoint.

The track material of this slot car racing is durable and spacious, with cooling curves and loops requiring speed planning. The mechanical lap counter is my most enjoyable part, which features the lock system for smooth driving.

Another plus of this slot car set is a digital proportional speed controller that enables full speed control while other brands commonly offer 2 or 3 fixed speeds. This set comes with 2 large scale cars featuring breathtaking LED headlights outlook and strong magnetic base. You will be surprised how smooth and fast the cars drive with desirable speed.

The installation process is a pleasure for parents with clear instructions and only takes about 15 minutes thanks to the precision and high detail gear design. There is a USB cap that you only need to plug in your power bank to activate the power system, but you will need USB wall outlets.

Moreover, this is perhaps the quietest electric slot car race track I have ever experienced.

  • An affordable toy set
  • Easy assembling process
  • Unique LED headlights car
  • Precision gear design for fast, smooth, and quiet racing
  • Inventive digital speed controller
  • Might need USB wall outlets
This slot car track is a remarkable gift for your kiddo in any special event. Light up the dream of any car obsession by giving it a try!

4. Scalextric C1368T Slot Car Race Track Set

The timeless car slot is perfect for all racing levels, and this Scalextric analog car slot will fulfill that dream. There are 2 hand controllers with four-position selector switches that are easy to adjust for beginners. These features also allow adventure racers to adjust the speed settings to full speed for faster racing.

Your kids will freely explore different terraces of racing by changing 4 available layout options. There is also a lap counter for an extra dimension to bring more challenging competition between racers.

Two matched cars have a striking appearance with red or white colors. Although they are lightweight, their tires are well-made and provide a smooth drive. When racing with maximized speed, you don’t have to deal with the car falling off on the track due to its high-quality magnatraction magnets. In short, the braids underneath efficiency keeps the connection between the vehicle and track.

You can either build quick and short races, or more endurance races with extension track, which is up to 5 meters. Don’t forget to enjoy the sense of accomplishment by constructing the 90-degree or 45-degree curve. The drawback of this set is the plastic material is quite thin, so you shouldn’t put too much pressure when installing or pulling apart the track.
  • Versatile with 4 different layouts and extension tracks
  • Innovative lap counter
  • Sturdy and lightweight cars
  • Smart hand controller
  • Long racing track
  • The track is quite easy to break due to plastic material
Scalextric is a high-reputation brand that always produces reliable design construction toys. Therefore, this car slot set is undoubtedly a fantastic item for meaningful and exciting family bonding time.

5. Carrera 62480 Electric Powered Slot Car Track

Carrera brings another stunning slot car track candidate that you don’t want to miss. Different from the other brands’ slot car set for beginners, this GO!!! slot car track specializes for racing masters. Only a skillful driver can claim victory on the 29-feet race with 2 loops, banked curves, and flyover.

Moreover, this slot car track is expandable and customizable, which gives you various possibilities to reshape your new dream track for hours. As always, the included cars feature the highest quality functions: eye-catching tampo-printing, sticky double brushes, and strong down-force magnet.

Based on that, each car race at scaled speeds up to 270-mph with maximum contact to the track and quick cornering action even for the very first time. If you have limited space, this slot car track has appropriate sizes yet still provides endless entertaining hours.

I mostly adore the speed controllers with a turbo boost button. With a simple push and adjust, you will experience the real race car driving with extra speed burst to navigate through a loop or to pass your competitor. It also comes with thoughtful governors attached that prevent the acceleration action that makes the car fly off the track. The governor clip is easy to replace.

However, I notice that the track race is pretty thin, so you should be careful when transporting it.
  • Fresh terrace design with loops and flyover
  • Creative speed controllers with turbo boost button and attached governors
  • Suitable for small space
  • High-quality toy cars
  • Wide range of customizing accessories
  • The track race is thin
Carrera is an on-top choice for a younger racer with creative “action” features, so it is worth becoming a starter line. With modest price yet high-end quality, you can worry-free to continue to expand and customize more accessories for the extra challenges.

6. Max Traxxx 098216 R/C Track Set

Max Traxxx slot car set takes your racing obsession to the next level with the one-and-only lighting tracing technology. All track parts of this set are glow-in-the-dark from dual loops to corners that delight your racing game in any dark conditions. With high-quality plastic metal material, this slot car track is a last-long option that can sustain under harsh playing.

This loop track set also includes glow racing cars that have undercarriage lights. The racing competition is never the same in the dark when the vehicles leave glowing streaks as racers are ‘burning” up the track.

Here comes other good news: the scale speed of this car can be up to 500 miles per hour, which is faster than most standard car slot tracks. Speed it up, and you will be amazed while seeing it hover on the race. The charging process is straightforward; you only need to plug it into the control powered by 4 AA batteries.

Nevertheless, Max Traxx doesn’t have quick customer service, so it will take time to respond back if your slot car track has an issue.
  • Exclusive glow-in-dark track race
  • Creative glow racing cars
  • Impressive top scale speed
  • Simple charging process
  • Budget-friendly
  • More suitable for novice skill level
  • Slow to handle customers’ issues
In short, this slot car track is worth purchasing in terms of persistent construction and unique entertainment. Imagine the thrilling feel when you participate in the racing competition at night and become a winner.

7. Tracer Racers R/C High Speed Track Set

Your kids feel bored when playing with the typical track driving? This High Speed Track Set toy is what you are looking for: Tracer Racers glow track set refreshes the race game with the ablaze road.

The track is made of an enduring light-absorbing material that glows in the dark. Kids will love racing the cars zipping in a dimly lit room on a futuristic glowing roadway.

There are 2 cars for head to head racing activated by lithium polymer rechargeable batteries allowing dozens of hours playing. For extra challenges, this set includes a super loop module to make little racers learn new racing skills.

The remote control is analog, so it needs a battery to power the controller instead of an adapter setup. Because the slot car track is a bit rubbery over other sets, it specializes in rough-playing children. This slot car set combines creativity, discovery, and learning into your racing taste. You can add more cars on channels A and B or rebuild the track module for extra fun.

However, there isn’t any instruction guideline for customers; thus, you have to install your track based on the picture on the box.
  • Durable construction design
  • Futuristic glowing track race
  • Available expanded accessories
  • Suitable for both newbies and skillful players
  • No installation guidelines
Lastly, Tracer Racer slot car set is a great value slot car track if you search for the slot car track set which has outstanding glow effects yet remains essential driving skills. Keep in mind that the type of this set is analog powered by a specific battery.

8. Carrera 63504 Slot Car Racing Track Set

The Carrera 63504 slot truck set offers an excellent balance for anyone who doesn’t want a complicated slot car racing yet still brings tricky and simulative racing competition.

The most prominent part is a 2-piece removable jump ramp, which is easy to remove or add anywhere on the track. Surprise your opponents with a powered jump and won a racing award.

Carrera always knows the way to astonish the car’s obsession. This slot car racing set comes with Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro chase head to head with extra flashing lights. Your little racers will completely forget video games while riding the ultimate police to pull over the Mustang.

The speed controllers only have one push button that can speed up to 370-mph. I believe this speed is not too fast or too slow for slowing down around turns that prevent the car from landing in the ditch between the tracks. The original type of this slot car track is battery powered. However, you can upgrade it to an electric model with the purchase of an electrical adapter.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Smart design that is suitable for different playing levels
  • Convenient 2-piece removable jump ramp
  • Available expansion track and accessories
  • Aesthetics slot car appearance
  • Possible to upgrade to the electric model
  • Separately purchase for plug into walls
With the age recommendation for children above 5-year-old, this slot car set is an outstanding award for your kiddo in the early racing stage.

9. Hot Wheels Slot Track Carrying Case

Slot car sets usually demand space for setting up and hard to move around. The Hot Wheels track pack is here to solve that concern.

The racing track is shaped into a convenient carrying case, which turns transportation and storage easy as a snap. You don’t have to take apart or reassemble the road after playing time is over.

This slot track carrying case also works well if you have limited space. Designed as a mini round racecourse, you are able to race against your friend in a wide range of room sizes with 5.5 feet of fun. Another reason to pick this slot car pack is its high-end die-cast toy cars with replaceable wire braided contact. There are 4 different scale cars in this Hot Wheel collection.

The controller plug has a stereo headphone jack connection. All you need is plug in the hand controller into the core and lets the cars whip around. If you are worried the self-contained track is quite dull, this slot car tracking set promises to impress your baby by detailed painting with catchy red and blue color for hours.

The drawback of this set is that cars frequently fall off the racetrack, although the course is short.
  • Super comfortable to transport and storage
  • Ingenious self-contain car slot track model
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Impressive die-cast car
  • DIY installation process
  • Car is easy to lose off the track
  • Might not suitable for advance racing seekers
If your top concern is limited space, this slot car racing definitely solves your concern. Because this set is a self-contained model, this is a perfect choice for very young kids and for parents who hate the installation process.

10. Far Out Toys Figure 8 Circuit Track Set

Far Out Toys crash racetrack indeed enhances the next level of racing game, especially for group playing. The size track set is super impressive over 16 feet, which is at least double-wide compared to other track racing sets. Another distinctive aspect of this slot car track is accessible accessories, including 6 cones, 8 billboards, and a labeling sheet.

For thrilling lovers, the slot car track features the specialized wreck part. In detail, players can ride and crash like a pro racer with realistic hoods, doors, and roof flying apart upon the explosive collisions. This function leads to other innovative operations: a rebuilt racing car. The car pieces are made for the smoothest snap-back action, so your high-speed racing is uninterrupted.

Long time charging and short time playing is a common weakness of the slot car set. However, this slot car isn’t the typical one. It takes only 10 seconds of charging for high-speed 30 laps racing so that nothing can delay your crash racing competition.

Despite the big size with 40 pieces, the installation of this slot car track is enjoyable and easy-to-follow. I’m astonished when seeing the cars fly around the circle track with incredible speed and going through barriers such as cones and barrels without braking. However, the track is pretty flimsy, so parents should be careful in the assembling process.
  • Giant size track race both in terms of wide and length scale
  • Interesting accessories
  • Unique collision operation with take-apart racing cars
  • Flash-charging time within 10 seconds
  • Favorable for group playing
  • Simple to install
  • The track is quite flimsy
This comprehensive slot car track set has deserved a try because all creative functions overcome most of the typical drawbacks from the standard slot car set. If your priority choice is the extra-large track race with short charging time, this slot car racetrack fulfills all your wishes.

11. Costzon Car Racing Track Set

Costzon car racing track set is expert DIY assembly toys that stimulate multiple creative methods and different model results. This realistic 3D slot car track is a superb source for your kiddos’ problem-solving ability due to a comprehensive building set, such as locker buckle, assembly pipe, L support part, triangle pin.

Therefore, the DIY slot car tracking set brings a fantastic opportunity for your children to be creative and imagine building their racing roads. Moreover, you can find every racing action that you dream in this all-inclusive slot car racing from crashing, chasing to sloping, running.

I understand that chemical plastic smell and toxic material can later lead to harmful effects on your kids’ health. Hence, this auto-filter track car set is made of transparent ABS materials and PP qualified by ASTM certification, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Plus, this set comes with 2 small cars featuring strong magnets and lighting effects.

The cars are fully charged within 30 minutes through the included USB cable and relatively used for a long time. As mentioned above, the installation level of this slot car toy is challenging, even for some parents, and involves some small support parts. Thus, I don’t recommend it to kids below 6-year-old.
  • Visionary and advanced DIY car racing track set
  • Unique 3D model
  • Comprehensive construction parts and accessories
  • Great value for educational purpose
  • Safe material choice
  • Easy charging function
  • Challenging for assembling and suitable for kids above 6-year-old
DIY model of slot car racing set is a smart choice for advanced playing that enhances creativity and imaging ability. Coszton is also among a few brands paying attention to safety materials, so another reason that you don’t want to miss it!

12. Scalextric C1364T Slot Car Race Track

If you are a big fan of classic American cars, this Scalextric American Racers Slot Car racetrack is made for you.

There is no need to advertise Scalextric’s reputation as one of the high-end options, both in price and quality. Featuring Scalextric Camaro and Corvette C6, this slot car set brings the most faithful American vibe for anyone obsessed with modern classic cars.

I’m truly down for the high visibility red paint coating of the Corvette as well as the finished chromed wheels. Both cars have a 1/32 scale with high-quality magnatraction magnets and can approach the speed up to 300mph. Don’t forget to utilize the hand controllers to slow down when you get to the corner by using a 2-position selector switch of the hand controller.

All you need for exciting racing competition is packed into the box. You can start with the most basic track race then build more challenging tracks with 3 remaining layouts. Additionally, there is also a lap counter to add an extra dimension for extra fun. The overall construction design is sturdy and durable, so you don’t have to worry about the track, or the cars would fall apart when playing.

However, I find out the inconsistency between the speed of two cars. The Camaro seems to have a faster motor.
  • Outstanding American classic car design
  • Solid track construction
  • Easy build-up process with 4 different layouts
  • Accessible expand track
  • Instability speed between two racing cars
Finally, this set included all signature designs from the top brand of slot car track: high-detailed slot cars, lighting effect, and a lot of technical demands. You can even join a community of Scalextric racing hobbyists that even have a full-on tournament with rules and regulations.

What to Look for When Buying a Slot Car Track


  • Types

There are 2 main types of slot car track: digital and analog. Analog slot car track has been preferred for half a century and continues to be favorable. Analog controls set the power to feed a specific land regulating the car’s speed in the racing track. Typically, this type of car track only allows the limited vehicles on the lane.

The digital slot car set is a more modern and advanced option. Unlike analog type, the controller specifies the car itself, ensuring the switching action from lane to lane for passing, blocking, or crashing. Consequently, the digital car slot track permits 4 to 6 cars racing at the same time instead of standard 2 vehicles.

Acknowledging what type is more suitable for your needs is vital for a perfect slot car race. For example, if you want a slot car track for group or family playing, pick the digital ones. My list contains both types of slot cars, so that you can look for helpful information.

  • Tracks and customization

The excellent quality track is either well-constructed or expandable. To further bring endless entertaining and development benefits for players, tracks are no longer built in simple ovals or straight race but designed with dramatic shapes with pit, riser, roller-coaster areas. Some slot car models even come with collision operations for extra realism racing scenarios.

Recreation ability is also an essential factor to consider. In other words, you should choose the track set that can be expandable and add accessories. The excellent slot car tracks can be installed into multiple layouts, which enhance creativity capacity and are suitable for the different range of skill sets.

Some advanced sets feature a smartphone or iPad connection with Wi-Fi enabled to use as a digital scoreboard. For instance, the Anki Overdrive slot car set appears on the list above features a wide range of track effects that are frequently updated by software, making the racing race always stay fresh.

  • Size

Remember to check the dimensions of your slot car track because the smallest tracks can be several feet across. If you want a complicated and advanced playset yet doesn’t require a spacious room, choose the track set has loop de loops and lane switching.

For the narrow playing area, the slot track carrying case is the smart choice, as it usually mimics the mini-course race.

  • Durability

You should pay attention to the material quality of both cars and the track race. Die-cast cars or vintage models are considered more durable and last-long options, while modern internal control mechanism cars are surprisingly easy to break. However, the collection of vintage slot car toys is quite pricey.

In terms of a track race, the track edges’ precision plays a vital role in ensuring the track stays together without tripping up a speeding car. You also shouldn’t pick the thin and fragile path that is easy to be cracked because you might have to pre-assemble and transport the slot car track many times.

  • Age recommendation

Ideally, most slot car sets are made for children above 8-year-old. Very young children will find the track slot is hard to navigate because it demands an upper level of skill, finesse, and a lot of practice.

Therefore, if you want slot car tracks for your kids at early stages, carefully check the age- appropriate before buying it.

  • Power bases

Power bases manage the race program and decide the efficiency of racing games, so you should examine your slot car track powered by batteries or electric function. Most of the slot car track comes with a hand controller with different ways of charging and playing.

The best slot car track to buy will include an USB cab or a detailed guideline instruction, so don’t forget to make sure you know how to activate your track racing game.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What is a slot car track?

A slot car is a model of actual automobiles that is run by low-voltage electric motors. The vehicle has a small blade to connect with a grove on each vehicle lane. In particular, the car’s swiveling blade contacts the electricity and features the power to run around the track.

The slot car track is controlled by a hand-held controller that manages the voltage amount to decide the speed of the vehicle.

2. How does it work?

The most common slot car set up is the 1:32 wiring model. Typically, the guide flag under the front of the slot car contacts the car motors’ metal strips to race the car. The voltage depends on the resistor of the hand controller.

Furthermore, most slot car track features traction magnets to prevent the car from flying off the road, although a lot of users found magnet-free brings better challenge for the racing game.

3. Who is this for?

As I mentioned above, despite some brands specializing in their slot car track for children from 5 years old, I do not recommend it for children under 8-year-old. The characteristic of racing slot cars is taking curves and overcoming obstacles with high speed without losing its grip and spinning away. Younger children might lack the dexterity, coordination, and patience to learn it.

There is no obstacle for adults to have fun with an advanced racing track car. Parents can enjoy meaningful time with their kids in terms of building the track races and joining the racing competitions to teach them how to control the slot cars. Some DIY slot car sets are even challenging to assemble, making great ways to relieve stress.

4. What are the different types of slot car tracks?

There are two common types of slot car track: analog and electric. While the analog controllers resist power delivery with a controlled amount of electricity, the electronic controllers utilize an electrical circuit for more desired voltage power to the car. Hence, the electric slot car race set can instruct multiple cars at the same time.

5. Why do you need a slot car racetrack?

The high-quality slot car track provides a lot of benefits. Rather than sitting and watching the screen of video games for several hours, the exciting racing competition still brings the same playing effect yet commands real physical activities or racing skills. Kids who are active in playing slot car tracks can develop a wide range of skill sets and creative abilities.

Moreover, learning to control and adjust the speed also makes children more patient and learns from their mistakes. The group slot car set also offers friendly competition between your little and their friends with endless entertainment hours.

Lastly, nothing can compare to the meaningful time that parents share with their kids. Let them join with you in the setting up process and enter the thrilling racing competition!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the most trusted slot car track brands?

Brand matters not only about reputation but also about the compatibility of products. Specifically, each company has its signature design with precise time frame work together. Therefore, if you lost some track pieces or have some problems with slot cars, you can continue to purchase the compatible parts as alternatives.

Scalextric and Carrera dominate the slot car racing market in terms of reputation, sales, and history.

2. Is Carrera better than Scalextric?

It depends on your taste. Carrera is more attractive for younger racers while Scalextric Sport designs are suitable for expert racing hobbyists. In other words, Carrera slot cars are an ideal choice for kids around 8-year-olds with an interactive theme, such as Mario or Disney and creative operations.

Scalextric emphasizes detailed cars with an aesthetic model such as James Bond’s Aston or 90s American classic cars. With the digital slot car system, the product set offers the larger track size and better opportunity for customization with a lot of technical demands. Scalextric slot cars also have a higher price range compared to Carrera’s products.

3. How does the car slot stay on track?

The slot car has a guide pin that extends from the bottom and into the groves. This pin part keeps the vehicle staying on track.

You can’t drive the slot car with full speed on the curves or fall off the racetrack. Therefore, you have to learn to control the speed controller to slow down the vehicle on the corners, accelerate for the straights, and speed up to pass your components. For example, the more pressure you put on the plunger, the faster the car goes.

4. How to use it?

The first step is to build up your track by assembling each constructed part. Each slot car set has a different method to set up, so it is crucial for you to read the guideline instructions carefully. You can always start with simple layouts and gradually add and upgrade more challenging circuits or jump areas when you become more familiar.

The next step is getting a constant supply of electricity. Then the rest of the game is activating the slot car track and having fun.

5. How to care and clean?

The tips for keeping your slot cars for a long time is that you shouldn’t pull track pieces too frequently because this process requires more force compared to clip the track parts together. Repeated assembly and disassembly will eventually cause the connectors of the track race to loosen.

The clean track will decide the performance of the racing game. The slot cars also need to be cleaned because the dirt from the tires and pickup braids cause them to lose traction. The best cleaning method for the rear tire is using the adhesive side of the tap while rolling it.

6. What should I do if a slot car keeps coming off the track?

Slot cars and race sets require a frequent routine to keep performing properly and certain eye-hand skill levels, lacking any of which might lead to a driving problem.

You should add a stronger magnet to better keep the car on the track. Don’t forget to clean your track race and take care of the tires to make sure there isn’t too much dirt to lose the traction of the car.


Slot car racing sets have been around since the 1960s and continue to take an irreplaceable position for car enthusiasts that can be shared by generations. The list of benefits from a slot car racing set eventually expands from improving development skills set to bringing endless entertainment and challenge playing moments.

With a wide range of functions, layouts, materials, technologies, and brand names, you must be overwhelmed to pick the best slot car racetrack. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take an in-depth look with the 12 best slot car track sets list for detailed review and helpful information. Making slot car racing becomes a wonderful hobby that stays with you for a lifetime!

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  • 【Easier to Keep on Track】Slot cars take skill to keep on track. You must throttle the controller just like a normal car going around corners. We...
  • 【Exciting Toy Set for All Ages】Two-player racing that family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for kids and adults. Perfect...
Electric High-Speed Slot Car Race Track Sets,1:43 Scale Dual Race Track with 2 Slot Cars and 2 Hand Controllers,Race Track for 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Boys...
  • 【Slot Car Race Track Sets】Including 2 race cars ,2 electric-powered controllers(which do not need battery, they can be linked with Adapter). A...
  • 【Fast-Paced Car Racing】Feel the power and speed of the 1:43 scale size cars racing on the track measuring over 10 feet and reaching scale speeds...
  • 【Strong and easy to assemble】New design track is very sturdy, having a better system to lock into place from some old ones and easy to put...
  • 【Easier to Keep on Track and enjoy the fun of racing】Slot cars take skill to keep on track. You must throttle the controller just like a normal...
  • 【Perfect gift for Kids Boys Girls】Two-player racing with family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for boys age 8-12.Perfect...
Slot Car Race Track Set Electric Powered Super Loop Speedway with Four Cars for Kids with Sounds and Light Dual Racing Adult-Slot Car Set
  • Everything you need contained in the box to start racing including 4 cars, 2 speed controllers, and track layout. With no wires in the way your little...
  • Set features a loop, curves, straightaways, and Cars themed guardrails giving you exciting action all over the track
  • 1:43 scale slot car racing is an exciting two-player and group activity that friends and family can enjoy racing head-to-head together
  • Fast-paced racing action on over 40-feet of track with realistic cars that reach scale speeds of 370-mph
  • Two-player racing with family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for kids and adults. Perfect for both beginning and advanced...
Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Face Off Digital Electric 1: 32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set for Racingup to 6 Cars at Once - Includes Two 1: 32...
  • Premium digital racetrack system with 1:24 scale track and 1:32 scale cars with lane changing and tactical passing capabilities on over 25-feet of...
  • Get hooked on thrilling head-to-head race action - the track features a crossover, straight-aways, curves, and tactical lane changes providing...
  • Exciting group activity for family and friends - supporting up to 6 drivers at once, so the whole family can play. Kids and adults will all enjoy the...
  • Expand your racing options for hours of fun - use track expansion sets, digital accessories, and a wide selection of additional cars to keep it fresh...
  • Complete 1:32 scale digital slot car racing system includes everything you need to race right out of the box - quickly set up the track and start...
Kids Toy-Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set Boys Toys for 6 7 8-12 Years Old Boy Girl Best Gifts
  • Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set - 2 cars of different colors - A perfect slot car set for beginner Racers,for younger kids to learn and...
  • The loop and fly-over turn are both sturdy and easy to put together.includes a number of foundation pieces that help steady the track, along with...
  • The track goes together well, the cars are nicely detailed and substantial enough that children can handle them easily when putting them on the track.
  • 2 types operation method - Electric - Manual.all are very use friendly.The speed restrictor maintains a prefect speed to complete the loop and not go...
  • Exciting two-player activity-enjoying the fast-paced head-to-head driving action - race to win and then do it again!Expand your racing options for...
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 Cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
  • Realistic racing action for younger kids who are in control with the electronically regulated speed controllers as they learn to race and develop...
  • Preschool age children love the thrilling head-to-head action and excitement of driving through the flippers and the narrow section as they fly past...
  • Exciting two-player activity for the young child in your life to enjoy with their friends or siblings
  • Featuring your favorite Disney Pixar Cars characters Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz driving around the track at fast speeds
  • Complete Beginner slot car racing track set includes everything you need to set up and start racing right out of the box.
Scalextric Ginetta Racers 1:32 Analog Slot Car Race Track Set C1412T Yellow, Silver & Blue
  • Power selector on hand controllers to adjust the speed of the cars which is perfect for beginners or crank it up to full speed for more challenging...
  • Each hand controller has a four-position selector switch which allows the driver to choose slow or fast speed settings to reflect the driver's...
  • When the going gets tough, the Scalextric Super Resistant series is more than up to the challenge, with the added reassurance that they are built to...
  • The race set includes 14' 4" of track and can change the layout in a matter of minutes with the easy to connect track.
  • Special features of this race set: easy change pick-ups, magnatraction and super tough cars.