10 Best Race Tracks for 3 Year Olds 2023 – Learning Experience

Race tracks are not your basic car toys but a complete set, which sets up a competitive mood among youngsters. There are various kinds of best race tracks for 3 year olds available; some are small, while others are bigger to cover a portion of your living room completely. These toys are essential to develop your child’s learning experience.

Best Choice
TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy for 2 3 Year Old Boy Gifts, Toddler Race Track Toy for 18 Month Old with 4 Wooden Cars and 3 Car Garage
Good Choice
AUUGUU Dinosaur Toys - Create A Dino World with Flexible Race Track, Birthday Gift for Kids Ages 3+, Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys, Toddler Toys
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Wooden Ramp Racer. Race Track for Toddlers and 3 Wood Cars and 2 Balls,Toddler Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts
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Joysway oysway: Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set, LED Headlights, Strong Magnetic Base, Mechanical Lap Counter & Powerbase Integrated as Combo...
TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy for 2 3 Year Old Boy Gifts, Toddler Race Track Toy for 18 Month Old with 4 Wooden Cars and 3 Car Garage
AUUGUU Dinosaur Toys - Create A Dino World with Flexible Race Track, Birthday Gift for Kids Ages 3+, Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys, Toddler Toys
Wooden Ramp Racer. Race Track for Toddlers and 3 Wood Cars and 2 Balls,Toddler Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts
Joysway oysway: Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set, LED Headlights, Strong Magnetic Base, Mechanical Lap Counter & Powerbase Integrated as Combo...
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Best Choice
TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy for 2 3 Year Old Boy Gifts, Toddler Race Track Toy for 18 Month Old with 4 Wooden Cars and 3 Car Garage
TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy for 2 3 Year Old Boy Gifts, Toddler Race Track Toy for 18 Month Old with 4 Wooden Cars and 3 Car Garage
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
AUUGUU Dinosaur Toys - Create A Dino World with Flexible Race Track, Birthday Gift for Kids Ages 3+, Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys, Toddler Toys
AUUGUU Dinosaur Toys - Create A Dino World with Flexible Race Track, Birthday Gift for Kids Ages 3+, Toys for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys, Toddler Toys
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Wooden Ramp Racer. Race Track for Toddlers and 3 Wood Cars and 2 Balls,Toddler Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts
Wooden Ramp Racer. Race Track for Toddlers and 3 Wood Cars and 2 Balls,Toddler Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Joysway oysway: Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set, LED Headlights, Strong Magnetic Base, Mechanical Lap Counter & Powerbase Integrated as Combo...
Joysway oysway: Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set, LED Headlights, Strong Magnetic Base, Mechanical Lap Counter & Powerbase Integrated as Combo...
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Thanks to the race track toys, kids will learn how to construct new items. With proper parental guidance, kids will have to build the tracks from the scratch, before running the toy cars over. Moreover, they can set their imaginative play on a higher scale and create stories of their own.

Comparison Table:

Proper race track games will uplift a competitive mood among little kids when they invite other little ones for a racing game! Various branded companies are currently working on upgrading the car track for 3 year old, to get a competitive edge. Therefore, parents can easily find some of the latest models while searching for the best race track.

I have described 10 of the most promising race tracks I could find for the three years old. So, let’s discuss these top ten race tracks, shall we?

Top Picks Race Track for 3 Year Olds

These tracks are picked solely from my personal experiences and might change anytime. So, feel free to do your research for a change and grab the best pack.

My goal over here is to help you purchase the best buy after running down some interesting features. Feel free to do your research when the time comes before making the final decision.

1. TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toy

A perfectly designed car ramp toy for children from 1 to 3 years of age, this product from TOP BRIGHT is child safe. The race car sets for 3 year olds are made using premium quality materials. They remain BPA free and also free from toxic paint. The items have been tested out properly to maintain their safety notion.

One set comes with 3 car garages, parking lots, one repair shop and a gas station. It helps in stimulating the real traffic scenario. Your kids can set the toy cars from their parking spots and slide down the rainbow race track smoothly to improve their visual tracking ability.

Moreover, this toy is perfect for pre-school learning. It helps encourage proper development of toddlers’ attention span and hand-eye coordination. This ramp will attract the toddlers to cooperate and then take turns to place their own cars on race tracks. Thus, it is perfect for developing proper communication skills.

The set comprises 4 ramp racers, wooden car ramp toys. Whenever anyone has issues with this car, he can get it treated with its customer service. This product helps in self-recognition, natural observation and proper baby movements.
  • Great hand-eye coordination
  • Safe materials used for manufacturing
  • Great for pre-schooling a child
  • After-sales support service available
  • Cars are very small
Overall, this toy set is a clear winner not only among kids but among adults. They love the features involved and that it helped their kids to remain hooked for long.

2. Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

Fisher-Price has been manufacturing top-notch car toys and other products for little ones, for the longest period of time. Right now, it is taking race track cars into consideration and came up with this masterpiece.

This toy is over 3 feet tall and comes with three different tracks. It is stated to be the tallest possible wheelies track set ever to hit the gaming market. Its featured “Take Turn Launcher” helps to release cars once at a time.

Your kids can now fill up and fix up stations along with a spinning arrow, to make this gaming experience more interesting. The toy comes with exciting racing sounds. It has fun phrases about sharing. With that, your kids learn how to be patient and even socializing by playing together.

Since this particular toy race track for 3 year old comes with two wheelies vehicles, even if your kid ever breaks one, a backup one is already available.

The differently designed race track will launch the car into the air. The sound effects are perfect for the little racers to enjoy. They further get to learn ways to take turns to shift playtime into new gear!

This race track is designed to bring out the helpful, kind, and compassionate qualities of your child. The phases will remain with your kids to take turns while launching their cars. They understand to see that being patient and taking turns is way more fun!

It is perfect for imaginative play. The vehicles come with easy grip. Now your kids can take the cars anywhere and play any game when their creative minds flow. Their little hands will get a better workout when they grasp the vehicle and send it down the track. As a result, they get to develop fine motor skills.
  • Ideal for developing fine motor skill and imaginative play
  • Help kids to learn to share and care
  • 3 feet tall race tracks for the little ones
  • Easy to grip and bring along
  • A bit difficult to set the track up
For a more constructive playtime, this race track is perfect for the kids. It helps in developing quality parent-kid time.

3. Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3

Carrera did it again with its outstanding Pixar Cars 3 track set – a battery-operated racing set for the beginners. The package consists of 2 cars, named Dinoco Cruz and Lightning McQueen. Each of them is a perfect slot car for the first-timers with 1:50 scale cars. The set also comes with a 7.87 feet long track and favorite cars as already mentioned.

This race car track for 3 year olds helps in offering a realistic driving action. Young kids will be the ones given control with electrically regulated speed controllers. They will learn how to race and develop some of the winning driving skills.

Furthermore, kids will get hooked up on thrilling head-to-head racing action. Now, younger kids will love track flyover. They will figure out the 8 turns available with the pack and adorn them with the Pixar Cars 3 accessories!

This game is not just for the two-players, but also perfect as a group activity. Friends and family of all ages can come together and have a blast with such head-to-head fast pace driving. Everything that you need to set up the track and enjoy can be found in the box. Parents can quickly set the track up and start racing immediately!

This car track comes with ergonomic speed controllers, meant for smaller hands. It is easier for kids and beginners to play with the same. However, you need four Type C batteries to have all the fun, which is not included in the pack and must be purchased separately. This toy is easy to assemble and disassemble when fun-time is done for the day.
  • Great family action game set
  • Battery-powered race track
  • Speed controllers perfectly designed for little hands
  • Realistic driving action
  • Have to purchase batteries separately
Make sure to book this product right away as it is getting sold like hot cakes. Each product comes with a proper warranty period, to help get issues treated without any extra fee.

4. USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars

Not just your regular race track toy, this race car set for 3 year old from USA Toyz comes with glow-in-the-dark cars.

It is easier to snap and put a race track together. The setup is quick and comes with 360 neon car tracks, one bridge, two Trax balls, two LED infused car toys, two slop frames, road signs, and one intersection. Whatever you need, this pack got you covered.

This race track is perfect for helping kids with STEM learning. The colorful tracks encourage the development of kids’ engineering and building skills. Moreover, rainbow race tracks will combine fun with fine motor tuning skills.

Kids now get to create their own customized speedways with glow-in-the-dark race track pieces. In addition, with two glow cars to complete the set, the entire fun doubles up with ease. The race track is smaller and easier to disassemble. Kids can bring this set along to have fun camping or picnic.

As the materials used for manufacturing the set are safe for little kids, they won’t get hurt while playing. Additionally, the non-toxic materials of the plastic make this toy car a perfect choice among parents. Whether kids want to play solo or with adults, this race track set is meant for all.

Your kids will have so much fun with twisty roads with bridges and an intersection. The 360-piece track can be set as per your need. It comprises bendy rainbow track pieces, which can stretch up to 18 feet. The two Trax spheres are used for fueling up extra fun as the cars get to push them while moving forward.

Kids will get more creative while using this track. With two slop frames and an intersection, they get to engineer multiple track designs easily. There are educational signs included in the pack to help kids learn more about road safety and preparing them for the real world at a tender age. The flexible pieces of the track set can roll up for easy storage and travel.
  • Helps improve your child’s creative learning skills
  • Comes with flexible tracks, which can easily be rolled up to save storage space
  • Comes with glow in the dark tracks and LED cars
  • Kids can customize race tracks according to their will
  • So many pieces make it difficult to create a proper track every time
Next time you are planning to give your kid one of the best race tracks ever, try this one. It will also be within your set budget plan!

5. AUUGUU Kids Dinosaur Race Car Track

If your kids love cars and dinosaurs, then this set from AUUGUU is an excellent choice.

This deluxe dinosaur track set helps in awakening the primal instincts within your child. It is for non-stop fun where your kids can arrange the race tracks in multiple configurations with trees, bridges, ramps, and even a gate for maneuvering cars.

The entire set consists of 144 flexible track pieces, 2 toy cars SUV, 2 ramps, 2 dinosaurs, a gate, a bridge and 4 plastic trees. Now, children can exercise their imagination properly and learn problem-solving once they set up the track. They can play this game indoors and outside as well.

This race track set will help ignite curiosity among kids as they come to learn about the pre-historic time and dinosaurs. They get to examine the realistic-looking Triceratops and T-rex to learn how dinosaurs used to look like. Now, they get to imagine these dinosaurs menacing passing cars and inflicting havoc. This set comes with a tree-lined car track.

This race track set is fun for everyone, regardless of gender. The two motorized SUVS need 1 AA battery each, which isn’t included in the pack. Through this set, kids come to learn valuable socializing skills and ways to self-entertain when nobody is around to play with. It is a great game for solo players.

Moreover, the materials, used for manufacturing the car toy, are durable and not toxic. The playset is proven to be BPA free and environment-friendly. So, kids above 3 years of age can easily play with this toy for long hours without any issue. It follows the European EN71 and the US ASTM F 963 safety regulations.

The track can be assembled in no time and ideal for little hands because of the snap-in option. They can connect, disconnect, and even reconfigure the serpentine tracks easily. The tracks can be snapped, bent and twisted to create customized options. So, it helps to improve your kid’s imaginative power.

The rugged-looking military SUVs come with lifted chassis to take the climbs with ease. There are double-door gates available to complete the set, through which the small cars will slide. The cars are guided by retaining walls associated with the track segments. you can play them separately as well.
  • Great for kids who love car racing and dinosaur
  • Helps little ones to know more about dinosaur
  • Improves their imaginative play as they can customize the race track according to their will
  • Environment-friendly materials used for manufacturing the tracks
  • The SUVs need batteries to run, which have to be purchased separately

In short, this car set is a massive one with 156 pieces but perfect for solo fun. If your kids don’t have friends coming over to play, you can engage his attention for a long time with this race track set.

6. Simplay3 Carry and Go Durable Track Set

Simplay3 is providing a durable track set for the loving 3 years olds. It is one best race track for 3 year old, which goes well with not just toy cars, but also trucks and trains. It is a National Parenting Product Award Winner of 2019.

There are two sides available to this track set. One side is the toy race car track, which comprises built-in obstacles for the trucks and toy cars. The other is a figure 8 track, suitable for train toys. It comes with quarry decals and a lake.

This toy is very easy to carry with its light in weight designs. It furthermore has a side handle to help take the track and go on a breeze for kids. You don’t need much assembly for this double-walled plastic set to run this track set.

Whether your kids want to play with this set indoor or outdoor, they can do so. The durability of the set will help it manage outdoor pressure well.

Made in the USA, this car toy is made to carry, reach, hold, and support.

With great designs and proper strength, these products are manufactured under strict guidance. Moreover, this company values your safety; therefore, all the products are tested out by a certified third party to verify the safety standard set by CPSIA, ASTM and other governing bodies.

This portable race track is meant for adventure whenever your little kid wants. It can be on the road or even on the track. This track set is compatible with Hot Wheels, Thomas, Brio, Monster Trucks, and so much more. It comes with a comfortable side carrying handle. There is no need to assemble the track, just add decals to it.

The dimension of this race track is 35.5″ x 17.5″ x 4″. Once the playtime is over, parents can easily store this track. As it is made with double wall plastic construction, the track is pretty durable. This toy will help to improve your kid’s motor racing skills. With two sides to it, this track set can fit various trucks and cars for proper imaginative play.
  • Comes with two sides for train tracks and car racing
  • Easy to carry with side handles
  • Quite light in weight to make it easily portable
  • The products are tested out to match all safety standards and regulations
  • Comes with just the track and no other vehicles included
If you plan to engage your kid in some fun time for hours, this track set is a suitable option for you. With its two sides, your kid will never get bored. Just take along his small car and train toys for unlimited fun!

7. Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Electric Powered Slot Racing

With two hand controllers and two DTM cars in 1:43 scale, this set from Carrera is one to watch out for! If your kids are looking for fast-paced racing action, this set is for them. It comes with a 29 feet track and some realistic cars to reach that speed of 370 mph. These magic tracks will set the mood for that fast, fun-filled activity well.

The set comprises a fly over, two loops, and high banked curves, which provides kids and adults with every exciting action they need. The 1:43 scale racing is exciting for not just two players but for an entire group. So, now your friends and families can come together and have a blast when they start racing with one another.

Kids can further customize and then expand track with proper use of expansion sets. The track set consists of accessories and added cars to select from, for completing the challenging new races. All that you need for that fun-filled time will be included in the box, such as speed controllers, track layout, and cars.

After assembling, the dimensions will be 86.4 x 38.5 inches.

This slot car track will set the stage for two Audi RS 5 DTM cars for a speedy showdown. Your kid will be a driver who holds keys to who finishes first in this exciting race track. The course is 29 feet long and has high banked curves, straight routes, loops, and even a flyover. With all of those, the entire track is full of exciting action.

The speed controllers come handy with a turbo boost to give players speed whenever they need it. There are lap counters included for keeping the track in action. This set consists of an 11.81 feet track along with a layout.

The GO Cars come with tampo-printing along with attention to detail and proper durability, to present the cars with an original look. Each car comprises double contact brushes for maximizing contact with track. It has down-force magnets for quicker cornering, making it easier for the beginners to handle the vehicles.

The two speed controllers have separate turbo boost buttons. This button provides extra speed to navigate a car through the loop, pass competition or even jump a ramp. Each control has an optional speed governor. It is designed to assist the younger kids to build racing skills.
  • Great for improving your kid’s racing skills
  • Comes with a long track, which can easily be expanded with added set
  • Comes with speed controllers and cars to complete the set
  • The set has flyover, ramps and more to make every game more interesting and fun
  • Pretty expensive when compared to other race track sets
For a complete racing experience, this race track set is one to watch out for with. With expandable tracks, perfectly crafted car toys and more, your kids will remain entertained for long hours.

8. Joysway Super 251 USB Power Slot Car Racing Set

This particular electric race car track comes with a digital proportional speed controller. It helps in enabling the user to control the speed of present racing cars. Other slot cars only have 2 or 4 speeds, but not this one!

This amazing race track has a USB power system. It is one of the very first and innovative applications in the field of toy car slots. All it needs is that players plug the toy in a smartphone or a power bank through the USB power adapter and get it charged with ease.

This set has only high-scaled cars. As a result, they have bright LED headlights and stronger magnetic base. The cars get to run smoothly and even quietly mainly because of the premium quality installation and high precision gear design.

This toy also includes a mechanical lap counter and powerbase, which will be proficiently integrated to create a combo track. Furthermore, this track set has wider, longer and mega tracks compared to the traditional racing tracks within 1/43 scale slots. So, the distance between cars remains wider here.

This set has 2 cars, so you don’t need to purchase cars separately. The track is 13 feet long, which can be easily customized to give the shape that your kids want while zooming through the cars smoothly.

The cars are made using environment-friendly and non-toxic plastic materials to keep them safe among children. Moreover, the entire set is quite durable to last for a long time.

The tracks are very easy to put together and even disassembled when the fun time is over. Even without the instruction manual, parents can help kids to put the tracks together. This set helps little ones to improve their constructive skills and give their imaginative play a boost.

The colorful small cars in red and yellow will add that pop of color in the playground. This set is ideal for indoor and outdoor play.
  • This set is easy to assemble and comes with remote control
  • The digital proportional controller is not something to have found in other models
  • The track is 13 feet long, which is enough for your kid’s never-ending fun
  • This set comes with powerbase and mechanical lap counter added to create a combo track
  • Its materials are environment-friendly and non-toxic
  • The cars are way too small for the price this package is charging
If you are looking for a race car track to keep your kids engaged for long, then this one fits the bill. Most importantly, the digital proportional controller makes this set stand out in the crowd and a perfect purchase for parents.

9. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch and Play Raceway

VTech has created the most lucrative toy race car track sets, designed for a long-lasting fun time. This set has 2 SmartPoint locations, which can interact well with the available SmartPoint vehicles. It helps in presenting fun music, sound effects and phrases. So, your kids won’t just have fun but also learn new words in a playful manner.

There are three different track configurations available: Stunt Track, Super Raceway and Dual Raceway. This toy also has a life-up launcher, which strengthens the present fine motor skills of your little ones.

This company is working hard to improve their products continuously. So, the item you get in the pack might differ slightly from the photo posted online. You will receive the improved version only.

The pack has one SmartPoint race car, two SmartPoint locations, three track configurations and two launchers. Your little ones can race into action and then rearrange tracks for forming various play routines and two separate launch zones. Now you can watch the race car ride smoothly down the track and right off the ramp, just to see how far it lands.

When the race track activates two SmartPoint locations, the race car teaches the kids “R” letters along with the name of the vehicle. This toy helps your kids to be creative by rearranging tracks into stunt tracks, dual raceway or even the super raceway. Now your kids will stay attracted to this toy for long hours.

You can purchase different Go! Go! Smart wheel vehicles for your kids separately and place anyone on two SmartPoint locations for triggering fun songs and some catchy phrases. Therefore, your kids can now start learning songs too in a fun-filled manner. The set comes with 2 AAA batteries, used for starting the race track.

This toy is recommended for kids within 12 months to 5 years of age. It weighs around 1.45 pounds, making it lighter to carry around for outdoor play. The product dimensions will be 23.54 x 9.45 x 8.19 inches, which remains fitting for the little kids to play with. The best part is that this item can be shipped globally for an extra charge.
  • This pack comes with one SmartPoint race car, two SmartPoint locations
  • It has 2 AAA batteries included so no need to purchase batteries separately
  • This toy has three different track configurations
  • It strengthens your kid’s motor learning skills with life-up launcher, included in the pack
  • Light-weight and easy to carry
  • The size of the car is pretty small when compared to the prize
  • It comes with just one car and have to purchase other SmartPoint cars separately
For a perfect purchase to gift your little one this Christmas, this set is great to look at. You can purchase this set from reliable e-commerce stores as well, and get to save some dollars on the purchase.

10. Wooden Ramp Racer from Migargle

A completely different set from what you have seen so far, this ramp racer from Migargle is made out of wooden materials. It has 3 wooden cars and 2 balls, making it a perfect gift for the toddlers, from one to three years of age. It is a gender-neutral gift for any special occasion, whether birthday or Christmas.

If you want your one-year-olds to practice independence, this toy set is for them. It will keep the little ones busy while you deal with other family chores.

Towards the end of the ramp, every car flips to continue to its next move. With that, your toddler will come to learn about cause and effect with this toddler wooden race track. Let them choose a car, and then release that from the top of the ramp to see it race down!

Each wooden car ramp is 14.1×3.9×11.4 (9.8) inches in its dimension and weighs around 3.5 pounds. It is a bit heavier than the other race slots but still portable.

This set has 4 car ramps, which will come packed in a perfectly colorful box. This race track is for toddlers and proven to be sturdy and compact. You can store it anywhere you like on the shelf or in a smaller room with ease.

This wooden race track is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. This thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile on your little one’s face.

This wooden toy is crafted using premium quality, sturdy wooden materials. These products are BPA free and painted with water-based non-toxic paint. It is sanded smooth and finished in the highest grade possible. Your little ones won’t get hurt while playing with it.

Unless there is some violent destruction, your kids cannot pull the wheels out from the car. There is no concern about wheels falling off the pieces and choking your kids.

This kid’s toy is ideal for developing your child’s cognitive skills. Now, your kids can learn through playing. This racing track is very simple and well-built. It will help your kid to develop hand-eye coordination and improve his attention span.

As this toy encourages the little munchkins to cooperate with one another and take turns to play with the race cars on the tracks, it would develop their communication skills.

Kids within 1 to 3 years of age can learn repetition and dexterity through this wooden track set. It is one of the best slot car tracks that you might want to invest some bucks in as parents.

However, there is a note from the manufacturer. As a natural material, wood will have various markings. Hence, there will be variations in color, knots, wood grain, dye transfer or texture. These unique variations are stated as quality proof and not any defect. These markings will make every toy unique from the rest.

The racetrack set consists of three different wooden toy cars, designed to help toddlers learn about different colors. This toy will also help your kids to exercise their tiny hands while playing with ramp racer toys. When it comes to educational opportunities, this toy has many.

  • Perfect as an educational toy with a lot of fun element to it
  • Made using premium quality wooden materials to make the products unique and last long
  • It is easy to carry for that indoor or outdoor play date
  • The wheels of the cars are properly crafted to avoid losing them while playing
  • A bit expensive when compared to some other plastic set alternatives
This set is completely different from what I have mentioned in my previous nine products. It is one of the best ways to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination. Waste no time and get one for your kid now!

What to Look for When Buying Race Tracks for 3 Year Olds


It is quite tough for parents to purchase only one fisher-price race track, especially when the market houses so many options. Choosing any one among those is not easy. Each comes with its unique set of features, which is hard to find in other models. On the other hand, some race tracks are known for extra speed and others for their speed controlling remote controllers.

Here, I have listed out some of the basic features to watch out for, while purchasing race tracks for the first time for your 3 years old.

1. The materials used

Remember to check out the materials used for manufacturing the race track sets. The reputed centers will be using plastic as the finest material. These plastics are non-toxic, BPA free ABS ones, which ensure that your child remains safe after coming in contact with it.

The race tracks are not just safe for your little toddlers to play with, but will also be durable. It can withstand daily pressure and outdoor playing mode smoothly. Some manufacturers are making wooden race tracks, which are made using natural materials. Each wood has its own unique markings, color, and texture. That provides a unique look to the entire race tracks.

2. Price set of the race tracks

You have to focus on the price set for the slot car race track too. Each parent has a pre-set budget plan for the kid’s toy and chances are high that you have one too. So, without wasting time, it is advised that you head for the one that falls within your budget plan.

Some reputed models are expensive, but more like a one-time investment plan. Once purchased, these race tracks are here to stay lively and strong for long decades to come.

3. Products included in the pack

The race track varies in price because of the pieces included in a pack. Some come with 156 pieces, and then you have others with not even 100 pieces. Make sure to check that one out. On the other hand, you must check the number of cars, loops, ramps and other slides, which will complete the pack.

The more features the set has, the higher will be the price range. Overall, reliable race tracks fall within your budget always. If not, then get it from online stores, which may have discounts included.

4. Comes with controllers or not

Some race tracks are simple and meant for toddlers within 1 to 3 years of age. They don’t have controllers as it becomes hard for such little kids to control the movement of cars with controllers. They get to create a track with parents and then slide the car on it. But, there are some race tracks available for 5 to 8 years, which come with a controller.

Some other toys have digital proportional controllers, which needs battery or power to charge up and run. These controllers will help your kids to learn more about the fine motor skills.

5. Educational aspect of the toy

Parents are always looking for toys, which will teach their little kids something in a fun-filled way. Always look for race tracks, which help your kids to improve their hand-eye coordination. Not only that, but the race tracks will help toddlers to improve constructive skills.

They can customize the tracks according to their will to enjoy new races every time. It helps in improving your kid’s imaginative play. Thanks to the added controller, your kids can learn some fine motor skills. They get to control the movement of cars well.


In the end, the final choice is with the parents and what they think is best suited for their little kids. Children love toys, which help them to learn something new every day. So, procuring the best race tracks for 3 year olds seems to be a clear winning choice for the parents out there.

My review should help you make the right choice, once you have gone through the features separately. Get your cash ready and end up with some great discounts from online stores.

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  • 🚩Montessori Toys for 2-3 Year Old: This toddler race track is a simple and well-built toy. It will encourage the development of your toddler's...
  • 🚩Gifts for Toddlers: The toy car ramp can be easily taken apart, assembled and stored on a shelf. Kids may like to decorate it with stickers....
  • 🚩Mom's Priority Choice: The car ramp toy is made of high quality ABS material, BPA Free and stained with bright non-toxic water-based paint. Fully...
TOP BRIGHT Car Ramp Toys , Race Track Car Toy for Toddler Age 2-4 Year Old Boy with 4 Car, Parking Lot & Gas Station
  • Best gift for 2 year old:TOP BRIGHT race track car ramp toy for 2 3 year old boys and girls.Little racers put the mini cars on the launch ramp and...
  • Learning Numbers & Colors : "One, two, three, four" The mini cars are made of solid wood and non-toxic water-based paint. All cars have number and...
  • Parking Lot, Easy to store - Toddlers can store the wooden cars in the related car garages with doors by themselves which helps improve toddler’s...
  • Safe toys for 2 year olds:This toddler toy is simple and well-built. Fully tested to the highest U.S. ASTM and European EN71 toy safety...
  • Let's enjoy Top Bright race track car toy. Great Birthday Christmas gifts for 2 3 year old and great for parties and indoor outdoor activities!...
iHaHa Toddler Boy Toys 236 PCS Race Tracks Toys Gifts for 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Kids, 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys Toys, Construction Toys for Boys Age 3-5 4-6...
  • What's Include - Our construction toys includes 200 PCS flexible track components, 2 race cars, 4 mini construction truck, 8 traffic signs, 2 trees,...
  • 6 Different Types of Construction Trucks - We have configured 6 simulation engineering cars with unique designs and functions. Includes haul truck,...
  • More Accessory, More Ways to Play - Race car can cross the bridge, and the track pieces can be flexed, snapped to form various different track shapes....
  • Create Your Own Road - Using the Y-shaped track, the arc tracks, and the bridge, this STEM construction toys helps your kids fly his/her imagination...
  • Safety & Detailed First - Conforms to US toy standards. Made of toxic-free materials, safety always comes first. Each construction track is in a...
Lucky Doug Toddler Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys, Race Car Tracks Toys for Boys, Car Rescue Adventure Preschool Educational Toys
  • ✅MANUALLY OPERATED CREACTIVE PLAYSET - This car rescue adventure toy equipped with 4 mini cars and 6 buttons to control and pass 8 different...
  • ✅EASY TO OPERATE - The colors of the 6 buttons correspond to the colors of the level, and the button rotation is very smooth. In addition, an...
  • ✅EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR CHILDREN AGED 3-8 - Children guide the car through the obstacle level by operating the buttons, exercise hand-eye...
  • ✅NO BATTERY REQUIRED - Built-in mechanical linkage track, inertial vehicle railway, no batteries needed. A stable physical structure makes the...
  • ✅SAFETY DESIGN - Made of high-quality ABS material, BPA free, non-toxic water-based paint, more durable, not easy to break. The rounded edges are...