12 Best Hot Wheels Tracks 2023 – Easy to Assemble

There are a lot of creative car toys in the market that kids love to play with. One of them is the best hot wheels track, which is challenging to find, especially if you are purchasing for the first time. There are several aspects that you need to consider to land the best hot wheels track sets.

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Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Criss Cross Crash with 1:64 Scale Vehicle, Powered by a Motorized Booster (Amazon Exclusive)
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Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
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Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Corkscrew Crash with 1:64 Scale Car, 3 Crash Zones, Powered by Motorized Booste,
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Product Name
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Criss Cross Crash with 1:64 Scale Vehicle, Powered by a Motorized Booster (Amazon Exclusive)
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Corkscrew Crash with 1:64 Scale Car, 3 Crash Zones, Powered by Motorized Booste,
Hot Wheels Track Builder Build Your Race Playset
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Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Criss Cross Crash with 1:64 Scale Vehicle, Powered by a Motorized Booster (Amazon Exclusive)
Product Name
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Criss Cross Crash with 1:64 Scale Vehicle, Powered by a Motorized Booster (Amazon Exclusive)
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Product Name
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Corkscrew Crash with 1:64 Scale Car, 3 Crash Zones, Powered by Motorized Booste,
Product Name
Hot Wheels Toy Car Track Set, Corkscrew Crash with 1:64 Scale Car, 3 Crash Zones, Powered by Motorized Booste,
Prime Status
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Hot Wheels Track Builder Build Your Race Playset
Product Name
Hot Wheels Track Builder Build Your Race Playset
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Bearing this in mind, we have compiled a review of some well-known products in the market. These will give you an insight into how good a product is.

We also have a buying guide in the next section, which will help you narrow your choices to eventually one or two of the best hot wheels toys. So, continue reading this hot wheels track set review to ultimately gain all the necessary knowledge you need.


Best Hot Wheels Track Reviews

1. Hot Wheels DTN42 Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set

Children are fond of playing with miniature cars and running them on any surface. Enhance their playtime by giving them the right hot wheels track where they can play with their toy cars.

Consider getting them this fun motorized track set that is suitable for kids ages four to 10. The set comes with four high-speed crash track set zones, four loops, a four-way booster, and one Hot Wheels vehicle. It is perfect for your kids who are attracted to small cars.

These Hot Wheels track sets are designed for racing adventures. It has many standout features that entertain kids. In detail, it has plenty of parking spaces, challenging intersections, motorized boosters, crash zones, and hairpin turns. Here, the parking spaces act as a safeguard and additional storage over the crash zones as well.

Watch kids of all ages line up their cars into the feeder while waiting to get them on the track. Your little ones will be able to find exciting storytelling moments and continuous racing action.

For parents who are looking to build their kids’ curiosity, this is the ideal kit. With over 16 feet of track, this offers an endless loop launcher track for racing, near misses, and total wipeouts. Besides, your kids will be able to exercise and refine their problem-solving skills.

These hot wheels track sets are also great for toddlers as it provides fun and learning opportunities simultaneously. However, there is a minor issue that I noticed about this product. The motor is loud and there is no option to minimize nor play it in a normal setting. It is a constant sound that can get on parents’ nerves.
  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Has many standout features
  • Fun and challenging crash zones
  • Enhances kids problem-solving skills
  • The motor is consistently loud
Overall, this is a fine Hot Wheels track set that any adult can consider purchasing for their kids. It is a loud and rowdy toy, but it will certainly keep your little ones entertained.

2. Hot Wheels FTL69 Car & Mega Track Pack

Playing with small cars is fun for any kid, but soon, they will find it boring. Keep them interested and occupied with a hot wheels starter set.

Open up play possibilities with this single design mega track pack. The set comes with a straight track of two different sizes and connectors. When put together the 40 feet of track, you can create a fun trail for a car. Moreover, there is one Hot Wheels vehicle for kids to start playing with the tracks immediately after assembly.

There are many pieces to work with, making it great for stimulating building skills. Children can also take their time and brainstorm different patterns that they want for their cars. They can create Hot Wheels track sets paradise where they challenge their imagination, test the limits, and overcome obstacles. It is more than just a fun playset! It can be an educational toy for your young ones.

Furthermore, this is one of the top-rated hot wheels tracks that is also an excellent addition to other Hot Wheels track builder sets. If you have an existing one, you can use this to expand your toddler’s tracks for longer trails and more hours of fun. But if this is your first set, you can comfortably purchase other kits knowing that it would be compatible with this one.

This orange piece can attract toddlers’ attention with its bright color, but there is a small problem. There are no curve tracks included in the set, which would’ve been great for more fun track building.

  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Has many pieces to work with
  • Boosts kids imagination and building skills
  • Ideal addition to existing tracks
  • No curve tracks included
After going over the good and bad aspects of this product, I can say that it is a decent set of straight track. Even though there are no curve tracks, it is still a fantastic toy that fully serves its purpose.

3. Hot Wheels FTB65 Corkscrew Crash Track

Kids have no problem with racing their cars on the living room floor, just going back and forth in a single line. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can equip them with enjoyable and entertaining track pieces.

Take a look at this fun and challenging track set. It includes one expansive corkscrew track, three motorized boosters, three crash zones, and three loops. The unique corkscrew design and motorized boosters allow kids to send their miniature cars at top speed. This is different from the usual, which makes it more appealing to young children.

Aside from being entertaining, it is challenging. As such, it can encourage your little one to develop their problem-solving skills through skill-based actions. They will learn how to observe and determine the right amount of force as well as the timing to hurl their car through the trail with a perfect finish on the crash zones.

One or two players can enjoy this interactive toy. They can take turns or go at the same time. Crashing is part of the fun, so let them send more cars into the car feeder ramp to the crash zones. For extended fun, you can connect this set with other Hot Wheels tracks. It is designed to be compatible with many sets.

This looks and feels like a fantastic track set for kids, but I noticed a minor issue. It is a challenge to get multiple cars going at the same time. My kid tried it several times, but a car can’t go around the track without falling off.
  • Exciting and challenging
  • Features a unique corkscrew design
  • Ideal for one to two players
  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels sets
  • Challenging to get multiple cars going at once
There are a lot of good things to say about this hot wheels criss cross crash track set. Regarding the small issue, a car can still occasionally transverse the track more than once.

4. Hot Wheels DGD29 Track Builder Starter Kit

Hot Wheels has been around for years, so it can bring nostalgic memories. You can craft this experience for your kids by purchasing this hot wheels track builder system for them.

The set comes with an impressive amount of pieces. Kids can create a manifold of different trails. Besides, it includes one Hot Wheels vehicle for instantaneous racing fun after putting the tracks together.

The multi-use pieces offer endless combinations. There are also fun brightly colored orange track connectors and pull back rapid launcher playset, among others. These are all compatible and can be an add on to other existing track sets. You can purchase a separate Hot Wheels track set and it will fit well with this.

For portability, there is a utility handle that can be used as a hook. It is useful for gravity drop or for holding all the pieces together. Your kids can easily put away the track when not in use and/or bring it anywhere with them when they want. Moreover, it is a neat and convenient way to store all the pieces without taking much space.

Let kids play with this and have their imaginations spill on the tracks. This product offers a series of endless configurations that provide a thrilling car racing experience. But there is a slight problem. When you run a longer car on this track, it gets stuck when going around the sharp corners. It is better to opt for a car of the same size as the one included in the set.
  • Includes an impressive amount of pieces
  • Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Multi-use pieces
  • Easy to store and portable utility handle
  • Longer cars can get stuck when going around sharp corners
I highly recommend this gravity drop track to anyone who is looking for their first Hot Wheels tracks. Just be aware that it works best with cars similarly sized as the ones included in the set.

5. Hot Wheels BGK04 Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown

Kids love building things and creating shapes that they have in mind. To give them an outlet for their imagination and creativity, Hot Wheels track sets are ideal.

You can get them this Hot Wheels that is unlike others. Kids can speed their car from the tower and through the mouth of a shark. Toddlers love action and dangerous challenges. They can experience both the adventure and the excitement with this water-themed track set. Navigate through the perilous trail and avoid the jaws of the shark.

Experience the thrill of racing down a car and avoiding being chomped by the shark. If caught, there is a lever that you can hit to release the car. With the right timing and force, your little one can free the captured vehicle and start over again. It puts their problem-solving skills at work, which is undoubtedly beneficial.

This track features two color change zones: the splash pool and dunk tank. Besides, the set includes a color shifter car. In detail, warm or icy water changes its colors. Moreover, there’s a vast assortment of decor and shades. Children will have fun watching the mini vehicle zoom through the straight track while its color shifts

If you have an existing track, you can expand it with this set since it is designed to be compatible with Hot Wheels tracks. However, I noticed a small problem. The changing color of the car is barely noticeable. It would be best if you looked closely, and it seems that only the flames on the side panel changed a little.
  • Includes color shifters cars
  • Features a chomping shark
  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks
  • Release lever launches car to safety
  • The color change zones are not noticeable
After evaluating this toy, this is a fantastic and entertaining track different from the usual ones in the market. Regardless of the con, it is a good set that you can consider.

6. Hot Wheels FLK90 Track Builder Multi Loop Box

Toys these days come in all shapes and sizes, and Hot Wheels are no exception. Children will surely enjoy playing and racing their small car on tracks. So, consider getting them this multi-loop track from Hot Wheels, which offers countless trail variations.

Your little one can experiment with numerous configuration possibilities while developing their problem-solving skills. It is also great for them to enhance their creativity and imagination.

This track’s highlight is the crazy hoop that can be amped up when you attach them to the lid in eight different parts. Moreover, there are two built-in scoring buckets underneath the bin alongside a hole to connect the track. You can combine this with an additional set to take racing to another level—more pieces to work with means more fun possibilities.

When assembled, the pieces can form a 10 feet of track. The package includes tracks, two launchers, track connectors, and one Hot Wheels vehicle. Everything comes in a sturdy bin that doubles as a scoring bucket. This also makes it convenient to store all the pieces away after each play.

It could be a real challenge for kids to master the crazy loop launcher track action, but there is no need to worry. There is a builder sets guide that can walk them through the process and help them conquer it. They can additionally learn how to do the double loop stunt challenger and the loop ‘n launch showdown.

There is one drawback that I want to mention. Heavy cars cannot go over the loop and will just fall off the track. To overcome the loop stunt, the toy car should be light and similar to the one included in the package.
  • Offers countless variations
  • Features 10 feet of track
  • Features a scoring bucket
  • Can be combined with other set and tracks
  • Heavy cars cannot go around the loop
The key to making this Hot Wheels track work in your favor is to avoid using heavy cars. Other than the single issue, this product is excellent. So, you can definitely think about getting this.

7. Hot Wheels GJL14 Multi-Play Garage

Small-scale toys are fun for any kid but if you want them to be even more entertained and engaged, it is best if you purchase a track set.

Consider this ultimate garage playset from Hot Wheels that can offer hours of imaginative play. Kids can marvel and play with the vertical tower and easy storage parking spaces that take on over 100 cars. The side-by-side racing track provides a downhill challenge as a car slide down with air jumps.

Furthermore, there’s a Robo T-Rex on the lookout for a tasty car to devour. The ultimate track proffers a thrilling adventure that can keep kids occupied for long hours.

To make it more fun than it already is, you can plug in an ID Portal, which can be purchased separately. This will allow your young one to scan their car, race with opponents, conquer the challenge along the way, get away from the Robo T-Rex, and win the drag race. It is an experience that connects your track to the digital world, and you can have a friendly competition with other racers.

This track set features numerous connection points. You can attach it to other Hot Wheels sets. It is specially designed to be compatible with other tracks so you can expand it whenever you like.

However, I want to point out that the assembly of this track could be a time-consuming challenge. Kids may not be able to complete it on their own and will require an adult’s assistance.
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Features a Robo T-Rex
  • Hot Wheels ID action feature can be activated
  • Can be connected to other Hot Wheels sets
  • Takes time to put together
This is a cool Hot Wheels track with excellent features. It is the hot wheels best for track meaning you can confidently purchase it. While it takes time to put this together, it is worth watching the assembled set work.

8. Hot Wheels CDL49 SuperSpeed Blastway Dual Track Racing

Hot Wheels are fun to play with, but the joy is doubled when you have a track to go with it. So, consider getting one for your child.

Take a good look at this Hot Wheels dual racing track that provides a side-by-side racing action. Besides, there are two kid-activated slam and pull back launchers, three-lap counting targets, and a flag to indicate the winner. Your toddler can play this with a friend and experience a racing game like no other on the included two-lane race track.

There is also a grandstand with pop-off characters that are activated after each lap one Hot Wheels vehicle takes around the track. When the race is over, a checkered finish flag emerges to reveal the final winner. There is no need to argue who won. The banner will say it all.

This is specifically designed to work with other Hot Wheels tracks for an extended play. Kids can continue the racing thrill with a long trail. They also have more opportunities to come up with different track configurations, which will enhance their imagination and creativity.

There are a lot of amazing things about this Hot Wheels product, but I have observed a slight issue. The pop up characters on the grandstand can be easily removed and go missing. My child once left it around, and we had a hard time looking for it.
  • Offers side-by-side racing action
  • Features pop-off characters
  • It has a checkered finish flag
  • Connects to other Hot Wheels track
  • The pop-up characters can get lost easily
After going over everything, I can say that this is an entertaining and cool track set. Just make sure to keep an eye on some pieces that could easily get lost.

9. Hot Wheels CDL45 Spin Storm Motorized Track Set

A good toy is entertaining and can hold kids’ attention for a long time. Hot Wheels have been doing it for years, and with a track to go with it, extended play is expected.

You can consider this high-speed set that provides rapid smashing and crash track set action. Kids can have fun adventures with their miniature cars going round and round. To make it more exciting, it features three crash zones for bold collisions.

This set has everything that makes playtime with small cars entertaining. Moreover, it is a great way to fuel kids’ imagination and tap into their creativity. With many pieces to work with, your little one can come up with several track combinations to run their cars on.

To build a Hot Wheels city, you can combine this with other Hot Wheels track builder sets. It will work with your existing track set or a newly purchased add-on set. As such, you can give your kids a more expansive playtime.

Your little one can play with this right out of the box because it comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle. Besides, it comes in frustration-free packaging. I can guarantee that you can unbox it with ease.

There is just a small problem that my kid experienced while playing with this Hot Wheels track builder. Some of the pieces don’t stay together and easily fall off. You need to double-check everything to avoid this from happening. Also, it only comes with one single vehicle. You may want to have more than what’s included in the set for your kid to fully enjoy playtime.
  • High-speed set
  • Has three different crash zone
  • Fuels kids’ imagination
  • Compatible with other Hot Wheels tracks set
  • The pieces don’t stay together
  • Need more cars for a fun play
Overall, it is an amazing Hot Wheel track kit that any kid will enjoy. You can purchase additional miniature cars or work with the existing one that fits the track set.

10. Hot Wheels DWW95 Builder Stunt Box

A miniature car is amusing for any child. If you pair it with a straight track, you will discover that they will enjoy that experience even more.

So, take a good look at this Hot Wheels track builder set that comes with a stunt box. Kids can use the multi-use pieces included in the set for endless combinations. This is a wonderful chance for kids to let their imagination and creativity run.

The package includes six orange tracks, over 16 pieces of bricks, two curves, a pull back launcher, and multiple connectors. Just like most Hot Wheel tracks, it can be attached to other Hot Wheels tracks. This will allow you to expand your current race track set whenever you like.

All the parts come in a storage bin for easy portability. It also makes it convenient to put away everything after each play session. Interestingly, this storage bin can be part of the track too. There are several points on the bin to attach the track for a more fun configuration.

Furthermore, the components of this Hot Wheels kit offer unlimited opportunities for imaginative track building. It supports experimentation with other tracks and several household items like books and paper cups.

Excited kids can play with this kit soon right after the assembly. It has one Hot Wheels vehicle for an instant racing experience. However, one problem that we experienced while using it is that the two launchers are challenging to use. My kid has to hit it several times before it would be able to send the cars through the Hot Wheels track.
  • Multi-use pieces can be used for endless combinations
  • Offers endless options for cool stunts
  • Comes with a storage bin
  • Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle
  • The rapid launcher playset is challenging to operate
To sum it up, there are many chances to initiate cool stunts and opportunities for creative builds. Adults can lend young ones a hand when they are having a hard time with the rapid launcher playset.

11. Hot Wheels FML03 Super Ultimate Garage Play Set

Older toddlers might grow bored of playing with just their Hot Wheels car. So, as parents, you should rekindle their excitement with an ultimate track set.

Consider this toy that offers lots of fun possibilities. It is a three feet tall colossal playset, featuring parking spaces that can accommodate over a hundred cars. There is also an elevator that can transport 23 vehicles at once. Kids can have hours of imaginative play with this set, and they will surely have a great time racing their car on it.

Other notable features include a massive jet plane landing pad, a dual corkscrew track set, and a car maintenance station. The cars can spin through the wash, gas up, and tune-up before they set out back to the tracks. Your little one will indeed have a good time playing pretend with this.

This offers more than just a simple car racing playtime. Put your young one’s problem-solving skills to the test. They can observe and find out the perfect timing and force to launch their tiny car perfectly on the tracks.

There is an option to expand this track set with other Hot Wheels sets. You can see multiple connection points where you attach your existing race track set. If this is your first one, you can purchase an additional rail.

However, there is a slight problem that I am worried about. The motorized truck can get really loud, especially when the gorilla and the cars are stuck together. It was fine at first, but it can get annoying for adults.
  • The elevator can transport up to 23 cars at a time
  • Inspires hours of imaginative play
  • Enhances kids’ problem-solving skills
  • It comes with multiple connections points
  • It can get too loud
This track set is a remarkable product that you can think about purchasing for family bonding time. While it can get annoyingly loud, the kids don’t seem to mind.

12. Hot Wheels GFH87 Colossal Crash Track Set

Kids love the thrill of racing their small cars on smooth surfaces. Take this to another level with a Hot Wheels track builder set.

Consider this one of a kind track builder system with a double-figure eight design. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also has high-speed motorized boosters. It allows you and your children to race numerous vehicles simultaneously, which increases the smash and crash probability.

When assembled, it measures over five feet wide. There’s a lot of space for the cars to run around, which means extended hours of fun for kids. You can also find a lever function that is capable of sending the car through the crash zone on the ground level. You can witness a spectacular aerial collision that is as fun as the racing itself with the right timing.

The set has an easy fold-up design for storage. You can simply collapse it and bring it for an on-the go fun. Moreover, it comes with connection points where you can attach other Hot Wheels tracks. This opens up an opportunity for multiplayer action in an even bigger setting.

However, it turns out that not all Hot Wheels vehicles can ride around this track set depending on their height and weight. A majority of these cars will still work, so it’s not much of a problem.
  • Features double eight high-speed motorized boosters
  • Keeps children engaged
  • Comes with levers
  • Folds up easily
  • Not all Hot Wheels cars can work on this track set
This hot wheels colossal crash track set is a sure hit for any kid who loves miniature cars. It might take a while to figure out which car rides best on it especially on the crash zone, but everything will work great once you figure this out.

What to Look for When Buying Hot Wheels Tracks


Whether you are buying your first set of hot wheels race track or adding more to your collection, the things you need to look out for does not change. Here we have some essential factors that will ensure you get the best hot wheels track sets for your children.

  • Age

There is a wide range of hot wheels race car tracks available in the market. Some are sold by age range. Thus, it is essential to determine whether you are buying the right hot wheels track for toddlers, younger kids, or teens. If you bought a set designed for children younger than eight or vice versa, it would be a waste of money. Always look for the tracks within your kids’ age range. This ensures that the track set will not be too simple nor complicated.

  • Function and Features

In deciding based on the function and features of a Hot Wheel track, one’s preference should be considered. For example, if you prefer fast-paced action on a crash zone, then you should opt for a set that comes with accelerators. You can also look for a Hot Wheels track that encourages kids from getting from one point to another. If you are into building complicated tracks, then mixing and matching parts and expanding sets are more suitable.

  • Storage

Hot wheels track race comes in all shapes and sizes. Make sure that you have enough space in your home, especially if you are thinking of buying an extensive set. Always check the product’s dimensions so you can visualize the fit of the track set in your available space. There should be enough area for the assembled track set, play, and putting everything together. Otherwise, children can’t fully enjoy the set. Storage is also another important aspect. If there is no sufficient space, some parts might get damaged or lost.

  • Price Tag

Hot Wheels tracks can cost something between $2 to $50, depending on the features and components. Most affordable are the value packs and small tracks priced at $10 to $20. Full-size sets with movable parts and big tracks are around $30 to $50. Consider your price options, the product rating, and think about whether the price is worth it.

This is a great way to start and filter your long list of the best hot wheels set options. It will cross off many and narrow your choices For more detailed information and other important factors to consider, move on to the next part.

Other Important Factors to Consider


There is no need for you to spend hours researching something about buying guides. I already did that for you. All you need to do now is go over what I have put together. These will assist you further in obtaining the best hot wheels racing set. This is ideal for those who are new to Hot Wheels track sets. So, read on.

What is a hot wheels track?

Hot wheels track of all time, established by Hot Wheels in the 1960s, is a playset designed to be used with licensed cars. They have produced a range of track sets that are continuously evolving. Children can make their own race tracks by assembling pieces like accelerators and loops. It is a toy that is ideal for a child’s problem-solving skills as it requires determining the right moment to speed the cars down the track set.

How does it work?

First, you set up the tracks on a flat surface. There are different pieces for each set available depending on the product you picked. Put the tracks together and you run the best Hot Wheels cars starting from the high end.

Most kids who don’t have Hot Wheels track sets but own small cars tend to play this game on the kitchen counter. That is not a problem until the cars hit the wooden baseboards and cause dents. To avoid this from happening, it is best to have a track where the young ones can play freely without worrying about the furniture. You will find play zones and two launchers in an ultimate garage playset that can provide the thrill they are looking for.

What are the different types of hot wheels tracks?

You can find many variations of Hot Wheels tracks sold in the market. Not only in terms of looks, features, and price but Hot Wheels track sets also differ by the major categories that they fall into. These are some of the most common ones you can find.


When bridging the gap between interests and capturing the imagination of kids, themed set are perfect. There are many themes such as Marvel, Disney, and Super Mario. This way, toddlers will be more engaged and entertained by a Hot Wheels track.

Track Builder

This type of Hot Wheels is commonly used to expand and maximize the potential of your existing tracks. When you and your child have already grown bored of your current track, the track builder sets are great alternatives. Playing around with new combinations will give you a refreshing experience plus you can create a crash zone.

Large Vehicles

If you want something different from the standard Hot Wheels tracks, you can upgrade into large vehicles and hone your skills. These will offer you new movements, accelerations, speeds, and bigger play zones. Moreover, this is great for kids of all ages.

Action Tracks

Go beyond the simple push and play with Hot Wheels action tracks. There are more possibilities and problem-solving aspects that come with its features. These functions also enable one-on-one play with friends or family members. It comes with parking spaces, play zones, and car feeder ramp that you often find in an ultimate garage playset.

City Sets

Get the feel of the metropolis in Hot Wheels’ tracks. This comes with other sets like a hot wheel garage set for fast and furious fun.

Why do you need hot wheels track sets?

Hot Wheels offers flexibility as it allows the kids to create their wildest tracks of their dreams. It is a great toy that can inspire kids to use their imagination and develop their problem-solving skills. Moreover, this is a good way for family bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions


Now, you might have several questions swirling around in your head. Here, you can find some answers to aid you in purchasing a cool hot wheels track for your little one. These are the most common questions that parents ask when looking for the top-rated hot wheels track.

What are the most trusted hot wheels race track brands?

Hot Wheels is the brand, and we can say that after years in the industry, it is one solid proof that the content and products by them are good enough to be trusted. If you want specific models, you can check out the product reviews in the first section. That will give you a good idea of which ones are better than others. However, if you want a list, I’ll give you a short one below:

For beginners or kids ages three to five, the Hot Wheels track builder sets with a straight track is ideal. It can be connected and is compatible with many Hot Wheels sets. If you are in for the speed, take a look at the corkscrew crash track set to amp up the fun. For portability, you can consider getting a Hot Wheels track builder stunt barrel box. If you want to splurge without looking at the price and get the best out of it, the ultimate garage playset offers tons of playing content.

Which Hotwheels are worth collecting?

For those who are planning to start their Hot Wheels cars collection, you might want to start looking at rare and unreleased prototypes. Know that this hobby is lucrative and not for kids of all ages, and you will find many pieces priced at unimaginable tags.

How long is a piece of Hot Wheels track?

The feet of a track varies depending on the type and the accompanying functions and features. The pieces the set comes with also determines how long the trail can go. But if we are to give the approximate size of most tracks, it is around 15 feet of track.

What is a Hot Wheels track builder?

Track builder is a type of Hot Wheels track set. It features an open-ended system that encourages kids of all ages to push the limits of their creativity and imagination. They can build their own path with all the pieces included in the set. The possibilities are endless.

Can you use matchbox cars on Hot Wheels tracks?

When using Hot Wheels tracks, only official Hot Wheels cars can run on it. The reason is that the official Hot Wheels cars specifically made for the track sets are constructed to fit comfortably and correctly. If you use other cars the features will not work as intended.

However, matchbox cars are roughly the same size as the official cars used on hot wheels raceways. Most sellers say that matchbox cars could also work on a Hot Wheels track.

Why are Hot Wheels tracks so expensive?

Hot Wheels track sets are not like any regular toy car made of cheap plastic. It is high- quality compared to those and is ideal for kids of all ages. Besides, not all Hot Wheels track sets are expensive. There are also more affordable versions. The more expensive track sets are for those who are buying to collect.


Now, you’ve reached this far. I believe that the Hot Wheels track sets product reviews and buying guide content you’ve read will lead you to find the best hot wheels track. Be sure to keep them in mind when you start your search.

It will make a big difference and help your little one in their early stages of development. If you have any excellent ultimate hot wheels track tips that are not included in the list, you can share them in the comments.