15 Best Race Car Track Toys 2023 – Improve Kids Creativity

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The best race car track toys are not just meant for fun, but have proven to offer higher educational values to the children out there. These racing cars with track are fun to play with and will keep your kids hooked up for long hours.

Best Choice
Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme - Race Car & 10' of Flexible, Bendable Glow in The Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV
Second Best
Dinosaur Toys-Create A Dinosaur World Road Race-Flexible Track Playset ,4 Dinosaurs and 2 Race Car Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year & Up Old boy Girls Best Gift
Don't Miss
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
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Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Down Hill Race & Go Playset with 1:64 Scale Bone Shaker Toy Truck & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme - Race Car & 10' of Flexible, Bendable Glow in The Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV
Dinosaur Toys-Create A Dinosaur World Road Race-Flexible Track Playset ,4 Dinosaurs and 2 Race Car Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year & Up Old boy Girls Best Gift
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Down Hill Race & Go Playset with 1:64 Scale Bone Shaker Toy Truck & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Best Choice
Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme - Race Car & 10' of Flexible, Bendable Glow in The Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV
Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme - Race Car & 10' of Flexible, Bendable Glow in The Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV
Second Best
Dinosaur Toys-Create A Dinosaur World Road Race-Flexible Track Playset ,4 Dinosaurs and 2 Race Car Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year & Up Old boy Girls Best Gift
Dinosaur Toys-Create A Dinosaur World Road Race-Flexible Track Playset ,4 Dinosaurs and 2 Race Car Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year & Up Old boy Girls Best Gift
Don't Miss
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Hot Wheels Track Builder Car & Mega Track Pack, 87 Component Parts for 40-ft of Track & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Also Consider
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Down Hill Race & Go Playset with 1:64 Scale Bone Shaker Toy Truck & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Down Hill Race & Go Playset with 1:64 Scale Bone Shaker Toy Truck & 1:64 Scale Toy Car (Amazon Exclusive)

Some cars are bigger in size and other cars have decent dimensions. It helps to improve your children’s creativity level quite a lot.

Checking out the brands before purchasing race cars tracks is important and my review will talk about the best brands here. I have listed 12 of the top race track cars, which are not just colorful, but also help improve your children’s engineering and cognitive skills. Some race cars are even designed with dinosaur figurines to help create a storyline for your kids.

Comparison Table:

So, in case your kid is looking for some action or aiming to enjoy a racing set with an RC controller, the race track with cars will be the most sorted out option. Here, I am talking about the top 12 race track toys, which are made using non-toxic materials and easy to assemble.


Top Picks Race Car Track Toy

Here, I am presenting personalized reviews of the best race track toy, which I have tested out personally. Thoughts and requirements might change from one person to another. So, your own research is highly appreciative.

1. Ontel Magic Tracks Xtreme

With a 10 feet of a glow-in-the-dark flexible and bendable race track, this race car track for toddlers is a perfect shot to start this review. The glow-in-the-dark feature will keep kids excited for long.

They can bend and flex the race car track with LED lights. This high-speed racing car track set comprises 200 interchangeable race track pieces.

The pieces will snap together quickly and can be looped in multiple ways to add excitement to the playdates. The LED car needs three AAA batteries, which have to be purchased separately. The race car track will roll up for easy portability and quick storage.

These magic race track toys are easy to assemble and come with proper remote-controlled services.

Ontel items are individualized brands, which are serving customers in their own ways. So, you can try multiple items like Pixar cars and more from the same source. These race cars are proven to be a perfect gift during Christmas or to celebrate birthdays and will help your children to improve their fine motor skills.

  • Bendable and glow-in-the-dark 10 feet long track
  • High speed LED race cars for ultimate fun
  • Great product to help develop fine motor skill
  • Perfect gift for children during Christmas
  • Have to purchase AAA batteries separately
Overall, this race track toy comes with led lights and proper matching LED cars to keep your kids engaged for long hours. So, you could be a good parent by getting one for your kid.

2. HZMENG Track Cars

These kid race car tracks are meant for those little munchkins with extra adrenaline rush. This track car is compatible with magic tracks and neo-track replacement lights. It helps in lighting up the racing track accessories with 5 different LED lights. This glow-in-the-dark racing set is suitable for little girls and boys.

The pack comprises 3 packs of control cars and each one is made compatible with most of the flex and bending race track sets. So, whether you are planning to use rainbow tracks or dinosaur toy tracks, you can use these cars with it.

These cars are designed in different ways with police cars in the pack. Your kids can play with them in the living room and anywhere they want. These cars can race on most tracks including the Neo and Magic track. Each car needs two AA batteries, which must be purchased separately, for powering up the engine and LED lights.

The LED lights will consume maximum battery because there are five in numbers. So, it is highly recommended to get a rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries to save costs later. The race cars are extremely light in weight with dimensions at 3.58 x 2 x2.16 inches. So, they can be carried anywhere safely.

Moreover, kid-safe ABS plastic is used for manufacturing these cars. The slot cars come handy with green, red and blue light-up cars. With these attractive bright colors, they will keep your kids of any age entertained for long hours. Your children will learn about different types of cars and colors through this track set.

  • Help kids to learn about different colors
  • Come with lively 5 LED lights to wow every kid
  • Compatible with Magic Tracks and Neo Tracks
  • Entertaining for kids of any age
  • Different types of cars available
  • Will consume batteries faster because of five LED lights
Overall, if your kids already have exciting track configurations ready and they just need cars to experience a new game play, this track set is for them. Help improve their creativity and imagination through this set.

3. KKONES Dinosaur Toys

Now your kid gets the opportunity to create a dinosaur world with the best kids race track set in town. This set comprises a flexible track play set and two cool dinosaur cars for anyone from three to six years of age. The entire pack has 273 pieces for creating a complete dinosaur track. You can create themed race tracks easily.

With more accessories included, this set will help improve your kid’s color perception and hand and eye coordination. In total, there are 240 track pieces, 2 dinosaur cars, 8 dinosaur figurines, door, bridge, and slopes, cross road, bumping road, ball, tree and tires as accessories. So With all of these pieces, it helps in improving your kid’s imaginative play.

The entire set is quite easy to assemble or unassembled. The dynamic track pieces can be twisted left or right, which will then put together the toddler racing track. This set will help your kids to cooperate. They can exercise their fine motor skills and enjoy play dates like never before. However, the dinosaur car needs one AA battery each.

The cars will light up to keep kids more attracted. Moreover, the entire set is made using non-toxic and safe materials, which are also durable. Your kids can play with the set outside as well. This set is a great birthday or Christmas gift choice.

  • Easy to assemble tracks
  • Helps your kids to improve hand-eye coordination
  • LED cars for adding attractive quotient
  • Made using non-toxic and safe materials
  • Highly durable materials
  • Need to get batteries for the cars separately
This kid-friendly and safe race car track set is perfect for the little ones out there. It is also pretty affordable and can make the best Christmas gift.

4. Carrera Mario Slot Car Race Track

This first ever Mario Kart set is a brainchild from Carrera and comprises two cars, Mario and Yoshi. These are battery operated racing sets for the little kids within three years of age. With a separate finish line and crash zone, this set will help improve your kid’s coordination and imaginative play to a whole new level.

This car track for toddlers provides realistic racing action for those with complete electrically regulated speed RC controllers. So, they get to learn how to race and develop some better driving skills. This is a perfect gift for preschool kids, who love action and excitement of driving through spinners. They can fly the Mario kart through the entire track.

As this set is for two players, it helps your kids to learn how to socialize and share their play set with others. This race track toy features the famous Mario Kart characters Yoshi and Mario, who will be driving through the tracks at full speed. The pack consists of everything you need from set up to the final race.

This set of two cars comes with ergonomic speed controllers, perfect for tiny hands. The length of the track is 7.87 feet and with a track/car scale at 1:50. For making this toy set work, you will need four C batteries.
  • Comes with favorite Mario characters
  • Sleek track for long hours of fun
  • Improve kid’s coordination and imaginative play
  • Realistic racing action
  • The length of the track is 7.87 feet
  • The quality should have been a bit better
For such an affordable price point, this set is a good start for the beginners entering the race track field. They will receive all the valid information they need to improve driving skills and racing experience with RC Controllers.

5. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Race Car Track

For one to two-year toddlers, this wooden race track is a great option from TOP BRIGHT. This race system starter kit is made using premium quality and BPA free wood, which are stained with the help of non-toxic water based paint. The wooden cars are fully tested to match European EN71 and U.S. ASTM F 963 safety standards.

These racing car tracks for kids have further passed the ASTM test, where the wheels of the cars remain intact and won’t come out even with violent moves. The cars are large enough to avoid risk of choking hazards. It comes with a unique parking lot at the top, with 4 bright ramp racers. These racer cars will be parked at the top from where it will move downwards.

The cars will slide through the rainbow tracks and it will help improve your kid’s visual tracking ability. When the run stops, toddlers can collect cars from the bottom. It enhances their sense of storage and further prevents the cars from getting lost. The size of this pack is 12″x4″x10” and weighs 2 pounds. Therefore, it can be carried anywhere.

The pack comprises one parking lot, 4 car ramps, and 4 toddler ramp racers. Parents have to attach the top parking lot only. Other than that, no assembly is required. This car feeder ramp set is really compact and durable. You can store it anywhere in a small room or shelves without taking up too much space.

This well-built and simple toy will help toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and flexible attention span. It will further encourage them to take turns and cooperate to play their cars and develop communication skills. Kids will learn repetition and dexterity through playing.

The ramps included in this toy set have bright colors and are designed to run one toy car at a time. The manufacturers have taken toddler’s safety into consideration before creating this set.
  • Helps improve kid’s repetition and dexterity
  • Improves their communicative skills
  • Perfectly crafted with highly durable and safe materials
  • Easily portable
  • Missing out sounds and LED lights
If you are looking for a perfect toy with an upgrade choice for the little players in your family, this set is the one to consider. It works for every toddler who wants to engage in long hours of gameplay.

6. Hot Wheels Car & Mega Track Pack

One of the longest racing track toys for the kids out there, this product from Hot Wheels is now getting sold like hot cakes. If you are looking for a racing car track for kids, this one is perfect as a gift. It comes with a 40 feet long track, which will cover a good space of your living room.

This great pack comes with tons of tracks, hot wheel cars and connectors. The main goal is to ignite imagination, customization and some of the best building skills. You can add your kid’s track builder sets, which he has separately to elongate the track more.

This Mega track pack has two different lengths of the straight track with connectors for creating the complete 40 feet long orange track. It has one hot wheel car to complete the set.

The loop stunt of this set will help in boosting the car’s momentum more through loops. After playing, kids can collapse the loop for easier storage. The Loop kicker pack is one of the seven major component packs of this set.

The track builder of this set will present kids with unlimited experimental building, boosting and stunting challenges with 7 different cool component parts. There are 43 different easy connectors available to complete the pack.
  • Present kids with unlimited experimental building
  • 40 feet long race track for endless fun
  • Comes with loops and boost category
  • 7 different cool component parts
  • 43 different easy connectors
  • The track walls are quite short
For such a price rate, you can purchase this set for your little kids anytime you want. There is no need to purchase tracks separately as this 40 feet long track is enough for unlimited fun!

7. Disney Pixar Cars XRS Drag Racing Playset

For a completely new experience with race car sets for toddlers, Disney Cars Toys came up with the XRS Drag Racing Playset. This playset helps in delivering car-themed action with the latest racing excitement. This product comprises a fair start gate, which comes with working streetlights.

Your kids can play with either one or two cars and enjoy multiple ways of playing with it. So, this set is perfect for improving your kid’s imagination and creativity power. They can race on the flat track for speed or just brave up the stunt game with flawless jumps over cactus land!

The set comprises a plastic Lightning McQueen vehicle as part of the XRS group. You can purchase separate Pixar cars for your kids to improve this playset and help them share their games with others and socialize. This set is designed for kids over 4 years of age. It comprises smaller parts, so not suitable for children under three years of age.

As this set comes with kid-powered starts, kids have to slam the starting button and watch cars zoom into action.

There is a fair start game available to keep the action intense. Kids have to press the button at the starting gate and watch lights turn from red to yellow and finally green to launch the car before the opponent does. As a result, it helps to improve that competitive edge among kids.

You can collect other cars separately and complete the set. Kids can compete against some of their favorite Pixar characters through this set. With a basic weight of 2.99 pounds, this set can be carried anywhere easily.
  • Great to help improve kid’s competitive edge
  • Comes with the famous Pixar character, Lightning McQueen
  • Racing in more than one way
  • Comes with working streetlights
  • Has a fair start gate
  • Comes with just one car and have to purchase other cars separately to compete
It is really hard to believe the price point of this product! With two racing types and a Lightning McQueen car, this set is great for your little kids, especially if they already have other Pixar cars in store.

8. Lydaz Race Track Dinosaur World

This set from Lydaz has 142 pieces of flexible track with dinosaur figures and toy cars. The main goal is to create a Jurassic themed world with a bridge to create a road for the cars.

If you are currently looking for a new race track toy, this one fits the bill in every way. It helps your kids to learn more about our pre-historic animals through these realistically crafted dinosaur figurines.

Kids can twist, turn and flex this track to form multiple track shapes. There are environment-friendly materials used for creating the building blocks. Little kids can play with this set for long hours without facing any problem. The entire package consists of 142 track pieces, 1 car, two dinosaurs, four trees, one slope, 1 door and one hanging bridge.

However, for moving the car, parents have to purchase one 1.5V AA battery separately. This toy set is highly recommended for kids above three years of age. It is a great toy set to have some wonderful time between parents and kids. This premium race track will encourage kids to explore the unknown out of curiosity.

It further helps to stimulate the mind and creativity of children and can improve a child’s early development. The flexed and easily twisted tracks will enhance kid’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It works on their creative thinking. Kids can turn the track into a 360-degree loop for endless fun. There are different combinations to it.

The race car tracks are proficiently designed to be assembled and disassembled easily. It will be a great birthday or Christmas gift for the boys or girls. With fun accessories to complete the set, your kid will never get bored.
  • Flexible tracks for unlimited fun
  • Comes with dinosaurs, car and a lot more
  • Helps to improve children’s early development
  • Enhances kids’ hand-eye coordination
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Missing out the lights and sounds
Next time you are looking for an awesome toy to surprise your kid, this dinosaur-themed race track is one to watch out for. This remote control racing car track is perfect for crafting that Jurassic theme-based fun.

9. Carrera 63504 Slot Car Racing Track

While being a basic race track, this race track for 4 year olds comes with slot car tracks and jump ramps. So, not for the little ones, but this race track is great for kids with proper grip and developed mindset. This set can also be stated to be race track toys for adults.

For enjoying fast-paced racing action on a 14.10 feet long track, this one is suitable for you. It comes with realistic cars, which can reach the scale speed of around 370 mph. This car set follows the Carrera battery technology. It provides the same power and speed much like any other electric set for offering thrilling action in every race.

Since this set is for two players, the kid can enjoy this game with his family or friends and establish communicative skills and socializing. This set comes with 2 pieces of removable jump ramp, which is made compatible with all the Carrera GO! cars. With the additional accessories, you can customize this track for your kids and expand it up to 32.8 feet.

This complete slot racing system comprises speed controllers, cars, track layout, jump ramp and guardrails. This set is not like your match box car racetrack but something different. It is equipped with speed controllers for racing your car to a maximum speed of 370 mph. It comprises a removable jump ramp for added excitement and challenge.

The length of the track is 14.10 feet and with a track/car scale of 1:43. Here, the cars included in the list are ’67 Ford Mustang and 2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Because the set is battery operated, you will need four D batteries.

The track remains expandable up to 32.8 feet once you purchased additional tracks and accessories. This toy set can be upgraded to electric after purchasing an electrical adapter.

  • Great car set which comes with speed controllers
  • It has two different cars for a family fun time
  • It has expandable track of around 32.8 feet
  • Track/car scale of 1:43
  • It has track layout, jump ramp and guardrails
  • Need to purchase batteries for the cars and remote controls
Whether your kids love to play alone or with family, this set is for them. If they want a bit of adrenaline rush, this set is the one for you to watch out for!

10. VTech Smart Wheels Launch and Play Raceway

VTech came with its outstanding three in one Launch and Play racetrack, with its Go! Go! smart wheel cars. This race track for 3 year olds is colorful and comes with miniature cars, fitting perfectly in those little hands. This set comprises two SmartPoint locations, which interact proficiently with the SmartPoint vehicles.

The interaction will give rise to music, sound effects and fun phrases to help your kids learn something new every day. The set has three different track configurations. Those are Super Raceway, dual Raceway and stunt track. There is a lift-up launcher available with the set, designed to improve kid’s fine motor skills.

The set comprises one SmartPoint race car, which will teach young kids the letter “R” along with the vehicle’s name to help improve their pretend play stages. Moreover, the toy also has two launchers to help give the car a simple boost it needs to fly high.

Kids can easily rearrange the tracks into any of the three driveways, mentioned already, and speed throughout the entire day. The launchers can be lifted to race down properly through the track. This motion helps to improve your kid’s motor skills.

The two SmartPoint locations will trigger fun phrases and songs to go along with the set. You can further purchase the Smart Wheels separately to add more fun elements to this race track set. It helps your kids to play with others of the same age and socialize.
  • Perfect set with colorful and smart wheel car
  • Comes with three different driveways for unlimited fun
  • Helps to improve kid’s motor skill and communication skill with more added cars
  • Two SmartPoint locations for fun phrases
  • The pack only has one car so not designed for dual play
The price point of this race track for 2 year olds is pretty affordable for any parent, even with a tight budget plan. So, next time you are looking for the best track based car set, this one will be high in the list.

11. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Downhill Race

Hot Wheels has been providing some of the best racing car tracks for decades and now it came up with a new Monster Truck set. It is a downhill race and go playset, which is an ideal option of race track for 5 year olds !

This downhill race is designed to beat obstacles and knock down competition. It is all about smashing and crashing, and that gives your kid the right amount of adrenaline rush he needs.

Your kid will learn competition through this set. The main goal is to be the first one landing in trophy cup, which will later trigger the track to fail and send the slower cars flying everywhere.

This toy is not only designed for Monster trucks, but also for the traditional Hot Wheel cars. If your kid already has Hot Wheel cars, they can play with this set well. Furthermore, a transporter for the Monster trucks is included in this set. It is connected to a 1:64 scale truck right at the front of the seat.

The set has monster trucks and Hot Wheel cars already. So, your kid can share his toy with his friends and enjoy socializing in the best possible manner. It has four feet long track, which will include the trucks and cars. The track starts to narrow down towards the end, while reaching the finish line trophy for perfect crash.

It is a two in one transporter and raceway. When kids are done playing with this racing toy, they can gold the track up in its transporter mode. It helps in storing the smaller cars in an organized manner and under one roof. With that, your kids won’t lose any car. This set is perfect for kids within 4 to 8 years of age.
  • Great toy to enjoy competition and crashing
  • A two in one transporter and raceway
  • The set comprises of both Hot Wheels cars and Monster Trucks
  • Easy storage once playtime is over
  • Wished there were lights and sounds to make the set even more exciting
If you are looking for the best toy race car track sets, you have come to the right place. You will enjoy the features this set has for the little ones. Yes, the price is a bit expensive, but the brand provides ultimate assurance of this set’s longevity.

12. Fisher-Price Little People Take Turns Skyway

This toy race track for 3 year old from Fisher-Price comes with three feet long track and three different tracks to finish the set. It is considered to be the tallest ever Wheelies track set available in the market. If you want something different from the basic best electric race car track, this set is the one for parents to purchase.

It comes with the famous Take Turns Launcher, which releases only one car at a time. If your kid is playing with other friends, he will learn patience and sharing. This toy has fill up and fix up stations along with a spinning arrow along the way.

There are some exciting racing sounds along with fun phrases available in this set, which talks about being patient, sharing and playing together. So, your kids will learn to socialize through such racing tracks. Apart from three different tracks, this set also has two wheelies vehicles.

A single press of the Take Turn launcher will send only one car zooming down this amazing spiral track. It will release the next car to the startling line under the waiting list. As every car races down the track and hits the arrow spinner on its way, kids will hear multiple racing sounds and cool phrases of playing together as friends.

The little drivers can stop at repair and gas stations while making ways around. For adding a bit more excitement to this set, one track ends in a jump. It launches the vehicles into air for that fine finish.

With easy grasping vehicles and preventing play, kids get to improve their imagination power. The little hands further get to grasp vehicles and send them down the tracks zooming. So, it is one way for fine motor skills.
  • Improve kids imaginative play and fine motor skills
  • Comes with three different tracks and two wheelies
  • It has sound effects and fun phrases of how to be patient and play together
  • Comes with two wheelies vehicles
  • The LED lights are missing in both the wheelies cars and the tracks
Next time you are looking for that best track set to help your kids learn more about racing cars, this one is a perfect call to watch out for.

What to Look for When Buying a Race Car Track Toy

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Parents find it hard to check all the possible magic tracks and racing cars and finalizing on any one product particularly. It takes time to run down through all the possible options and make a final choice. However, certain interesting points can save you money and help choose the best race car track toy for your little munchkin at home.

  • Materials used for manufacturing

Always look in for the kid-friendly and safe materials used for manufacturing these cars and racing tracks. Reputed brands will only be using the ABS plastic, noted to be non-toxic in nature. Not only that, but there are some kid-friendly wooden materials used for crafting some of the best racing tracks. Being a responsible parent, remember to check the materials of the toys first before the final purchase.

  • Number of pieces in a set

Each racing track set consists of different numbers of pieces to complete the look. Bigger race car tracks can have as many as 142 pieces, if not more. If you are dealing with one to two years toddlers, try avoiding the tracks with multiple pieces. As these track pieces are small, they result in choking hazards. To prevent that, tune in for some bigger options. On the other hand, if your kid is already four years of age, these bigger track sets are perfect for them.

  • Extra accessories to add more fun

Not just the plain old racing track, but reliable brands know how to make the best slot car tracks even more entertaining. That’s why they have added some extra accessories in the pack. So, right from toy cars to monster trucks, the reputed and bigger track sets have it all. Some brands will follow the Jurassic park theme with extra dinosaurs to cover the racing set. Apart from that, you have a launcher ramp, jump ramp, loopholes, car feeder ramp, gas station, car wash station, road signs, etc, to add more exciting factors to the play.

  • Price point of the race track set

Each parent has a separate price point for every toy and they are willing to stick to it. For that reason, price point plays a pivotal role in determining the right race car track toy for your little kid. Researching the market beforehand will give them a clear point of how much money they need to spend on these car toys. They can pre-set a budget plan accordingly.

  • Quality and brands of the play set

You cannot miss out the brands and quality of the play set as that helps in improving the final playing rounds. Reputed brands offer warranty with their items. Once purchased, you are guarded for a minimum of one year. If anything happens to the product within that said year without any fault of yours, it will get replaced with a new one.

  • The educational value of these race car track toys

The race car track toys are not just meant for fun playful time, but will offer educational values to little kids. They will develop better motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imaginative play. They will further get to improve their communicative skills and start socializing with little kids of almost the same age. Some racing car track toys come with fun phrases and sounds, which will help your bundle of joy to learn something new every day.

Other Important Factors to Consider

cuộc đua xe-đường-cho-trẻ mới biết đi

  • Quality, shelf life and durability of the product
  • Toy differentiation based on gender
  • Offline and online availability of the toy – Preferable online sector for discounts
  • Warranty and costing of the product
  • The worth of buying this toy car

What is a race car track toy?

Race car track toy is not just like other car toys. This set comes with a flexible track set, which can be mixed and matched to create multiple loops and improve storytelling capacity among young toddlers and kids. The set comprises cars, tracks, dinosaur themed tracks sometimes, monster trucks and more. With that, kids get to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills in a playful manner. It even helps kids to learn new phrases of how to be patient and play with one another.

How does it work?

It is really simple to use these slot car race track sets. With a little bit of parental guidance, kids can build the track in any flexible shape they want. Later, you need to place the car at its starting point and zoom through the entire track as fast as possible. The cars have to go through various loops, slots, and even have to jump to fly in mid-air before reaching the finish line.

Who is this for?

This toy set is for all the little toddlers, both boys and girls. There are some bigger race track sets available for kids of 4+ years of age. Sometimes, some race tracks are for kids within 8 to 10 years of age. Depending on the age group, the race track sets are subject to differ.

What are the different types of race track toys?

Generally speaking, there are slot and basic race tracks available. Some brands are looping loop tracks and flexible tracks for the race track toys. There are other dinosaur themed or Jurassic themed race track toys available too. Some of the other basic options are:

  • Fast and furious edition
  • Starter racing kit
  • Award winning tracer racers
  • Spin storm playset, and more

Why do you need race car track toys?

Race car track toys are perfect for letting your kids learn more about the game play and improving their racing experience. They come to realize the importance of sharing their toys with others as only one car is allowed to run down the track one at a time. Furthermore, there are loops available, which help to improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination set. This race car track toy helps to improve your kid’s imaginative and creative play to a whole level. Most importantly, it will help cover fine motor skills and best gripping solutions for your kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Câu hỏi thường gặp

1. What are the most trusted race car track toy brands?

While planning to invest some bucks on best race track toys, you better watch out for the best brands in town. People always aim for hot wheels race track or the ones from Fisher-price. However, there are some other race track toy brands available for you to give a try. Those are listed below for your reference.

  • Ontel
  • Carrera
  • Disney Pixar Cars
  • Lydaz
  • VTech

You can go through all the possible options, check out their separate features, and finalize on the ones you like.

2. How to use it?

There is no rocket science on how to use a race track. But for little kids handling bigger tracks or toddlers, parental guidance is important. Parents have to set up the track in different modes if the set permits so, and then aim for the launching effect. After settling down the track, the kids have to place the cars at the given starting mark and force it manually or with RC remote control to move forward. These cars will pass through multiple loops, ramps and can also get launched in mid-air before reaching the finish line

3. Where can I buy?

You have every right to purchase these race car toys from retail outlets. Each brand has its own physical outlet for purchasing. But, the easiest way is to plan for the online moves. Reputed e-commerce stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target have separate pages dealing with kid’s toys, especially race car track toys. They will further offer discounts on some of the selected race car toys, which is hard to procure from retail outlets.

4. How to care and clean?

It is really very simple to clean the race car toys. Much like cleaning other car toys, you will need a mixture of mild shampoo or soap and clear water to clean the race track set. You need a clean cloth to dab it into the mixture and swipe off the dirt and dust from the pieces. Be very careful while cleaning the small pieces as you can’t afford to lose them, otherwise the entire track will be dysfunctional. If your kids love to play with their tracks outside, then you have to clean it frequently. Otherwise, cleaning the race track toy once in a week is more than enough.

5. How safe is it for kids to play with these race track toys?

If you purchased your race car track toy from reputed brands, you don’t have to worry about your kid’s safety. These track toys are made using non-toxic ABS plastic or highly durable natural or organic wooden materials. Hence, even if your toddlers are playing with these toys for hours, they won’t get hurt. The only concern is with the smaller parts, which can lead to choking hazards among toddlers within 1 to 3 years of age. At this point, parental supervision is highly recommended.

6. Can you extend the available track?

Kids can easily expand their available race track according to their will. For that, they have to purchase the extendable portions separately and turn a 14 feet track into as massive as 32 feet! Some tracks are compatible with most of the major branded car toys. Even if the track set comes with one car, and if your kids already have some existing cars by their sides, they can use those cars for a massive play. They can also invite some other friends over for a quick play date.

7. How well will they learn motor skills?

As little kids have to build their tracks separately from the scratch, so engineering skill development is always the first educational vibe they get. Moreover, they are going to control the toy cars according to their will, which improves their motor learning skills.


With so many variations available in the market with the best race car track toys, my review on the top 12 products will surely work well for you. There are so many interesting brands creating promising track toys. My review is a small gesture to help you know a bit more about those products before finally making a choice. However, I request you to do your own research to some extent as well.

USA Toyz Glow Race Tracks and LED Toy Cars - 360pk Glow in The Dark Bendable Rainbow Race Track Set STEM Building Toys for Boys and Girls with 2 Light...
  • Snap and Glow Race Car Tracks Set for Kids: Keep kids excited with hours of STEM building toy games! This set of rainbow race car tracks easily...
  • Glow in the Dark Race Cars and Tracks: Featuring 360 pcs of interchangeable neon car tracks, kids can build custom speedways in seconds! This quick...
  • Multiplayer STEM Building Game: Bend, loop, flex these bendable race tracks in different ways, various shapes, and inspire creativity and imagination...
  • Easy to Use and Store Race Tracks: Easy-to-snap-together and take apart race tracks for kids also rolls up for easy travel and storage; this engaging...
  • Kid-Safe and Quality Assured: Engage kids for hours with this brain challenging and equally entertaining STEM building toys race track set for kids;...
Electric Racing Tracks for Boys and Kids Including 4 Slot Cars 1:43 Scale with Headlights and Dual Racing, Race Car Track Sets with 2 Hand...
  • 【Slot Car Race Track Sets】Everything you need contained in the box to start racing including 4 cars, 2 speed controllers, and track layout. With...
  • 【14.5FT Dual Track】New design track is very sturdy, having a better system to lock into place from some old ones. Set up takes about half an hour....
  • 【Fast-Paced Car Racing】Feel the power and speed of the 1:43 scale size cars racing on the track measuring over 14 feet and reaching scale speeds...
  • 【Easier to Keep on Track】Slot cars take skill to keep on track. You must throttle the controller just like a normal car going around corners. We...
  • 【Exciting Toy Set for All Ages】Two-player racing that family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for kids and adults. Perfect...
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
  • A PERFECT SLOT CAR SET FOR THE BEGINNING RACER - 1:50 scale cars, 7.87 feet of track and the kid favorite Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen and...
  • REALISTIC DRIVING ACTION FOR LITTLE RACERS - younger kids are in control with the electronically regulated speed controllers as they learn to race and...
  • GET HOOKED ON THRILLING HEAD-TO-HEAD RACING ACTION - younger kids love the track flyover, figure 8 turns and Disney/Pixar Cars 3 themed accessories!
  • EXCITING TWO-PLAYER AND GROUP ACTIVITY - family and friends of all ages can enjoy the fast-paced head-to-head driving action!
Dinosaur Toys, Create A Dinosaur World Road Race Glow in The Dark Car Race Cars for Boys & Girls Ages 3 4 5 6 7, Flexible Train Tracks Set with for...
  • 【Great Developmental Toy】 201pcs Jurassic Style Accessories-This dinosaur race track includes 168pcs flexible tracks, 1 cool LED dino car, 1...
  • 【An Exciting Jurassic Journey】 This train set combines the themes of dinosaurs and racing.The LED dino car and military SUV are racing on flexible...
  • 【Easy to Assemble and Store】 The tracks pieces can twist left or right, bent in different shapes,allows a lot of flexibility.Kids can make a new...
  • 【Come with 2 Race Cars】 Each car requires 1×"AA" battery (NOT INCLUDED). 1 dinosaur car and 1 military SUV can bring endless fun of racing...
  • 【Ideal Gift Choice for Kids】Durable and safe.Non-toxic and BPA-free.The tracks and dinosaurs are polished to ensure the safety of kids.Exquisite...
TEMI Kids Race Track Toys with 3 Mini Cars - Puzzle Rail Car Adventure Playset for 3-7 Year Old Boys and Girls
  • CHILDREN'S TOY SET - This car adventure toy (9in *9.3in *7in)has the perfect design, with 6 buttons and 8 different challenges, 3 mini...
  • NO BATTERY REQUIRED - Guide the toy for Kids 3-5 Years Old through the obstacle and pass each challenge, let children immerse themselves in the world...
  • CHILD-FRIENDLY MATERIALS - This track table vehicle set is made of high-quality and non-toxic ABS materials, has passed physical and mechanical tests,...
  • EXERCISE INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY - This race track toy set combine with perfect size, bright color and 8 different challenges, which can exercise...
  • POPULAR GIFT FOR KIDS - This car adventure is a favorite gift toys for 3 4 5 6 7 year old boys. It is the ideal gift for birthdays, parties,...
Lucky Doug Toddler Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Boys, Race Car Tracks Toys for Boys, Car Rescue Adventure Preschool Educational Toys
  • ✅MANUALLY OPERATED CREACTIVE PLAYSET - This car rescue adventure toy equipped with 4 mini cars and 6 buttons to control and pass 8 different...
  • ✅EASY TO OPERATE - The colors of the 6 buttons correspond to the colors of the level, and the button rotation is very smooth. In addition, an...
  • ✅EDUCATIONAL TOYS FOR CHILDREN AGED 3-8 - Children guide the car through the obstacle level by operating the buttons, exercise hand-eye...
  • ✅NO BATTERY REQUIRED - Built-in mechanical linkage track, inertial vehicle railway, no batteries needed. A stable physical structure makes the...
  • ✅SAFETY DESIGN - Made of high-quality ABS material, BPA free, non-toxic water-based paint, more durable, not easy to break. The rounded edges are...
Mattel Disney and Pixar Cars Track Set, Radiator Springs Mountain Race Playset with 2 Toy Cars, Launcher & Winning Flag
  • The Disney and Pixar Cars Radiator Springs Mountain Race Playset offers fans of the movies lots of racing action in a location they love!
  • Race Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm vehicles down the mountain and in and out of a waterfall -who will be the first to blast through the Cozy...
  • Press the Wheel Well Motel to launch the racers into a dash down the mountain -track diverters change their course, and the checkered flag signals the...
  • The track set features parking spots and a gas pump and includes the 2 1:55 scale racecars for instant play right out of the box!
  • With so many thrills, the set makes a great gift for kids age 4 years old and up, especially Disney and Pixar Cars fans!
Carrera GO!!! 62480 DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale
  • Fast-paced racing action on over 29-feet of track with realistic cars that reach scale speeds of 370-mph
  • Set features 2 loops, a fly over, and high-banked curves giving you exciting action all over the track
  • 1:43 scale slot car racing is an exciting 2-player and group activity that friends and family can enjoy racing head-to-head together
  • Customize and expand your track with the use of expansion sets, accessories, and a wide selection of additional cars to create challenging new races
  • Everything you need in the box to start racing including cars, speed controllers, and track layout shown
TOOKYLAND Toy Car Ramp Racer - 8pcs - Gravity Race Track Play Set with Wooden Cars, for Toddlers 18 Months Old +
  • This playset includes a 6-ramp race track, a parking lot at the top of the structure and six mini toy cars
  • The colorful ramps are installed at angles that allow cars to descend in a smooth and exciting way
  • The car wheels are made of sturdy plastic and are securely attached to the bodies of the cars by permanently joined axles
  • This toy helps improve hand-eye coordination, motor and social skills, problem-solving and stimulates children's imagination and creativity
  • The toy is mostly pre-assembled, only the parking lot is to be installed; Made of wood and plastic, for kids 18 months and older
[2023 New] Toy Gun for Age 5 6 7 8 9 10 Years Old Boys Girls, Best Kid Shooting Game Toys with Moving Shooting Target 2 Popper Air Guns 48 Foam Balls...
  • 【Deluxe Dinosaur Toys Track Set】 144 pcs flexible tracks, 2 dinosaur cars, 1 dinosaur head tunnel, 1 door, 1 bridge, 2 slopes, 4 trees, 1...
  • 【New Upgrade of Fun Gameplay】 Travel through primitive times, explore the dinosaur paradise.Two cool dinosaur cars turned on their front lights...
  • 【Easy to Assemble and Store】 Track parts are installed in a snap-in type which is convenient and firm to assemble. Flexible dinosaur track can be...
  • 【STEM Educational Toys】 By building and creating, your kids will enhance manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting, spatial...
  • 【Ideal Gift Choice】 The edges and corners of the dinosaur track are polished so that they won’t hurt your kid’s hands. It is made of non-toxic...
Sakiyrmai Kids Race Track Car Adventure Toys, City Rescue Preschool Educational Toy Vehicles, Parent-Child Interactive Kids Puzzle Car Playsets for 3...
  • 🚗🚗【PREMIUM KIDS TOY PLAYSET】: This car adventure toy owns 4 cars-police car, ambulance, bus and mini car. Designed with 6 buttons and 8...
  • 🚗🚗【STABLE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE】: The stable physical structure makes the product stronger and no damaged. Built-in mechanical linkage track,...
  • 🚗🚗【CHILD-FRIENDLY MATERIALS】: Our race track set is made of high-quality and non-toxic ABS materials with round edge and smooth surface.Meet...
  • 🚗🚗【ENHANCE INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY 】: Compared with the traditional single track race, the 2-in-1 track cooperative game brings more fun...
  • 🚗🚗【IDEAL GIFT FOR KIDS' CHILDHOOD】: The car adventure toys are the ideal gift for birthdays, parties, Children's Day, Christmas, Halloween,...
CUTE STONE Race Track Playset with 4 Mini Cars, 4 Dino Pull Back Cars, Dinosaur Figures, Educational Toy Vehicle Playset for 3-5 Year Old Kids
  • Creative Design: The dinosaur-shaped mountain track design combines dinosaur elements with racing games, our car adventure toys set provides children...
  • Sound and Light Features: The race track playset is equipped with sound and light features, allowing children to enjoy a more realistic gaming...
  • Electric Toy Cars: Once the switch is turned on, the toy cars can automatically race on the track, immersing children in the joy of speed and helping...
  • Educational Fun: By combining dinosaur elements, the track set stimulates children's interest in nature, fostering cognitive development and...
  • Versatile Gameplay: Comes with a city activity playmat(Size:31.5 x 27.6 inches), allowing children to place the cars on the map for diverse...