11 Best RC Car Tracks 2023 – High-Quality RC Track Cars

In the world of technology dominance, it is harder to keep children away from the screen and enjoy physical toys. The remote control race car has a great perspective to get your little ones out with even more exciting feelings. Beyond bringing endless fun, the remote control gives your kids a chance to compete, socialize, and develop physical and mental skills in a much healthier way.

Best Choice
Ontel Magic Tracks RC - Remote Control Turbo Race Cars & 10 ft of Flexible, Bendable Glow in the Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV, Color may Vary
Second Best
REMOKING RC Track Car, Rail Race RC Track Car Toys 860cm Build Your Own 3D Super Track Ultimate Slot Car Playset 2 Cars 2 Remote Controller Party Game...
Good Choice
Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T, Red & Blue
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COLOR TREE Electric Slot Car Race Track Sets for Kids High-Speed Slot Car Dual Race Track Toys with 2 Cars for Adults Children Gifts
Ontel Magic Tracks RC - Remote Control Turbo Race Cars & 10 ft of Flexible, Bendable Glow in the Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV, Color may Vary
REMOKING RC Track Car, Rail Race RC Track Car Toys 860cm Build Your Own 3D Super Track Ultimate Slot Car Playset 2 Cars 2 Remote Controller Party Game...
Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T, Red & Blue
COLOR TREE Electric Slot Car Race Track Sets for Kids High-Speed Slot Car Dual Race Track Toys with 2 Cars for Adults Children Gifts
Best Choice
Ontel Magic Tracks RC - Remote Control Turbo Race Cars & 10 ft of Flexible, Bendable Glow in the Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV, Color may Vary
Ontel Magic Tracks RC - Remote Control Turbo Race Cars & 10 ft of Flexible, Bendable Glow in the Dark Racetrack - As Seen on TV, Color may Vary
Second Best
REMOKING RC Track Car, Rail Race RC Track Car Toys 860cm Build Your Own 3D Super Track Ultimate Slot Car Playset 2 Cars 2 Remote Controller Party Game...
REMOKING RC Track Car, Rail Race RC Track Car Toys 860cm Build Your Own 3D Super Track Ultimate Slot Car Playset 2 Cars 2 Remote Controller Party Game...
Good Choice
Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T, Red & Blue
Scalextric American Police Chase AMC Javelin vs Dodge Challenger Police Car 1:32 Slot Car Race Track Set C1405T, Red & Blue
Don't Miss
COLOR TREE Electric Slot Car Race Track Sets for Kids High-Speed Slot Car Dual Race Track Toys with 2 Cars for Adults Children Gifts
COLOR TREE Electric Slot Car Race Track Sets for Kids High-Speed Slot Car Dual Race Track Toys with 2 Cars for Adults Children Gifts

With a variety of available options from child-friendly remote control cars to expert designs for a grown-up, choosing the high-quality RC track car isn’t a simple task. Therefore, I’m here to assist with the detailed review that would make the process of finding the best RC car track easier for you.

Comparison Table:

In this part, you will find extensive information and valuable data of diverse types and functions from the 10 best indoor RC tracks. There is also a summary of each product’s advantages/disadvantages to help you compare these options. Keep reading, and your journey to find the most suitable option would be hassle-free!

Top Picks RC Car Track

1. Ontel Magic Tracks RC

Ontel Magic Tracks RC has all needed and thoughtful functions for beginners. The racetrack comes with 200 pieces of interchangeable tracks, 1 mini car, stickers, and ramp attachments.

The most impressive part is its unique glow trail technology. I’m so excited to see the car lights make the Neon-colored track turn into glow trails. This effect undoubtedly looks like magic for your little, especially in the dark.

There isn’t any particular or decisive shape or pattern that you have to follow to set up the track race. Instead, the serpentine technology allows the track to form into your desired speedway. Therefore, let’s your kids be creative to loop and flex the runway in multiple ways. Thanks to the serpentine track, parents also don’t have to worry about storage or portability.

The remote control has 7 functions, including go, stop, Turbo, reverse, flash, lights, and horn, that would fulfill any driving skills of your little racer. With comprehensive functions, I find this hand controller is also easy to use and perfectly fits for kids’ hands.

There is little note for you: the car only goes backward and forward without the track. The race car might not sustain challenging hills or loops, and it is quite hard to replace batteries.
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Innovation serpentine track design for versatile shapes
  • Magic LED racecar that brings glow-in-dark effect for speedway
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation process
  • Comprehensive remote-control functions
  • The car works with full features only on the track
  • Hard to unscrew the lid for replacing batteries
In short, this RC car with tracks is a fantastic gift for your kids if they are about to start their car collection, specializing for kids from 3 to 5 year old. Imagine your kids’ priceless reaction when you turn off the lights and speed up the car to delight the speedway!

2. REMOKING RC Track Car Toys

This fantastic RC track car set promises to bring your racing game to the next levels. REMOKING puts a lot of effort into stimulating innovation and improving the creative ability of kids; thus, this 3D ultimate slot car track features all-angle from inverted movement to multiple valgus revolutions. You also can expand and build your personal speedway with the included accessories.

This set comes with two racing cars with magnetic technology that ensures the vehicles run as full-speed or slow-down yet still stay on the track. The track construction is super decent and sturdy; you can quickly move the road anywhere after installing without any falling or broken parts. Its eye-catching colors are also another plus. Your kids will be attracted to this new toy right away and may spend hours enjoying the new experience.

The remote controller is well-made and only required 30-minutes for full charging. Your kiddo will have to spin the handle to control the car instead of pulling a trigger like other RC cars. This thoughtful part shows that REMOKING pays attention to hand-on ability.

  • Exclusive 3D auto filter playset
  • Versatile assembling methods in terms of various angle and direction
  • Full-pack of track’s accessories
  • High-quality and sturdy material
  • Value development purpose for kids
  • Eye-catching design
  • Not suitable for very young children.
The best toy for kids is the one offering meaningful social times with their friends and parents. By constructing these thrilling RC car tracks and joining a friendly racing competition, this is a perfect addition for exciting and healthy ways of playing!

3. Hot Wheels Race System Starter Kit

This Hot Wheels remote control race track is outstanding among other indoor RC track sets thanks to the one-and-only Artificial intelligence functions. It will surely enhance your kids’ driving skills the way you never experienced before. The A.I technology activates a smart Autodrive Mode that is both impressive to watch and immersive to race against the self-drive car to achieve victory.

As a result, this RC car track brings the same exhilarated racing game even when you play it alone. The hand controller features 3 race modes with 3 different levels. Beside the Champion mode for unique opponent functions, the Practice mode specializes in testing the advanced track. You can also select Freeplay mode to try off-track playing.

Furthermore, these RC race cars tracks are made of the vinyl material, which is thin and more flexible compared to other set toys. The AI smart track has a tab-and-slot system connected with the sensors on the bottom of each car. These dynamic sensors ensure the car stays on the track even for speed of 200x a second.

However, don’t undervalue the challenge of this automatic RC track car. As you improve your skill level, the automatic track assistance decreases as the speed increases. Your kids will need to be creative and master the driving track to overtake the rival auto-car around the track. Plus, the set comes with a convenient storage carry case that is easy to set up anywhere.

However, if you don’t have experience with setting up the track before, it might be frustrating to install this track set since it is quite fiddly. Another drawback is that the car’s sensor sometimes detects the floor shades as part of the track.
  • Inventive and unique Artificial Intelligence functions
  • Wide range of playing program
  • Still amazed and excited for self-playing
  • Smart sensor technology to keep the car staying on track
  • Flexible track layouts that are easy to transport
  • Reasonable price
  • The track is quite complicated to build-up
  • Required the specific floor that works for car’s sensor technology
To sum up, this remote control track car is worth every penny you paid for. With futuristic functions that can build over 40 different track layouts, you can launch virtual hazards to speed-up to the victory. Increasing skill setting levels, master the race and the speedway will never be the same!

4. Max Traxxx R/C Remote Control

This remote control car track from Max Traxx is a trustworthy option if you search for high-quality and aesthetic car toys. Won multiple awards from Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year to the Family choice Award, this RC track qualifies either physical constructions or entertaining values.

In detail, the racing car features the Light Tracing technology that leaves glowing streaks over 46 feet of glow-in-the-dark track. Your kids will be surprised and full of joy when the car hovers as it “burns” up to over 46-feet speedway. The experience of racing in the daylight and at night will never be the same.

The racing tracks are expandable and customized with loops, corners, and standard straight tracks. The tracks are also adjustable in terms of height, so your kids can freely upgrade the speedway to enhance the course difficulty. I’m impressed with the speed of the RC car, which can adjust different speed scales and reach 500 miles per hour.

The charging process is simple; you only need to plug the cars into the control that is powered by the 4 AA batteries. However, the car and the track need frequent cleaning, as it is easy to catch dirt. Otherwise, the vehicle will lose track and can’t speed up to make the lop. Once maintained properly, this car track will last longer. It would definitely captivate your kids for long hours.
  • Award-winning car toys
  • Creative Light Tracing technologies
  • Excited playing at night
  • Inclusive expandable and accessories track race
  • Extremely fast race car
  • comfortable charging process
  • Require frequent cleaning
All in all, such a high-end remote control car track will surely entertain your kids for a long time, allowing them to enjoy the excitement of playing with a fast racing car toy on a beautiful track

5. Carrera 20030003 Slot Car Racing Track

Carrera provides high-end options of track car toys for car enthusiasts and expert racing hobbyists. No exceptions, this high speeder digital car racing track features comprehensive and advanced functions.

The premium racetrack system is 1:24 range scale and 24-feet large, which satisfies any car lovers who want the most realistic size of a racecourse in house. I always appreciate that Scalextrix puts a lot of effort into technical designs that focus on improving the player’s driving skills. You will get tactical lane changes, curves, straight-aways that all advance racers dream about.

As always, the detailed race car model of Carrera is super striking and impressive. Even adults will be amazed by the explicit front headlights, precise rear brake lights, and delicate interior. In this set, you will have two faithfully replicate cars: Porsche 911 and Mercedes-AMG GT3.

With double contact brushes and strong downforce magnets, each car has maximum contact with the slot car track, which ensures the cars would not run off the track while quick cornering and excellent handling. Plus, the remote control race car track is a digital type, allowing group-playing up to 6 drivers at once.

However, with all those features, the set’s price might be a bit higher than you expect for a car track set. Also, for family playing, you might need to purchase additional wired or wireless controllers.
  • Luxury RC slot car track set
  • Well-constructed and high-detailed race car
  • Extra-large track size
  • Advanced technical demand
  • Perfectly for group playing
  • Pricey
  • Need to purchase extra controllers and expandable accessories
In conclusion, Carrera indoor car track makes dreams come true for any cars’ collectors or expert driving players. This is undoubtedly a timeless and aesthetic option that amazes both kids and adults.

6. Scalextric DC Comics Slot Car Track

Your kids obsess with Superman or Batman characters? This remote control car with track is the one for you. Let’s begin their justice journey with the head to head race between the black Batmobile with the iconic bat symbol car and Superman’s classic blue car.

Besides eye-catching appearance, the race cars are built to last long with a well-constructed one-piece body shell design, allowing the high level of resistance. You don’t have to worry about falling or broken parts during harsh racing. I notice that the car comes with strong magnets providing strong downforce that keeps the car on the track. You can combine the car with the other 1:64 scale track.

The track model can assemble as 3 different layout options and is easy to pack away with minimal storage space. I’m totally impressed by high-detailed graphics design on the track, which contains sliding skids around corners, power up arrows, crossbones, and DC cardboard.

This remote control racing car track is an ideal choice for newbies thanks to innovatory power level controllers. In detail, the hand controller features the percentage range of speed down adjustment by 25%, 50%, and 75%. Hence, your kids are able to slowly learn and improve their driving skills around corners with lightweight and ergonomically designed.

However, because the toy car has a one-piece body design, you will be unable to fix or replace the broken parts when it breaks.
  • Stunning Justice Legend inspired outlooks
  • Specialized car design that withstands impact racing
  • Well-made track layouts
  • Ideal hand controllers for newbies
  • Attractive price
  • Hard to replace internal car parts in case of breaking
Scalextrix is a high reputation brand when mentioning kids’ toys; thus, this remote control car track is a first-rate choice for starting lines with simple yet effective functions. Delight your kids’ dream on any special occasion with this amazing set!

7. Ontel Magic Tracks Mega RC

Ontel introduces their new RC cars with tracks with more advanced playing options. Unlike the other Ontel products with simple functions, this remote control track comes with a jump ramp, a crash X-track, and even a tower bridge that call for challenging racing and foremost driving skills to win the game.

This RC car track set has 2 turbo cars that allow head-to-head driving competition. You will find all the signature functions from Ontel: serpentine technology for flexible shape and pattern, Neon colored track with glow trail effect, 7 tasks for diverse playing. Watch the car’s tire imprints and glows with the endless possibility that improves your kids’ imagination.

I have noticed that the instructions didn’t come with clear guidance about pairing the racecar with the remote. As a result, it causes a misunderstanding for customers that the car doesn’t work. Here is a tip for you: hold the “Go” and backward buttons for 6 seconds until it activates then turn the car on.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comprehensive set for advanced playing
  • Thoughtfully design for educational purpose
  • Multiple playing options
  • The guidelines instruction is confusing
With a reasonable price, this RC car set is a value option that you don’t want to miss. Delight your kids’ day with this bendable glow in the dark racetrack!

8. Zoom Tubes RC Car Trax

Get bored of the standard track type, this fascinating RC car with track with tubes offers the unique racing games for your children. The set has 8 curved tubes, 3 speed tubes, and 1 speed tube with a door that ensures creative twisting and turning tubular actions.

I highly recommend this racing track set if you want your kids to build up the track by themselves. Only with smooth snapping action, children can be creative and imaginative to set up the upward or downward tub model into 7 different layouts.

2 zoom racers are designed in a tiny size with 2 eye-catching colors, ensuring the quick and smooth run into the tub. All you need to place the racecar in the zoom tube with an open lid then activate the remote control and start the game. The hand controllers are so comfortable to hold and fit perfectly with a small hand.

The transparent tube enables the glow-in-the-dark and blinking effect while driving the car under dim light conditions or at night. Whether you speed up the car, go forward, or reverse, the car provides stable speed and is easy to adjust. The size of this track is another bonus point if you have narrow or limited space.

Zoom thoughtfully provides 2 recharging USB cords for extra comfort. However, the required charging time is up to 45 minutes only for 15 minutes playing.
  • Distinctive tube shape
  • Easy to connect and set up, even for children
  • Wide range of installation layouts
  • Smart driving race cars
  • Cool lighting effect
  • Suitable for small space
  • Long time for full charging
Lastly, this Zoom tubes race car is an outstanding gift for your little that brings unique playing models. You can begin with the simple set first then gradually upgrades with expanded accessories later.

9. DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing Set

This remote control track car is another fantastic set for advanced players with the revolution lane-changing technology. Car racers can pass, intercept and block at any point on the track. While the traditional slot car track only allows a switching lane at predetermined sections, this futuristic RC car track doesn’t have limitations about when and where to change the lanes with an innovation patented rotating pin technology.

While most of the standard toy track has 2 race cars and 2 hand controllers, this set offers great value: 4 cars and 4 remotes that are already packed in the box. I enjoy the incredible speed of this car under any driving actions from block, pass, to change lands, which is challenging enough to make skillful players practice several times. Plus, each vehicle has the lights that work well at night.

The assembling process is interesting as the track requires the symmetrical setting up with 12 pieces of straight and 12 pieces of curves. My favorite part is the controllers’ functions: you only have 20 seconds of full power before the race car slows down for a “recharge”, so you have to race with a strategy to compete with your rivals.

Both the car and the track are sturdy and durable, and are made of selective plastic. Because the car is powered by its guide pin, you should note that the track rattle is quite noisy.
  • Breakthrough racing functions for expert drivers
  • Advanced lane-changing technologies demand different driving actions
  • Fun assembling/reassembling process
  • High-quality material
  • Valuable set for 4 players
  • Cause noise while racing
In conclusion, DMXSLOTS successfully creates an exclusive RC car with track that satisfies any racing masters. The car track overcomes all the barriers of the traditional set by allowing multiple cars to drive at once with switching lane actions yet still keeping all essential technical demands of the racing games. It is definitely a wonderful gift for any cars’ lovers at any age!

10. Cusocue Electric Powered Slot Car Track

Cusocue’s remote control track is the last product on the list, indicating the old school vibe with high-grade functions. If you don’t know which type of power method is the most suitable, this track set features 2 power methods: one is electric, the other is hand controller.

In detail, the electric controller has a trigger for speed controlling and has a boosted bottom on top. This type of controller is more appropriate for the one who is already familiar with the speedway. The hand controller demands great managed physical control that further improves hand-eye coordination for your children, making a great start to join the racing game.

The track pack includes everything you wish for a comprehensive set: 360-degree track, uphill track, turning track, and a lane changer. Let’s your kids be creative by changing different layouts to upgrade the course race-level continuously.

Additionally, the track designs with a safety interface before tricky corners or loops, so the car won’t easily fly off the track. Don’t forget to set up the brush usage in the correct way. Otherwise, the race car can’t connect to the runway.

The overall construction is made of thin plastic, which is easy to break. Hence, be careful when taking apart to change course layout. The car also has a plastic piece at the bottom that won’t sustain under tough play.
  • Retrograde vibe of indoor RC track
  • Stunning 2 options of controllers
  • All-inclusive building track parts
  • Helpful safety interface
  • Material is easy-to-break
This RC car track definitely brings back a lot of memories for old generations that have cars’ fixation. With an appropriate speed and complete accessories, this set toy promises to bring exhilarated competition for both beginners and accomplished racers. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it!

What to Look for When Buying the RC Car Tracks


1. Types of track

The first thing you need to know is what kinds of track toys you prefer. There are two common types of track: analog and digital. Typically, the analog is a traditional edition, that only allows the limited lance’s vehicles, mostly features a head-to-head race between 2 cars.

Meanwhile, the digital RC car set functions with modern technologies and more advanced driving options. In other words, the controllers control the car itself, which enables switching lane, pass to block, crashing actions. The digital remote control race car tracks support 4 to 6 cars racing at the same time.

For example, DMXSLOTS Exclusive Slot Car Racing is a digital track type that permits a player to switch lane to lane at any point of the track. This RC track also allows group-playing up to 4 players. In contrast, the Cusocue car track toy is the analog version designed for 2 racers with no changing lane functions. You can find detailed information on my list above.

Depending on your needs, choosing the right types of car tracks plays an essential role in making sure your toys stay entertaining for a long time.

2. Type of RC cars

When it comes to RC cars, there are tons of different types you can look for: nitro engine, electric engine, brushes/ brushless, monster, etc. Moreover, you also will find both on-road and off-road vehicles.

For remote control track, RC cars type is electric models that are categorized into on-road vehicles. Therefore, making sure the electric motors RC car is what you look for. Compared to other types, electric cars are easy to enhance and more versatile as well as require a high-level of skill levels. Those cars are also more expensive.

Another critical factor of RC cars you have to notice is that the scale of the car. The ⅕ and ¼ scale models are the most popular one with high operation cost. With smaller RC cars, 1/24 is the most typical scale.

3. Durability

Sustainability is an on-top factor to decide the best remote control car tracks. You shouldn’t choose the path that is thin and fragile. Otherwise, your track is either easy to crack or falls apart during the preassemble process.

In terms of RC cars, crashes and drops are inescapable things when mentioning about RC cars. Thus, the robust structure and durable material is a must for a timeless and high-quality RC car that ensures the race car withstands all kinds of obstacles.

The sturdy cars also have a well-protected design for internal components, so they are not easy to be corrupted when flying off the track and are strong enough to make a loop or overcome barriers.

4. Speed

The remote control tracked vehicles are built for speed. The speed range of the car will tell you more about the material and the required driving skills. Specifically, high-speed vehicles aren’t the ideal choice for people who just start to learn how to race.

The high-quality car that provides fast and smooth racing also means the excellent function of hand controllers. In short, for stable and high-performance driving, the remote controller has to be well-connected and easy to adjust.

5. Brand

This is perhaps the most overwhelming part to consider due to a wide range of available brand toys on the market today. You can always start with high-reputation and trustworthy brands such as Ontel, Scalextric, or Hot Wheels.

There is a tip for you: choose well-known brands, do some research for the permanent car tracks, and then continue to purchase the expandable or accessories set of that brand. In this way, you don’t have to worry about inconsistency parts or find replacement items for your RC car track.

6. Age Recommendation

I highly recommend children who are above 6-year-old to play RC car tracks. Parents might think the most challenging part is the installation process. However, kids need more coordinating skills, finesse, and patience to navigate the speed because they can’t drive full speed on the curves and need strategic planning to win the game.

7. Value

You probably don’t want to throw all your money away if the toys only bring a few hours of entertainment and your kids get bored easily. The best RC car track is worth purchasing with lasting value. In other words, it needs to go beyond the fun purpose and offer great friendly competition, socializing moments, enhancing interest, and developing your kid’s eagerness for learning.

As a result, besides picking the RC car track with diverse functions, you should seek an expandable track set that gradually upgrades more challenges later.

8. Price

You can find a lot of excellent RC car trucks from the price range between $70-$150. The more high-end options can cost you $300 or even over $500. As expected, this car track comes with premium quality and is worth the price.


The best RC car track is a dream for any cars’ enthusiast. You not only enjoy the outstanding fast movement from one radio-controlled car but also can make your personal course race. Forget the video games with several hours sitting in front of the screen; this is a healthier way to join the racing competition and find a way to win your components.

No matter the consideration category, my list of 10 best remote control tracks will help you decide the most satisfying option for you in terms of brands, prices, or types. Don’t hesitate to have an in-depth look, or you will regret why don’t figure out this list sooner!

LAEGENDARY 1:16 Scale 4x4 Off-Road RC Truck - Hobby Grade Brushed Motor RC Car with 2 Batteries, Waterproof Fast Remote Control Car for Adults
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  • Features: Functions: Forward, backward, turning left and right, 360° rotating, no matter land, sandy beach, grasslands can be break through easily,...
  • 2.4GHz transmitter, you'll never get any radio interference with this electric car.
  • Full-scale design, proportional control. Simulation dual flow drive gear box; Rotate 360° in situ; Cross-groove distance up to 10cm; Climbing slope...
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Hot Wheels RC 1:64 Scale Rechargeable Radio-Controlled Racing Car, Tesla Cybertruck, for On- or Off-Track Play, Includes Car, Controller & Adapter for...
  • The Hot Wheels R/C 1:64 mini cars feature the innovative Hot Wheels R/C technology combined with the iconic decos and stylings inherent to the Hot...
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  • Cars include a turbo boost for kids who dare to unlock additional power in every challenge and have the ability to reach up to 500 scale miles per...
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Mostop Remote Control Crawler High Speed Tank Off-Road 4WD RC Car 2.4 Ghz RC Army Truck 1/12 Drift Tank RC Tank for Kids Adults
  • High Speed RC Tank: Forward, backward, turn left and right, brake and other full-scale synchronous control functions. The speed is higher than 15...
  • 2.4G Remote Control: 2.4G frequency remote control, long control distance, good Anti-jamming capability. The remote control distance is about 80M.
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  • Simulation Dual-flow Drive Gearbox: In-situ rotation 360°, span distance up to 10cm, climbing angle 30°, wading depth up to 5CM, front wheel...
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Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
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  • REALISTIC DRIVING ACTION FOR LITTLE RACERS - younger kids are in control with the electronically regulated speed controllers as they learn to race and...
  • GET HOOKED ON THRILLING HEAD-TO-HEAD RACING ACTION - younger kids love the track flyover, figure 8 turns and Disney/Pixar Cars 3 themed accessories!
  • EXCITING TWO-PLAYER AND GROUP ACTIVITY - family and friends of all ages can enjoy the fast-paced head-to-head driving action!
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IPRSTAR 2 in 1 Remote Control Car, 1:14 Scale 4WD High Speed Off Road RC Cars, 2.4GHz All Terrains Electric Toy RC Monster Trucks Crawler with 2...
  • 🚙【2 in 1 Climbing Off-Road Truck】- Our remote control truck is equipped with two types of tires, 4 of each, which can meet your needs for...
  • 🚙 【2 Rechargeable Batteries For Extended Running Time】- Our RC truck comes with two 3.7V, 1200 mAh batteries, its advantage is that it has...
  • 🚙 【Alloy Four-Wheel Drive&Strong Shockproof System】- Four-wheel drive is full of elasticity. It is obviously different from ordinary off-road...
  • 🚙 【No Interference Remote Control】- Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless synchronous remote control system that can offer a stable signal. The...
  • 🚙 【A Must-Have Gift】- Our climbing remote control car is not only well-designed and has durable material, but also added 4 different track...