18 Best Electric Race Car Tracks 2023 – Car Racing Toys

Car racing is a universal hobby because it is enjoyed by kids, adults, boys, and girls globally! Toy car racing is the perfect solution for satisfying the “need for speed” of kids around you. Plus, creating engaging tracks and racing slot cars can become a fun activity that you can do with your kids in the living room!

Best Choice
Carrera GO!!! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Track Set in 1:43 Scale
Second Best
Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car Analog 1:32 Race Track Set, Red/White/Black
Good Pick
Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Face Off Digital Electric 1: 32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set for Racingup to 6 Cars at Once - Includes Two 1: 32...
Don't Miss
Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Slot Car Race Set CP7605
Carrera GO!!! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Track Set in 1:43 Scale
Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car Analog 1:32 Race Track Set, Red/White/Black
Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Face Off Digital Electric 1: 32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set for Racingup to 6 Cars at Once - Includes Two 1: 32...
Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Slot Car Race Set CP7605
Best Choice
Carrera GO!!! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Track Set in 1:43 Scale
Carrera GO!!! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Electric Slot Car Race Track Set in 1:43 Scale
Second Best
Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car Analog 1:32 Race Track Set, Red/White/Black
Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car Analog 1:32 Race Track Set, Red/White/Black
Good Pick
Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Face Off Digital Electric 1: 32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set for Racingup to 6 Cars at Once - Includes Two 1: 32...
Carrera Digital 132 20030012 GT Face Off Digital Electric 1: 32 Scale Slot Car Racing Track Set for Racingup to 6 Cars at Once - Includes Two 1: 32...
Don't Miss
Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Slot Car Race Set CP7605
Auto World/VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem HO Scale Slot Car Race Set CP7605

There are several options out there, and I am reviewing some of the best electric race car tracks for you. My goal is to help you learn more about the trails, how they work, which ones to buy, where you can buy them, etc.

Comparison Table:

So, wait no more and read along.


Top Picks Electric Race Car Tracks

I have personally tested all the race tracks in this list, so I am sure that I can give you a better peek into the perks and shortcomings of each.

1. Carrera 62476 Speed Racing Track

The Disney Cars 3 Electric Slot Race Car Track is a dream come true for all the Disney Cars fans. It tops my list because of the incredibly fast-paced track with a loop in addition to unique curves and straight-aways.

It’s a customizable track, which can be expanded using other track parts and accessories. Plus, it is 16.7 feet long, to begin with, so you can opt-out of expansion sets and still have your kids enjoy racing for hours.

The charismatic 1:43 scale replicas of Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm are equipped with double-contact brushes and strong down-force magnets, making them safe for your younger one to handle even while cornering.

Children tend to eat, drop, and scratch everything. But the Tampo-printing will protect the details on the cars. The guardrails, checkered finish-line flag, and other accessories are custom-designed to give you a Cars 3 experience.

The Turbo Boost Buttons on the speed controllers are ideal for cars to jump the ramps, drive through loops, and make toy car racing more fun and competitive among toddlers. I could test the toy right-away because it comes in a ready-to-assemble box with a transformer.

This electric race track set is suitable for children aged eight years and above and would be a wonderful gift for their birthday.
  • Offers a realistic Cars movie experience.
  • Double-contact brushes mechanism and down-force magnets.
  • The Turbo Boost Button for blasting the speed on loops and ramps.
  • The ready-to-assemble and race packaging.
  • A high-end price product.
Overall, this is the perfect gifting solution for kids who love racing cars when you can afford to splurge on them.

2. Scalextric C1368T Car Racing Set

LeMans Analog electric race track set, an excellent toy for children of all ages, is another leader in my list because of its incredible performance and sturdy build. I like the track because the complete 15’9″ track is fun-filled with four different layout options to keep your children engaged.

I am a Disney Cars fan, and the 1:32 scale race cars match in every detail of Lightning McQueen and Jackson, which I love. Plus, they don’t fall off the track because of super sticky tires along with magnatraction.

I was delighted to discover that I could control the cars’ speed with the controllers with four adjustable speed settings. This encouraged me to introduce the track to my nephew, who picked it up within minutes. He used a lower speed setting in the beginning and then cranked it up. We used the lap counter to check who was in the lead.

I am not a fan of tracks that do not have all elements required for plugin and play, which is not the case with this product. You get everything, including the track, cars, power supply unit, lap counter, and controls within the box. If you want to make the track more versatile, you can purchase more parts and accessories conveniently from the brand.

However, it is priced at a higher-end, discouraging many individuals from buying it.
  • Includes 1:32 scale replicas of LeMans Sports Cars.
  • Remote controls offer 4 adjustable speeds.
  • Lap counter makes an innovative addition to the track.
  • Cars have sticky tires for them to stay on track.
  • Parts and accessories for expansion are readily available.
  • Offers easy change pickup.
  • A bit higher in price.
All in all, this one serves as a fun toy to play with your family. Although the cost is a bit high, it provides you with the base track, to which you can add more parts as your children grow older.

3. Carrera Slot Car Race Track

The First Mini Cooper Electric Slot Car Race Track is a battery-powered analog toy for children over 3 years old. I like this track because it allows two toddler drivers to polish their racing skills at the same time with their attractive 1:50 scale Mini Cooper slot cars. They are equipped with an underneath magnet for tight cornering and sticking to the track.

While the cars are bound to impress your little ones, I was impressed the most by ergonomically designed speed controllers, which would fit well in small hands. Children can make the cars fly off-track with high speed.

This race track model comes with pictures of children’s favorite TV shows, movies, or video game characters. These tiny banners can be placed around the track to make it look more appealing to your younger ones. All you have to do is to invest a little time in assembling the track. I had a great time teaching assembling and disassembling to my friend’s kid.

You will need type C batteries for operating the race track that is not included in the pack.
  • Easy to assemble tracks for children around the age of 3.
  • Perfectly designed remote controls for small hands.
  • The magnets at the bottom stick cars to the track.
  • Appealing track with Mini Cooper cars looks.
  • Electronic speed control ensures the safety of children.
  • Type C batteries are not easily rechargeable or available in households.
  • Replacements parts and additional accessories are not available.
It is an affordable race track for kids, especially since they run out of interest in one toy pretty quickly. So, you won’t even notice if they stop playing with this one. Remember that you are signing up for several trips to the store for Type C batteries, though.

4. Max Traxxx Racing Track Set

The Infinity Loop Race Car Track Set set is an ideal choice for children who are fascinated by everything that glows in the dark. Testing this track set is an all-new experience because the undercarriage lights are placed in such a manner that cars appear hovering on the track rather than rolling.

Its Light Tracing Technology further enhances the effect, that is, glowing streaks of light left behind by the car to make it look like the track is set ablaze.

I was able to blast up the speed of these cars at 500 miles per hour, which is unbelievable for a AA battery-powered toy.

Assembling the glow-in-the-dark track was great fun with 1 loop, 6 dual corners, 26 X-BLOX construction Brix Racers. I could spend hours designing and redesigning the track as its parts allow for different patterns and lengths. The height of the track can be readjusted for added adventure.

I shared the track with my eight-year-old nephew, and he played with it without any supervision until the battery lasted, of course. The replacement parts are easily available, and the manufacturer’s warranty allows you to get them replaced even after several hours of use.

Overall, it is an all-inclusive race track set but with a higher price tag. And you may also don’t like its cheap build quality.
  • Fantastic Glow-In-The-Dark tracks and Light Tracing Technology.
  • Readily available AA Batteries power it.
  • Replacement parts can be ordered along with the box or otherwise.
  • The manufacturer has a warranty for an extended period.
  • Cars are cheaply built and do not stick to the track.
  • It falls in the higher price bracket.
This racing track will work just fine and entertain your kid if he/she is fascinated with glow-in-the-dark tracks.

5. Golden Bright 6677 Loop Racing Set

The 6677 Loop racing set is perfect for kids and adults who love a huge racing track with many astonishing twists and turns. Only this one has two loops. The cars have a magnatraction feature designed at the front with an intent to prevent them from falling off this adventurous racing track.

I enjoyed racing the Classic Ford Mustang replicas on the track, and the best part was the working headlights and the lap counter. I could use the 2-speed controllers to blast off the pace as I neared the loops since that’s where you need as much run up as possible.

What I liked the most is the great 81L x 55W layout of the race track, which is perfect for engaging kids and adults for hours. You can also limit the number of loops and turns to create a smaller circle for younger kids.

However, since the magnatraction feature uses front magnets instead of the rear, the cars are prone to slipping off the track. And you may also find the instruction manual a bit clear.
  • A huge race car track with all the elements.
  • You can design the track in various styles using several parts and accessories.
  • Comes with 2-speed controllers and lap counter.
  • Front magnatraction design tends to slip off the track easily.
  • Unclear assembly directions in the instruction manual.
This is a better race track than others you can get at a reasonable price range. Plus, it is a thrilling track with loops, lap counters, and the ability to take various forms

6. Tracer Racers Speedway Glow Track

The Racers Tracers Super Loop Speedway Glow is a fascinating race car track designed for individuals of all ages who love some lightning adventure. It is a delight for children in a simply lit room.

I like this toy’s remote-controlled 1:43 scale cars with undercarriage lights, allowing them to leave a streak of light as they run on the track. This excited my nephew as he thought the track was ablaze for a second.

I received the Li-Polymer batteries in the car box, which can be charged by connecting with the remote controllers that are further powered by AA batteries. A 20-30 minute charge gave us over 10 hours of playtime!

Another delightful feature that I loved is that remote controls sport various speed modes to customize the car’s speed. I could keep it low on sharp corners and high when I had to drive across loops.

The track itself is over 36-feet long with 2 loops that allow you to have a thrilling race. To add to the excitement, you can purchase more track modules for channel C and D, and introduce a 4-track race.

However, the only thing I want this brand to improve is that it should offer us more modules for our terrific experience since it’s not cheap for tight-budget people.
  • A customizable and expandable track with add-on modules available.
  • Cars have glowing streaks visible when lights are dim.
  • The Li-Polymer batteries take 20-30 mins to offer over 10 hours of charge.
  • The track is exciting, with two loops, track corners, and lane changers.
  • The lack of diverse modules for the price.
Kids love nothing more than a glow-in-the-dark toy, and this one owns many features that made my nephew play to his heart’s content. I recommend this product because you can customize it every time you grow out of it with new modules, such as lap counters, jump ramps, and more.

7. Carrera 20023628 Double Victory Track

If car racing is one of your toddler’s favorite pastimes, then the Double Victory race car track is a must-have for you. The unmatched detail of the red and blue Porsche 911 RSR blew my mind, not to mention the 1:24 scale size, which shows that it is meant for older enthusiasts.

I was bemused by this gigantic, 26.25 feet of digital track, which could easily hold 4 cars. I had ordered 2 extra cars along with the set and invited my friends over for an uninterrupted racing adventure.

Even the rash drivers could not tamper with the tampo-printing on the cars, keeping them as good as new. Plus, they had fantastic front and rear lights with a realistic driver’s seat.

I could easily maneuver the car through corners and ramps thanks to the contact brushes and downforce magnets. The contact brushes are replaceable too. Having wireless speed controllers makes the race even more thrilling as I was free to move around the rack area. They also offer controls to change lanes and more.

The beginner track came with straight-aways, curves, and tactical lane changers, which can be customized with additional modules and parts. The necessary elements to assemble and race on the track are all included in the box. Hence, I was able to plug it in and start racing right away.

This is a 1:24 scale model and offers a digital racing experience for hobbyists. All you have to do is to create a flat and sturdy surface to fit all layouts.
  • Comes with 1:24 scale replicas of Porche 911 SRS.
  • Wireless remotes allow smooth movement.
  • Digital track for more excitement and expertise while driving.
  • Endless possibilities of customization with add-on tracks.
  • Requires a sturdy, flat surface for set up.
Overall, if you have enough space to mount this track on and can afford one, this Series track set by Carrera can be your best bet.

8. Hot Wheels 9.3 Feet Slot Track

These Hot Wheels electric track racing cars saved me when I was looking for the perfect Christmas gift for my nephew. It arrived right in time to surprise him, and he started playing with it right away! All we needed was 6 AA batteries for the controller, which was available.

I liked how the track’s sections lock securely and form a 9.3 feet long infinity figure. It gave us several fun moments as we passed our holiday season, spending hours racing the tiny cars on it. I could also leave the children unattended with the toy because it is battery powered, doesn’t involve electricity, making it child safe.

Even though the cars ran across the track in an 8-figure, my nephew could not be more amused. In short, there are limited customization options, making it less interesting for children as they grow. Moreover, you will have to repair the cars’ contact brushes again and again as they shift, in order to limit the traction on the track.
  • A great beginner toy, safe for kids.
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries, which are easily available.
  • Comes in a ready-to-assemble and playbox.
  • Sports a 9.3 feet long Infinity track.
  • Little scope for customization
  • Cars’ brushes require constant repairs
In all, this is a fun race track for children who love speed and is quite affordable for a toy that comes from a trusted brand – Hot Wheels.

9. AFX Super International MG+ Set

If you want to go global with the toys that your child plays with, there is no better option than this electric race track with 18 international track configurations by AFX Super race car track set. I could fix most of the layouts on the floor and later figured out that any sturdy and flat surface would work.

The 3-speed options work perfectly fine in case your toddler desires the need for speed. Everything we needed to assemble the track and race was included in the box, including the AFX120 controllers and directional power pack.

The 4 lane set is, in fact, a pair of 2 lane sets that can be placed parallel to race with 4 cars at once.

However, you may not like the teeny-size of the assembly sections because they are small enough to be a choking hazard.
  • Includes a pack of 4 cars
  • A directional power pack and controllers for easy assembling.
  • Three-speed settings
  • 18 international track configurations.
  • Too small font size on assembly sections.
This is a much-appreciated product in the market due to its ability to entertain four racers simultaneously. Families can spend hours creating new and engaging race-courses every day, making it a toy you can purchase if your children are smart enough not to swallow plastic pieces.

10. Cusocue Electric Powered Loop Speedway

The Loop Speedway electric racing tracks are an ideal and affordable play partner for your racing champions as they are loaded with fun features. I also like the track because it sports a relentless design with 2 loops that add to the excitement.

When I tried out the track with the little one in my house, we had a blast assembling it as the instruction manual was easy to read and understand. Plus, we could create as many variations in tracks with the versatile pieces in the box.

The 2 separate sets of remote controllers were even more fascinating. The electric controllers can be used to adjust speed, and hand controllers can assist the toddlers in maneuvering the car at the desired speed. Both these controllers come with speed settings to make it safer for younger children and more fun for adults.

The cars are firmly built 1:60 scale replicas, which run like crazy on electric tracks. The LED lights in cars add to their appearance. The track itself is a 1:48 scale replica of a real racing track, which can make your cars run at an unbelievable speed of 370 mph.

The USB adaptor comes with the track so that you can assemble and play with the toy quickly.

However, the package doesn’t include a lap counter, and sadly, you cannot purchase it as an add-on.
  • A ready-to-assemble package to plug in and play.
  • Thrilling 1:48 scale track with loops and curves.
  • 4 controllers to adjust track’s speed.
  • Affordable and safe for children above 5 years of age.
  • The track can be customized.
  • Lacks lap counter and cannot be bought as an add-on.
Overall, the electric race car toy is reasonably priced and offers an opportunity to spend quality time with family. You can also add as many variations as you wish in the track with add-ons available in the market and online.

11. Scalextric App Controlled Race Track

ARC Pro is another awe-inspiring toy by Scalextric that comes with all features that you are looking for in a digital slot race track. For starters, it allows up to six racers to test their racing skills at once.

All we had to do was to download the Free ARC App and connect our smart devices with the ARC powerbase via Bluetooth. The app control allows you to monitor the races. With the app, you can unlock unique features such as “Arcade Race Mode” and pick up power-ups for better performance on the way.

I didn’t even have to wait for someone to come along and race with me as the track allowed me to race with a ghost car. Apart from this, several other racing modes will bring your real racing experience into your hands.

The set also comes with wireless remote controllers, which show alerts when cars need to go to the pit. The controller has braking and speed control buttons to allow the user to control the car.

The cars are prone to short-circuit when there is fluctuation.
  • App connectivity with smart devices for real-time gaming.
  • Over 8 racing modes with up to 6 cars.
  • Remote controllers for manual racing.
  • The cars can get shorted easily if the power supply is fluctuating.
To conclude, this is the ultimate digital slot race track with multiple features enhanced with the app. As compared to other digital tracks, it falls in a moderate price range and offers more features.

12. VRC Hobbies Muscle Car Mayhem

The Muscle Car Mayhem electric toy race car track set is meant for the speed lovers who like to break the rules as it comes with the super stylish Xtraction 1967 Shelby GT 500 and 197- Dodge Charger RT. These are the two beasts that define my love for cars, which are as timeless as this race track.

The track is as impressive as the car. It is a 10-feet running track for endless hours of fun with family and friends. The track offers a slot for 2 cars only. It is compatible with most cars available for Auto World and AFX Tracks.

The attention to detail and design is also commendable as all corners and turns have guard rails to prevent the cars from falling off the track. I didn’t have to bother about dust accumulating on my track because a cleaning pad came with the box, and my nephew had the time of his life cleaning the track when it was disconnected.

Apart from the above accessories, cars, and remote controllers, this set also comes with a 16V power pack to power this electric track.

Nevertheless, because there is no specific feature like magnets, the cars may easily get off the track. And its hefty price tag can make you reconsider your decision.
  • Comes in a ready-to-assemble packaging.
  • Endless possibilities to customize the 10 feet running track.
  • Compatible track for all cars meant to race on Auto World and AFX tracks.
  • Lacks features to keep cars on the track.
  • High price for an analog race track set with limited features.
For the die-hard fan of AFX and Auto World track sets, this is not the worst investment.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Race Car Track


When shopping for an electric race car track set for your kids, do not forget to consider the following features.

1. Type of Race Car Toy

Racing car toys are so versatile that they have to be grouped into three categories, and each has some advantages over others.

  • Launched Race Car: This is a modern type of race car track with high-speed racing gear for kids who like to perform stunts at high speed.
  • Manual Race Car: These are the race cars that your children can roll with their hands. They vary in terms of features and are comparatively more affordable. You can buy these even for the smallest of children.
  • Motorized Race Cars: They are battery-powered and/or remote-controlled race cars and make perfect toys for children as they can adjust the speed and direction.

2. Tracks and Their Assembly

Children are young, and they do not know how to handle several parts of an assembly track, the smaller ones might try to eat them. So, ensure that all parts of the track, the remote controls, and cars are built with durable material, are not very small to fit in their mouths, lock properly, and have no sharp edges whatsoever.

Once you are sure that track is safe for children, you can let them try to assemble it themselves.

3. Versatility

Having a track with straight-aways doesn’t even work for train tracks anymore, let alone your race car tracks. They should have loops, jump ramps, and more for your growing children. Even if your children are small now, you should buy a versatile track so that you can make additions to them as they grow older. You can also invest in a track with few but expandable modules so that you don’t have to buy an all-new set later.

4. Storage

You needn’t have a dedicated space for car racing but even the smallest track takes up several feet of space when assembled. Therefore, you will have to see if you have enough space to let your children play with their toy. If not, you will run the fear of your family or pets running tripping over these pieces and/or breaking them by stepping on them.

Also, you should have space in your storage to put the race track box in when your children are not using it.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What is an electric race track?

Electric race tracks are meant for slot car racing, where each car is assigned a slot or lane to run on. The vehicles used for miniature racing are usually replicas of various real racing cars from the most popular automobile manufacturers. A low-voltage motor is fitted into the cars, which are powered by hand-held remote controllers or speed controllers.

The manufacturers install brush contact mechanisms, sticky tires, and magnets in the car so that it stays within the slot, even when it navigates through loops, curves, and more. Earlier, there was an analog mechanism with a dedicated lane for each car, but with the introduction of digital race tracks, cars can change lanes and imitate real races.

2. How does it work?

Usually, the cars are designed as 1:24, 1:32, or 1:43 scale models of the real ones. Each of them has low-powered motors. The power of these motors is carried on the track by metal strips around the slot. There is a tiny swivel blade in front of the slot car that ensures that it remains within the slot.

With the speed controllers, you vary the current, and the speed is automatically regulated. These controllers provide the voltage, completing the basic circuit.

Nowadays, manufacturers use downforce magnets so that the cars don’t lose grip of the track even at higher speeds. But this feature is mostly limited to kids’ versions. The more complex race track designs do not have any magnets, making it more challenging for adults to take it across the entire track.

3. Who is this for?

Slot car race tracks consist of track pieces, cars, remote controls, and electric or battery power sources. These are designed for adults and above-8-year-old kids. However, current models have come with safety features that make a safe race track for three-year-old children.

The models that are meant for kids between 8 and 15 years of age offer enough challenge even for the adults to have hours of fun. They have dynamic tracks, powered remote controls and cars, and unique features such as glow-in-the-dark.

The race tracks for 3-year olds are rather simple so that your toddler can develop car racing skills as they grow. Such sets are characterized by greater attention to children’s safety and added pictures to keep them engaged.

4. What are the different types of electric race tracks?

Since slot racing has been around for over half a century now, there are various types of tracks available. I took the liberty to categorize them based on material and technology for your convenience.

Categorization by build material

  • Plastic tracks

These are molded plastic tracks that are sold commercially. They include sectional tracks that can be easily assembled for hours of family time. You can experiment with the structure of these tracks by joining the sections differently. These are inexpensive but lack a smooth run. Plus, the electrical circuits wear out easily and need frequent repairs.

  • Routed tracks

Sheet board and other polymer materials are used to build these tracks, designed to replicate original race-course tracks. The surface is smoother because the power strip grooves are cut directly into the track for a more seamless function.

Categorization by Technology

  • Analog tracks

Analog tracks have been around for ages now and are meant for racing with no crashes whatsoever because each car can only follow its dedicated lane. The current in each car is adjusted by the remote controllers, one for each lane.

  • Digital tracks

These are little more complex tracks with crossover sections that allow cars to switch between lanes, pass the competitors, and overtake them. One track can be used to race 3 to 4 vehicles simultaneously, even if there are two lanes because remote controllers control the cars, not the lanes.

5. Why do you need electric race car tracks?

First-time buyers can be skeptical about investing in slot car racing tracks, but what they do not know is that it contributes to children’s overall development. It can develop a healthy competitive attitude in them, help develop hand-eye coordination, improve manual dexterity and risk-reward thinking simultaneously.

If your kids are powerhouses of energy and love speed, you cannot have them playing video games all day. You need something to make their body and mind work and what better than these race track sets.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the most trusted electric race track brands?

Carrera, Hot Wheels, and Scalextric are the most popular and trusted race track brands out there. These brands have been designing and manufacturing race tracks and car replicas for years now.

The Disney Cars tracks by Carrera are designed for versatility, allowing everyone from 3-year-olds to adults to have an incredible time with these toys. Each track is expandable with additional accessories and tracks available. Their “First” is branding for tracks designed for younger kids to learn from race cars from the very beginning.

Hot Wheels is the leading manufacturer of toy car racing tracks that are favorite amongst kids and adults thanks to the versatile toys, including electric toy race car track sets it offers.

Scalextric is a brand popular for bringing beautiful tracks to your doorstep for hobbyists. They create digital as well as analog tracks for different types of enthusiasts.

2. How to use it?

The race tracks powered by electricity usually come with a transformer or AC adaptor that can be plugged into a wall socket. Meanwhile, the battery-powered ones need to be charged. Also, check if the battery is working well before operating.

3. Where can I buy it?

There are multiple offline toy stores, official brand websites, and online shopping portals where you can order your favorite race tracks to enjoy their unmatched performance.

4. How to care and clean?

It is essential to keep the slot car racing track and wheels clean so that you can race smoothly as clean surfaces ensure better traction.

  • To remove dust from the tracks, you can simply wipe it off with the help of a damp cloth. Or you can opt for other dust removing solutions such as canned air. It will reach the grooves to help you get rid of dust. You will be surprised to discover the amount of debris collected in the grooves when you clean it.
  • To get rid of debris residues on your track’s surface, you can use a damp sponge. It will absorb all the oxidation on the rails, ensuring better electrical contact between the track and the cars.
  • A lint roller tape is all you need for maintaining the tires in great shape. Simply roll the car on the tape to see the amount of dirt that will come off.


That’s all there is to my review of the best electric race car tracks, that are timeless and amusing. I have included toys for each age group in the above list for you to find the suitable one. The FAQs that I have answered along with the explanation of the working and types of race tracks are all results of my personal experience.

Do not shy away from dropping further queries or concerns, as I am at your disposal to answer them.

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Electric High-Speed Slot Car Race Track Sets,1:43 Scale Dual Race Track with 2 Slot Cars and 2 Hand Controllers,Race Track for 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Boys...
  • 【Slot Car Race Track Sets】Including 2 race cars ,2 electric-powered controllers(which do not need battery, they can be linked with Adapter). A...
  • 【Fast-Paced Car Racing】Feel the power and speed of the 1:43 scale size cars racing on the track measuring over 10 feet and reaching scale speeds...
  • 【Strong and easy to assemble】New design track is very sturdy, having a better system to lock into place from some old ones and easy to put...
  • 【Easier to Keep on Track and enjoy the fun of racing】Slot cars take skill to keep on track. You must throttle the controller just like a normal...
  • 【Perfect gift for Kids Boys Girls】Two-player racing with family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for boys age 8-12.Perfect...
Slot Car Race Track Set Electric Powered Super Loop Speedway with Four Cars for Kids with Sounds and Light Dual Racing Adult-Slot Car Set
  • Everything you need contained in the box to start racing including 4 cars, 2 speed controllers, and track layout. With no wires in the way your little...
  • Set features a loop, curves, straightaways, and Cars themed guardrails giving you exciting action all over the track
  • 1:43 scale slot car racing is an exciting two-player and group activity that friends and family can enjoy racing head-to-head together
  • Fast-paced racing action on over 40-feet of track with realistic cars that reach scale speeds of 370-mph
  • Two-player racing with family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for kids and adults. Perfect for both beginning and advanced...
Carrera First Disney/Pixar Cars 3 - Slot Car Race Track - Includes 2 cars: Lightning McQueen and Dinoco Cruz - Battery-Powered Beginner Racing Set for...
  • A PERFECT SLOT CAR SET FOR THE BEGINNING RACER - 1:50 scale cars, 7.87 feet of track and the kid favorite Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Lightning McQueen and...
  • REALISTIC DRIVING ACTION FOR LITTLE RACERS - younger kids are in control with the electronically regulated speed controllers as they learn to race and...
  • GET HOOKED ON THRILLING HEAD-TO-HEAD RACING ACTION - younger kids love the track flyover, figure 8 turns and Disney/Pixar Cars 3 themed accessories!
  • EXCITING TWO-PLAYER AND GROUP ACTIVITY - family and friends of all ages can enjoy the fast-paced head-to-head driving action!
Kids Toy-Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set Boys Toys for 6 7 8-12 Years Old Boy Girl Best Gifts
  • Electric Powered Slot Car Race Track Set - 2 cars of different colors - A perfect slot car set for beginner Racers,for younger kids to learn and...
  • The loop and fly-over turn are both sturdy and easy to put together.includes a number of foundation pieces that help steady the track, along with...
  • The track goes together well, the cars are nicely detailed and substantial enough that children can handle them easily when putting them on the track.
  • 2 types operation method - Electric - Manual.all are very use friendly.The speed restrictor maintains a prefect speed to complete the loop and not go...
  • Exciting two-player activity-enjoying the fast-paced head-to-head driving action - race to win and then do it again!Expand your racing options for...
Far Out Toys NASCAR Crash Circuit Ultimate Road Course Bundle with Huge Race Track, Winner’s Circle, 4 Cars Total | Electric Powered, Over 6 Ft...
  • RACE, WRECK, AND REBUILD – The Nascar Crash Circuit ULTIMATE Road Course is designed to ensure high-speed racing and thrilling crashing action. The...
  • HUGE, EXTENDED RACE TRACK – Over 14 feet of double-wide track snaps into over 6 feet of assembled road course race track for extensive fun and...
  • THE COMPLETE PACKAGE – Our Ultimate Bundle includes 1 Track Set (19 pieces), 1 Winner’s Circle Stand, 1 Winner’s Circle Backdrop, 4 Electric...
  • INSANE SPEED AND COLOSSAL COLLISIONS – Flash charge your vehicles in 10 seconds or less! All of the pieces easily snap back together for continuous...
  • FAR OUT TOYS + NASCAR – Our mission is to capture the momentum, thrill, and intensity of Nascar. We are proud of our considered design and can’t...
Carrera GO!!! Build 'N Race 62531 Racing Set 6.2 Electric Powered Slot Car Racing Kids Toy Blocks Race Track Set Includes 2 Hand Controllers and 2...
  • Carrera Build 'N Race combines both slot car racing and block building worlds
  • Fast head-to-head slot car racing action for 1-2 players
  • Use your toy building blocks to customize your vehicles and create the racecourse of your dreams
  • Complete 1:43 scale Carrera GO!!! slot car set includes 20.34-ft electric track, cars, power adapter, and building block compatible crossbars and...
  • Designed for ages 6+
COLOR TREE High-Speed Electric Powered Super Loop Speedway Slot Car Race Track Set with Two Cars for Kids and Family for Dual Racing Adult-Slot Car...
  • ★★★【Exciting Track Game and Licensed Racing Car 】The slot car track sets the stage for a speedy showdown between two cool racing cars(...
  • ★★★【Two Power Method Control for Speed 】Include 2 x electric-powered controllers and 2x hand crank-powered controllers. Electric Controller...
  • ★★★【28 FT Dual Track】The race set includes 28ft long track .the layout requires 70"*38" of space. New design track is very sturdy ,Please...
  • ★★★【Fast&Cool Car Racing】 the 1:64 scale size cars racing on the track and it reaching scale speeds of 80 mph! the LED headlight will bright...
  • ★★★【Prefect Toy Gift for All Ages 】Two-player racing that family and friends both young and old will enjoy! Great gift for kids and adults....
EagleStone 194 Pcs Dinosaur Race Car Tracks Set for Kids,Flexible Train Tracks to Create A Dino World Road with Bridge,2 Electric Cars with LED...
  • 194PCS Dino Track set :160* track, 2*Electric car*, 1*bridge, 2 *dinosaur, 4*tree, 4* slopes,1*dinosaur head etc. A train track across the dinosaur...
  • 2 Race Cars : With 2 electronic light up military cars with led. The light will flashing in blue & red when driving. Drive the military car to fly...
  • Created your Own Road: Kids can imagine different layouts in their mind and create different construction road. The flexible tracks can be twisted,...
  • Heath Is Most Important: We assured that this dinosaur road race set is made with the highest quality ABS. Durable. No harmful to kid, The parents...
  • Learning While Playing: This dinosaur boy toy set can give kids hours of fun, peace in mind, enhance practical, cooperating skill. Exercise hand-eye...