12 Best Toddler Laptops 2023 – Top Picks for Learning and Play

best toddler laptop

The best way to enhance the creativity and cognitive skills of your toddler is to give them the right environment and toys to play with. Along with proper nutrition, children also need access to toys, storybooks, art supplies, etc. that can help them express their creativity and channel their energy in a constructive manner.

Pretend laptops, phones and other accessories are extremely good for such pretend play sessions. That is why I have come up with this comprehensive and detailed beginners’ guide that will help you purchase the best toddler laptop for your little one.

Our Pick
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink
Amazon's Choice
VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange
Good Price
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Toy Click & Learn Laptop Pretend Computer with Music and Lights for Ages 6+ Months
Don't Miss
VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop, pink
Also Consider
Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink
VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Toy Click & Learn Laptop Pretend Computer with Music and Lights for Ages 6+ Months
VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop, pink
Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Our Pick
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink
LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Pink
Amazon Prime
Amazon's Choice
VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange
VTech Tote and Go Laptop, Orange
Amazon Prime
Good Price
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Toy Click & Learn Laptop Pretend Computer with Music and Lights for Ages 6+ Months
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Baby Toy Click & Learn Laptop Pretend Computer with Music and Lights for Ages 6+ Months
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop, pink
VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop, pink
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet
Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet
Amazon Prime

Since there is such a huge variety of constructive toys available in the market, first-time parents and gift buyers are often confused. Being spoilt for choices can intimidate first-time parents who don’t know which toy would be perfect for their little munchkin.

If you have an energetic and creative toddler, then I would recommend you to go ahead and get them a children’s learning laptop. In this guide, I will review 12 of the best laptop toys in the market and I will also provide detailed information about the purchase tips and maintenance involved in buying these toys.

So, let’s start right away!


Best Toddler Laptop Reviews

All of these reviews are based on my evaluations and experiences that I’ve had with the toy. I hope this guide helps you!

1. LeapFrog My Own LeapTop

The LeapFrog My Own LeapTop is a fantastic toy laptop for toddlers that is stuffed with amazing functionalities and features. With such a toy, you can get a head start on the education of your child. This laptop’s educational and entertaining features will help your child to develop.

The first thing that I noticed about this toy is that it has a very large and prominent digital screen fitted snugly inside a chunky, brightly colored chassis. The large screen helps to capture the attention of babies and toddlers, who are enamored by the amazing animations and words that continuously appear on the screen.

Your munchkin will sit at the table with their laptop and pretend to “work from home”, which is extremely entertaining to watch. The toy also comes with 26 lovely animal animations that will teach your kid the alphabet.

The laptop also has a number of unique learning modes, sing along songs, melodies and phrases that will encourage your child to start communicating. My favorite feature of this toy is the digital puppy called Scout, who will become one of your child’s best friends and teachers. Scout will come on the digital screen and teach your child their ABCs, counting, animals, and shapes.

This is a wonderful product, but the only issue I have is that it will require AAA batteries regularly to work in a proper manner.
  • Features 26 lovely animal animations.
  • 4 unique learning modes for your child’s education.
  • Large digital screen to attract your child’s attention.
  • Attractive design for stimulating computer experience.
  • Requires AAA batteries.
LeapFrog is a very well-known toy brand that specializes in producing electronic toys for infants, toddlers and growing children. They have been operating for more than 25 years, and they are one of the best-known names in the business. It is worth investing in good products from such a brand.

2. Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop

This kid’s laptop is very sleek and realistic, and is a very good addition to the toy chest of your little one. It requires long-lasting button cell batteries to work, which are very inexpensive. The overall theme of this toy is that of well-known Disney princesses like Ariel and Cinderella.

There’s a very authentic keyboard set into the toy. When your child presses the keys on the keyboard, the laptop responds by displaying flashing lights and sound effects. You will find a bunch of musical cues that are preloaded in the memory of this toy, and your child will be highly entertained when they play with this authentic princess computer.

The screen is removable and double-sided, so it can be changed according to the wishes of the user.

The toy also has a very durable hinge, which allows your child to flip it open just like a real laptop computer. The Girls Play toy also comes with a very realistic power button, which your child can press to switch the toy on and off. I liked the realistic and sleek design of this toy.

The only problem is that this laptop toy is not very durable – as the chassis of the laptop is actually quite flimsy.
  • Disney princess-themed design with a sleek appearance.
  • Realistic computer sound effects and fanfares.
  • The double-sided screens.
  • Uses sustainable, eco-friendly and cheap button batteries.
  • Not a durable toy.
If your kid is into Disney princesses, then the Girls Play Laptop toy is a must-have accessory for them. It is very important for your children to have the right toys they need for their make-believe play sessions, and the Disney Princess Girls Play laptop toy is perfect for your tiny princess enthusiast.

3. VTech Tote and Go Laptop

VTech is a pioneer in making engaging and entertaining toys, and their Tote and Go Laptop is one of the best toy laptops. This VTech laptop has some of the richest functionalities and educational features. The bright orange colors will stimulate their developing senses and the chunky buttons will develop their motor skills.

One of my favorite things about this kids laptop is the attached mouse and cursor that your child can use to point and click on different objects. You can start teaching your child to operate a real laptop. Also, this toy comes with a digital screen that displays animations, letters, games, etc.

Even though it’s not a backlit screen, this kid laptop provides the user with contrast settings so you can adjust the levels according to the available light. The included games are very engaging, entertaining and educational.

This laptop also has an enticing music mode with more than 30 well-known country, rock and jazz-style melodies, songs and nursery rhymes. The pre-K learning mode of this laptop also has a lot of logic and puzzle-based games that will enhance the problem solving and critical thinking skills of your child.

Another great thing about this toy is the fact that it will offer your child access to progressive learning experience and levels. However, this laptop might end up being slightly on the expensive side for first-time parents and gift givers.
  • Dozens of fun games and educational content.
  • Can be customized according to the child’s wishes.
  • More than 30 songs, melodies and rhymes.
  • Access to progressive learning levels.
  • Can be too expensive for some.
If you want to provide your child with a constructive way to channel their creative energies, then you should definitely get them this toy.

4. LeapFrog LeapTop Touch

LeapFrog is one of my favorite brands when it comes to laptop toys for toddlers and growing children. The LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch is probably the best computer for toddlers because of its reasonable pricing, diverse functionalities, and attractive appearance.

The pink colored body is adorable, and the toy also has a clever handle on its side, which is a thoughtful and convenient addition. This laptop toy has a fully functional keyboard with all the alphabets and all the digits in proper order. Unlike traditional keyboards, LeapFrog’s toy keyboards have all the alphabets lined up in alphabetical order instead of the traditional QWERTY order.

Since this is a 2-in-1 product, your child will be able to use this toy as a laptop and as a tablet computer. One of the faces of this toy has a digital screen, which is touch-sensitive. Your little one will be able to play for hours with the help of the chunky keyboard.

Apart from educational sound effects, songs and games, the product also comes with a lot of extra entertaining features. For example, your child will be able to have conversations and play games with a digital puppy called Scout. Scout will help your child learn basic concepts like alphabets and numbers with the help of 26 animal animations. You can even customize the laptop so that it displays the name of your child.

The only issue you might face is that you will have to buy AAA batteries on a regular basis.
  • Can send emails and activity cards (e-cards) to Scout.
  • Many funny and attractive animal animations.
  • Chunky and easy to use kid laptop.
  • Functions both as a laptop and a tablet.
  • Requires regular AAA batteries replacement.
The LeapTop line of products are exceptionally well-known and have some of the most entertaining and educational electronic toys in the world and this is one of them.

5. VTech Kids Laptop

The VTech learning laptop 4-7 year olds can use to get acquainted with all the different components of the regular laptop computer, the operating system, the different software and icons, functions, etc.

The Challenger is meant especially for growing children who demonstrate a lot of aptitude and talent for reading, writing and mathematics. The recommended age range is the time many children start to develop their cognitive abilities properly, and this VTech laptop has a lot of learning modules centered around the 3 most basic and important cognitive tasks – which are reading, spelling and math games.

There are more than 40 activities and exercises that your child will be able to access while playing around with the laptop. Some of the basic educational concepts included in this computer are phonics, vocabulary, spelling, math, music, word association, and preliminary conversational French.

When you look at the Challenger, you will not be able to differentiate between it and a real laptop. It is extremely realistic in appearance, and it also comes with a basic mouse and a QWERTY keyboard.

With such a realistic, educational and functional toy, your child will be able to immerse themselves in realistic and educational gameplay. The toy has a 2-player mode, which will allow your child to play educational games with their friends. Additionally, it has the option of providing progress reports to the parents.

However, this toy would be too sophisticated for younger children – so it is best for 4-7 year olds.
  • Very realistic, sleek and stylish appearance.
  • More than 40 activities for your child to enjoy.
  • Focuses on spelling, reading and math games.
  • Provides parents with progress reports.
  • Can be too complicated for younger children.
The best way to familiarize children with computers is to allow them to play with extremely realistic and highly functional computer toys. The VTech Challenger Kids Laptop is a very sophisticated and high-tech toy that is absolutely perfect for introducing older children to operating a real-life laptop.

6. Fisher-Price Toddler Laptop

This laptop toy was built especially for imaginative and active toddlers who need a healthy outlet for their imagination. This toy is equipped with a bunch of sliders, buttons, etc., which will help develop your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The bright colors and attractive design will further stimulate your child’s developing senses.

This toy laptop is full of so many entertaining and engrossing things for your child to do. It comes with ABC and number buttons for your child to start learning more about the alphabets and numbers. The laptop also includes an emoji slider, shapes and colors flippers, music buttons, hashtag buttons, and many more to keep your child busy for hours.

One of the cutest features of this laptop toy is the “chat window”, where your kiddo will be able to have long conversations with their new digital best friend called Puppy.

To ensure that your child’s mind grows and develops in the proper way, this laptop toy comes included with more than 40 exciting songs, sound effects, phrases, etc. With the help of such educational and entertaining content, your child will be able to pick up a proper understanding of all of these basic educational concepts.

By clicking and learning, this marvelous toddler laptop will allow your child’s socialization skills and basic cognitive skills to sharpen as well. And the best part about it is its affordable price.

The only complaint you could have about this laptop is that it is slightly heavier than you’d expect.
  • More than 40 songs, melodies, lullabies, rhymes, etc.
  • Tons of adorable buttons and functionalities.
  • A chat window with Puppy the doggie!
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The toy is slightly heavier than expected.
If you are looking for a play laptop for toddlers that is full of delightful features, then you need to look no further than the Laugh & Learn Play & Learn Laptop manufactured by Fisher-Price.

7. Discovery Toddler Laptop

I think it’s very important to give children all the resources and space they need to develop properly on their own. The Teach & Talk laptop is the perfect toy for such kids as it will entertain them and educate them at the same time.

This laptop is extremely realistic and comes in a very pretty magenta color at a good price. It has a large LCD display, which will surely attract the attention of your active little one. One of the things I liked about this toy is that the screen has a horizontal pivot. This means that the user can actually turn the screen towards them so that it can be viewed properly by all the users.

This laptop also comes fully loaded with an extremely realistic set of accessories such as a standard keyboard, a multi-directional button and a two-button mouse. Your child can use this to learn and practice basic educational concepts like spelling, reading, simple math problems, etc.

Your child will be able to use this laptop to study and do their homework, all the while learning their concepts in a very innovative manner. This laptop also has more than 60 pre-loaded games and fun activities that will keep your child entertained, engrossed and stimulate their cognitive skills.

My only issue with this product is that it will require batteries to work. It would have been better if it was a rechargeable toy.
  • More than 60 fun games and activities.
  • Comes with a keyboard, mouse and multi-directional button.
  • An extremely realistic and sleek design.
  • A very reasonable price.
  • Cannot recharge and needs batteries.
If you are looking for learning laptops for 4-year olds, then I would highly recommend the Teach & Talk Laptop toy produced and marketed by Discovery Kids. This is a marvelous toy that every growing child should have with them.

8. VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop

Of all the toddler laptop computers that I have come across, the Brilliant Baby Laptop made by VTech is definitely the loveliest. All the buttons on the keyboard are of different shapes and are brightly colored. The colored screen also lights up brightly, which is stimulating for tiny tots.

Next, the mouse is shaped like a blue-colored cartoon mouse. It is a reasonably priced laptop and will delight your little one to no end. All the other buttons can also be used to teach your child more about identifying shapes and colors.

This toy also has unique learning modes, using which your child will be able to learn more about animals, what sounds they make, colors, shapes, etc. There is also a music mode with more than 115 melodies.

You should know that the bright colors, flashing lights, engaging sound effects, etc. will stimulate the developing senses of your child. Handling the kids laptop and pressing the brightly colored buttons will improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The songs, phrases, games, educational learning modes, etc. will make great contributions towards the education and cognitive development of your child. This is a wonderful VTech laptop that your tiny one will definitely cherish.

This toy is best reserved for comparatively younger children as older toddlers might find the basic features boring or uninteresting.
  • Features a chunky handle for increased portability.
  • Adorable and brightly colored keyboard buttons.
  • More than 115 songs, melodies, rhymes, etc.
  • An extremely reasonable price.
  • It can be boring/uninteresting for older kids.
It is the perfect addition to any growing baby’s nursery and is one of the best ways to start teaching your child to speak, read and learn other basic concepts.

9. ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Laptop

This toy is designed with a stylish and looks like a sleek laptop computer. It is available in a variety of lovely colors, such as pink, blue, etc. The inside of the laptop has a metallic sheen, which gives it a realistic appearance.

The “keyboard” has all the alphabets, numbers and basic symbols required by children. The keyboard keys are magnetic stickers that can be attached and reattached without any hassle. All the magnetic letters can be stored by putting them back in their assigned spot on the keyboard.

The screen of the laptop is a magnetic board on which your child will be able to pin the letters of the keyboard. Your child will be able to manipulate and move around these letters, numbers, symbols, etc. on the black magnetic screen.

This budgetary toy comes with a pretend smartphone and chalk. With the help of this toy, you can teach your child more about basic word building, vocabulary and simple arithmetical functions as well. This is the perfect toy laptop for 5-year old children.

The chalk and duster accessories provided in this set will also allow your child to write and draw shapes on their own. The pretend smartphone included in this toy set will also allow your child to practice role playing and make-believe games, which will eventually lead to the enhancement of their cognitive and problem solving skills.

However, one thing that bothers me is that the hinges of this toy are weak and can fall apart if subjected to active play.
  • Magnetic board on which the child can stick numbers, letters, etc.
  • Comes with a smartphone and chalk.
  • Very sleek and stylish.
  • It is very reasonably priced.
  • The hinges and parts are very flimsy.
The ToToys Laptop toy is extremely impressive, especially because of its eco-friendly nature and incredible innovativeness.

10. Kidz Delight Infini First Tablet

The next on my list is the Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet. It has an extremely attractive and striking appearance, as its screen is filled with brightly colored icons. These attractive icons will stimulate and attract the attention of any creative child.

The design of the toy is realistic and at first sight, it will look like one of the real laptops for toddlers. It has a black and white exterior, which is made of durable ABS plastic. The keyboard is extremely stylish and attractive, with all the letters and numbers written out very clearly.

I love that the screen of the laptop is touch-sensitive. As a 2-in-1 toy, the Infini can be switched to a tablet mode. All you will need to do is unplug the screen of the laptop toy from its corresponding keyboard part. By pressing the buttons on the keyboard, your child will be able to hear songs, melodies, phrases, greetings, etc.

For children growing up in culturally diverse families, learning to be bilingual is extremely important. This toy will provide your child with the head start and resources needed to pick up a decent understanding of English and Spanish. It is just perfect as all of the songs, phrases, sound effects, etc. are dictated in English and Spanish.

However, that fact the Infini laptop toy is slightly on the expensive side can ruin the party for you.
  • The design is realistic and sleek.
  • The phrases, songs, etc. are available in English and Spanish.
  • The icons and buttons are adorable.
  • Has a tablet mode.
  • It is more expensive than expected.
The Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet is a wonderful toy that you can use to engage and educate your toddler.

11. VTech Red Brilliant Baby Laptop

VTech Red Brilliant Baby Laptop


Your little boy can now learn and explore various concepts with this red toy laptop. The colorful buttons come with different functions and can stimulate your tiny toddler perfectly.

Talking about the animal mode, it can help your kiddo to learn about animals as well as their sounds. Little ones will also come across a ‘shape’ mode that helps them know about colors and adorable shapes.

First-time parents will always want to expose their children to soothing melodies. This kids laptop will make sure they can do that with 115+ in-built melodies, songs, and phrases. Melodies and songs will help in your child’s cognitive development as they are an integral part of their growth. Your little kiddo will also benefit from the in-built phrases by developing an idea of speech and conversation.

This unique toy laptop features an attractive spinning roller. I am sure that will help your kiddo pick up actions and polish his motor skills. The chunky and cute handle makes it easy for the kid to carry the toy.

However, this toy will need regular replacement of AA batteries to function smoothly. So, you have to keep these batteries in stock.
  • Colorful buttons to stimulate kids
  • ‘Animal’ and ‘shape’ mode for learning
  • 115+ in-built melodies, phrases, songs
  • Spinning roller for motor skill development
  • Requires regular replacement of AA batteries
All in All, this attractive red toy laptop will be a great gift for your lovely boy. The colorful shapes and musical melodies will help their learning process.

12. Hack Key for Laptop

Make no mistake – this is not a toy laptop. This is the real deal. Although it is marketed as Hack, this computer is actually manufactured by Asus. It has a sturdy construction and the screen is 14” wide and it will provide your child with more than 4 gigabytes of RAM.

The operating system used in the laptop is based on the open-source Linux code, which is the perfect and most useful environment for budding coders. Using this computer to study and code will allow your child to access the source code and directories required for hard coding. The open-source OS environment is also something that will foster creativity, innovation and development as a hacker.

The delightful apps, programs, games, etc. will teach your kid to write programs and run software patches from the grassroots level. By utilizing the resources provided by this laptop, your child will be able to play hackable games, deconstruct the programs they use, etc.

My favorite feature of the Hack laptop is its Flip-To-Hack mode, which allows the user to change code parameters and situations from within the game, and see the changes reflected in real life.

I love everything about this laptop, but I wish the included rechargeable battery was more power-efficient and sustainable.
  • Open-source OS allows access to source code.
  • Flip-To-Hack Mode allows the user to deconstruct programs.
  • Educational content for budding programmers.
  • Sturdy construction and rechargeable battery.
  • Once charged, the battery doesn’t last very long.
If you want a children’s learning laptop that will teach your child about advanced concepts such as programming and software development, then the Hack notebook is a fantastic choice.

What to Look for When Buying a Toddler Laptop


If you log on to any online marketplace, you will be blown away by the variety of available laptop toys. The insane variety can make it quite difficult for first-time buyers to pick the right toy laptop for 5-year-old children. To help you make the right choice, I have put together a list of some important factors you should consider while shopping for toy laptops.

The Material of the Toy

Children are extremely susceptible to toxins, microbes, etc. and that is why the toys that they play with should be made of CPSC certified materials. Since most learning laptops for toddlers are made of plastic, you should ensure that the plastic is free of toxins like BPA, carcinogens and phthalates. It is also a good idea to spring for laptop toys that are made of ABS plastic, which is non-toxic, durable, inexpensive and eco-friendly.

The Price of the Toy

Even though most people like to think that price is not a major consideration, it’s a good idea to decide on an upper limit for the amount that you want to spend on toys. If you don’t do that, then there’s a chance that you’ll get carried away and end up spending extra. The smart and cost-effective thing to do is to decide on a price ceiling and then spend it within that limit.

The Features of the Toy

The toy that you end up getting for your child should have loads of features, functionalities, songs, games, etc. so that you can properly entertain and educate your little one. Toys that offer brightly colored buttons, sing along songs, melodies, bilingual phrases, digital playmates, games, puzzles, etc. are going to make a major contribution to the education and overall development of your kid. A good play laptop for toddler kids should have all these learning activities.

The Manufacturer of the Toy

Every parent wants the absolute best for their child. When it comes to electronic toys like a preschool laptop or a smartphone, then brands like VTech, Fisher-Price and LeapFrog are the best. They have been in the industry for more than 20-25 years and they have always managed to come up with amazing products that educate and entertain children at the same time. A VTech laptop would be a marvelous laptop for your child.

The Age of the Child

If you have a toddler, then you should look into learning laptops for toddlers. These laptops kids will have features and functionalities that are well-suited to babies and growing toddlers – such as brightly colored buttons, songs, alphabets, nursery rhymes, etc. On the other hand, if you have an older child then you should consider looking into advanced models like the VTech Nitro Kids’ Laptop and the Hack. These are educational, advanced and very highly recommended.

The Nature of the Power Source

Even though many people do not give the power source of the toy much thought, I think that rechargeable products have a significant advantage over non-rechargeable toys. In terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability, rechargeable toys make a much better investment than non-rechargeable ones. That is why I think that you should look into toys that have rechargeable batteries that can be charged via USB, since every other toy will need regular AAA batteries.

The Durability of the Toy

Since children can be very rough when playing with new toys, I would recommend you to buy a children’s learning laptop with a very chunky and solid design. Toddlers are notoriously callous with their belongings, and some of them even throw their toys all over the place. That is why it’s a very good idea to make sure that their laptop toys are well-equipped to handle all sorts of rough handling.

The Convenience of the Toy

Using, transporting and storing the toy should be very convenient. This is a major consideration that parents should make while purchasing toys for their children. Many laptop toys have loads of user-friendly, such as portable handles, proper packaging, etc. I think that it is very important for toys to be appropriate for children as well as their parents. Chunky and durable toys are much safer than flimsy and low-quality toys as well.

What is the best toy laptop for a child?

The best computer for toddlers is one that has a bunch of interesting learning activities and functionalities. First of all, the toy needs to be extremely brightly colored and attractive. This will attract the attention of the child and will stimulate their developing visual senses. The buttons and keys on the kids laptop should be chunky and large, so that the child will be able to press them without any major difficulties.

Secondly, the best laptop toy also needs to have a lot of interesting features such as flashing lights, sound effects, different games, puzzles, songs, melodies, stories, etc. All of these elements will keep your child occupied, entertained and very happy.

How does a laptop toy work?

The laptop toy is most often an electronic toy that is also set with a digital screen. In newer models, the screen is touch-sensitive, and will respond to the handling of your little one. Since it is an electric toy, there is sophisticated circuitry built into the body of the toy. When your child presses the buttons or handles the sliders, then the internal logic circuits of the toy laptop comes to life.

There are songs, melodies, games, digital playmates, etc. built into the memory circuits of the toy and pressing the right buttons will bring them to life. You will notice that the best laptop for toddlers is the one with loads of learning games.

Who is the laptop toy meant for?

Laptop toys are meant for all kinds of growing children. Some of the products are meant especially for younger kids, those whose age lies between sixth month old to 3 years. They are the ones who will benefit greatly from playing with toddler laptop computers. These laptop toys are designed to help children speak their first words, learn self-recognition, learn basic social skills, etc.

The bright colors, lights, and sounds also stimulate their developing senses. There are also laptop toys that are meant for older children, such as the VTech learning laptop 4-7 years. These laptop toys are loaded with a rich variety of educational content, which will help your child to study properly.

What are the different kinds of toddler laptops?

There isn’t much variety when you look within kids laptops themselves. However, the features and functionalities offered by the different manufacturers do vary. For example, the LeapFrog brand has a toy laptop brand called LeapTop which is extremely popular.

The LeapTop is one of my favorite laptop toys as it has a lot of excellent features, songs, games, etc. It also has a digital playmate, friend and learning toy companion – Scout the puppy! VTech laptops for toddlers are also very popular, and they have their very own range of special features like customizability. If you want real laptops for toddlers, then I would recommend you to check out models like the Asus Hack.

Why do you need a learning laptop for toddlers?

By providing your toddler with toys like laptops, phones, kitchen sets, etc., you encourage them to practise role-play and pretend games. Make-believe games and role-playing are an excellent way for you to develop the cognitive skills, problem-solving skills and creativity of your child.

Also, the bright colors, chunky buttons, flashing lights, engaging sound effects, etc. will also stimulate the developing senses of your child. This kind of stimulation is extremely important for the overall growth of your toddler. Last but not least, handling and playing with a play laptop for toddlers will allow your child to develop and perfect their motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some most frequently asked questions by parents, first-time gift-givers, and toy buyers. I have compiled all of these questions together so that you can address any doubts that you may have about buying computer toys for toddlers directly.

What are the most trusted toddler laptop brands?

There are loads of laptop toy brands in the market. Some of the most trusted and well-known brands include Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, VTech, Mattel and Kidz Delight. They have been in the business for more than 20-25 years and they are widely trusted by parents and children from all over the country.

At what age should a child start using a computer?

I think that children should start using real computers from when they start learning computer science at elementary school. If you want to familiarize your toddler with using computers early on, then the best way to do that is to get them kid laptops from VTech or LeapFrog.

How to use a toy laptop?

Using a toy laptop is going to be very easy for your child. All they’ll have to do is press the buttons on the body of the toy. According to what button is pressed, the toy will play music, send pretend emails, activate digital assistants, etc. These toys are designed especially for toddlers.

Where can I buy a toy laptop?

Toy laptops can be found on online and offline toy stores. If you want to make the purchase online, then I would definitely recommend you to check out Amazon. They have a marvelous collection of the best toys. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with an old-fashioned toy store.

How should I care for and clean a toy laptop?

Toy laptops are extremely easy to care for and clean. Since they cannot be washed, the best way to clean them is to wipe them down with a sanitary wipe. You can also spray it with a disinfectant spray and then wipe it down properly with a clean fabric.

What exactly is a digital playmate?

You will see that a lot of the laptop toys in the market come with digital playmates. These are attractive digital animations of baby animals that will encourage your child to speak and communicate. For example, LeapFrog’s digital playmate is a puppy called Scout. They’ll also teach proper social skills to your toddler.

What kind of batteries do these toys need?

Most toy laptops for kids require 2-3 AAA batteries to work. To operate them, all you’ll need to do is replace the AAA batteries on a regular basis. Some of these kids laptops also come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can be easily charged with the help of a USB cable/cord.

Which is the best laptop to buy for a toddler?

The best laptop to buy for your toddler would be a model that will develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, stimulate their developing senses and provide them with loads of educational content. I would recommend you to look into the VTech Nitro Kids’ Laptop or the LeapFrog LeapTop.

Are toy laptops safe for toddlers to use?

Toy laptops are perfectly safe for toddlers to use, as they are made of durable plastics that are free of harmful substances like BPA, carcinogens and phthalates. Also, these laptop toys do not have any small parts that would become a choking hazard for your little one. They are perfectly safe.

Does a toy laptop have any educational benefits?

Toy laptops come preloaded with songs, melodies, educational lessons, exercises, learning activities, games, puzzles, etc. that have immense educational value. A toy laptop is something that will both entertain and educate your child. Also, pretend play sessions with the laptop toy will develop and enhance your toddler’s concentration, creativity and social skills.


So that’s it! This is basically all the information that you will need to buy the best toddler laptop for your little munchkin. This is the most comprehensive, detailed and informative guide that you will be able to find.

I would advise you to go through the list of the top 11 toys and choose the one that is best suited to your child’s needs and your budget. But, you are always free to do your own research. The FAQs should also answer any lingering doubts that you have in your mind. If you have any additional queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Take a look at these other toddler laptops from Amazon also:

Disney Princess Style Collection Laptop with Phrases, Sound Effects & Music! Girls Toy Pretend Laptop
  • 5 ways to play with over 15 phrases, sounds & music!
  • 2 double-sided desktop screens for 4 screens correlating with the 5 modes of play
  • Customizable with included stickers
  • Includes 1 laptop, 2 double-sided desktop screens, 1 pair of play ear buds with case and 1 sticker sheet
  • Requires 3 LR44 button cell alkaline batteries (included) - Suggested for girls ages 3 and up
Lexibook - Educational and Bilingual Laptop Spanish/English - Toy for Children with 124 Activities to Learn Mathematics, Dactylography, Logic, Clock...
  • EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES - English and Spanish, Mathematics, Dactylography, General knowledge, Logic, Music, Clock reading.
  • TEST THE KNOWLEDGE - Fun activities with different levels to learn, test and improve one's knowledge.
  • GAMES - Fun games to test logic, memory and speed after learning.
  • GREAT DESIGN - Ergonomics inspired by real laptops, with a realistic mouse and keyboard. Slim elegant design. Convenient size for an easy handgrip.
  • MUSIC & MELODIES! - Musical activities for the first step in music (notes learning, composing and playing melodies)
Tech Kidz My Exploration Toy Laptop Educational Learning Computer, 80 Challenging Learning Games and Activities, LCD Screen, Keyboard and Mouse...
  • ✔MAKE EDUCATION FUN: Stimulate your child’s mind with 80 challenging learning games and activities that blend learning and fun to teach skills...
  • ✔INTUITIVE HARDWARE DESIGN: The Tech Kidz Exploration Laptop features a large LCD screen display allowing for multiple users to view with ease. This...
  • ✔DEVELOP FAMILIARITY WITH REAL COMPUTERS: The laptop comes equipped with a real standard keyboard so your child can begin to familiarize themselves...
  • ✔PERFECT GIFT FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE: Give them a gift that will start them on the path to a successful future! This is the perfect learning tool for...
  • ✔EDUTAINMENT: At the intersection of entertainment and education is the Tech Kidz Exploration Laptop. It teaches many valuable subjects in the form...
PRITOM 7 inch Kids Tablet | Quad Core Android OS, 32 GB ROM | WiFi,Bluetooth,Dual Camera | Educational,Games,Parental Control,Kids Software...
  • ★[FREE KIDS APPS & GAMES] - Pritom Kids Tablet comes with a safe and funny iWawa Kid's software free pre-installed apps for Kids learning & playing,...
  • ★[FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE] - The kids edition tablet has a built-in high-performance quad-core processor, the latest Android 10 OS, 1024x600 IPS HD...
  • ★[BEST KID-FRIENDLY COMPANION] - Pritom kid tablet is a modern tablet designed for kids to focus on building a safe children's entertainment...
  • ★[GREAT FOR KIDS] -Kids can have their own private playground and the child-friendly Interface makes it easy to use. Kids can access to educational...
  • ★[WELL-DESIGNED KID-PROOF CASE] - Pritom k7 Kid-Proof Case is made of a lightweight, durable, kid-friendly, impact-resistant soft silicone material...
LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book (Frustration Free Packaging), Green
  • Interact With Friends: Meet learning friends Turtle, Tiger and Monkey who will introduce the alphabet through more than 100 age-appropriate words...
  • Learn Categories: This baby activity book includes word categories such as pets, animals, food, mealtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside and...
  • Learn Sounds: Touch the words on the pages to hear new vocabulary, sound effects, and fun facts; hear the two theme songs by pressing the light-up...
  • Learn Languages: This highly engaging book for kids includes words, songs, and instructions heard in both English and Spanish to promote both language...
  • Included Features: This toy is intended for ages 18 months and up; requires 2 AA batteries; included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended...
Kidz Delight Infini First 2 n 1 Tablet
  • Bilingual English, Spanish
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, batteries included
  • Ages 2 and up
  • Tablet can be used as a standalone tablet or with the keyboard
Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop Computer Style Collection Click & Go Play Laptop for Girls with Sounds & Light Up On Button Features Removable...
  • On button lights up when you press it
  • Play laptop makes computer noises and includes a removable background!
  • Includes: play laptop and play removable double-sided background
  • 3 button cell batteries required (included)
Portable Magnet Board for Toddlers, Magnetic Chalkboard for Kids with ABC Letters & Numbers. Alphabet Magnets for Learning and Drawing. Tabletop Art &...
  • ⭐️ MAGNETIC LETTERS AND NUMBERS FOR TODDLERS & KIDS: Wishwood’s spelling, math, and art Learning Boards come equipped with 108 quality alphabet...
  • ⭐️ TABLE TOP EASEL CHALKBOARD FOR KIDS AGES 3 AND UP: Designed to look like a laptop but significantly better for toddler and child brain...
  • ⭐️ EVERLASTING QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made of genuine basswood, this wooden magnet busy board for toddlers & kids is resistant to bumps,...
  • ⭐️ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Lightweight and compact, our educational chalkboard toys provide endless entertainment on planes, road trips, restaurants,...
  • ⭐️ MAKES FOR GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFTS: In search of the perfect children's art easel for kids or learning to write toy for toddlers? The Wishwood...
Craig CMP840 BUN-PK-HD Quad Core 10.1 in. Tablet with Keyboard Case & Headphones in Pink
  • BRILLIANT DISPLAY: The 10-inch color capacitive touch screen with a 1024 x 600 resolution stays clear when you need it to most. Enjoy watching your...
  • KEYBOARD CASE: This dual function case will keep your tablet safe, while at the same time making it easier to use due to the built-in keyboard. Don't...
  • SUPPORTED PLATFORMS: Google Play, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Maps, Google Photos, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Office Mobile,...
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: USB charging cable, 10.1-inch keyboard case, headphones, and AC/USB adapter.
  • PERFORMANCE: For over 50 years, the Craig consumer brand continues to provide the latest and greatest technologies and most on-trend products at...