12 Best Play Doh Sets 2023 – Non Toxic and Reusable

Play Doh is a special kind of modeling clay invented in the 1930s. Originally intended for use as a wallpaper cleaner, this well-known product was immediately rebranded as a child’s toy. It is one of the most recognizable toy brands in the world. That is why the best Play Doh set has been popular among millions of children worldwide.

Best Choice
Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors, Perfect for Halloween Treat Bags, Party Favors, Non-Toxic, Multi-Color, 3-Ounce Cans, Ages 2 and up...
Good Choice
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset Featuring Drizzle Compound & 6 Non-Toxic Colors
Don't Miss
Play-Doh Play 'N Store Kids Table for Arts & Crafts Activities with 8 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
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Play-Doh Stamp 'N Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors
Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors, Perfect for Halloween Treat Bags, Party Favors, Non-Toxic, Multi-Color, 3-Ounce Cans, Ages 2 and up...
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset Featuring Drizzle Compound & 6 Non-Toxic Colors
Play-Doh Play 'N Store Kids Table for Arts & Crafts Activities with 8 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
Play-Doh Stamp 'N Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors
Best Choice
Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors, Perfect for Halloween Treat Bags, Party Favors, Non-Toxic, Multi-Color, 3-Ounce Cans, Ages 2 and up...
Play-Doh Modeling Compound 24-Pack Case of Colors, Perfect for Halloween Treat Bags, Party Favors, Non-Toxic, Multi-Color, 3-Ounce Cans, Ages 2 and up...
Good Choice
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset Featuring Drizzle Compound & 6 Non-Toxic Colors
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset Featuring Drizzle Compound & 6 Non-Toxic Colors
Don't Miss
Play-Doh Play 'N Store Kids Table for Arts & Crafts Activities with 8 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
Play-Doh Play 'N Store Kids Table for Arts & Crafts Activities with 8 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
Also Consider
Play-Doh Stamp 'N Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors
Play-Doh Stamp 'N Top Pizza Oven Toy with 5 Non-Toxic Colors

Due to its non-toxicity and reusability, Play Doh sets give confidence to parents with their munchkins playing with it. Play Doh sets can enhance the imaginative and creative skills of growing children. They are especially great for preschoolers, who can use the Play Doh to express their creativity. Manipulating and kneading the dough will enhance their hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Originally invented by a soap-manufacturing company called Kutol Products, Play Doh is now produced and marketed by Hasbro. Apart from Play Doh, there are other alternative playing dough brands available as well. Since you might be intimidated by the sheer number of choices available, I have compiled this purchasing guide to provide you with all the information you need.


Best Play Doh Set Reviews

Please note that all of these 12 reviews are based on my personal experiences and evaluations of the listed Play Doh toys.

1. Play Doh Modeling Compound

Your child can have a lot of fun playing with this multicolor set of Play Doh. There are 24 gorgeous shades in this huge Play Doh set. Your energetic and active little one will have a wonderful time squeezing and shaping the dough into creative and funny shapes.

The modern modeling compound used by play-doh is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. However, it is not safe for children who have an allergy to wheat gluten. They might have a severe allergic reaction if they play with this product. This toy is perfect for any creative kid. It is a good outlet for their activity.

Restoring the softness of the Play Doh is very simple. All you have to do is add a single drop of water to the dough before you play with it. In this Play Doh set, you will have 24 cans of Play Doh, arranged according to the colors. Each of the pieces can have around 3 ounces of dough.

There are many delightful things that you can do with Play Doh sets. If you have no experience with Play Doh toys, I would recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube. They will help you and your kiddo to create funny and lovely artworks and have a smashing time.

However, the only problem with this 24 pack set of colors is it is rather heavy on the pocket.
  • Comes in 24 gorgeous rainbow colors
  • Each can has 3 ounces of Play Doh
  • A Hypoallergenic, non-irritant and nontoxic play doh set
  • Infinite possibilities for creative kids
  • Slightly pricey.
  • Not for a child who is allergic to wheat gluten
Despite being a little pricey, this set of Play Doh is the perfect present for any creative and active child.

2. Play Doh Ice Cream Play Set

This Play Doh set is great for curious and bright children who are very interested about the kitchen. The kitchen creations series of Play Doh have the loveliest concepts and ideas. Thus, you can give your curious little one a creative spark by getting them a new Play Doh set.

The drizzy ice cream set will allow your little chef to whip up pretend ice creams in their very own Play Doh kitchen. The play set actually enables the user to “drizzle” a coating of Play Doh candy onto the ice cream. There is a pretend chocolate and a pretend strawberry topping, which will make your child’s kitchen creations look realistic.

There is an “ice cream maker” that is fun and easy to use. Just simply put in the Play Doh into the toy and press the toy. There is a see-through mechanism built into this play set that will allow your kiddo to see the “ice cream” being made. Moreover, this see-through mechanism makes the toy easy to clean.

This machine might seem a little sophisticated for youngsters. However, there are loads of instructions and intuitive how-to cards that your little chef can use. Last but not least, the set includes 6 non-toxic cans of Play Doh in different colors and 2 Play Doh drizzle bottles. It is fun for all ages.

However, the drizzle bottle is a little faulty because the Play Doh “drizzles” take a lot of time to dry up.
  • Pretend ice cream maker with see through mechanism
  • 6 Play Doh colors for making desserts
  • Drizzle mechanism for sprinkles
  • Helps in open ended play
  • Drizzle doh dries slowly
This is the top-rated Play Doh set for girls and boys alike. Any creative child will enjoy this set immensely.

3. Play Doh Magical Oven Play Set

If your little one has a thing for baking, cooking, and kitchens, then this magical oven playset is a wonderful gift for them. This oven will allow them to “bake” their own delicious desserts and dishes and imitate their parents. Open ended pretend play is beneficial for growing kids.

Kitchen creations is a line of cool Play Doh sets modeled on real-life kitchen environments. For example, this particular playset has a magical oven. The oven is very realistic and has a complete timer and everything. When the baking process is complete, the white light changes to red, and the oven makes an enticing “Ding!” sound.

The set comes with six 2-ounce cans of Play Doh modeling compound. So with the help of the included cans of Play Doh, your child will be able to make a variety of pretend food items. From pizzas to cupcakes and pies to cakes, your little one will be able to whip up their very own culinary delicacies and kitchen creations.

There are many other fun play dough accessories, such as cookie cutters, plates, cutlery, etc. Moreover, this set also includes realistic food attachments and accessories like pie tins, baking trays, cupcake trays, etc. This will allow your child to immerse themselves in open ended and creative play sessions.

One downside of this set lies in its battery. The oven needs AAA batteries to work, which are not eco-friendly. They are also expensive and need to be replaced regularly.
  • The oven has a timer, a light, and a bell
  • Loads of fun cooking accessories included
  • Six cans of Play Doh included
  • Perfect for imaginative kids
  • Needs AAA batteries to work
Despite one small downside, this set is one of the most stimulating and immersive toys for your little one.

4. Kiddy Dough Dough Tool Kit

The play doh set from Kiddy Dough is another best set for your children. This party pack toolkit has some amazing dough accessories; which is fun to play with and it develops the fine motor skills of the child.

There are 24 Play Doh cutters and tools that make up this amazing set. This set also included a rolling pin and tons of shape cutters. For example, you will find many nice shapes that you can use to introduce your little one to concepts like animals, primary shapes, colors, food, etc.

Play dough sets are great playmates for your little kiddo. They can draw self-portraits, flowers, animals, etc. Your child will develop their hand-eye coordination skills while they learn to handle all the included tools properly.

These sets are designed to be intuitive and completely free of frustration. Thanks to that all of these tools are extremely light and easy to use for kids and their tiny fingers. The plastic of the toy is non-toxic and can be cleaned easily.

A bunch of fun molds are included for your child to use. Specially, these molds are shallow molds making pressing and cutting much easier. Since these tools and cutters are rather small, they are best suited for kids 3 years and older.
  • 24 functional Play Doh tools
  • Has many animal shapes
  • Has shallow molds for better pressing and cutting
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Choking hazard for younger kids
If you have Play Doh fans in the house, this amazing set of accessories and tools would be absolutely perfect.

5. Play Doh Play ‘n Store Table

If you are looking for play dough sets for kids, I would definitely recommend you to consider this amazing all-in-one table. The Play ‘n Store Arts Activity Table is a great addition to your kid’s toy chest. A proper activity table meant just for your child will provide them with their own spot where they can get creative.

The set comes included with eight 2-ounce cans of Play Doh modeling material and more than 25 Play Doh accessories. With the Play Doh cutters and tools, your child will be able to exercise their creative activities properly.

I love how the table comes with inbuilt molds your child can use and create their own exciting shapes and models. This is a multipurpose table that’s 21“wide and 6.5” tall which is perfect for any kids. The doors and legs of the table actually double up as storage units. When playtime is over, your child can just unhinge the doors and keep all of their playthings away safely and responsibly.

Your children and their playmates will have a lot of fun playing around with this Play Doh beginner set. When your kid gets proficient with the dough and the accessories, I would advise you to get some additional colors and Play Doh cans. It’s affordable.

I liked that this set comes with storage space. But the space is not enough if you buy additional products.
  • Table is large enough for kids
  • Comes with 8 cans of doh and 25+ fun accessories and tools
  • Affordable price
  • Storage space is not adequate
This table playset is one of the best toys you can get for a creative, insightful and thoughtful little one.

6. Carykon Smart Dough Toolkit

This is one of the best play dough sets of accessories and tools. If your little one enjoys creating things with play dough sets, it will be a wonderful present. There are 11 pieces to play doh for your child to play with.

All of these tools are made of brightly colored plastic that will definitely be very attractive for your toddler. They are great for creative and open ended play sessions and will allow your kiddo to stay busy for hours. Moreover, these toys are designed for little kids, so they are extremely easy to grip.

This set is perfect for the home and for the classroom. It contains 6 unique dough cutting tools, such as 2 rolling pins, 1 cutter, 1 roller and 2 roller wheels. These pieces will allow your kiddo to shape the Play Doh into spaghetti, stars, flowers, hearts, etc. This set also comes with a cute keychain.

These toys are very intuitive to use, especially for tiny tots. By manipulating the Play Doh and using these tools, your child’s fine motor skills and coordination skills can be developed. Fashioning shapes and items from this play dough sets will build your child’s formative cognitive, artistic, and creative skills.

However, the rolling tools are a little flimsy, so it should be used carefully to ensure it does not break accidentally.
  • Set of 11 fun Play Doh accessories
  • Made of brightly colored plastic
  • Develops fine motor skills of the child
  • The rollers are flimsy
This is a great set of accessories for your child’s Play Doh set. They can be creative with these tools.

7. Play Doh Stamp ‘n Pizza Oven

This set is one of the best play dough toys I have ever seen. It is a wonderful kitchen creations toy oven that will allow your child to design and “bake” their own delicious Play Doh pizzas.

This pizza oven comes with a crank that allows your child to stamp and make their very own pizza bread. Once the pizza base is “ready,” your child can customize it with loads of other fun accessories and tasty toppings. There are pretend pepperonis, silli veggies, pretend tomato sauce, etc. that they can use. In short, there is everything an imaginative child needs.

This playset comes with accessories and tools like a pizza pan, a pizza handle, and a pizza cutter. Once the pizza is ready, they can slice large pieces and serve it to their starving customers. The open ended and imaginative play possibilities are endless. The play dough tools included in this set are wonderful and perfect for budding bakers.

This set includes five cans that each have 2 ounces worth of modeling material inside. There are intuitive creation cards that your child can follow. I would advise you to get more Play Doh later.

However, this set is a little sophisticated and finicky. It’s best suited for older children who can handle the toy.
  • Pizza oven is quite unique
  • Imaginative play possibilities are endless
  • Comes with pizza baking tools
  • Set of 5 Play Doh cans included
  • It’s not suitable for younger kids
This is one of the top-rated Play Doh sets I have ever seen, and I would highly recommend it.

8. The Play Doh Fun Tub

This is a mega set of tools and Play Doh cans that will just be the perfect gift for your kid. These Play Doh sets for boys and girls are designed to be stimulating and interesting. This huge plastic tub contains everything required for fun play sessions.

First of all, this set comes with 5 small sized cans of Play Doh in assorted colors. All of these colors are bright, attractive and will stimulate your kid’s developing vision properly. The tub comes with more than 20 Play Doh tools, cutters, accessories, etc. which are just perfect for manipulating and shaping the dough into something cool.

This fun tub is perfect for playdates, and open ended play sessions. Even if your child is playing alone, this toy set will be extremely beneficial for them. Creating stuff with the Play Doh will develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Using the Play Doh will allow your children to exercise their creative and cognitive skills.

The 20+ pieces included in this fun tub are molds, cutters, extruders, shapers, etc. With the help of these engaging and intuitive accessories, your child will be able to give free rein to their imagination and innovation. The fun tub is perfect for storing all your kid’s belongings as well.

The Play Doh cans are small. You need to get extra cans if you want to make something big.
  • Adequate storage space for Play Doh
  • 5 beautiful colors included
  • Includes 20+ tools, accessories and shapers
  • Improves motor skills and coordination in kids
  • Cans are small
If you accompany this Play Doh fun tub with additional cans of Play Doh, then you’ll be set for fun.

9. Play Doh Construction Toy Set

Construction machines and equipment are interesting to some children. If your child expresses interest in creating their own construction equipment and projects, then this Play Doh wheels gravel yard construction set is a wonderful gift. It has a lot of interesting elements that are perfect for open-ended play.

This toy set has a functional gravel grinder machine with a crank shaft. After loading up the grinder with Play Doh “gravel,” the shaft has to be rotated to grind the gravel. There are two construction vehicles and trucks included in this set. They can be placed beneath the gravel grinder so they can collect it.

With this set, there is a special kind of Play Doh included. This is called the pavement building compound, which is designed to imitate the appearance and sheen of a newly built pavement. This play doh set also comes with brown, beige, and neon orange Play Doh so your little one can make construction workers, buildings, vegetation, infrastructure, construction cones, etc.

Additionally, there is a dump truck which can be used to transport the gravel and the pavement material to the construction site. A pavement roller vehicle is added in the mix, which your child can use to smoothen and even out the pavement. This is surely the best Play Doh set for 3 year old kids.

These Play Doh sets can make a huge mess if you are not properly vigilant.
  • Comes with a dump truck and a roller
  • Comes with a special pavement building can
  • The gravel grinder is quite functional
  • Perfect for immersive play
  • It’s slightly messy
This set is a great gift for growing boys and girls who are very interested in construction sites, vehicles, and tools.

10. Dear Deer Dinosaur Play Set

If your child wants to create a version of an authentic land of dinosaurs and other fearsome monsters, then this Play Doh set for 4 year old kids will keep your kids occupied.

This dinosaur Play Doh set comes with 26 unique Play Doh tools such as volcano and dinosaur molds, cutters, rolling pins, stickers, etc. This set is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic playdough your kid can use to make their beloved dinosaurs. Moreover, all of the Play Doh modeling materials and accessories are made of child-friendly materials. Thus, you do not have to worry about anything bad happening to your little one.

These toys will have a huge role to play in the development and growth of your child. By encouraging them to participate in open ended play sessions with their playmates and friends, you can teach them socialization skills. By manipulating the Play Doh, your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination skills will be developed.

This set is ideal for your home and for the classroom – where it can be used in an educational and instructional capacity. Last but not least, all of these accessories, Play Doh, etc. are packed into a unique and portable case. Hence, your child can carry it around easily.

The Play Doh cans included in this set are small. So you’ll have to get additional Play Doh later on.
  • A safe play doh set for your child
  • 26 tools for modeling the Play Doh
  • Has a unique carry case for better carrying
  • Instructional and entertaining
  • Dough cans are very small
This dinosaur set is a fun and educational toy that your growing kid will be able to enjoy very much.

11. Play Doh Noodle Makin Mania Set

Play Doh Kitchen Creations are some of the most imaginative and adorable Play Doh sets that you can find. There are various kitchen-themed models on the market, and this noodle-making set is cute. By using this set, your little chef can make all kinds of tasty noodle dishes.

This machine allows the kids to make 4 kinds of noodles such as lasagna, ramen, etc. The set comes with little molds that your little chef in the making can use to prepare, pretend “ravioli” and macaroni. The noodle making machine has molds on its side, which can be used to create toppings made of Play Doh.

This Play Doh kitchen creations set is a great way to get your child interested in cooking and serving. The noodle maker is very simple to operate, and your child will be kept occupied and busy for hours. Instead of being immersed in a video game or the TV, your little one will be hard at work making something beautiful.

This set is fully loaded with a noodle maker, 4 unique noodle discs, a ravioli mold, and a lasagna cutter. They have included the essential cutlery needed for plating such as forks, knives, plates, rolling pins, etc. Furthermore, five cans of the Play Doh modeling material are also included in this play doh set.

The only problem with this toy is it’s rather difficult to clean. It is not possible to properly clean all the nooks and crannies.
  • Noodle maker comes with 4 noodle discs
  • Noodle maker has toppings molds
  • Comes with all the accessories
  • Includes 5 cans of Play Doh
  • Slightly difficult to clean
This Play Doh set is the great set present for an enthusiastic and creative kid.

12. Play Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill

The Play Doh Doctor Drill n Fill is a fun and great set that will allow your kid to pretend to be a dentist. When kids are small, they’re scared about a visit to the dentist. This fun play-doh Doctor Drill playset can actually help them get over the fear.

The dentist drill is scary for some children. But this set comes with its very own “drill” that your little dentist can use to remove the cavities from their patient’s teeth. The button the play-doh drill makes the drill buzz and vibrate, creating a realistic and immersive experience. After removing the cavities, your kiddo can make Play Doh fillings.

The Doctor Drill n Fill playset comes with a brace stamping tool that your kiddo can use to make realistic braces out of Play Doh. Other dentistry accessories and tools like a mirror and tweezers are included. The set comes with a tooth mold, which your baby can use to whip up some realistic Play Doh teeth.

Your little one can brush and maintain their patient’s teeth with the help of the included toothbrush. By squeezing the toothbrush, a little Play Doh “toothpaste” will come out. This set comes with a patient head, loads of fun dentistry tools, and 5 cans of Play Doh modeling compound.

It would be better if replacing the batteries in the make-believe “drill” was easier as the screws are very small.
  • Comes with a patient head
  • Loaded with attractive dentist tools and accessories
  • The toothpaste comes with Play Doh toothpaste
  • Very realistic and enjoyable
  • Replacing drill batteries is difficult
This set is an immersive and highly enjoyable Play Doh play set that your child will be able to enjoy immensely.

What to Look for When Buying Play Doh Toy Sets


Here are some factors you should keep in mind while you are shopping for Play Doh toys for toddler.

  • Brand of the Toy: The first consideration you have to make is the exact make and brand of the toy. Many manufacturers sell play dough toys, but the “Play Doh” toys are all marketed and trademarked by Hasbro. The Hasbro Play Doh sets are actually the authentic modeling material toys that were first invented in the 1950s. The Hasbro modeling material is of much better quality than the other brands.
  • Functionality of the Toy: Since you are buying for kids, the functionality of the toy is a major factor. Modeling material or play dough is a soft and malleable material that comes in various colors. Children/adults can mold the dough with their hands into various shapes and patterns. If you want play-dough for arts and crafts purposes, then you should get the high-quality modeling material sold by Hasbro.
  • Features of the Toy: Even though play dough is essentially the same thing no matter what the brand is, the features of the toy set are also important. For example, the Play Doh Kitchen Creations playsets involve toy kitchen appliances such as pizza ovens, ice cream making machines, noodle making machines and so on. The Doctor Drill n Fill Play Doh set offers dentist themed Play Doh accessories for curious and imaginative children.
  • Age of the Child: Another consideration you have to make is the age of the child you are getting the Play Doh for. Play Doh is not meant for kids under 3 years, because it can be a choking hazard. They are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, who are inquisitive and creative. If you want your toddler to sit down and be creative, then you should get them some playdough for toddlers.
  • Price of the Toy: While buying presents and toys for kids, one of the major considerations to make is the price of the toy. Parents often get carried away and end up spending a lot of money. To avoid this from happening, you should decide on a maximum price ceiling that you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Fortunately, Play Doh sets and cans are affordable and won’t cost you very much.
  • Maintenance of the Toy: Maintaining Play Doh sets is very simple. Play Doh itself is very soft and malleable. It can be slightly sticky, but it is easy to clean. Adding a drop of water to the modeling material will keep it soft and perfect for ages. However, cleaning up the Play Doh playsets is rather difficult because there are nooks and crannies where Play Doh tends to get stuck.
  • Theme of the Toy: The Play Doh sets come in many themes that are meant to stimulate and enthrall the minds of growing kids. For example, the Play Doh kitchen creations playsets are meant for imaginative children who want to start making their own tasty dishes in the kitchen. The doctor drill n fill playset is perfect for kids who are interested in becoming doctors and dentists. Thus the theme is very important.
  • Power Source of the Toy: Thankfully, most Play Doh sets do not need any power source. Even the sophisticated playsets do not usually require batteries or any kind of separate power source. However, some of the Play Doh kitchen creations models usually come with electronic elements like an oven and a pizza oven. These toy elements have realistic features like oven lights, timers, bells, etc. For such specialized toys, AAA batteries might be required.
  • Durability of the Toy: If maintained properly, Play Doh sets can last for ages. To prevent the clay from drying, you should regularly add a water drop before playing with it. This will allow the modeling material to stay usable for a long time. As long as you don’t lose it, Play Doh clay stays fresh always. The individual toy elements of the playsets are durable and will not break easily.
  • Safety of the Toy: Play Doh is made from a chemical material that is completely non-toxic and non-irritant. It is designed with the safety of the kids in mind. Play Doh is mostly hypoallergenic, with only one exception. Play Doh can induce an allergic reaction in children who have allergies to wheat gluten. Apart from this, Play Doh set is 100% safe and is a perfect toy for children and adults of all ages.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What are Play Doh sets?

Play Doh is a type of modeling material that was initially meant for young children. However, it is versatile and can be used by children and adults alike. It is a soft and malleable clay-like material that can be molded and shaped into loads of exciting patterns and shapes. It’s perfect for imaginative kids.

Play Doh was originally meant to be used as a wallpaper cleaner. However, after its educational potential was discovered, it was marketed to schools all as an educational toy. Play Doh became instantly popular and was enjoyed by children all over the USA. It has been reworked and revamped considerably and is now marketed and sold by Hasbro.

Play Doh sets are playsets that include tools, accessories, molds, cutters, rolling pins, etc. that can be used to mold the dough into creative and innovative shapes. To prevent the Play Doh sets from being attacked by mold and mildew, there are certain borax-based additives added to it. Primarily, Play Doh is made of wheat gluten starch.

How do Play Doh sets work?

Play Doh sets are simple to operate. They don’t need much working to be done. As it is a soft and malleable material, your child will just have to handle it and shape it into something. Play Doh art is a fun way to enhance your child’s creativity and innate artistic talent.

Usually, Play Doh sets consist of cans of Play Doh that come in a variety of colors. With the right colors, your kid will be able to make loads of beautiful artwork and models. Recently, Hasbro has begun to release imaginative Play Doh playsets that have unique and imaginative themes. There are kitchen creations models, dentist models, construction models, etc. Moreover, play Doh sets come with Play Doh tools and accessories to help your little one make pasta, teeth, noodles, pizzas, gravel, buildings, etc. with the dough.

When not used for a while, the Play Doh modeling material might dry up. To make it usable again, you just have to add a few drops of water to the compound.

What age is good for play dough sets?

Actually, Play Doh is a very versatile and wonderful product. It is perfect for all ages and is especially great for growing children. If your child is above 3, then you should start introducing them to Play Doh. They will be able to use the doh and make beautiful artwork and clay models.

Play Doh is particularly aimed at children who are toddlers or preschoolers. Using interactive Play Doh modeling materials and soft clay, teachers can teach their little students all about alphabets and numbers. It is perfect for slightly older children, who can use the Play Doh playsets for open ended play sessions. It is the best way to learn socialization.

Play Doh is a great stress-relieving accessory for adults. In today’s fast-paced world, professionals deal with their work stress by using Play Doh/slime. Creating beautiful models and art with the Play Doh is an effective way to relieve the tension and stress of work. So you see, play dough sets are great for kids and adults.

What are the different kinds of Play Doh sets?

There is a lot of variety in the kinds of Play Doh sets that are available. All of them are intended for growing children who are creative, inquisitive, and imaginative. These toy sets are tools that they can use to develop and mold that bright spark into something tangible and impressive.

Play Doh offers children a lot of avenues to showcase their talent. Their best-selling playset is the kitchen creations series, which kids can use to start cooking their own Play Doh food. Some sets include ovens where kids can make their own pizzas, cupcakes, cookies, etc. out of Play Doh. Some sets make noodles and ice cream.

Play Doh comes with other interactive and interesting sets such as the Doctor Drill n Fill playset, which will allow your child to put themselves on the other side of the dentist’s chair. They can use the drill to treat cavities, make Play Doh braces, squeeze Play Doh toothpaste, etc. There is also a construction-themed set available.

Why do you need Play Doh sets?

Play Doh sets are versatile and have loads of uses, especially for growing children. First of all, handling the clay and modeling material will develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Their developing senses will start to mature properly if they exercise it with the help of Play Doh.

Secondly, the Play Doh playsets will allow them to engage in open ended play sessions with their friends and siblings. This will teach them how to cooperate with other people and how to socialize with their friends. Last but not least, these creative and open ended play sessions will allow your child to explore and implement their imagination properly.

As mentioned before, Play Doh is a versatile stress relieving tool for adults. Many professionals like to deal with their stress by indulging in ASMR with Play Doh and slime. Even if they don’t need huge Play Doh sets, they can relieve all their work-induced tension and stress by playing with a single can of colored Play Doh material.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have compiled a few of the most frequent questions that I get from parents and gift buyers who don’t know what to get.

What are the most trusted Play Doh set brands?

The authentic and original Play Doh is produced and marketed by the American-Canadian toy brand Hasbro. The Play Doh cans and playsets produced by Hasbro are the highest quality and trusted products that you can find worldwide.

Do the Play Doh sets harden over time?

If it is left unused for a long time, then the Play Doh modeling material will harden. Adding a few drops of water to the compound will keep it soft and malleable. Frequent usage is recommended for Play Doh sets.

How to use Play Doh sets?

Each Play Doh set has its own specific purpose and special theme. These sets come with creation cards and instructions that are very intuitive and easy to follow. By following these instructions, you will be able to play with these play-doh playsets properly.

Where can I buy Play Doh toys?

Play Doh sets can be found in all major toy stores across the country. If you are looking for any particular set, I would advise you to use online stores like Amazon and Hasbro. Read the playdough review before making a purchase.

How to care for and clean Play Doh toys?

Play Doh sets are actually a little difficult to clean because there are many nooks and crannies. You can take the toy apart and clean the sticky bits of Play Doh with the help of a thin stick.

What is Play Doh actually made of?

According to Hasbro, Play Doh is made of a mixture of water, salt, and flour starch. Apart from these basic compounds, some additional petroleum and borax-based preservatives give the Play Doh its characteristic softness and malleability and make it mold-resistant.

How famous is Play Doh?

Playdough sets for girls and boys have been flying off the shelves ever since the 1960s. Play Doh is one of the most iconic and distinctive toy brands in the world. Between 1955 and 2005, more than 2 billion cans of playdough were sold.

Who actually invented Play Doh?

Play Doh was initially invented by a chemist called Noah McVicker, who worked at a soap manufacturing company called Kutol Products. This was originally intended as a wallpaper cleaner. After its educational potential was realized, it became one of the most famous toy brands.


This is all the information that you will possibly need to get the best Play Doh set as a present for your kid. I have included detailed reviews of 12 of the best playsets, and I also have included additional information that will be helpful for you. Specifically, I’ve included a bunch of informative FAQs as well. Hopefully, you can now have a successful buying experience.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Play-Doh Set On The Go Imagine and Store Studio, with 30 Tools and 10 Cans of Modeling Compound, Travel Toys for 3 Year Old Girls and Boys and Up,...
  • ALL-IN-ONE PLAYSPACE: This self-contained Play-Doh workstation includes play surfaces, tools, molds, and plenty of storage - everything kids need for...
  • BUILT-IN CREATIVE FUN: The carrying case has lots of fun features including 2 built-in Play-Doh classics! The Fun Factory tool makes long, silly...
  • OVER 30 PLAY-DOH TOOLS: Little hands will love using the incredible assortment of tools to roll, stamp, and cut fun Play-Doh shapes like animals,...
  • 10 PLAY-DOH CANS: Play-Doh modeling compound 10 pack case of colors in 2-ounce cans including 2 cans of pink and white Confetti and 2 cans of red and...
  • GREAT KIDS GIFT, CONVENIENT CLEANUP: Play-Doh sets are awesome as birthday presents or holiday gifts for 3 year old girls and boys and up. This travel...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Play-Doh Care 'n Carry Vet Playset for Kids 3 Years and Up with Toy Dog, Storage, 10 Tools, and 5 Modeling Compound Colors, Non-Toxic
  • GIVE THE PUP A CHECK UP: This toy vet kit for kids 3 years and up lets them get creative and play pretend veterinarian. It's up to them to groom and...
  • GROOM AND STYLE: Make the doggy grow a long Play-Doh tongue and silly Play-Doh hair from its ears and back. Kids can also mold pretend fleas, pick...
  • TAKE-ALONG CARRIER: Storage and on the go fun all in one. Yes, please. The play pet carrier also features fun molds to make Play-Doh medicine, bows,...
  • 10 VET-THEMED PLAY-DOH TOOLS: Stamp with the toy stethoscope, fill in the thermometer, make 5 different bandage styles, give the pup a haircut with...
  • 5 PLAY-DOH CANS: This Play-Doh set has 5 modeling compound cans in blue, pink, orange, brown and green, making it a great birthday gift or other fun...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Pizza Oven Playset, Play Food Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up, 6 Cans of Modeling Compound, 8 Accessories, Non-Toxic
  • A SLICE OF IMAGINATION: Imagine the creative ideas they'll cook up with this pizza oven toy for kids 3 years and up. It makes a great birthday or...
  • STAMP A MAKE-BELIEVE CRUST: To start, add compound and press the top to stamp out a round Play-Doh pizza crust and send it spinning out of the oven
  • 8 PIZZA-THEMED ACCESSORIES: Kids can play pretend chef with the classic look of the cheese grater, the pizza paddle with fun molds, the serving and...
  • OVER 25 PRETEND TOPPINGS: The play food tools throughout this Play-Doh set feature lots of molds to make pretend pepperoni, onion, make-believe...
  • 6 CANS INCLUDING TRI-COLOR: 2 ounces of tricolor compound with red, yellow, and orange for pretend cheese, plus 5 more classic colors to give kids...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Party Play Food Set with 6 Non-Toxic Colors, 2 Oz Cans (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Imagine your own Play-Doh ice cream party – with 22 Play-Doh tools and 6 Play-Doh colors in this ice cream toy set, kids can have a blast making...
  • Confetti Sprinkle surprises – 3 cans of Play-Doh confetti compound are a real treat for kids who love extra specks of color. This set comes with an...
  • Dish or cone – Let's make both. With 4 dishes and 4 cones, you won't have to choose, and there will be plenty for kids to share. A scoop and 2...
  • Top it all off – create crazy banana splits with the banana stamper. The decorating tool has 3 rails that squeeze Play-Doh compound in 9 different...
  • Fun on a stick – create imaginary ice pops with the mold and double stick. This play food toy for kids ages 3 and up is great for getting creative...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Noodle Party Playset for Kids 3 Years and Up with 5 Non-Toxic Colors
  • EASY AND FUN TOY NOODLE MACHINE - Switch between the 2 rollers to crank out 2 different pretend noodle shapes from this Play-Doh pasta maker toy for...
  • EVERYTHING A PLAY-DOH PASTA CHEF NEEDS - This Play-Doh food set comes with play kitchen accessories like an authentic-looking cheese grater, bowl,...
  • PRETEND RAVIOLI AND BOWTIES, TOO - A pretend ravioli mold and bowtie stamper complete this toy pasta set to give little chefs even more ways to use...
  • GET CREATIVE AND MAKE IT YOUR OWN - Make it red, make it blue, make it you! Sprinkle as much Play-Doh cheese as you please with the cheese grater and...
  • INCLUDES 5 PLAY-DOH COLORS - 5 non-toxic Play-Doh colors make this a great activity or gift for kids who love to get creative with modeling clay and...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin' T-Rex Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up with Funny Dinosaur Sounds and 3 Eggs, 2.5 Ounces Each, Non-Toxic
  • CRUNCH, CRUNCH...GULP...BUUUURP: This green T-Rex toy for kids 3 years and up makes funny dinosaur sounds as little dino fans imagine their own...
  • JAW-CHOMPING ACTION: Crunchin' T-Rex is ready to chomp! Put some Play-Doh compound in the Tyrannosaurus Rex toy's mouth to make him bite it and hear...
  • SEE-THROUGH BELLY AND DINO POOP: It's hilarious to see the Play-Doh bits fall into the dinosaur figure's belly and come out its rear end (toot sounds...
  • COMES WITH A PTERODACTYL FRIEND: Use the pterodactyl figure as a half egg mold to create a nest of Play-Doh dino eggs - a fun dinosaur arts and crafts...
  • INCLUDES 3 PLAY-DOH EGGS: Each plastic egg container in this playset has 2.5 ounces of Play-Doh modeling compound inside with colors including red,...
SaleBestseller No. 7
Play-Doh Starter Set
  • Play-Doh play lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity
  • Can packs and basic tool sets offer all kinds of open-ended play
  • Play sets come in many different themes and offer lots of creative role play
  • Great for play dates
SaleBestseller No. 8
Play-Doh Cash Register Toy for Kids 3 Years and Up with Fun Sounds, Play Food Accessories, and 4 Non-Toxic Colors
  • LET'S PLAY GROCERY STORE - The Play-Doh Cash Register toy for kids 3 years and up comes with 11 fun supermarket-themed Play-Doh tools to let them get...
  • CLASSIC CASH REGISTER SOUNDS - The toy scanner on the cash register beeps when you place a Play-Doh creation on it, and the drawer makes a satisfying...
  • MAKE PLAY-DOH MONEY (CHA-CHING!) - The wallet book-mold creates Play-Doh coins and cash that kids can put in and take out of the register. There's...
  • ALL THE RIGHT PLAY-DOH ACCESSORIES - Handheld barcode stamper, basket, shopping bag, built-in receipt maker, and 5 play food cutters complete the...
  • INCLUDES 4 NON-TOXIC PLAY-DOH COLORS - With 4 Play-Doh colors in standard 2-ounce cans, kids can make a bunch of Play-Doh grocery store creations!
SaleBestseller No. 9
Play-Doh Bulk Winter Colors 12-Pack of Non-Toxic Modeling Compound, 4-Ounce Cans
  • WINTER WONDERS: This festive winter Play-Doh collection is ready for winter holiday-themed arts and crafts for kids! Let their creativity shine with 9...
  • BULK PLAY-DOH CANS: This Play-Doh 12-pack includes large Play-Doh cans with 4 ounces in each can, including orange, purple, light green, blue, black,...
  • CREATIVE TOYS FOR KIDS: Boys and girls 2 years and up can create colorful trees, silly Play-Doh treats, adorable snowmen, and more winter-themed...
  • FUN GIFT FOR KIDS: Play-Doh 4 oz sets make great holiday gifts for kids who love art supplies like modeling clay. Also makes a great playdate...
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: Ships in simple, recyclable packaging that'​​​​​​​s easy to open and frustration free
SaleBestseller No. 10
Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Mixer Playset, Toy Mixer with Play Kitchen Accessories, Arts and Crafts for Kids 3 Years and Up
  • CREATE LOTS OF COLORFUL PLAY-DOH TREATS: With the Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Mixer Playset, kids can play pretend baker and easily create and...
  • EASY-TO-USE MAGICAL MIXER MECHANISM: Kids can attach 1 of the 2 trays to the bowl, fill each mold with Play-Doh modeling compound, and pull the handle...
  • LOTS OF CREATIVE WAYS TO DECORATE: Top creations with make-believe frosting and sprinkles using the extruder tool or the spatula tool, and make fun...
  • INCLUDES 5 PLAY-DOH CANS: Set includes 5 cans, each with 2 ounces of non-toxic modeling compound in orange, blue, hot pink, confetti, and a dual color...
  • ARTS AND CRAFTS ACTIVITY: This Play-Doh food playset with toy kitchen accessories makes a great gift for kids 3 years and up who love kitchen toys and...