Top 14 Best Toy Cash Registers 2023 – For Kids to Learn About Money

There is a misconception that playtime cannot be educational. However, pretend play sessions can actually encourage growing children to solve problems, socialize with their peers, and think in a flexible manner. As parents, it is our responsibility to provide our little ones with the best toys so that they can have a lot of fun.

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Prextex Grocery Store Pretend Play Electronic Toy Kids Cash Register- STEM Cash Register Toy for Kids, Play Money, Microphone- Cashier Register for...
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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash...
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Prextex Grocery Store Pretend Play Electronic Toy Kids Cash Register- STEM Cash Register Toy for Kids, Play Money, Microphone- Cashier Register for...
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash...
Boley Pretend Play Cash Register Toy for Kids – 19 Piece Interactive Set with Scanner, Microphone, Conveyor Belt, Calculator & Money – Educational...
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Editor's Pick
Prextex Grocery Store Pretend Play Electronic Toy Kids Cash Register- STEM Cash Register Toy for Kids, Play Money, Microphone- Cashier Register for...
Prextex Grocery Store Pretend Play Electronic Toy Kids Cash Register- STEM Cash Register Toy for Kids, Play Money, Microphone- Cashier Register for...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash...
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash...
Amazon Prime
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Boley Pretend Play Cash Register Toy for Kids – 19 Piece Interactive Set with Scanner, Microphone, Conveyor Belt, Calculator & Money – Educational...
Boley Pretend Play Cash Register Toy for Kids – 19 Piece Interactive Set with Scanner, Microphone, Conveyor Belt, Calculator & Money – Educational...
Amazon Prime
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Melissa & Doug Cash Register
Melissa & Doug Cash Register
Amazon Prime

My kids absolutely love accompanying me to the supermarket when I go grocery shopping and I have noticed that they sit and pretend to do shopping themselves. To spice up their playtime, I did a little research and got them the best toy cash register I could find. This is truly the best way to develop their thinking skills.

To help other parents find the best cash register toy, I have put together this complete and informational guide. What’s even more helpful is that I’ve compiled a list of product reviews for the best toys I could find. So, take a look!


Top Toy Cash Register Reviews

If you want your child to have an enjoyable shopping experience, then you can consider one of the 14 toy registers that I have listed here. I would like to remind you that all of the reviews are based on my personal experiences with the toy. These are wonderful and imaginative products that will make your little one’s playtime exciting.

1. Prextex Pretend Play Cash Register

This is an electronic toy cash register that is a huge hit among kids. This cash register toy is one of the best purchases I have ever made, because it lets my little ones learn all about numbers and shopping.

First of all, your kids will definitely fall in love with the bright colors and attractive design of this cash register. The toymakers have done their best to make this toy register as educational and detailed as possible. The set comes with a pretend scanner, pretend money, credit cards and more.

Before I forget, I would like to say that the cash drawer opens at the press of a button, which is exciting. The register has an in-built calculator that my kids use to complete their math homework. What I like the most about this toy is that it includes fun features that engages my kids in hours of engrossing play.

Another thing that I love about this toy is its working mic and speaker system. At the push of a button, your little one will be able to speak into the mic and make an announcement – just like a real supermarket cashier. This set comes with an adorable shopping basket too!

The only issue that I have with this toy is that it’s too small. Play cash or Paper money doesn’t fit in nicely.
  • Bright colors and attractive detailing for engrossing playtime.
  • Comes with lots of fun accessories like scanner, money, cards, etc.
  • Working calculator that can do basic arithmetic.
  • Comes with an electronic mic and speaker for realistic experience.
  • Comes with a shopping basket and goods.
  • It can be too small.
The mic and speaker system of this toy is impressive and it has loads of other cool accessories, all of which makes it a wonderful present for a child.

2. Learning Resources Cash Register Toy

This Learning Resources cash register toy is a wonderful 73-piece set and I know this first hand because I got it as a birthday gift for my nephew. First things first, it has a bright red color with large register buttons and a digital calculator display. Your little one will be able to learn all about numbers and basic math with this feature. I was also impressed when I learned that the calculator is entirely solar-powered.

This toy comes with a lot of cool accessories, which will make playtime realistic and immersive. There is pretend money in the form of dollar bills and coins. The coins are realistic, ranging from pennies to quarters. Oh, I forgot to mention that they have included a smart credit card too!

The drawer opens with a realistic “cha-ching” sound. This is the kind of toy that you can use to teach your child all about money management and basic math skills. Without a doubt, this Learning Resources pretend play toy is a worthwhile buy.

However, the play cash register drawer comes out fast, which can cause all the coins and money to go flying.
  • Bright red color and large buttons for kids’ convenience.
  • Working calculator is solar-powered and eco-friendly.
  • Includes pretend money in the form of dollar bills, credit cards and coins.
  • Drawer opens with a realistic sound.
  • Great for teaching basic math.
  • The drawer opens too fast.
With its additional accessories, eco-friendly functionality, and adorable design, this toy cash register is definitely one of the best purchases you could make. Any child would enjoy it.

3. Boley Kids Toy Cash Register

I was looking for a realistic toy cash register for my older kid, and I came across this beautiful model manufactured by Boley. This toy is one of the most realistic and attractive models with loads of functionalities.

It has a working calculator with large register buttons and a digital display. which is one of the best ways to familiarize little kids with numbers and basic arithmetic. The calculator itself is solar-powered and eco-friendly. In addition, it is equipped with a weighing machine and conveyor belt.

This deluxe toy cash register with conveyor belt scanner also comes with a supermarket mic and scanner. With the help of these accessories, your little one can have a realistic and immersive playtime. The cash drawer is retractable and the toy is equipped with sound effects.

With this toy, you won’t have to worry about your kid’s safety at all. All of Boley’s products subscribe to the highest industry standards set forth by organizations like ASTM, BSCI, and SMETA. All in all, this is a terrific toy register that your little one will love playing with.

The only complaint I have is regarding the play money. There was little of it, which is a problem.
  • Beautiful design with realistic and attractive functions and features.
  • Comes with an eco-friendly and solar-powered calculator.
  • Conveyor belt and product scanner for realistic shopping experience.
  • Retractable drawer, mic, weighing machine included.
  • Subscribes to all safety standards required in the US.
  • Comes with little pretend money.
This toy has a cool conveyor belt, weighing machine, and an eco-friendly calculator,making it a perfect purchase for any growing child who is starting to learn math concepts.

4. Battat Cash Register Toy

If you want to give your child a realistic and memorable playtime experience, then I would recommend you to check out this toy cash machine and register made by Battat. It has an energetic and brightly colored design and that will surely attract your little kiddo!

The toy is equipped with realistic lights and sounds to make playtime authentic and immersive. There is a light-up scanner that your child can use to scan items, after which there is a super adorable “beep beep” sound. Additionally, the cash drawer opens with a nice “cha-ching” sound.

One thing that I would like to mention about this toy is that it has been designed for young kids, and that is why it’s been entirely made of durable plastic. The play cash register with scanner comes with tons of fun features such as a calculator, weighing machine, conveyor belt, pretend mic, and buttons. The pretend mic is a great feature that will help your little one get acquainted with communicative skills.

I like this toy because it will help in the all-round development of a child. Pressing the buttons and handling the toy will develop your kid’s motor skills. They will learn how to do basic math with the calculator. Pretend play also help kids develop socially. However, I should tell you that the drawer often gets jammed. Then, I have to fix it with a screwdriver.
  • Brightly colored design is fun to play with.
  • Light and sound effects made by the toy for immersive playtime.
  • Toy is made of durable plastic and lasts long.
  • Comes with a lot of fun playtime accessories.
  • Helps in the all-round development.
  • The drawer gets jammed.
I would recommend you to get this toy for your child simply because of its brightly colored design and adorable sound effects. They make the play experience fun and immersive.

5. Playkidz Interactive Toy Cash Register

The best kids cash register is the one that comes with a lot of fun features and functions that will engross as well as entertain your child fully. In my opinion, the interactive register made by Playkidz is a nice product.

I can assure you that this is exactly the kind of toy that will promote your child’s imagination and higher order thinking skills. Using this toy to participate in pretend play, your little one will be able to sharpen their thinking skills.

One of the best parts of this toy is its fun moving parts. Your active kiddo can move the parts and engage in shopping, pretend play, and other exciting activities. The presence of paper money also makes playtime more realistic!

The toy has a lot of fun features, such as a calculator, microphone, and product scanner. Using these accessories and extra features will help your little one emulate the entire shopping experience. A great news that I would like to share is that the cash drawer of this register can be locked with a small key.

I think that kids should be introduced to basic math and STEM concepts at an early age with the help of lovely toys like these. If you want your child to do math well, it is important to encourage and enable them with toys like these.

The scanner beeps only if there are barcodes, which can be difficult and frustrating if the barcodes ever get damaged.
  • Interactive and fun design makes playtime enjoyable.
  • Sharpens imagination and higher order thinking skills.
  • Fun features to make playtime immersive and engrossing.
  • Calculator helps introduce kids to math and STEM concepts.
  • Comes with pretend money and a small key.
  • The scanning system does not always work well.
This toy cash register comes with loads of realistic features, and realistic paper money, all of which can be used to get little kids hooked onto math and STEM concepts at an early age.

6. Melissa and Doug Cash Register

The toys made out of plastic and rubber are quite nice, but if you want something retro and old-school, then you should definitely try out the wooden cash register manufactured by the well-known wooden toy crafting company Melissa and Doug.

The toy might appear to be simple but it comes with a lot of entertaining features. For starters, it has three plastic coins that your child has to place in the correct slot to make a payment. There is also a pretend credit card that they can swipe to pay.

Talking about features, the toy additionally has a roll of pictures like a slot machine,and these pictures change when the right levers are pulled. If your kid pushes the right button, the cash drawer will open up as well. This toy will develop your maturing toddler’s motor and coordinate skills.

The toy may be made of wood but there are no sharp edges where your little one may injure themselves. All the edges have been sanded down and rounded to ensure 100% safety for your child. Also, the paint and material used to make this toy have been tested.

This toy is unique, innovative and really well-made but it is plain. It might not capture the attention of older kids.
  • Beautiful wooden craftsmanship is valuable.
  • Plastic numbered coins and credit cards can be used to teach math.
  • Slot machine mechanism is interactive and engaging.
  • Levers and buttons help develop the child’s motor skills.
  • Materials and paints are 100% safe and tested.
  • It is boring for older kids.
Truth be told, the wood craftsmanship on this toy is remarkable, which is what makes it an amazing gift for a growing tyke. It will remain charming forever!

7. LeapFrog Count Along Cash Register

I highly recommend that you get this child cash register if you’re looking for a fun way to introduce your little one to math. Math is an important skill and this toy is the best way to teach it.

While practicing pretend play and acting like grocery store workers, your little one will be able to start learning elementary arithmetic skills like addition and subtraction. This cash register toy is interactive and engaging with songs and rhymes, thus it will be able to engross your little one for a long time.

This set comes with 20 grocery store items, which your little one can scan like a real cashier. Your little one’s additional abilities can be tested while they figure out how to make the payment for their shopping. If you are looking for a meaningful gift then this is an ideal option because it can help develop counting skills for young users as well.

This register is fit with more than 50 educational songs and nursery rhymes, which your kiddo can listen to while learning numbers and math. By practicing pretend play with a friend or sibling, your toddler will pick up valuable socialization skills. However, the inserted coins sometimes fall behind the drawer and cause jams. This can be quite irritating for some kids.
  • Comes with 50+ songs and rhymes for interactive learning.
  • Comes with 20+ grocery items to make playtime realistic.
  • Helps to acquaint kids with numbers and simple arithmetic.
  • Attractive design is quite engaging.
  • Helps to teach kids how to socialize with their peers.
  • The drawer gets jammed.
I think that this toy cash register is a worthy buy simply because of the songs and rhymes that it comes with. I’m sure your kiddo will absolutely love it.

8. Ben Franklin Toys Cash Register

I think that it’s important to teach kids to speak more than one language. Bilingual and trilingual children have been shown to perform well at school. Introducing kids to new languages becomes easy with toys like these.

This 69-piece pretend and play cash register is probably one of the best ways for you to introduce your little one to new languages and math concepts. This talking cash register allows you to choose your medium of interaction between 3 in-demand and popular languages – English, French, and Spanish.

I recommend that you use this toy if you want to teach your kiddo about money management and shopping as well. They can use this register and its cool features to add up money, check out products, and go pretend grocery shopping. Undeniably, it is an engrossing and entertaining toy.

What I loved the most about this toy is the number of attractive features that it has. There is a credit cards swiping section and a cash drawer for you to fill with pretend money. There’s a realistic mic where your kid can pretend to assign orders like a real supermarket cashier.

I would specifically like to elaborate on other features of this toy cash register. It is a complete set with pretend paper money, credit cards, bills, coins, and receipts. Quite naturally, your boisterous little-one can have a realistic playtime experience.

I love everything about this toy, but I am a little concerned with the price. It seems to be quite costly.
  • Trilingual interactive features help kids to learn languages.
  • The 69-Piece play-set is engaging and engrossing for little kids.
  • Loads of features allow kids to sharpen their motor skills.
  • Comes with realistic features like cash drawer, mic, credit card, etc.
  • The construction is sturdy.
  • This toy is rather expensive.
I think that the trilingual interactive features and its large size make this toy perfect in all kinds of environments, including homes, schools, daycares, etc.

9. FS Pretend Play Cash Register

You should definitely let your kids engage in imaginative and interactive role play, as it is the best way to develop their social and higher order thinking skills. I would like to share that this toy cash register with a scanner and receipt is the perfect accessory.

If your little one is 3 years old and older, then they will enjoy playing with this toy a lot. I think that this is a great way to teach little children math. I also taught my little ones how to count by getting them this toy cash register.

This toy comes with lots of entertaining functions that any creative child will enjoy immensely. There is a calculator which can be used for simple math problems. There’s a cash drawer, shopping basket, microphone, and some food items. You can recreate the grocery shopping experience nicely with these.

Just like a real supermarket mic, the microphone on this toy will amplify your toddler’s speech and allow them to have a fun playtime experience. I am a huge fan of pretend play toys like these and I just love this register so much, probably even more than my kids!.

The instructions are confusing. Therefore, assembling the toy can be a little challenging, especially for people who are not comfortable with tools.
  • Will help in the development of social and higher order thinking skills.
  • Great way to teach kids math and counting skills.
  • Pretend play sessions can be fun and memorable.
  • Loads of toy features make playtime engrossing and fun.
  • The design is realistic.
  • Assembly instructions are confusing.
The features on this toy cash register are great. I would say the entire toy is interactive and it will make the perfect birthday present for an active little toddler.

10. CifToys Cashier Cash Register

If you’re looking for toddler cash registers that are affordable and of good quality, then this toy is the one. The shocking pink color and endearing design is definitely going to be a huge hit among your little girls.

You can help your babies spruce up their pretend play session by getting them this fully functional toy cash register. They can set up their cute little grocery store and play among themselves. Pretend play is the best way to teach small children how to interact properly with their peers.

The register comes with a fully functional calculator with large buttons, which your kiddo can use to do simple math problems. This toy is a wonderful way to introduce young girls to math and STEM concepts. Additionally, the buttons on it make an adorable beep sound whenever they are pressed.

This fake cash register comes with a conveyor belt, price scanner, and grocery store mic. The conveyor belt can hold the items while your kid scans them. The mic amplifies whatever your kiddo says into it. You will also see that this set comes with a basket and pretend money.

The toy basket is adorable but it is small. It doesn’t fit all the grocery items that are included.
  • Adorable pink color and design is perfect for little girls.
  • Helps in pretend play, which can develop social and thinking skills.
  • Functional calculator can help develop math and STEM skills.
  • Conveyor belt and item scanner can make playtime realistic.
  • The mic works well thus giving better sound-quality.
  • The basket is small.
The adorable design and colors used to make this toy amount to its popularity in my household. I love how cute it is and I’m sure your kid will too.

11. Fisher-Price Cash Register

The Fisher-Price cash register is a classic toy that has been retooled for modern babies. I remember playing with this while I myself was a baby, and I wanted my little ones to have the same fun experience that I had.

The best and most noticeable thing about this toy is its immaculate retro design, which will be endearing to both kids and parents. I love how brightly colored it is. It comes with vibrant plastic coins that you can use to teach kids about numbers and colors.This toy has different slots for different coins, which comes down a red ramp that is built into the back of the toy.

When the crank is pulled, the toy makes a “cha ching” sound and the cash drawer opens. You can use it to teach them basic counting skills. This toy will make his teaching your little one to count fun!If you want your little one to spend some time engaging in pretend play and exercising their brains, then this is truly a fantastic toy. The toy will help in developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and social skills.

The Fisher Price cash register is great but I am afraid that it is not durable since the plastic feels light and flimsy.
  • Classic retro design is attractive for kids and parents.
  • Brightly colored parts make the toy engaging.
  • Comes with 6 coins that can be used to teach numbers and colors.
  • Pulling the crank makes a delightful sound.
  • Will develop motor skills and coordination.
  • Made of flimsy material.
I think that the retro design and nostalgic value of this classic toy makes it the perfect present for a growing child. They will enjoy playing with it very much.

12. Learning Resources Cash Register

If you want a cash register for older child, then you can’t do any better than the Learning Resources Pretend Play models. I am a huge fan of all of their models mainly because of their superior design and functionalities.

First of all, this cash register toy comes with a solar powered calculator, which is both eco-friendly and fun to use. This is truly the best way to introduce little kids to basic math. They can use the calculator to do basic arithmetic and end up learning lots during playtime.

I am sure that you will love the bright red color of the cash register and its big buttons. It has a lot of fun moving parts and more than 70 pieces of pretend money. This talking toy will encourage your little one to be vocal and speak properly.

The entire set comes with a working weight scale that they can use to weigh the items. There is a scanner that they can use to scan the items as well. The toy is equipped with delightful and realistic lights and sounds which will engage their imagination.

The toy will require AA batteries to work, which is a little disappointing. These batteries are not eco-friendly and recyclable.
  • Attractive bright red color and realistic design.
  • Solar powered calculator that is easy to use.
  • Includes credit cards, 70+ play money, and coupons as well.
  • Talking toy engages directly with the child.
  • Comes with a working weight scale and scanner.
  • Uses AA batteries, which are not eco-friendly.
Overall, I would say that this toy is a great purchase because of its interactive nature. Also, it has other awesome features which will enhance their learning.

13. JOYIN Toy Cash Register

This children cash register is a wonderful product and I love the fact that it’s bilingual. I think that kids should be taught at least two languages and this toy is a great way to introduce kids to English and Spanish.

Firstly, there is a working calculator with a clear LCD display where your little one can add up the prices and find the sum. The register comes with a nifty little barcode scanner that can easily scan and tally up all the items included in the toy set.

Secondly, I just love the grocery store items that come in the toy set. There are fruits and vegetables made out of plastic. Apart from that, there are milk cartons, cookies, cereal boxes, etc. A complete set of pretend money and a debit, credit card with an accompanying card reader is also included.

To operate this toy, you will need three AA batteries. It does not use much power and you’ll be able to use it for a long time. The toy is made of durable plastic, which is shatterproof.

The register has some English and Spanish phrases built into its memory, but the phrase volume is actually low.
  • Bilingual toy which is great for teaching kids new languages.
  • Working calculator can be used to teach math and counting skills.
  • Comes with grocery items, vegetables, pretend money, credit card, etc.
  • Comes with an adorable scanner and card reader.
  • Made of durable ABS plastic.
  • The volume is low.
I think that this is a great toy because of the bilingual phrases and the adorable calculator. The scanner is also great as it can actually sum up totals.

14. FUNERICA Durable Toy Cash Register

I was looking for a toy for my friend’s toddler. I wanted to get something fun and educational, which is why I went with this Funerica toy cash register. Pretend play with this toy can be a fun learning opportunity.

This cash register’s best feature is that it comes with a ton of cool functionalities. It has everything a kid would need for an immersive experience. There is a calculator, cutting board, toy fruits that can be cut, toy knives, groceries, pretend money, and credit card.

When the cash register toy is used and the buttons are pressed, the cash drawer will open with an adorable “cha ching” sound that is super fun to hear. The toy comes with a functioning scanner and a supermarket mic. All these elements make playtime realistic and engaging.

The toy is made of high quality materials which are built to withstand the daily wear and tear inflicted by little kids. The buttons are large, brightly colored. and easy to press. Needless to say, this toy would be a valuable addition to any kid’s nursery and school.

The best part about this non-toxic toy cash register is its features that promote multi-dimensional learning. From tactile to cognitive and auditory, your little one will develop multiple skills while playing with this toy. The fun sounds will heighten their auditory senses, while the colorful accessories and attractive features will enhance their imagination.

The only issue I have is that this toy is loud and the volume level cannot be controlled at all.
  • Loads of cool accessories for a fun and engaging experience.
  • Comes with a functional mic and item scanner.
  • The drawer opens with an adorable cha-ching sound.
  • Comes with special coins and a credit card.
  • Made of highly durable and safe materials.
  • The volume level cannot be controlled.
I love the fruits and adorable grocery items that come with this toy. This toy is just perfect for intelligent kids who just want to have fun and learn.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cash Registers


Here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration while shopping for pretend cash registers for your little ones. These factors will help you narrow down choices and purchase the best toy for your kiddo.

  • Age of the Child: The developmental and physical age of the child is a major factor that you should consider. These toys usually come with small parts, so they should only be given to kids who are 3 years and older. Older children generally require elaborate and complex toys.
  • Preferences of the Child: It is important to take into account the preferences and personality of the child. If the child is an outgoing and extroverted little fellow, then you can get something suitable for playdates. If they are introverted, you should get something for solo play.
  • Brand of the Toy: I would recommend you to pay some attention to the brand as well while you are shopping. Brands like VTech Ring and Learn and the Little Tikes Count N Play are great. Apart from that, you can get Learning Resources, Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, etc.
  • Material of the Toy: The material of the toy is important. If you want a wooden cash register, then the Melissa and Doug cash register would be a great option. If you want to get something made of durable plastic, then you can consider VTech, Joyin, etc. Make sure you choose a non-toxic toy register that will ensure complete safety for your kiddo.
  • Features of the Toy: I would urge you to consider the features and functions offered by the toy before making a purchase. From personal experience, I can tell you that the best toy is the one that has loads of fun features. They make playtime immersive and engaging.
  • Your Own Aims and Objectives: Since these toys have a sizable learning component, you have to think about your objectives for your child. You should get your little one a toy cash register only if you want to introduce them to math and pretend play.
  • Safety of the Toy: As a parent, the well-being of our little ones is of utmost importance. It’s important to take note of the material and paint used in the toy. I recommend that you only buy toys that subscribe to standards set forth by ACMP, OSHA, etc. 8. Price of the Toy: Last but not the least, it is super important to think about the price of the toy that you’re going to buy. You should decide on your budget beforehand to avoid overspending.

Other Important Factors to Consider


  • Brand and price of the toy.
  • Quality and quantity of the pretend money.
  • Inclusion of accessories like scanner, cash drawer, pretend credit card, etc.
  • Inclusion of grocery items, pretend toys for a realistic playtime.
  • Safety and convenience of the toy.
  • Aesthetic appeal of the toy.

What is a cash register toy?

Cash registers for kids are pretend play toys that look and function like the cash registers that you see at grocery stores and supermarkets. These toys are great for encouraging growing kids to engage in pretend play. It develops their thinking skills and imagination.

There are many types of cash registers but they usually like the old-school cash registers that make “cha ching” noises. These toys are realistic and typically come with a working calculator. These toys are a great way to encourage kids to engage in pretend play.

The toys are brightly colored and interactive. They have fun designs and large buttons which can be easily pressed by toddlers and preschoolers. Some toys offer working mics and scanners, which makes the play experience fun and realistic.

How does a cash register toy work?

Toy cash registers are usually equipped with a rudimentary electronic circuit and a logic system which permits users to add numbers and scan items. For example, the VTech cash register has an IC component that stores rhymes, songs, phrases, math formulae and more.

Most registers come with buttons and a sidebar that can be operated to open the cash drawer and scanner. Your kids can pretend to be a customer or a shopkeeper who collects the cash. This kind of play experience is healthy and fun.

There are toy registers that are made of non-toxic wood material, which is great for kids who want to have an authentic and retro playing experience. If you want something retro and cute, you should check out the toy cash registers made by Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, etc.

What are the different types of toy cash registers?

There is not much variety in the different kinds of cash register toys that are available in the market. I think that the most mainstream and popular is the one that comes with a calculator and smart cash drawer.

Apart from this, there are toy cash registers with conveyor belts that are also cool. These models come with additional features like a scanner, mic, and speaker. All these toys are equipped with pretend dollar bills and coins, perfect for pretend play!

Moreover, there are retro cash register toys that come with wooden cash. These are simple and can be operated easily by young kids. In fact, wooden cash registers are meant for small children who are not able to operate a full scale toy cash register alone.

Why do you need to buy a kids’ cash register?

A toy cash register will let your little one engage in pretend play. Pretend play is a type of play session where the child pretends to be in a particular situation. It is good for developing imagination and thinking skills.

Using the calculator and the coins will help develop their counting skills. You can use this toy to teach your little one about money management, which is a valuable skill. You can also use this toy as a stepping stone to counting, simple arithmetic, and STEM concepts.

Pressing the buttons and handling the grocery store items will enable your little one to exercise and develop their muscles as well as motor skills. I would like to add that playing with these toys will allow your child to appreciate the brave men and women who have service jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the most frequent queries that I receive from parents and customers who are new to buying toys and educational supplements. I have compiled all of them so that any lingering doubts can be cleared. I hope that they will help you greatly.

What are the most trusted toy cash register brands?

The most trusted and well-made toy register brands will have to include Learning Resources, VTech, LeapFrog, and JOYIN. Apart from these, you can consider stalwart brands like Fisher Price and Mattel. All their products are of extremely good quality.

How do you make a toy cash register?

Most of the toy cash register designs are simple.hey can be made with a simple IC unit and some durable plastic. Some toys do require assembly but I can assure you that the instructions are simple and easy-to-follow.

How should you use a toy cash register?

It is easy to use a toy cash register. The child has to “scan” different items that the customer is buying and add up the prices on the calculator. Then, they have to accept payment and return any change.

How do you care for and clean this toy?

Cleaning a toy like this is easy. All you have to do is wipe it down from time to time with a piece of fabric or a wet wipe. I would urge you to clean the toy regularly.

Where can I buy a good cash register toy?

You can easily buy a good cash register toy at any department store or toy store. Walmart and Target have some good products as well. Aside from these platforms, you can choose to shop online and buy from Amazon.

Can I trust online reviews on websites?

Online cash register reviews are actually a great way to find out more about the toy that you are thinking of getting for your kiddo. The online reviews are usually accurate and they provide helpful information about the toy’s quality.

How much should I spend on such a toy?

Your budget should obviously depend on how much you can afford and how much you are willing to spend. I think it’s a good idea to avoid overpriced toys and go for solid brands whose products are reliable.

Do these toys need a power source?

Cash register toys might need AA batteries or C batteries to power the IC circuit and other cool light, sound functions. If you get a solar powered calculator, then that is great. The other elements usually don’t need batteries.


So, that’s it! The best toy cash register in the market will definitely be a great addition to your little one’s playtime. At the same time, a toy like this has loads of educational properties and advantages. This is basically all the information that you’ll need to get your little one this fabulous toy. My kids love their register toys and are great at math. Well, I’m sure your munchkin will enjoy their toy a lot as well!

Bestseller No. 1
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+ Develops Early Math Skills, Play Cash Register for Kids, Toy Cash...
  • Cash Register for Kids: Working solar-powered calculator and pretend cash register
  • Encourage Money and Math Skills: Includes 30 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, pretend credit card, and activity guide. Pretend bills...
  • Realistic Toy Cash Register: Makes a cha-ching sound when the drawer opens
  • This preschool Learning Toy encourages imaginative play
  • This is the perfect math toy for toddlers 3 years and up!
Bestseller No. 2
Battat – Toy Cash Register For Kids, Toddlers – 49Pc Register With Toy Money, Credit Card, Scanner– Pretend Play Toy – 3 Years + – Red...
  • Cash Register Toy: Ring up pretend items with this play cash register – it has a scanner and calculator, just like the real thing.
  • Accessories Included: With a pretend credit card, toy coins, and toy bills, this play set is great for imaginative pretend play.
  • Realistic Design: This toy cash register has tons of realistic features to explore – it fits real US bills and makes a lifelike beeping noise.
  • Educational Benefits: Your little one can learn basic math and money handling skills as they play.
  • Age: This toy cash register is recommended for kids aged 3 years and up.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register Pink - 73 Pieces, Ages 3+, Cash Register for Kids, Play Money for Kids, Toddlers Toys, Toy...
  • SOLAR POWERED: No more need for batteries. The Pretend & Play calculator cash register is solar activated!
  • 73-PIECE SET: Encourages children to learn basic math & money skills with this real-working cash register.
  • REAL REGISTER SOUNDS: Cash drawer makes a "cha-ching" sound when it opens, just like a real cash register
  • CHILDRENS CASH REGISTER: Includes 30 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, pretend credit card, and activity guide. Pretend bills measure 6.25"...
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING: Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just because, toys from Learning Resources help you discover new...
SaleBestseller No. 4
FS Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register Toy as Preschool Gift for Kids, Classic Count Toy with Sound, Microphone, Scanner, Pretend Credit Card, Play...
  • With Calculator Function - The cash register toy has a built-in calculator, play with this cash register to learn about money, math or counting and...
  • Imaginative Role-playing Game - Pick up our baskets, check the food items we want to buy, click on the corresponding 'food' buttons that tell us how...
  • A Great Gift for Kids - Cash register toy encourages kids (ages 3 and up) to exercise hand-eye coordination. Great gift for holidays, birthday party...
  • Multifunctional Toy - Cash Register toy with a calculator, microphone, big size drawer, shopping basket, and food toy set. Pressing the...
  • Educational Toy - Great learning tool for a variety of pretend play and practical applications. It can also be used as a math teaching tool if your...
Bestseller No. 5
XINGYING Toy Cash Register for Kids, Pretend Play Store w/ Sounds & Real Calculator & Simulate Weighter, Kids Cash Register with Scanner and Credit...
  • Pretend Play Toy Cash Register: Built in a real calculator, kids can learn basic money & math skills more easily with this real-working cash register...
  • Build A Funny Play Store: Comes with rich accessories including play money and coins, play credit cards, and play food sets (food plate, hamburger,...
  • Interactive& Meaningful Gifts: The play cash register is an ideal toy to exercise hand-eye coordination, and other life, math, and social skills. It's...
  • Multifunctional Kids Cash Register With Voice: The cash register toy includes an actual working calculator, scanner, simulate weighter, rotary menu,...
  • Safe & Friendly to Kid: Made of high-quality and durable ABS material, odorless and non-toxic, and featuring soft edges and covers. Please check the...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Boley Kids Toy Cash Register Set - Interactive 19pc Red Playset with Scanner, Microphone, Calculator, Play Money, Credit Card Reader, Grocery Items,...
  • INTERACTIVE PLAY EXPERIENCE: Enjoy our dynamic toy cash register playset, equipped with a solar-powered calculator, moving conveyor belt, pop-out...
  • EDUCATIONAL AND ENGAGING: This comprehensive 19-piece set provides an excellent learning tool for toddlers to grasp basic arithmetic and money...
  • INCLUDES PLAY MONEY & GROCERY ITEMS: Comes with play money and assorted grocery products, enabling children to engage in a realistic shopping...
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFE PLAY: Boley's toy cash register is constructed from durable, non-toxic plastic, ensuring long-lasting, safe play for your child....
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUNG LEARNERS: Our colorful and fun cash register is a fantastic educational gift for children, providing hours of entertaining and...
Bestseller No. 7
maysida Cash Register Toy for Kids-52PCS Real Calculator Cash Register, Pretend Play Store with Music/Scanner/Credit Card/ Play Money/...
  • 🔢[Cash register toy for kids] The cash register toy comes with a real calculator, helping kids to learn basic math, count money skills and develop...
  • 🔢[Multifunctional calculator playset with piano key & alarm sound & led light] This pretend play set has multiple function modes to enjoy fun,...
  • 🔢[Open realistic play store with 52 PCS prentend play toys] This cash register palyset are equipped with mircophone, credit cards, receipt slips,...
  • 🔢[Educational STEM Toys ] Suitable for ages 3 and up, this cash register is perfect for tiny to unleash imaginations while improving fine motor...
  • 🔢[Perfect safe and durable gifts for kids] It is a perfect chocie for your preschoolers/toddlers ages 4-8 as a birthday/Christmas/party/Halloween...
SaleBestseller No. 8
Fisher-Price Classics - Retro Cash Register - Great Pre-School Gift for Girls and Boys, Kids and Toddlers, birthday gift, Christmas, holiday, Ages 2+
  • Iconic cash register design with coins, ringing bell and working cash drawer.
  • Teaches children about money and motor skills. Real cash register play with 6 plastic coins!
  • Watch the coins come down the ramp, turn the crank to hear the bell ring and watch the drawer open!
  • Makes a great gift for babies and toddlers ages 18 months and up for hands-on, screen-free play!!
Bestseller No. 9
Playkidz Interactive Toy Cash Register for Kids - Sounds & Early Learning Play Includes Play Money Handheld Real Scanner Working Scale & Calculator,...
  • COMPLETE INTERACTIVE PLAY SET: The ultimate cash register toy for girls and boys we’ve included everything they’ll need to pretend like they run a...
  • PROMOTE IMAGINATION AND ACTIVE PLAY: Kids will love using this toy cash register for playing pretend alone or with friends. It allows them to act like...
  • EARLY MATH AND STEM LEARNING: Each learning cash register comes with play fake money and calculator style buttons on top that teach them how to add...
  • FUN MOVING PARTS AND PIECES: Boys and girls will be able to move different parts all over our play register, go shopping themselves and pretend to...
  • TRUSTED KID’S SAFE TOYS: Playkidiz play cash register toys and accessories are made for ages 5 and up. They’re safe, durable, and easy to use at...
Bestseller No. 10
Pretend Play Calculator Cash Register Toy Gift for Kids Girls Age 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+ Year Old, 57 Pcs Pink Grocery Store Playset, Incl Microphone,...
  • Cash Register for 3-8 Year Girls- The cash register toy comes with a real calculator, encouraging children to learn basic math & money skills with...
  • 57 Pcs to Build a Funny Grocery Store- This grocery pretend play store game set includes a pink cash register with a microphone and sound effects....
  • Educational Resource for Learning- This cash register for kids 3+ years old is perfect for learning counting math and makes a deep impression. Kids...
  • Safe & Friendly to Kid- This pretend play store toy for preschool students ages 4-8 is made of high-quality and durable material, featuring soft edges...
  • Great Toy Gift Kids Will Like- This STEM toy cash register for toddlers 3+ years encourages kids to exercise hand-eye coordination and other math...