11 Best Lightsabers for Cosplay 2023 – Star Wars Universe

The lightsaber is the iconic weapon of the Jedi knights and Sith from the Star Wars universe. It is even probably the most recognizable movie weapon ever. If you are cosplaying as a Jedi knight, then your costume will not be complete if you do not have the best lightsaber for cosplay in your repertoire.

Top Pick
YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber, Force FX Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound High Light with FOC, Metal Hilt, Blaster, (Red)
Second Best
Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber
Good Pick
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber, Force FX Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound High Light with FOC, Metal Hilt, Blaster, (Red)
Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Top Pick
YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber, Force FX Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound High Light with FOC, Metal Hilt, Blaster, (Red)
YDDSABER Jedi Sith LED Light Saber, Force FX Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound High Light with FOC, Metal Hilt, Blaster, (Red)
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber
Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Yoda Electronic Lightsaber
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
Amazon Prime

You can use toy lightsabers if you like, but they do not look quite like those in the movies. You can also make your custom lightsabers, but it will take a lot of time and skill. If you have neither to spare, then your option is to buy a replica lightsaber instead.

Comparison Table:

Replica lightsabers are the best choices for cosplays as their usual construction is accurate to the specifications of the movies. It can make you look and feel like a real Jedi, or a Sith if you lean towards the Dark Side.

If you want to begin shopping for one, you may want to start with the following highly recommended lightsabers.

Top Picks Lightsaber for Cosplay

1. YDDSABER LED Light Saber

The first thing that caught my interest in the YDD Jedi Sith Lightsaber is its construction’s sturdiness. This product used solid aluminum for the hilt, while a thick and sturdy polycarbonate plastic material makes up the blade. Thus, I am sure it can last numerous “duels” and will only need little in terms of maintenance.

I am also impressed with the sounds produced by this replica lightsaber. Pressing the power button will not only light up the blade but also emit an unsheathing sound. When you hit the blade against a surface or with another lightsaber, it sounds like in the movies.

This replica lightsaber also has a built-in rechargeable battery. It is great for attending conventions because you do not need to pack extra heavy batteries. This lightsaber comes with a USB charging cable, and it will only take 4 hours for the batteries to charge completely. A full charge can last for 50 minutes of continuous use.

I also like how easy it is to use this lightsaber. There is only one button that you need to press. The power button will turn on the LED light and the sounds, and pressing it again will activate the blaster sounds. No need to press it to create the clashing sounds made by the blades. They will do so automatically when the blade hits something.

The only thing that I did not like about it is a slight rattling sound coming from inside the hilt. The sound is not that loud, and it might just be from some of the LEDs not installed securely.
  • Solid aluminum hilt and sturdy polycarbonate plastic blade
  • Realistic sounds appear when powered and in action
  • Comes with a USB charging cord
  • Fully recharged within 4 hours for 50 minutes use
  • Easy use: One power button for turning on different features
  • Produces a slight rattling sound sometimes
You should buy this product if you are in the market for quality dueling lightsabers. It is durable and has a nice heft to it, bright lights, and ample sounds.

2. Disney Electronic Lightsaber

If you want the epic cross-guard lightsaber that Kylo Ren wielded, then you will like this official Disney licensed lightsaber. It amazes me how detailed this shining red replica lightsaber is.

You might notice its plastic construction, but it features all the movie prop lightsaber’s detail work. If you want to make it look exactly like the one in the movies, you can just paint over the plastic shell.

Another cool thing that I love about this lightsaber is that it creates lively effects. Similar to the movie, the main blade will be the first to light up, followed by the cross-guards a second or so later once you turn the lightsaber on.

Although a bit loud, the sound it makes when swung is also spot on with the original. It also has a distinctive sound when the blade contacts another surface. Such features will immerse you into your roleplay and mock battles.

This lightsaber also features a nicely weighted hilt, making the entire thing balanced when wielded. Because the blades are quite light, more weight needed to be added to the hilt to make it comfortable to swing around. Moreover, it comes with a vibrating function to give the feel of holding the real deal.

Now, even though the ad states that this lightsaber is ideal for dueling, you should still not use this for heavy mock duels, like when the participants swing hard at each other. If you hit the blade too hard, the force of the impact might be enough to dislodge or even break the LEDs lining the inside of the blade.
  • Very detailed construction, similar to the original
  • Spot-on activation with main blade lighting, followed by the cross-guards
  • Features a nicely weighted tilt
  • Boasts of a vibrating function, allowing you to feel like it is the real thing
  • Produces sounds similar to the movie
  • Not that suitable for heavy and extreme mock duels
If you need something for dueling, then get combat lightsabers – the ones made of wood and wrapped in foam. Still, this lightsaber is a worthy addition to your collection.

3. KYBERS RGB Lightsaber

In my opinion, the best thing about the KYBERS lightsaber is that you can link two of them together to form a double-bladed saber. It is close to the one Darth Maul used in Episode 1, which is arguably one of the best lightsabers in the Star Wars universe.

The light effects of the KYBERS lightsaber are also unique. You can choose from 11 different colors to cosplay as any of the Jedi masters you like, from Ahsoka Tano and her white saber to Mace Windu and his purple blade. The lights also flicker when the lightsaber hits another or any other object.

The sounds that this lightsaber makes can lead to fun dueling games. First, you can choose from three different volume settings. It also emits sounds when you swing it around and when it hits an object.

Speaking of dueling, you can use it for simulation duels, thanks to its blade made of sturdy polycarbonate plastic. However, avoid using it for serious lightsaber duels, or you may damage the blade. In detail, a solid billet aluminum material makes up the hilt, and high-impact polycarbonate forms the blades.

I had no problem whatsoever with the lightsaber itself, but KYBERS’ customer service could use a bit of an improvement. Since you can link two sabers together, I ordered a connector piece from their online shop, but they delivered the wrong item. Getting a replacement was a bit of a struggle.
  • Allows you to form a double-bladed saber
  • Impressive light effects with up to 11 different colors to choose from
  • Produces fun sounds when hitting, ideal for dueling
  • Provides three different volume settings for your convenience
  • Sturdy aluminum construction and high-impact polycarbonate blade
  • The brand’s customer service is not that responsive
Overall, the KYBERS lightsaber is one of the best choices you can use for dueling/prop lightsabers.

4. Ciel Tan Force FX Lightsaber

If you are looking for the best lightsaber for cosplays, then Ciel Tan Force FX Lightsaber is a good buy since it is more affordable than most prop lightsabers. The design of the hilt is highly-detailed despite the lower cost. However, I cannot recall this lightsaber being used in any of the movies as it is black anodized aluminum.

I also love how nicely balanced this prop lightsaber is. When fully assembled, the center of gravity of the lightsaber is a couple of inches from the top of the hilt. With that, I can easily wield and swing it around. Even though the lightsaber blade is quite light, the weighted hilt more than makes up for it.

Furthermore, the LED emitter at the hilt is also strong, so even if it is bright outside, you can see when it is powered up and ready to go.

The blade also flashes when it clashes with another lightsaber or if it hits an object. Moreover, you can pick from 12 different color lights, making it ideal for any character you intend to cosplay.

This lightsaber can produce lively and cool sounds. It has speakers nicely concealed inside the hilt to be active whenever you swing the saber around. When it hits an object or turns on and off, the correct sound effects among its 6 sound fonts will play.

I do have a complaint about the blade of the Ciel Tan lightsaber, though, and that is it is a bit flimsy. I can say that it is not ideal for heavy dueling purposes.
  • More affordable than other lightsabers
  • Highly detailed hilt design guaranteed
  • Easy to wield and swing around
  • Provides a dozen options for the blade’s color lights
  • Produces 6 sound fonts when active
  • Not that suitable for heavy dueling purposes
Do I recommend this product? Yes, since it is a nice-looking replica that is ideal for cosplaying. However, I highly advise not using it for heavy dueling as it means constant blade replacements.

5. YDDSABER LED Saber Force

I adore the bright and shiny color of this prop lightsaber. It has a silver base coat, which means you can quickly turn it into custom lightsabers using your color scheme. The light color also promotes ease in adding weathering effects on the hilt, making it look like it has seen combat.

Speaking of the hilt, you will notice solid aluminum alloy being used as its main material. Such a construction provides a nice heft to it, making it feel solid in your hand. With the heavy hilt and light polycarbonate blade, the saber feels balanced when we hold or duel with it.

This lightsaber also comes with a built-in battery, so you do not need to pack heavy batteries with you to cosplay events and conventions. The kit comes with a USB charging cable so you can charge the lightsaber using your laptop or a regular phone charger with a USB plug.

The LED light emitter is also quite bright. Even in a brightly-lit room, you can see the vibrant color of the blade when unsheathed. Now, it is a shame that you cannot change the color of the blade, but the awesome lighting effects do more than make up for that.

The only thing that I did not like is the lack of details. Yet, it does give you room for customizations. Plus, regarding this one’s design, it comes with a removable blade and comfortable handle.
  • Features a silver base coat, allowing color scheme customization
  • Adds weathering effects to the hilt
  • Solid aluminum alloy hilt, making it sturdy
  • Comes with a built-in battery
  • Produces bright light
  • Features removable blade and comfortable handle
  • Somewhat lacking in details
Despite that, it is still a perfect choice if you are looking for a nice-looking lightsaber to pair with your Jedi cosplay or something that you can play around with at home with the kids.

6. STAR WARS FX Elite Lightsaber

This product is probably the most detailed Kylo Ren lightsaber that you can get your hands on right now. The hilt and cross-guards are accurate replicas of the lightsaber used in the movies. You can even see the exposed red cable. If you are a fan of the Disney trilogy, it is one of the things that you will need to have in your collection.

Unlike the other cheaper lightsabers, the Elite lightsaber has an array of LED lights running through the blades. When you turn it on, the blade will light from the base towards the tips. Moreover, just like in the movies, the main blade will light up first, and a split-second after, the cross-guards will start glowing as well.

Another feature of the LED lights is that they pulse just like real lightsabers, and if you are familiar with Kylo Ren’s lightsaber, this one looks like it has an unstable Kyber crystal and is struggling to keep its form. Aside from the pulsating lights, when you look at the blade tip, it looks like it is made of molten metal, which is a nice touch.

The sounds produced by this lightsaber are also impressive. The tiny speakers built-into the hilt are quite powerful and crisp. Even though the speakers are tiny, the sounds coming from them are not distorted at all.

Now, the thing about this lightsaber is that it is purely a display piece. You can play around with it if you like, but you should be careful not to hit other objects too hard. The LEDs lining the blades are delicate, thus not ideal for fighting demos.
  • Features hilt and cross-guards that are accurate replicas from the movies
  • Has blades with LED lights running through them
  • Pulsating lights resemble the original version
  • Powerful and crisp speakers for impressive sounds
  • Not suitable for fighting demos due to the delicate LEDs
If you can afford it and are a big Star Wars fan, you should definitely get one. It even has removable blades and its display stand, so you do not have to do anything else to it.

7. Liberty Imports LED Light Up Sabers

If you have kids, you will like that this kit already comes with two lightsabers for games with their friends. If you are a cosplayer, you can use these as props as they have a nice amount of detail. For the later purpose, you may want to retouch the paint to make them look a bit more realistic.

This lightsaber kit also comes with an adapter, which is a significant advantage as I can connect both lightsabers and turn them into a double-bladed saber. If you like the lightsaber that Darth Maul used in Episode 1, then you will love this Jedi version of the double-bladed lightsaber in green and blue.

Notably, the lights are bright enough that you can still see them under broad daylight, but they look much better with dim lighting. Moreover, they somewhat resemble the movie lightsabers when they power up, and the light travels from the hilt to the tip of the blade.

The sounds emitted by these lightsabers are also passable. These sabers hum when held steady, which will get louder when you swing them around. They will also make a clashing sound when they hit objects.

The thing that I did not like about these lightsabers, though, is that the blades are not that sturdy. They will bend out of shape if they hit something hard. With that, the lightsaber is less than ideal for use in demo lightsaber fighting.
  • Comes with two lightsabers to turn into a double-bladed one
  • Boasts of bright lights
  • Truly resemble the ones in the movie
  • Nice and steady clashing sounds
  • Boasts of incredible-looking lights in dim lighting
  • Not that sturdy blades for heavy dueling
All in all, it is nice to get two sabers in one kit, providing good value for the money. I think this set is an excellent gift for your little ones.

8. KYBERS Standard Series Lightsaber

The Standard Series Lightsaber stands out with its thick polycarbonate blade, making it suitable for dueling. Unlike other prop lightsabers, it will not bend even when hitting another lightsaber.

In truth, the pipe wall of the blade is an impressive 1.6mm thick, making it feel solid when you hold it. It is also removable for users to easily replace in case of breaking.

The premium product features a robust aluminum hilt. This material gives the lightsaber a nice weight for a comfortable hold. The milled pattern on the hilt also ensures that it will not accidentally slip out of your hand.

Another neat thing about this lightsaber is that you can change the volume levels with ease. If you are playing around the house and want to stretch out the battery level for long, you can set it to low. I often wish for my lightsaber to fight loud, which is why the max volume setting is ideal.

I am also happy to join two lightsabers together to turn them into a double-bladed lightsaber. You just need to buy a connector piece, and you can screw two lightsabers together. If you often cosplay as Darth Maul or some of the characters from the Expanded Universe, you will like this feature.

What counts as a minor drawback of this lightsaber is its single-button controls. For instance, if you want to change the volume level, you have to hold the power button for a certain amount of time, but if you hold on too long, you will change the color of the blade.
  • Sturdy and thick material used for the blade
  • Easy to hold, thanks to its milled pattern
  • Allows you to change volume levels
  • Easy to turn into a double-bladed lightsaber
  • Comes with only single button controls
All in all, this is still a nice lightsaber to have, which I highly recommend for anyone who wishes to use one that is like the real thing.

9. X-TREXSABER Force FX Lightsaber

This lightsaber is one of the cleanest-looking replicas available today. In fact, the beautiful piece features a hilt made from a solid piece of billet aluminum. I much appreciate the quality of machining done on the part. It is smooth without any rough edges. It also comes with a wrap that can help you with a firm grip.

Even though the built-in speaker is small, the sound effects are quite loud and not at all distorted. The lightsaber hums when you swing it around and plays a clashing sound when the blade hits something. It can play various sound effects, like the iconic laugh of Emperor Palpatine.

The LED emitter in the hilt is also quite powerful. Even if you use it in bright daylight, you can still clearly see the blade color. Furthermore, you can change the one on the blade with twelve different colors to choose from. It means you can use this lightsaber to cosplay as anyone from the Jedi Council or the Sith.

You can also connect two lightsabers just by using a special connecting piece that screws onto the base of the lightsabers. Now, you can play as Darth Maul, or if you are familiar with the Expanded Universe, Jedi Master Exar Kun.

The only complaint that I have, which is more like a minor inconvenience, is the fidgety control setup. For instance, if you want to adjust the volume, hold the button for a specific amount of time. To change the color of the blade, hold it down a bit longer. You need to use the lightsaber for a while before you can get used to it.
  • Clean-looking replica, resembling the real one
  • High-quality speakers that produce loud and undistorted sounds
  • Creates clashing, humming & unique sounds like laughter of Emperor Palpatine
  • Boasts of a powerful LED with twelve different colors
  • Easy to grip and use due to the wrapped hilt
  • The somewhat fidgety control setup
I highly recommend this lightsaber replica for anyone who likes to cosplay as Star Wars characters, or even for just the casual fan.

10. YDDSABER Lightsaber RGB

I genuinely like the design of this replica lightsaber from YDDSaber. It has a nice combination of polished and black anodized aluminum. Thus, the design looks kind of like the ones that Sith masters use.

The black and white pattern surrounding the entire hilt looks cool and menacing, perfect for cosplays or something to decorate your geek den.

Speaking of the hilt, this lightsaber is not like the plastic toys you can find in department stores. It is constructed out of solid billet aluminum, which explains why its heavier weight than usual toys. The machining is exceptional, as there are no jagged edges and the grooves are just deep enough to provide a good grip.

Another great feature of this lightsaber is that you can choose from 16 different colors of light. It means you can use it regardless if you will be cosplaying as a Jedi knight or a Sith lord.

In my opinion, the best feature of this lightsaber is the sturdy construction of the blade. A thick and durable polycarbonate plastic makes up the blade. Unlike some of the other replica lightsabers out there, you can use this one for heavy sparring and lightsaber combat demos.

The only thing that I did not like is the blade tip, specifically, the way it is attached. I was surprised to discover that a double-sided mounting tape was the only thing that held the cap of the blade. If you are getting this lightsaber, I suggest you attach the tip using a clear epoxy to keep it in place.
  • Nice design of polished and black anodized aluminum material
  • Boasts of exceptional machining with a nice grip
  • Sturdy and durable blade
  • Comes with 16 different colors to choose from
  • Ideal for use even for heavy sparring and combat demos
  • Blade tip requires clear epoxy to hold tightly
Apart from being affordable, it is also well-built and feels nice when holding or dueling. So if you are a big fan of its lively effects, there is no need to hesitate.

What to Look for When Buying Lightsaber Replica


When shopping for a lightsaber replica, make it a point to look into the following:

  • Weight – A good lightsaber replica should not feel like a toy when you hold it in your hands. The hilt should have a bit of weight, so you will have no problem wielding it as if it was a real weapon.
  • Material – Avoid plastic lightsaber toys, even as cosplay props. Note that they do not look quite the part. Look for a lightsaber that is made mostly, if not entirely of metal, preferably aluminum. The blade material should not be cheap. Find a lightsaber that has a thick polycarbonate blade.
  • Lights and sounds – The LED light should be bright enough that you can tell what color the blade is, even in semi-bright daylight. The sound effects should be audible and crisp-sounding.
  • Design and detail – As much as possible, the hilt should look just like those of the lightsabers in the movies, or at least have a similar design. Lightsabers should have a bit of detail to give it a bit of character.

Who Makes the Best Lightsabers


If you are looking for a replica of the lightsabers in the movies, then the Hasbro Black Edition lightsabers are your best bet. On the other hand, if you are in the market for something that you can swing around and maybe spar with another Star Wars enthusiast, then the YDD lightsaber will surely meet your expectations.

Is Saberforge Better than Ultrasabers

Both Saberforge and Ultrasabers make high-quality lightsaber replicas, and they both have their own sets of pros and cons. Suppose you will be using your lightsaber for dueling purposes. Please note that Ultrasabers have the Ultraedge Heavygrade polycarbonate blades that are sturdy and meant for heavy dueling purposes.

How Much Would a Real Lightsaber Cost

A replica lightsaber from any of the top movie prop can cost hundreds of dollars. If you are thinking of getting one of the actual props used in the movies, you will be paying thousands of dollars.

Where Can I Buy Good Quality Lightsabers

You can find quite a lot of quality lightsabers on online commercial websites like eBay or Amazon. However, you need to search for the brands that make the best, like Saberforge and Ultrasabers.


Lightsabers, according to Obi-wan, are elegant weapons from a more civilized age, so consider that when shopping for a replica. When you cosplay as your favorite character, you have to do your best to look like them, down to the smallest detail.

If you are playing a Jedi or Sith, you will need the best lightsaber for cosplay to complete your ensemble. The good news is that you can now easily buy a replica lightsaber confidently since you already know what you need to look for.

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