10 Best Retractable Lightsabers 2023 – For Star Wars Fans

Every Star Wars fan dreams of having the best retractable lightsaber, a Jedi weapon that controls the power of the Force. The lightsaber is more than just a simple sword; it is made of plasma and can cut through almost anything, making it useful for protection, defense, and combat. The mythic weapon plays an integral part in the stories, aiding both heroes and villains on their self-discovery journey.

Our Pick
STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) Electronic Lightsaber
Good Choice
Jedi Master Lightsaber
Good Price
Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber
Don't Miss
Star Wars Extendable Luke Skywalker Lightsaber
STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) Electronic Lightsaber
Jedi Master Lightsaber
Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber
Star Wars Extendable Luke Skywalker Lightsaber
Our Pick
STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) Electronic Lightsaber
STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) Electronic Lightsaber
Good Choice
Jedi Master Lightsaber
Jedi Master Lightsaber
Good Price
Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber
Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber
Don't Miss
Star Wars Extendable Luke Skywalker Lightsaber
Star Wars Extendable Luke Skywalker Lightsaber

The lightsaber has given both young and adult fans the imagination of swinging it and acting out fights from the movies. Gone are the days of playing with flashlights and toy sabers.

In the modern day, there are more advanced lightsabers that can offer a more realistic experience. Many options are available in the market, which is why we are here to help you.

We’ve reviewed some retractable lightsabers and added a buying guide to make your buying process more comfortable than ever.

Best Retractable Lightsaber Reviews

1. Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Electronic Lightsaber


It is incredible to experience the world of Star Wars and get immersed in the adventures of the good and the evil. What you need to start the journey is a Jedi training lightsaber. Become a Jedi like Rey with this electronic lightsaber inspired by The Last Jedi movie. It features movie-real light and sound effects to make your cosplay realistic.

The lightsaber features a detailed design on the hilt and a hole where you can insert another sword; the package includes a connector so you can customize it. It’s durable and sturdy enough to withstand the kids’ rough play, making it perfect for costume parties and cosplays.

The blade’s light can be controlled with a button, and the sound effect is motion-activated, both of which are very similar to the movie. It lights up brightly, and the sound effects respond to motion and actions. Kids can surely have fun playing with this lightsaber.

Considering its price tag, this lightsaber is a decent choice for the young ones. The features, effects, and size is designed to fit the kid standard. The only downside is the blade of the saber doesn’t retract all the way. It could be because there’s no room on the hilt with the battery and electronics.
  • Detailed design based on The Last Jedi movie
  • Durable and sturdy for the price
  • Comes in the ideal size for kids
  • Features motion-activated sound effects
  • Not a fully retractable lightsaber
Thinking from a kid’s point of view, this lightsaber is a good choice. If you want a durable lightsaber for them, you can opt for this saber. While it doesn’t retract as what you would expect, the pros outweigh that one single con.

2. Liberty Imports Expandable Light Up Sabers

Liberty Imports Expandable Light Up Sabers


An extendable lightsaber blade is the next right thing to happen to a saber with sound effects and glowing blades. This feature brings it closer to the movie replica that the actors use, giving you an authentic Star Wars experience.

The package includes 12 premium expandable lightsabers in three colors of blue, red, and green. Also included are three AAA batteries so you can use the saber right out of the box. The blade expands from 18 inches to 33 inches and can be retracted, making it perfect for any costume party.

These lightsaber toys are of superior quality, made from non-toxic materials that are tested and certified. It is tagged as child safe so you can rest assured that the kids can play with the lightsaber without worrying about their safety.

With a button press, the saber will light up, and the activation sound can be heard. A different sound is produced for different contact since the blade is motion-sensitive and features authentic sound effects similar to the movies. Besides, the light of the blade is bright and has several effects that the kids will surely love.

However, I observe that the lightsaber doesn’t stay active for too long. For example, when not in use or if it hasn’t detected any movement for several minutes, it turns off by itself.
  • Safe and durable for kids’ use
  • Features authentic fx sound effects
  • Blade lights up in three colors
  • Includes three AAA batteries
  • Doesn’t stay activated for long
This Liberty Imports lightsaber for kids comes with 12 lightsabers with excellent sound and light effects. Aside from the fact that it powers down when not in use for a few minutes, everything is perfect. I could say this is worth buying.

3. Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Extendable Lightsaber

Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey Extendable Lightsaber


The Star Wars movie is full of action and adventures, with starships and vehicles exploring different galaxies. What entices fans the most is the lightsabers, wielding the power of the Force.

Every fan of the movie wants to have a lightsaber, and kids are a part of this population. While adult Star Wars fans aim for a high-end saber that is a replica of the props used in the movie, the younger generation is mostly satisfied with one that can extend with just a flick of a button.

The standard length of this lightsaber blade is 20 inches and can extend to 30 inches long. There is a hole on the hilt where the battery pack is typical; it can also be used for a strap.

Everything from the hilt to the blade is sturdy and flexible; there is the minimal impact when hit by it, so parents don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt by it. Best of all, kids aged four and older can enjoy playing with this lightsaber toy with little to no guardian supervision.

This Star Wars lightsaber is a different version of the first lightsaber we’ve reviewed. The other one is an electronic lightsaber while this is an extendable lightsaber. Everything is almost the same between the two other than the latter’s ability to extend with just a simple flick. Another difference and a downside of this lightsaber is it doesn’t light up and has no sound effects.
  • Blade does not light up
  • No sound effects
If you prefer to have a lightsaber for kids with sound effects and glowing blades, you should go for this lightsaber’s electronic version. Otherwise, this is a good buy and a more durable option. This is a fair value choice for a retracting lightsaber despite the cons.

4. TOY Life 2-in-1 Light Up Saber

TOY Life 2-in-1 Light Up Saber


The Star Wars movies are well-loved by many kids, not just teenagers, and adults. The younger generations love the story and the adventure, particularly the lightsabers. If your kid is also a big fan, this 2-in-1 lightsaber by TOY Life will surely make their battle reenactments and dueling more fun.

This retractable lightsaber is exceptionally crafted for the younger ones, from safety to durability, it’s assembled with these in mind. Also, such a well-made toy might be made for kids, but adults can also play with them. No matter the age, the lightsaber is for everyone.

There are many features that kids can enjoy with this lightsaber. Since there are two blades, you have the option to connect the two and create a double-bladed staff. It is also extendable and collapsible, which makes it easy to carry around wherever you go. This way, the kids can enjoy playing with their retractable lightsaber toy anytime and anywhere.

The blades glow in three color settings; a color that changes on impact, a flickering multicolor, and a solid color. The sound effects are similar to movies like the humming and clashing sound; you also have the choice to mute the sound if it is too loud for you.

Make sure to have three AAA batteries ready since it is not included in the package. Note that each lightsaber requires three batteries each, so have six ready when you open the box.
  • Two blades can be connected to create a double-bladed saber
  • Blade is collapsible and portable
  • A safe and durable retractable lightsaber
  • Ideal for all ages
  • Features three color settings
  • Sound setting includes a mute mode
  • Does not include batteries
Everything about this lightsaber is worth noticing, from the durability to the light and sound effects. If you want to try it as soon as you get your order, prepare six AAA batteries since these are not included. It’s a minor downside and can be addressed quickly, so it is not a reason not to buy this lightsaber.

5. Star Wars Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars Mace Windu Electronic Lightsaber


A Star Wars fan’s experience is not complete without the Jedi lightsaber. For a realistic enactment of memorable battle scenes in the movie, one needs a reliable lightsaber to accompany them for a long time.

This lightsaber by Star Wars is inspired by Mace Windu’s iconic purple saber in the Revenge of the Sith movie, from the details on the hilt to the movie-real sound and light effects. You will feel like you are in the film, wielding a lightsaber that harnesses Force’s power.

A great feature of this lightsaber is it can be customized with other bladebuilders so you can create a double-bladed saber. It holds up well, thanks to it’s sturdy and flexible blades. Having all these light and sound features in an affordable lightsaber signifies that it is a worthy purchase.

One disadvantage of this lightsaber is the retractability of the blade. Most retractable sabers don’t fully come back to the hilt due to the hilt’s composition, which is understandable, but that is not the case with this one. Sometimes, when tipped upside down after retracting, the blade fully extends since it doesn’t snap in place when withdrawn.
  • Movie-accurate light and sound effects
  • Inspired by the Revenge of the Sith movie
  • Can be customized with other bladebuilders lightsabers
  • Excellent lightsaber for the price
  • Blade doesn’t retract entirely into the hilt
After deliberating about the features and the quality of this star wars retractable lightsaber, I can say that it is one of the best you can purchase in the market. For fans that are picky and want movie-accurate lightsabers, then you’d want to try this one. Aside from the blade not retracting completely, everything is ok with this lightsaber.

6. Rubies Jedi Knight Lightsaber

Rubies Jedi Knight Lightsaber


To reenact famous Star Wars battle scenes, one needs the best replica lightsaber. Not just any saber you can find but one that is closely similar to the props used in the movie so you can enjoy an imaginative experience.

This lightsaber from Rubies is officially licensed as a Star Wars costume accessory; you can find a Disney and Lucasfilm logo trademark on the product. It certifies that the lightsaber you received is authentic and tested for safety. In detail, the plastic blade is made of sturdy materials, so you can expect it to endure some light contact with things. It also snaps in place when retracted to the hilt.

Anyone can feel like a real Jedi with these lightsaber light effects. The glow of the blade is really bright and a vivid green color. It is lightweight, just the right balance for a kid to comfortably use. Adults can also have fun with this lightsaber; some even use it for their wedding bouquets. This lightsaber is perfect as costume props and for light battling.

The performance of this lightsaber is satisfactory with only a few drawbacks. The two AA batteries that are needed for the lightsaber to work are not included in the package. It is a minor issue which is often present in some lightsabers sold in the market. Another con worth noting is that this saber features no sound effect.
  • Officially licensed by Disney and Lucasfilm
  • Sturdy molded plastic blade
  • Blades doesn’t slip even when upside down
  • Tested for safety of use
  • Two AA batteries not included
  • No sound effects
Overall, you can consider buying this lightsaber if you don’t mind it not having any sound effects. This is for those who are not fond of the loud clashing sounds most lightsabers have.

7. Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars Darth Vader Electronic Lightsaber


The Dark Lord, who used to be Anakin Skywalker, once had a blue blade when he was defeated on Mustafar. Darth Vader then created a new lightsaber powered by a crimson crystal, a red bladed saber.

This electronic lightsaber is a replica of the Dark Lord’s iconic red saber and is inspired from the A New Hope movie. Kids will love playing with this lightsaber and the endless possibility of it, from reenacting fight scenes of the film to a prop that can be used to complete your Star Wars costume.

The package includes a customizable lightsaber with a connector that comes with it to have a double-bladed saber. For a more realistic experience of playing and using the lightsaber, it is packed with light and sound movie-accurate effects. The details of the hilt and the blade design is noteworthy and topnotch. Kids and adults alike will find this saber an accurate replica of the props used in the film.

The materials used make it a sturdy and durable lightsaber for dueling. The toy can hold up to the destructive tendencies of kids and survive several falls on the floor. Without worrying much about it being broken on the first day, you can enjoy this lightsaber for several months before it needs battery replacements.

A drawback that should be pointed out is that there are times when the lightsaber sound effect goes off even without any motion. You are just holding it steady, and sometimes it will make a crashing or battle sound effect.
  • The design is inspired by the A New Hope movie
  • Customizable with other bladebuilders sabers
  • Sturdy and durable for light dueling
  • Very detailed hilt and blade design
  • Sound effects go off even without movement
Considering all the pros and cons of this lightsaber, I think this is an up to the mark purchase that you can make. If you are looking for a lightsaber to complete a Darth Vader costume, you can consider this one. Just beware of the tendency of sound effects going off when you least expect it.

8. Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Jedi Power Lightsaber


Any Star Wars Jedi costume is incomplete without a lightsaber; it is one of the essential parts that you shouldn’t miss. It not only completes the whole look but also allows you to reenact famous battle scenes from the film and imagine epic adventures across the galaxy.

When you buy this product by Star Wars, you will get a light dagger, lightsaber, connector, and instructions. The connector and light dagger allows you to build a custom lightsabers, and you can also wield the two separately; the choice is yours. And since this lightsaber is part of the blade-builders, it is compatible with other lightsabers under this category.

Activating the hilt is as easy as merely holding the handle. With a flick of the wrist, the blades will extend, and with a button, you can light it up and activate the sound effects. A small part of the Star Wars music theme also plays in the lightsaber other than the clashing sounds.

This lightsaber is reasonably well-built and flexible; hence, it can handle light dueling pretty well. The light glows brightly and flickers upon impact, but note that it should only be used for light dueling; otherwise, you’ll experience some problems with the blade in the long run. It is made with touch technology and accurate motion sensors so both kids and adults will like this lightsaber.

It comes with batteries, but sometimes they are dead and don’t work. I think this is the only downside of this lightsaber. It’s easy to resolve by purchasing fresh batteries to replace the dead ones.
  • Can be customized with the included light dagger
  • Accurate motion sensors and light effects
  • It can play the Star Wars theme music
  • Reasonably sturdy and flexible for the price
  • Comes with dead batteries sometimes
For the price tag that it comes with, this is a good lightsaber that you can consider for kids and even adults. If you are looking for a start-up toy for new Star Wars fans, especially for the young ones, this lightsaber is worth a shot.

9. Star Wars The Force Awakens Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars The Force Awakens Electronic Lightsaber


A Star Wars lightsaber does not only bring joy and fun; it tickles the imagination to enter a galaxy full of adventure. Fans of all ages can act out iconic battle scenes from the film and get immersed in the story of Luke Skywalker.

This electronic lightsaber inspired by The Force Awakens movie is designed to appear similar to the props used in the film. The hilt features a hole where you can attach a connector for other bladebuilder lightsabers, which means you can create a double-bladed lightsaber for double the fun.

The lightsaber is extendable with a flick of the wrist, making your Jedi cosplay more realistic than ever. It also has sound and light effects; the lights flicker on impact with battle clashing sound effects, and the blade glows brightly while the sound is loud. The motion sensor works excellently and produces different sound when wielded and swished around.

It is a decent lightsaber made of tough materials, sturdy and durable for light dueling. The telescopic lightsaber feature is well-constructed and doesn’t loosen easily despite continuous use. While the blade doesn’t fully retract, it is snapped in place really well, so it doesn’t extend unwanted when turned upside down or hung around the waist.

Just one minor concern, when used for the first few times, the blades don’t smoothly extend or shrink. After being used several times, it doesn’t stick anymore and isn’t much of an issue.
  • Customizable with other bladebuilder lightsabers
  • Accurate and detailed design
  • Blades extends with a flick of the wrist
  • Battery lasts a long time
  • Blade sticks when extending os shrinking for the first few times
Almost everything works well in this lightsaber, from the detailed design to the effects. I like it that you can save a bit more with the batteries lasting for a long time than average. You just had to struggle with the blades sticking for a while when used for the first few times.

10. Star Wars Luke Skywalker Extendable Lightsaber

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Extendable Lightsaber


To be one of the greatest Jedi like Luke Skywalker, you need skills and a good lightsaber. With a lightsaber that you can rely on, whatever adventure and action you can face them heads on.

This extendable saber is an automatic extending lightsaber; by simply swinging it down, it’ll extend into a 22 inches lightsaber. It collapses to the hilt entirely but could be a bit sticky at first. With a few extending and retracting, it can work better and go smoothly.

There is a hole on the hilt where you can attach a connector to create a double-bladed lightsaber; this will require another blade-builder compatible lightsaber. It works really well as a standalone but better with the double blade for more fun battles and reenactment.

It is remarkably more durable than other lightsabers you can find. While it is shorter than most, it’s thicker and harder, which makes up for it. You can do light dueling with it, and the lightsaber can hold up pretty well with the hits and clashes.

Since it is not an electronic lightsaber, there are no light or sound effects. This isn’t very pleasant for those who like glowing blades that flicker on contact and sound effects that are movie-real. However, I’m okay with it since it is more durable than sabers with motion sensors and electronics.
  • Simply flick to extend
  • Retracts all the way to the hilt
  • More durable than the average lightsaber
  • Customizable with other bladebuilder lightsabers
  • No sound and light effects
For those that don’t really care about light and sound effects, this is the perfect automatic lightsaber for you. The durability and flexibility of the lightsaber outweighed the lack of electronic features. Without the light, photos come out great with no glares or streak. It’s perfect for costume parties during the day.

What to Look for When Buying Retractable Lightsabers

Star Wars Force Fx lightsaber-min

Browsing online for an auto extending lightsaber is a real challenge. It will take up a considerable chunk of your time scrolling online through different stuff. There are many lightsaber options out there, which makes the buying process complicated.

In situations like this, you need to have a list of things that you need and want in a lightsaber, a buying guide. When you know what you are looking for in a particular product, you can filter and narrow down your options. Now, when looking for a lightsaber retractable blade, what should you focus on?

Plastic blades

Extendable lightsabers usually come in plastic blades that are permanently attached to the hilt. You can extend and collapse it with a flick of the wrist or a hard slap. This type of lightsaber has been around for decades, and the design hasn’t changed much.

Sound and light effects

Not all retractable lightsabers have glowing blades or clashing sound effects. But there exist some models that have no sound or light effects at all, just a plastic blade that extends and collapses.

If these effects are one of your priorities in purchasing a lightsaber, you should consider an electronic retractable lightsaber. Otherwise, giving up on these effects, you can get an extendable lightsaber that is more durable and sturdy.

Duel worthy

The most commonly used blades are stable and fixed, either permanently attached to the hilt or removable. They are sturdy and flexible enough to tolerate mild dueling and clashes. Sometimes, it might look like they can handle the stress of aggressive dueling, but the damage will show up sooner or later.

In the case of an extendable lightsaber, the ability to hold up to harsh dueling is medium. If you forgo the light and sound effects, you can get a more durable lightsaber that collapses in the hilt.

Having a checklist of the things you want to have in your lightsaber is the best way to handle this. Do you prefer this over that? It will determine the right lightsaber that does meet not only your needs but also your preferences.

If you are more into cool replicas that are more than just lightsaber toys, you should look into Saberforge and Ultrasabers. The former has a better aesthetic, while the latter is a cheaper and more practical version. These are more for the adults who want to grow their collection and have the money for it.


There are many good replica lightsabers out there waiting for you. Finding it will require some in-depth research online and basic knowledge about the best toy lightsaber for fighting.

We have a list of lightsabers that you can look into; they are reviewed with our own opinion and experience. Together with our buying guide, these will be of great help to everyone who is looking for the best retractable lightsaber. Do you have any lightsaber buying tips that are not included in our list? Share them by commenting below; we love hearing from you.

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