12 Best Lightsaber Replicas 2023 – Jedis Favourite Weapon

Star Wars is a cultural reset as it generated many fans who wanted to be Jedis. One of the best props to become a Jedi is a lightsaber replica that looks the same as the movie. In this article, I’ll try to find the best lightsaber replica amongst the many brands and models available today.

Editor's Pick
Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber
Good Choice
Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber - Darth Vader
Don't Miss
YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt (Blue)
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Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber with LEDs and Sound Effects, Collectible Roleplay Item, Ages 14 and Up , Red
Product Name
Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber
Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber - Darth Vader
YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt (Blue)
Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber with LEDs and Sound Effects, Collectible Roleplay Item, Ages 14 and Up , Red
Prime Status
Editor's Pick
Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber
Product Name
Star Wars The Black Series Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber
Prime Status
Good Choice
Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber - Darth Vader
Product Name
Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber - Darth Vader
Prime Status
Don't Miss
YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt (Blue)
Product Name
YDDSABER Light Up Force FX Sword Heavy Dueling, Rechargeable Lightsaber, Loud Sound Hight Light with FOC, Metal Hilt (Blue)
Prime Status
Also Consider
Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber with LEDs and Sound Effects, Collectible Roleplay Item, Ages 14 and Up , Red
Product Name
Star Wars The Black Series Count Dooku Force FX Lightsaber with LEDs and Sound Effects, Collectible Roleplay Item, Ages 14 and Up , Red
Prime Status

Most lightsaber manufacturers have constantly innovated their products to make sure that they come close to the real thing. Out of the many options out there, I’ve picked 10 of the most promising lightsaber replicas that might catch your interest. Whether you want a collector’s item or something for play, there’s a model perfect for you below.

Top Picks of 2023

1. STAR WARS Deluxe Lightsaber

Imbibe the dark warrior force with the Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber with its realistic light and sound effects. Besides the lightsaber, this package also includes a stand and instructions to help you get started with your Star Wars roleplay.

I really like the crackle sound effects on this Kylo Ren lightsaber because it feels like I’m in the Star Wars movie. The lightsaber flickers in the right order, the blade first and then the arm. It glows with the color red, so it looks cool at night.

As for the design, I love how detailed this Star Wars lightsaber replica is. The metal hilt has painting details, plus a rubber wire to add more realism. I like that it has some weight to it because it feels like holding a real lightsaber rather than a replica.

My nephew got really impressed with this one because the saber’s sound matches with the motion. The metal hilt is very comfortable to hold and feels strong. Additionally, it’s easy to use since it only needs three AA batteries for the blade to flicker and crackle perfectly.

However, there are some stickers that leave a residue when pulled off. I tried removing the stickers with some goo gone, and thankfully, it worked. I think this saber could be a little more affordable, but it’s still worth the purchase for any Kylo Ren fan.
  • Has real movie sound effects
  • Lights up in the correct order nicely, blade first, then the arm
  • Red color light looks cool in the dark
  • Has beautiful painting details and a rubber accent
  • Has a little weight to feel like a real lightsaber
  • Easy to use, stand and instructions included
  • Has a few stickers that leave residue
  • A bit expensive
Overall, the Kylo Ren lightsaber is the best Star Wars lightsaber replica when it comes to realistic sound and light effects. With these features, this lightsaber replica is an excellent collectible for Kylo Ren fans.

2. Hasbro Star Wars Lightsaber

For Darth Vader fans, this particular Star Wars Signature Series lightsaber might be perfect. Among all the other products that try to copy Darth Vader’s lightsaber, I think this model comes closest to the real thing.

The Darth Vader lightsaber impresses with its high-quality effects. The blade lights up and goes off in a very realistic way. The glowing red beam color is also spot on, similar to what you see in the Star Wars movies. The light begins on the hilt going towards the blade’s tip, and it collapses into the hilt when I turn the lightsaber off.

Whenever I power the lightsaber on, I’m always dazzled by the sound effects because it’s what you hear in the Star Wars movie. I’m ecstatic to hear the blade hum and clash. The best part is the metal handle because it feels strong and hefty, just like a real lightsaber.

I think this Darth Vader lightsaber is well-made because it has endured all abuse after being poorly treated by my young nephews. The lightsaber weighs about 4lbs with the batteries, and I’m happy that it’s relatively well-balanced. My favorite is the stand because I can use it to mount my lightsaber on the wall.

However, Hasbro put a lot of warning stickers that are difficult to remove. I have to use a non-abrasive goo remover to take out all the stickers. While this FX saber looks durable, it might not withstand full contact dueling.
  • Sound effects are similar to the movies
  • Has a glowing red color when turned on
  • Lights up just like the real thing
  • Metal handle feels strong with a little weight on
  • Seems to be well-made after enduring all abuse
  • Comes with a stand that can serve as a nice mount to the wall
  • Have stickers that are difficult to remove
  • Might not be suitable for full contact dueling
All in all, the Star Wars Darth Vader lightsaber is the closest thing you can get if you’re a super geek of the Star Wars series. The lights and sound effects are just very realistic.

3. YDDSABER Sword Lightsaber

The YDD FX Sword Lightsaber is one of the best dueling lightsabers that I’ve purchased in my saber collection. This model has a nice handle and a durable construction.

When the lightsaber appeared in a box, I thought it was small because everything was packed in a cardboard tube. I actually like the hilt’s size because it’s small enough to fit in my hand comfortably and make a secure grip. When making a two-handed grip, the blade is long enough for challenging duels.

I got mine in a blue blade with a silver hilt, and the glow looks like the lightsabers that I see in movies. Surprisingly, the light is very bright, and it changes while fighting. As for the quality, the aluminum handle feels very solid with the detachable polycarbonate blade.

The blade is really made for dueling because it won’t collapse. I like that there are two screws holding the blade and not just one. This lightsaber is rechargeable, so I don’t have to waste my money on batteries when the power dies.

However, the charge only lasts for an hour, so I have to recharge frequently when my nephew likes to swordplay with his friends. I also find the sound effects a bit coarse to my liking, but otherwise, it’s an excellent purchase for heavy dueling.
  • Built for heavy dueling
  • Feels durable and heavy-duty with its aluminum handle and polycarbonate blade
  • Glows brightly, changes while fighting
  • Has two screws to hold the blade in place
  • Rechargable to save the costs of batteries
  • Offers a nice grip with its small hilt
  • Only works for an hour
  • Sounds a little coarse
Altogether, the YDD FX Sword Lightsaber is the best replica lightsaber for dueling. Both the blade and the hilt feel stable and robust.

4. STAR WARS Dooku Lightsaber

Count Dooku has one of the best lightsabers in the Star Wars movie, and that greatness was captured well by this Black Series model. This particular model offers premium detailing, just like other authentic Star Wars lightsabers.

My first Count Dooku saber was from Mace Windu, and this new lightsaber model is less bulky for an easy swing. The sound effects are also clearer and louder than the Mace Windu one. For me, this Count Dooku saber has a better hilt design than the Luke Skywalker lightsaber replica.

The metal hilt has a nice curve, which makes the Count Dooku a worthy addition to my Star Wars Black Series saber collection. The grip is rubberized, so it doesn’t slip on my hand even when it gets sweaty. I appreciate the heaviness of the pummel cap because it brings a nice balance to the saber’s weight.

I like the button placement because it’s strategically positioned to prevent accidental hitting. The blade glows in bright red, which is similar to the movie. As a saber collector, I like that this saber includes a stand to display this product on my wall.

However, the sound effects aren’t as precise as Count Dooku’s in the Star Wars film, but that’s a very little inconvenience to me. Another drawback is that the clash sound doesn’t come out easily. I have to smack the saber hard to make it sound.
  • Has a pretty curved metal hilt and red light
  • Easy to swing with its less bulky construction
  • Has a rubberized grip to avoid slipping
  • Heavy pummel cap adds a pleasant balance to the saber
  • Good button placement makes it impossible to hit it accidentally
  • Includes a stand for wall display
  • Sound effects aren’t as accurate as the movie
  • The clash sound doesn’t come out easily
All in all, the Count Dooku is an excellent addition to a Star Wars saber collection with its beautiful curved hilt. This saber packs some nice features, like a heavy pummel cap and glowing red blade.

5. Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsaber

The Luke Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber Hilt looks the same as the real thing with its detailed design. The hilt comes in a cool storage case, which makes it a perfect gift for Luke Skywalker fans.

I like the green lights and the authentic sound effects when paired with the Edge lightsaber blade, which I bought separately. The light and sound effects are almost the same as the Star Wars Saga movie. Best of all, changing the batteries is as simple as twisting the bottom of the hilt.

My favorite is the original sealed case that stores the hilt. The case seems to be made of hard shell plastic that looks beautiful and sturdy. I like that the case has padding on the inside to protect the hilt during travel.

The hilt is made of solid metal, so it feels like the real thing. One time I dropped the hilt on a concrete floor, and it didn’t have any scratches at all. I love the details, plus the metal clip, which can be handy when I want to clip this on my belt.

However, this item only comes with a hilt. You have to purchase a separate blade to make the Luke Skywalker hilt create the lights and sounds. Also, the price is a little intimidating because it seems to be more expensive than the Black Series models, considering that it’s only a hilt.
  • Comes with a beautiful storage case and a metal clip
  • Well-padded inside the case for protection
  • Solid metal construction feels and looks like the real thing
  • Durable to withstand any beating
  • Easy to change the batteries
  • Lights up and makes sounds similar to the movie
  • The blade is sold separately
  • For a hilt, this is very expensive
Overall, the Luke Skywalker Galaxy’s Edge Star Wars Lightsaber Hilt is a nice investment for serious Star Wars fans and collectors. This product doesn’t come on cheap, but the quality is almost close to a real saber.

6. Rubie’s Star Wars Lightsaber

If the price is a concern, Rubie’s Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber might be a wise option. The Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber replica glows with a blue tint similar to Anakin’s in the Star Wars movie.

The unique feature of this lightsaber is its telescoping blade. Just like the old ones, the blade retracts back into the handle using the latch. I find it really cool when extending the blade to its full length because I only need to point the saber down and move the latch away.

The color is more of a light blue, and it shines quite bright, surprisingly. It needs two AA batteries to light up. When I used this saber as a prop during a night party, the light lasted for many hours.

Another thing that I like about Rubie’s Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber is the price. It’s rare to find a Star Wars lightsaber replica that costs less than $20. Despite the price, the hilt was made with fine details to depict the real thing.

However, this lightsaber has no sound effects to make the swordplay experience more realistic. As expected from its price, this item isn’t the sturdiest because it can fall apart when used as a dueling toy.
  • Lights up into a divine blue tint color
  • Retractable blade collapses and extends easily
  • Only needs two AA batteries to last for many hours of uninterrupted use
  • Comes at a very approachable price
  • Made with beautiful details on the hilt
  • Doesn’t make sound effects — only lights
  • Might be a little flimsy for play
Altogether, Rubie’s Anakin Skywalker lightsaber is perfect for costumes with its limited features. This lightsaber is the most budget-friendly on this list, but it only lights up.

7. STAR WARS Elite Lightsaber

If money isn’t an issue, I recommend the Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber because it’s the closest thing to the real Star Wars saber. The hilt’s design is simply awesome, and its electronics is a total upgrade from previous Force FX models.

For once, there’s a button specially made to deflect blaster shots. Holding the button also gives a molten effect, which makes the saber look like it’s melting. Plus, this high end lightsaber model adopted a new removable blade feature, making it a pretty display item in my glass case.

I like that the manufacturer added LED effects because it seems that the blade is pulsating. There are about 80 LEDs built on the saber, so the light comes on beautifully just like in the movies. Also, the sound effects are amplified to make it sound like the real Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

The entire construction is sturdy — the hilt is made of real metal while the blade doesn’t jiggle around. The hilt is rich in detail that it can be mistaken for the real thing. Out of all the effects, my favorites are the blaster deflects and the blade drag because they’re superior to any of the other models from the Black Series.

However, I dislike the ignition switch’s placement because I hit it sometimes, and it causes an accidental shutoff. The price is also on the heftier side, but worth it for its quality.
  • Awesome hilt design is full of rich details
  • Built with 80 LEDs to give impressive light effects
  • Paired with amplified sound effects
  • Includes new features, such as molten effect and blaster deflect
  • Features a removable blade
  • Has a sturdy construction that won’t juggle around
  • Very expensive product
  • Awkward switch placement
All in all, the Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber is a worthy investment if you’re looking for awesome light and sound effects. This particular model beats the other Black Series models with its exclusive features like blaster deflects and blade drag.

8. KYBERS Basic Series Lightsaber

I got my nephew his first Star War Series lightsaber, but it got stolen. After going through many custom lightsaber makers, I discovered Kybers Basic Series, which offers premium features at a reasonable price.

The Silver Hilt is made of aluminum alloy, which is very strong and durable. It’s a bit heavy, so it feels like a real saber. Thankfully, the package comes with clear instructions, so it was easy using it from the get-go.

I like that the batteries are rechargeable because I don’t want to spend on batteries frequently. For its actual wattage, I was fascinated by its brightness. The saber is so bright that I use it as a flashlight at night sometimes.

The sound effects are authentic, and it became a favorite thing for my nephew. I find it convenient that the sound can be muted whenever we want. Best of all, this item is so realistic that it shakes and changes color upon impact, thanks to the real-time shaking and flash on clash features.

However, the Kybers Basic Series lack a D-ring or anything that I can clip onto my belt. While the hilt is very durable, the white plastic blade is the opposite, unfortunately.
  • Comes at a modest price
  • Metal hilt feels durable and solid, like the real thing
  • Includes clear instructions for great ease of use, plus rechargeable battery
  • Has movie-like sound effects that can be muted
  • Very bright that it can be a useable lightsaber flashlight at night
  • Shakes and flashes upon impact
  • Can’t be clipped on the waistline or belt
  • The blade is a bit flimsy
All in all, the Silver Hilt Blue Light offers impressive features despite the price. This product is made of a durable hilt, incredible sound effects, and flash on clash.

9. YDDSABER Replica Lightsaber

This Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber is made for heavy dueling with its tough and strong construction. The blade glows with a green light that adds a cool effect when you fight.

The aluminum hilt seems to be strong because it’s slightly weighted, and it didn’t break when I dropped it on the hard floor accidentally. The structure is kind of slim, so it’s easy to grasp in one hand. When I touch it, I like its smoothness because it makes it feel like the real thing.

My favorite is the flash on crash feature because the blade makes a cool light effect when it gets knocked during dueling. I like that the blade is removable from the hilt so I can display the hilt on my belt when not in use. When the sound gets annoying for a while, there’s a mute function to solve it.

For its price, I think it’s a steal because it contains the features that can be found on more expensive models. The battery is rechargeable, so it’s cost-effective in the long run. Best of all, the lightsaber comes with a 1-month quality warranty to give reassurance to customers.

However, sound effects get delayed sometimes. It would be nicer if they came out at the right time.
  • Has a tough construction for heavy dueling
  • Green blade comes with a 1-month warranty
  • Comes with a flash on crash feature to add a more realistic duel effect
  • Removable blade makes it easy to clip the hilt on the waistline
  • Aluminum hilt is smooth, durable, and easy to grasp
  • Comes with a cost-effective rechargeable battery and mute function
  • The sound effects don’t match with the motion
All in all, the YDD Kylo Ren Replica Lightsaber Silver Hilt Green Blade is a great steal with its impressive features. Compared to other high-end lightsaber models, this one is less expensive.

10. STAR WARS Windu Lightsaber

Mace Windu has one of the best colors in the Star Wars replicas lightsaber collection. This Force FX saber emits a purple color which looks cool, especially in the dark.

The hilt feels durable because it’s fairly thick and made of real metal. I like the gold and chrome accents because they make the hilt look luxurious. Also, the faux leather makes the hilt easy to grip in one hand.

What I like the most is the brightness level because it stays visible in a well-lit room. When I tried using the saber in a dark room, I was stunned at how the light could fill the entire space. Another impressive sight to see is when you turn the lightsaber on because the light moves up the blade tube like what you see in the movies.

Like all other Black Series lightsabers, the Mace Windu comes with a display stand to add to your collection. The display stand is clear, and it’s sturdy enough to hold the entire lightsaber. As a collector, I’d say this is good for swinging and light contact.

However, the sound is a bit lower than other Star Wars Black Series models. I think the saber would be better if the blade was detachable since the hilt comes with a covertec clip. The blade’s end may drag on the ground if you clip it on the belt.
  • Glows in a lovely purple color
  • Hilt seems to be durable and well-made
  • Easy to grip with the faux leather
  • High brightness level that it can illuminate a room
  • Light moves up when turned on
  • Comes with a nice clear stand for display
  • Sound needs a little boost
  • Covertec clip could have been more useful if the blade was detachable
Overall, the Mace Windu lightsaber is a nice display item in your Star Wars lightsaber collection. The blade glows with a pretty purple color that’s so unique from all lightsabers out there.

What to Look for When Buying Lightsaber Replica


Buying a lightsaber replica can be a good investment, especially if you find a rare collectible item. If you don’t know what lightsaber to buy, consider these things to help you make the right decision.


The lightsaber’s style depends on your preferences, like combat style and physique. If you’re short, look for a short blade so it won’t drag to the ground when you wield it. Avoid a curved-hilt lightsaber if you’re strong because you might break it during a duel.

If you want to reach and move freely, a standard lightsaber is a good option. A saberstaff that has two blades is suitable for those who want an aggressive style or increased defense. If you want more precision and grace, a curved-hilt lightsaber is an excellent choice.

A crossguard lightsaber, like Kylo Ren’s, is an upgrade to the standard lightsaber. This lightsaber style provides more hand protection with the two guards.


The hilt is the most critical part of the lightsaber since it will tell you its comfort level and durability. The best lightsabers have a secure handgrip that’s made of leather or metal ridges. The material should be real metal to make sure that it can withstand any beating.

The aesthetic of the entire lightsaber replica mainly depends on the hilt design. Do you like some gold accents or deep grooves?

Also, the size and shape of the hilt will tell just what you can do with the lightsaber. If you want to spin the lightsaber, look for the choke point and make sure that it’s close to the emitter. For those who want to wield the saber with both hands, make sure that your offhand is resting on a rigid section.

Light And Sound Effects

Besides the design, the light and sound effects can be a major deciding factor when buying a good lightsaber replica. The best lightsaber replicas have FX to imitate the movie sound effects. The sound should match the motion so it can make the saber more realistic.

The light should be bright and close to the inspired character. For example, a Darth Vader lightsaber should illuminate a red color and not other colors. The brightness may depend on the bulb’s wattage or the number of LEDs installed on the unit.


Now, the price may depend on how much you can afford. If you’re a serious collector, the price is the last thing of your concerns. The quality and authenticity should be your topmost priority because the value of the lightsaber replica may double in the coming years.

If you want a lightsaber for play, you can go cheap. You can find many lightsabers as low as $20 that are intended as toys for children.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best lightsabers?

Hasbro is the best lightsaber company that makes the closest thing to the Star Wars movie. This company offers different Star Wars lightsaber collector items, from Darth Vader to Anakin Skywalker. My favorite is the Force FX lightsaber collection because it made many improvements to make it as close to the movie prop as possible.

If you plan to build your own lightsaber, try checking Park Sabers. This custom saber company is the best in making character-inspired lightsaber hilts.

Is Saberforge better than Ultrasabers?

In my opinion, Saberforge is better than Ultrasabers because it pays more attention to detail. Saberforge also tends to be slightly larger and heavier than Ultrasabers, making it more durable and realistic. In terms of variety, Saber Forge wins, hands down.

However, this brand is more expensive. It’s also not child-friendly because it’s heavy to swing around.

How much would a real lightsaber cost?

A real lightsaber can cost more than $400. If you want to create your own lightsaber, you can do it at Savi’s Workshop for at least $199.99. A good-looking lightsaber replica can cost between $100-300.

Lightsaber toys are usually the cheap ones because they cost less than a hundred. In fact, you can buy a lightsaber at Disneyland for only $30.

Where can I buy good quality lightsabers?

You can purchase good quality lightsabers at toy stores and online stores, like Amazon. There are also other websites that offer customization, like Saberz.com and Genesis Custom Sabers.


A lightsaber replica is truly the best prop if you want to imbibe the Jedi spirit. From collector’s item to dueling, the lightsaber replicas above are magnificent on their own.

But if I have to pick the best lightsaber replica on this list, my top choice will be the Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber. This lightsaber features sound effects that match the motion and light progression of the movie. If you want the closest lightsaber that Darth Vader uses in the movie, Hasbro’s Star Wars Signature Series might be a good pick.

Here are some other interesting models that you might like:

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Pmsanzay (2 Pack) Clear Acrylic Display Stand for Star Wars Light Saber FX Master Replicas Graflex LED Light Swords Double Bladed Dual Sabers - No...
  • Quantity : Two clear blade holder , FOUR wall mount clip. Hardware included. Hold 2 LightSaber - (no LightSaber)
  • Clear - Both the blade holder and the wall mount clip are clear. Does its job without being visually obtrusive.Safely secure and proudly display your...
  • Use that familiar electric glow to compliment any room, from games rooms to bedrooms, living rooms to studies.
  • Bottom is made with a open design to fit any size pommel and hilt.Fast and easy to remove but very secure.
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Star Wars Mini Yoda Lightsaber Flashlight - Green LED Model Replica - Attachable Keychain for Backpacks, Wallets, Phones, and Bags - Licensed Disney...
  • JEDI MASTER: Lightsaber shines a bright green light when activated - whether you’re a Jedi Knight of not!
  • FUN REPLICA: This lightsaber is a perfect recreation of Yoda’s famed weapon from Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III!
  • PERFECTLY SIZED: This miniature toy keychain measures 0.6'' W x 3.6'' H x 1.6'' D, making it easily portable for wherever you might need it!
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Lightsaber is constructed from durable plastic and metal. Includes 3 LR14 batteries.
  • THE FORCE NOT WITH THIS ONE? Not to worry! Return this product for a full refund, and may the Force be with you!
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AUXPhome (2 Pack) Clear Acrylic Display Stand for Star Wars Light Saber FX Master Replicas Graflex LED Light Swords Double Bladed Dual Sabers - No...
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  • Clear - Both the blade holder and the wall mount clip are clear. Does its job without being visually obtrusive.Safely secure and proudly display your...
  • Use that familiar electric glow to compliment any room, from games rooms to bedrooms, living rooms to studies.
  • Bottom is made with a open design to fit any size pommel and hilt.Fast and easy to remove but very secure.
  • Easy to take in and take out - Put your light saber into the blade holder and push the tip into the wall mount clip. - the blade holder is very thick,...
Bestseller No. 4
Darth Vader Lightsaber EP III (mini)
  • A .45 scaled version of the full-size.
  • Based on archived referenced materials from the Disney vault.
  • Constructed with die-cast metal and brass parts.
  • Comes with certificate of Authenticity
  • Comes with display & stand.
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  • NO SHARP EDGE ON HILT. The Aluminum hilt is smooth with NO sharp edge to avoid possible cutting.
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: 1 Lukesaber lightsaber, 1 User manual, 1 USB charging cable, and 1 Allen key.
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Kenpora Light Saber, Light Sabers for Kids with FX Sound, 2 in 1 Expandable Light Swords Gift Set for Birthday, Halloween Party, Galaxy War Fighters...
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