12 Best Lightsabers for Dueling 2023 – For Sci-Fi Fans


Whether you want to buy one for cosplay or because you just finish a sci-fi movie, you might think about getting your lightsaber. If you are having a hard time choosing which lightsaber to get, this article will help you decide.

Our Pick
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
Good Choice
KYBERS RGB Light Saber with Infinite Color-Changing Force FX Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, Non-Slip and Bulge-Free Hilt is Perfect for Spinning
Good Price
Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
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TXQ SABER SN Pixel V4 Lightsaber Motion Control Light Sabers with RGB 12 Colors 27 Sound Fonts to Change Realistic Force FX Metal Hilt with Flash on...
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KYBERS Standard Series Light Saber with Metal Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Sabre Sword (Ataru-RGB)
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
KYBERS RGB Light Saber with Infinite Color-Changing Force FX Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, Non-Slip and Bulge-Free Hilt is Perfect for Spinning
Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
TXQ SABER SN Pixel V4 Lightsaber Motion Control Light Sabers with RGB 12 Colors 27 Sound Fonts to Change Realistic Force FX Metal Hilt with Flash on...
KYBERS Standard Series Light Saber with Metal Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Sabre Sword (Ataru-RGB)
Our Pick
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
YDDSABER Dueling Lightsaber with 38.2 Inch,FX Light Saber,Metal Hilt,Replaceable Blade,4 Modes Sounds, Blaster, Rechargeable, Age 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13...
Good Choice
KYBERS RGB Light Saber with Infinite Color-Changing Force FX Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, Non-Slip and Bulge-Free Hilt is Perfect for Spinning
KYBERS RGB Light Saber with Infinite Color-Changing Force FX Heavy Dueling Lightsaber, Non-Slip and Bulge-Free Hilt is Perfect for Spinning
Good Price
Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
Galaxy's Edge Star Wars Legacy Lightsaber
Don't Miss
TXQ SABER SN Pixel V4 Lightsaber Motion Control Light Sabers with RGB 12 Colors 27 Sound Fonts to Change Realistic Force FX Metal Hilt with Flash on...
TXQ SABER SN Pixel V4 Lightsaber Motion Control Light Sabers with RGB 12 Colors 27 Sound Fonts to Change Realistic Force FX Metal Hilt with Flash on...
Also Consider
KYBERS Standard Series Light Saber with Metal Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Sabre Sword (Ataru-RGB)
KYBERS Standard Series Light Saber with Metal Hilt Force FX Heavy Dueling Sabre Sword (Ataru-RGB)

As the number of sci-fi fans increases day by day, numerous manufacturers have created their best lightsabers for dueling. This article review is helpful as you can check out a list of the top products currently available. Aside from that, you will also learn more interesting and important information when it comes to owning a Force FX lightsaber.

Best Lightsaber for Dueling Reviews 2023

1. YDD LED Light Up Saber Force FX

First up on our list is a YDD lightsaber named the Saber Force FX in Blue. All-in-all, the 97 cm long lightsaber is built for those who want to use it for dueling. Let us take a look at what it has in store.

Once you buy this product, you can be reassured that this is an ideal lightsaber for dueling. What makes it unique is its overall durability and the handle’s aluminum design. The button on the handle allows you to adjust the color of the lightblade, mute the realistic sound effects, or unmute the realistic sound effects.

Durable as it is, the blade will show wear and tear. This is due to the soft film wrapped around the outside of the polycarbonate light blade can be warped by bumps and scrapes. Aside from that, its heat shrink tube tip may come off in between duels.

Worried about realism? This product also produces sound effects when you swing it around or when it hits something. That way, you can wield it the same way as your favorite sci-fi character in a film or TV show.

Overall, this is a great product to get even as a beginner in lightblade dueling. As the blade and handle are detachable, it comes with the tools and bolts needed to loosen or tighten them when needed. The battery included comes with its own USB charger too.
  • An ideal lightsaber for dueling
  • Comes with a non-slip and easy to operate handle
  • Includes tools and bolts for tight hold on the lightblade and easy stash after use
  • Durable handle and blade made of high-quality materials
  • Produces sound effects just like in movies
  • Includes USB charger
  • Soft film might wrinkle due to wear and tear
  • Heat shrink tube tip might come off due to wear and tear
YDD made this model specifically as one of the best lightsabers for fighting. From its durable aluminum handle to its sturdy polycarbonate blade, it can handle being used as a duel weapon.

2. Adawlert’s Duel Lightsaber

Looking for a cheap force FX lightsaber? Look no further and get this product by Adawlert! It has lots of great features that make it stand out against the rest of the list. You can ensure that they created a durable product, from its handle to the light blade.

One of the features that make it unique is its RGB lights. Using the button on its handle, you can adjust the color of the lightsaber to make the light flash. Overall, these effects will make your dueling experience with this weapon fun.

The FX lightsaber includes a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery in its handle. Once it runs out of power, you would have to wait for 4 hours using its included charger to power it back up. It is also detachable, making maintenance easier in the long run.

Aside from its vibrant color, Adawlert makes sure that this FX lightsaber can be used in stunts. In detail, the light itself is encased in a durable polycarbonate material that can sustain damage while dueling. Said material is a pipe that is 1 inch thick. You can also detach it before and after use. Furthermore, its handle is made out of aluminum alloy, making it feel solid in your hand.

In various movies, lightsabers emit sound while they bounce off each other. When you use this fx lightsaber model, you can hear 6 different sounds of it clashing. That way, you can replicate various stunts with ease.

If you want to wield a dual-ended saber, you can make use of the included groove in the handle. By buying two of the same lightsaber, combining them is as simple as screwing in both ends of the handles together. Then, you can turn on the lightsaber and you have a dual-ended saber.

Unlike the other FX lightsabers on this list, it does not come with its own case. This may pose a challenge for those who want to own this product. Make sure to store it in a clean, safe place.
  • Multiple unique RGB light colors
  • Rechargeable and detachable 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Durable constructions for heavy stunts and solid hold
  • Six sound fonts
  • Detachable polycarbonate light blade
  • Allows dual-blade wielding
  • Does not come with its case
As their way of competing against other lightsaber brands, Adawlert creates their force FX lightsaber. This model is not only affordable but is made with durable materials. They make sure that its users can use it in stunts or dueling with dual-wield.

3. KYBERS Force FX Dueling Lightsaber

The next Force FX Dueling model by KYBERS is one of the best combat lightsabers in the market. It is also among the few products on this list that has its storage case.

This model has a gunmetal hilt. Once you hold it in your hand, it feels not only light but solid. Depending on your preference, you can also add on the included wrap in the package. That way, you can avoid it from slipping out from your fingers.

Meanwhile, the included light blade is made of very durable polycarbonate material. It is 30.8 inches long and can be detached from the handle when needed. You can set its light from an array of 11 built-in colors too.

To make it more realistic, the lightsaber is created with sound effects. As of this model, there are 3 sound fonts and a mute option. Aside from that, you can adjust the volume to low, medium, or high. When you fight with another lightsaber holder, it can create a clash flash once both lightsabers touch.

Regarding the battery, it comes with one fitted in the handle. If the lightsaber does not turn on, you can use the included charger. Knowing that it lasts 500 recharges, this means that you can make use of this lightsaber for as long as you want.

Finally, its most unique feature is that you can get another light blade and attach it onto the other end of your hilt. Doing this will help you get a double-bladed lightsaber. The only issue is that this product does not allow you to install a hook to attach the saber to your outfit.
  • Metal hilt can be fitted with included wrap
  • Durable polycarbonate light blade
  • Choose between 11 colors for the light blade
  • Comes with three sound effects, mute option, and volume adjust
  • Includes storage case
  • Can become a double-bladed lightsaber
  • Lasts for 500 recharges
  • Does not allow for a hook attachment
Being one of the many dueling lightsabers with sound available on the market, this product from KYBERS can provide us with a great experience. From its clash flash effect to its ability to be a double-bladed lightsaber, you can wield one of the most popular sci-fi weapons at ease.

4. Saber Studio Lightsaber 028

This 40-inch full contact lightsaber is one of Saber Studio’s pride and joys. It boasts of the excellent quality the company brings to their sabers. From its silver hilt to the bright blade, the model will make you feel like you’re holding an actual lightsaber.

As expected, the handle is made out of aluminum, a durable material that feels substantially heavy. It features a charging port and a button for changing the sound effects and saber colors. Also, there is a smooth surface that will allow you to hold it with one or both hands.

I am excited that there are lively light effects available for us to change to our liking. In detail, when you hold the button for one second, the saber will create a lock-up loop. The other effect is that it will flash once it hits something solid.

You are going to love the special tip at the end of this blade as it brings out the light blade’s color even better. Best of all, you can also feel safe when you duel with other people using this model as the quality makes it one of the best lightsabers to fight with.

The battery that is inside the handle is rechargeable. Once it loses power, you can use the included charging cable to get it fully charged. Make sure to wait an hour after charging it for 4 hours before using it.
  • Includes aluminum hilt for realistic feel
  • A sturdy light blade
  • Allows different light color settings
  • Provides multiple sound fonts for fun dueling
  • Comes with a special tip for better blade colors
  • Includes its fast charger and rechargeable battery
  • Requires a full 4-hour charge before use out of the box
From Saber Studio, you can get their 028 models if you are thinking of getting a lightsaber you can fight with. It can be charged in 4 hours, adjust the sound fonts, and set the light blade to a different color. You can be assured by how realistic they made it.

5. Galaxy’s Legacy Lightsaber

As Star Wars becomes more and more well-known throughout the years, various merchandise is made using the movie as inspiration. Among them, the Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsaber is a faithful reproduction of a prominent character’s weapon from the series. For a reasonable price, you can get one of the Star Wars dueling lightsabers.

Being one of the closest representations for Luke Skywalker’s weapon in the series, it comes with a robust case. Take note that it contains electronics that would handle the blade’s glow and sound effects when used.

There are two other things that it needs before you can use it. First, you need to put in the included 3 AAA batteries in the handle. Second, it does not come with its own light blade. It is highly recommended to get one from their Star Wars legacy line.

Make sure that only children ages 8 and above will handle this. Also, parent supervision is required when replacing the batteries and using the lightsaber. They can follow the included instructions too.
  • Includes durable case and handle
  • Based on Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in the Star Wars series
  • Comes with 3 AAA batteries
  • Designed for children ages 8 and above
  • Includes assembly instructions
  • Does not include the recommended Galaxy’s Edge light blade
If you are looking for a certain piece of Star Wars merchandise for your collection, then the Galaxy’s Edge Legacy Lightsaber of Luke Skywalker is your best bet. If you get the recommended light blade, you can own a replica of the weapon he used in the movies.

6. YDD Jedi Sith Lightsaber

One of the most popular villains in sci-fi is the Siths from Star Wars. They are known for their signature bright red lightsabers. If you want to get your hands on one, then you can opt for YDD’s Jedi Sith model.

The handle is colored black and made with aluminum. There is a smooth portion on it where you can wield the weapon with one or both hands. Additionally, turning it on and off is as simple as using the button on the handle.

You can also use that button to change the sound effects that the saber produces when used. I am thrilled that I can choose between three sound fonts and even mute the sound altogether. Such a function allows me to further enjoy using the lightsaber in my way.

Aside from the available sound fonts, it also includes a special feature that makes it as realistic as possible. It will produce a blaster sound and a flash once it hits something solid. Those effects make me feel as if I am dueling with the real thing; it is so much fun.

Meanwhile, the included light blade makes this model a good sparring lightsaber. It is made out of high-quality polycarbonate, a material that makes the entire product sturdy. Still, a minor drawback that bothers some users is that this model can only glow red.

When it comes to its battery life, it can last for up to 50 minutes when fully charged with the included battery. Once it runs out, you can use the included charger and plug it in the handle to charge. It will be fully charged in 4 hours.

  • Includes black handle made out of durable aluminum
  • Includes polycarbonate light blade
  • Change between three sound cards for fun in dueling
  • Easy to switch on and off or mute sound
  • Appropriate for heavy dueling
  • Lasts for 50 minutes for a full charge of 4 hours using a built-in battery
  • Light blade color only comes in red
If you are looking for a full contact lightsaber with sturdy construction and realistic special effects, then you can get the YDD Jedi Sith LightSaber. You can wield it for an hour and feel as if you are holding the actual weapon in your hand.

7. Saber Studio Force FX Lightsaber

If you want to participate in an ultra sabers duel, I can recommend this product from Saber Studio. From its unique hilt to its bright light blade, this is another one of its affordable and well-made lightsabers. I recommend this for beginner duelists.

Its hilt is made out of a durable aluminum. For easier storage, it can be disassembled from the light blade. You can also adjust the light blade color and sound effects as with other Studio Sabers.

Since the unit does not come with a case, I have to buy my own case to bring it with me for dueling with my friend. Luckily, you can have fun right away with the lightsaber due to its included rechargeable battery. Furthermore, the piece is durable enough for you to clash against it, getting you through the entire dueling match.

Overall, this is a great light blade. Not only will it help me have duels with my friends, I can say that you can too! Make sure to charge it for four hours once its battery dies. Aside from that, don’t forget to store it in a dry, safe place when not in use.
  • Includes durable aluminum hilt
  • Includes durable, bright light blade
  • Choose the color of the light blade
  • Pick between different sound fonts
  • Listen to realistic sound effects
  • Change between different sound fonts
  • Does not include a case
As Saber Studio became one of the best places to buy lightsabers, you can get your hands on one of their popular models. At an appropriate price, you can choose which LED color to use to have a great duel lightsaber with sound.

8. Adawlert Force FX Lightsaber B081S29FHK

I find it incredible to own one of Adawlert’s dueling grade lightsabers. This is one of the fair-priced lightsabers on the market. From its special effects to its quality, you can start your lightsaber journey here.

Regarding its tough look, the aluminum hilt bears the same color as metal. There are various ridges on it to help us hold the lightsaber properly while swinging it around. Aside from the ridges, there is also a multi-purpose button and the charging plug on it.

The light blade, on the other hand, is made out of durable polycarbonate material. You can also detach it from the handle for easier storage. Most importantly, it can withstand several hits from other solid objects while casting the all-familiar lightsaber glow.

Speaking of light, you can use the button on the hilt to change the lightsaber color to your preference. There are various colors to choose from by using the hilt’s button. I love that the LED inside the hilt can ensure bright and consistent colors for this saber.

A lightsaber duel would not be complete without the all-familiar clashing sound effects. This Adawlert model has 6 different sound cards that you can choose from. Best of all, it can also produce a clash sound, a start-up sound, or set all audio effects to mute.

Finally, the hilt also has a rechargeable 2000 mAH battery. It keeps the entire lightsaber running and can last up to an hour, giving me enough time for an exciting dueling battle.
  • Includes metal aluminum hilt and sturdy PVC light blade
  • Includes rechargeable 2000 mAh battery and charger
  • The entire lightsaber can be disassembled and reassembled for easy stash
  • Switch between 6 different 3sound fonts and various colors
  • Convertible to a dual lightsaber
  • Does not come with its case
As one of the best dueling lightsabers available on the market today, this from Adawlert is an ideal choice whether you are just starting or are experienced in this hobby. From its overall quality to its customizability, this is a product that you can get for your next duel.

9. YDD Dueling Lightsaber B07GR7D9NV

If you are looking for a lightsaber that fits your budget, you can go for this lightsaber from YDD. What I like about it is its overall quality, the rechargeable battery, bright light blade, and the realistic special effects.

You can trace the quality from the hilt and the light blade. Using aluminum alloy 6061 as its main material, the manufacturer created a comfortable and detailed hilt for this lightsaber. Meanwhile, the light blade can withstand significant abuse in heavy duels due to its polycarbonate construction.

This model features a variety of visual and sound effects to choose from. From the startup visual effect to the clashing sound during duels, you can feel as if you are holding the real weapon in your hand. As a bonus, you can choose between different colors and sound fonts, or set its sound to mute.

When I used this lightsaber, I was able to duel with my friend for an hour. Once it ran out, I just had to plug it using the included charger. After four hours, I can get it and joust with my friends again.

However, you cannot remove the battery. To some people, this is a disadvantage as it might be harder to store the weapon after use. However, this will not impede you from having any duels with fellow sci-fi fans.
  • Includes durable hilt made out of aluminum alloy 6061
  • Includes durable polycarbonate light blade
  • Includes rechargeable 2000 mAh battery
  • Includes charging cable
  • Switch light blade color to green, blue, ice blue, pink, purple, red, or yellow
  • Set its built-in sounds to mute or choose between 3 sound fonts
  • Creates a startup and a clash sound
  • Cannot detach hilt and blade from each other
All in all, this YDD dueling grade lightsaber can promise us amazing and exciting dueling games with our friends. From the durable hilt to the realistic sound effects, this

10. KYBERS B07H1K99S1 Lightsaber

In my opinion, the Standard Series B07H1K99S1 Lightsaber by KYBERS is a great find for many sci-fi enthusiasts. It can match every model due to its overall construction and customizability.

When necessary, you can detach the hilt and light blade. Said hilt is made of aluminum and feels heavier compared to its base version, thus giving us the feeling of holding a real weapon. Meanwhile, the light blade made of a strong polycarbonate material can withstand a strong hit by solid objects or other lightsabers in a game.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, you can freely choose which color you want to set this light blade on, how loud and bright you want it to be. I am thrilled every time I cycle through various light-efficient modes to pick a good one for my dueling.

On the other hand, we need to invest in a separate accessory to attach it to our belts. On the upside, we can get the same lightsaber and attach it to the other end of the hilt. Plus, we can also store it and its charger inside the included case too.
  • Comes with its carrying case
  • Includes durable black aluminum hilt and polycarbonate light blade
  • Includes parts to tighten the hilt and light blade together
  • Includes rechargeable battery and charger
  • Switch between 11 LED colors, 3 levels of brightness, and 6 light-efficient modes
  • Choose between 5 sound fonts, mute sound, and adjust the volume
  • Creates flash-on-clash effect
  • Can be combined to another lightsaber to create a dual-bladed saber
  • Requires an additional accessory to attach it to your belt
From KYBERS, you can get this for your sci-fi collection or to start your dueling hobby. Its signature black metal hilt and sturdy light blade can help you fit in with your fellow enthusiasts.

11. Hasbro’s Kylo Ren Force FX Elite Lightsaber

This model is one of the many available force FX lightsabers for sale. What makes it unique is it is a near replica of the lightsaber used in the popular film Star Wars. This specific one is used by Kylo Ren, a character from The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Ride of Skywalker movies.

The original lightsaber in the movie is powered by a flawed but powerful kyber crystal. Its unique structure allows the plasma stream to split into three channels. It is caused by the present crystal activators that split two of said channels to vent plasma to the sides. When active, it resembles that certain weapon in battle a long time ago.

As this model is one of the force fx lightsabers in The Black Series, Hasbro makes sure that it is durable and as accurate as the one used by the character on the big screen. This replica makes use of 80 LEDs and movie-inspired sound effects to make it as realistic as possible. In fact, its hilt’s design and deco are based on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.

Furthermore, activating the sound effects is simple. The hilt has several buttons that slide and press, allowing the holder to activate four different lighting effects. It includes progressive ignition, battle clash, molten glow, and unstable plasma as effects when pressed.

What I like best about this specific model is that it comes with its stand. When placing it on the stand, you can opt to put on the removable side blades. As a bonus, you can get a special collectible coin too.

Take note that making use of this model uses 3 1.5 V AA Alkaline batteries, which are not included when you purchase it.
  • Based on Kylo Ren’s lightsaber used in the movie
  • More superior than the Disney Parks exclusive version
  • Vibrant LED lights and FX
  • Includes a stand and collectible coin
  • Removable side blades
  • Does not include 3 AA batteries
Whether you are a long-time Star Wars fan or not, this is one of the best FX lightsabers that you can get. Not only would you get a nearly-perfect replica of the one used by Kylo Ren in the movies, but you can also get a cool piece for your collection.

12. Hasbro’s Darth Vader Force FX Lightsaber

The Hasbro force fx lightsaber, yet another Star Wars The Black Series model, is a replica of the one used by Darth Vader. As he is one of the most prominent villains in this sci-fi saga, getting this fx lightsaber is a great deal for fans and collectors alike.

Hasbro’s replica of his prominent weapon includes a nearly exact copy of its structure from the movies. This includes its hilt, which is a combination of black and silver pieces. Meanwhile, the light blade itself includes the unique curved piece that makes it stand out among the rest of the collection.

Once you turn it on, you can experience realistic light and sound effects from it. Whether you hit its light blade or move it around, various exciting sound effects can be heard. This is due to the speaker embedded in the lightsaber handle.

Let’s not forget about the light blade! It turns into the signature red glow that signifies Dark Vader’s allegiance to the Dark Side. Whether in a properly lighted room or a dim one, you can see how it shines as if you were holding the real one in your own hands!

As it is under The Black Series, it comes with its display stand. I am thrilled that I can use this to store this lightsaber safely, and show it in my own home. It has one downside, however, is that you need to buy 3 AA batteries to power it up before using.
  • A durable lightsaber hilt
  • Produces sound effects that make it feel like the real thing
  • Shines a realistic red glow
  • A well-balanced lightsaber
  • Comes with a display stand
  • 3 AA batteries not included
As it is under Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series fx lightsabers, you can rest assured to get an accurate replica of one of the series’ most prominent antagonists. From its realistic sound and light effects to its accurate reproduction, you can harness the Dark Side by wielding this product.

What to Look for When Buying a Lightsaber for Dueling


As there are lots of lightsabers to choose from, you should consider what makes a product appropriate to duel with.

Please take note that this is to help you wield it properly for yourself and your opponent. Here are some things to take note of when getting one:

  • Has a heavy-grade or thick-walled blade (at least 1-inch diameter blade)
  • Avoid any midgrade blades, especially with thinner blades and hilts
  • The blade is made out of a strong plastic
  • Makes use of a powerful LED in its hilt
  • Uses a soundboard and a speaker to create motion sound effects

Also, most buyers are advised to:

  • Check the battery’s longevity
  • Inspect the lightsaber if everything works properly

Aside from these physical aspects, you would also have to take into account where you are getting your dueling lightsaber from. This includes checking out customer reviews of each model. Doing this will help you anticipate what problems you can encounter once you buy one of their products.

You can also check the history of who is selling the lightsaber and who made it. Getting one from an experienced company can help reassure you that their products are of high quality. Make sure to choose one that you can talk to once you have questions about lightsabers.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Other than tips mentioned above to help you learn which product to get, here are some frequently asked questions regarding the product.

What is a lightsaber for dueling?

Dueling is a sport where two people fight each other using a weapon of choice. Lightsabers became a popular choice due to the increase of interest in the sci-fi genre in mainstream media. This is the reason why various companies have invested their resources, providing them to everyone.

What makes a lightsaber fit for dueling is that it is a third-party saber. Companies that make this aim to be as close as the weapon used in sci-fi movies. These are also considered as the highest quality lightsaber we can buy.

How does it work?

The most recognizable part of the lightsaber is the light blade. Depending on the model, it can emit a particular light-color. Aside from that, it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from dueling.

Creating the light and the sound effects it has can be found inside the hilt of the lightsaber itself. Not only does it help the person hold it firmly with one or two hands, but it contains the necessary electronics that power them.

Using the battery as the energy source, it powers three main components. For the sound, there is a speaker and a sound card. Meanwhile, the light it produces when turned on is generated by a light source, such as an LED strip.

Who is this for?

As a lightsaber can be used in a formal duel to fight someone, it is highly recommended to use by responsible adults. This is because it may be possible to sustain injuries on either fighter depending on how the duel progressed.

Even if the lightsaber is a staple in an adult pastime, children can also enjoy playing with this item as well. However, it is advised to keep an eye out on them. This can prevent them from getting into accidents, from disassembling the lightsaber to waving it around dangerously.

What are the different types of dueling lightsabers?

The dueling lightsabers depend on the configuration of the blade with the handle. The standard dueling lightsaber has one handle with a blade attached to it. There is a dual-blade lightsaber where the handle is in between two blades.

Some lightsabers are based on how a particular company made them. It is relatively common to see several models whose parts can be attached and detached at will. Others are fixed in place and would have a detachable compartment for the battery.

Why do you need a lightsaber for dueling?

There are two important reasons as to why you will need a lightsaber for dueling. First, this will help you immerse yourself in part of sci-fi lore. Second, it will help you become physically and mentally fit.

Also, do take note that entering official dueling tournaments with a lightsaber has guidelines on the type used for the event. With that in mind, it is best to learn which models you can get for that specific purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the best dueling lightsaber brands?

There are a lot of companies that have created their lightsaber for the market. You can take a look at the impressive collection of well-trusted brands such as Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Electrum, and Kyberlight.

Can you fight with Force FX lightsabers?

When entering a lightsaber duel, you can use force FX lightsabers. This will help you feel like acting out a scene in a sci-fi movie due to its sound effects and sturdy construction. It is designed to react to your every move while you hold it in your hands.

However, do exercise caution when reenacting various stunts with this item. For example, if you want to do a backflip and hit someone at the back with it, perform it in a safe, wide area with supervision. Doing this will help keep you and the lightsaber safe.

Are Saberforge lightsabers good for dueling?

As one of the popular lightsaber companies out there, Saberforge makes sure that each lightsaber is durable enough to withstand being used for duels. Aside from that, you can choose from several hilt designs.

Where to buy?

There are various ways for anyone to get their hands on a dueling lightsaber. You can get them directly from their official sites. Another way is to buy them through other online stores, such as Amazon, that have them in stock.

How to care and clean?

There are three things that you should take note of when maintaining a dueling lightsaber. First, make sure to keep its battery fully charged or replace it as soon as it runs out of power. Second, keep it out of reach of children. Third, store it in a dry, safe place.

Additionally, you can simply wipe off your lightsaber in between uses to keep it clean. If you can separate the hilt from the light blade, you can clean each separately with a dry cloth. Take care not to get any liquid on the hilt as it can damage the electrical components inside.


All-in-all, a Force FX lightsaber is a special type of lightsaber that people can use in both casual and official duels. Finding the right one isn’t as hard as it sounds as there are lots to choose from.

Even so, it is best to look at them one by one and choose based on its features, pros, cons, and customer reviews. Hopefully, this article will give you the necessary information to pick your best lightsabers for dueling.

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Lukidy 2Pack Lightsaber Metal Hilt 12 Colors,Toys for Boys Girls Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year Old,Battery Rechargable 2-in-1 Double-Bladed FX Dueling...
  • 【Holiday Gift】: The Lightsaber with 12 colors and 3 sound modes to choose and can be switched anytime .The Hilt is comfortable and smooth for...
  • 【Real Combat Experience】:The Lukidy RGB Light Dueling Saber combines special combat sound effects and flash modes to bring a vivid and realistic...
  • 【Dual LightSaber】: The Lukidy RGB Light FX Sabers can be connected as two in one, and the blade and hilt can also be disassembled. The Lukidy RGB...
  • 【Type-C Charging】:The Lukidy RGB lightsaber is equipped with a type-c charging cable and a 1200mah battery. It takes 3 hours to fully charge and...
  • 【Innovative design indicator】:Better than other brands of Light FX Saber, we add indicators on the handle to facilitate customer monitoring and...
STAR WARS The Black Series OBI-Wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber with Advanced LED and Sound Effects, Adult Collectible Roleplay Item, Multicolored...
  • ADVANCED LIGHTS WITH SOUND EFFECTS: Combining advanced LEDs and entertainment-inspired sound effects, the Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber is...
  • PREMIUM DETAILING FOR AUTHENTICITY: The Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX Elite Lightsaber features design and deco based on Obi-Wan Kenobi ‘s iconic blue...
  • ENTERTAINMENT-INSPIRED EFFECTS: Use the switch and button on the hilt to activate entertainment-inspired sound effects, progressive ignition, battle...
  • INCLUDES STAND AND DISPLAY EMITTER: Proudly display this Lightsaber on the included stand, with or without the removable blade, and show off the...
  • BUILD AN EPIC COLLECTION: Look for other Star Wars The Black Series premium roleplay items such as Force FX Lightsabers and helmets (Sold separately....
Kiseely Lightsaber, Light Saber 2 Packs with Metal Hilt, 7 Colors Changeable LED Light Sword with Rechargeable Batteries, Dueling Light Sabers with...
  • ✅【Two Saber Set】 Yes, our light saber set has two swords with hilt connector, which not only allows you to fight with your friend, but also able...
  • ✅【Multiple Colors Change Mode】 The lightsaber uses LED adjustable color-changing lights, with 7 bright colors, monochromatic cold light, red,...
  • ✅【Upgraded Motion Sensor】 Kiseely Lightsaber has motion sensor for sound and light flashing, the light saber can make punchy hit sound and blade...
  • ✅【Premium Metal】 Our Handle is made of premium aluminum alloy, upgraded polishing tech is more fashion and comfortable. Blade is made of...
  • ✅【Luxury Packing】 The light saber has beautiful packing, it is a best choice as gift. Packing includes: Metal Hilt X2, Blade X2, USB Charger X1,...
RUN.SE Smart Metal Lightsaber 2 Pack USB Rechargeable 2-in-1 7 Colors and Three Sound Modes, Real Dueling Laser Sword Electric Cosplay Toy for Adults...
  • 【Real experience】 As a star wars metal luminous sword, it is very powerful in your hand, especially the various colors emitted when it is shaken...
  • 【Detachable blade】Original design, detachable blade, this product can be assembled with each other to make the sword longer, and sound and light...
  • 【High-quality workmanship】Lightsaber handle 9inch, total length 30.7inch, The handle is made of high-quality metal and durable acrylic sword body,...
  • 【USB charging】This product has a built-in non-removable rechargeable battery. Please use 5V1A charger to charge, so as not to damage the product....
  • 【Realistic sound and light]】The sword has 7 colors, 4 modes and 4 sound effects can be switched, so that you have a different feeling every time...
Light Saber SABNEO V7 Changeable Colors - Smooth Swing and Sound Dueling Light Sabers RGB - 10 Sound Effects
  • SABNEO V7 WARRIOR Light Saber is a real collector's item and a battle resistant saber with very realistic rendering 10 Light Changeable Color
  • Quick Charge battery (INCLUDED), Improvement of sound in motion (addition of advanced motion sensor)
  • The light saber reacts (Clash Sound + Flash Light) to shocks during fights between warriors like in science-fiction movies.
  • 1 Year Warranty, several light saber sound modes available
  • We take the quality of our light sabers seriously. Each saber is expertly handcrafted, whether it's out full metal hilt, premium electronics or the...
TOY Life Light Up Saber - 3 Pack Lightup Sabers, Extendable & Collapsable Light up Saber Sword, Saber Toy Set with Motion Sensitive FX Sound, Galaxy...
  • FROM A GALAXY FAR AWAY... Well, not really. But these 23” light up saber swords sure look like they’re from outer space. Hold up the telescopic...
  • 3 DIFFERENT COLORS: Each of these star wars light up sabers is a different color, with one red, one blue, and one green. Choose your favorite color to...
  • MOTION SENSITIVE SOUND EFFECTS: Start dueling with a friend, and every time your sabers clash, you’ll hear electric sound effects that match your...
  • GREAT FOR COSTUMES: With shiny metallic accents on the handle, crackling sound effects, and glowing light, this sword is the perfect costume...
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SCI FI LOVERS: Whether it’s for cosplay or a backyard battle, any sci-fi fan is sure to love getting these sabers as a gift....