16 Best Electric Cars for Kids 2023 – Top Battery-Operated Vehicle for Kids


You can give your little one a realistic driving experience with the best electric cars for kids. This will provide them with a sense of freedom and independence.

Besides, it can teach them about proper driving etiquette at an early age. There are tons of fun and learning opportunities that come with an electric car for toddlers.

Our Pick
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Black
Good Choice
JOYLDIAS 2-Seater Ride On Truck, 12V9A Children's Electric Car with Parental Remote Control, Electronic Power Steering, Oversized Tires, Bluetooth,...
Best Price
Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car Electric Cars Motorized Vehicles for Girls,Boys, with Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
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Fierton Kids Ride on Car for Kids w/Remote Control 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Battery Powered Electric Vehicle w/LED Lights MP3 Music Horn
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Rock Wheels Licensed Bentley EXP12 Kids Ride on Toy Car, 12V Battery Powered Children Electric 4 Wheels w/Parent Remote Control, Foot Pedal, 2 Speeds,...
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Black
JOYLDIAS 2-Seater Ride On Truck, 12V9A Children's Electric Car with Parental Remote Control, Electronic Power Steering, Oversized Tires, Bluetooth,...
Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car Electric Cars Motorized Vehicles for Girls,Boys, with Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Fierton Kids Ride on Car for Kids w/Remote Control 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Battery Powered Electric Vehicle w/LED Lights MP3 Music Horn
Rock Wheels Licensed Bentley EXP12 Kids Ride on Toy Car, 12V Battery Powered Children Electric 4 Wheels w/Parent Remote Control, Foot Pedal, 2 Speeds,...
Our Pick
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Black
Best Choice Products Kids 12V Ride On Truck, Battery Powered Toy Car w/Spring Suspension, Remote Control, 3 Speeds, LED Lights, Bluetooth - Black
Good Choice
JOYLDIAS 2-Seater Ride On Truck, 12V9A Children's Electric Car with Parental Remote Control, Electronic Power Steering, Oversized Tires, Bluetooth,...
JOYLDIAS 2-Seater Ride On Truck, 12V9A Children's Electric Car with Parental Remote Control, Electronic Power Steering, Oversized Tires, Bluetooth,...
Best Price
Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car Electric Cars Motorized Vehicles for Girls,Boys, with Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride On Car Electric Cars Motorized Vehicles for Girls,Boys, with Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Don't Miss
Fierton Kids Ride on Car for Kids w/Remote Control 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Battery Powered Electric Vehicle w/LED Lights MP3 Music Horn
Fierton Kids Ride on Car for Kids w/Remote Control 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz AMG GTR Battery Powered Electric Vehicle w/LED Lights MP3 Music Horn
Also Consider
Rock Wheels Licensed Bentley EXP12 Kids Ride on Toy Car, 12V Battery Powered Children Electric 4 Wheels w/Parent Remote Control, Foot Pedal, 2 Speeds,...
Rock Wheels Licensed Bentley EXP12 Kids Ride on Toy Car, 12V Battery Powered Children Electric 4 Wheels w/Parent Remote Control, Foot Pedal, 2 Speeds,...

Some parents are hesitant because they are new to purchasing battery-operated cars for kids. It could be a challenge but it is not impossible. With the product reviews and comprehensive guide below, buying the best kids’ ride-on cars could be a breeze. Read on for an overview of the best kids electric cars available in the market and learn how to pick the perfect one for your toddler.

Best Electric Car for Kids Reviews

1. Best Choice Products 12V Ride-On Car Truck

Electric cars for big kids are more than just toys. They are a fun way to teach your little ones about road safety. You can find good options at Best Choice Products, like this flashy toddler car with attractive but realistic designs. The stylish look is also coupled with a durable build.

In detail, this car is manufactured with a non-toxic body and is equipped with a 14-inch traction wheel and spring suspension system. This makes it ideal for journeys through grass or dirt. Children will surely have a smooth time riding it outdoors.

It comes with bright LED lights, adjustable seat belts, and a 12v motor with speed options for an authentic experience. It can run a maximum of 3.7mph but can also be modified to low, medium, or high speeds.

Two control options are available for this electric car. You can let your child drive in the manual mode or safely guide them with a remote that has speed selections as well as forward and reverse controls.

Jam to some good music while driving this vehicle. There is an FM radio and wireless functionality where you can connect your media device to blast your kid’s favorite tunes. Expect them to have fun for a long time with the rechargeable battery and charger that accompanies this car.

The only minor drawback of this product is that you cannot turn down the volume of the radio. However, you still have the option to turn it off.
  • Stylish and durable
  • Realistic design
  • Two control options
  • Connect your music
  • Cannot turn down the volume of the radio
For parents who want to have control while their kids are driving, this is a good option that you can consider.

2. Uenjoy Motorized Ride-On Car in Pink

Finding a high-quality ride-on toy for your toddler is tricky. But, it is manageable when you browse Uenjoy’s offerings.

They have this pink motorized car for kids ages one to six below the 66lbs weight limit. It is manufactured from EVA and ABS plastic. Besides, it conforms to the American Society for testing materials, which means it is safe to use. You can watch your kids have fun with it without having to worry about their safety.

There are two control options for this ride-on toy. Children from three to six can take on the manual operation through a steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear shift. But there is also a remote control mode where parents can override the manual function. This involves a 2.4Ghz remote with three speeds and a forward/back option. Let them take on the challenge while guiding them when they need it.

The powerful motor of this electric car can reach a maximum speed of 2.5mph. It can run around an hour after a charge time of eight to ten hours. You can control the speed with three options: low, medium, and high.

Other features include a built-in Bluetooth speaker, adjustable seat belt, and power wheels with spring suspension. These will make driving more fun, safe, and comfortable.

There is a minor issue that I want to point out. The vehicle often gets stuck in little dips. It would be best to avoid terrains with holes and stick to smoother ones.
  • Safe to use
  • Two control options
  • Has three-speed options
  • Comes with extra features
  • Gets stuck in little dips in the grass
I can say that this is one of the best electric cars for boys. The features and realistic design ensure a fun and exciting experience.

3. TOBBI 12v Battery-Powered Toy Tractor with Trailer

If you want to stimulate your child’s imagination, power wheels for big kids are the ideal choice. You might want to check out TOBBI and what they have in their line of ride-on toys.

Just like this ground loader ride-on truck with outstanding performance, kids can drive it on complex terrains, all thanks to its premium and large-capacity rechargeable batteries. Besides, it has two powerful motors enabling fast and smooth driving on most surfaces. There’s no stopping your little one from cruising around.

There are multiple recreational functions that you can find in this ride-on car. You can play preset sound effects with the built-in audio device. Unlike other models, you can adjust the volume of the tunes that you want to play.

You can also adjust the speed with the three-gear shift. It works with the two forward and one reverse gear when the foot pedal is pressed. The other gear can increase the speed and provide a thrilling playtime.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about safety since manufacturers added considerate measures. There are handrails and an adjustable buckle belt to secure a child in the car. Moreover, you can monitor the battery left on the LED display next to the volume buttons.

For extra fun, there are additional features, like the horn. It makes funny sound effects that children can press while riding. The only issue is the rear wheel making a clicking noise. Otherwise, the vehicle works well.

  • Multiple recreational function
  • Has three gear shift
  • Safe to use
  • Extra features
  • Rear-wheel makes a clicking noise
Toy tractors are fun, especially this one right here. Packed with many features, it offers tons of exciting opportunities.

4. Fitnessclub 12V Powered Electric Ride-On Car Red

We all want the best for our toddlers, especially when it comes to the toys that accompany them most of the day. Fitnessclub has some of the finest electric ride-on toys.

Take a look at this scientifically designed ride-on truck. This is the perfect toy for children ages three and up. It’s uncomplicated and straightforward to ride, ideal for young kids who want to have a fun time driving around.

There are two modes designed for this, manual and remote-controlled. The first one is done with a foot pedal and wheel that is best for old kids. The second option is possible with a 2.4G Bluetooth remote control that parents can use to maneuver the vehicle.

To make it realistic and enjoyable, the manufacturer added extra features. You can play your child’s favorite tunes with the built-in MP3 player. There is also a cabinet that they can use to store their smaller toys.

The power wheels come with a spring suspension system to ensure a smooth ride on most terrains. Besides, you can adjust the speed between 2.5 to 4 miles per hour. These will make sure that your kids will have a good time while being safe.

However, there is a minor problem that I have observed while going through this product. It is slightly difficult to assemble, and the provided instructions are not super straightforward.
  • Simple to ride
  • Two modes design
  • Extra features
  • Safe to use
  • Challenging to assemble
The features and functionality make this ride-on a good choice for younger children. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for good cars for kids. It has tons of fantastic features that offer an entertaining playtime.

5. Best Choice Products Licensed Land Rover Ride-On Toy

Sometimes, it is hard to keep your kids entertained for long. But with a battery-powered car for toddlers from Best Choice, you can ensure that your kids will have fun for extended hours.

This licensed land rover is built smart and tough. It is made with a strong metal frame and PP plastic. Thus, it can last for a long time. The maximum weight limit is 128lbs, and it is recommended for children aged three to eight.

It has a two-person seating set-up that can cater to two kids at a time. The double seating offers enough space for a comfortable ride in two modes. You can let them drive manually or guide them with a remote control. The latter comes with speed selections and forward/back controls. These settings will ensure that children are cruising around safely.

This car for kids can run through most terrains. It is made possible with 4-wheel suspension and threaded tires. No matter how rough the surface is, smooth driving is assured. You can adjust the speed between 1.8mph to 3.7mph, which is suitable for little kids.

Moreover, several features make the ride more fun and exciting. Play some tunes and music with the AUX player. Kids can also enjoy the sounds of the horn. Plus there are lights and startup sound effects for a realistic experience.

The sole issue that I have with this ride-on is the rubber on the wheels. It is a bit flimsy and risks coming off after a couple of uses.
  • Has two-person seating
  • Two control modes
  • Smooth driving
  • Comes with AUX player
  • Feels
What can keep your children entertained on a dull day is this best electric car for kids. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor fun.

6. Uenjoy Licensed Mercedes-Benz G63 Kids Ride-On Car

For those who want to share their love of cars with their little ones, purchasing a ride-on toy is the answer. Uenjoy offers good quality and licensed electric vehicles that you can take a look at.

Consider this yellow Mercedes-Benz, which is suited well for kids age 37 to 96 months within the weight limit of 66lbs. A notable feature of this sports car is its ability to change appearance. The windows can be removed and adjusted, which provides a different driving experience. No boring time no matter how many rounds they make around the yard.

The dual control modes offer freedom to both parents and children. The manual mode can be run by toddlers that can reach the foot pedal and wheel. Otherwise, the parental mode is ideal. It comes with a wireless remote control featuring three-speed shifting, which allows parents to navigate the car.

Furthermore, this ride-on toy is equipped with multiple functions. It comes with LED lights, a built-in horn, a USB port to play tunes, and authentic car engine sounds. You can also brake, turn right or left, and forward or backward. It works just like real cars which makes it more realistic.

Safety features are also included, such as double lockable opening doors, seat belts, and a spring suspension system. The combination of all these contributes to a safe and comfortable ride indoors and outdoors.

Though the instructions are a bit unclear, the parts and assembly is rather self-explanatory and you can figure out in less than an hour!
  • Changeable appearance
  • Double control modes
  • Multiple functions
  • Safe to use
  • Challenging to assemble with the instructions

Looking for kids cars to drive that your toddler can enjoy? It’s time to stop now and settle on this fantastic ride-on car.

7. TOBBI 12V Maserati Ride-On Car

Let your kid enjoy the outdoors by driving around in their shiny and attractive car. TOBBI is a good brand where you can start looking for a ride-on toy.

This pink Maserati has a rational design making it perfect as a Christmas or birthday gift. It is recommended for children three to six years old. In detail, it is comfortable and safe. There’s enough room for the sitting space and a backrest, plus a safety belt for safe cruising around.

There are two driving modes to choose from, manual driving, kid-controlled through the wheel, and power pedal. The other mode is parent control mode using the remote control with three-speed options, the left/right button, the power lock brake system, and the forward/reverse mode. You can opt to do the maneuvering or leave it to your kids.

Furthermore, to make the experience close to that of a real car, multiple functions are added. There’s a working door, flashing LED headlights, horn, adjustable rear view mirror, MP3 input, and speed switch. It will make the ride more fun and realistic.

Children will have extended hours of play with this vehicle. A fully charged battery can run for 60 minutes but can vary depending on the mode and terrain. Moreover, it comes with a portable pull rod making it easier to carry when the battery drains.

However, I noticed a small issue. It makes a loud noise during start-up but some kids may even find the thrill in this roaring engine!
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Two play modes
  • Multiple functions
  • Long hours of play
  • Loud during start-up
It is convenient to have an electric car that you can easily drag home. I recommend this officially licensed Maserati that can bring joy to your kids.

8. OTTARO Electric Ride-On Car

Every child will find power wheels as a fun toy that they want to take around. OTTARO’s jeep for kids is the talk of the town, and there are good reasons why.

Take a close look at this sleek black electric car that can accompany your kid as they grow. They can have the most authentic driving experience. It will give them happiness, enhance their coordination, and develop independence.

This electric car is made of premium and durable materials so that it can endure years of use. It is equipped with wear-resistant power wheels that withstands most conditions. Besides, it comes with bright front and rear lights and double opening doors with a magnetic lock.

Furthermore, it comes with realistic functions that add to the attractiveness of the car. There’s an AUX input and MP3 player that allows kids to enjoy their favorite tunes while cruising. You can adjust the speed with the remote that comes with it for convenience.

Two driving modes are available: parental remote and battery-operated or manual. The former uses a controller that adults can use to maneuver the car. Kids can run the latter through the foot pedal and steering wheel. Both can offer tons of fun.

The front and rear wheels have spring suspension, ensuring safe and smooth driving. It has a soft start technology to prevent sudden acceleration that startles and frightens children. Other safety features include a seat belt and double lockable opening doors.

There is just a tiny problem that I want to raise. The power wheels and body are shipped separately. The waiting time, however, is definitely worthy!
  • Made of premium and durable materials
  • Two driving modes
  • Realistic functions
  • Safe to use
  • Wheels comes separately
The quality and functionality of this ride-on car are fantastic. It is an ideal option that you can think about purchasing for your kid.

9. VALUE BOX Electric Truck

Share the fun of driving to your precious one with an electric car. If you ask where to find some of these products, the answer is at VALUE BOX.

They have this pink ride-on truck that can bring happiness to your little one. It has a stylish and realistic design that can appeal to any child. It also includes working horns and LED lights, adjustable seat belts, an easy start-up/stop button, and several others. Playing with this ride-on toy feels like driving the real thing.

Furthermore, kids can enjoy cruising around while playing their favorite tunes. This multifunctional vehicle comes with a built-in AUX jack. You can also opt for readily available music that is equipped in this electric car.

There are three-speed modes options to choose: high, medium, and low. It comes with a remote controller that parents can use to guide the car. The speed can reach a maximum of 2.5mph, which is entirely safe for little kids. There is also a manual mode where kids can drive on their own with a wheel and foot pedal.

The power source of this comes from a 6 volts rechargeable battery that is easy to charge with the plug-in hole. The charging time is around eight to 10 hours and a run time of one to two hours.

The 4-wheel design is wear-resistant and doesn’t need inflating. It is anti-skid and durable. The only drawback is that it’s not ideal for uneven ground. It can get stuck, and you’ll need to carry it out to run again. Nonetheless, it works well for smooth flooring indoors.
  • Realistic design
  • Multifunctional
  • Has three-speed modes
  • Comes with anti-skid wheels
  • Not ideal for uneven ground
This kids’ electric cars have a pretty color and attractive design that kids will surely love. The anti-skid power wheels are tough and can last for years to come.

10. Costzon 12V Battery Powered Electric Police Truck

Many parents who are new to buying a toy for their child are often lost. No need to worry, simply check out Costzon for a good quality electric car that your kid will surely enjoy having.

There’s this police toy car which makes a magnificent gift for kids aged three to eight. It has a maximum weight limit of 66lbs and can carry a child at a time. After a charge time of eight to twelve hours, it can run for one to two hours.

For a realistic experience, lifelike characteristics are added, including a siren, flashing lights, a police sign, LED headlights, a music player, and a controller for volume and a microphone. While driving around the yard, children can enjoy these functionalities and have an imaginative playtime.

To prevent kids from getting scared, it has a slow start-up. Besides, there is enough space on the seat and a seat belt to ensure a safe ride. The independent suspension system provides stable and smooth driving on most terrains.

Children can start this ride-on car with just a push of a button. The controls are straightforward, and you can conveniently adjust the speed between 1.8mph to 3mph. There are two doors on both sides that come with a safety lock for an added layer of safety.

The PP materials used to manufacture this product are child-safe. However, there is a tiny issue that I have observed. The speed is slower than expected compared to other ride-on vehicles. But then again, this makes it more suitable for younger kids.
  • Has realistic features
  • Safe and smooth driving
  • Easy to use
  • Made of child-safe materials
  • Slower than expected
Does your child like playing pretend as a police? This electric car will bring him/her delight and encourage a more fun play.

11. Aosom Off-Road Truck Ride-On Car

The key to finding a good toy for your toddler is knowing where to look. Aosom is a famous brand that offers some of the best ride-on truck toys for children. Please take a look at what they have to offer.

Just like this off-road ride-on truck with a comfortable design, there’s a roomy seat with enough space for your little kid to sit on. A seat belt is equipped to keep them secured and safe while cruising.

This electric car is suitable for children aged three to six. It can be operated in two modes: parental and manual. The first one comes with a remote control, and the latter can be maneuvered with a foot pedal. Both offer a fun way to drive around.

The powerful 12V motor runs this battery powered ride. It provides enough power to drive the rear wheel on rougher terrains while delivering a smooth ride. Besides, there’s an LCD power indicator where you can monitor the battery and know when it needs charging.

There are tons of extra details, such as MP3 connectivity to play tunes, wing mirrors, moveable doors, dashboard lights, a usable trunk, working horn, LED headlights, speed switch, and forward/back gears. These will make the ride more exciting and realistic.

Although this may sometimes stop abruptly, it makes the driving experience more thrilling for pretend play!
  • Comfortable design
  • Two modes in one
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with extra features
  • It starts and stops abruptly
The neat black and white color of this kids electric car gives off a stylish vibe. The quality makes playtime enjoyable for children and parents who watch over them. It makes a fantastic toy that they can take outdoors.

12. Rock Wheels Licensed Bentley Ride-On Toy Car

Ride-on cars for kids can be considered one of the best toys that you can get for your children. Where to get them? Rock Wheels has several licensed ride-on cars that are top-notch.

This officially licensed Bentley toy car comes with many fantastic characteristics. Aside from realistic engine noises, it has lights in the front and rear, dashboard lights, and opening scissor doors. The experience that your child will have with this is closely similar to the real thing.

Two control options are available for this electric car. The remote control mode is for parents to steer the toy in the right direction safely. The manual mode is operated by the child. Whichever you choose, the fun and excitement are present.

This car can run between 1.25mph to 3.1mph with two-speed settings. It can go forward up to the maximum speed and in reverse at only 1.25mph. This ensures a safe ride along with the 4-wheel suspension.

The 12V rechargeable battery is built for high-performance fun that can last for hours. After charging for eight to twelve hours, it can run for one to two hours. It comes with a charger for convenient charging after each play.

This ride-on car is recommended for children ages three to six, but depending on the specific size of your kid, the seats may be a little too small.
  • Officially licensed
  • Two control options
  • Two-speed settings
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Not ideal for kids four years and older
Let your little one drive a Bentley and have a fun time. There are tons of features that they can enjoy.

13. Moderno Kids Two-Seater Ride-On Kids Car Truck

Kids will enjoy steering the wheels of their ride-on truck from Moderno Kids. Having a friend or sibling tag along will make it even more fun.

Moderno Kids has this two-seater electric car that makes the best birthday gift for children ages three to six. Even so, parents and adults can enjoy this if they want to play along.

This ride is adventurous while also safe. It has two to six miles speed for forward and reverse. The parent can maneuver it safely in the right direction with the remote that can override the car anytime and anywhere.

The soft start and gradual acceleration will put kids at ease and prevent them from being startled or scared. The brake system paired with the two-way convertible safety seat belt adds another layer of security. In detail, the seat belt can be used for one child or can be separated for two kids.

Play music while cruising around! This ride-on car is equipped with a sound system. You can connect your media device to play your kids’ favorite tunes. There’s also a working horn, FM radio, a light switch, and battery life display. These will offer a more entertaining playtime.

When the car runs out of battery, you don’t have to worry. You can conveniently transport it like a suitcase. The assembly is quite challenging, but trust me, it’s worth it in the end!
  • Safe to use
  • Has a soft start and brake system
  • Comes with a sound system
  • Convenient to transport
  • Challenging to assemble
This is a 2 seater ride-on car with parental remote control that has many outstanding features. Your child will surely have an exciting time driving this outdoors.

14. Uenjoy Kids Electric Ride-On Car

There are many models and styles of electric cars available in the market, which makes choosing a real challenge. Start looking at Uenjoy, and you might leave with the best ride-on car for your child.

Consider this light pink motorized truck with a comfortable design. It is suitable for kids aged four to eight. The weight limit is 88lbs, and it is run by a 40W motor with a speed of 1.8 to 3.1 miles per hour. This is the perfect ride-on toy for your little one.

Choose between two driving modes, parental and kids. The former is controlled by a remote control for younger toddlers. Parents can steer the car in the right direction with the 2.4Ghz controller. The latter is for kids aged three to eight, capable of driving through the wheel and foot pedal.

You can find multiple functions, such as AUX/USB outlet, built-in music, a power display, LED lights, speed shifting, realistic engine sounds, and several others. This makes the ride more fun. You can also play their favorite tunes or choose between the selections available in the car.

For utmost comfort and safety, it has an adjustable seat belt and a four-wheel suspension system. This will ensure a smooth and safe ride on most surfaces. It has a portable handle that you can use when the battery runs out while you are outdoors and away from home.

However, there is a drawback. The power wheels and the body are shipped separately. There is a high chance that they will come individually, so you need to be patient.
  • Comfortable design
  • Two driving modes
  • Multiple functions
  • Safe to use
  • The power wheels and body are shipped separately
You can consider this as one of the best electric cars for 15-year-olds. It has tons of fun and exciting details that are also child-friendly.

15. KASPURO 2-Seater Battery-Powered Cars for Kids

Having a two-seater kids car will allow your toddler to drive around with their playmate. Get this from KASPURO, which is one of the best brands out there.

This electric car has two seats and can carry a maximum weight limit of 88lbs. It is recommended for children aged one to six. Even with two kids on board, it provides enough space for a comfortable and secure driving experience.

Two modes are available to operate this battery powered ride—the parent option comes with a 2.4Ghz remote control for maneuvering, while the manual mode allows children to drive the vehicle on their own through a foot pedal and wheel. The speed can go between 1.2 to 3.1 miles per hour, offering a fun but safe playtime.

You can run this through all kinds of terrains and still have smooth cruising. This is all thanks to the large treads that can conquer driveways and dirt. Moreover, the twin 12V motor gives it a powerful rear-wheel drive. You can expect a less bumpy and more enjoyable ride.

There are tons of multifunctional details that provide a realistic feel to this motorized car. It has movable mirrors on the sides, working horns, LED headlights, a built-in AUX player for music, a speed switch, LED power indicator, and several others.

However, it is not suitable for a pair of kids that are five and older. Two younger toddlers can fit just fine, but older kids can’t ride it comfortably.
  • Has two seats
  • Comes with two modes
  • Suits all kinds of terrains
  • Multifunction center console
  • Not ideal for kids five years and older
This electric car doubles the fun by allowing two children to ride at once. Many fantastic attributes can make playtime more memorable.

16. Costzon 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz Ride-On Car

Give your toddler a chance to feel the wind in their face while cruising around the yard. You can trust Costzon to have the perfect toy for your child.

There’s this black Mercedes Benz with an excellent and realistic appearance. It is officially licensed and comes with bright lights and opening double doors. This is specially designed to provide the most authentic experience for little ones.

You can switch the two modes of design depending on your preference. There’s the parental mode that allows adults to take charge of the car with a remote control. The kids can operate the manual mode using the wheel and the foot pedal meant for acceleration.

There are a variety of attractive characteristics to enjoy. Children can gain more independence and entertainment with the swing function, forward/reverse, and three-speed adjustment. Besides, there’s a USB socket and card slot, so toddlers can play their favorite tunes while cruising around.

The one-button assembly wheel makes assembly easy and uncomplicated. It facilitates effortless installation in a matter of less than an hour. Less time putting everything together means more time for fun driving outdoors.

But there is a minor issue that I want to raise—the vehicle tends to skid to the right. Nonetheless, you just have to continuously steer it side to side to go in a straight line.
  • Realistic appearance
  • Two modes design
  • Attractive features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Skids to the right most of the time
This battery-operated car for kids is the perfect choice for parents who want their child to learn about independence. The quality makes the experience more realistic and exciting, like driving a real car. Fun and excitement await with this best electric car for kids.

What to Look for When Buying Electric Cars for Kids


Now that you have a good idea of what electric cars are available in the market, it is time to narrow down your options. Here are some critical factors that you should look into.

Safety and Speed

Different 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys have various safety features and speeds. This will depend mainly on its design, and you should look closely to ensure that it has the basics for everyone to have peace of mind.

Check for seat belts, automatic braking system, spring suspension, and remote control options. For speed, the usual range is around three miles per hour to five. To find the right speed for your child, think about their age and the recommended age group for a particular electric car.

Design and Extra Features

Don’t forget to opt for fancy-looking cars with features that will make playtime exciting. This often includes realistic engine noises, headlights, built-in music players, and Bluetooth connectivity.

These could vary depending on the type and brand of electric car. You can find many high-quality toy cars that mimic real cars so kids can have a realistic experience.

Number of Riders and Weight Capacity

There are electric cars that are created for single and double riders. When considering two-seater cars, make sure there is enough room for two kids and always check the maximum weight capacity to determine whether it can cater to the load.

What Age is Appropriate for Electric Cars

Most electric cars for kids are designed for children 1-10 years of age. However, you can also find the best electric cars for 13-year-olds. The recommended age varies per vehicle, so make sure you check it before buying.

Are There Any Safety Features on Electric Cars for Kids

Yes, there are tons of safety features in ride-on cars with remote control. This includes safety belts and spring suspensions. The remote control will put parents in charge of driving the vehicle, the belt will keep your little ones in place, and the suspension ensures a smooth ride on most surfaces.

Is 24v Faster Than 12V

Yes, ride-on cars 24v is faster than ride-on cars 12v. The higher the voltage of the motor, the quicker the cargoes. Make sure to consider your child’s age when choosing the motor power.

How Long Will the Battery Last

This varies depending on the speed of the car. It is usually around 40 mins to an hour. If you want to extend the battery life of an electric car, lowering the speed will work.


Keep your toddler in mind when picking the best electric cars for kids. If you want them to have the best experience, you need to take the time to browse for good 24-volt battery-powered ride-on toys while considering all the tips you acquired from the buying guide. These will bring you a step closer to the best electric cars for 10-year-olds to drive.

Have you found the perfect ride-on car for your child? How was your buying process? What are the aspects that affected your decision? Please share them with us!

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Licensed Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss 12V Ride on Truck Electric Cars for Kids Ride on Car with Remote Control, LED Lights, MP3 Music, Back Storage,...
  • [Realistic Driving] Officially licensed Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss ride-on car features LED lights, windscreen, startup sounds, openable doors and...
  • [Safe & Care] This electric car for kid is made with durable and non-toxic plastic with ASTM certification. 3 point seat belt, side windshield and...
  • [Smooth Driving] This motorized car is equipped with 2 motors, wear-resistant wheels and shock-absorbing suspension system. Speed can reach to 2.6...
  • [Parent & Kid Control] With start button, forward/reverse gear, two speed modes, foot pedal and steering wheel, your toddler will have fun starting...
  • [Powerful Performance] Rechargeable 12V battery with a charging time of 8-12 hrs provides this kids ride on car with 1-2 hours of playtime. MP3, USB...
Aosom 6V Kids Electric Ride On Car, Licensed Audi TT RS with Suspension System and Remote Control, Horn, 5 Songs, Lights, MP3 Player - Black
  • Just Like the Real Deal: This officially licensed Audi TT RS electric car for kids has the authentic look of a real luxury Audi vehicle with a body...
  • Secure to Operate: Aosom's kids electric car with parent remote features a safety belt to ensure that kids will remain seated in place while driving....
  • Two Ways to Control: With both manual and a 2.4G wireless remote control, your child can control the kids' electric vehicles by themselves or you can...
  • Kids can Play Music: The baby electric car includes a MP3 multifunctional player, including USB port and MP3 port that allows you to listen to your...
  • Less Charging, More Fun: Our ride on car with remote control Audi power wheels offers 40 minutes of continuous play on a full charge. The dashboard...
Costzon 2-Seater Ride on Truck, 2 * 12V Licensed Land Rover Battery Powered Car w/Remote Control, LED Lights, MP3/USB/TF, Music, Spring Suspension,...
  • Realistic Kids Ride On Car: Licensed by Land Rover, our toy car looks like a real land rover vehicle. 4 wear-resistant wheels provide your child with...
  • Manual Operation & Remote Control: With the help of steering wheel, key switch and gear control, kids can easily control the toy car by themselves,...
  • 2 Driving Modes & Users Friendly Design: Our car enables kids to freely choose 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive according to their needs, which can run...
  • Various Entertainment Functions: With bright lights, horn, music, education and story sounds, kids can gain much more fun when driving, which is...
  • High Sturdiness & Security: Made of high-quality PP and iron, our ride on car can hold up to 110lbs, which is stable and sturdy enough to use....
Aosom 12V Electric Ride-on Car, Licensed Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo Battery-Powered Ride-on Toy with Remote Control, Bluetooth, Music, LED...
  • Officially Licensed Lamborghini: This kids electric car is an officially licensed Lamborghini with an advanced LED custom light-up dashboard, offering...
  • Bluetooth & Horn: Bluetooth connection makes for a high-end system, keeping the ride-on car up to par with the most popular modern-day music players....
  • Child Driven or Remote Control: Little riders can control the 12V Lamborghini directly inside the driver's seat, or you can direct the ride-on vehicle...
  • Safe & Convenient: The kids' electric vehicle offers an ultra-safe ride with extra-wide 10" tires, a low center of gravity, a slow start, and...
  • Car for Kids Information: Overall Dimensions: 46" L x 26" W x 19.75" H. Weight Capacity: 55 lbs. Certification: SOR, ASTM F963-17, CPSIA. Suitable for...
Kidzone Ride On Car 12V Lamborghini Urus Kids Electric Vehicle Toy w/Parent Remote Control, Horn, Radio, Port, AUX, Spring Suspension, Opening Door,...
  • [LICENSED LAMBORGHINI] Manufactured under official license from Lamborghini. Looks like the real model. Your little driver can step on the foot pedal...
  • [LUXURY REALISTIC DESIGN] Restores the elegant design details of the real Lamborghini with features such as bright LED lights, built-in music,...
  • [SAFE & DURABLE] This Ride on Toy made with premium non-toxic plastic material with a safety belt. ASTM-compliant kids’ motorized car with maximum...
  • [RECHARGABLE BATTERY] Includes a 12V rechargeable battery that can be charged fully within 8-12 hrs, offering hours of playtime adventures for your...
  • [2 DRIVING MODES] Let your kids go on a fun-filled adventure. The foot pedal and steering wheel let your child drive independently. For interactive...
Kids Ride On Car with Remote Control – Classic Sports Car for Kids 6V Battery Powered Ride On Toys with Sound for Ages 3 – 6 by Lil’ Rider...
  • KIDS CAR TO DRIVE – This electric car for kids is smooth and simple to ride for your children aged 3 to 6. Charge the included 6V battery according...
  • REALISTIC FEATURES – The kids electric car has both forward and reverse functions, high and low gear, headlights, a driver’s door that opens, an...
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS – The kids ride on car with remote control allows parents to fully operate the car or assist their child as they learn to drive....
  • SAFE AND DURABLE – Made from rugged high-quality plastics that can hold up to 70lbs, this kid car is great for boys or girls. Lil’ Rider ride on...
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Materials: Plastic. Dimensions: (L) 38” x (W) 20” x (H) 19”. Specs: 6V 4.5ah Rechargeable Battery, Output: DC12V 500mA,...
Electric Car - 12V Kids Ride On Car - Battery Operated Ride On Toys with Remote Control - Ride in Car w/ MP3 Music Plastic Wheels Leather Seat Sound...
  • Unique design ride on car – Real-looking design, painted body and plastic wheels of the electric car will let your kid be in the highlight. At the...
  • Fast and agile 12V battery car – the power of the engine provides your kid with the hours of uninterrupted driving. Speed of ride car reaches 3-4...
  • Special operating system – Ride on toy includes two functions of driving – a kids car can be controlled by the steering wheel and pedal or 2.4G...
  • Exclusive features for your kid – Hours of interactive riding with MP3 music, education and story sounds. Enjoy your favorite songs while your kid...
  • The perfect Birthday and Christmas gift – Are you looking for a truly unforgettable gift for your child or grandchild? There is nothing that would...
sopbost 24V 2 Seater Ride On Toys for Big Kids 3-8 Years Old with Remote Control & Music Player 4x4 200W Motors & Rubber EVA Tires 2 Profession Shock...
  • 【24V 4WD Ride On UTV】This 24V ride on car which features 4pcs powerful #550 13500rmp motors and EVA wheels with rear spring suspension is suitable...
  • 【2 Seater Kids Electric Car】This ride on toy car is magnificent in appearance, openable double doors, 2-seater with seatbelt, bright headlights...
  • 【Kids Car w/ Remote Control】This kids ride on car comes with a 2.4G remote control, your kids can drive around manually by the steering wheel and...
  • 【Ride On Car w/ Music Function】In addition to start-up engine sounds, functional horn sounds and built-in songs, this kids electric car also has...
  • 【Ride On Toys for Boys & Girls】This sopbost ride on UTV is powered by the 24V rechargeable battery and crafted with safe materials and...