12 Best Toy Cars for 2 Year Olds 2023 – Top Vehicles for Your Toddlers

best toy car for 2 year old

You can’t simply log online, check out the first toy that pops up on your screen and purchase it! After all, it is for your beloved toddler! So, researching on the best toy car for 2 year old is mandatory. The available toy car needs to be colorful, and attractive with LED lights and sound and should capture your little one’s interest for a long time.

Our Pick
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
Amazon's Choice
Toddler Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Car
Good Pick
Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car, 12 Pack Assorted Mini Plastic Vehicle Set, Pull Back Truck and Car Toys for Boys Kids Toddler Party Favors,Die Cast Car...
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Step2 Whisper Ride II Kids Push Cars, Ride On Car, Seat Belt, Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 4 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Quick Storage, Stroller...
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Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car, Red
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
Toddler Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Car
Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car, 12 Pack Assorted Mini Plastic Vehicle Set, Pull Back Truck and Car Toys for Boys Kids Toddler Party Favors,Die Cast Car...
Step2 Whisper Ride II Kids Push Cars, Ride On Car, Seat Belt, Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 4 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Quick Storage, Stroller...
Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car, Red
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Our Pick
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car Radio Remote Control Toy for Baby, Toddlers, Children
Amazon Prime
Amazon's Choice
Toddler Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Car
Toddler Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy and Girl Gifts Wooden Race Track Car Ramp Racer with 4 Mini Car
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car, 12 Pack Assorted Mini Plastic Vehicle Set, Pull Back Truck and Car Toys for Boys Kids Toddler Party Favors,Die Cast Car...
Funcorn Toys Pull Back Car, 12 Pack Assorted Mini Plastic Vehicle Set, Pull Back Truck and Car Toys for Boys Kids Toddler Party Favors,Die Cast Car...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Step2 Whisper Ride II Kids Push Cars, Ride On Car, Seat Belt, Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 4 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Quick Storage, Stroller...
Step2 Whisper Ride II Kids Push Cars, Ride On Car, Seat Belt, Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 4 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Quick Storage, Stroller...
Amazon Prime
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Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car, Red
Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car, Red

I have some nephews in my family, and I know how attracted they are to cars! I think that’s one in-built characteristic among little boys, right? So, I had the time and reason to review multiple car toys for my little nephews, as I want to be their favorite uncle! Listed below are the top 12 of my favorite car toys, which I think hit the spot well!

With so many amazing options available online and even from the retail toy store, it seems confusing and tedious to head for one particular choice, right? Yes, I get that! But, let me help you make this stage a lot smoother by presenting my personal reviews on the top 12 options. Thank me later!

Best Toy Car for 2-Year-Olds Reviews

Let me be clear on one point. The reviews that you are about to read regarding toy cars for two-year-olds are all my personal thoughts. I know it will vary from one person to another. So, you should go through the products on your own and select the one that matches your preference the most!

1. Liberty Imports My First Cartoon RC Race Car

When I think of a toy car for two-year-olds, I think of bright colors, and this one from Liberty Imports is my prime choice. Have you seen the amazing color combination of bright red and yellow? If that wasn’t enough, you have a blue-colored small figurine, driving this toy car!

You will love the sleek wheels and cool design of this car, which isn’t just great to watch but also can drive fast! What else do you want! My nephews are pretty adventurous, and they are seriously hooked up to this gift, right from the time they set their eyes on it.

Another interesting feature of this toy car for two year old is its removable figures. This car set comprises 3 removable drivers. Your kids have the entire liberty to choose anyone they want and place them in the driver’s seat for a ride!

I love how easy this toy car is to control. It comes with a two-channel remote control, which helps the car to move forward and backward. In addition, it is made of non-toxic ABS plastic. This is a great learning experience for your toddler before you gift him some advanced RC Controller car toys.

There is only one glitch that I found out about the car. The remote controller needs battery backup quite often and will die within a few rounds. I hope to see some changes in this area soon.
  • Easy controller for the toddlers
  • Great colors that you cannot miss
  • Three different figurines to accompany your kid for a ride
  • Non-toxic ABS plastic construction
  • The remote controller runs out of battery very soon
All in all, I can say that this car toy has many good features for a basic investment. And for such a small price, the deal you are getting is awesome.

2. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Race Track with Mini Cars

If you want your kid to understand what car racing is and how racing tracks work, this set is the perfect gift! You will love how compact the entire product is with four mini cars to complete the set. With a sturdy build and four different colored race tracks, your kid will have unlimited fun! I assure you that!

The small cars look great and perfectly match the color of the racing tracks. Let me honestly say that I am a 26-year-old adult, and I still love playing with this set. So, you can really understand how your 2-year-old might feel!

This product is completely tested to the highest possible standards for safety measurements. It has a great parking point at the top of the set, from where the cars can zoom through the tracks to reach the end. It is fascinating to see how those little cars take up speed and reach the destination.

This toy car is great for developing hand-eye coordination, mathematical cognition, and color recognition in toddlers. The materials used are non-toxic and safe.

While these are perfect baby cars for 2 year olds, I wish the cars were a bit bigger. The cars are smaller than expected. I know it is designed for tiny hands, but the cars need not be that small!
  • Great colorful tracks
  • Fast speeding cars
  • The good sturdy parking area
  • Perfectly built for long-lasting results
  • Cars are way too small
If you ask me for a perfect gift set, this one will be on that list! I have tested it out and can assure that the quality remains at par with other leading brands.

3. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

No matter how many kids I have seen using this toy car, they only have one thing to say. It’s perfect! The car toy is comfortable and can easily fit the needs of your two-year old. Let him enjoy the best time of his life, which he will cherish for long.

I won’t think twice to trust this brand as it has been in this business for 30 years! This is one traditional 2 year old toy car that you must get for your little ones right now!

With new advances in the toy industry, I have seen some amazing changes in this toy car model. It comes with a removable floor and handles for parents, which I wished I had in my car! It is even designed with a high seat back for maintaining your kid’s posture.

To give the kids the feel of a real car, the manufacturer has also included a gap cap, which can be opened and closed, and a moving, clicking ignition switch. And the easy riding wheels travel smoothly on hard surfaces.

There’s something for parents too! This car toy has storage in the rear. If you want to take your kid out for a stroll in this car, you can easily carry his/her towel and bottles in the rear storage area! You couldn’t ask for anything better.

It is hard to find any fault with this car. The car is narrow and tall. So, your kid might hurt himself while coming out of the car on his/her own.
  • Great comfortable seating arrangement
  • Removable floor
  • Easy storage mechanism for the parents
  • Smooth glide even on rough road patches
  • The body is tall and narrow and can hurt kids while getting out of it
I would recommend you to get this toy car for your little one and surprise him/her with a great gift.

4. Melissa & Doug Animal Stacking Cars

This toy car set is completely different from all the other options I have seen so far! I have seen many cars and special toy truck for 2 year olds, but none of those were able to stack upon one another. But this one can! Isn’t it amazing! So, now you won’t just let your kids play with the car but can help them to stack those up and store the product on any corner of your room.

Do you know what’s better? The colorful cars have animal prints on it! You have cute cat and teddy pictures on every car, which will help your kids to learn about animals and grow an interest in them. The bright, colorful wheels are too cute to handle, and the wooden body of the cars ensures they last for a long time.

Thanks to its easy-rolling wheels, it becomes easier for toddlers and babies to spin the cars when they want. This toy set is perfect for developing gross motor skills and a perfect hand and eye coordination through the medium of imaginative play. If I were a kid, I would completely fall for such an amazing gift. I am sure your kid will do the same!

This toy car is designed to encourage learning, creativity, discovery, imagination, and free playing.

One thing that I have a problem with is that the cars are not perfect for tiny fingers. Although it is marketed to be great for two years old, it might be a little hard for them to grab the cars because of their bigger size.
  • Great toy to learn and play
  • Can easily stack upon one another
  • Easy-rolling wheels for spinning the cars
  • Car sizes might be big for tiny fingers
This is a quality toy that can help your kid to learn and play at the same time. Investing in it seems to be a valuable option for many!

5. Best Choice Products Bentley EXP 12 Ride On Car

Let your kid enjoy a luxurious ride with this toy car! This masterpiece from Best Choice Products is one of the best toy cars for 3 year olds that I have seen so far. It is fast and really gives your kid the taste of riding a toy, Bentley. I am blown away by the amazing details on this tiny car, which replicates the real deal!

This mini car is an officially licensed item and will make your kid the hero of the block. I love the design, which is made realistic with its horn, LED headlights, foot pedal accelerator, and switches for higher and lower speed. So, if you want to spend some great daddy-time in the park, make sure to get this ride for your kid. He will surely have a blast!

What I like most about this car is that now parents can let their kids control it manually. Our little sweethearts will enjoy the real-like driving experience. But, if you are too scared of letting your kid be in control, this car runs on the remote control as well. You can control the movement of the car with this remote controller coming handy!

The only problem is the weak battery. You will probably need to think about getting a battery backup plan for longer playing hours.
  • Officially licensed and looks exactly like a real Bentley
  • Realistic approach with horn, headlights and more
  • Helps little ones to learn about driving in their initial stage
  • Battery seems pretty weak and needs changes
Overall, if you have a toddler at home, you might probably want to invest some bucks for this car. It is true that this gift is pretty pricey, but worth every penny once you see that bright smile on your kid’s face.

6. Funcorn Toys Pull Back Cars Pack of 12

If you are dealing with a feisty toddler, then this car set is ideal for you. If he breaks one, you have 11 more as your backup. So, you are never out of a small car toy for your little one.

I love that every car in this pack is different from the rest. You have a mini school bus, truck, dumpster truck, firefighting truck, and more. Your kids get this brilliant opportunity to learn more about different types of cars in detail and in a fun-filled way. Now, if they have friends coming over for a play date, then this car set with 12 amazing pieces will keep them engaged for a long time.

Each car is made using sturdy materials, which can stand the test of time. I have seen each one of them separately, and they have really lived up to the expectations. You will love the funny eye emojis, which give life to these otherwise lifeless pieces of toys. Your kid will love this set! The best part is that these cars are made from non-toxic plastic, making it safer for the children.

The only downfall is that the cars are a bit small. But, compared to the price you are spending for 12 cars, it is not much of a complaint!
  • Wide assortment of cars
  • Easy way to help kids learn about different cars
  • Colorful and fun-looking
  • Cute little eyes to give life to the cars
  • Cars are quite small
If I check the price and the number of cars I am getting for it, I don’t have any complaints against this set. So, if you want your kids to learn while playing, this set is one cost-effective option to go for.

7. Coogam Friction Powered Construction Vehicles

This isn’t the first time I have seen this amazing set from Coogam, but I never thought that I would like it so much after using them. My little nephew is in love with construction work (don’t ask why)! So, when I was thinking about giving him the best toy cars for 5 year old, this set popped up right in my mind.

If you have adventurous kids at home who love cement mixing and the whole idea of construction, then this set of four cars is for them. The set comprises one cement truck, one dump truck, one bulldozer and one farm tractor with a wagon. So, it has pretty much everything that you want in a set. The cars are made to last long.

These are friction-powered cars that are super easy to power without loud noise. They can glide on the hardwood floor and carpet easily. No matter how rough the floor is, the cars can run smoothly on them.

And the best part is that your kid can easily maneuver these car toys without any supervision. So, if you are busy doing some household chores, you can easily keep your kids engaged for long with these construction toy cars set.

My only wish was the cars to be a bit bigger in size. Comparing the price you are investing in these cars with their advantages, it is still a good selection for your kids.
  • Detailed car structure for the construction world
  • Colorful options which are hard to ignore
  • Covering everything as seen in the construction world
  • Easy to maneuver without parental guidance
  • Cars could have been a bit bigger
This could be a great starter set for your munchkin if heshe is into construction.

8. ToyerBee Pull Back Vehicles

No need to invest money for a single car when you can get multiple ones in a set! Gift your toddler with eight different toy cars for toddlers to drive. This set is the one that I would recommend you to try! I love how realistic the designs of these cars are! You get beautifully decorated and colorful cars in a complete set. So, finding flaws was a huge waste of time from my side! Each mini car is around 2 to 2.3 inches in length, making them perfect for tiny hands.

Another best part is the use of non-toxic material in its construction. Only the best environmental protection materials are used for making these amazing toy cars for kids. Your kid won’t just have fun with these toys, but you are saving the environment as well.

There is good news for parents too! You don’t have to run in the store to get batteries for these cars. They run on friction. So, just pull the cars back and let go! It is easier to enjoy in this way with your kids.

The only problem is its size, which can prove to be a choking hazard. So, parent guidance is strictly needed whenever kids are playing with these cars. If your little munchkin has the tendency to put everything in his mouth, then you better be careful with this set.
  • Excellent friction powered feature
  • Eight cars to create a perfect pack
  • Cute cars made using die-cast for better strength
  • Choking hazards so parental guidance is mandatory
I can’t get enough of this set and really want kids to have a blast. This car set is perfect for those who love variations in their toy set.

9. Step2 Whisper II Ride On Push Car

The first time I saw this car was at the park. I saw a happy family strolling in the park, with their son riding this cute little beast. It fascinated me quite a bit, and the first thing I did was went online and got the car for reviewing it. The look is pretty sleek, and the blue color really suits this gem of a toy car.

This product is a perfect toddler push car with quiet riding wheels and kid-powered car horns. It comes with two cup holders for your thirsty little munchkin. Most importantly, this car can easily support weight up to 50 pounds.

If that wasn’t enough, this car comes with an easy folding handle, which makes storage less of a headache for parents. They can push that handle to let the car move and enjoy some great time with kids. To keep the toddlers safe on this ride, this car comes with safety belts. You will love the spacious storage area under the hood of the car, making it perfect for transporting some little treasures.

The only thing that can be improved with this push car is the size of the cup holder. It could have been a bit bigger and deeper to hold big cups easily.
  • Great look with cute blue color to it
  • Foldable push-handle for easy storage value
  • Safely belt for keeping your toddler safe while on the ride
  • Tolerate maximum weight of up to 50 pounds
  • Cup holders are not as big as needed
If you ask me, this gift is a great buy, if you compare the prices of other push car toys. I love the color and the features this car toy holds.

10. TOMY John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

Kids love cars, but what do they love most? Car with lighting wheels! Yes, it isn’t a dream anymore and now can be purchased from TOMY. I have seen this toy truck for a long time now and finally got the chance to purchase one and review it. It is everything that a two-year-old can wish for in a truck toy, and it will not disappoint them at any point.

The best thing about this tractor that makes it completely different from the rest is its light-up motion-activated tires. Whether your kid rolls the tractor forward or backward, it activates the motion sensor lights located in the wheels. Every move will make the tractor’s wheels glow up. So, maneuvering this product at night is a great sight to behold.

This John Deere tractor boasts a sturdy design. It is oversized and perfectly crafted with durable tires. So, no matter how rough the terrains might be, this car knows how to glide through without toppling over. I will even praise the easy usability of this toy. This tractor toy seems to be seamless and can roll perfectly for those amazing outdoor games.

The only thing I wished was a bit of sound. I know some kids love quiet moves, but then you have others who are into light and sound. If that was included in this tractor toy, it would have been 10 out of 10.
  • Comes with the original John Deere design
  • Sturdy design with oversized wheels for that monster truck feel
  • Motion sensor lights in the wheels
  • Easy maneuver without any parental guidance
  • Wished there was sound with lights to complete the look
It is amazing how simple lights can change the overall look of a tractor toy! Still confused about whether you should purchase it for your kid or not? Trust me, and get it right away for your little ones! You won’t regret this decision at all.

11. Best Ride On Cars Mercedes Benz Push Car

You have been in love with Mercedes for a long time. Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t? I have seen many kids going gaga over this amazing Mercedes ride from Best ride On Cars, and I know why. Previously, I was a little bit skeptical because what I have seen from the product, it is just a petty little red-colored car. But let me tell you. The picture isn’t doing justice to this masterpiece.

The glossy color and texture of this car make it a great ride for your little Rock star! Moreover, the accurate details on this toy push car make it a perfect choice for parents too.

This toy car comes with extra storage right under the seat! So, if you are trying to carry some baby necessities while strolling in the park, now you know where you can store it. It even has a rear handle for getting a perfect grip and one steering wheel with horn and music sounds. So, everything that your kid loves in a ride, all are present in this toy.

The only problem is that the sound is a bit too loud for a kid’s car toy. Sometimes, it might scare your kid, and then comes long hours of wailing.
  • Accurate detail for a realistic approach look-wise
  • Comes with extra storage under seat and rear handle for better grip
  • Perfect glossy red color to complete the shine
  • Sound is way too loud for a kid’s car
To be honest, I am totally blown away by how good it is! So, it is a good deal to look into for your kid and lift up his mood in no time!

12. Little Tikes Fairy Cozy Coupe

For the darling little princess in your home, this Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes is one perfect choice to make. The subtle light blue and pink color combination with big cartoonish eyes will make this push car a great choice for your baby girl. Want to know what attracts girls the most about this car? It has to be its perfect little tiara on top!

The design is super fun. It comes with a parent push handle so that you can maneuver your kid for a safe ride every time. It comes with a removable floorboard. So, cleaning this toy car after every ride to maintain its sanitization is an easy task for the parents.

Not only kids, but I have seen parents falling for this toy and keeping it in their attic even when their kids have grown into adults. You will love the high seat back, which always provides a comfortable ride. Moreover, you have cup holders in the rear portion of the car as well. Don’t forget the working horn and its clicking ignition switches for that realistic ride feel.

Because of its light color combinations, it gets dirty quite easily, especially if you take it out in the park or anywhere outdoors. Apart from that, it is hard to pinpoint any issue with this toy car.
  • A fun-filled design for the little princesses out there
  • Removable floorboard for easy cleanup
  • maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds
  • Movable ignition switch for realistic approach with horn
  • Colors are too light and more to get dirty too often
If you want a car push toy completely different from the rest in the list, this one’s for you. I really love the features, making it a perfect car toy for your little darling. So, get one now!

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cars for 2 Years Olds


From what I have seen so far, parents are getting more and more confused with car toys for kids because of unlimited options available. It is true that some toy cars, especially the push ones, will cost you a hefty amount of money. Therefore, making the right choice is important as you don’t want your money to go down the drain. So, let me help you with decision making through my reviews. The ones that I have listed above will match your flexible moods for sure. But, I also want to tell you more about some features to look for in a car toy, if you are trying to do your own research. Let’s delve into deeper research now!

  • Make sure of the size

Don’t just go for the price and then make a purchase. You need to be aware of the size of the toy cars too, before getting hold of the main one. Remember that the sizes will vary, based on your price point. From my research, the car sizes get smaller when you get a whole bunch in one pack. For example, if one pack comprises 8 or 12 pieces of cars, you are probably going for the mini ones. Meanwhile, the push car toys are way bigger in size to accommodate little kids on top for a ride.

  • Battery or friction operated cars

What kind of best toy cars for 1 year-old are you looking for? Will it be battery-powered or friction-based? Remember to check these points if you want the best cars for your kids out there. If you don’t want to run to the retail store for batteries all the time, I would suggest you go for the friction motion ones. All you have to do is just pull the car back with a bit of strength and see it zoom forward! But, if you want your cars to show some extra features like lights, sounds and more, then the battery is what you need.

  • Removable floorboard for the push cars

In terms of push cars, remember to check if the product has removable floorboards. You will definitely need one! These floorboards will help parents to clean the cars once in a while and maintain their hygiene. As you are likely to take these cars outdoors, preferably in public areas like parks, so cleaning them from time to time is mandatory. Removable floorboards make vacuuming a less of a headache.

  • Sound inclusion in the pack

Most of the push cars have their share of lights and sounds in the pack, to make the product look more realistic than ever. I have seen some of the best replicated Mercedes and Bentley toy cars for kids with realistic horn sounds and headlights. So, remember to check these points as well, before making that final purchase.

  • The durability of the car toys to make them last

Well, much like with any other toys for kids, you have to be fully aware of the durability of car toys designed for toddlers and babies. Remember that 2 or 3 years olds are likely to handle these cars. So, they need to be strong enough to withstand the daily pressure of aggressive or feisty little babies. Branded manufacturing units have already taken care of this notion and have created sturdy cars, some of which are made using a die-cast mold. The ones that I have mentioned already follow this sturdiness routine till the last!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted toy car brands for two years old?

There are many trusted brands manufacturing top-notch toy cars for two years olds these days. Among the lot, some of the most fascinating ones that I have seen and reviewed so far are Liberty Imports, TOP BRIGHT, Little Tikes, Melissa & Doug, and Best Choice Products. Let me just tell you that I have other brands in mind as well, which you can give a try. Those are Funcorn Toys, Coogam, ToyerBee, Step2, TOMY, and Little Tikes Fairy.

For your references, I have taken the best car toy from each of these brands and presented some of my thoughts on them. Kindly take some time off your busy schedule and look for these amazing pieces now.

How to use it?

There is no rocket science involved while using these car toys. Now the mechanism is subject to change a bit, based on the type you have gone for. For example, if you have invested a few extra dollars for the remote-controlled car, then you have to understand the mechanism of the available buttons to move the car forward. Other than that, you have friction-motion cars too. These cars are simple to use. Just pull them back to create motion, hold it, remove your hands and see the cars zooming forward at a lightning-fast speed.

Where to buy?

There are two major places where you get to buy these cars. You can easily get it from online stores like Amazon or can head towards the retail outlets. Some parents want to physically see and touch the cars before investing any dollar on it. For them, retail outlets are always there. You can check the quality of the cars directly from the front. Once happy, don’t waste time and get it now!

How to care and clean?

Do you want to know how you can care and clean your toy car? It is pretty simple. The cleaning agents are available in every household. So, no need to purchase anything separately for maintaining the cleanliness of the toy cars. You need mild soap or shampoo and then mix it with water to create a frothy mixture. Now with the help of a clean cloth, you can start swiping dirt and dust off the car.

For the push-up cars, make sure to remove the floorboard first before starting the cleaning process. These cars are mostly used outdoors in the backyard, park, or any toddler park, so chances of them getting dirtier are too common. Therefore, take time to clean the car from top to bottom. You can even use a gardening spray once you have lathered the car with soapy water. Use a clean cloth to dry it off, and it is all set for a new ride!

Will you receive a warranty on car toys after purchasing online?

The simple answer is yes, and there won’t be any discrimination in case you got the product from an e-commerce store. You will receive the exact number of warranty as mentioned in the pack. There won’t be any difference in the items brought from retail stores or online sectors.

Are there any choking hazards involved with car toys?

If you are dealing with the mini versions of car toys, then there is a choking hazard involved. Always remember that you are getting these cars for two years old or maximum for those who are five years of age. Kids or toddlers of such an age always have this tendency to put everything in their mouths. They don’t know how to differentiate food items from the rest. Anything that seems colorful and tasty will straight up land in their mouths.

Now, these miniature versions of toy cars are a perfect example of bright colors. So, kids might put them in their mouths. Because of their smaller sizes, they might gulp those down. Therefore, parental guidance is always advisable to keep such accidents at bay.

Where to store the push car toys for kids?

Yes, the size of the push car toys is indeed bigger than the miniature versions, but that won’t cause much of a trouble to store the item. If you have a storage shed or garden shed in your backyard, then you are off to a great start. If you don’t, then you can easily store these cars in the basement of the house or in the attic. The push handle can be folded in some models. So, storing these toy cars in tight corners won’t be a big of deal.

Why get toy cars in a pack?

A set of toy cars generally comprises eight to twelve pieces in a bunch. If you do have a feisty monster at home that can easily destroy smaller toys, then this pack seems to save you a great deal of money. Once he breaks a car toy, you have some readily available options as your backup plan! Each car model is different from the rest, so your kids will have something new to learn every day.

How can these car toys be educational?

In some of the car toy sets, you will receive different types of cars, including a school bus, firefighting cars, police cars, trucks, and more. Then you have a car set designed for the construction sites. So, your kids will come to learn more about different cars and get to differentiate them from one another. Therefore, these car toys can be proven educational means for your little ones.


I would suggest you go through all the options that I have mentioned before finalizing the best toy car for 2-year-old. I am so happy with the results and I hope that you will invest money in a proficient choice. These reviews are completely my own experiences, and you have every right to put forward your own stands. Just don’t waste time any longer and get yourself the best toy car now!

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DINOBROS Dinosaur Toy Pull Back Cars,6 Pack Dino Toys for 3 Year Old Boys Girls and Toddlers,Boy Toys Age 3,4,5 and Up,Pull Back Toy Cars,Dinosaur...
  • [6-PACK DINOSAUR CARS] A collection of 6 artfully-crafted roadster dinosaur pull back toy cars make perfect dino toys for 3 year old boys. Our...
  • [PERFECT MINI SIZE] Small Size Dinosaur Pull Back Toy Cars are approximately 5" in length. This size makes the dinos toys for toddlers and boys easy...
  • [PULL BACK TOY CARS] The simple pull back and go dinosaur cars are easy to play, go fast and sturdy. These dino toys for 3-year-olds and up, teach...
  • [GREAT TOYS FOR BOYS & TODDLERS] Dinosaur cars make a great party favor or a winning prize at a dinosaur themed birthday party. The dino pull back toy...
  • [DINOSAUR TOYS] The 6 distinct dinosaur cars designed as a roadster pull back car toy make great toys for boys or girls. The dino toys make a great...
MOONTOY Toy Cars for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys, 3 Pack Friction Powered Cars Pull Back Toy Cars Set - Bull Truck, Leopard Truck, Crocodile Trucks, Push and...
  • 【3 Sets Monster Trucks Toy】MOONTOY monster trucks set include 3 unique wild animals toy car figures model: bull, leopard, and crocodile. No...
  • 【Moving-mouth Cartoon Truck】Press the toy truck button to open its mouth and see teeth, the animal trucks will make children more excited and...
  • 【Early Educational Toy】The toddler truck is a great educational toy to develop kids' curiosity, creativity, and hand-eye coordination. Each truck...
  • 【Perfect Gifts for Toddler】Monster truck is a fun party favor, birthday bags gift set, Christmas gift, and any other celebrating gift for...
  • 【100% Safe & Sturdy Durable】MOONTOY baby toy trucks have high quality and durable non-toxic thick plastic. With soft edges and curves, no sharp...
ArtCreativity Light Up Monster Trucks for Boys and Girls, Toy Truck Set of 2, Monster Trucks for Boys 3-6 Years Old, Toddler Monster Truck Toys, Light...
  • UNLEASH SOME MONSTER FUN: This jumbo monster truck packs more features to keep the kiddos thrilled for hours! The transparent monster wheels light up...
  • OH SO COOL: First impressions are everything. This monster truck is designed to ooze attention-grabbing cool with huge bullbars, cool graphics,...
  • REV TO CRUISE: These cool monster truck cars come equipped with a classic friction motor. Just rev ‘em up and watch them accelerate away! This...
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Whether you need a gift to give your child for the holidays, birthday, or as a reward, this light-up monster truck makes a great...
Threeking RC Stunt Cars Remote Control Car Double-Sided Driving 360-degree Flips Rotating Car Toy, Green
  • RC STUNT CAR: In addition to the basic skills that ordinary remote control cars should have, the car can tumble in place at 360 degrees and drive on...
  • ANTI-INTERFERENCE: Easy Controls; Long-distance and anti-interference. Multiple sets of toy cars can compete together, and these cars will go their...
  • LET'S PLAY TOGETHER: The car equipped with 2pcs powerful electric motors and 4pcs high-quality soft and elastic rubber tires (shock absorption,...
  • FOR SAFETY: High-quality plastic and suitable printing, to make sure the material safe, the car fixed with dozens of screws and high-class electronic...
  • FOR KIDS: In order to improve the child's hands-on ability and make the battery safer during charging, when need to charge, please open the battery...
BEZGAR Remote Control Car Licensed RC Car, 1:24 Lambo Toy Car for Kids, Lambo Aventador SVJ Remote Control Model Car Electric Sport Racing Hobby Car...
  • 【OFFICIALLY LICENSED BY LAMBO】 1/24 scaled back on the real Lambo Aventador SVJ; model Lambo measures in 7.3 x 3.6 x 1.9 inch; great size for...
  • 【FULLY FUNCTIONAL BEZGAR RC CAR】Features a delicate and smooth profile and a remote controller with functions such as forward, reverse, left and...
  • 【STRONG MATERIAL AND SCRATCH RESISTANCE 】Non-toxic ABS plastic and a glossy exterior, it can hold up well through lots of crashes. Smooth flexible...
  • 【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE 】2.4GHZ frequency is the updated new feature for this RC car, which provides a stable and wider control range for the play,...
  • 【IDEAL REMOTE CONTROL LAMBO FOR BOYS/ADULTS】Round edges to protect children from getting an injury. The model Lambo Aventador SVJ works well on a...
Niskite Dinosaur Toys for 2 Year Old Boy: Toddler Boy Toys for 3 Year Old Boys,Dinosaur Toys for Kids 3-5,Dino Car Toys for 2 3 4 Year Old Boy...
  • 【Perfect Bigger Size】- The dinosaur toys trucks are approximately 5" in length.Perfect size for toddlers and boys easy to hold and play.Bigger...
  • 【Keep Runing & Smart Change Direction】- Just install 2AA batteries(Not included) on kids dinosaur toys and open on/off button,They will...
  • 【Unique Led & Sound Design】- Upgraded with flashlight and dinosaur sound that attract kids attention and let them enter the dinosaur game...
  • 【Add Sound On-Off Feature & Durable】- Specially designed with a sound control button to close the sound if you feel it's annoying.The dinausors...
  • 【Amazing Birthday Gifts For Kids】- The kids toys dinosaur is combination of tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops shape.Which make it a great...
ArtCreativity Light Up Red Monster Truck Toy, 1 Piece, 8 Inch Toy Monster Truck with Flashing LED Tires and Batteries, Push n Go Car Toys for Kids,...
  • HOURS OF FUN: ArtCreativity’s monster truck is the perfect way to plaster a permanent smile on your little one’s face. This cool 8” toy monster...
  • MESMERIZING LIGHT SHOW: This battery-operated car toy for kids produces a fascinating flash of light that is a guaranteed recipe for giggles. The...
  • EASY TO OPERATE: We’ve designed our light up toys for boys and girls to be an absolute breeze to operate by kids aged 3+ thanks to the push n go...
  • LOVELY SPLASH OF COLOR: With a vibrant touch of red that exudes racing ferocity, this kids’ truck toy will liven up any kid’s room or toy box....
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Looking for a birthday gift any boy or girl will relish? Christmas toys for kids that they’ll treasure for a while to come? This...