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Walking and crawling are crucial aspects of a child’s overall growth and development. Thus, a ride-on toy is a great way to enhance the developing motor skills and spatial awareness of kids. The best ride-on a tractor will be a fantastic way to get your kid moving.

Our Pick
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor and Trailer 12 Volt Ride on, Red
Good Price
John Deere Sit 'N Scoot Activity Tractor Toy - Foot to Floor Kids Ride On Toys - John Deere Tractor Toys for Toddlers - 20 x 9.8 x 16.15 inches -...
Good Choice
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
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NIOP 12V 7Ah Ride on Tractor with Trailer, Kids Electric Parent Remote, 25W Motors, 2+1 Gear Shift, 7-LED Headlight, Wireless Music Mode/ MP3/ USB...
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Uenjoy Electric Ride On Tractor with Trailer, Battery Powered Tractor Motorized Vehicles for Kids W/Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor and Trailer 12 Volt Ride on, Red
John Deere Sit 'N Scoot Activity Tractor Toy - Foot to Floor Kids Ride On Toys - John Deere Tractor Toys for Toddlers - 20 x 9.8 x 16.15 inches -...
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
NIOP 12V 7Ah Ride on Tractor with Trailer, Kids Electric Parent Remote, 25W Motors, 2+1 Gear Shift, 7-LED Headlight, Wireless Music Mode/ MP3/ USB...
Uenjoy Electric Ride On Tractor with Trailer, Battery Powered Tractor Motorized Vehicles for Kids W/Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Our Pick
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor and Trailer 12 Volt Ride on, Red
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor and Trailer 12 Volt Ride on, Red
Good Price
John Deere Sit 'N Scoot Activity Tractor Toy - Foot to Floor Kids Ride On Toys - John Deere Tractor Toys for Toddlers - 20 x 9.8 x 16.15 inches -...
John Deere Sit 'N Scoot Activity Tractor Toy - Foot to Floor Kids Ride On Toys - John Deere Tractor Toys for Toddlers - 20 x 9.8 x 16.15 inches -...
Good Choice
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor with Trailer 12 Volt Ride on
Don't Miss
NIOP 12V 7Ah Ride on Tractor with Trailer, Kids Electric Parent Remote, 25W Motors, 2+1 Gear Shift, 7-LED Headlight, Wireless Music Mode/ MP3/ USB...
NIOP 12V 7Ah Ride on Tractor with Trailer, Kids Electric Parent Remote, 25W Motors, 2+1 Gear Shift, 7-LED Headlight, Wireless Music Mode/ MP3/ USB...
Also Consider
Uenjoy Electric Ride On Tractor with Trailer, Battery Powered Tractor Motorized Vehicles for Kids W/Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...
Uenjoy Electric Ride On Tractor with Trailer, Battery Powered Tractor Motorized Vehicles for Kids W/Remote Control, Music, Horn, Spring...

High-quality and dependable ride-on tractor toys will help your child to enjoy their freedom and sense of self-confidence. If you allow your little ones to have some adventures on their own, it will help them with their development phase. And ride-on toys can be an invaluable part of that.

There are loads of ride-on tractors for toddlers available in the market today. It is difficult for first-time toy buyers to know what kind of force tractor would be best for their kid. To make this easy for you, I have compiled this extensive buying guide. I have included all the information about ride-on toys and tractors you’re looking for.


Best Ride-On Tractor Reviews

Here are informative reviews of the top 12 high-quality ride-on tractor toys available on the current online/offline toy market. Please note that all these evaluations are based on the personal experiences I had with the toys.

1. Peg Perego John Deere Ride On Tractor

If you’re looking for a tractor for toddlers, Peg Perego has some of the best products currently available on the market.

The ride on tractor with trailer is a high quality motorized ride on toy that is perfect for toddlers and growing kids. This ground force tractor is ideal for encouraging your kids to go outside and play. What I find the most exciting is the color and the design of this toy.

This Peg Perego ground force model has a detachable trailer and a size that is perfect for 2 to 7 years old kids. What I like is that it is incorporated with a snuggly and ergonomically designed adjustable seat, which ensures comfortable seating for my son.

As I see, the model comes in two unique speeds and two separate transmissions, which allow for a maximum speed of 2.25 or 4.5 miles per hour. I love that this tractor allows me to put it in reverse. It is fully equipped with automatic brakes, so I rest assured that my son can be 100% safe.

If your child is young, you can lock out its speed with a parent-controlled safety lockout feature. I see that its wheels are fit with high traction tires so it can be operated safely on grass, gravel, and asphalt. The detachable tractor trailer is there to make the ride on tractor experience immersive and memorable.

This Peg Perego John Deere tractor has a fully functional FM radio. My son could regale himself with authentic country music while driving his cool tractor.

However, there is one thing I don’t like about this product. Although it comes with a 12V battery that is 100% rechargeable, it lasts for only 45-50 minutes.
  • Adjustable seats with flip-up armrests.
  • Two speeds with parental lock.
  • Fully functioning FM radio.
  • Fully rechargeable 12V battery.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • Short-lived battery.
This is a wonderful ride on tractor toy, and I would highly recommend you to get this for your kids.

2. TOMY John Deere Ride On Tractor

This TOMY John Deere tractor is a good ride on toy that is perfect for tiny tots who are 18 months and older. I like it as it has an attractive and iconic dark green color.

The design of this ride on toy is stable and is designed to provide the user with ultimate balance and stability. The wheelbase of the toy tractor is wide and the wheels have ridges in them to increase balance. I like that there is also a steering wheel attached to the tractor that can be easily gripped for balance and for changing directions.

This ground force tractor comes with a classic foot-to-floor mechanism, and my son can ride around the entire house on this toy. So, I can let my son ride on it both indoor and outdoor. However, I would recommend confining your child to a safe and enclosed space like your garden or backyard, as it will ensure complete safety. Playing with this tractor will also develop your child’s motor skills.

One of the major developmental milestones in a toddler’s life is their sense of spatial awareness. This John Deere scooting tractor can impart that sense to them. What I like most is that the tractor is light and can be easily assembled right out of the box. The stable riding design is reinforced with the help of unique functionality.

As I see, this toy can easily handle a load of 75 pounds, so I believe that it is perfect for a growing toddler. I also love that this ride on tractor toy is affordable.

However, some toddlers and children might find the size of this tractor toy a little too small to be used comfortably.
  • Wide wheelbase.
  • Develops motor skills and coordination.
  • Foot-to-floor mechanism builds muscle strength.
  • Attractive, iconic dark green colour captures attention.
  • Steering wheel.
  • Size is too small.
Overall, I think this is a high quality and fantastic children’s riding tractor that you should get for your toddler.

3. TOBBI Battery-Powered Toy Tractor

This battery-powered ride on tractor toy is one of the coolest toys that I have ever seen. It comes in a bunch of colors and it is fit with some exciting features that my son really loves.

The best thing I have found about this toy is its rechargeable battery, which is powerful and energy-efficient. My son can drive it effortlessly over complicated terrains like gravel, and grass as the battery is connected to two powerful motors and engines. It is built to handle a maximum load of 66 lbs. and is perfect for the average toddler.

I like its sophisticated 3-gear shift mechanism. My son can choose between 2 forward gears and a reverse gear. The tractor has automatic brakes and my son has to place his foot on the pedal to get it to move. The second forward gear allows him to move faster than the first.

The most interesting thing that surprises me is the built-in audio player. It can play inbuilt nursery rhymes, sound effects, etc. for an immersive and thrilling experience. What I love most is that there is a USB port that I can use to play music and rhymes of my own choice. This toy features powerful Bluetooth connectivity.

I like that the manufacturer has provided the adjustable seat with seatbelts for your child’s continued safety while playing with the toy. The seat has guardrails so that there are no accidents. There is also a detachable trailer for the extra fun. My son also loves to carry around his favorite toys on this trailer.

Everything is great about this ride on tractor but I wish the battery took a little less time to recharge fully.
  • Energy-efficient 12V rechargeable battery.
  • 3-gear shift mechanism.
  • Audio player has USB and Bluetooth.
  • Safety features like seatbelt and guardrails.
  • In-built sound effects.
  • Takes too long to charge.
This is a solid investment and is the kind of toy that your kid will enjoy for many years.

4. Peg Perego Ride On Tractor

If you want a ride on tractor battery-powered that is tough and high quality, you should look into this product from Peg Perego. I really like it because it looks like a real tractor with an attractive design. Moreover, you will also find a cool detachable trailer.

The trailer is large and has lots of storage space. My son likes it and he often loads it up with all of his favorite toys, snacks, etc. and goes on a fun adventure in the backyard. I find that the battery-operated motor of the Peg Perego ride on tractor is powerful enough to navigate complex terrain like gravel, and grass with ease.

I think this tractor is interesting because it has a transmission system that allows my son to choose between 3 unique gear shifts. The two forward gears enable him to drive at two speeds – 2.25 mph or 4.50 mph. There is a reverse transmission that moves the tractor in the opposite direction easily. The plastic body is high-quality and adds durability to the product.

This Peg Perego ride on tractor has a parental control safety lockout feature. If your kid is too young to go too fast, you can set a limit on their maximum speed using the gear lockout. The rechargeable battery is 12 V and can be recharged fully within a short time. The toy’s charging cord is included.

I like that the adjustable seat has been ergonomically designed to be comfortable for growing toddlers and kids. The seats come with cool flip-up armrests that are perfect for growing kids. I love that the included tires are high traction for better stability.

This is a high-quality product but I think it is quite expensive.
  • High traction tires
  • Perfect for all kinds of terrain.
  • Two-speed transmission.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • Spacious trailer.
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Slightly too pricey.
I would say that this Peg Perego ride on tractor toy is actually a worthwhile buy despite its slightly high price.

5. JOYMOR Battery Operated Ride On Tractor

Ride on toys are a great way to teach kids how to be independent and self-confident, from a young age. If you’re looking for the right ride on tractor toy for outdoor use, then I would recommend you to consider the battery-operated versions released by JOYMOR.

This motorized tractor from JOYMOR has heavy duty tires that let it navigate complex terrain properly. I see that my son can drive it over uneven ground while having a whole lot of fun. I like that the steering wheel of the tractor is easy to operate, and it is good for young kids.

What’s interesting is that the gear shift of this ride on tractor toy has two unique speeds, so that my son can have a fun and exhilarating experience. He can choose to drive at 2.17 mph or 4.75 mph. The transmission comes with fully functioning automatic brakes so that there are no accidents. The adjustable seat is fitted with proper seat belts.

This pedal tractor comes with a detachable trailer that can be fastened with the help of a simple locking mechanism. Your little one can load it up with toys, snacks, etc. and go for a fun adventure. My favorite feature is the realistic MP3 player and FM radio that is incorporated with a fully functioning USB.

I think this tractor toy is perfect for growing children and toddlers. The overall design of the toy is realistic and attractive. You would love to know that the trailer comes equipped with a shovel tool for an immersive playtime experience.

This tractor is super-fast and is fun to play with, but I found that the reverse function didn’t not work properly.
  • Realistic design is attractive and cool.
  • Adjustable seats fit with seatbelts.
  • Automatic brakes and speed control.
  • Comes with an MP3 player.
  • Detachable trailer for loading toys.
  • Reverse function is faulty.
On the whole, this is a high-quality product. If you have an active child, they’ll love this tractor.

6. METAKOO Ride On Electric Tractor

If you’re looking for riding tractors for toddlers, this trailer tractor sold by METAKOO will surely entice you and your kids. I like it as it has a cool and realistic design and comes with a spacious detachable trailer for loading extra cargo. It would be the best present for any growing kid.

This toy is safe for children who are 3 years old kids and older. It has an intuitive and sensitive steering wheel. One thing I have noticed is that the accelerator pedal tractor is equipped with automatic brakes for maximum safety. The adjustable seat has a high backrest for maximum comfort and is fit with seatbelts and rails.

My favorite part of this toy is its transmission. My son can choose between two unique speeds – 2 mph and 5 mph with ease. If your child is young, there is an option for you to lockout the second gear speed. Driving this excellent electric ride on tractor will develop the fine motor skills, dexterity, and overall hand-eye coordination of the growing kiddo.

I’m pleased that the tractor has a wide wheelbase so that it can handle complex terrain types properly. I also see that my son can drive it on all kinds of outdoor terrain types, such as grass, earth, asphalt, and concrete. I love that the wheels are fit with rugged tires that are high quality and durable.

This tractor comes with a 2.4G remote control ride on tractor, which allows you to safely control the car during the playtime of your kids.

What I don’t like about this product is the horn on this tractor. It makes a weird sound and your kid may not like it.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • 2 unique speeds.
  • Develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Wide wheelbase.
  • Excellent 2.4G remote control ensuring parental control.
  • The horn makes a weird noise.
This is a wonderful toy and I think you should definitely consider this as a present for your energetic munchkin.

7. Kidzone Green Electric Ride On Tractor

If you are seeking a tractor with a comfortable adjustable seat and seat belt, you can consider this product. This tractor has a realistic design and a powerful 12V motor that can be recharged in a couple of hours. The tires on this toy are treaded and allow navigation of complex terrains.

The body of this ride on tractor is made of high-quality polypropylene, which is a durable and tough polymer. Some of the parts of the tractor are reinforced with the help of metallic elements. The wheels and treads of the tractor are made of reinforced polyethylene material, which makes the entire toy waterproof, durable and easy-to-clean.

I’m pleased that this tractor has a manual control mode and a parental control mode. The former allows my son to drive the tractor himself with the help of the steering wheel and automatic brakes. This high-quality pedal tractor comes with a remote control, which I can use to control the speed and direction of the toy during playtime.

What I like most is the air pressure horn built into the tractor that makes funny and entertaining sounds when pressed. Apart from that, the console of the tractor is fit with an MP3 player and an FM radio. This MP3 player is equipped with a USB port and Bluetooth, so I can play my son’s favorite music while he is playing.

My son also loves its nice detachable trailer which is spacious enough for him to load up with his favorite toys. He also likes its LED headlights.

The only problem I have found is with the remote control feature since it does not transfer complete control over to the parent.
  • Durable and easy-to-clean high-quality PP-PE materials.
  • Adjustable seat and automatic brakes.
  • Remote control for parent supervision.
  • LED headlights and MP3 player.
  • Bluetooth-enabled.
  • Faulty remote control.
This is one of the best children’s ride on tractor models I have ever seen and it is a great investment.

8. TOMY John Deere Pedal Tractor

Talking about a good quality plastic pedal tractor, there is nothing better than a John Deere tractor. John Deere is an iconic and well-known brand name on the ride on toy market, and this pedal tractor is one of the most functional and high-quality toys I’ve ever seen.

When it comes to toddlers’ ride on tractors, you need something that is high quality. This plastic pedal tractor is made of military-grade polypropylene material, which is tough and durable. It has been made for boisterous and energetic little kids, who are prone to get into a few minor accidents now and again.

This John Deere tractor and trailer ride on toy has been designed with the authentic and iconic green and yellow colors of classic John Deere products. My son loves it as the tractor toy has an attached wagon or trailer, which is spacious and tough. I can assemble the entire set easily.

This tractor functions like a tricycle. I appreciate the manufacturer for installing a wide wheelbase, so my son can balance and doesn’t get injured by accident. The tires of this ride on tractor have proper treads that allow my son to use it on all kinds of surfaces. I think using the pedals and navigating the yard in the tricycle can develop your kids spatial awareness.

This tractor toy is best suited for young kids, who are older than 18 months and younger than 3 years. I’m impressed that although this ride on tractor weighs only 10 lbs., it can easily handle a maximum load of up to 75 pounds.

As I see, the plastic wheels are flimsy. It can wear out and get damaged if they are repeatedly ridden on gravel/asphalt.
  • High quality PP material.
  • Classic design of John Deere products.
  • Wide wheelbase.
  • Can handle 75 pounds of load.
  • Has treads for balancing on all surfaces.
  • Wheels are flimsy.
This is a great toy and I would highly recommend you to get your toddler this as a present.

9. Uenjoy Electric Motorized Ride On Tractor

If you are searching for a battery-powered ride on tractor for 5 year old kids with a realistic design and a lot of exciting features and functions, I think this one is perfect for you.

I like it because it comes with two unique riding modes, making it suitable for both toddlers and younger kids. There is a parental control mode as well that you can take advantage of if you have a young kid. I think the best part of this force tractor is it is easy to operate, my son can play it without any issues.

This is an accelerator pedal tractor that allows my son to select the ultimate speed of the vehicle. Moreover, I like that the toy is equipped with a sensitive steering wheel and automatic brakes so that it can be controlled and maneuvered easily. It is made of a strong and durable PP material designed to stand the test of time.

The tractor has a wide wheel base for extra balance. The front and rear wheels are loaded with high-powered suspension systems to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. I think this is the kind of force tractor that can operate comfortably on a versatile range of surfaces, ranging from grass to asphalt. I would like to add that the adjustable seat has seat belts, which strengthens security.

My favorite is the in-built entertainment system. The MP3 Player is equipped with a USB port and a Bluetooth mode. Also, it has high quality LED lamps.

The only issue that I have with this specific ride on tractor toy is that the charging time is too much.
  • Powerful electric motor can handle all terrains.
  • Automatic brakes and seat belts.
  • Suspension systems.
  • MP3 player.
  • Adjustable seat with seatbelts.
  • Charging time is high.
I would say, on the whole, it is a solid product and I would recommend getting this for your child. They’ll enjoy it for years.

10. Peg Perego Case IH Little Tractor

Peg Perego makes some of the best ride on toys in the world, and their ride on tractor series are cute and durable. I am a huge fan of the Case IH line, which includes a range of electric tractors for toddlers and kids that have a superb make and durability.

When it comes to kids’ driving tractors, the Case IH line is a well-known one. I like that this tractor can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the powerful motor allows your kids to navigate a versatile and complex range of terrains such as grass and asphalt. I’m pleased that it has a 6V battery that can be charged fully within a couple of hours.

What I love most is that the tractor is equipped with automatic brakes, a sensitive steering wheel, and an adjustable seat belt for maximum convenience and safety. My son can cruise along at 2.5 mph by using the accelerator of this pedal tractor. The wheels have high traction and a wide base so that my son can have a safe ride.

It has a detachable trailer that can be used as a storage car. It fastens to the rear section of the tractor and can be easily removed and attached by young hands. My son really loves to use this trailer to store his favorite toys, books, and snacks while he goes on an adventure in the yard.

My son can sit comfortably during playtime thanks to its ergonomically designed and adjustable seat. The adjustable specifics will ensure that your kids use this toy for a long time.

The only problem I have with this toy is that it doesn’t have a reverse gear, so the tractor keeps getting stuck a lot.
  • Automatic brakes and seat belts.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Wide wheelbase and steering wheel.
  • Ergonomic accelerator.
  • Detachable trailer.
  • No reverse gear is present.
Overall, it is a great children’s ride on tractor toy and you should definitely consider getting one for your growing little ones.

11. Huffy Electric Ride On Lawnmower

I love to put this product on my list as this ride on lawn mower and bubble tractor is a wonderful ride on toy for toddlers and young kids. It has a cool and realistic design that is perfect for hours of pretend play. This toy has a bubble container mechanism that disperses bubbles while riding.

It has a powerful 12V battery and an electric motor allowing the vehicle to tackle complicated terrain, such as sand and asphalt. My son can choose between two speeds – 2 mph or 4 mph, which is comparable to a brisk walk.

This toy has a sensitive steering wheel and automatic brakes. My son can change direction easily and can keep the vehicle in motion by pressing down on the accelerator pedal. I see that the wheelbase of this toy is large and the wheels are oversized to allow for maximum traction on a tricky surface.

I like that its tires and wheels are made of a plastic material which is tough and durable. They will not wear or deflate even after hours of extended usage. The wide shape of the ride on tractor is designed to provide young riders with the proper balance they need. The seat of this tractor is perfect for toddlers and 3-year-old kids.

My favorite thing about this lawn mower ride is the adorable bubble dispersion mechanism. These toys are equipped with a bubble maker and bubble fluid. My son really loves this product as he can have a wonderful time driving his tractor among the bubbles.

What I don’t like about this toy is that this tractor does not have a reverse or a remote-controlled mode, which can make things difficult for parents.
  • Two speeds available.
  • Large wheelbase and tires.
  • Cute and enjoyable bubble machine.
  • Powerful 12V battery and motor.
  • Automatic brakes.
  • Not have reverse or RC.
With automatic brakes for additional safety, I would say this is a great product and will be enjoyed by any toddler or child.

12. Peg Perego John Deere Farm Tractor

Peg Perego makes the best John Deere ground force and other ride on tractors. If you’re looking for a high-quality plastic pedal tractor, this model is definitely the best way to go. With this tractor, your children will be able to have lots of outdoor fun.

As I see, this little ride on John Deere tractor is best suited for 2 to 4-year-old children. At this age, the muscular system and sense of hand-eye coordination are in development. Pedaling strengthens and develops their leg muscles.

My son had a fun and immersive experience while he was playing it as this tractor was designed to look similar to the real thing. This toy is equipped with a detailed dash that allows your kids to keep an eye on the tractor while they’re out driving. The pedal of the construction pedal tractor and chain drive of it is great and functional.

It has a fully functional trailer that can be loaded up with lots of toys, goodies, snacks, etc. You can start letting your kiddo help you with the groceries by letting them drive it up to the house on the back of their cart. This will help their self-confidence and will teach them about errands and responsibility.

This Peg Perego John Deere tractor is one of the highest qualities and affordable products that I have ever seen. It has a wide wheelbase so that it can maintain a steady balance on unfamiliar and tricky terrain.

I think the only minus of this tractor is that it is difficult to assemble and the manufacturers make it worse by not including the proper instructions.
  • Pedals + chain systems develop motor skills and strength.
  • Wide wheelbase and large tires maintain balance.
  • Stylish and authentic design.
  • Develops a sense of spatial awareness.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Difficult to assemble.
If you want your kids to develop strength and motor skills, this is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend getting this for your toddler.

What to Look for When Buying a Ride on Tractor Toy


Before shopping for the best ride-on tractor toy for your child, here are some of the additional factors that you need to be on the lookout for.

  • Brand of the Toy: If you’re looking for the best ride-on toy on the market, then the brand name is one of the biggest factors at play. It actually makes a lot of sense to go for one of the well-known and dependable toy brands on the market, such as Peg Perego, TOMY, Mattel, Hasbro, and Rolly Toys Cat Construction.
  • Type of the Toy: I think that the second consideration that must be made is the type of ride-on tractor toy you are looking for. Basically, there are two kinds of these toys – battery-operated or pedal-powered. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the type of toy that satisfies your individual needs properly.
  • Age of the Kid: Another important consideration is the age of the child for whom you are getting the toy. If they are a young toddler who has just started walking, you should get them a scooting toy or a pedal-powered ride-on toy. If the child is slightly older, then you should get something battery-powered.
  • Preferences of the Kid: It all comes down to the individual tastes and preferences of the child you are getting the toy for. If the child likes to spend time outdoors, then you should get them something pedal-powered so that they can burn off their energy. If your kid is imaginative, you should consider something interesting and complex.
  • Safety of the Toy: Ride-on toys always carry a small risk of injury along with them. Every child scrapes or bumps themselves once in a while. However, the risk of injury should be minimized as much as possible. You should ensure that the tractor you buy has all the safety features like automatic brakes and adjustable seat belts.
  • Features of the Toy: If you look at the motorized toys, you will notice that each toy has a lot of interesting individual features. For example, some of the battery-powered toy tractors have a 3-speed gearbox, which allows the user to select their preferred speed. Some models come with a reverse gear function. These features should be considered too.
  • Maintenance of the Toy: It is important to consider the overall level of convenience and maintenance associated with the toy. You should get something easy to clean and store away. If your house is small, then you should consider something compact and portable. Also, don’t forget the charging time for battery-powered toys.
  • Budget and Price Considerations: Most people often end up overspending heavily when buying toys for kids. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, I would recommend you to set a price ceiling for how much you’re going to spend beforehand.

Other Important Factors to Consider


  • Brand and quality of the toy.
  • Type of the ride on toy.
  • Safety features of the toy.
  • Cost and budget you have in mind.
  • Additional features like steering wheel, FM radio, etc.
  • Maintenance and convenience involved.

What is a ride on tractor? Who is this toy for?

A ride on toy is basically a toy that a child can sit on and ride around, either indoors or outdoors. A ride on tractor toy has been designed to look like an authentic tractor.

These toys help in the development of fine motor skills and spatial awareness. These toys play an important role in the physical and cognitive development of growing children. A good quality ride on tractor for toddlers is the best gift you can get for an energetic little child.

Ride on tractor toys are basically for children who are 18 months and older. Toddlers are an age group that benefits greatly from playing with such ride on toys. These toys are versatile and can be enjoyed by slightly older children – like those who are 3 years and older.

How does a ride on tractor work?

The inner mechanism of a ride on tractor actually depends on the type of the toy. The simplest kind of ride on tractor is a foot to floor scooting toy that is exclusively for young children and toddlers, who have just started to walk.

After this, there are tricycle-like ride on tractor toys, like the ones manufactured by brands like Peg Perego and TOMY. These have a simple mechanism – the foot pedals are connected to a chain and the steering wheel allows your child to steer the vehicle while they are driving it.

Finally, there is an advanced and motorized ride on tractor toy that works with the help of an electric motor. This motor is powered with the help of a 6V or 12V rechargeable battery. These toys come with lots of cool features such as automatic brakes, steering wheel, and FM radio.

What are the different kinds of ride on tractor toys?

I think that the best way to distinguish ride on tractor toys is based on their brand and functionality. The motorized vehicles are fairly similar to each other. The only difference is that some have extra speeds and others don’t.

Some motorized ride on tractors don’t come with additional features such as a reverse gear and an adjustable seat belt. There are various overall designs and appearances of the toy. The Peg Perego John Deere tractor, for instance, has an iconic dark green color.

Lastly, there is the simple mechanical version of the toys which can either be pedaled or operated by a sit and scoot mechanism. Scooting toys are generally intended for young children who have only just begun to walk. Pedal-powered ride on tractor toys are great for toddlers and active growing kids.

Why do you need ride on tractor toys for toddlers?

A ride on tractor or any ride on toy is a crucial and integral toy for all children to develop properly. Playing with these toys will help in the enhancement of their developing bodies and minds.

First of all, riding a toy and manipulating the direction enables children to develop their muscles and hand-eye coordination properly. Playing with ride on toys helps in the development of their sense of overall spatial awareness. These ride on toys are great for encouraging little ones to go and play outdoors.

With realistic and immersive toys, your kids can engage in open-ended play. Open-ended and pretend play can also help children to express their creativity constructively and educationally. These toys allow children to socialize with other children and develop their self-confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from readers. I have tried to address all the usual doubts people have while they are buying a ride on tractor for 3 year old kids and toddlers. I hope they are helpful.

What are the most trusted ride on tractor brands?

There are a lot of well-known brands that sell good quality ride on tractors and ride on lawn mowers. My favorite brands of motorized and pedal-powered ride on toys are Peg Perego, TOMY, Mattel, and Hasbro.

How to use a ride-on tractor toy?

If you get a motorized tractor toy, you need to assemble the toy and charge it for at least 12 hours before it can be used. Make sure that after it’s fully charged, you should sit your toddler and buckle them properly before playtime.

Where can I buy a ride-on tractor toy?

You can find a ride on toy in any toy store or department store. If you are looking for a specific brand or a specific model, then I would recommend you to look for the toy on websites like Amazon.

How to care for and clean a ride on tractor toy?

If you have a motorized ride on tractor, then I would recommend you to charge it fully before using it, you should disinfect and clean the surface of the toy regularly with the help of disinfectant spray.

Are ride on tractor toys safe for kids?

Yes, ride on tractor toys are 100% safe for kids because all toy manufacturers have to abide by the strict quality control standards established by regulatory agencies like the ASTM. On top of that, these toys are all tested by third-party standardization labs.

Who exactly is John Deere?

John Deere is actually the brand name of Deere and Company, which is a US-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of agricultural vehicles like tractors, and harvesters. It is an iconic brand that is well-known for its classic green and yellow paint.

How should I assemble a motorized ride on tractor toy?

Assembling a motorized ride on tractor toy is actually easy. In most cases, the manufacturers enclose a detailed and intuitive set of instructions that you can follow easily. Video tutorials are available.


These lovely ride-on tractors are great toys to improve your kid’s spatial awareness, motor skills, and overall cognitive development. I hope that the reviews and information I have provided about buying the best ride-on tractor toys are helpful to you.

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products available in the market, I would recommend you to consider the products that I have reviewed. Happy shopping!

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

Rolly Toys John Deere 3-Wheel Trac with Trailer Ride On, Green/Yellow (52769)
  • High Impact blow molded resin body
  • Electronic horn
  • Oversized resin tires
  • Removable hauling trailer
  • Manufactured by Rolly Toys
Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV, Green
  • 2 speeds 2 1/2 and 5 mph plus reverse (5 mph lockout for beginners)
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Extra large dumpbed with tailgate
  • Adjustable seat for growing kids
ROLLY TOYS John Deere Kid Tractor with Trailer Pedal Ride-On , Green
  • Fully functional front loader; front lifting hood compartment
  • Oversized resin tires with a long lasting rubberized tread strip
  • High impact blow molded resin body for superb style and durability; detachable hauling trailer included
  • Fully enclosed chain drive system with external adjustment; pedal crank with eccentric bearing
  • Made in Germany; Ages 2.5 to 5-years, 50 lb. weight limit
Peg Perego Case IH Magnum Tractor and Trailer 12 Volt Ride on, Red
  • Battery operated 12 volt 2 speeds 2 1/4 and 4 1/2mph plus reverse
  • Extra large stake side trailer to carry the loads
  • Accelerator pedal with automatic brakes
  • Extra traction tires for all terrain travel
  • Includes 2 year warranty with consumer participation
Kid Trax 6V Mow and Go Ride On Lawn Mower - Electric Cars for Kids, Toddler Outdoor Toys, Toddler Car, Kids Ride On Toys, Easy Drive, Durable, Ages...
  • PERFECT FOR YOUNG KIDS: Designed for kids aged 18-30 months and up to 44 lbs. Riding and pretend mowing, all in one, with a safe speed of 1.5 MPH
  • IMAGINATIVE ROLE-PLAY FUN: Our toy lawn mower has a cool clear deck, so kids feel like they're really cutting grass. Perfect for little helpers...
  • EASY FOR LITTLE HANDS: Our ride-on toy is super easy for little ones to use all by themselves. A simple push-button makes it go, helping them feel in...
  • SMOOTH AND STEADY RIDE: With Power Trax rubber traction strip tires, the ride is smooth whether on grass or pavement. Sits one rider
  • LONG-LASTING ADVENTURE: Comes with a 6-Volt rechargeable battery and a wall charger, so playtime keeps going, and the fun never has to stop for long
Huffy Kids Electric 12V Ride On Mini Mower Bubble Tractor, Red
  • Huffy's 12V Bubble Mower creates fun filled moments for the entire family; This unique ride on tractor for kids disperses a cloud of bubbles from an...
  • Two speeds allow your kid to customize their riding experience; Choose between 2 or 4 MPH speeds that are comparable to a moderate walking pace
  • Battery and charger included; Tires are made from durable plastic that does not deflate plus two oversized rear wheels provide additional balance for...
  • Dual drive motors allow the play to extend beyond the sidewalk; Simply use the right foot pedal to accelerate
  • All steel steering for durability; Ideal for ages 1.5 to 3 with a maximum weight of 50 lbs