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Many kids love watching fairy tales of kings, queens, knights, and princesses living in beautiful and magnificent castles. If you want to give your child something that can help run their imagination and creativity, how about the best toy castle?

Our Pick
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Wooden Castle - Hinged for Compact Storage H: 19.7 x W: 18.5 x D: 14.2
Amazon's Choice
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Bowser's Castle Playset with 2.5" Exclusive Articulated Bowser Action Figure, Interactive Play Set with Authentic in-Game...
Good Price
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Mushroom Kingdom Castle, Wall Display & Playset with (5) 2.5" Articulated Action Figures (Exclusive Bowser Figure,...
Best Pick
Playmobil Novelmore Fortress with Knights Playset
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Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5 Rooms, 2 Feet Tall
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Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle - Kids Art and Craft for Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Color, Draw, Doodle – Decorate and Personalize a Cardboard Fort,...
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Wooden Castle - Hinged for Compact Storage H: 19.7 x W: 18.5 x D: 14.2
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Bowser's Castle Playset with 2.5" Exclusive Articulated Bowser Action Figure, Interactive Play Set with Authentic in-Game...
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Mushroom Kingdom Castle, Wall Display & Playset with (5) 2.5" Articulated Action Figures (Exclusive Bowser Figure,...
Playmobil Novelmore Fortress with Knights Playset
Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5 Rooms, 2 Feet Tall
Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle - Kids Art and Craft for Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Color, Draw, Doodle – Decorate and Personalize a Cardboard Fort,...
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Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime
Our Pick
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Wooden Castle - Hinged for Compact Storage H: 19.7 x W: 18.5 x D: 14.2
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Wooden Castle - Hinged for Compact Storage H: 19.7 x W: 18.5 x D: 14.2
Amazon's Choice
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Bowser's Castle Playset with 2.5" Exclusive Articulated Bowser Action Figure, Interactive Play Set with Authentic in-Game...
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Bowser's Castle Playset with 2.5" Exclusive Articulated Bowser Action Figure, Interactive Play Set with Authentic in-Game...
Amazon Prime
Good Price
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Mushroom Kingdom Castle, Wall Display & Playset with (5) 2.5" Articulated Action Figures (Exclusive Bowser Figure,...
Super Mario Nintendo Deluxe Mushroom Kingdom Castle, Wall Display & Playset with (5) 2.5" Articulated Action Figures (Exclusive Bowser Figure,...
Amazon Prime
Best Pick
Playmobil Novelmore Fortress with Knights Playset
Playmobil Novelmore Fortress with Knights Playset
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5 Rooms, 2 Feet Tall
Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5 Rooms, 2 Feet Tall
Also Consider
Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle - Kids Art and Craft for Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Color, Draw, Doodle – Decorate and Personalize a Cardboard Fort,...
Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle - Kids Art and Craft for Indoor and Outdoor Fun, Color, Draw, Doodle – Decorate and Personalize a Cardboard Fort,...
Amazon Prime

Children, both boys and girls, who are fascinated with castles can engage in pretend sessions with toy forts and castles. They can create their own imaginary world with dungeons, drawbridges, and knights fighting dragons.

Many toy castles are available in the market but as each differ from the other, choosing is arduous. You have many options to consider if you want to get the best castle toys. Fortunately for you, below is a comprehensive product review and buying guide to help narrow down your choices.


Best Toy Castle Reviews

1. Melissa & Doug Folding Medieval Castle

To turn your child’s make-believe story of knights and princesses in a stunning castle into a reality, buy them toy castles for 3-year-olds. Your little one will surely love having an action figure for their imaginative play.

This medieval toy castle is made from high-quality and sturdy wood materials that are manufactured precisely based on high standards. It is a folding castle designed to keep up with constant opening and closing. Thanks to its sturdy construction, you can expect that it will have an extended life. Furthermore, the folding nature of this castle toy makes it convenient. It doesn’t require much storage space since it can be scaled down with ease.

This toy castle features a working drawbridge, trap door, and removable turret for a realistic medieval feel. Children will surely appreciate and enjoy these functioning pieces that will result in an imaginative hands-on play experience lasting for hours.

This castle toy is created to foster children’s early brain development. In detail, it acts like a launchpad that can ignite a sense of wonder in a child. When coupled with imagination, children can discover themselves and build essential life skills through play.

I am impressed by the details and features of this castle toy but I noticed a minor issue. There are no accessories included in the package and no character figures either. However, it might be possible to purchase separately, ones that are compatible with this castle toy’s size.
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Compact storage
  • Features medieval design
  • Fosters early brain development
  • No accessories and figures included
Overall, this castle is pleasing to the eyes and works great. However, it can do better with accessories and action figures for kids to play with.

2. Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle

For an imaginary world full of fair maidens, knights in shining armor, and dragons wreaking havoc, a castle toy would help complete the picture. You can find a knights castle toy in the market that is suited for both young girls and boys.

Take a look at this adorable pop adventure playset inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie. The themed castle includes two floors of fun that is similar to the Arendelle tower in the film.

The pop-up effect of this toy can be credited to it being made of soft plastic material. It is easier for the toy to collapse when closed and rise when opened due to the squishy material.

Kids will love the Elsa and Anna dolls that are included in the package. There are also accessories, including two beds, two chairs, a piano with a stool, a key, and a throne. Retelling of the scenes from the movie is fun and realistic with these figures and accessories.

The toy features a handle which makes it effortless to carry around. The accessories and figures can also fit inside the castle toy for trouble-free storage. Besides, the material of the toy makes it easier to clean up after each play.

Children who are fond of the movie will surely appreciate having this castle playset. However, there is a small problem that I want to point out. The mini-figures and accessories cannot hold up well under constant beating and throwing.
  • Inspired by the Disney Frozen 2 movie
  • Made of soft plastic material
  • Comes with Elsa and Anna doll
  • Includes accessories
  • Easy to clean up
  • The dolls and accessories are not built to endure throwing
For a compact and complete Disney Princess castle set, you can consider getting this. Everything works really well. you just have to handle the dolls and accessories with extra care.

3. Super Mario Nintendo Bowser’s Castle

Toy castles are a big hit for young children who love watching fairytale movies and reading medieval stories. Not only will it entertain them for hours but it will also enhance their creativity and imagination.

This toy castle IS ideal for young kids who love the Super Mario game. Besides, it is an official Nintendo toy with a two-inch bowser figure and four points of articulation. Other figures are compatible with this castle, and can be purchased separately.

This interactive playset features a trap door, spinning fireballs, moving lift, and cage doors. You can use the lift to move the figure up and down the two levels or drop it into the lava to trigger the trap door! Moreover, the fireballs can spin back and forth, and you can press down the castle’s spire to set off the authentic in-game sound effects and music.

There is also an option to expand this playset with an additional compatible Mario themed castle playsets. Furthermore, it all comes with interactive features, such as an acorn plains playset, deluxe dungeon playset, and lava castle playset.

For the sound effects, this castle playset requires two AAA batteries, which are not included. To add, you only get one figure, and if you want to have more for your kids to play with, you need to purchase them on the side. The same goes for other interchangeable pieces.
  • Official Nintendo toy
  • Interactive castle playset
  • Features in-game sounds
  • Comes with interchangeable pieces
  • Additional figures and interchangeable pieces are sold separately
This is an interactive castle with many functioning features that will surely entertain the kids. While the additional pieces must be bought separately, it is nice to have an option to expand the castle set.

4. Peppa Pig Deluxe Princess Castle

Is your child a big fan of pink princess castles with many rooms? Then you should probably get them a girls toy castle like the one we reviewed here.

There’s this little princess castle where kids host a tea party. It comes with a handle for convenient transport. Besides, it can be folded away for handy storage with all the accessories inside. When fully opened, it spans over 13 inches.

The package includes accessories, such as a dining table with a tea set, three dining chairs, a princess bed, throne, treasure chest, and full-size mirror. It also comes with Princess Suzy and Princess Peppa articulated figures. There is an option to expand this castle by adding different castle playsets to your collection.

You can enjoy this castle playset with other Peppa Pig figures since this castle toy is designed to be compatible. This allows for expanded hours of fun, more figurines to play with, and endless ways to play. Moreover, it is nice that it comes in a frustration-free and recyclable packaging.

This is a good castle toy with a fair amount of accessories and figures. However, there is an issue with the castle. The doors pop off the hinges, and while it can be reattached, it can get annoying sometimes. The other problem is that some of the accessories can cause a choking hazard making it not ideal for little ones below 3-years-old.
  • Comes with a handle
  • Includes accessories
  • Compatible with Peppa Pig figures
  • Comes in a recyclable packaging
  • The doors pop off the hinges
  • Some pieces do not pass the choke tube test
To sum it up, this is a decent castle play set that you can consider buying. Just be careful with small pieces of accessories and keep them away from little kids.

5. Disney Princess Pop Up Palace

Disney princesses wearing glamorous dresses and dainty crowns won’t be complete without a stunning Disney Princess castle. Children have a lot of imagination in them that is just waiting to be let out through a castle like this one right here.

This two-foot-tall castle playset inspired by Disney Princess characters is a nice-looking set that kids will surely love. It includes two levels where the second level extends by pulling the handle, which also provides for easy transport.

If your kid can’t choose between princesses, this castle playset allows them to get three little princess mini-figures at the same time! It comes with three dolls and 13 accessories. If they want to expand their collection, other princess dolls are also sold separately.

Furthermore, there are five rooms in the castle playset. Open the door and marvel at Aurora’s kitchen, Belle’s dining room, Cinderella’s foyer, Ariel’s bathroom, and a luxurious lounge. Each room can be decorated with the accessories that are included in the package. There’s a kitchen stove, bathtub, lounge seat, table and chair, and many more. Children can decorate the castle to their liking. Consequently, their imagination and creativity will come into play.

The child can set up the dolls in any room and recreate magical moments of their favorite fairy tales inside the castle. But there is a minor issue that I have observed with this toy castle. There are small accessories that can cause a choking hazard to kids ages 3 and below. These same pieces are also prone to being lost, never to be seen again.
  • Inspired by Disney Princess characters
  • Has a handle for easy transport
  • Comes with 13 accessories
  • Features five rooms
  • There are small pieces that are prone to being lost
After going through the pros and cons of this castle set, I can confidently recommend this for you to buy. Keep an eye out for the small pieces that children might put in their mouth or lose under the couch.

6. Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Castle

There is no denying that kids love playing with toy castles. It is an entertaining item that exercises their creativity and imagination. Purchasing this toy will surely benefit your kids’ well-being, so don’t hesitate!

This medieval castle features sturdy wooden construction with high-quality wood and precise manufacturing standards. To live up to the fold and go in its name, it can endure constant opening and closing. These will assure that the toy has an extended life. Since it can be closed and opened, this toy castle has compact storage and occupies only a small space after each play. It is one of the excellent deals for screen-free fun!

Get those little hands working! This Melissa Doug playset comes with accessories and figures. In detail, it helps develop a child’s problem solving and fine motor skills. The wooden castle features a dungeon, working drawbridge, and handle for portable adventures. Moreover, there is a king and queen with their throne and royal bed, a treasure chest, and two knights with horses to defend the castle.

This is a beautiful Melissa Doug wooden castle toy that comes with many play options. however, there is a small problem. It seems like some of the figures and accessories have overflowing dried glue and chipping. Although the child might not be bothered by these at all, it might worry some parents who want to have the absolute perfect toy for their kids.
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Compact storage
  • Promotes hands-on experience
  • Comes with accessories and figures
  • Some pieces have flaws
For a wooden castle toy, this Melissa Doug one is good, interactive, and doesn’t break the bank. Even with some minor flaws with the handmade pieces, it is a decent playset that you can consider purchasing for your child.

7. Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom Castle

Many kids love to role play fighting off dragons and enemies to defend a kingdom. Let your kids do this with boys castles!

Consider this themed castle inspired by the Super Mario game that many kids love. Children will enjoy reenacting scenes of saving Princess Peach and defeating enemies. The castle comes with a total of 24 pieces, including five action figures, four accessories, and a goal pole. It also features a door that can be opened and closed. Kids can play with it or display it on the wall.

If you want to have more characters added to the set, there are extra action figures that you can purchase separately. This play castle is ideal for those who grew up playing the Super Mario game or for kids who watched the Super Mario animated film. They might appreciate having more figurines to play with for an accurate and realistic role-play experience.

It might look like a castle, but in fact, it should not entirely be considered that. That is the problem with this playset. It is more for decoration than kids play. There is only a flat side on the back that should go on the wall. Children might enjoy playing with this, but it is not ideal if you want hours of fun for your child.
  • Inspired by the Super Mario game
  • Comes with accessories
  • Can be used as a wall decoration
  • Promotes role-play
  • The backside is not designed for play
If you are looking for a castle to put up your wall, you can think about purchasing it. Otherwise, steer clear from this one; it won’t be as imaginative and creative as you might want it to be.

8. Le Toy Van Castles Wooden Toy

Are you planning to get a castle toy that is made of wood? Then, you should consider this castle!

This is a painted wooden castle toy on a baseboard. Get the kids ready to have their knights’ adventures with this castle that is compatible with other wooden toys in the collection, such as the Brown Wooden Horse, Siege Tower, and Crusader Knights. This allows kids to have extended fun with more pieces and playset.

This castle toy promotes interactive play, social development, and enhances problem-solving skills. Children can have fun role-playing colorful scenarios and learn turn-taking skills as well as language development. It will also help them socialize with other kids their age.

Kids will indeed have a fun adventure creating their own stories with this finely detailed wooden castle. Moreover, it also refines their motor skills and encourages role play.

This is a great way to help spark their imagination. Accessories included are three towers, break-away wall, pulley winch, drawbridge, and prisoner cell. The whole castle is perfectly scaled to be compatible with Budkins characters and action figures around 10cm tall.

When it comes to this castle’s security, rest assured that it is safe for kids to play. The toy is tested to the highest safety standard and uses non-toxic paint. Besides, natural materials are used, such as replenishable smooth rubberwood.

The technique used to create these hand-finished toys are impressive and of the highest value. However, there’s just a small issue that I noticed, the figures are sold separately and no other accessories are included in the set.
  • Compatible with other wooden toys in the collection
  • Promotes interactive play and social development
  • Comes with accessories
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Figures are sold separately
A wooden castle would be a great gift. I highly recommend that you consider buying this playset. The figures are sold separately, so don’t expect to have accessories included.

9. Playmobil Novelmore Fortress

Parents are always concerned with buying the right kind of toy for their child, which is understandable. But there’s not much to worry about when you can get a toy castle and knights with everything you are looking for in a toy.

Just take a look at this toy with a two-story fortress that features functioning pieces. In detail, the castle comes with a functioning catapult for defense mode from up above, a fiery crossbow that can strike down enemies, and a working pulley to transport supplies.

The playset comes with a ladder, armor flag, wolf, horse, four figures, and several other accessories. With this set, kids can have a realistic and imaginative playtime.

With many exciting features, this toy encourages kids to have fun roleplaying. The catapults can fend off enemy attacks, the water darts can be shot out of the cannons, the hidden trap doors can catch enemies unaware, and the fold-down staircase can prevent attackers from climbing into the castle. There are unlimited play possibilities with this castle that can occupy your little one for hours.

However, there is a minor problem that I have observed with this playset. There are many pieces of accessories that can cause a choking hazard. It is best to steer this clear from young toddlers and watch over the kids while they play.
  • Features functioning pieces
  • Comes with accessories
  • Encourages role-play
  • Well-equipped to handle attacks
  • Choking hazard
This set is a decent knights castle that comes with great castle features and accessories. While it is great to have more pieces, some are too small and can cause a choking hazard for toddlers below the age of 3. Be mindful of this and keep it away from toddlers.

10. Liberty Imports Medieval Castle Knights

Kids love watching and reading about fairytales, a different world with princesses and beautiful castles. With the help of a boy play castles, you can let your son run his imagination freely.

This is a deluxe medieval castle with a bucket of eight knights figurines. It features a detailed design from the castle to figures. So, kids can have a realistic roleplaying experience. There are also three-inch tall knights, a horse with a drawn carriage, a working drawbridge that can be raised or lowered, and a functioning catapult that can successfully fend off enemies.

The set comes with 23 pieces of accessories, including the figurines. For convenience, there is a storage bucket included. Moreover, clean up time is more comfortable with the container since you can chuck everything inside with ease. Kids can do it themselves so they can learn how to clean up after each play.

By playing with this castle, children can have hours of fun. Plus, they can learn and develop essential skills like problem solving and motor skills which are essential for a growing child. So don’t hesitate in purchasing this action figure toy for your son!

The only downside of this medieval castle is that children will need an adult’s assistance to assemble the set. It is nearly impossible for a kid to put everything together on their own.
  • Features detailed figurines
  • Has a working catapult
  • Includes a storage bucket
  • Comes with 23 pieces of accessories
  • Adult assistance is needed for the assembly
This castle’s detailed design is fantastic, contributing significantly to a fun and enjoyable roleplaying for a child. It would be best to let the adults do the assembly so kids can play without getting frustrated.

11. LEGO Super Mario Bower’s Castle

Let your child build his own castle and make up an imaginary world where you can battle monsters and defend your kingdom with a boys toy castle. By running their imagination wild, they can develop important skills that they can take with them as they grow older.

Take a look at this 1,010-piece lego castle set that can be an additional playset for your existing lego collection. In its basic formation, the pieces can be rebuilt and combined with other group expansion sets. This means kids can have an extended play with more accessories. There are rotating and shaking castle tower platforms, a time block, a question block, and figures (Lava Bubble, Bowser, Boo, and Dry Bones).

Aside from being a fun and entertaining toy, this building set can attract young ones to create their own lego castle. There is also a phone application where you can look up building instructions. It will spark their creativity and imagination, adding new levels to the castle and develop their hand-eye coordination, among others.

There are many ways to play with this castle with unique levels for unlimited social or solo gameplay. But if you want to have more levels and playsets, you will have to purchase them separately. This set alone can provide features and accessories, but you’d need to buy additional packs for an extended play.
  • Compatible with other LEGO sets
  • Includes accessories
  • Promotes interactive play
  • More than one way to play
  • Needs additional sets for an extended play
There are a lot of fun possibilities with this castle playset, which makes it a great gift idea for any child. While it needs additional sets for a more immersive experience, this set is definitely worth buying despite this single con.

12. Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle

Princes and princesses in a castle can live happily ever after. Most, if not all children love fairy tales with happy endings, and they sometimes even have their own fantasies. Let your child channel his or her imagination and creativity with an educational castle!

Consider this majestic looking castle inspired by the Frozen 2 movie. It is the ultimate Arendelle castle playset, which is five feet tall and four feet wide. Moreover, it has two sides of elegant folding gates with four floors and a lookout tower.

Children will love roleplaying with this sparkling ice castle set, engaging in pretend play sessions with the accessories and seven furnished rooms. In detail, there are 14 accessories including a throne chair, banquet table, piano, etc. Kids can enjoy decorating the rooms as they want!

Another fantastic feature of this castle is its twinkling and colorful light show. Simply press the elevator base and see the castle’s inner walls light up! Besides, there is a moving balcony with a built-in doll stand that can move up and down the castle’s entire length.

However, there is no doll included in the package, only the ice castle. If you want to have Elsa or Anna on the moving balcony, you have to buy them separately. Otherwise, kids can only have a limited play experience with this set. That is the only drawback that I have observed with this princess castle.
  • Inspired by the Frozen 2 movie
  • Features a colorful light show
  • Has seven furnished rooms
  • Comes with a moving balcony
  • Built-in dolls are sold separately
For a Frozen-lover child, this is the perfect sparkling ice castle playset that closely resembles the one in the movie. Just spend a little extra to purchase the dolls that will complete the castle and to make their play more immersive.

13. FAO Schwartz Wooden Castle

Wooden toy castles and knights are something that every child wants to have. Building a castle and defending it while creating a fascinating story is undoubtedly an educational and fun experience.

If you are thinking of getting one for your kid, check out this 150-piece wooden castle that falls under the right toy castles category. The building blocks are made of natural and solid pine wood, so you can be rest assured that this set is durable and safe. Moreover, the blocks can be interchanged so kids can unleash their creative side and build their own version of a medieval castle that changes every playtime.

Aside from being a fun playset that can spark imagination and creativity, this castle can help develop a child’s problem-solving and fine motor skills. There are many pieces in this kit, which means unlimited building possibilities that can enhance spatial skills and hand-eye coordination.

With this castle, you can encourage children to take their eyes off the screen and enter a three-dimensional fantasy world. They spend hours roleplaying the medieval life of legendary warriors and knights that defend the castle. It is an interactive wooden castle that parents will want for their child.

While there are many block pieces in this set, it turns out that there are not enough of the right kinds of blocks to build a replica of the one in the package. Nonetheless, kids can create their own version of a wooden castle.
  • Made of natural wood
  • Features interchangeable building blocks
  • Enhances children’s skills
  • Promotes interactive play
  • Not enough pieces to build the castle as pictured
Overall, for those who prefer buildable wooden toy castles, I highly recommend this. Don’t focus on building a replica of the castle in the package, instead, let your child make their own version with this top-rated toy castle candidate.

14. Easy Playhouse Fairytale Castle

Playing house with paper and cardboard is fun, but this fun is limited to how appealing you can make it. Why not purchase a toy castle for girl with beautiful details that can encourage kids to make their own fantasy world?

There’s this customizable playhouse with classy designs that a child can decorate with stickers, crayons, or paint. Ultimately, it is a canvas that invites children to let loose their creativity and imagination.

This cardboard toy castle is sturdy, durable, and non-toxic. Besides, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Imagining and roleplaying life during the middle ages is more manageable and more realistic with this medieval castle. Kids can also invite their friends over to defend the castle and roleplay together.

The features of this castle promotes hands-on learning. In detail, it features a door, windows, and mail delivery. There are two fold-out doors, eight small windows, and four large windows. Children can come and go as they please and greet friends passing by.

There are only two pieces in this package, and it can be assembled in five minutes or less. However, it is necessary to be careful in handling it. Since it is made of cardboard, unlike most castle toys, it is more delicate. Otherwise, there is a high chance that it will be damaged before kids even get to play with it.
  • Customization is possible
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Promotes hands-on learning
  • Needs to be extra careful when handling
Does your child love castles and coloring? This is the perfect castle toy for them. Just be careful in handling the cardboard fortress as it is more delicate than other types of castle toys.

15. My Little Pony Canterlot Castle

When kids watch My Little Pony movies with pretty castles, there is a high chance that they also want one for themselves. Why not indulge your kids a bit and buy them a toy castle to play with?

The My Little Pony Movie inspired this fancy castle playset. Kids who watched the film and loved it will surely enjoy having this for their birthday.

The set comes with 13 accessories to furnish the whole castle. Making it more interactive and fun to roleplay, it comes with Princess Celestia and Storm King figures. This makes it possible for children to act out their favorite My Little Pony scenes and create their own stories with the castle’s regal backdrop.

While this castle toy is fantastic, it is a bit of a disappointment that it is smaller than in the pictures and for its price. If you haven’t seen the dimensions listed in the product description, then you might be surprised when it arrives at your doorstep.

It would also be nice if more My Little Pony figures were included so children can have extended fun with more accessories to work with. This will also open up more roleplay options and possibilities that can keep them entertained for hours.
  • Inspired by the My Little Pony movie
  • Includes 13 accessories
  • Comes with Storm King and Princess Celestia figures
  • Other 1.5 inch figures are compatible
  • Smaller than in the pictures and for the price
  • No option to expand the set
This toy castle is a decent option that you can consider purchasing for your little one who loves the movie. Despite looking smaller than the pictures, it is still an ideal size for a child playset.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Castles


After going through the product reviews, you now have a general idea of the strengths and weaknesses of castles for kids in the market. However, there are no two similar types of toy castles in the market. Thus, it is difficult to compare due to their differences. To address this concern, it is better to look at specific factors that you should look for in the top-rated toy castles. Still unsure of what these are? Continue reading below!

  • Preference

A child’s interest should be the first thing you take into account when looking for toy castles for toddlers. Ask questions like, “Do you like medieval castles or princess castles or wooden castles?” “Do you want a doll-house type style or wooden castle toys designed for more action?” “Would you like an Excalibur castle or a sparkling ice castle?” Weigh their answers and let your child be the decider when filtering your options. This should be the first step to head in the right direction!

  • Accessories

For a more interactive play, accessories are essential. Most toy castles sold have figures and accessories included, but some don’t have either. The type of add-ons can vary significantly depending on the brand. For example, one often offers featureless wooden dolls and a working drawbridge while others include detailed dolls complete with moving joints.

Moreover, it would be great if the size of the accessories and figurines you plan to purchase matches the child’s existing toys. This will expand playtime opportunities if they can work together. There are toy castles that do not include any accessories or figures, so you might want to avoid them.

  • Wood or Plastic

Most medieval toy castles for sale are made from plastic or wood, and each one has its own pros and cons. Toy castles made of wood are durable and feature a timeless look. While it has a smooth finish that little ones often like touching, the pieces don’t have intricate details. Besides, wooden ice castles should not be exposed to water as it can cause damage.

On the other hand, plastic toy castles lack the classic appeal of wood but have intricate designs. This is not only true for the medieval castle but also the figures. Like any other plastic toys, plastic castles are easy to clean by simply wiping the product with a damp sponge or cloth. When looking for an ice castle toy made of plastic, check if they are made of ABS plastic, which are durable and non-toxic.

These are just some of the things that you should look for when buying toy castles. If you follow these advice, you can be rest assured that it will be easier to find a good quality kids toy castle.

Other Important Factors to Consider


If you still find the previous list lacking, the things you haven’t found there might be here. These are an extension of other factors you should look into when purchasing the top-rated toy castles. Continue reading, and don’t forget to take notes.

What is a castle toy?

Castle toys are ideal for engaging children’s imagination. They can create a fantasy world, where they can make their own stories. Moreover, by stacking pieces to create a castle and other structures like a working drawbridge and trap door, kids can develop their fine motor skills and creativity.

The accessories and figures aid in role-play for a fully developmental and engaging experience. If there are moving features in the toy medieval castle, it can develop a child’s brain processing and mental activity. So, you can say that a castle toy is an educational toy that a parent can buy for their little ones.

How does it work?

Castle toys have different components depending on the brand and model. Some come complete with accessories and doll figures, collectively known as castle features, while others only have the castle. When children play with a toy castle, they do a lot of imagination creating stories in their head. With the help of a toy castle with drawbridge, they can visualize the scenarios moving the pieces according to what they see in their minds.

This is a helpful way to encourage the development of many skills that a child needs as they grow up. Therefore, getting a toy castle for your kid is always a good idea.

What are the different types of toy castles?

Generally, two kinds are manufactured and marketed toward boys or girls, which depends on the brand. For example, LEGO is more into constructing and building toys like castle building block sets, which young boys often prefer. You can also find medieval castles and sparkling ice castles.

On the other hand, Disney and Barbie create princess-themed castles with miniature dolls and accessories, which young girls typically enjoy. This doesn’t mean one type is only for the other; depending on the child’s preference, anyone can play with either or both.

Why do you need toy castles for toddlers?

Toy castles are a learning toy that can significantly benefit children. One of the many advantages of this type of toy is that it helps develop a child’s fine motor skills by working on the small accessories and action figures. They will learn how to move their tiny fingers and muscles in hand and wrist in complex ways. Besides, toy castles are great for creative play where a child can expand their imaginations.

Playing pretend during their childhood is crucial for young kids. It helps them develop their critical thinking ability, language skills, social skills, and a lot more. With the help of fairy tales and other stories, roleplaying with castle toys is more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions on finding a good toy castle to purchase. If you are unfamiliar with child castles, then you will find these helpful. By the end of this section, you will learn about the toy castle basics, trusted companies that manufacture them, and locations that sell authentic castle toys for kids.

What are the most trusted toy castle brands?

If this is your first time looking through toy castles, you might not be familiar with the brands selling quality medieval castle toys. We have four trusted brands in here that you can go over.

  • Melissa & Doug

The company owned by Melissa and Doug used to only focus on creating wooden puzzles. Now, they reinvented the wooden toys and made them more creative and fun. Furthermore, they do a hands-on conceptualizing of the design before it goes into the factory for production. At present, the Melissa & Doug brand has a wide variety of educational toys for kids all around the world.

  • Le Toy Van

Created in England in 1995, Le Toy Van designed and distributed traditional wooden castles and toys with contemporary styling. In the last 25 years, the company became well-known in the industry as a trusted wooden toy partner. These toys even won several awards and are now available in over 50 countries.

  • Playmobil

Playmobil is one of the largest German toy manufacturers in the world. They are well-known for producing play figures that spark imaginative play for children. From solely making toy figures, the brand has evolved and is now offering an extensive array of toys for kids.

  • Liberty Imports

Known as a professional private label brand, Liberty Imports is a retailer of high-quality toys and games for all ages. They are dedicated to offering only the highest quality as well as unique and distinctive items. All customer insights and current trends are incorporated into their new items. Moreover, their castles come at a highly competitive price coupled with top-notch customer service.

How to use?

Playing with a castle toy is relatively easy, even with a build-to-play set. Kids can stack the pieces together to create a castle either according to the packaging or to their liking. They can also play it with their friends and put in a good team effort to complete the task. Children can role-play with the characters and re-enact scenes based on the movies or make their own for ready-to-play toy castles that come with figures and accessories.

This set-up is a great way to make friends for kids who find it hard to socialize with children their age. Since a wooden castle is something that most kids share as a common interest, starting a conversation is not difficult.

How to make a toy castle?

Making a simple toy castle is easy if you have all the materials needed. You can make your own version of a castle depending on what you have, such as boxes, cardboard, tape, glue, and some crayons or paint. Let your imagination and creativity work together.

Remember to be there when your child prefers to make their toy castle. Assist them, particularly when handling scissors and craft knives. There are many tutorials on the Internet to guide you, so no need to worry about the specific steps.

Where to buy?

Simply typing toy castles on the Internet will give you results of where you can buy one. However, you shouldn’t just carelessly pick any of them. It is vital to make sure that you are purchasing a fisher price castle from a legitimate seller.

If there are local stores near you that specialize in children’s toys, you can go there and ask if they have toy castles. This way, you can see it for yourself and inspect the castle before making a purchase. You can also get advice from the seller that is knowledgeable about these best toy castles.


When it comes to a toy that can stimulate a child’s imaginative play, you can never go wrong with the best toy castle. Aside from being entertaining, it is remarkably effective in developing language and social skills.

There are several factors that one should consider to land quality children’s castles. After going over the product reviews and buying guide, I hope you can get the best castle toys for your child. If you have any tips that you want to share in purchasing good play castles for toddlers, share them in the comments below!

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LEGO Creator 3in1 Medieval Castle Toy to Tower or Marketplace 31120, with Skeleton, Dragon Figure, 3 Minifigures and Catapult
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  • The 2-floors castle has hinges to fold open at the back for easy access, an opening gate, smithy, water mill, king’s room and a prison
  • The castle tower is accompanied by a working catapult toy, while the medieval marketplace features a water mill, guard tower and prison
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  • Detailed Decor - Hogwarts Castle features the Great Hall with buildable 'stained glass windows', house banners, benches, tables, flaming torches, and...
  • Hagrid's Hut Details - Hagrid's hut comes with Aragog the spider, buildable pumpkins, and decor elements for Potter enthusiasts.
  • Magical Accessory Elements - Accessory elements include the Sword of Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff's cup, wands, potions, house banners, flames, a...
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My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie Royal Racing Ziplines - 22-Inch Castle Playset Toy with 2 Moving Ziplines, Princess Pipp Petals Figure
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  • RACE TO THE STAGE: Kids can attach 3-inch Princess Pipp Petals figure and pet Cloudpuff figure to the ziplines and send them racing from the tower to...
  • ACTIVE ADVENTURES IN THE CLOUDS: Figure can sit in the swing, hang out in the throne room, and even flip upside down on a trap door to imagine lots of...
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Frozen Disney Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset Inspired by The 2 Movie, 5'. Tall with Lights, Moving Balcony, & 7 Rooms with Accessories
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  • Colorful light show: press the elevator base to set off the playset's twinkling, colorful lights that shine beautifully on the inner walls of the...
  • 7 furnished rooms: there are 14 accessories included to fill out each of the 7 rooms in the castle, including a piano, banquet table, throne chair,...
  • Moving balcony: put a Disney Frozen Elsa or Anna fashion doll in the built-in doll stand (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.) and move...
  • For kids ages 3 and up: fans of the Disney Frozen movies will love this fun castle Playset as a birthday gift or holiday present to play out scenes...