17 Best Toy Cars for 1 Year Olds 2023 – Mental Skill Development

It’s challenging to get hold of the best toy car for 1 year old. Children in this age group are not babies or infants. And yes, they are barely toddlers. These kids are slowly starting to grow out of infant toys that do nothing but rattle and crinkle with a soft part to chew. Modern-day one-year-olds require a bit more stimulation.

Top Pick
LUKAT Cars Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys and Girls, Push and Go Friction Powered Vehicles Toy Set of 4 Baby Cars
Second Best
Oball Easy Grasp Rattle & Roll BPA-Free Push Car Infant Crawling Toy and Teether, 1 Pack, Age 3 Months and up, Color May Vary
Good Pick
Fisher-Price Baby Learning Toy Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Activity Center with Smart Stages for Infants Ages 6+ Months, Blue (Amazon Exclusive)
Don't Miss
Step2 Push Around Buggy GT for Kids, Push Car with Seat Belt and Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 3 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Easy Storage, Ideal...
LUKAT Cars Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys and Girls, Push and Go Friction Powered Vehicles Toy Set of 4 Baby Cars
Oball Easy Grasp Rattle & Roll BPA-Free Push Car Infant Crawling Toy and Teether, 1 Pack, Age 3 Months and up, Color May Vary
Fisher-Price Baby Learning Toy Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Activity Center with Smart Stages for Infants Ages 6+ Months, Blue (Amazon Exclusive)
Step2 Push Around Buggy GT for Kids, Push Car with Seat Belt and Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 3 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Easy Storage, Ideal...
Top Pick
LUKAT Cars Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys and Girls, Push and Go Friction Powered Vehicles Toy Set of 4 Baby Cars
LUKAT Cars Toys for 1 2 3 Year Old Boys and Girls, Push and Go Friction Powered Vehicles Toy Set of 4 Baby Cars
Second Best
Oball Easy Grasp Rattle & Roll BPA-Free Push Car Infant Crawling Toy and Teether, 1 Pack, Age 3 Months and up, Color May Vary
Oball Easy Grasp Rattle & Roll BPA-Free Push Car Infant Crawling Toy and Teether, 1 Pack, Age 3 Months and up, Color May Vary
Good Pick
Fisher-Price Baby Learning Toy Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Activity Center with Smart Stages for Infants Ages 6+ Months, Blue (Amazon Exclusive)
Fisher-Price Baby Learning Toy Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car Activity Center with Smart Stages for Infants Ages 6+ Months, Blue (Amazon Exclusive)
Don't Miss
Step2 Push Around Buggy GT for Kids, Push Car with Seat Belt and Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 3 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Easy Storage, Ideal...
Step2 Push Around Buggy GT for Kids, Push Car with Seat Belt and Horn, Toddlers Ages 1.5 – 3 Years Old, Max Weight 50 lbs., Easy Storage, Ideal...

Making the right selection is dicey, considering some toy sets come with parts posing choking hazards while the others come with false claims of being made of less toxic materials. So, here I am to take you through this possibly difficult journey of choosing the right toy car set.

Comparison Table:

No, do not consider me to be a toy testing specialist or a veteran parent! I am not either of the two. My illustration of the best baby cars is more of a gentle treatment that will save parents from the craziness and the frustration they encounter when choosing toys for their 1-year-olds. And yes, all the products detailed below are toddler-approved.


Top Picks Toy Car for 1 Year Olds

1. Lukat 1 Year Old Baby Toy Vehicles Set

This friction-powered, push and go cartoon car is first on my list of toy cars for 1 year olds. Lukat is a well-trusted brand when it comes to durability. If you have a fussy kid, in the habit of throwing things to the wall or the ground, this toy vehicle set is for you.

This toy set is durable and energy-saving, moreover, its pullback mechanism will last for a long distance without making any noise. This cute cartoon vehicle set includes 4 bright and colorful toys with funny faces.

I loved the Ice Cream Car, while the Cola Car, Milk Car, and Chip Care are also worth appreciating. I am sure almost any kid will get attracted to the cute cartoon pics on these toys.

This set of mini-friction cars is made using ABS first-hand and highly durable plastic. Most customers appreciate the fact that it does not require batteries and is specifically designed for the baby’s hands.

Since it is easy to grasp and maneuver, I suppose one must consider this set for their 1-year-olds as it is environmentally friendly and 100% safe.

Your baby simply needs to push the car toys forward a bit, and then it will itself go on for a long distance. It’s easy for the parents and fun for the babies. In fact, I have once used it as a gift for a boy toddler’s birthday. The sheer joy on his face when he unwrapped this gift from me is indescribable.

The creative design of this toy vehicle set is what attracts the children. Even I was amazed seeing the exclusive fast food design of the product.

There’s nothing that I do not like about this toy vehicle set except that the colors of the cars are very bright. They might negatively affect the soft eyesight of the toddlers.
  • Creative design
  • Perfect early education set
  • Develop the imagination and hand-eye coordination ability of the toddlers.
  • It can be effectively used for teaching language skills and vocabulary through playtime.
  • Does not run on batteries
I would recommend this 1 year old toy car set for parents who want to promote curiosity and recognition in their kids. With four varied roles included, these toddler cars can give your baby several hours of interactive role-play.

2. Bright Starts OBall 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car

OBall brand is known for making a car set that can be grabbed by the little hands of the infants super easily and even rolled without any trouble.

Soft, flexible, and teethable for the little ones, the wheels in this roll car feature enjoyable rattle beads that produce fantastic sound effects. If you are looking for your baby’s first car, I recommend this toy!

This one-of-a-kind rattle vehicle will make it easy for your kid to grasp and roll. I loved the car’s geometric shape as it is easy for toddlers to play. Not to mention, the squeezable and soft material of the toy makes it more attractive for the kids.

The toy is made of BPA free plastic, therefore it is absolutely safe for the toddlers. Little babies can effortlessly pull and push the car on the floor. There are finger holes included for the baby to grab and roll.

However, the colorful beads in the wheels can create a rattling sound. The sound might be delightful to some extent, but after some time, it gives a little headache.
  • Easy to grasp roll car
  • Comes with teethable surfaces
  • The rattling sound can be irritating
  • Requires proper maintenance and cleaning
This dynamic and fun toy is probably one of the best baby cars for 1 year old. It will surely make your kiddo’s playtime both fun and entertaining, provided you have your eyes on him or her.

3. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Smart Car

This Fisher-Price toy car for one year old is a wow product! It is not just entertaining but holds up very well. You can find three varying levels of fun, and your kid will surely have a great time dancing to its music. Plus, radio stations in this smart car are a massive hit.

This amazing toy does not take up a lot of space and is light-weight at the same time. The sounds and the songs are in no way obnoxious, and kids, along with their parents, will simply love it.

The buttons illuminate when being pressed for the songs to play. Your kids are going to love the varied stages and how the car plays a bit of Spanish as well! Additionally, the seat on this car features little springs underneath so babies can easily bounce while sitting. The seat is also very strong for the big kiddos to ride on.

How I wish the handle on its back could be a bit taller. It might be hard work for the parents to push their kiddos around the house in this car. A taller handle could be useful for adults.

How I wish the handle on its back could be a bit taller. It might be hard work for the parents to push their kiddos around the house in this car. A taller handle could be useful for adults.
  • Affordable
  • Learning content keeps changing with the age of the baby
  • Works as a walker initially
  • Perfect for developing gross motor skills in kids
  • The handle on the car’s back could be taller.
  • The car appears a bit flimsy when pushed.
  • The wheels do not spin very easily.
Overall, this is one of the best toy cars for 3 year olds as well. If you are looking to give your toddler the best start in life, get this smart car and let the kid play.

4. Amy & Benton Baby Toy Cars

You can order these Amy & Benton Baby Toy cars for your toddler to enjoy. They come with a push option for the babies to play with. Just one push down of the knob and the car drives off at speed.

This toy car set from Amy & Benton is nice, affordable, and available in four vibrant colors. It can serve as the best gift for the cute older toddlers who are in the lookout of sheer thrill and action.

These fantastic little magical cars will have the little ones crawling after them. Easy for the smaller babies, they stimulate imagination and recognition. They are perfect for the early stages of development as well.

Parents like these cars for their smooth edges that prevent injuries. They do not need batteries and are both eco-friendly and energy-saving. The beautiful color box makes this set a handy gift for a kids’ birthday.

One thing that I really dislike about this toy set is the color choice for the different parts or cars. It would be better if the cars came in the same color throughout their body. Another drawback is the small parts the cars are made up of.
  • Made of non-toxic ABS material, these cars are absolutely safe
  • Available in ideal size for toddlers and small babies.
  • Not suitable for older kids
  • Small parts might pose the risk of hazard
  • Need to be used under adult supervision
Considering that these cars come in a set of sour, the low price kept for the item makes the set ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

5. Bright Starts Disney Baby Go Grippers Collection Push Cars

These Bright Starts Push Cars collection are suitable for the 1-year-olds. They can easily make them roll as well. Even the 4-year-olds can play with these grippers collection push cars.

It is perfect for the little ones with ever-so little hands. The OBall design of these cars helps the kids in having a good grip. I found that the cars rode very smoothly and was even surprised at how perfectly their wheels worked.

These little Disney toys come loaded in character themes, and the holes right on the tip are ideally sized for the toddler’s little fingers. The hunchback of the cars is made using lean silicone feel material, which is safe for the kids.

I love these go grippers that even make the most awesome gift. The kids will love carrying them and pushing them around. They are super lightweight with round and soft edges.

The tops of these toys are extra soft for the babies to chew on. the OBall grip backs are perfect for toddlers
  • Good design
  • Easy to grasp
  • Perfect toy for both boys and girls
  • Runs smoothly on carpet and floor.
  • The cars are squeaky
  • They create an obnoxious noise when rolled onto the floor.
As per my recommendations, these are really cute cars easy to be handled by the kids. The six Disney-themed character cars make the ideal playset for traveling. They are fun to get going with and difficult to put down!

6. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

Since the reviews of this car have been very good, I am happy to include them in my list of award-winning toys 1 year old.

The best thing about this car is it can be assembled very easily. It comes with accessories such as shapes and balls that can be put through appropriate holes in the car’s sides.

Be it a girl or a boy, they will simply love this car. It is a must-have toy car for children in the growth stages, who are learning to stand on by themselves. They will crawl and even scoot around the car playing with its varied functions.

The radio is what I like the most because it helps to develop the sense of music for children. You will soon find your toddler dancing to its hip hop song while pushing the radio buttons.

Another thing that I appreciate about this product is that it will grow with your toddler. I love toys that keep evolving with babies, especially when they are a bit more expensive. Hence, I would say that this will be a great investment.

Of course, the right time to get this car will be when your kiddo starts crawling as it can help him in advancing with his motor skills.

The only complaint that I have with this set is that I am not quite sure of hearing 75 sayings and tunes. On rotation, there is a maximum of 12, so I wonder where the other tunes are.

Also, it is not a fun job to assemble the car. There are many stickers and pieces, and you might require several screws for the job. Not for parents who do not like a DIY task!
  • Perfectly sized car for children between ages 1 and 3.
  • Strong and durable
  • Can easily be moved from one room to another
  • The sound on the car is barely audible even when the highest setting is being used.
  • Pretty heavy
If you want a toy to keep babies entertained, go by my words and grasp this crawl around the car. You will not regret this purchase!

7. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

I like the VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck because it operates with included balls in a similar size. The buttons utter a plethora of phrases and not the same ones every time. And O my God, the strings! Your baby will love them as they move the truck. It’s simply a fantastic product for you and your toddler.

Pushing the balls through the holes will be fun for the kiddos. Slowly but steadily, they will master this skill. This will also be a great cause and effect lesson for your baby. And yes, it packs a lot of entertainment for such a minuscule price!

This cute little toy truck for 1 year olds is a good first toy. It keeps the interest of the kids and helps them in polishing their gross motor skills. The quiet volume level of this truck will also grab attention.

There are sounds appearing in two levels playing VTech audios and sounds. The toy even features buttons that illuminate and teach the toddlers to count from one to three.

Nevertheless, one big issue with this product is keeping track of the balls that keep rolling away. So, there are good chances of losing them. I guess VTech could have easily solved this problem by making the balls a bit heavier. Besides that, the size of the pull cord is short and you cannot use the dump lever of the truck very easily.
  • Wheels of the truck move very smoothly
  • Easy to pull and push
  • Batteries are included
  • Volume control is available for making the truck quieter as required. I recommend using the volume control more often.
  • The balls take a bit of effort to be pushed through.
  • The dump lever of the truck is not very easy to use
  • The pull cord is short
I would definitely recommend this product but only for the ones who live in small spaces. If you have a large open space, then be careful not to lose the balls.

8. Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles

Simply wow! These Melissa & Doug Pull-Back vehicles are playful and fun. I am amazed at their exclusive design. Since we have other varieties of pullback toys, but they stop when they hit any object.

The Melissa & Doug company has spent a huge amount of time doing its research, and the result is here. These vehicles, when they hit something, they turn around and start moving all over again. Isn’t that amazing?

Another noteworthy point about these toy cars is that they are highly durable and can easily come off the wheels if you want to wash them. They are just fantastic!

The soft vehicle bodies are excellent and super cute as well. They move well on tile and hardwood flooring. If you have very smooth floors, these will be an easy favorite for your kids.

Your kid might not be interested in them right away, but as he or she gets a little older, they will quickly become their favorite toys. The cars can be handled very easily, and the kids can spend hours playing with them.

I love the fact that the vehicles are super-soft and their pull-back-and-go mechanism is quite strong. Another awesome feature of these cars is that their wheelbase is very heavy, and their center of gravity is low. So there are fewer chances of tipping over.

Though I love them, I will put one word of caution here- two of the vehicles in this set are in block-y shape or fire and bus-truck shape and are taller. So, they might flip out from underneath if the children exert a lot of pressure on them. Apart from that, the school bus in this set does not run smoothly and it does not provide any educational value.
  • Great design
  • No batteries
  • Well-made
  • Colorful
  • The school bus in this set does not run smoothly
  • Not a great educational toy
  • Due to extra pressure, it can flip out
This will be a very worthwhile purchase for parents who want cute little toys for their toddlers. I loved the frustration-free packaging as the cars come in their very little plastic tote bags perfect for travel sessions.

9. Kid O Go Car Early Learning Push & Pull Toy

First off, let me tell you that this Kid O Go Car is super-cool and a perfectly sized toy for the one-year-olds. The handle will help the kids grasp it firmly.

The main reason why I recommend this push and pull toy is because of the amazing customer experience. It brought me to buying yet another toy from the brand, not to be surprised by the amazing features it comes with.

This 3WD vehicle features one hand and two knees. Yes, this is the right car for babies and toddlers. It rolls smoothly on any kind of flooring. The car is available in the perfect size for the little hands of your infant.

Its handle is just perfect, with babies picking it up very easily. The red color is equally vibrant, and babies will surely be drawn to it at one glance. If your baby loves toys that have wheels, then I highly recommend this car from Kid O.

I do not like shiny, fancy, and over-stimulating toys. Hence I avoid things with several buttons and batteries. For my kind of a person, it is easy to get attracted to this car that looks lovely and has a smooth design.

If there’s any drawback, quite necessarily, not related to the car, is that the toddlers will love banging it on the floor and furniture. Hence, you need to beware that this product is not lightweight plastic scrap. Besides that, the edges are not smooth and not trimmed properly. So, you have to be careful while giving it to your bundle of joy. Though it has headlights, they do not light up.
  • Wheels come with rubber, so they nicely grip to the surface.
  • The wheels roll smoothly
  • Minimalist design
  • Not too weighty but sufficiently heavy to offer good speed.
  • Handle grip is good.
  • Not trimmed carefully
  • Edges are slightly rough
  • Headlights do not light up
If you are looking for simplicity, this car is the ideal purchase for you. But then, if you are looking to take that extra step from going for plain wheels and bricks, there might be something more feature-rich out there.

10. Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride On

The Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin Giraffe Ride On is a great purchase. In fact, I was genuinely surprised to have the first look at this small little tricycle.

It is perfectly-sized for the 1-year-olds. Parents can assemble the tricycle all by themselves while the toddlers will find it easy to get on and off the product. The oversized wheel at the back offers added stability. It comes with wheel protection for complete safety.

The adjustable seat of this item makes it easier for the toddlers to find balance while much of it comes from the wide front wheel. The controlled steering radius of the tricycle also comes as an added advantage for the kiddos.

Instead of featuring two wheels in front and one at the back, this toddler tricycle would have better had one wheel in front and two at the back! And yes, one thing I forgot to mention is that the bike even tips over very quickly as the wheels are quite slippery. For children, it is rather tough to ride on them. And also, you cannot turn the handlebar quite far.
  • Can be assembled very easily
  • Works great for hardwood flooring but not recommended for carpets.
  • The toy can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • It helps in building balance and coordination while improving the motor skills of a child.
  • The handlebar of the product does not turn sufficiently far to steer.
  • Slippery wheels
  • Children will find it difficult to ride.
I am sure the kids will love this riding toy. Its friendly face will make the kids happy while the foot-to-floor structure makes it very easy for them to scoot around. All in all, this kiddo ride-on is an excellent purchase for parents who want active play sessions for their babies.

11. Step2 Push Around Buggy GT Push Car

You are going to love this push around buggy from Step2 simply because it is easy to use the product. I am sure your toddler will be obsessed with it once you get it delivered home. When used as a travel car, this product is simply amazing.

The best thing about this item is it can be put together very easily. One of my favorite features is the car’s seat belt. I love that the modern versions of baby cars available in the market these days come with seat belts. This ensures the safety of the kid.

Mastering the right way to handle the steering wheel and the horn honk along with the opening and closing of the doors can help develop fine and gross motor skills.

Additionally, when the toddlers spot any obstacle during the drive, they will use their visual skills for figuring out the right way of moving the car out of the way. The car also helps in building memory skills and sensory exploration skills.

One problem with this car is that it does not come with a cup holder but features a small trunk space where sippy cups and little snacks can be tucked in. I also wish that the handle of the product folded down so it could get easier to throw in the back of the vehicle to carry it places.

Also, the car does not have sufficient legroom, which is again a major negative point.
  • A handle with an extra-wide and comfortable grip handle.
  • Perfect for long journeys.
  • Safety belt included for enjoying a safe and secure ride.
  • Perfect for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Light in weight can be carried around easily.
  • Several features that can confuse the kids.
  • Several plastic parts include
  • Not durable enough
While cruising with your kiddo, why not ask them to discuss with you the sounds and the sights of the environment? I would suggest using this car to build interactive chat sessions with the toddlers. And yes, do not forget to encourage them to use the horn for alerting their friends while sharing sidewalks!

12. Big Mo’s Toys Baby Cars Toy Vehicles

This set of 12 variedly designed cars is something I would go for if I was short on budget but wanted a great many things for my baby to play with. These cars are made using soft rubber and are just perfect for almost any kid.

The varied designs of the cars feature varied dimensions, and each car comes with a completely exclusive design. There is a fire truck, construction cars, police truck, and ambulance.

The set is ideal for both boys and girls in their teething ages or those who have just started crawling or playing with different toys. Parents can rest assured that these toys are made using top quality materials, completely non-toxic. They come with a 100% guarantee of the child’s safety.

Another great thing about this set is that it makes a wonderful gift for the birthdays of the 1-year-olds. The floating vehicles in this set can even serve as good bathing toys for their rubber material and make.

The combo is also a sensory toy, considering it helps the toddlers understand the motion of a wheel. The cars are best given away as gifts for Christmas as they can easily be packed into child boxes.

They are super soft, super cute, and strong at the same time. These adorable vehicles are just ideal for babies and even toddlers. The colors are also very bright, which means your kiddo will love it.

Though I am in absolute love with this toy set, one thing that keeps pricking me is that the metal axles and the wheels are a choking hazard. It might be risky to offer these cars to little kids because they come with very small parts.

Though I am in absolute love with this toy set, one thing that keeps pricking me is that the metal axles and the wheels are a choking hazard. It might be risky to offer these cars to little kids because they come with very small parts.
  • Small cars perfect for little children
  • Perfectly sized for the little hands of babies
  • Easy-rolling and bright colors make the set a favorite toy.
  • The wheels might be troublesome as they are not attached firmly.
  • Can make for difficult play sessions
  • The inclusion of several cars might confuse the kiddos.
All in all, this set of 12 super cute and adorable cars is a must-have for parents who want their kids to stay engaged for a long time. The affordable price of this set makes it even more attractive. I recommend going for this product, especially for individuals who are working on a limited budget.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Cars for 1 Year Olds


It might be confusing for you to simply go down the shelves of a toy store, not knowing what you need to look for. It’s very easy to get tempted, considering there are a plethora of fuzzy, cute, and colorful things out there!

It will be extra difficult now that all the toy car brands claim their toys as the best in the market. The process of choosing toy cars for one year olds gets easier if the buyers know what to pick. Some vital factors to consider when buying toy cars for the 1-year-old are as follows:

1. Make Sure the Age Range Suits Your Baby

I suppose this is the very first thing you need to consider when buying a toy car for your one-year-old baby. You must always find toy cars that perfectly suit the age range of your toddler. The same applies when you are buying a toy car to be given as a gift.

2. Safety Should be Your First Priority

Do not fall for the false promises of the brands operating out there in the market. Always remember, not all the toy cars on the shelves nowadays are safe for the toddlers. For the most part, toys are safe, but I strongly suggest looking at the components and the materials they are made up of.

3. Does Toy Encourage Creativity?

Now that’s something you must have your eyes on. Your 1-year-old is in his or her growing and learning stages. Considering that, everything you get for your baby should focus on his or her growth.

So, when you are buying toy cars for your one-year-old, make sure that it will help his imagination. The toys that cater to the specific interests of a child are always great. Make sure you are offering them toys that are complete fun and a bit of learning involved.

4. Promotes Physical Activity

This is one of the prime reasons I advocate the purchase of pull and push toy cars instead of the battery-operated ones. These cars promote physical activity in the toddlers as they need to maneuver themselves for sheer fun and thrill.

It always works to get toy cars that involve a lot of action rather than just sitting on the floor and playing. Think of the classic toy vehicles that light up and require the toddlers to walk.

5. The Toy Should Evolve with the Kid

Here’s the thing, toy cars for kids are pretty high-priced. So, there’s no use putting in all your money on the toys that will do nothing but amuse the kid for only a few months.

Instead, put in good time into doing a bit of research and get hold of vehicles that evolve with the child. You will easily find products featuring different levels for the baby. They can be simple at one stage and then transform to a slightly challenging level as the child grows.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What are the safety considerations that need to be followed when buying toy cars for the 1 year olds?

If you want to go by my advice, the first thing you should do is follow and read the labels carefully. These will tell you about the different hazards that might risk the life of your child.

Another important thing that needs to be considered is that the toy should not be toxic. Also, make sure to check for pointy and sharp edges. One year and two-year-old toddlers have this tendency to put toys in their eyes and mouth. Therefore, make sure they do not have pointy edges that might pose a danger to the baby.

Avoiding toys with minuscule parts and going for the stronger and sturdier one is what I strongly recommend.

2. What type of toy cars are perfect for a one year old?

When buying toy cars for one-year-olds, you should always look for products that make noises. It might also work to go for vehicles that have recordings or play particular lullabies and songs. Vehicles in bright colors and the ones that come with wheels can also be excellent selections.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the most trusted toy car for 1 year old brands?

The first brand on my list would be Lukat for the amazing vehicles it manufactures in vibrant colors. Nevertheless, if you are looking to go for a budget pick, it would be best to choose the toy vehicles from VTech. Besides, the ones that come from the house of Step2 and Little Tikes are of great quality, too.

I would recommend going for the products from Melissa & Doug as they make vehicles perfect for the little ones who are still learning to scoot around. The toy cars from Fisher-Price let the kids learn the right way of grabbing endless energy and fun.

For the best value, Little Tikes would be an ideal choice as its toy cars are loaded with features and available within an affordable range.

2. Where to buy toy cars for 1 year olds?

The best toy cars for the 1 year olds are available at different online stores. You can choose from an extensive collection of vehicle sets and even individual toy cars with advanced safety features.

3. How to care for and clean toy cars for one year old?

If you are going for a plastic toy car with batteries in it, the first thing you need to do is remove the batteries. Also, make sure to cover the battery portion while cleaning the toy.

The majority of the plastic toy vehicles available in the market can be cleaned easily using some soap and hot water. For toys with minuscule moving parts, it is better to use a toothbrush for cleaning the internal components.

Battery-powered toys should not be cleaned with water as it can damage their circuit and make them useless. Meanwhile, the ride-on toy cars can easily be cleaned with water or any disinfectant solution. Just use a clean cloth for wiping the different areas of the vehicle and allow it to dry naturally.

4. Can babies benefit from playing with toy cars?

It has been proved through studies that allowing children to play with toy cars during their growth years can help them in growing up to be more active and intelligent. Since these toys need them to interact with the other kids, they can build excellent social skills.

Toys cars also help in the physical development of a child while working well on their mental skills.


So, I hope the details above might have helped you do away with the trouble of finding the best toy car for 1 year old. You know, toys are crucial for growing kids. Play is considered the work of childhood, where toys are used as play tools.

So, let you and me give our children the tools they require for perfect development. Giving them the right toys will either make or break individual and independent play. It’s time that parents took their toy buying sessions seriously!

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  • [High Qualityl] This soft car toys set for 1 year old boy is designed with soft fabric and stuffing sponge. 100% safe and Eco-friendly, BPA Free,...
  • [ Soft Car Toy Set with Play Mat] The pull-back vehicles set for babies and toddlers, not only 4 safe & soft vehicles including a school bus, a taxi,...
  • [Gift for 1 Year Old and Up] The car toys for 1 year old boy have cute and interesting shapes, inspire toddlers' imagination and creativity, The...
  • [Soft Baby Toys for 1 Year Old Boy] Our soft toys push and go vehicles have through a series of strict quality inspection processes, please rest...
Friction Powered Cars, Push and Go Toy Trucks Construction Vehicles Toys Set for 1 2 3 Year Old Baby Toddlers Beach Dump Truck, Cement Mixer,...
  • √ Truck toys (Set of 4): Include 1 Push and Go Tractor,1 Bulldozer,1 Mixer Truck,1 Dumper,a must-have toy for your child.
  • √ Kids Car toys,No Battery Required, 4-WD SYSTEM:Push the friction car forward slightly then it go and last for quite a long distance.No battery...
  • √Multicolored Cartoon Friction Toys: Playing this kind of colorful toys can promotes babies' hand-eye coordination, sensory perception,develop their...
  • √ Eco-friendly, CPC certification, ASTM & EN71&CPSIA Test: Push and go cars is constructed of non-toxic plastic material which is up to safety...
  • √ Fun gifts for Toddlers: Baby toys car for 1 2 3 years old, suitable size to carry everywhere, portable toddler travel toy! Suitable as a gift for...
ALASOU Baby Truck Car Toys with Playmat/Storage Bag|1st Birthday Gifts for Toddler Toys Age 1-2|Baby Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy|1 2 Year Old Boy...
  • 【Design for toddlers】 Round edge design, no sharp parts,no small parts
  • 【Easy to clean】 Washable toys,totally safe for baby kids even your child likes to put it in mouth.
  • 【Colorful and cute】 well built and well engineered,colorful and cute
  • 【High quality ABS】 Using high quality ABS rather than cheap PP material,100% safe for toddlers.
  • 【Ability Improving】 Through learning how to push and pull small cars,kids develop imaginations, cognitive and motor skills.
UNIH Pull-Back Vehicle Baby Toys of Soft Plush Car Set with Play Mat (Storage Bag), for Toddlers Aged 1 2 3 Year Old Gift
  • 【Safe Material 】Made of fabric and stuffing at the top, and the wheel base is heavy enough for steady operation. the center of gravity is rather...
  • 【Pull Back and Go Car Style】 Friction powered (NO Batteries Required) for a fun and handy toy specialized for kids. With easy automatic rotation,...
  • 【Safty】Made of whole soft material without small parts, thereby creating the safe play. Plus, the Non-toxic and lightweight character adds up more...
  • 【Perfect Educational Toy Cars】 This pull back vehicles set is colorful and beautifully designed, which can stimulate children's imagination,...
  • 【Awesome Gift for Girls and Boys】Soft car set is a perfect gift for babies and toddlers. Applicable up to 12 months and above, suitable for 1 2 3...
ALASOU Animal Car Baby Toys for 1 2 Year Old Boy|First Birthday Gifts for Toddler Toys Age 1-2|1 2 Year Old Boy Birthday Gift for Infant Toddlers
  • 【Safe Toddlers Toy Cars】:Made of sturdy Non-toxic ABS Material. Perfect size for baby's hands, smooth edge prevents from hurting hands.
  • 【Colorful Cartoon Toy Cars】: 4 Cute animals: calf, dog, squirrel, cat. Bright colors and amazing design.
  • 【Great Early Education Toy Set】:The toy cars set has 4 bright colors and cute cartoon characters, which will attract kids and help stimulate...
  • 【Press and Go Cars】:No batterie srequired. Just press the knob and let it run!The tail wagging while the car’s running, easy to play, great...
  • 【Perfect Gift for Toddlers and Babies】:Long-lasting and lightweight. Nice gift package, ideal for kids' birthday gift, Christmas gift and early...
Toy Cars For 1 2 3 Year Old 3 Pack Monster truck Toy Push & Go Crocodile Friction Powered Bull Pull Back Leopard Car Big Wheel Animal Car Baby Toy...
  • FUNNY MONSTER TOY CARS: 3 unique animal toy cars include a bull truck, leopard truck, crocodile truck. With the help of different power to go:...
  • ATTRACTIVE EDUCATIONAL TODDLER TOYS: The truck toy for 1 year old boy designed with an attractive animal figure, vivid color, and interesting...
  • 100% SAFE & STURDY: The friction-powered car toy, 4-WD system, no battery needed energy-saving and environmentally friendly, push the toy truck...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR KIDS: The monster truck toy is 3.5*4.3*4.7in, designed for 1 2 3 year old boys, perfect for small hands to hold and push, very handy...
  • BEST GIFT IDEA FOR TODDLER: The monster toys truck packed with a colorful gift box, perfect as a birthday gift for 1 year old boy, party favors,...
ZHIHUAN Toy Cars for Toddlers 1-3 - Baby Car Toys for 3-18 Months, Car Toys for 1-5 Year Olds Boy Girl, Baby Toy Cars 3-18 Months Baby Trucks for 3-18...
  • baby toy cars, is irresistible for little hands - those geometric shapes make it easy for inexperienced little fingers to grasp and play, play it let...
  • Interesting Educational Tool, Perfect gift to train baby's interactive ability and hand-eye coordination.
  • Inertial assisted gliding opens a long way: without the help of batteries, the trolley taxis farther and longer, adapting to the baby's small strength
  • Anti-collision and resistance to fall, the baby is playing happily: The high-strength plastic material makes strong and impact resistant, and the toy...
  • Made of some soft rubber material, flexible and not deformed: different parts of the use of different texture of environmentally friendly non-toxic...
Yutin Baby Dinosaur Toy Cars for 1 2 3 Year Old Toddlers, 3-Pack Press and Go Dino Trucks for Kids Infants, Birthday Gift Toys Vehicles for Boys Girls...
  • 🦖【Dinosaur Toy Cars】: These baby car toys contain Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl in vibrant colors, cultivate the curiosity, stimulate...
  • 🚗【Press & Go Cars】: No battery needed, these dino trucks will move forward fast and far by pressing it’s head gently. Perfect dinosaur toy...
  • 🎵【Multi-functional Dino Toys】: With colorful flash, real dinosaur roar and cool music, these toddler wind up cars will bring children into the...
  • 🎁【Unique Gift Toy】: Perfect size for toddlers to grip or play. Packed with a beautiful color box. Absolutely an awesome present for boys and...
  • 💖【Safe & Durable】: These baby toy vehicles are made of premium Non-toxic ABS materials. Smooth surface and rounded corners design keep babies...