14 Best Toy Cranes 2023 – Play Sets for Little Engineers

Toddlers are fascinated by big machines. One such machine is the gigantic cranes. Thanks to rapid urbanization, you can see one on every corner at construction sites. To help your curious child get out of this dilemma of wanting to know more, you can present them with the best toy crane.

The crane toy for children is the mini version that moves, rotates, lifts, and performs other activities, just like an actual construction crane.

Best Pick
Dickie Toys 40" Giant Crane Playset , Yellow
Good Choice
DRIVEN by Battat – Micro Crane Truck – Toy Crane Truck with Lights, Sounds and Movable Parts for Kids Age 3+ , Yellow
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Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane Toy - Battery Powered RC Construction Toy - Crane with Heavy Metal Hook - Proffesional Series, 1:14 Scale -...
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Dickie Toys 40" Giant Crane Playset , Yellow
DRIVEN by Battat – Micro Crane Truck – Toy Crane Truck with Lights, Sounds and Movable Parts for Kids Age 3+ , Yellow
Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane Toy - Battery Powered RC Construction Toy - Crane with Heavy Metal Hook - Proffesional Series, 1:14 Scale -...
Fistone 1/14 RC Truck Crawler Tower Crane Hoist Dragline Die-cast Model Lifiting Cable Remote Control Excavator Tractor Digging Engineering Toy...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Pick
Dickie Toys 40" Giant Crane Playset , Yellow
Dickie Toys 40" Giant Crane Playset , Yellow
Good Choice
DRIVEN by Battat – Micro Crane Truck – Toy Crane Truck with Lights, Sounds and Movable Parts for Kids Age 3+ , Yellow
DRIVEN by Battat – Micro Crane Truck – Toy Crane Truck with Lights, Sounds and Movable Parts for Kids Age 3+ , Yellow
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane Toy - Battery Powered RC Construction Toy - Crane with Heavy Metal Hook - Proffesional Series, 1:14 Scale -...
Top Race 15 Channel Remote Control Crane Toy - Battery Powered RC Construction Toy - Crane with Heavy Metal Hook - Proffesional Series, 1:14 Scale -...
Also Consider
Fistone 1/14 RC Truck Crawler Tower Crane Hoist Dragline Die-cast Model Lifiting Cable Remote Control Excavator Tractor Digging Engineering Toy...
Fistone 1/14 RC Truck Crawler Tower Crane Hoist Dragline Die-cast Model Lifiting Cable Remote Control Excavator Tractor Digging Engineering Toy...
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To help fellow parents, I have listed and reviewed the top 14 toy crane trucks that I think are currently the best in the market. Plus, I have also prepared a buying guide to help you understand the factors that go into choosing the right product.

Before we start, I just want to tell you that it is not your ordinary review created using the internet data. I have tried and tested each product personally. So, what you will be getting is an honest review of each product.


Best Crane Building Toys and Vehicles

1. Dickie Toys Giant Crane Playset

Convert the playroom into a real estate site with this giant crane playset from Dickie Toys. If your child is fascinated by the world of construction and big machines, then operating this toy version will be an absolute delight. This 40-inch giant crane playset works exactly like a real crane and gives your child all the thrill and excitement for prolonged hours.

I appreciate that the manufacturer chose it to be a remote-controlled toy. Thanks to a remote control, your kids can operate the crane like professionals. From rotating the crane to lifting objects up, they just turned into an expert crane operator. The cabin can be rotated to a maximum of 350°, and the hook goes up and down. So, it is a complete package, mimicking the real thing.

The primary reason that made me buy this toy crane is the impressive noises it makes. You will be surprised to hear the sound it produces – it’s incredibly realistic. Above all, I am sure that it falls under your budget because the product is reasonably priced.

The construction crane toy includes various attachments and accessories that need to be assembled before your munchkin can play with it. Assembling a crane and operating it can boost brain development in your kid. And the assembly is quite easy if you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. With that said, I would recommend you only buy this large crane if your child is 36 months and older because the handling of parts requires a certain sense of knowingness.

But, it would have been more fun if there was an action figure inside the cabin operating the crane. And it runs on 4 AAA batteries, which you have to buy separately. This is another drawback of this construction toy.
  • It is a 40-inch tall realistic-looking crane
  • The remote control operates the hook as well as the cabin
  • Produces impressive crane noises to make playtime more enjoyable
  • Includes building accessories for a comprehensive play
  • An impressive noise sound
  • AAA batteries sold separately
  • No action figure in the cabin
Since children cannot get close to one of those realistic cranes on a construction site, this toy crane ensures that their curiosity is addressed.

2. Driven by Battat Kids Toy Crane

The next crane truck toy in my list is this incredibly detailed toy truck from Battat. This is one of the most affordable toy boom trucks that I could find on the market. I recommend that those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative should definitely look into it.

I like the fact that the manufacturer has put a lot of thought into designing this toy crane truck. Thanks to a design, this toy brings lots of real feelings to children. For starters, this is a micro crane truck that includes several moving parts. My munchkin has fun opening and closing the doors. The hood also opens and closes, and there are side legs installed, which the child can fold out to provide extra support to the vehicle while doing heavy-duty crane operations.

My son was amazed when he realized that the toy produces a realistic truck engine idling and honking sound. This feature makes the toy more engaging for children as it gives them the sense that they are operating a realistic truck, something that they see on the road every day. The best part is that the headlights are also working and blinks whenever turned on. All these functions are powered by 3 AG13 batteries, which are also included in the package.

Coming down to its main functionality – the crane, it is attached on top of the truck and is 9 inches in length. It is a fully functional crane that pivots and extends as per your child’s wish. The rope, on the other hand, can also move, making the entire setting look more realistic.

The last salient feature is the rubber tires. It is my personal favorite because it doesn’t scratch my flooring as my toddler drifts it all over the place.

However, I noticed one flaw while reviewing this toddler toy crane is how poor the material is. The plastic material is fragile so somehow it can affect the safety of children..
  • Movable parts give a realistic feel
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Produces realistic truck engine noise
  • The battery is included in the pack
  • Has rubber tires for limiting scratch on floor
  • Poor quality plastic material
Overall, for first-time buyers, this is an incredible pick. Your child will get everything that he/she wants in a toy crane.

3. Bruder MAN TGA Crane Truck

For children on the younger age spectrum, say 3 years or older, a robust and reliable toy is a must-have in their toy chest. To compliment your baby’s toy chest, this Bruder crane truck will be a suitable product. To start with, it is an exact replica of the realistic MAN crane trucks you see on construction sites. I am sure that it will cater to the needs of your munchkin’s imaginative play session.

It is a German-made product. So, I am pretty confident about its quality. The toy is made of ABS plastic, a sturdy material that can withstand daily wear and tear. That is why I don’t have any problem with my son taking this toy crane on a stroll all over the backyard.

The crane can swivel 360° smoothly like a real truck. There are four stabilizer legs installed that easily slide in place, giving the crane truck stability while rotating 360°. My favorite feature is the fully functional crane boom. It uses the patented adjusting cylinder that works with the telescopic jib to unlock the crane for a noiseless and quick lowering of the hoist. When fully extended, the crane approximately stands tall at 30 inches.

Attention to detail is another positive of this Bruder crane. The front folds out like a real truck providing a view of the engine block. The side-view mirrors of the driver’s cab are also foldable. All this gives a boost to your child’s imaginative play session.

Lastly, I appreciate that the manufacturer has included an enclosed toolbox in the set. Thus, my son can always transport his toy, such as the crane, tools and rocks to other places easily.

However, most of the parents will hesitate to buy this product because of its price. If you want quality, you will have to pay the price.
  • A fully functional crane that can be extended up to 30 inches
  • High-quality ABS plastic used
  • The crane can swivel 360° for optimal play
  • An exact replica of the MAN crane truck
  • It is certainly not affordable
All in all, I would recommend you to go with this large crane truck if you want something durable and realistic. It will surely stand the test of time and will entertain your kiddo until he grows up.

4. Top Race Remote Control Crane

Now, this is an impressive toy that is not only loved by kids but adults as well. I am totally awe-struck by its design and functionalities. Its 8+ age group recommendation and I can say that it is definitely worth the purchase if you have older kids.

It is a fully functional construction crane with a 15-channel remote control that functions just like a real-life crane but on a smaller scale. It can move forward, backward, left, and right with ease. Top Race has equipped the crane with robustly threaded well-designed anti-slip tire tracks to make it even more realistic. Moreover, these threaded tire tracks allow the crane to move on both planes and awkward surfaces.

What I like the most is the superior quality metal cable hook that looks unbelievably real. The cable is engineered to lift an actual load with a maximum weight of 1 pound. On the other hand, this construction crane has a cabin designed to perform 360° rotation, and the workbench can rotate at a whopping 680°. This allows for some realistic and educational playtime. Your child can use it to transport their larger toys in the play area.

Another impressive feature of this toddler crane truck is that I could control the crane from a 100 feet distance.

Nevertheless, an area of concern for me was it took about one-and-a-half hours to completely charge the toy, and the result was just 25 minutes of playtime. Also, a package does not come with batteries so you have to buy them separately.
  • The realistic design delivers impressive results
  • You can operate controls up to 100 feet
  • Cab rotates at 360°, and the workbench rotates at 680°
  • Metal cable hook can lift over 1 pound of weight
  • Has 15 channel remote control
  • Battery drains quickly
This is an ideal construction toy for children aged 8 and older. If you have an older kid, it is worth investing your money in, even though it is slightly pricier than your regular toy crane trucks.

5. Hape Playscapes Crane Lift Playset

For parents looking for a child crane toy that’s practical and can help their children grow mentally, Hape’s Playscapes Crane Lift Playset could be ideal. When it comes to German toys, I am totally confident about them. I am sure that this product will stand up to every parents’ expectations.

Going against the trend, Hape designed this beautiful construction toy out of wood. What this means is that it is completely free of toxins and any other harmful materials. I feel incredibly comfortable when my son plays with this set.

My son spends hours interacting with the pieces, assembling and moving parts here and there because it is a mechanical toy with moving parts – no battery is used. So, children have to use their brains and imagination to figure out how it works. It is truly engaging and beneficial in cognitive development in children.

Another plus point that I want to discuss is it is a large scale baby crane toy with a total height of a little over 21 inches. So, for toddlers, it is a life-size toy that comes with all the necessary accessories like construction materials, signboards, etc.

But the fact that it is a bit old-school in appearance could prove to be a mood killer. The parts are basic and not aesthetically designed. This means older children may not like this present at all.
  • Made out of wood and non-toxic materials
  • Large scale playset could simulate independent play
  • Everything’s mechanical that’s beneficial for brain development
  • Comes with accessories for combined play
  • Its basic design may not interest older children
This large truck mimics the setup of an actual construction site. This is enough for children to engage in pretend play. Your kids will feel like they are actually working with the crane.

6. iPlay, iLearn Construction Site Vehicles

If you have a toddler who is fascinated with construction vehicles and is always curious about knowing what is happening behind those large barriers, then this 52 piece engineering construction vehicle set will give wings to their imagination. And when I say a complete set, this includes a lifting crane as well.

My little one went crazy, seeing all his favorite construction vehicles in one place. It includes a tractor, fuel truck, dump truck, steamroller, an excavator, digger, cement truck, and crane. It is like a treasure for children because they get to play with different types of vehicles at the same time. And the best thing I like is all the vehicles have that typical yellow color just like the real ones.

I was surprised that they included a crane as well. The crane in this set is designed to lift, and lower equipment, swivel at 360°, and the four stabilizer legs keep the crane steady while it is moving objects. Each vehicle in the set has undergone high-grade engineering. They are made using ABS plastic. My favorite feature is that all the construction vehicles simulate the functionalities of the real ones.

It comes with a multi-use storage box that can also be used to create a construction scene. I love this product personally because it allowed my son to really understand how things work and what each vehicle does.

However, I feel like it is a tough job to clean up after your kid has played with the set. Since there are a multitude of pieces, from small ones to large ones, one or two pieces could get easily misplaced.
  • An all-inclusive construction toy set with crane
  • Realistic simulation and experience
  • Different types of construction vehicles included
  • Made of high-quality ABS plastic
  • Pieces can get easily misplaced
Since Christmas is around the corner, this could be a perfect present for your toddler. The recommended age to use this product is 3-8 years. So, it is worth the investment.

7. Bruder Scania R-Series Liebherr Crane

This is another Bruder crane toy on my list with all the features and functionalities to keep your toddler entertained for hours every day. As you know that Bruder is a German company, I have always loved its products for kids. This Scania R-Series Liebherr crane is made of high-quality, fade-resistant ABS plastic with no glues and screws, ensuring that it remains in your family for years to come.

When I was first stretching the crane boom to its full height, I was amazed to see that it was towering above my child. Yes, this is a massive toy crane that extends to over 4 feet. Moreover, it comes with an additional attachment that allows you to extend the crane boom with a locking mechanism.

When I talk about the crane’s special features, it is the light and sound module, which produces some realistic sound effects of a crane and the blinking lights that constantly blinks.

For realism, it also comes with a counterweight. Your child can fill it with water bags or sand to encourage stability. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has included four stabilizer legs with the truck that can be fully extended to raise the tires off the surface. This ensures greater stability when the crane is lifting materials.

It uses a newly developed cable winch with overload protection and a locking device. I like the cable’s quality as I realized that it has good tensile strength. Also, the operator cabin has a 360° range of motion, making it easy to use in any direction the child wants.

While this the best-quality large toy crane truck you can find, it is ridiculously expensive. It is probably the most expensive on this list as well.
  • High-quality ABS plastic construction
  • The crane boom can be extended up to 4 feet for more realistic play
  • There are a light and sound module installed
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • It can be way over your budget
This toy truck crane is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. If you are looking for a change from the delicate options you are encountering, Bruder crane might be it.

8. Dickie Toys Mega Crane Playset

A curious child who is always asking questions about things that they see every day, like construction vehicles and cranes, this is a perfect product to educate them. Dickie Toys’ Mega Crane Playset is a whopping 48-inch crane designed to work exactly like a real thing. It surely transforms a child’s playroom into an imaginative construction site.

It is a remote control kids crane that mimics the full-size version. Your baby will turn into a professional crane operator, rotating the crane, lifting the objects, and lowering them down. Its 350° rotational cabin allows kids to perform all these activities with ease. All it takes is a simple push of a button, and the winch and the trolley will move like the real-life versions.

Above all, the set contains various attachments and accessories that make the playtime even more interesting. Your child pretends like an expert crane operator, assembling the parts and accessories before he can operate it for a job. I believe this part is crucial in every child’s playtime. The more they use their brain, the more they will become aware of their surroundings. This is also known as cognitive development.

One thing that bugs me is there is no action figure inside the cabin. For the price you are paying, there should be an action figure who mimics a real crane operator. This could have made playtime even better.
  • Big toy crane with a staggering height of 48 inches
  • Comes with remote control for easy operation
  • Rotating cabin rotates 350° just like the real thing
  • Packs extensive accessories for an engaging playtime
  • No action figure inside the cabin
I would definitely recommend parents to go ahead and buy this crane toy as an early Christmas present. It has all the cool features to keep your child’s interest, and I am sure that they will learn something new every day with this toy.

9. New Ray Kenworth W900 Lowboy

The New Ray Kenworth W900 Lowboy is every child’s dream. It is the perfect replica of the real truck. I was amazed to see the detailing and how realistic it looks. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of a sophisticated crane with the truck. This is a complete package for children who are imaginative,creative and love independent play.

I truly loved the chrome-style trim, and excellently detailed accents of the kids’ crane. The gloss orange paint is unique and gives quite a look when combined with the chrome detailing. And the details on the Lowboy and the crane are near-accurate to the real thing. That is, the crane boom, windows, tires, mirrors, etc. all resemble the original thing.

New Ray has included a fully-functional moving crane with moving parts. My son was all day on it, opening and closing the door of this classic long-haul truck. Also, the hood folds out to reveal the accurate details of this classic Lowboy replica.

I found out that this is a collector’s piece from the Long Haul Trucker Collection. So, as a parent, if you have a thing for trucks and have previously collected replicas, this will look beautiful in your collection. Nevertheless, it works great as a toy as well.

The trailer is approximately 18 inches in length. I was a bit worried when the trailer came off the truck as my son was playing with it. Later I got to know that the trailer can be removed, so it wasn’t broken. I appreciate this detailing very much.

Since it is a 1:32 scale accurately representing the detail of the original Kenworth Long Hauler, I will resist it from giving to younger children, say below 3. Because there are small parts, it can be a choking hazard for younger ones.
  • The exact 1:32 replica of the classic Kenworth Long Hauler
  • Comes with a functional crane
  • The trailer is detachable, and the doors and hood of the truck are movable
  • Works great as a collector’s piece
  • Small parts pose a choking hazard
This is a great toy for kids who appreciate model toys. It is a functional truck and crane set with eye-catching colors and detailing. Your baby will be more than happy to play with it and show it off to his/her friends.

10. KidPal Take Apart Construction Vehicle

If you have a budding engineer at home, who loves to break and make stuff, then this construction toy from KidPal is a must-have in their toy chest. For starters, this toy can be completely taken apart and built from scratch. I was truly impressed with how my son pretended to be a mechanic and assembled this toy crane truck for one of his pretend clients.

The manufacturer has marketed it as a STEM toy. It means that this toy is a great tool for teaching kids about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Moreover, with the function of remote control and take apart, your child can learn about electricity and motors.

Another great thing that the manufacturer did here is making the remote control look like a steering wheel. This forms a sense in kids that they are actually behind the wheels operating the crane. Furthermore, the remote control comes with a good range of 15-20 meters, allowing the toddlers to operate the toy from a good range.

It comes with all the necessary tools that include screws, bolts, and an electric toy drill that works like a real thing. You will be amazed to see how your toddler uses the electric drill to tighten the screws and assemble this toddler crane toy.

My favorite is the light and sound effects that the crane produces. The built-in speakers and dazzling lights make quite a show for kids. And it is rewarding for them to see the crane works after a daunting period of assembly work.

But let me remind you that it is a toy that requires a lot of batteries – 2 AA batteries for the steering wheel RC, 3 AA batteries for the crane itself, and 2 AA batteries for the toy drill. So, if a single battery fails, the entire playtime will be ruined.
  • A good quality take apart toy that boots STEM skills
  • Includes a working electric drill to screw and unscrew the bolts
  • Steering wheel RC comes with an operating range of 15-20 meters
  • Light and sounds effects make playtime more enjoyable
  • It needs a lot of batteries
If you want to introduce your child to engineering and stuff at an early age, then this STEM toy could be an ideal option. You will be amazed at how engaged and occupied they get once they start playing with this toy.

11. Bruder Mack Granite Liebherr Crane

If your children love having a thing for model toys that are the exact replicas of some of their favorite vehicles, then this crane will be a great addition to their toy chest. Made using ABS plastic and polycarbonate, this German-made toy crane is the epitome of what a high-quality children’s toy should look like.

It is a premium product with lots of details. For starters, this massive toy crane has a boom that extends to over 4 feet. The manufacturer has included an additional attachment that enables the crane boom to extend further. But you can be assured that it stays there safely extended thanks to the locking mechanism.

Coming down to the crane’s special features, it comes with an operator cab that has a sliding panel door. This allows for easy access to children operating the crane. And the best part is that the crane swivels 360° so it can be positioned in any manner. I also like the idea of making the crane cab fully transparent, which adds to the detail.

It has a counterweight installed, which can be filled with water bags or sand to provide extra stability. But, the four stabilizer legs included with the set can be fully extended to provide stability and support to the truck. This makes sure that the crane doesn’t move when the crane boom is fully extended to 4 feet and carries some weight.

Last but not least, I appreciate the use of a newly developed cable winch that comes with overload protection and a locking device. The cable quality is excellent and can withstand daily wear and tear.

Nothing can match this truck when it comes to quality, but it is ridiculously heavy, weighing a little over 7 pounds. My son had a hard time carrying it to places.
  • High-quality ABS plastic construction
  • Includes a polycarbonate transparent crane cabin
  • Crane cab provides a complete 360° swivel
  • The crane boom can be extended up to 4 feet
  • The toy is quite heavy
This is a sturdy toy designed for both indoor and outdoor play sessions. You can buy it as an early Christmas present. Just make sure that your child is grown enough to carry this bulky toy easily.

12. eMart Alloy Die-Cast Large Crane

eMart is an established toy brand known for its realistic model vehicles designed as both a collector’s piece and a toy. If you have a child who is a little aggressive player, then you won’t be disappointed with this large toy crane truck, which is made of alloy die-cast. It is made using a composition of alloy metal, rubber, and engineering plastic, all of which are sturdy and eco-friendly materials.

The first thing that attracted me to this toy is its resemblance to the original truck. The company claims that it is more than 95% similar in terms of looks and design to the real thing, and I totally agree with that. And the best thing is that the parts are movable, meaning the joints could rotate freely.

This toy is a great gift for your children. As while it is fun to play with, it also works as an educational toy for children. The crane is fully functional, and its hook is designed to lift and lower small objects. It can cultivate your child’s ability to coordinate and observe.

On the other hand, it is a relief that the tires are made of rubber because you don’t have to worry about your child’s playtime turning into a nightmare for you, ruining your expensive flooring.

But I want to give you a heads up on one thing. The string that is attached to the hook is of poor quality. I don’t know what material has been used, but it is only great if not much pressure is put on it.
  • Extremely sturdy alloy die-cast body
  • Exact resemblance to the original truck
  • Works as an educational toy curious children
  • Rubber tires ensure that they won’t scratch your floors
  • Poor quality crane string
The truck comes fully assembled. If your child appreciates good craftsmanship, then this is the perfect gift for them. They can play with it while admiring its beauty.

13. Funstruction Toys Construction Crane

Funstruction Toys have brought this STEM toy for your little engineer that allows them to completely take apart the parts and rebuild the vehicle from scratch. This is one of my favorites because it lets my child explore more than just pulling and lowering the crane.

The set comes with three bits, toy screwdrivers, and an electric toy drill, along with a complete set of nuts and bolts. Your child can become a mechanic for the day and take apart the vehicle and rebuild it. Also, this toy is designed to give the brain of your child a little workout, helping with cognitive development. In fact, the manufacturer recommends this toy for Autistic children.

I recommend this toy for children aged three years and above because it is the right age for them to start learning about how stuff works. It comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble and disassemble the parts. You can help them understand the techniques using pictures provided in the instruction manual.

The primary reason why I included this toy on my list is that it comes with a storage and carry case. It is a lifesaver for parents because there are so many parts like screws and bolts that are prone to get misplaced. The storage box ensures that everything remains in one place.

However, as compared to other counterparts, it bugged me a little when I realized that the truck doesn’t perform any functionalities like sound and lights and doesn’t have a remote control as well. Moreover, for many children, simply assembling and then taking apart the toy can become a little boring.
  • A great toy for STEM development
  • Comes with a complete set of tools, including screws and drill
  • An instruction manual is included for easy assembly
  • Comes with a storage and carry case for hassle-free handling
  • The truck doesn’t perform any functionalities like lights and sound
I guarantee you that this toy crane for 3 year olds will give your child hours of creative and independent play and enable him/her to learn new things and build confidence.

14. Fistone RC Crawler Tower Crane

The last on my list is the heavy-duty crawler tower crane from Fistone. This is a multi-function big toy crane that comes with a lifting arm.

This is my personal favorite because it has a maximum lifting capacity of 11 pounds, which is way higher than any of the cranes I have discussed above. My son spent the whole day picking up whatever he could find in his toy chest using this crawler tower crane.

It is engineered to perfection because its 680° workbench rotation just looks like the original thing. What’s more interesting is that both the hook and the lifting arm attached to the workbench can be controlled separately via remote control.

Talking about the remote control, it has a frequency range of a whopping 328 feet, something you won’t find anywhere else. I haven’t tested it from that range, but it just worked fine when I operated it from one end of my property. And what surprised me was that the RC supports anti-jamming capacity, meaning it can support other RC toys simultaneously without any hindrance.

Thanks to the premium-quality caterpillar tires, this crawler tower crane can run on any terrain, whether rugged or plain. So, if you have a backyard or garden, your child can create an arena with tracks and all to boost his/her imaginative play.

Lastly, it has a die-cast alloy framework that is just perfect for outdoor play. With proper care, I am sure this toy can last in your family for years to come.

Sadly, all the features you get comes at a high price. If you are under a budget or a first-timer buyer of such toys, then you may want to look at alternative options.
  • Sturdy die-cast alloy framework
  • The remote control operates all the functionalities
  • Rubber caterpillar tires are perfect for outdoor fun
  • The crane can lift up to 11 pounds of weight
  • The product is insanely expensive
What can I say; this large crane truck is a collectible and a perfect playtime toy. If you are willing to spend some extra money, then there is no better option than this.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Crane


It can be a little overwhelming to pick children’s crane toys when you are provided with a lot of options. Since the options are almost endless, you must pay attention to some specific factors. You cannot just pick any toy and expect it to deliver results the way you want.

I was also confused at the beginning. But with some research and testing, I was able to figure out what the majority of the kids and parents want. So, to help you narrow down from endless possibilities, the following are some factors that I believe are critical to consider when buying a toy crane.


The first important factor is the type of child toy. As you can see from the review above, they exist in different forms based on how they are used. From RC crane trucks to mechanical ones, friction powered, and even take apart models, they come in all make and models. So, depending on your child’s capabilities and wants, choose the type.

Lights and Sounds

Lights and sounds add a certain touch of entertainment to the playtime. Children can easily get bored with conventional toys, particularly the younger ones. Light and sound effects in a crane will amuse them every time they use it.


When it comes to buying children’s toys, the material is always the deciding factor. Toy crane trucks are made using different types of materials. From ABS plastic to wood, and even die-cast alloy, depending on the crane’s purpose and design, the manufacturer will use a suitable material. You have to make sure that the material used is non-toxic and long-lasting.


Battery-operated toy cranes are both a boon and a bane. Remote control cranes toys are battery-operated, but certain models don’t come with an RC but need batteries just to activate lights and sound. Also, in the majority of the cases, the batteries are sold separately.


Price can be the decision-maker when you are in doubt. Crane toys for toddlers come in a variety of price ranges. But I recommend you not compromise with quality. Go with an affordable product but ensure that it has all the features and benefits your child needs.


Reviews work as testimonials from real-life buyers. There are already hundreds of parents who have tried the product you are eyeing to buy. So, it is better to see what they have to say about the product.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a Toy Crane?

A toy crane is a miniature version of the real-life construction cranes that mimics the loud noises and performs functions like rotating 360° and lifting and lowering objects using a crane hook.

Toy makers have realized that toddlers are fascinated by big bulky cranes they see every day on road and construction sites. So, they have replicated the real thing into miniature cranes offering the exact same functionalities, allowing children to learn more about them and have a great time with pretend play.

How Does it Work?

Crane toy trucks work on the same principle as the original ones. They combine simple machines to lift heavy objects. The crane beam is balanced at a point, allowing it to lift heavy objects with a relatively small force. The beam acts as a lever and uses a pulley and a string to lift loads to a great height.

The string or cable is attached to a powerful motor. The motor is operated by a crane operator, and he decides whether to lower the crane or lift it according to specific needs.

Why Do Your Kids Need Toy a Crane?

Toy cranes stimulate engineering thinking and offer excellent practice for fine motor skills. It is a STEM toy for curious young minds. As kids learn to manipulate the toy crane as per their wish, they learn to try things out and experiment. Also, it encourages independent thinking and play.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have tried to answer the most common questions that parents always ask when buying toy crane trucks for their children.

What are the most trusted toy crane brands?

Many toy crane brands are competing in the market for the top spot. But not all of them are worth giving your time and concern. There are some brands that produce quality crane toys. The following are the most trusted brands, in my opinion:

  • Bruder
  • Dickie Toys
  • Battat
  • Top Race
  • Hape
  • iPlay iLearn
  • New-Ray
  • KidPal
  • eMart
  • Funstruction
  • Fistone

How to use?

Depending on the toy crane model you choose, its usage will be different. Some are remote controlled, others are mechanical, and some are take apart toys. If your kid purchases a remote control toy, then all its operations like rotating the cabin, lifting and lowering the crane, moving the vehicle back and forth, right and left, and simulating light and sound, etc. will be carried using the remote control.

Also, the crane toy can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the best part is that the crane string is capable enough to hold a certain weight.

How to care and clean?

Cleaning and maintenance of toy cranes are easy. All you have to do is wipe down the toy surface with a damp cloth or a dry cloth.

Where to buy?

You can buy the crane toy from both online and offline stores. I recommend you use online platforms like Amazon and Walmart. In such platforms, the products are always on offer. So, there is a good chance that you can save some money.


The best toy crane truck will be a great addition to your munchkin’s toy chest. It is not only a fun-looking toy that makes noise and boasts light effects, but also a STEM toy that helps in improving imagination and encouraging cognitive development.

As you can see, they are available in different make and models. The only purpose of this review was to help you know about toys that are worth considering. I have done a lot of research and have used each of these toys personally before writing this post. Thus, I hope that this will help you in making an informed decision.

Bestseller No. 1
MOBIUS Toys Crane Toy Truck Set - Kids Construction Crane Truck w/Extending Arm, Rotation, Various Props and Buttons + Sounds & Lights - Toy Crane...
  • Working Mechanical Features - This super fun Toy Crane Truck has multiple functions including a pump button that raises the crane, a functional rope...
  • Tons of Accessories for More Fun - This set is not just a Crane Toy Truck - it comes with many additional accessories, including traffic cones,...
  • Great Christmas of Birthday Gift - They’re going to be super excited when they receive this cool gift! Search no more - kids ages 3+ simply love the...
  • Premium Quality & Durable - Creating toys from quality materials for your children is of our passion - this super fun, kids crane toy truck toy is...
  • At Mobius Toys, our amazing Toy Crane Truck arrives in a beautiful Gift Box, for kids 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 years old. High-quality durable materials that...
Bestseller No. 2
Crane Toy for Boys, 13.5" Large Crane Truck with Lights and Sounds, Open-able Doors, Friction Powered Construction Truck Toys Gift for Kids
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL LARGE CRANE TRUCK TOY: This toy crane truck comes with features friction powered, real rubber tires and Features opening door, the...
  • STURDY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION: Our Construction Vehicles Toy is made of sturdy plastic and feature child friendly designs, perfect for outdoor and...
  • REALISTIC WORKING SOUNDS & LIGHTS: Our crane truck toy come with 3 buttons and 5 sound effects, 2 roof lights. Stimulate your little ones visual and...
  • REAL WORKING FEATURES: Incredibly detailed, cab doors that open and close, pivoting base and extendable crane, fold out side legs for extra support on...
  • PERFECT GIFT: This kids cranes make fantastic gift for kids ages 3 years and up. The features activated by the child’s interaction with the vehicle...
Bestseller No. 3
OANMYJJO Crawler Crane Toy Children Crane Truck Toy,Toy Crane Truck with Simulation Lights,Toy for Boys Crane Model Construction Truck Toys,Suitable...
  • 1.Crane Size:L×W×H:4.92×2.76×11.22(inches),weight:0.56Ib.
  • 2.Sturdy and Safe Crane Toy:ABS plastic with smooth edges,rubber Crawler,fine workmanship, sturdy and safe, kids will love this toy crane truck.
  • 3.Multifunctional Crane Truck Toy:The working table of the toy crane can be rotated 360 degrees, Both lifting arm and hook can be controlled...
  • 4.Toy Crane Details:The crane toy has fine workmanship and rich details. It is based on the prototype design of crane construction machinery, allowing...
  • 5.Excellent Construction Toys Creative Gift:Crane toys suitable for children,can be used as birthday, Christmas and New Year gifts, this gift can...
Bestseller No. 4
Dickie Toys 40" Giant Crane Playset , Yellow
  • The Dickie Toys Construction Crane: the playroom turns into a building site!
  • Impressive vehicles and interesting noises: lots of children find building sites really exciting - it's rare for them to get as close to the action as...
  • Because the 40" high toy shows exactly how a crane works: The remote control open cabin rotates by 350 degrees.
  • The hook goes up and down by remote control, just like the real thing.
  • The crane comes with accessories so the builder can decide which heavy load should be safely transported next.
SaleBestseller No. 5
WEMOKA Crane Truck Toy with Movable Parts, 11" Toy Cranes for Boys Age 4-7, Construction Truck Toys with Lights and Sounds, Sand Trucks Toys for Kids
  • Fully-Functional Crane Truck: Cab doors can be opened and closed, mirrors can be folded out. Toy crane pivots and extends, rope extends. Arms extend...
  • Durable Plastic Construction: Built with sturdy ABS plastic, as well as realistic details. Perfect Size: 11 (L) 3.5 (W) 6 (H) inches approximately.
  • Realistic Sounds and Lights: Construction Vehicle truck featuring 4 sounds effects and soft lights. Gently press the button once for playing the sound...
  • Simulated Working: Crane body can be turned 360 degrees, and crane arm can be extended with hooks. Free rolling wheels and fully functional parts,...
  • Perfect Gifts: Perfect for the pretend play because of the durable plastic construction and child friendly designs. Perfect for both indoor and...
Bestseller No. 6
DICKIE TOYS Mighty Construction Crane with Remote Control, 48" inches and 350 Degree Rotation Trolley, for Ages 3 and up
  • The crane cabin rotates by 350 degrees
  • Trolley and accessories
  • Batteries required (6 x AA)
  • Recommended age: 3+
  • Toy crane with cable remote control
Bestseller No. 7
Jenilily 1:55 Scale Die-cast Crane Construction Vehicles Toy Alloy Model Car, Gifts for Kids Boys Toddler 3 4 5 Years Old
  • Construction Toy Crane :Realistic crane included toy tower crane and some mini accessories, which make your baby feel more real of building his own...
  • Moving Parts:The table of toy car can rotate 360° and the rotate button on the car can control the height and direction of the crane's hook ,it can...
  • Material: The truck toy cars is made of metal and plastic. Good quality, non-toxic and tasteless, safe for kids.The working wheels with sliding...
  • Early Educational Toy:Kids This is good for children to understand and learn the characteristics of crane while playing, develop their hands-on skills...
  • More Collection Sets & More fun: We have single crane and excavator car set. And also have construction, fire engine, military and City Police cars...
Bestseller No. 8
SASBSC Construction Crane Toys for 3-8 Year Old Boys 3 in 1 Toy Trucks with Sounds Friction Power Transport Dump Truck Bulldozer Toys Cars for Kids...
  • [3 In 1 Construction Toys]: This is a 3-in-1 construction truck toy for kids, each part is easy to disassemble and assemble. Children can improve...
  • [Multifunctional Toy Crane Trucks]: It is a funny toy trucks for boys. Rotatable console, retractable boom, adjustable length of the rope, and sound...
  • [Crane Toys for Boys]: Building crane truck toy, parents can play the truck with your lovely kids, set up the truck toghether, crane and transport...
  • [Big Trucks for Boys]: Product Size: LxWxH (Inches): 22.5"x 5.31"x 22.5". Large Crane Trucks for more fun, get your kid this construction toys set.
  • [Sturdy and Safe Construction Trucks]: Non-toxic plastic with smooth edges, sturdy and safe for kids, just enjoy this big cran truck toy.
Bestseller No. 9
HAPYAD Crane Truck Toy Metal Cab, Friction Powered Crane Machine Tow Truck with Lights and Sounds, Construction Equipment for Kids Boys Girls, 13.5"
  • FULLY-FUNCTIONAL CRANE TRUCK: Accurately detailed cab interior, features opening door, toy crane pivots and extends, rope extends. Arms extend up to...
  • REALISTIC LIGHTS & SOUNDS: Friction powered construction truck toy featuring lights & sounds and rumbles when you press the body just like a real...
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Built with sturdy metal and plastic, as well as realistic details. METAL CAB, superior plastic body and chassis, real rubber...
  • SIMULATED WORKING: Incredibly detailed, cab doors that open and close, pivoting base and extendable crane, fold out side legs for extra support on...
  • PERFECT GIFTS FOR KIDS: Encourage creativity and learning through imaginative play while building cognitive recognition and hand eye coordination....
Bestseller No. 10
OANMYJJO Children Crane Toy Metal DieCast Crane Model,Construction Truck Toys with Simulated Sounds and Lights,Suitable for Ages 3 and Up Toy...
  • 1.Crane Toy Size:L×W×H:13.2×3.15×5.5(inches),weight:1.61Ib.The boom of the toy crane truck can be extended to 19 inches long and raised to 16.5...
  • 2.Crane Toy Material:Made of zinc alloy material + ABS plastic.
  • 3.Crane Toy Features:With simulated sound and light, press the horn or press the front wheel to trigger the light and sound effects. The two doors can...
  • 4.Crane Toy Details:The crane toy has fine workmanship and rich details. It is based on the prototype design of crane construction machinery, allowing...
  • 5.Excellent Creative Gift:Crane toys suitable for children,can be used as birthday, Christmas and New Year gifts, this gift can not only make your...