15 Best Toy Phones 2023 – Enhance Children’s Speech

Toys aren’t just playthings anymore that kids use to amuse themselves. They have actually graduated to become sophisticated tools that can enhance children’s speech and motor skills. One of the most popular babies toys right now his the toy phone. So it is very important to get only the best quality toy phone for your little one, which is made of the safest materials and has the best phone features.

Editor's Pick
LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout, Green
Amazon's Choice
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
Good Pick
Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Pretend Play Cell Phone, Lights and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play
Good Price
Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone
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Click N' Play Pretend Play Cell Phone TV Remote & Car Key Accessory Playset for Kids with Lights Music & Sounds (Set of 3)
LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout, Green
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Pretend Play Cell Phone, Lights and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play
Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone
Click N' Play Pretend Play Cell Phone TV Remote & Car Key Accessory Playset for Kids with Lights Music & Sounds (Set of 3)
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Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime
Editor's Pick
LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout, Green
LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout, Green
Amazon Prime
Amazon's Choice
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, Pink
Amazon Prime
Good Pick
Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Pretend Play Cell Phone, Lights and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play
Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Pretend Play Cell Phone, Lights and Sounds, Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play
Amazon Prime
Good Price
Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone
Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
Click N' Play Pretend Play Cell Phone TV Remote & Car Key Accessory Playset for Kids with Lights Music & Sounds (Set of 3)
Click N' Play Pretend Play Cell Phone TV Remote & Car Key Accessory Playset for Kids with Lights Music & Sounds (Set of 3)
Amazon Prime

If you are new at toy shopping, then this comprehensive guide will help you to purchase the best toy phone for your baby. I have provided detailed reviews of fifteen of the most highly sought-after toddler cell phones available in the market today.

With the help of this detailed guide, you can choose the perfect toy phone. Let’s get started!

Best Toy Phone Reviews

Please keep in mind that all reviews are based on my personal experiences and evaluations.

1. LeapFrog Toy Smartphone

If you have an imaginative and active child, then the LeapFrog Chat and Count Smartphone is a really fantastic way to keep their imaginations occupied. This is a really cute baby phone that has a compact body and brightly colored buttons.

This phone has a digital puppy friend called Scout that your child can actually have a conversation with. Instead of just pretending to talk to someone on the phone, your little kid will be able to have a full-blown conversation with Scout.

This child toy phone also has more than 15 fun phone activities and modes that your baby will be able to enjoy with the push of a button. The toy phone also has a voicemail feature with which your toddler will be able to continue conversations with Scout.

Additionally, the phone has a really nice music mode. By accessing this mode, your child will be able to sing along songs which have well-known melodies and rhymes. You can get a head start on your kid’s education by purchasing this toy.

With the help of this toy, you can teach your child alphabets, numbers, phone manners, etc. in a really fun and interactive way. Apart from encouraging imaginative and creative play in your child, this toy will also allow you to develop your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The only one thing I do not like about this play phone is that it is a little too complicated for younger children.
  • Comes with digital playmate
  • Has more than 15 unique attractive modes
  • Can learn numbers, alphabets, etc
  • Has an excellent interactive music mode
  • Too complicated for younger kids
On the whole, I would highly recommend you to get this baby toy to your munchkin. Having your kiddo play with the phone and a digital friend will be really good. This phone is the complete package – fully educational, functional and cute.

2. VTech Baby Toy Phone

VTech is a trendy toy brand that offers affordable, attractive and functional toys. That is why this product is seen as one of the best toy phones for toddlers. This toy phone is incredibly compact and has a tough orange chassis that is durable and safe for small children.

The phone is equipped with more than 12 pretend “apps” that your child is able to access.

Most importantly, this toy phone comes with a pretend “home button”, where you can actually save your home number. Your toddler will be able to press this button and pretend to dial home and have a full-blown conversation.

This is the sort of toy that will allow you to get started on your child’s educational process with the help of nursery rhymes, sweet childhood melodies, etc. The songs will encourage your child to pick up alphabets, numbers, phrases, first words, etc. very easily.

Furthermore, there is special music mode that can be accessed using the slider present on the front part of the toy. Once the slider is moved, fun melodies and nursery rhymes begin to play.

This is a really cute toy phone that will enthrall and entertain your baby. The different songs and phrases that are included in the music mode will also be able to entertain and distract a particularly fussy baby.

The only issue that I have with these baby play phones is that they require AAA batteries. It would be better if it was rechargeable.
  • Has a really cute music mode
  • Includes 12 “apps” and bright buttons
  • Has “Home Button” used to save home numbers
  • Requires AAA batteries to work properly
I would highly recommend you to get this touch screen toy phone because it is affordable and incredibly handy. Moreover, having a “Home Button” to save phone numbers is one the most stand out phone features in the market recently.

3. Minnie Mouse Cell Phone

If your children grew up with Walt Disney’s famous characters and if your kids love Minnie Mouse; then the Minnie Mouse “Why Hello!” Cell Phone would be a wonderful gift for them.

The phone is just over 5 inches long, which means that it should fit very snugly into the tiny hands of your child. It looks nice with its shocking pink body and big buttons. It also has an adorable pink bow and Minnie Mouse ears on its top.

Regarding the phone’s sound, this phone comes with some interesting sound effects, which will be able to entertain your child and keep them from making trouble. Apart from having pretend conversations on the phone, this phone will enable your child to enhance and develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Your child will have a gala time with the Minnie Mouse baby cell phone toy. When they press the buttons, they will hear Minnie Mouse’s some of the most well-known catchphrases – such as “Why Hello!”. Moreover, the bright colors and flashing lights will also help your kid’s senses to develop and grow.

However, please note that since this toy phone lacks functionalities, it might not appeal to every kid out there.
  • Has a colorful and super cute design
  • Has well-known Minnie Mouse catchphrases
  • Offers engaging music and sound effects
  • Easily fits in the tiny hands of your kids
  • Does not have many functions
If your kid is an outgoing little girl and a huge Minnie Mouse fan, then this toy phone is the best gift ever.

4. YOYOSTORE Cell Phone Toy

Baby cell phone toys are fine for little kids but for older kids who want their own phone, the YOYOSTORE toy cell phone model is a really good idea. The best part of this toy phone is it closely resembles the Apple iPhone. Apart from being a really well-designed and realistic toy cell phone, this phone also comes with a lot of features and functionalities.

Other than having a bunch of brightly colored pretend apps, this phone is loaded with cool sound effects and music. There are more than 20 well-known children’s songs and melodies that your tiny tot can sing along to. Especially, this would make a great Christmas gift as there are loads of Christmas carols and songs included. Along with that, there are 10+ lullabies that you can play while putting your baby to bed.

This baby toy phone also has more than eight unique modes that can be accessed. These modes include the basic educational offerings, such as numbers, alphabets, fruits and animals. There is a piano mode that plays delightful childhood melodies. When any button is pressed, the lights around the edge light up and flicker. This kind of visual stimulation is very important for young children.

Last but not least, this toy phone is fully USB chargeable – which means no more wasteful batteries. The only issue that I have with this toy is that it’s rather flimsy and can break if handled roughly.
  • Fully compatible with USB charging
  • Provides 8 unique modes, such as Numbers and Animals
  • Has an engaging piano mode
  • Includes more than 50 sound effects, melodies, songs and phrases
  • Not very durable and tough
By using this pretend smartphone, your child will be able to get a proper head-start on their education.

5. JOYIN Play-Act Pretend Set

Children grow and learn how to behave by imitating their parents. If your tiny tot sees you walk around with your set of car keys, credit cards, mobile phone, etc., then they will also want their very own set of useful accessories. That is why the JOYIN Play-Act – a set of pretend toy accessories – is introduced to you in this reviewing list.

The entire set consists of a toy cell phone for a 6 year old, a set of 3 keys, a keychain and a set of pretend driving licenses and credit cards. The driver’s license can be customized with photographs, paint, stickers, etc. The car keys are really cute and have four buttons, each of which makes a unique car-related sound. One makes the unlocking sound while another makes a honking noise.

This accessory set is a cute and fun buy. You and your kid can have a lot of fun customizing it and playing make-believe. Another great thing about this phone is when the child presses the colorful buttons on the phone, they will be able to access cute sound effects and phrases. Some of the phrases include “Time to go shopping!” and “Say Cheese!”

This set of accessories is a wonderful gift, but it can be a little bit expensive when compared to the other available models.
  • Has really cute sound effects
  • Customized car keys and driver’s license
  • Able to play make-believe properly
  • Can be slightly expensive
With the help of this set of toys, your child will be able to have a fantastic time playing pretend.

6. Fisher Price Classic Phone

I love all things retro and that is why the Classic Retro Chatter Phone toy interested me. This Fisher Price creation looks exactly like the retro telephones of the 1980s and comes with a completely rotary dial.

This toy was first released in the 1960s, and was one of the most popular toys in the world. Recently, this old fashioned toy phone made a comeback into the market largely due to the enthusiasm of nostalgic buyers like me.

This attractive baby toy will surely light up the face of your beloved kiddo with a huge smile. Apart from having a cute rotary dial, the phone also has a pair of googly eyes and a chattering mouth.

This toy phone comes with a dial that rings and that is an added bonus that you will be able to enjoy. Your little one will be able to sit by the toy phone and have long pretend conversations while the phone’s googly eyes and mouth continue to move and chatter.

The toy also comes with a set of wheels which will allow your boisterous little kid to take their telephone from room to room all day long. It offers immense educational value, as having pretend conversations on the phone will allow the child to exercise their imagination. Also, this is one of the best ways for children to pick up etiquette and manners.

The only drawback that this toy has is that it is slightly unwieldy and heavy.
  • A retro design
  • Has realistic sound effects
  • Has presence of googly eyes and rotary dial
  • Can be walked around
  • Quite heavy
Not only will your kid have a wonderful time playing with this Fisher Price retro toy, but you will also be able to relive your childhood memories.

7. LeapFrog Emoji Phone

The LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji Phone is a quality toddler play phone that could be a valuable addition to your child’s nursery. It has many brightly colored buttons that play delightful sound effects and melodies when they are pressed.

What I love best about this phone is that it will introduce your child to a digital playmate – a cute cartoon puppy called Violet. Your kid will be able to have fun make-believe conversations with Violet for hours.

This phone also has a video button, which will allow your child to view a series of adorable short clips featuring Violet. These puppy animations are a really cute and fun addition. Violet also appears in a couple of videos where she teaches your kid more about numbers, fruits and cell phone manners.

This toy phone will allow your child to use rudimentary emoji and help them to develop and expand their communication skills properly. This phone also has a guessing game, where your toddler will have to guess the name of the object; and a numbers game, where they’ll have to match numbers.

The phone proves to be a little expensive. Also, it will require AAA batteries regularly.
  • Provides a talking digital friend called Violet
  • Contains many engaging, interactive and educational video games
  • Has presence of puppy animations
  • High price
Apart from having loads of fun toy phone features, this baby phone will also help you to advance the initial development and education of your toddler.

8. Battat Phone and Keys

Studies have shown that make-believe games and pretend sessions actually help children to increase their cognitive power. Instead of giving your kids the chance to play with your essential phone and keys, you should get them the Battat Combo Set, which consists of a kids pretend phone and a set of toy car keys. This kind of accessory toy set will keep them busy, entertained and engrossed.

By handling and pressing the buttons on the toy phone, your child will be able to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. At the same time, the ring-ring sound effects are really adorable and will allow your toddler to enjoy a free reign on their imagination.

The buttons on the cellphone are soft and easy to press as well. Some of the sound effects that are included in the phone include a voicemail notification sound, a phone ringing sound, a busy sound and more than 5 additional childhood melodies.

The set of pretend keys are brightly colored. By pressing the buttons on the keys, your toddler will be able to hear the sound of a car engine, a doorbell, unlock sound, etc. Such realistic sound effects will allow them to engage in immersive role play and make-believe sessions, which will sharpen their cognitive skills and imagination.

The flashlight included in the car key will help in stimulating the developing senses of the child. One additional feature is the car unlocking sound made by the toy car keys, which is very realistic and can get a little irritating.
  • Large and easy to press buttons
  • Provides very realistic and immersive sounds
  • Has soft and easy-to-operate buttons
  • Creates irritating sounds sometimes
This toy phone set will encourage your toddler to use and apply their imagination, allowing them to learn, think laterally and develop properly.

9. YPhone Rechargeable Toy Phone

For older kids, the brightly colored toy cell phones are not appropriate anymore. So I am here to introduce the IQ Toys YPhone from Yphone brand. This is a realistic cell phone for toddlers modelled on the hugely successful Apple iPhone. This toy phone is not for show at all, since all the attractive touch screen buttons have diverse functions.

The baby toy is very lightweight and is made of ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and safe material. The phone itself is very sleek and stylish, and will make a delightful addition to your baby’s toy chest.

The edge of the phone also has in-built flashing lights, which will stimulate the developing senses of the child. So I believe that your kid will love their pretend phone very much. The phone also features number recognition, color recognition, and listening comprehension.

For me, the best thing about this phone is you won’t have to deal with batteries anymore. The toy phone comes with an included micro USB charger cord, which will allow you to charge the phone’s rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in a jiffy.

The toy also has a home/power button, which can be used to switch the toy on and off. On the whole, this is a really good toy phone for a discerning young child who wants to play with a realistic cell phone.

The only issue that I have with the YPhone is that it is designed to be very sleek and flimsy.
  • A stylish design like the famous Apple iPhone
  • Features color recognition, listening comprehension, and number recognition
  • Provides flashing lights
  • Includes a fully rechargeable with micro USB charger
  • Quite light and not very tough phone
Apart from using the phone to learn more about numbers and greetings, your child will also be able to develop and improve their overall hand-eye coordination using this toy phone.

10. B. Toy by Battat Hellophone

This toy cell phone made me really nostalgic, as I recalled how popular the flip phones used to be in the early 2000s. The Hellophone cell phone for toddlers is designed to emulate these retro flip phones. This toy has an adorable and innovative call back function, which will actually place a pretend call to your toddler.

One of the best things about this phone is that it allows parents to record messages for their children. You can actually pre-record a message and save it in the toy’s memory. Your child will be able to listen to the “voicemail” that you leave them. This sort of attention to detail makes the entire process of playing a fun and immersive experience. Moreover, once the toy is flipped open, there are a lot of interesting sound effects, melodies, songs and phrases that will capture your child’s attention.

The plastic that this toy is made out of is completely free of hazardous chemicals like BPA and phthalates. Apart from being loads of fun, this cell phone toy has loads of educational advantages. You can use it to develop your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills. The overall design of the flip phone is chunky and the buttons are large and colorful. All in all, this is a fantastic cell phone toy.

This is a really wonderful pretend phone for children, but the AAA batteries that are required get depleted very quickly.
  • Flip phone gives off very nostalgic retro vibes
  • Has “voicemails” function
  • Made of non toxic material
  • Quick depleted AAA batteries
This flip phone toy has all the retro nostalgia of the old flip phones along with all the new and exciting features of modern toys.

11. VTech Learning Phone

VTech’s products have always been a notch above the rest. Their Call and Chat Learning Phone is a multi-functional baby phone that is perfect for growing toddlers. This toddler smartphone is for those children who have an inquisitive and imaginative mind. This phone has 10 realistic pretend “apps”, such as weather, clock, radio and call. By using these apps, your child will be able to immerse themselves in role playing games and make-believe.

The touch phone is clearly visible in the form of a digital window where your child will be able to see digital playmates and short videos. Your children can pick up and polish proper communication and social skills by imitating the behavior displayed by their parents. One of the features that I think is adorable is the “phonebook”. Your baby can actually add the phone numbers of 5 family members/friends and make pretend calls and send pretend text messages. This feature is really cute and innovative.

The voice activation feature will allow your child to have a conversation with a digital bird, who will be your child’s personal playmate. With the help of the voice activation features, your child will have an immersive and realistic phone play experience.

The chunky shape and the brightly colored app buttons will help to develop your kid’s hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The engaging sound effects and melodies will also entertain your child properly. This is a really great gift for a toddler.

VTech’s toy phone has very impressive voice activation and sing along features, but it can be slightly expensive.
  • A cute digital bird
  • Can save 5 contacts in the “phonebook”
  • Provides bright and colorful app buttons
  • Has cute songs and melodies
  • A little expensive
Overall, I recommend you to go with this toy phone to give your munchkin a feel of actual smartphones and applications.

12. KidPal Baby Toy Phone

The KidPal baby toy phone is probably the best toy phone for 3-year olds, and it would surely be a valuable addition to your child’s nursery. The phone has a very cute and chunky design with prominent buttons, which your toddler will be able to grip and handle with ease.

This baby phone will keep your child entertained and engrossed in all kinds of situations and places. It comes with a lot of engaging sound effects and melodies. According to international standards, toys like these should play their sounds at 55 decibels. This baby toy smartphone abides by all of these standards faithfully.

Toys aren’t just simple playthings anymore as they all have a lot of educational and developmental benefits. For example, this toy also has many adorable sing-along songs that your child will be able to sing and enjoy themselves. Moreover, the bright lights and sounds will stimulate the developing sense of your little baby.

Handling and gripping the phone will develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor capabilities. Listening to the sing along songs, sound effects, melodies, etc. will stoke their imagination and enable them to play better and more immersive games. This is the sort of toy that is best suited for children above the age of 1 year.

While this toy phone is a perfect gift, it doesn’t come with proper warranty.
  • Has chunky body that is easy to grip
  • Includes attractive flashing lights
  • Abides by international volume standards
  • Offers many cute apps
  • Does not offer proper warranty
Toddlers are extremely energetic and boisterous, and they will need proper distraction if you don’t want them causing mayhem in the house. This play toy will keep them content and they will have an immersive and enjoyable experience.

13. Click N Play Pretend Cell Phone

Young children have very active imaginations and parents/guardians should encourage this sort of thing. One of the things that kids do a lot is pretend to act like their parents. To encourage this sort of behavior in your toddler, you should get them the Click N Play Pretend Play Cell Phone, which is an excellent kid’s pretend phone. It actually comes as part of a set, consisting of keys and remotes.

The phone, remote control and key set all have very brightly colored; and they will surely stoke kid’s imaginations. Specifically, the remote is very realistic and has most of the features of a regular TV remote. When the buttons are pressed, the lights flash and there are accompanying sound effects as well.

The same goes for the pretend cell phone. These light and sound effects actually stimulate the developing sensory systems of growing children and help them to develop properly. The keys are also very cute.

Playing pretend and sophisticated games with the toys will develop your child’s cognitive and imaginative processes properly. Also, grasping and pressing the buttons on the remote, phone, keys, etc. will help to strengthen and develop your child’s motor skills and muscle strength. Equipped with these toys, your child will be entertained and immersed for hours and they will not disturb you and wreak havoc around the house.

This set of pretending accessories is really cute, but you will need external AA battery sets in hand to make sure the fun never stops.
  • Has really cute and bright colors
  • Has functional buttons
  • Helps in developing cognitive skills
  • A BPA-free, non-toxic plastic play phone
  • You will need external AA battery sets
Apart from enhancing your toddler’s sensory systems, these fun phones will also help to develop and sharpen their motor and cognitive skills.

14. Infantino Fun Phone

The Infantino Flip and Peek is a really cute phone that is generally intended for young kids, generally under 18 months of age. It is shaped like a vintage flip phone and it is available in attractive colors. The pastel shades like teal and peach are trendy.

One of the main reasons why the Infantino flip phone is so attractive is because all the sound effects in this phone are available in two languages. It can be really difficult for bilingual families to raise their kids while speaking two languages simultaneously. This toy phone solves that problem by providing all their sound effects, phrases, songs, melodies, etc. in English and Spanish.

Moreover, fun sound effects will make your baby giggle in delight; and the multiple bilingual phrases will help in developing the cognitive and imaginative power of your little one.

This flip phone also has a cute “selfie” mode. The screen is actually a mirrored surface which the child can use to play peekaboo. By introducing babies to their reflection while they are developing, you will be able to teach them self-recognition.

Apart from all of these functionalities, this flip phone is simply a really adorable and fun toy that a baby will definitely enjoy.

While the flip phone is good for younger children, older toddlers will probably be bored.
  • Has the cute selfie mode
  • The sound effects and phrases are bilingual
  • It is lightweight
  • Has a very cute retro design
  • Might be boring for older kids
With the help of this fantastic toy, you will be able to raise a child that speaks and understands two languages simultaneously. Moreover, this fun phone is also safe for your kids to play with.

15. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

If you remember the vintage telephones with their clinky-clanky rotary dial, then the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone will make you very happy. This is a vintage and iconic telephone toy that the company is bringing out of retirement.

The new Chatter Telephone toy looks exactly like the old versions of the toy, with its wheels and rotary dial. The toy receiver is brightly colored and chunky, which makes it absolutely perfect for the awkward gripping skills of toddlers and small children.

The rotary dial is charming and realistic, and you can use it to teach numbers and alphabets to your baby. This phone also has a pair of googly eyes and a mouth. When your munchkin talks on the phone, the eyes and the mouth will move.

There is a cord connected to the telephone, which means that your child will be able to pull the phone wherever they want to take it. Apart from developing their cognitive and communication skills, this sort of toy will also develop their fine motor skills.

The bright colors, the clanky dial and the engaging sound effects will surely entice and stimulate the developing senses of your little munchkin. With the toy’s help, you will be able to teach your child rudimentary etiquette – like saying “Hello!” and “Thank you!”

This is a fabulous toy, and the only drawback is that it is slightly clunky and heavy.
  • Adorable vintage and retro design
  • Has a very chic the old fashioned rotary dial
  • Children can learn etiquettes
  • Provides wheels to walk around
  • Can be slightly heavy
Your kiddo will find a really fun playmate and spend hours to talk on this old fashioned toy phone.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Phone


The reason why it is difficult for parents to buy the perfect and right toy phone is very simple – there are too many choices. On online and offline marketplaces, there are hundreds of toy phones available. Each baby phone has its own special features and specialties, and it can be extremely overwhelming to make the right choice. Here are some beneficial tips that you should definitely bear in mind while you are purchasing a toy telephone for toddlers.

Functionality and features

Toys are an integral part of the educational and developmental process of children. Visually striking toys with flashing lights, happy melodies and singing along songs can help develop and enhance your child’s senses, cognitive skills and fine motor skills.

Make-believe games develop social skills. To ensure that your child develops and grows properly, you should get a toy phone that has fairly advanced features. The digital puppy playmate offered by the LeapFrog toy phones is a very good example of such fantastic features.

The Manufacturer of the Toy

In my opinion, you can never go wrong if you pick a manufacturer who is well-known in the industry. Some of the best examples of such brands include Mattel, Fisher-Price, VTech and LeapFrog. These brands have spent many years in the business. Apart from being visually stimulating and cute, the toy telephones of well-known brands also offer a bunch of wonderful functionalities that will help in the education and development of your child.

The Kind of Plastic Used

To ensure that your little munchkin is safe, you should only purchase toys that are made of safe, non-toxic and sustainable materials. Most toys are made out of plastic. Before purchasing, you should always make sure that the plastic that your toy is made of is free of Bisphenol-A (BPA) or Phthalate compounds. Additionally, it is a very good idea to buy toys made out of ABS plastic. ABS is a polymer plastic that is very well-known for being completely free of all toxins.

The Price of the Toy

It is very important to stick to your budget. Hence, it will be much better to set a strict upper limit for the price that you’re willing to pay. Once you have done that, you can browse and look for your favourite toy.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is the best phone for a child?

The best kids pretend the phone has brightly colored, loads of features, functionalities and comes with a horde of sing along songs, melodies, etc. Moreover, having games, funny sounds/ songs or even having a music button are those of many great phone features. The objective of the toy is to provide an opportunity to develop children’s fine motor skills, cognitive skills and imaginative skills.

That is why the best phone for kids would be a toy that has all of these above properties. You can also look for the phone that has the sound effects and phrases present to teach your child more about alphabets, numbers, fruits, animal sounds, polite manners, etc. Learning while playing is the best kind of preliminary education.

How does the toy phone work?

Most toy phones work with the help of simple electronic circuits that are present inside the toy’s body. When your child presses the buttons or the pretend “apps”, then the electronic circuits take over and result in the flashing of lights or in sound effects. Recent models released by LeapFrog and VTech have taken the technology a further step.

Many toddler smartphones nowadays have digital playmates that appear on the screen. These digital playmates usually take the form of a cute animal that will become your child’s friend and will teach them all about numbers and manners. Phones meant for babies are simpler and some do not have electronic circuits at all.

Who is this toy phone meant for?

The regular toy phones with sound effects, flashing lights, songs, etc. is generally meant for small children and toddlers. Children who are older than a year generally begin to crawl and walk at this time. Around this time, they also start to imitate their parents. You can encourage this sort of behavior by giving your toddler their own toy phone to play with.

Apart from learning numbers, melodies, songs and phrases, etc. your child will also be able to pick up valuable social skills and manners. Make-believe and pretend play is a fantastic way to enhance your child’s imagination. The less advanced and “selfie” toys are meant for younger kids.

What are the different types of toy phones that you can find?

If you look for toy phones for toddlers on online or offline marketplaces, you will see that there is a huge variety of products available. Most of the toy phones that are available today are designed to imitate the appearance of regular smartphones like the Apple iPhone; then make these phones look like a realistic phone.

They have a pretend “touch screen” that is filled with attractive buttons that look like apps. Apart from these modern toy phones, many companies are now producing retro and vintage toys such as flip phones and rotary dial phones. Famous brands such as Infantino Flip and Peek and Fisher Price are still producing these models, which are extremely popular even today.

Why do you need to give toddlers toy phones?

As children begin to grow, they start to imitate the behaviour of their parents. This is a sign of cognitive and developmental progress and it is a very good indicator. You need to encourage your children when they show this sort of behaviour.

The best way to do that is to give them a set of toys to enjoy – in the form of toy cell phones, toy TV remotes and car keys. Pretend play will help in developing their imagination and cognitive skills. At the same time, handling and gripping the phone will also help your little toddler to develop and fine-tune their motor skills.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most FAQs that parents and gift givers usually ask me. I hope that these answers will resolve all your doubts.

What are the most trusted toy phone brands?

The most trusted and well-known toy phone brands in producing the top-rated toy phones are Infantino, LeapFrog, Fisher Price and VTech. These brands have been making amazing toys for ages and their products are always very satisfactory.

Can toy phones harm babies/kids?

Like all toys, pretend toy phones are also subject to strict international standards. A toy phone for baby is perfectly safe and will not harm your baby, kid or toddler in the least.

How to use the toy phone?

Using the toy phone is extremely easy. All you have to do is press the tile buttons on the body of the phone and enjoy the melodies, sing-alongs, games, flashing lights, etc.

Where can I buy a toy phone?

Toy cell phones are available on all online and offline marketplaces. I would advise you to browse through online stores like Amazon, as they have a very good collection.

How can I clean a toy phone?

It is very important to sanitize your child’s toys regularly. You can sanitize your baby’s toy cell phone by wiping it down daily with a sanitary wipe or with a disinfectant spray.

Do toy phones have any educational benefits?

Toy phones come preloaded with a bunch of melodies, sound effects and phrases. By listening to all of these phrases and sound effects, your child will pick up numbers, phrases, greetings, etc.

Is a toy phone a good birthday present?

Yes, as there many toy phones look like realistic smartphones making them so special for your kids. So there is no doubt that phones and accessory sets are fantastic birthday presents. You can make your little munchkin’s first birthday really special by giving them a set of toy phones, remotes, keys and accessories.

Why do toy phones have flashy lights and bright colors?

The sensory system of your baby develops as they grow. So the toys have brightly colored, flashy lights and sound effects can stimulate your toddler’s senses properly.


So, that’s it! Basically, I have talked about all you need to know to pick out a fantastic toy smartphone for toddlers. This is the most comprehensive guide you’ll be able to find. You still can actually pick one of the phones that I have listed in the top 15 toy phones.

You can also choose to branch off and do some research on your own. I’ve also provided you with FAQs, a list of important factors, etc. that you will need to pick the best toy phone. However, all the information is based on my personal evaluations and opinions. So the choice is your.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other phone toys from Amazon also:

HOLA Toys for 1 Year Old Girl Gifts Baby Cell Phone, Baby Toys 12-18 Months Baby Phone Toy Lights Music Play Kids Phone for Toddlers Baby Girl Toys...
  • ♫【KEEP BABIES JOYFUL IN ROLE PLAY GAMES】Full-screen roleplay smartphone toy with 12 icons, Each toy phone button plays realistic sound effects...
  • ♫【PERFECT PHONE FOR BABY】The infant play phone 1 year old girl toys make proper volume to protect your baby's ears, which met international baby...
  • ♫【EDUCATIONAL TOY】There are lots of educational things for a little one to have fun with. Flashing lights, counting, music and visual...
  • ♫【TRAVEL CONVENIENCE】Educational activities for kids are the perfect solution to long car rides, airplane rides and travel. This portable...
  • ♫【QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST】This is a high quality kids learning phone that is sturdy and engineered to withstand daily use throughout your child's...
Learning Resources Teaching Telephone - 1 Piece, Ages 3+ Toddler Learning Toys, Pretend Play Telephone, Toy Telephone, Phone for Kids, Pre-Recorded...
  • TEACH children how to call home, the 911 Emergency Service, and other important telephone numbers with this easy-to-program telephone.
  • DEVELOP early language and social skills
  • Realistic ring and extra-large buttons
  • Requires 3 AA batteries, included
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING: Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just because, toys from Learning Resources help you discover new...
HAPPYPIE Toy Phone for Kids Swing Set Phone Pretend Phones and Learning Education Phone Plastic Telephone Creative Children Play Phone for Toddlers...
  • 💗 CHILDLIKE AND PLAYFUL— Pressing the buttons is a fun sensory experience to children aged 3-7. Kids usually think that making a phone call is...
  • 💗 IMITATION & LEARNING — The toy phone is an early education learning pretend phone. Develop his imagination and language ability. Child will...
  • 💗 CLEAR VOICE — When child presses a button, a "Ding" sound will appear. It's very crisp and pleasant to hear. Your child will fall in love with...
  • 💗 CONVENIENT & SAFE — HappyPie toy phone is made like a previous desktop phone, but it has no wires, which increases portability and security,...
  • 💗 STURDINESS AND DROP RESISTANCE — Happypie toy phone is made from durable plastic and can withstand falls. You have nothing to worry its quality...
CoComelon JJ’s First Learning Toy Phone for Kids, Lights, Sounds, Music, Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and Weather, Kids Toys for Ages 18 Month...
  • Features lights, sounds, music, over 50 phrases, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, weather, feelings, and so much more.
  • Sing and dance along with two popular kids’ songs, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “BINGO”!
  • Play alongside your child to create new experiences which develop core learning and social skills though engaging play.
  • Develop fine motor skills, reading and talking, cognitive learning, social emotional skills, and creativity with this early learning toy.
  • Bring home the CoComelon JJ’s First Learning Phone to help make your little learner Happy & Smart!
eKids Spidey and His Amazing Friends Toy Phone for Toddler with Built-in Preschool Learning Games, Educational Toys for Activities and Pretend Play,...
  • Spidey Kids Phone: This play phone features over 75 songs and sound effects built right in. Three play modes include a variety of educational games...
  • Toddler Games: There are many ways to play number games and counting games with Spidey. Plus, this toy includes convenient built-in volume controls...
  • Pretend Play: Use this toy cell phone to join Spidey and His Amazing Friends as you explore games for toddlers that are both educational and fun....
  • Kid-Friendly Design: Lightweight, portable, and durable, learning & education toys like this toddler phone are designed with easy-to-use controls for...
  • Perfect Gift: Spiderman toys like these toy phones make a great gift for any occasion. Visit the ekids brand store to explore even more toddler...
Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Phone, Officially Licensed Kids Toys for Ages 3 Up by Just Play
  • Pink and rainbow phone inspired by Disney Junior Minnie’s Happy Helpers.
  • Phone features Minnie Mouse phrases, realistic telephone sounds and light up effects.
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (included).
  • Ages 3+
VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone, 0.91 x 3.27 x 5.91 inches, Black & blue
  • Kids smart phone features 10 realistic phone apps including music, clock, photos and games; kids can play and talk just like mom and dad
  • Kids pretend phones allows for a pretend phonebook; add and store up to 5 family or friend numbers that you can pretend to call
  • Pre-K learning toy teaches numbers, letters and time concepts with fun apps and games; personalize with 5 different ring tones
  • Voice activation allows toddlers to talk with a friendly animated bird on the pretend phone screen
  • Smart phone toy is intended for kids 2 to 5 years of age; 2 AAA batteries are included for demo, use new batteries for regular use
HangLei Toys Baby Dinosaur Cell Phone Toy with Teething Glue, Music & Story & Vibration Modes, 2 Gears Volume, Touch Training Fake Phone for Kids,...
  • EARLY EDUCATION TOYS - Dino Phones for kids not only with real buttons which could helps toddler make a touch training, but also with several modes,...
  • PERFECT SUBSTITUTE FOR YOUR PHONE - The brightly colored buttons, fun cartoon image and soft lights engage toddlers and divert their attention away...
  • PRETEND PLAY PHONE - Created for babies, this toy phone is a great fun for toddlers and preschoolers as well. Babies will enjoy developing hand-eye...
  • SAFE AND DURABLE - The baby cell phone toy is made from ABS, the baby teething glue is made from TPR rubber, which are soft and safe. It’s great for...
  • VARIOUS OCCASIONS - The small size and smooth surface play phone perfect for babies’ little hands, and also means it’s portable for everywhere, is...