How to Spin a Lightsaber? – Easy Technique

Star Wars fans collect lightsabers, some duel with them, others spin them for fun, and many do all three. Personally, I think knowing how to spin a lightsaber can help you get the most out of your Jedi sword.

Before getting started on learning the spins, let’s tackle the definition of a lightsaber spinning. In detail, it is the practice of swinging a lightsaber around. You can do a flowing/freestyle format or follow a series of choreographed sequences. Once you master the spin, it’ll work as a great exercise and sharpen your balance and coordination abilities. The best part is that even the most basic spins look fantastic in the dark.

Not all lightsabers are made equal. Some are more spin-friendly than others. It is easier to spin lightweight sabers, sabers with a smaller diameter, and sabers with hilts that use choke points. But, it tends to be that any protruding feature on the hilt, such as activation boxes can create difficulties while spinning and dueling.

Teaching yourself how to spin a lightsaber can be exciting. You don’t have to call anyone to practice with. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare before we move on to the step-by-step guide:

  • Your trusted lightsaber
  • A large, open space without any clutters
  • A soft and wide enough carpet or surface under your feet to cushion the fall of your lightsaber

All set? Now, learn how to spin a lightsaber like a pro!

How to Do the Basic


The basic spin is the foundation for many advanced spins and moves. One has to master this to prepare for the top-level tricks that you often see on the Internet. Follow the steps below and see how the basic spin works.

Starting stance

Begin by holding the lightsaber slightly in front of you with the hilt at your side, waist level. Point the tip upwards at a 45-degree angle.

Sweeping curve

Swing the tip of the blade downward by turning your hand and wrist away from your body. It will sweep down in a curve along the side of your leg.

Open palm hold

When the blade shifts into a vertical orientation with its tip pointed to the floor, open your hand so the hilt is held between the thumb and forefinger.

Rotate clockwise

Rotate your wrist clockwise. The hilt should pass your inner forearm while the blade moves past your forearm.

Full circle

Let the blade swing back to a full 360-degree circle. Then, grip the hilt tightly to stop the movement when it reaches the starting position.

Pro Tip: This trick is mostly done off the reel. The arm is only used to compensate for the motion.

Expect to drop your saber a lot and make mistakes. It’s okay, that’s what the carpet is for. You will eventually get the hang of it after practicing. Be committed and you’ll swing your lightsaber like a pro in just a week!

Lightsaber Combat Tips and Tricks

After mastering the basic spin, it is time to expand your knowledge and skills. Beginners tend to make many errors. Thus, it is necessary to explore and train continuously. Learning fancy lightsaber moves and tricky spins can be a real challenge, especially when you know little about how to do it right. The following are helpful suggestions that can expand your dueling knowledge.

  • Refrain from doing over swings like baseball bats. When you miss a strike, you are open to a counterattack. Practice and master the strikes for a solid defensive position even if you miss.
  • Don’t just focus on the movement of your lightsaber. Learn how to move your feet and exhibit proper fighting stances. Maintain the correct balance at all times to avoid uncontrolled lunging.
  • Breathe with your stomach, not your chest. This is one factor that is often overlooked when in combat. Work on your breathing as it can help boost endurance and maintain posture.
  • Don’t overreact to attacks. When you do, you are making yourself vulnerable to deceiving strikes.

Learning how to spin a lightsaber right will lead to an effortless demonstration of even the most complicated lightsaber techniques. The basic spin is just the start to enhancing combat readiness. Other than being a rewarding experience, the process of spinning a lightsaber can improve agility.