How to Hang Lightsaber on Wall? – Easy to Follow Guide

After unboxing your lightsaber and admiring it for hours, the next step is to display it proudly where you can always see it. Placing the saber on a stand is how it is usually done but fixing it on the wall is another alternative that you can try.

There are several ways that you can show off your lightsaber on the wall. It could be vertically or horizontally. The coat of arms style where the blades are crossed diagonally is also a good idea if you have more than one lightsaber. But how to hang lightsaber on wall?

With easy-to-follow steps including preparing needed things, steps by steps for installation and different methods for displaying, read this guide that we have prepared just for you for more detailed information.

Things You Will Need for Hanging Lightsaber on the Wall

When hanging a lightsaber, you will need wall mounts. It is also called a lightsaber rack, affixed on the wall, typically with screws. This rack is designed to hold the hilt, but for sabers with blades, there should be a base and at least one clip. In detail, the bottom will support the weight of the saber, and the clip will hold the blade in place.

Before getting wall mounts, it is crucial to decide on a design and check the hilt size of the lightsaber. The base and clip commonly come in a solid neutral color such as black or transparent. The dimensions of the mount should accommodate the lightsaber’s hilt size for a grip that will secure the saber on the wall and provide stability.

Let’s get started by preparing the things that we’ll need for the tutorial.

  • Lightsaber
  • 1 pack of 2 pcs. Maglite C Cell Bracket Mount
  • Drill
  • Pen
  • Level ruler

Now, let’s move on to the step-by-step guide!

Installation Process


You only have to spend less than $10 for this C Cell Bracket Mount to display your lightsaber. It also doesn’t require any complicated instructions. So let’s get on with this.

Snap the brackets on

Get the two mounting brackets and snap them on both sides of the hilt.

Even out the position

Ensure that they are equally about the same position by pressing the saber against the wall or any flat surface.

Take measurements

Measure where the placement and the distance between each hole.

Mark the locations on the wall

Use a level ruler to mark the specific location on the wall where you will drill the holes.

Fix the brackets on the wall

Remove the brackets from the saber and put them against the wall, and screw them in place.

Mount your lightsaber

Finally, snap your lightsaber on the mount.

The brackets used here are designed to hold C Cell flashlights, but they perfectly fit on the sides of the black series lightsaber. As a result, it is snug and secure without too much pressure.

Best Lightsaber Wall Mount You Can Purchase Online


For lightsabers with single blades, you can take a look at some of the best lightsaber wall mounts available in the market.

YYST Clear Light Saber Wall Mount Wall Rack Wall Holder – 2 Pack

This blade holder and wall mount clips set are clear and visually conspicuous. The screw covers are also included to hide the bolts. Besides, it can bear a weight of up to 5 pounds.

Pmsanzay Clear Light Saber Wall Mount Rack

If you prefer a wall mount that can give your lightsaber the floating effect, you should consider this one. The set comes with a blade holder and two wall mount clips, both transparent. There is an open design at the bottom to fit any size pommel and hilt. It is very secure and effortless to take in and out.

WANLIAN Wall-Mounted Lightsaber Stand

For horizontal mounting, this lightsaber stand is a perfect choice. The frame of this wall mount is made of high-quality transparent acrylic. You can easily install this without much effort, and it can adapt to any lightsaber with its open design.

The most important thing to remember when hanging a lightsaber on a wall is stability. Never assume that all wall mounts are stable. Some could be wobbly due to its design, such as less surface area base that can offer support. If you have any doubt about the stability, read product reviews and ask detailed questions. The last thing you’d want is for your lightsaber to tip over.

Additional Display Methods for a Lightsaber

Hanging a lightsaber on the wall is one of the most common methods that Star Wars fans use to flaunt their lightsabers. Other options that you can consider are the following:

Lightsaber Stand

This is a free-standing display method where the lightsaber sits on a shelf, a table, or flat surface. The horizontal orientation of displaying with this type of stand is the most frequently used. On the other hand, vertical racks are less common but work well for displaying uniquely shaped hilts without blades.

Display Box

The display box often doubles as a protective storage box with a cover or lid. This can be either made of wood or plastic.

The wooden display box has a latch and a hinged lid which you may repurpose from wine boxes. On the other hand, the plastic display box or showcase comes with a base and transparent walls covering the hilt and the bottom. It is similar to the collectible boxes where model cars are displayed.


Certain lightsabers don’t require a stand, mount, or display box. Instead, these types feature a Covertec wheel or a specific design element that provides stability and detail that secures the saber in place. Simply display them on a shelf or other flat surface.


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your lightsaber hanging proudly on the wall. When you do it right, you don’t have to worry about tipping over or falling off the wall. With this tutorial, we hope that you can securely display your Jedi weapons in a place where everyone can see them in all their glory.

Did you find the step-by-step guide informative and easy to comprehend? If you have any lightsaber wall mounting tips, share them with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you!