How Does Friction Affect The Speed Of a Toy Car?

How Does Friction Affect The Speed Of a Toy Car

If you’ve asked yourself, “how does friction affect the speed of a toy car?” then keep reading. As you might already know, friction plays a vital factor in speed. Friction can either accelerate or decelerate your toy car, depending on the environment. It’s important that your kids know about friction, so they’ll learn how to … Read more

How Long is a Lightsaber? – Average Toy Length

How Long is a Lightsaber?

Every Star Wars fan is familiar with the lightsaber, a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma, but they are often clueless of how long is a lightsaber when searching for their own high-quality one. Apart from the length, however, in choosing a Jedi weapon, it is also crucial to consider several other factors, such as … Read more

How to Take Apart a Toy Lightsaber? – Easy Disassembly

When your lightsaber acts up, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ‘What is wrong?’ and ‘Who will fix it?’ But when you know how to take apart a toy lightsaber, you can say, ‘Maybe, I can fix this!’ Some Star Wars fans go beyond just buying and collecting lightsabers. They wish to … Read more