How to Take Apart a Toy Lightsaber? – Easy Disassembly

When your lightsaber acts up, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ‘What is wrong?’ and ‘Who will fix it?’ But when you know how to take apart a toy lightsaber, you can say, ‘Maybe, I can fix this!’

Some Star Wars fans go beyond just buying and collecting lightsabers. They wish to disassemble the Jedi weapon to learn about its components and how it works. This is a fascinating experience that can also help when one is planning to build DIY lightsabers.

Moreover, when you are familiar with the ins and outs of a toy saber, it is easier for you to figure out any issues and perhaps, repair them on your own.

Beginners don’t have to worry about dismantling a lightsaber for the first time. What you need is preparation, focus, and a good tutorial. In this section, we have a list of everything that you would need for a successful teardown. Go through it one by one and have them ready in advance. The items that you should have in hand before proceeding to the next part are:

  • A lightsaber
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers
  • 64-bit driver kit

Is everything ready? If yes, we can now move on to dismantling the lightsaber! Keep reading!

How to Take Apart an Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber?


In this tutorial, we are going to teardown Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. This saber has a fixed-length single blade which is perfect for an uncomplicated dismantling process. Let’s get started right away.

Reveal the crystal chamber

Using the tip of a spudger, carefully open up the crystal chamber with a gentle nudge. Slide down the interior clasp and you will see the crystal inside.

Raise the clamp brackets

We’ll deal with the crystal chamber later. In this step, we open the lightsaber. Begin by unscrewing the clamp pin that is securing the switch housing cover. Once the pin is removed, lift the clam brackets.

Extract the activation stud

Open your driver kit and find some tools to unbolt the tiny set screws that secure the clamp to the body. After removing the screws, you can extract the activation stud with ease.

Loosen the emitter shroud

Next, let’s deal with the emitter shroud on the top of the saber. Simply turn until it loosens.

Half-twist and exert some pressure

We are getting back to the crystal chamber. With a half-twist and a bit of well-aimed pressure, remove the cover.

Expose the switch housing

Go back to the shroud with the blade emitter in full view. Slide the clamp free and uncover the switch housing.

Loosen the cylinder

Before removing the activation stud control bar, we need to loosen the cylinder. Take out a few nuts using the tweezers. Now, you can detach the lithium batteries.

Unscrew the cap

Open up the hilt’s cap after pulling out the screws.

Clear the top of the crystal chamber

Back again to the crystal chamber, we take out the cycling field energizer and the focusing crystal activator on top of the chamber. Here, we can get a clear view of the primary crystal.

Remove the crystals

In the heart of the lightsaber, you can find three neatly stored crystal energizers from the housing. First, remove the primary crystal.

Slide off the hilt

The last step that we need to take is sliding the rear grip and inert power insulator from the hilt.

There is no adhesive in any parts, so the dismantling process is easy with the help of basic tools. Besides, the components are highly durable.

This lessens the need for repair unless used for heavy dueling.

Common Lightsaber Issues and Their Easy Fix


Most lightsabers share some of the most common reasons why they malfunction. Once you notice something is wrong with your saber, the first thing you should do is troubleshoot the issue. However, before you crack open your lightsaber, check if it comes with a warranty and if the warranty is still in effect.

Electronic toys have many possible problems compared to non-electronic ones. Here are several issues that you might encounter and their easy fix.


Did you put the batteries in the right direction? Double-check, they might be drained and need a replacement. Don’t mix up rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries to avoid serious damage. Use the same kind of batteries like the ones recommended for your lightsaber.


If, after making sure the batteries are powered and in place, the saber still doesn’t turn on, the problem could be in the wiring. Inspect the wires in the battery holder. Are they attached securely or hanging loosely? For the latter, you can solder them back on.

Power Switch

Still not working? The problem could be in the power switch. If the damage is irreparable, you’d need to get a new hilt. This time, make sure to get one with a warranty and a return policy. Moreover, prolong your saber’s hilt life by caring for and maintaining it.

Damaged Blades

The blades can get damaged when used for heavy dueling. It could get scratches and cracks. More severely, it can bend, snap, or break. Replacing the blades should be done carefully since the shards could injure you.

After checking everything and the lightsaber still doesn’t work, it is time to get an expert’s help. You don’t want to tinker further and damage the saber.

Learning how to take apart a lightsaber is a helpful knowledge that you can carry with you for a long time. Whether you plan to build your own Jedi weapon or just want to see how it works, it is a fulfilling experience that every Star Wars fan aims for.

Did the tutorial meet your expectations? Was it able to satisfy your curiosity? Tell us in the comments. If you have any tips for any lightsaber issue that you have encountered, we would love to hear it!