17 Best Ride On Trains for Toddlers 2023 – Features, Types & More

The miniature train is a classic toy that many kids love. In our childhood, most of us experienced running around with it and making train sound effects. And now there are trains that toddlers can enjoy driving around. Furthermore, it ranges in many types and kinds with different features and functionality.

Best Choice
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On, 18 months to 36 months
Second Best
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered ride-on toy train for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years (Amazon...
Good Choice
VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (Frustration Free Packaging), Pink, 80-181951
Also Consider
Disney Mickey Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train Red for 12 months to 36 months
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On, 18 months to 36 months
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered ride-on toy train for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years (Amazon...
VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (Frustration Free Packaging), Pink, 80-181951
Disney Mickey Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train Red for 12 months to 36 months
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On, 18 months to 36 months
Peg Perego Santa Fe Train Ride On, 18 months to 36 months
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered ride-on toy train for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years (Amazon...
Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends Thomas vehicle with track, 6V battery-powered ride-on toy train for toddlers ages 1 to 3 years (Amazon...
Good Choice
VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (Frustration Free Packaging), Pink, 80-181951
VTech Sit-To-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (Frustration Free Packaging), Pink, 80-181951
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Disney Mickey Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train Red for 12 months to 36 months
Disney Mickey Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train Red for 12 months to 36 months
Amazon Prime

It could be a real challenge for a parent who wants to buy the best ride on train for toddlers to pick one among the countless options. I share the same sentiment, which is why I’ve prepared a buying guide and a list of product reviews. Hopefully, they could be a great help in finding a ride on a train with a track for toddlers.

Comparison Table:

Top Picks Ride On Train for Toddlers

1. Peg Perego Ride On Santa Fe Train

Does your child love running their toy train on long tracks while making choo-choo sound effects? Why not get them a peg perego ride on train for a different playtime experience?

This Santa Fe inspired electric toy train offers a fun ride for kids two to three years old with a weight capacity of 40 lbs. The package includes 12 curved track pieces allowing a 76’ circular layout. I think this ride-on train is convenient as my daughter can use it either on or off the track on hard, smooth, and flat surfaces.

I can rest assured of the quality of this product as it is manufactured for preschool performance. My daughter always feels excited when riding on this train as it has realistic electronic train sounds.

Besides, included in the package is a rechargeable 6-volt battery and a charger. I had to charge it long hours on the first use, but it lessened by a few hours in the following use.

My daughter can easily operate this toy train with a push of some buttons, and she doesn’t get confused because the on/off button doubles as the forward gear button.

However, as I have observed, the train has a minor problem, it struggles to make left turns. Thus, it stalls a lot.
  • Includes 12 curved tracks
  • Features electronic train sound effects
  • Comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries
  • Easy to operate with buttons
  • The train struggles to make left turns
This far west style ride-on train is a decent product that kids will have fun playing around. There is just an issue with driving it counterclockwise but going the other way around works just fine.

2. Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Train

Kids love trains, and my daughter has at least one miniature train that she can run around with on different surfaces. Buying a toy train that your toddlers can ride on is also fantastic. If you are seeking a fun styling and design train, I think Power Wheels’ Thomas one is just perfect.

Since it is manufactured to be toddler friendly, the control switches are more accessible for your kids to master. With a press of the button and sliding the controllers, my daughter can quickly start and stop the vehicle independently. She also loves this train as it features authentic Thomas phrases and sounds.

If you have no room for train tracks in your home, don’t worry, this ride-on train can run off the track on smooth surfaces without leaving any dents on the floor. My daughter can freely drive it around the house without being constricted by the tracks and she really enjoys it.

As it can work on and off the track, it has strong and wide tires to cater to both. Hence, this train is durable and safe for your kids to use with the 1mph maximum forward speed enough for toddlers.

There’s one issue that I’d like to point out with the batteries. They work fine, but to replace the batteries, I need to unscrew the seat, which is a hassle, especially if my daughter is in a rush. So, you need to have patience when doing this.
  • Features Thomas phrases and sounds
  • Easy push-button operation
  • Can work off the track
  • Durable and safe for kids
  • Changing the batteries requires unscrewing the seat
Overall, I’m sure that this is a great product and is ideal for children who love watching the train show.

3. Disney Minnie Mouse Activity Train

We all have experience growing up playing with small manual or electric train sets. Kids these days also love them, but the adventure of riding on a bigger sized train is more fun.

If your toddlers love Minnie mouse like my daughter, I would recommend this activity train from the Disney store. My daughter really likes it as it features realistic train engines and whistle sounds. So, she can play Minnie’s favorite tunes and music with the flashing lights.

There is a shape sorter on the side where your children can insert four shape blocks stored under the train seat. Your kids can use the compartment for smaller toys as it has extra space, even with the blocks in it.

My daughter can learn how to operate this train toy independently since there is only a button and a switch. She can also go forward/backward and activate the train’s lights and sound features with ease.

Moreover, I rest assured that my daughter is safe playing with this train vehicle. There is a rear handle to prevent your kids from falling off and a rear bumper to stop the ride from tipping backward. All the parts were manufactured with durable materials that can endure the wear and tear of constant use.

But there is a small issue that I have noticed with this kids’ riding train – there is no off switch for it. So I need to remove the batteries to power off the ride.
  • Features realistic train engine and whistle sounds
  • Includes four shape blocks and a shape sorter
  • Safe and durable construction
  • Easy to operate with a button and a slide switch
  • No off switch, batteries need to be removed to turn off
To sum up, I think this toy train is a great purchase for kids who love Minnie Mouse.

4. National Products Talking Train

Little boys and girls are very fond of miniature train sets that can be operated manually or automatically. Nowadays there’s something more fun than this – a ride on toy trains for toddlers.

I like this National Products’ ride-on toy train as it is a great toy that can keep my daughter entertained for hours. She loves to drive around its 19’ track after assembling them. It has built-in sound effects on the steering wheel, such as train track, engine, and whistle sounds.

It’s also convenient as my daughter can use this talking train off the circular track it comes with. The foot to floor and push walker mode works as good as it is on the tracks. If your young ones are not fond of using their feet, you can opt to push them around on it.

Another fantastic feature of this toy train is the storage compartment in the back. The logs in the back act as a cover and I can easily remove them. My daughter often uses the extra space to transport her toys.

I rest assured when my daughter rides on it as this set has an auto brake system included in the train vehicle. Moreover, its speed is just enough, not too fast or too slow.

However, the only minor issue I have to mention is that there are times when the pedal is too difficult to push. This is especially true for younger toddlers who don’t have enough strength to press the foot pedal.
  • Features electronic train sounds
  • Can work off track in manual mode
  • Comes with a storage compartment in the back
  • Has an auto brake system
  • The pedal is rugged for toddlers to push
Looking at the whole with the cons included, I think this is a fair buy that parents can consider purchasing for older toddlers.

5. Thomas and Friends Ride On Train

When talking about toy trains, adults often think of the small train sets that run on long tracks. But there are ride-on trains that toddlers can ride and drive around, which is more fun than their smaller versions.

I like that this toy train is based on the Thomas the Tank books and features real phrases and sound effects. It has a 360 degrees custom stylization to make it look just like in the illustrations. The graphics are very detailed, thus giving your kids a realistic and fun experience.

My daughter can convert this ride-on train into a raceway ramp by flipping open the convertible slide. Also, she can play with the two miniature train toys (included in this package) on this built-in ramp.

Riding the rideable trains for toddlers is comfortable with simple control buttons. My daughter can easily operate this or opt for a manual mode where she can scoot with it.

My daughter has other small toys and she can store them inside the adjacent handlebar of the train. This part doubles as a storage and can hold several small toys with its spacious compartment.

As mentioned, the body of the train is customized with stickers for detail. However, I see that the decal stickers peel off easily. That’s quite annoying because when my daughter finds it, she tends to pull it off altogether.
  • Features real Thomas and friends phrases and sound effects
  • Detailed graphics and appearance
  • Has a flip open convertible seat slide
  • Can be operated easily
  • Includes adjacent handlebar storage and two miniature trains
  • The stickers on the train peels off easily
This train is an excellent replica of the one in books and the show. Kids will surely appreciate riding a realistic ride-on train that they saw on TV. Just be aware that the stickers peel off easily.

6. VTech Ultimate Alphabet Train

Letting your kids play with a 12v ride on train has benefits other than them having fun. Their railroad action experience can also help develop their early motor skills.

I prefer this train as this VTech’s train vehicle for toddlers is designed to bring a fun experience and endless learning opportunity. It is not merely a train, I can transform it into a walker or a pull toy wagon for my daughter to fill her toys.

I like that this toy train is packed with many learning activities such as storybooks, clocks, and gears. So your children can have various options and endless possibilities to have fun and learn.

In addition, there is a number pad and walkie-talkie that encourages roleplay. It can also introduce numbers and animals to your kids since it features various songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.

The learning doesn’t stop there since this toy train counts the alphabet blocks as they are inserted into the chute. My daughter often follows and sings along while having fun riding around with the ride-on train. Also, I find it’s convenient as this train comes with three AA batteries for demo use right out of the box after assembly.

There is one noticeable issue that I want to mention. The toy train has no speed control, which could be a problem for younger toddlers who are new to the baby train ride on toys.
  • Can be converted to a walker and a pull toy wagon
  • Includes ten learning activities
  • Features various songs and melodies
  • Comes with three AA batteries for demo use
  • Doesn’t have a speed control
Considering everything, I believe this is a very educational toy train with many features and functionality.

7. Kiddieland Toys Mickey Ride On Train

If your kiddo is a loyal fan of Disney-themed toys, you’ve come to the right place. The train has the icon characters of Disney world, with red-colored, making it a perfect gift for Christmas. I’m sure to say that this ride-on train’s Mickey Mouse details and designs can get your kids’ attention at first glance.

My daughter really enjoys this train as it has flashing lights effects and can play the favorite tunes of the characters. In particular, it includes a train engine, whistle, and train sounds that provide my daughter with a wonderful realistic experience. There are different buttons for each sound and they are easy to get familiar with.

The train features a trailing caboose for toy storage. My daughter often holds her small toys and other things there. Moreover, I can remove and reattach it easily for cleaning.

My daughter can ride it both on the build-your-own tracks and off the track indoors on a smooth surface. She can also change the mode of play independently by a switch located underneath the vehicle. Furthermore, there’s a unique activity on the side of the train where she can flip the tabs and see different Disney characters.

However, I have found a minor problem with this power wheels ride-on train. Understandably, there is only a one-speed option, but I think it is too slow compared to other battery-operated ride-on trains.
  • Features flashing lights and Mickey’s favorite tunes
  • Includes realistic train engine, whistle, and train sound effects
  • There’s a trailing caboose for toy storage
  • Comes with build-your-own tracks
  • The speed is slower than other types of battery-powered trains
With everything considered, from the appearance to the features and functionality, I think this is a decent product for your kids.

8. Kid Motorz Battery Powered Train

If you are seeking a single-seating ride-on train packed with features and functionality, you can try this Kid Motorz’ talking train vehicle. I’m pleased that it is safe for my daughter when she rides on it as it comes with an automatic wheel-based hydraulic brake system.

For the fun features, I see that it plays funny noises and realistic sound effects such as ‘all aboard,’ ‘stop,’ rumbling train engine, and whistleblowing. All these play a big part in making your children’s experience more realistic and enjoyable.

My daughter can operate the train easily with a simple push of the button and sliding the switch. I see that it has two operation modes, one that allows a powered-on ride and a foot-to-floor manual riding. Both ways bring enough fun to keep my daughter interested for hours.

One thing I love most is that I can control and monitor the charging process because this train for kids to ride features a 19’ track Delta-V technology. It uses a 6-volt rechargeable battery and a UL listed charger.

The only downside I have found is that it doesn’t come with the batteries but only the charger. So you need to make sure to buy the right batteries.
  • Comes with an automatic wheel-based hydraulic brake system
  • Has a realistic train engine and whistleblowing sound effects
  • Includes two operation modes
  • Features 19’ track Delta-V technology
  • Batteries are not included
Considering everything, I’m sure that the features and functionality of this toy train are excellent.

9. Disney Battery Powered Frozen Train

If your kids love Disney cartoons, especially Frozen, you can consider this product. This toy train vehicle from the Disney store is designed and themed based on this famous movie. I would like to recommend this as it is battery powered and can go forward, backward, and stop action. Moreover, it has Elsa and Ana sound effects and flashing lights.

Not only can my daughter drive it around, but she can also learn with fun activities. The side of the train has interactive features that my daughter really loves playing with. Plus, it has a trailing cart where she can store her arts and crafts or her smaller toys.

To make the experience more realistic and enjoyable for your kids, it features train engine rev and whistle sound effects. And for bonus play, it has a build-your-own track set so my daughter can layout the train tracks wherever she wants.

As I see, the only downside is with the grip between the track and the wheels. I have observed that because of this, the train stalls out a lot and loses track.
  • Has Elsa and Anna fun sounds plus flashing lights
  • Includes fun activities on the side of the train
  • Comes with a trailing cart
  • Features realistic train engine revs and whistle sounds
  • The train stalls a lot and loses track
Overall, for kids who are a big fan of the Frozen movie, this is a great toy train you can consider buying.

10. VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

I love to put these products on my review as these children’s ride on trains are packed with many features that your kids will surely love and learn from.

This learning toy train has three modes: floor play mode, ride-on mode, and walker mode. My daughter is interested in riding on it as this product has motion sensors that activate sounds when moving.

It features five-color piano key buttons, my daughter really enjoys learning numbers and colors from it. I’m sure your kids will love it as it has approximately 100 sing-along songs, stories, phrases, and sound effects. My daughter also loves to sing along to its songs when she uses it.

I taught my daughter the letters through the water-repellent alphabet attached to the train and she quickly remembered them. I think this train is great as your kids can not only have hours for fun but also learn a lot of things from it.

I’m impressed that there are many learning possibilities present in this ride-on toy. However, I see that the train sometimes tilts when my daughter uses it in the walker mode.
  • Has three modes for play
  • Features motion sensors
  • Comes with a five-color piano key buttons
  • Great for interactive early learning
  • The train often tilts over when kids use it in walker mode
This ride-on toy train is educational and offers many learning opportunities for kids. I could say that it is one of the best in the market.

11. Morgan Cycle Railroad Engine

This red ride-on train from Morgan Cycle features a Santa Fe railroad engine design. If your kids aged 1 ½ to 3 years old, this foot-to-floor toy trail will suit them well. With a dimension 28 x 13 x 8, I believe it is ideal for small kids to use.

One of the most notable features of this one is the detachable padded seat. It is easy for me to remove and clean the train. No need to lose and attach any screws; I just simply lift it and put it back on.

The engine is well-made and has great details so I can hand it down to others once my daughter outgrows it. Furthermore, it is safe for my daughter to ride as well as for my home since the wheels are made of rubber and don’t make any dents on any surface.

However, there is an issue with the wheels. I have noticed that the back wheels are difficult to steer. The rear wheel seems steerable, but the back wheels are making it difficult for a smooth maneuver.
  • Has detachable padded seats that are easy to clean
  • The rear-wheel set can turn to steer
  • High-quality engine with great detail
  • Wheels are made of rubber
  • It isn’t easy to steer with the back wheels
With everything considered, if you don’t have any problem with driving just forward and backward, then you’ll have no problem with this one despite the issue.

12. Kiddieland Minnie Ride On Train

If you are finding a ride-on train with Minnie design and graphics coupled with music and flashing lights effects for your kids, I’m sure this product will meet your needs.

Besides the music and flashing lights effects, I think this product is quite convenient as it is a motorized train that moves forward and backward, powered by readily available D cell batteries. Moreover, your kids can have a safe foot to floor riding as the six batteries can be easily switched off.

My daughter really loves the fun activities of the train. I also like it as this will not only keep her occupied for long hours but also enhance her creativity. Additionally, a trailing cart is included, so my daughter can store small toys and other items.

My daughter can have hours of fun when she drives it on or off the tracks as it has realistic sound effects such as the whistle, horn, and train engine sounds.

There is just a problem that I have noticed with this battery-operated ride on train. The wheels are a bit difficult to align with the tracks; thus, it often stops when my daughter drives it on the tracks.
  • Includes Mickey’s music and flashing lights
  • Six D cell batteries are included and can be switched easily
  • Features fun activities on the side
  • Comes with a trailing cart
  • Has realistic whistle, horn, and train engine sounds
  • The wheels are a bit difficult to align to the tracks
Overall, this Minnie themed toy train is a good purchase that you can consider. However, aligning the wheels to the tracks could be difficult, but riding it off the tracks seems okay.

13. Disney Mickey Mouse Ride On Train

If you are looking for an electric ride on a train for your kids, you can consider this amazing Mickey Mouse train.

What I like about this is that Disney Store’s ride-on train featuring Mickey Mouse design and detail is perfect for any kid who loves the Disney show. It has the character’s design, the music and sound effects are also similar, making your children’s experience fun and realistic.

This ride-on train is constructed with durable and non-toxic materials, so I rest assured that it is safe for my daughter. The thing I love most is it lasts for a long time and endures any wear and tear through the months.

There are many features that my daughter enjoys in this product. She loves this train as it has a variety of sound and light effects. There is a shape sorter on the side of the train and four shapes with different graphics that goes through each hole. She can store them and other small things under the seat storage.

My daughter can get this toy train to work easily by pressing buttons and sliding switches. Each one is designed for a specific feature like the whistle, train engine, music, and light effects, so she doesn’t have any confusion.

Most of the kids prefer various light colors, but the light effect of this train is only available in red. So I think this is the only issue.
  • Features Mickey Mouse music and light effects
  • Safe and durable construction
  • Comes with four blocks in different shapes
  • Has a convenient under-seat storage
  • Has a slide switch and buttons for easy operation
  • It only lights up in red
This is a pretty decent product that you can purchase for your toddler. However, please take note that it only lights up in red.

14. Teamson Kids Train Vehicle

Train sets are one of the kids’ favorite toys to the extent that they have it on their wishlist. If you love upgrading it and getting a ride-on toy train for your toddlers, I would recommend this one.

I rest assured when my daughter rides on this train as this vehicle from Teamson Kids is made of durable and sturdy MDF mixture and solid wood material. In addition, the surface is painted with non-toxic paint made by Teamson Design Corp.

What I think this train toy is different from others is that it includes a multi-purpose writing desk and a chair that doubles as storage. My daughter can store her arts and crafts or some toys on the compartment bench. She also enjoys riding on the train as the back snaps together with the front.

The package comes with a step-by-step instruction that is easy to understand. Furthermore, assembling is effortless since there are only a few parts that require putting together.

However, I have noticed that the bench doesn’t have much legroom. Due to this, I don’t think kids over four can comfortably use it.
  • Sturdy and durable wooden construction
  • Multi-purpose writing desk with storage bench
  • Easy to assemble with the detailed instruction
  • Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers
  • The bench has little leg room
Compared to most kids trains, this one is very unique with the desk and storage bench feature. I’m sure that it is best suited for kids four years and younger.

What to Look for When Buying Ride On Train for Toddlers


The market these days has many toddler ride on trains options to offer with different features and add-ons. And to land the best one, there are some things you need to consider before making your purchase. Here I have some things you should look into before taking money out of your pocket to pay for that ride on trains for sale.

1. Tracks

Some trains come with tracks while others don’t, and it is necessary to check if the package comes with one. Most ride-on trains with tracks are short in length, flat, and easy to go around.

Moreover, you can set-up the tracks around your place, depending on how you want it to be. Some tracks go in a single circle while others curve to form an eight shape. Some even have ramps, which I advised only for older kids rather than toddlers.

A set without the tracks is also convenient as you don’t need to set up anything. It also saves you time and energy. Besides, it gives the kids the freedom to roam around freely wherever they want with their ride-on train. This also develops their balance and coordination as well as motor skills.

The train and its tracks are a set that most kids want to have. If you have a little more to spare, it is best to opt for a package that comes with tracks. This way, you have both options open where you can stash away the tracks later on when kids want to have a little more freedom.

2. Modes

Commonly, there are two modes available for toy trains; the ride-on and floor play mode. Others also have a walker mode that can help younger toddlers who are just starting to walk.

Electric ride on trains for toddlers are powered by a 6-volt battery that can last for around an hour after a full charge. The 6-volt powered train toy has less power and is easier to control, making it ideal for toddlers. Also, it comes with electric motor turn on/off buttons that kids can operate themselves. What’s great about this is it can be used on and off the tracks and can also be operated in floor play mode, simply turn off the power.

There are also push ride trains that don’t have an electric motor installed. Usually, it is pushed around by adults, or kids can use their legs for it to move around. Besides, opting for this type of train can be beneficial to toddlers as it is an excellent way to develop their strength and balance. It is also one way to bond with your kids by spending quality time together.

3. Extra Features

Do you want just the basics, or do you prefer a bit more extra features for your kid’s ride-on train? Many train vehicles come with several interactive elements that can entertain the kids. Some of which are tables, storage compartments, and shape sorter. In deciding, you could ask your kids’ opinion and check on your budget because more features could mean it’ll be more costly.

You might have had several ride-on train picks already after going through my product reviews. Nonetheless, if you are unsure of which ones to choose, the buying guide I have above will be of great help to further narrow down your options.

Are Ride On Train Safe

Yes, riding on an electric train is safe. Kids can have fun and learn while playing with their ride-on trains, so it is equally essential to make sure they are safe. Most toy trains have safety features like an auto brake system, rear handle, and rear bumper.

However, parents should not rely on these alone. It is necessary to have safety measures before letting the kids get on the toy train—the goal here to avoid any possible scenarios that can lead to any injury.

Close supervision is one of the first things you should do. Never leave your toddlers alone riding on their train vehicles. Also, check the instruction manual of the product for things like weight capacity and other restrictions. It is also best to inspect the train for any detachable pieces and clear out any obstruction around the area.

How to Use a Toddler Ride On the Train


Operating a train vehicle is pretty easy with a push of a button or a slide of a switch. Kids can even do it independently without being confused about which ones start the ride and what buttons set off the sound and light effects.

There is also an instruction manual that comes with the package, so there is nothing much to worry about. Everything is easy to understand even for a first-time buyer of a ride-on train.


Finding the best ride on train for toddlers requires keen observation and research. All the details I’ve put together, including the features, pros, and cons, are my observations of each product. It is no easy task, but it is not impossible. With my product reviews and buying guide, I hope it can ease your burden of shopping for toddler ride-on toys.

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  • SAFE SPEEDS – 1 mph maximum speed capabilities with easy steering and control
  • INCLUDES 6V RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Provides up to 2 full hours of ride time
  • DETACHABLE CABOOSE – Can store your child’s favorite toys
  • WORKING HEADLIGHTS AND SOUNDS – Blow the train’s whistle or play chuffing sounds with the press of a button
  • REAL COLD WATER STREAM – For added realistic effect with this train set
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JOYLDIAS Toddler Ride On Train, Push Car for Toddlers with Led Lights, Train Horns and Storage, Blue (Non-Electric Version)
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  • STORAGE UNDER SEAT: The hollow design under the seat not only can store the toys and snacks, but also keep the streamlined appearance.
  • SAFE AND STABLE DESIGN: Made of non-toxic, odorless PP and high-quality metal, the train can load up to 132lbs. The stable 6-wheel structure, backrest...
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Lionel Lines Train 6V Ride On
  • 1.5 mph with push button Start
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Includes playful train sounds
  • Includes 12 curved track pieces
  • Can be used on and off track
Fisher-Price Ride On for Kids and Baby Tootin’ Train Ride-On
  • Extra-Wide wheels for added stability
  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • Drop balls in the smoke stack and retrieve in the front
  • For up to 44 pounds
  • Suggested for ages 1-3
Radio Flyer 500 With Ramp, Toddler Ride On Toy, Ages 3-5, Red Kids Ride On Toy
  • FUN RACING CAR: The Flyer 500 includes a foot-to-floor ride-on car that can be used for on and off-track riding. The Radio Flyer Little Red Racer car...
  • 6 FOOT RAMP: The ramp and base provide endless fun for toddlers! The ramp also features grooves for miniature toy car racing.
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: With parents in mind, the ramp and car fit into the base for easy storage. The base also has rear wheels so it can be easily moved...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Assembled dimensions with ramp are 76.5“ L x 27“ W x 27.5” H. For ages 3 - 5 years. Maximum weight capacity 50 lbs.
JOYLDIAS 3-in-1 Ride On Train with 16pcs Curved Tracks, 6V Electric Ride On Toy Train for Kids with Lights, Horns, Storage, Retractable Foot Pedals...
  • Retro Ride On Train with Curved Tracks - The JOYLDIAS ride on train features a 6V rechargeable battery and 67.3-inch diameter curved tracks. When...
  • Secret Storage - The hollow design under the seat not only can store the toys and snacks, but also keep the streamlined appearance.
  • Fun Train for Toddlers - Press the switch to start the toy train, the kids control it to turn and stop with the steering wheel. It imitates the...
  • Safe and Stable Design - Made of non-toxic, odorless PP and high-quality metal, the train is suitable toddlers under 39'' and is equipped with 6...
  • Unique Gift for Kids Aged 1-3 - Contains a ride on train, 16 curved tracks with a diameter of 67.3'', unique stickers, a charger and an instruction....