12 Best Buzz Lightyear Toys 2022 – Dolls, Action Figures & More

The Toy Story franchise is one of the greatest and most well-loved animated film series in recent times. The first movie was released in 1995 and it was an instant hit. The series continues to be wildly popular even today. Since 1995, there have been numerous cinematic sequels, animated TV shows, spin-offs, video games, theme parks, collectibles, etc.

Our Pick
Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure - 12 Inches
Good Price
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Figure, 7 in / 17.78 cm-Tall, with Lights, Phrases, Sounds and Pop-Out Wings, Gift for Kids 3 Years...
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Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure - 12 Inches
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Figure, 7 in / 17.78 cm-Tall, with Lights, Phrases, Sounds and Pop-Out Wings, Gift for Kids 3 Years...
Imaginext Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Robot Playset [Amazon Exclusive]
Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear, 7 in Tall Figure with 20+ Sounds and Phrases, Walking Motion and Expandable Wings, Gift for...
Our Pick
Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure - 12 Inches
Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Talking Action Figure - 12 Inches
Good Price
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Figure, 7 in / 17.78 cm-Tall, with Lights, Phrases, Sounds and Pop-Out Wings, Gift for Kids 3 Years...
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear Figure, 7 in / 17.78 cm-Tall, with Lights, Phrases, Sounds and Pop-Out Wings, Gift for Kids 3 Years...
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Imaginext Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Robot Playset [Amazon Exclusive]
Imaginext Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Robot Playset [Amazon Exclusive]
Also Consider
Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear, 7 in Tall Figure with 20+ Sounds and Phrases, Walking Motion and Expandable Wings, Gift for...
Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear, 7 in Tall Figure with 20+ Sounds and Phrases, Walking Motion and Expandable Wings, Gift for...

Buzz Lightyear, the astronaut, is one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in recent pop culture. He is the arch-rival and best friend of Woody the cowboy, and he was voiced by the cinematic legend Tim Allen. If you are looking for the best Buzz Lightyear toy, then a bit of research and suggestions would be crucial.

If you are new to buying collectibles and toys, then you are definitely going to be intimidated by the sheer number of choices available. To help you make a solid purchase, I have compiled this comprehensive buying guide that has product reviews, product information, FAQs, etc. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Buzz Lightyear Toy Reviews

Well, these product reviews are based on my personal buying experiences and evaluations. Hopefully, it will help you finalize your purchase decision.

1. Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Action Figure

Disney Buzz Lightyear Interactive Action Figure


Buzz Lightyear is a toy astronaut and one of the central characters of the Toy Story franchise. Disney’s licensed products are the best place to look if you are interested in buying high quality action figures. This Buzz Lightyear action figure is 12 inches tall and equipped with loads of super fun functionalities.

For starters, this toy is loaded with more than 10 iconic expressions that Buzz Lightyear says in the movies and TV shows. His most well-known expression “To infinity and beyond!” is obviously one of them. If you purchase other Toy Story interactive figures like Woody, Aliens, Rex, etc. then your Buzz Lightyear toy will be able to interact with them.

The limbs of the action figure are moveable and fully articulated. You can modify the position of the limbs while playing, and place Buzz in different poses. The toy also has loads of additional light and sound effects, which can be activated at the press of a button.

With just a little effort, you can control other features easily by pushing a button. These include retracting the visor of Buzz’s space helmet, activating karate chop, wing release and wing lights. In detail, when pressing a button on Buzz’s jetpack, the toy will respond and enact a graceful karate chop for you. Moreover, the wrists and wings of the action figure light up, which is perfect for interactive play.

I only wish the interactive voice used in this Buzz action figure was the original voice of Tim Allen. Also, the product can be a bit pricey for first-time buyers.
  • Has 10+ interactive and iconic expressions.
  • Limbs are fully articulated and adjustable.
  • Activates at the push of a button
  • Light and sound effects built into the body.
  • Jetpack has a cool karate chop feature.
  • Can be slightly pricey.
Even though this realistic Buzz Lightyear toy is a little pricey, it is just perfect for any Toy Story fan with the interactive expressions and karate chop.

2. Disney Pixar Toy Story Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear

Disney Pixar Toy Story Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear


No Toy Story collectible set is complete without an action figure of Buzz Lightyear. This Blast-Off action figure is a fun toy for young Toy Story fans as it will make your child’s playtime fun and immersive. Hence, it engages kids more in storytelling and roleplaying.

This action figure was released along with the 4th movie. It, therefore, has a bunch of advanced functionalities. If the legs of the figure are squeezed, the figure’s armor lights up and his space wings pop out. Buzz Lightyear’s action figure will then assume his iconic Blast-Off pose, from which he can take off and travel across the galaxy.

This action figure is fully loaded with a bunch of adorable and iconic Buzz Lightyear phrases such as “This planet is toxic!” According to the manufacturer, there are more than 20 fun phrases and sound effects. When the iconic blast-off pose is assumed, the Buzz Lightyear action figure makes realistic launch sound effects.

One thing I really loved about Buzz Lightyear’s character in the movies is his amazing self-confidence. This action figure has managed to capture it beautifully by giving Buzz a unique facial expression, which will definitely suit his phrases and sounds.

This toy needs LR44 batteries to run. These button batteries are long-lasting and recyclable, but they can be rather expensive.
  • Blast-Off pose activated by squeezing the figure’s legs.
  • More than 20 fun phrases and sound effects.
  • Has a unique facial expression.
  • Will allow immersive roleplaying and storytelling.
  • This toy needs LR44 batteries, which can be expensive.
On the whole, this is a wonderful Buzz Lightyear toy. Your youngster can enjoy it with the fun phrases and charismatic blast-off pose.

3. Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure


This is one of the most functional and high quality Buzz Lightyear action figures in the market. It is equipped with loads of amazing features, which make it a great gift for a young Toy Story fan. It has fully articulated limbs, so you can modify its posture.

This toy’s internal memory is loaded with more than 30 phrases, sound effects, etc. Buzz Lightyear’s space suit armor has a bunch of buttons on the breastplate. If these buttons are pushed, these phrases and sound effects will be activated. All of the phrases and sound effects have been lifted directly from the movies and the animated TV show.

The wings of the action figure are foldable. By pressing the release button on Buzz’s chest plate, they can be released for take-off. The wings and space suit is equipped with flashing lights, for a more immersive experience. There’s an additional button on the bicep which is designed to activate the toy’s gauntlet laser light and sound effects.

This is an interactive and immersive toy that will allow a Toy Story fan to have a great playtime. The interactive and talking features of the toy will allow your child to develop their socialization and communication skills.

The only problem with this toy is it needs AAA batteries, which consumes fast, requires constant replacement, non-recyclable and not eco-friendly.
  • Limbs are fully articulated and adjustable.
  • Comes with 30+ iconic sound effects and dialogues.
  • Take-off wings and light effects activated with a button.
  • Interactive action figures help develop socialization skills.
  • AAA batteries are not eco-friendly and costly.
Despite requiring AAA batteries, this Buzz Lightyear toy is one of the most realistic, multifunctional and beautiful Toy Story action figures.

4. Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Small Plush

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Small Plush


If you want to gift your tiny tot with a Buzz Lightyear plush they can cuddle, then you should look into the plush toys by Disney. These are realistic and high quality plush toys that your kiddo will love for a peaceful bedtime.

In this line of Toy Story plush characters, each toy is made with great attention to detail. Each and every facial feature, costume detail, etc. has been reproduced in the best possible way. The Buzz Lightyear plush is extremely cute and even has his iconic self-assured facial expression. The plush space suit has been embroidered to display his name.

The plush action figure is made of soft and cuddly polyester fabrics. They are non-toxic and very easy to snuggle with. They can be machine-washed very easily in case they get dirty. This Buzz Lightyear action figure will allow your child to have enjoyable pretend play sessions where they can role-play and pretend in an immersive manner.

Other characters like Sheriff Woody, Rex, Aliens, etc. are also available. Your child will be able to collect these affordable plushies individually and then act out the whole movie by heart. This is a great way to enhance their cognitive and social development.

The lack of features and functionalities can make it a little boring for older kids.
  • A plush action figure with realistic design.
  • Action figures are detailed beautifully.
  • Made of soft and cuddly fabric.
  • Fabric is durable and can be cleaned easily.
  • Slightly boring for older children.
This Buzz Lightyear plush toy is priced affordably, and is the perfect bedtime toy for your imaginative little one. The soft fabric of the toy makes it the perfect cuddly partner.

5. Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear with Shield

Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz Lightyear with Shield


Inspired by the recent Toy Story 4 movie, Disney Pixar has come up with a bunch of cool themed action figures for young fans. One of their most popular models is the Buzz Lightyear action figure that comes with a helmet shield. This is a realistic and well-made action figure.

The detailed work done on the action figure is impressive. Buzz’s facial expression is the iconic and confident smile he always has. Along with that, the detailing and illustrations of his space suit are attractive. The shield of the space suit’s helmet is movable and can be slid back and forth into position.

The joints of the action figure are articulated and movable. You can place your space hero in different positions according to the game you are playing. This toy is available at an affordable price and is great for encouraging your little one to engage in role-play and pretend-play. Paired with other Toy Story action figures, your child can have their own adventures.

However, it would have been much better if this toy had interactive capabilities. By installing sound effects, light effects, dialogues, etc. the toy would have become much more enjoyable and functional. Since it is not highly functional, I would not recommend it for older children.
  • Perfect for engaging childs in role-play and pretend-play
  • Realistic and impressive detailing of space suits.
  • Limbs and positions are articulate and adjustable.
  • Visor shield of the helmet is movable.
  • Priced quite affordably.
  • It does not have interactive features.
All in all, this Buzz Lightyear doll is a worthwhile buy if you are looking for something attractive.

6. Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Talking Buzz Lightyear Plush

Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Talking Buzz Lightyear Plush


Plush toys are nice to cuddle with, and this Talking Buzz Lightyear Plush is one of the best plush toys available in the market as having the advanced function in sound effects. Apart from being cuddly and snuggly, this action figure will also help your little one develop communicative capabilities.

This plush action figure can talk! There is a button on its tummy, which will allow Buzz Lightyear to speak if pressed. Your little one can pick up socialization skills by pressing the button and talking with Buzz Lightyear.

This action figure is 13 inches tall, which makes it the perfect size for any toddler. The design of the plushie is extremely realistic. The space ranger suit of Buzz Lightyear has been recreated beautifully with all the minute details. I love how the face of the Buzz Lightyear plush has been designed with his iconic super cute expression.

It is made of a super soft polyester fabric which is easy to clean and sanitize. If it gets dirty, you just need to pop it in the washing machine. The fabric is soft and non-toxic and is absolutely perfect for little kiddos to snuggle and play with. The colors of the space suit are realistic.

However, the sound button is placed on the belly, making it a little hard to find and press, especially for young children.
  • 13” tall and perfect for snuggling.
  • Embroidery and detailing are high quality.
  • Polyester fabric is soft and easy to clean.
  • Button on tummy allows Buzz Lightyear to speak.
  • The sound button is hard to press.
On the whole, this interactive and cuddly plush action figure is absolutely perfect for young kids who love Buzz Lightyear. The interactive features of the toy make it great for growing toddlers.

7. Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure


Buzz Lightyear’s character has some of the most memorable dialogues. Apart from “To infinity and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear has said hilarious things like “I have a laser and I will use it!” This advanced action figure brings all those things to life, in the iconic voice of Tim Allen.

At the press of a button, this action figure will speak and say more than 15 memorable lines from the Toy Story movies. The manufacturers have included some well-known TV shows from Buzz Lightyear’s TV show. The voice and speech activation button is built right into the action figure’s space suit and is easy to locate and operate.

The joints of the toy are fully articulated. You will be able to move them according to your wishes. This means you can make your brave spaceman pose for photographs and stop motion videos. The jetpack and wings built into the toy’s space suit are fully functional as well. Pressing the right button will activate the jetpack wings immediately.

This action figure has a whole bunch of amazing light and sound effects, which will help your kiddo develop cognitive skills. The wing tips, gauntlet, jetpack, etc. all are lighted up at the press of a button. The toy also comes with a karate chop feature, which enhances its interactivity.

The only issue is it will require AAA batteries pretty regularly, which are both expensive and non-sustainable.
  • More than 15 iconic Buzz Lightyear phrases.
  • Limbs are fully articulated, adjustable and movable.
  • Presence of laser light and sound effects.
  • Has an interactive and exciting “karate chop” feature.
  • Will need AAA batteries regularly.
This is a must-have Buzz Lightyear action figure as it has loads of amazing features and is reasonably priced. Light and sound effects are great for the cognitive development of your child.

8. Fisher-Price Imaginext Playset Featuring Buzz Lightyear

Fisher-Price Imaginext Playset Featuring Buzz Lightyear


This is a line of innovative playsets and toys developed by Fisher-Price for pre-school children. At this age, children have a wonderful imagination and these toys are designed to encourage and enhance their creativity. This Buzz Lightyear playset is one of the coolest toys I have ever seen.

First of all, this playset comes with a huge robotic action figure. This robot is reminiscent of old Japanese mecha anime, which featured huge sentient robots. The robot has a sturdy plastic body and a lovely spacious cockpit, which is designed especially for Buzz Lightyear, our very own space hero.

This playset will make your child happy, since it is a robot, a launch pad and a spaceship rolled into one amazing toy. Pressing the right buttons will allow you to launch the spaceship from the launch pad. The left arm of the toy robot has a claw and can handle items while the right is for firing projectiles. Plus, the left foot has a jail.

Along with the playset, there are two miniature action figures. One is a 3 inch tall figure of Buzz Lightyear. The other is a miniature replica of the cute green aliens from the Toy Story movies.

This toy does not have any batteries or additional effects – but it has all the features required for imaginative play. It is rather costly, and that’s the only issue I have.
  • Spaceship, launch pad and mecha robot all-in-one.
  • The cockpit is designed for Buzz Lightyear.
  • The left arm has a claw and the right can fire projectiles.
  • The left foot of the playset robot has a jail.
  • Slightly on the expensive side.
Despite being slightly expensive, this is the perfect playset for any enthusiastic Toy Story fan. The host of features are quite unique and attractive.

9. Disney Pixar Toy Story True Talkers Buzz Lightyear Figure

Disney Pixar Toy Story True Talkers Buzz Lightyear Figure


Some movie characters are so memorable that their collectible versions are simply must-have. One such example is Buzz Lightyear, the confident and self-assured spaceman from the Toy Story film series. That is why Disney came up with the True Talkers series, which faithfully reproduce the iconic dialogues from the films.

The toy has been designed to look exactly like the movie version of Buzz Lightyear. All of the minute details have been painstakingly reproduced and the design quality is high. Even the facial expression given to the toy is of high quality. This action figure is absolutely perfect for creative and make-believe playtime sessions.

The toy has been loaded with more than 15 iconic dialogues, phrases and sound effects. By pressing the button on Buzz Lightyear’s breastplate, you’ll be able to hear them all. This feature of talking and interactive helps to bring the character to life. The joints of the figure are fully articulated which makes it perfect for making stop motion films.

The best way to enjoy this toy is to get all of the Toy Story action figures. Then, you can use the full set and encourage your child to come up with their own adventures and storylines. This toy is reasonably priced and is perfect for children aged 3 years and above.

I like the fact that it uses rechargeable batteries, but sadly, they don’t last for long.
  • Limbs are fully articulated, adjustable and movable.
  • More than 15 authentic Buzz Lightyear phrases.
  • Realistic design and detail.
  • Uses eco-friendly and recyclable rechargeable batteries.
  • Batteries don’t last long.
If you want to encourage creativity and pretend play habits in your preschooler, then this Buzz Lightyear toy is great.

10. Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Space Ranger Figure

Toy Story 4 Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Space Ranger Figure


This Buzz Lightyear action figure is 12 inches tall and has a bunch of amazing interactive features. If your child is a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear, then this is a cool gift for them. It comes fully loaded with more than 30 iconic sayings and sound effects.

The joints of the toy are articulated, which means you can position the action figure into any pose you like. Articulated joints allow you to do fun things like making stop-motion videos, photography, etc. There are buttons on Buzz’s breastplate – which you should press if you want to listen to dialogues lifted straight from the films.

The helmet and visor of Buzz’s space suit are removable and can be reattached after it has been removed. The wings of the space suit’s jetpack can pop-out. If you press the red circular button located on the figure’s space suit, then the wings will pop out. They can then be pushed back where they will simply lock into place.

This is the most attractive and highly functional official Buzz Lightyear toy you can find on online and offline toy stores. You can consider similar interactive versions of the other characters, such as Sheriff Woody, Rex, Aliens, etc.

The problem with this action figure is it is slightly expensive. I’ve tried to get the lowest online deals; however, the online price of this toy fluctuates constantly.
  • More than 30 iconic Buzz Lightyear phrases and SFX.
  • Articulated joints can be adjusted and moved.
  • Wings of the jetpack are pop-out.
  • The visor of the helmet is removable.
  • Its price fluctuates constantly.
Despite the fluctuating price, this Buzz Lightyear action figure is a great present for your young Toy Story fan.

11. Toy Story Disney Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure


Buzz Lightyear is a self-confident and practical spaceman who is one of the main characters in Toy Story. Voiced by Tim Allen, he has become one of the most beloved figures. This advanced talking action figure is a wonderful way to immortalize him.

The action figure is 12 inches tall and is detailed superbly. The facial expressions of Buzz Lightyear have been reproduced in detail. Additionally, a lot of hard work has gone into the minute details of Buzz Lightyear’s space suit and jetpack. The high level of detail makes this action figure one of the best Toy Story collectibles currently available today.

The joints of the arms, legs, waist and head are completely articulated. They can be adjusted as per your wishes to create poses as well. They are great for shooting stop motion films. The toy is equipped with a lot of attractive light and sound effects, which is good for your kiddo’s cognitive growth. The wings of the jetpack comes with laser light effects.

The memory of this Buzz Lightyear action figure is loaded with more than 15 iconic phrases and quotes from the Toy Story movies and TV shows. Pressing the right buttons will allow you to cycle through the quotes and activate the light and sound effects.

It could make me happier if the toy is more durable. It’s a cool toy but rough handling will surely break it.
  • Has superb detail on Buzz’s face and spacesuit.
  • Joints are completely articulated and flexible.
  • Loaded with attractive laser light effects.
  • More than 15 quotes and phrases are available.
  • The toy is not tough/durable.
Despite not being very tough, this Buzz Lightyear action figure is very functional and suitable for older children and collectors.

12. Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear Figure

Disney Pixar Toy Story Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear Figure


Buzz Lightyear is definitely the coolest character in the Toy Story movies. Since he is a qualified Space Ranger, his spacesuit is loaded with jetpacks, blasters, etc. He is skilled in combat. This action figure toy tries to faithfully reproduce all of these amazing features.

One of the main features of this action figure is it can walk on its own. The toy is designed to walk a few steps quite confidently and then make an about-turn. The toy has been loaded with multiple animatronic and interactive features. There’s also an included blaster action, to reenact his on-screen moves.

Another striking feature of this action figure is its attention to detail. All of the minute details from Buzz Lightyear’s spacesuit and gadgets have been reproduced in an accurate and faithful manner. Buzz even has his iconic self-assured facial expression. It has more than 40 amazing sound effects and catchphrases to be activated by pressing a button.

The pop-out wings of the spacesuit get activated after pressing a button. This toy comes with a bunch of super cool laser lights and sound effects, which will make your play experience quite immersive and memorable.

The only issue with this toy is it is slightly heavy on the pocket, especially for first-time buyers.
  • Action figure can walk on its own.
  • Has additional animatronic features.
  • More than 40 cool sound effects, phrases, SFX, etc.
  • Laser light effects and pop-out wings.
  • It can be slightly expensive for first-time buyers.
Despite being slightly expensive, this toy has amazing features. It is just perfect for any youngster who loves Buzz Lightyear.

What to Look for When Buying a Buzz Lightyear Toy

Buzz Lightyear Toy

There are a lot of Toy Story Buzz Lightyear toys in the market. If you log on to an online toy store, you are definitely going to be blown away by the variety of toys available. It is important that you know the most crucial factors and should consider while purchasing the toy. Overall, this info will help you to pick a toy of higher quality.

  • Manufacturer of the Toy: This is one of the basic considerations you have to make while buying a Buzz Lightyear toy. Since this toy is based on a Disney movie character, it is always best to buy it from a company that makes licensed merchandise and collectibles. In my opinion, some of the best manufacturers for Disney toys are Hasbro, Mattel, Fisher-Price, etc. You should definitely go for the most reputed and well-known toy manufacturer.
  • Recipient of the Toy: Next, it is a very good idea to consider who you are actually buying the toy for. If you are buying it for a person who is serious about collecting, you should get them something mint-condition and rare. If you are getting a Buzz Lightyear toy for a child, you can either get them an animatronic action figure or a plush toy. This choice depends on the kid’s age.
  • Design of the Toy: The design of the toy is a major consideration. Since you are going to buy a Buzz Lightyear toy, it makes no sense to buy a toy that doesn’t even look like Buzz. That is why you should pick a toy or action figure designed in a very detailed and realistic manner. The space suit, visor, facial expressions, etc. should be accurate and faithful to the original.
  • Features of the Toy: If you are getting your kid an action figure of Buzz Lightyear, then you should get the one that offers the most features. Most modern action figures come loaded with a huge number of animatronic and electronic features. These features allow the action figures to walk and move around properly. Some other attractive features you should look for include voice effects, light effects, karate chops, laser lights, articulated joints, etc.
  • Material of the Toy: You should be very mindful of the materials used to make the toy. The plastic materials used to make the action figures should be completely safe and non-toxic. You should ensure the toy you get is free of toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates. If you are going for a plush Buzz Lightyear toy, then I would recommend you to double check the material before buying.
  • Price of the Toy: If you are a first time buyer, you should definitely take measures to make sure you don’t end up overspending. In my experience, most first time buyers get carried away and end up spending way too much on toys. The best way to avoid this situation is to decide the maximum amount of money you want to spend right at the outset. Once this is decided, you are set.
  • Power Source of the Toy: In the 21st century, it is very important for us to do our bit for the environment. Even though most toys and action figures work with the help of AAA batteries, we should know these batteries aren’t sustainable. They are non-rechargeable and non-recyclable as well. If you want to make a sustainable choice, I would advise you to look into rechargeable toys that work with Lithium/LR44 batteries.
  • Durability of the Toy: It is important to keep in mind the durability of the toy. After all, you are going to give it to your boisterous little one. They might end up throwing it here and there. You don’t want to spend money on an action figure that falls to pieces within its first week. Read the online reviews to make sure you buy a hardy and durable toy.
  • Maintenance of the Toy: You should keep in mind the amount of effort you will have to make to maintain the toy. Most action figures are made of plastic that can be cleaned easily with the help of disinfectant sprays and wipes. If you are getting a Buzz Lightyear plush toy, I would recommend you to get something machine washable. You should look into the kind of batteries you need.
  • Purpose of the Toy: Finally, when you are browsing for a toy or collectible, you have to think about why you are buying it. Buying a Buzz Lightyear or Woody toy makes sense if the recipient/user is someone who is a huge fan of the Toy Story franchise. You have to make considerations about the age of the recipient. For example, are they interested in collecting or are they interested in playing?

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a Buzz Lightyear Toy?

Buzz Lightyear is one of the main characters in the animated Toy Story franchise. Released in 1995, the first film of the series was an instant hit with audiences all over the world. The first film in the franchise has been preserved by the US Congress Library for being a “culturally significant” film.

Buzz Lightyear is a toy Space Ranger and one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in US pop culture. In the movies, he was voiced by Tim Allen and his signature “To infinity and beyond!” is still religiously recited by children all over the world. By coming up with a Buzz Lightyear toy, this character has been powerfully immortalized.

Buzz Lightyear toys generally come as action figures loaded with electronic light and sound effects. All of these effects are included so children can recreate the experience of watching one of their all-time favorite movies. Like Buzz Lightyear from the movies, the action figures say his signature catchphrase. It’s an iconic and must-have piece of memorabilia.

How does a Buzz Lightyear toy work?

Buzz Lightyear toys are usually action figures. As a result, their overall working is very simple. The toy has a hard plastic exterior. The less advanced action figures are fit with internal electronic circuits. These circuits’ memory holds the sound effects, catchphrases, etc. which can be accessed with the press of a button.

The more advanced action figures come with animatronic capabilities. They are fitted with servos and gears that allow the figure to walk and move. These have come out quite recently and are slightly pricier. The joints of the action figure’s body are completely articulated as well. The action figure’s limbs can be adjusted to make any pose you want.

Apart from action figures, Buzz Lightyear toys come in the form of plush toys and soft toys. These toys are very simple. The exterior of the toy is made of a soft fabric for cuddling and super detailed to resemble the real Buzz Lightyear. The interior of the plush is stuffed properly.

Buzz Lightyear Toy

Who is the Buzz Lightyear toy for?

The Toy Story movies first came out when a lot of adults were kids. I think this franchise and its characters aren’t just meant for children anymore. They were a major part of our lives when we were growing up. That’s why the Buzz Lightyear toy is great for all Toy Story fans.

Children of all ages love Toy Story. Ever since the fourth film came out, Toy Story made a comeback into the minds of the public. The Buzz Lightyear action figures and plushies are perfect for kids of all ages. To be safe, it is recommended you give action figures only to children who are above 3 years of age.

The action figures actually come with a lot of small parts that can accidentally break off. To avoid choking hazard, they are best suited for older kids and preschoolers. I think the Buzz Lightyear toy is great for those adults and collectors who grew up with Toy Story and WALL-E, and all the other magical Disney Pixar movies.

What are the different types of Buzz Lightyear toys?

If you have gone through my list of Buzz Lightyear toys, you will notice most of the toys are action figures. Action figures are the most popular type of toy for older children and preschoolers. They can recreate scenes from the movie, engage in stimulating and creative pretend play, etc.

The action figures themselves can be divided into certain subtypes. First of all, the basic action figures do not come with any special effects. They just have articulated joints that are good for posing and pretend play. Then there’s the advanced action figures with a bunch of amazing animatronic features, laser effects, sound effects, etc.

Lastly, you can find Buzz Lightyear plushies. These are basic soft toys designed to look like Buzz Lightyear. The detailing and embroidery is very impressive. These soft and cuddly toys are just perfect for young kids to snuggle with. If your kid is afraid of the dark, then Buzz Lightyear can protect them from all the monsters.

Why do you need a Buzz Lightyear toy?

Buzz Lightyear action figures have many uses and advantages. Firstly, these action figures and collectibles are quite valuable. They are collected and displayed by many memorabilia collectors as well. If you grew up with the Toy Story movies, then a Buzz Lightyear action figure is a lovely keepsake for you to have.

For children, action figures are the ultimate toy. They have fully articulated limbs and joints – these allow your kids to place them in creative fighting and action poses. Your child can enhance their creativity and memory by recreating scenes from the movie or coming up with their very own stories. The sound and light effects are stimulating and delightful.

I love the playsets that brands like Fisher-Price have come up with. The spaceships and mecha robots are valuable additions your child can use to enhance their playtime experience. Lastly, the Buzz Lightyear soft toys are valuable presents for youngsters. They are more likely to go off to bed on time if they have a brave spaceman friend.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most trusted Buzz Lightyear toy brands?

The best and most trusted Buzz Lightyear toy brands are the ones licensed by Disney to manufacture and sell official Toy Story merchandise. These brands include Disney Store, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, etc. The action figures produced by these brands are detailed and are made of high-quality materials.

How expensive is a Buzz Lightyear toy?

On average, Buzz Lightyear action figures are very reasonably priced. The price actually depends on the action figure’s level of sophistication. If it does not have sound or light effects, then it will have a much lower cost. However, premium action figures with SFX, light effects, pop-out wings, etc. are costlier.

How can you tell if a Buzz Lightyear toy is real?

Fake Buzz Lightyear toys don’t have the proper detailing in the spacesuit uniform and facial expression. Authentic Buzz Lightyear toys are always produced by toy makers who are licensed by Disney Pixar themselves. As a result, the level of detailing and quality is very high.

Does any Buzz Lightyear toy glow in the dark?

Action figures usually do not come with a glow-in-the-dark feature. However, the wingtips and space suit of Buzz Lightyear are loaded with laser light effects. If the right buttons are pressed in the dark, then the action figure will glow. This depends on the original manufacturer.

How to care for and clean a Buzz Lightyear toy?

Cleaning a Buzz Lightyear action figure is very easy. Since they are made of plastic, all you have to do is spray them with a disinfectant spray. Then, wipe them down with a clean fabric or a sanitary wipe. The plush toys can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Is Buzz Lightyear named after Buzz Aldrin?

Yes, Buzz Lightyear’s first name is inspired by NASA Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. Buzz Aldrin is a big fan of the Toy Story franchise and was really touched when this recognizable and beloved character was named after him. The surname Lightyear was decided on by the story writers.


So, basically, this is all the information you need to buy the best Buzz Lightyear toy. I would recommend you to try out online toy stores like Amazon. You can also look for the toys directly on Disney’s website.

In my opinion, a USA Buzz Lightyear action figure is one of the best gifts you can get for a young fan of the movies. I hope the reviews, extra information and concise FAQs will allow you to pick out the best toy. Now, it is time for you to make the choice and start shopping!

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Disney Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Helmet for Kids
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  • Clear helmet with clear visor
  • Lower visor to activate red and green flashing lights on helmet
  • Adjustable foam-padded ear protectors for snug fit
  • Adjustable elastic at back for secure fit
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  • Buzz can take on giant bugs, toxic plants or evil robots with a shoulder-balanced MR-800M Rocket Launcher with projectile, a swashbuckling laser...
  • Even small hands can use this figure to recreate dynamic scenes and signature moves with 12 posable joints and authentic design details
  • Other toys inspired by Lightyear are available to let fans relive the whole thrilling space saga! Each item sold separately, subject to availability
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Mr Potato Head Disney/Pixar Toy Story 4 Spud Lightyear Figure Toy for Kids Ages 2 & Up
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  • 11 pieces sized right for little hands: kids ages 2 and up can mix and mash the accessories to style Mr. Potato Head like Buzz from Toy Story or...
  • Endless creative possibilities: kids will love creating Disney/Pixar's Buzz Light-year and other wacky characters. When mixing and mashing the parts...
  • Most parts work with other Mr Potato Head toys: most parts are compatible with other Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head toys. (Each sold separately....
Disney boys Buzz Lightyear Toy Story fashion hoodies, White, 4T US
  • 100 percent officially licensed
  • Super soft costume hoodie
Toy Story Disney 4 Buzz Lightyear Blaster Toy Space Ranger Set, Includes Star Command Badge - Light & Sound! Perfect for Kids, Boys Halloween Costume...
  • Defend the galaxy against space monsters and Interstellar invaders
  • Buzz Light-year space Ranger set includes: Buzz Light-year blaster with lights and sound effects and Star command badge.
  • Perfect for children's halloween costume prop
  • Requires 2 x AAA (LR03/R03 1.5V batteries (included).
  • Suggested for ages 6+
Disney Baby Toy Story Large 15” Stuffed Animal Plush Buzz
  • BUZZ STUFFED PLUSH: Kids Preferred presents this super soft, cute, charmingly detailed stuffed animal. Babies, toddlers, and kids love this classic...
  • CARING FRIEND: This plush toy is a comforting pal and perfect for get well wishes, birthdays and more! It is a huggable travel friend for kids on road...
  • MODERN CLASSIC TOY: Disney's intergalactic space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, is instantly recognizable bringing sweet memories from your own childhood as...
  • COLLECTIBLE FUN: Plush animals are fun to collect and trade and make great keepsakes for children, teens & adults. Favorite stuffed toys are soothing...
  • DETAILS: Buzz Lightyear in his classic green and white space suit is 15" tall and is ultra soft as well as machine washable. He’s perfect for play...
Buzz Lightyear Jet Pack,One Size Child
  • Includes: One inflatable jet pack
  • Costume sold separately.
  • COLOR: Multicoloured
  • MATERIAL: Vinyl
Toy Story 4 Disney Pixar Space Ranger Disc Launcher
  • Load discs into launcher!
  • Squeeze the trigger to launch discs! Fire again & again!
  • 5 discs included!
  • Attaches to your wrist with an adjustable strap!
Yogibo Toy Story Bean Bag for Kids, Buzz Lightyear Toy, Huggable Comfortable Cuddly Big Beanbag Lounge Chair for Children
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  • LIMITED EDITION TOY STORY COLLECTION – Exclusively designed by Yogibo, this large Buzz Lightyear bean bag holds his arms wide open for a hug. It...
  • BEAN BAG IS GREAT FOR LOUNGING – Whether your child is hanging out in the playroom or bedroom watching a movie, this Toy Story furniture for kids is...
  • FILLED WITH SOFT, CONFORMING BEADS – This Buzz Lightyear chair has our famously awesome soft polyester/spandex blend outer cover and is filled with...
  • COMES OUT GOOD AS NEW IN THE WASH – When this kid’s beanbag lounge chair needs a little freshening, you can unzip the cover and toss it in the...
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