17 Best Bath Toy Storages 2023 – Bathing Help

Speaking as a parent, I completely sympathize with the fact that bath time can be difficult. No matter how much coaxing, bribing or scolding you do, sometimes a toddler will just NOT want to take a bath. I recommend getting them a few bath toys and the best bath toy storage unit.

Best Choice
Munchkin® Super Scoop™ Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey
Second Best
Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage Organizer - With Suction Cup & Adhesive Hooks, 14"x20" Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Kids Bathroom Decor, Bedroom &...
Good Choice
Boon FROG POD Mini Scoop Toddler Bath Tub Wall Toy Storage and Drain Organizer, Green
Also Consider
Bath Toy Organizer Multiple Ways to Hang, Extra Large Opening Bathroom Toy Holder, Bottom Zipper Bathtub Toy Storage Bag (Grey)
Munchkin® Super Scoop™ Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey
Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage Organizer - With Suction Cup & Adhesive Hooks, 14"x20" Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Kids Bathroom Decor, Bedroom &...
Boon FROG POD Mini Scoop Toddler Bath Tub Wall Toy Storage and Drain Organizer, Green
Bath Toy Organizer Multiple Ways to Hang, Extra Large Opening Bathroom Toy Holder, Bottom Zipper Bathtub Toy Storage Bag (Grey)
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Munchkin® Super Scoop™ Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey
Munchkin® Super Scoop™ Hanging Bath Toy Storage with Quick Drying Mesh, Grey
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage Organizer - With Suction Cup & Adhesive Hooks, 14"x20" Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Kids Bathroom Decor, Bedroom &...
Original Tub Cubby Bath Toy Storage Organizer - With Suction Cup & Adhesive Hooks, 14"x20" Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Kids Bathroom Decor, Bedroom &...
Amazon Prime
Good Choice
Boon FROG POD Mini Scoop Toddler Bath Tub Wall Toy Storage and Drain Organizer, Green
Boon FROG POD Mini Scoop Toddler Bath Tub Wall Toy Storage and Drain Organizer, Green
Also Consider
Bath Toy Organizer Multiple Ways to Hang, Extra Large Opening Bathroom Toy Holder, Bottom Zipper Bathtub Toy Storage Bag (Grey)
Bath Toy Organizer Multiple Ways to Hang, Extra Large Opening Bathroom Toy Holder, Bottom Zipper Bathtub Toy Storage Bag (Grey)

The best bath toy organizer is a fantastic way that will help you to keep your bathroom neat and tidy after your little ‘terror” has finished taking a bath. Bath toys should not be mixed with regular toys and should always stay in the bathroom itself. I also think that you need a well-ventilated storage unit so that there’s no mildew.

Comparison Table:

Once your little one is done with their bath, you can keep the toys stored safely. This will also protect your carpet and furniture from getting wet. If you want some help, this guide will help you pick the best model out of all the bath toy storage options in the market.


Top Picks Bath Toy Storage

For your benefit, I have listed and reviewed 12 of the best bath toy storage currently available. Do remember that all the reviews are based on my personal experiences. Well, I hope you find these reviews helpful!

1. Munchkin 27186 Bath Toy Storage

I think that this bath toy basket is one of the best products that I have ever seen in my life. This toy basket is made of waterproof mesh that dries quickly. You can keep the tub and the bathroom tidy by storing all the toys in one place.

The mesh is well-ventilated, which lets the toys dry quickly. As a result of this, there will be no chance for mold and mildew to form. I can assure you that this kind of bath toy storage solution will keep your little one safe. Moreover, it has a large mouth for easy access.

My favourite feature of this toy is that it comes with a neat suction cup that sticks to all kinds of surfaces easily. It’ll easily adhere to your bathroom wall or the walls of your bathtub. The mounting disc makes it easy for parents and kids to get the toys directly from within the organizer.

The best part about this organizer is that it’s easy to clean. All you have to do is unhook the unit and rinse it in the water. You can actually clean the toys and the bag while you give your kiddo a bath. This high quality product will provide you with an awesome place to store your kids’ toys while also keeping your home clean.

However, the adhesive disk that comes with this storage unit is weak. You should opt for mounting discs instead.
  • Well-ventilated units prevent mold and mildew.
  • Large size and opening for easy access.
  • Can be easily cleaned during bath time.
  • Powerful mounting disc provides lots of suction power.
  • Is inexpensive and a good bargain.
  • Adhesive disc is rather weak.
To sum up, this toy is made of superb materials and has a large capacity, making it just perfect for your kiddo’s bathtime shenanigans.

2. Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer

I realized that the best way to teach kids responsibility is to trust them with simple tasks from when they are young. If you want to teach your little ones how to clean up, then you should look into some of the exciting kids bath toy storage out there.

The tub cubby is actually a multi-pocket mesh bag made of high quality materials that are both waterproof and easy to clean. All of your kids’ bathtime toys, shampoo, and soap, can be stored away in this accessible and convenient little organizer. This versatile storage unit can also be used in places like nurseries and bedrooms.

The mesh net is quick to dry and is resistant to all forms of mildew and mold. The mesh itself is double stitched and strong. It can comfortably hold all the toys that your kiddo owns. The tub cubby comes in sets, which you can choose according to your budget. Let me tell you, personally, I do love the purple and yellow sets.

Each set comes with an adorable rubber ducky that will be your little one’s faithful bath time companion. The larger boxes come with foam letters that you can use to teach your little munchkin alphabets and numbers. The organizer comes with two suction cup pockets and hooks so that you can hang clothes, brushes, towels, etc.

The only complaint I have with this product is that the adhesive discs are unsuitable in humid conditions
  • High quality mesh is easy to clean and waterproof.
  • It dries quickly hence convenient.
  • It is large enough to hold toys, bath essentials, etc.
  • Comes with a rubber ducky and toys for better kids’ engagement.
  • It is resistant to mold.
  • Discs are unreliable.
If you want an awesome bathtub toy holder, then you should look into this toy. It offers loads of functions at a reasonable price.

3. KidCo S372 Bath Organizer Storage

This bathtub toy storage unit is perfect for parents who value functionality and common sense over appearances and aesthetics. This toy organizer shelf is made of high quality plastic. It is 100% adjustable and can be easily modified to suit your bathtub and bathroom size.

You can put all your kids’ toys in one large shelf where they can access it easily during bathtime. You can use this large plastic bin as a soap dish where you store soaps, shampoos, etc. This kids bath toy storage organizer has a large storage capacity, making it ideal for large families with kids.

The shelf is equipped with divider panels, which will allow you to keep the toys and bath products separate from each other. The sides and the bottom of the basket are slotted, so water can drain out safely. This simple yet innovative feature makes the basket resistant to all forms of mold and mildew too.

You would love to know that this unit is easy to clean. You can simply wash and wipe it with a solution of mild detergent. Or you can keep it on the top rack of your kitchen dishwasher machine and it will become spotlessly once again. This is a tough and dependable product that you can use for years and years.

This is one of those rare products that has no drawbacks at all. However, it can be too spartan in taste for some people.
  • Inexpensive and practical design.
  • Adjustable size fits almost all bathtubs.
  • Can be used to store all kinds of items.
  • Slotted sides and bottom help prevent mold and mildew.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Too spartan.
This product is inexpensive and has a practical design, which are the main reasons why you should get it for your bathtub. It is great value for money.

4. Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Caddy

This is definitely one of the coolest and cleverest bath toy storage ideas that I have ever seen. I fell in love with this product immediately after I bought it for my little one. This bath toy holder is made of great material and has lots of storage space.

First, I would like to share about its minimalistic yet practical design. It has a set of slits that can be used by the child for easy access and storage. It will fit in well with the modern decor scheme that you can expect to find in most homes these days.

The organizer can actually be divided into a bin and a base. Additionally, the storage base of this unit can be used to scoop up toys and dry them off before storing them in the bin. The bin comes with large draining holes at the bottom, which will help your kiddo’s toys dry and become clean at top speed.

This heavy duty toy bin is a compact and innovative solution for storing your kids’ toys after their bath is over. The product is easy to clean and you can wipe it down with a detergent solution. While cleaning, you can pop it in the dishwasher rack without any hassle as well.

I love this product so much, but I should warn you that it can be a little small for some.
  • Modern aesthetic and minimalist style.
  • Made of great material that is heavy duty.
  • Can be divided into bin and base for convenience.
  • Large draining holes can dry toys quickly.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Can be a little small.
The modular design of the organizer along with its easy-to-use features makes this toy storage basket one of the best products available in the market.

5. Skip Hop 235106 Bath Toy Storage

The Skip Hop Moby scoop toy organizer is one of the most innovative and joyful products that you can find in the bath toy organizer niche. It is made of high quality ABS plastic that is tough and durable. What you would love most is that it comes in both yellow and blue.

This is the best bath toy holder because it has a lot of volume and a large open mouth. It will fit all your little one’s bath toys. The body of the toy bin is fit with a handle, which will make it easy to scoop and collect the toys.

The bottom of this toy organizer storage basket is actually zippered and removable. Once you have collected the toys, you can unzip the bottom so that the toys and the bag can dry out fast. The body and bottom of this bath toy storage solution is of a high quality plastic mesh that’s tough and dries quickly.

It comes with a durable mounting plate and suction cup, which makes sure that you can mount it on the bathroom wall or tub. This is a great product and you can keep using it for as long as you need. I forgot to mention about the adhesive strips that are tough as well. It can be cleaned easily with a wet wipe.

The only drawback of this product is that the zipper is fussy and can be difficult to open and close.
  • High quality ABS plastic mesh is tough.
  • Large volume and mouth for easy storage.
  • Handle for scooping up toys.
  • Zippered mesh bottom for easy draining.
  • Durable suction cup and adhesive strips included.
  • The zipper is fussy and difficult.
This hop moby toy organizer is made of high quality material and has a clever design. Your kiddo will love it and you will too!

6. Boon B10087 Frog Bath Toy Scoop

Bath time can be chaotic for some parents, and I can tell you that it was chaotic for me. The best way to get kids to take their bath without making a fuss is to turn it into an enjoyable experience. This is exactly when you’ll need something for bathroom toy storage.

This frog pod is one of the most enchanting and fun bath toy organizers I have ever seen. It has a great design which my kids absolutely love. The toy also has a lot of space, so it easily fits all the toys that they have. You will also find a large mouth so that you can scoop up toys easily.

I would like to mention that this organizer has a handle on its body so that you are provided with easy access to the toys during bath time. It will easily stick to the bathroom wall or the bathtub because it comes with adhesive strips. Well, I would say that this great product is an amazing way for you to keep your home organized as well as your kids entertained.

The bottom of this organizer has holes so that wet toys can drain. This bathtub toy organizer itself is easy to clean. All you’ve got to do is wipe it clean with a disinfectant spray. Alternatively, you can clean it by popping it in the top rack of the dishwasher for a while.

The only issue I had with this frog toy organizer is that the adhesive strips are not so strong.
  • Cool design makes bathtime fun for kids.
  • Large storage and mouth for easy storage.
  • Handle allows easy access to the toys.
  • Holes for easy drainage.
  • Can be cleaned easily hence less fussy.
  • Weak adhesive makes it fall off frequently.
I think that the innovative and attractive design of this toy organizer, as well as holes for smooth drainage are good reasons for you to get it for your little one’s bathtime.

7. Comfy Life Mesh Bath Toy Organizer

The simplest solution is usually the most elegant solution, and it is especially true when you are thinking about storage for bath toys. That’s why I would recommend this mesh bath toy organizer that is cheap, strong, dependable, and easy to clean.

I like these mesh bags so much because the netting has been designed in a clever way. It allows plenty of air to circulate so that all the water can drain out and the toys can dry well. This reduces the chance of mildew and mold exponentially. Your little one can be 100% safe during their bath playtime.

I like how this set of mesh organizers come with 6 suction cups instead of 1 or 2. There is a hook lock system which means the cup stays on the wall once the hook has been pushed down. This is great because it means I don’t have to deal with toys spilling into the tub randomly.

The mesh itself is made of high quality polyester edging, which is tough and easy to clean. There is a lot of space in these bags so you can easily store all your baby’s toys as well as their soap, shampoo, loofah, etc. Your bathroom will stay organized and your kiddo can have fun.

The only problem is that it can be difficult for a child to get the toys and bath items from within the bag itself.
  • Polyester mesh is tough, easy to clean and cheap.
  • Well-ventilated netting dries quickly.
  • 6 strong suction cups with locks.
  • Plenty of space.
  • Extremely easy to install.
  • It is difficult to get toys out.
All in all, this product is of good quality while being inexpensive and dependable. The high quality mesh, and well-ventilated netting makes it perfect for the bathroom.

8. Skip Hop 235058 Bath Toy Storage

I got this baby bath toys storage bin for my friend’s baby shower and she just loves it so much. I fell in love with it the moment I saw the cute whale design and its little smile. Ah! I just can’t forget the fact that I loved the high quality of this toy.

To begin with, this is a corner-fit storage bin, which means it can be easily installed on the inside corner of your bathtub or bathroom. It is spacious and can hold a large amount of toys as well as bath products. The bottom is made of neoprene mesh, which allows air circulation and easy drying. Not to worry about your kiddo’s health, there’s no risk of developing mold and mildew!

This is a whimsical storage solution, with a wide open top that allows easy access to the toys during bathtime. After the bath, it is just as easy to clean the toys and put them back in the mesh bag to dry. You can directly pop it in the washing machine.

This storage bin is easy to install – all you’ve got to do is clean the tiles with rubbing alcohol. There are 4 suction cup pieces, so the organizer adheres firmly to the tiles. The cups themselves are adjustable, so you can change the positions until it fits snugly.

However, I would like to inform you that the suction cups may not work properly all the time. Sometimes, they’re unreliable and the storage bin will fall into the tub.
  • Adorable whale design makes bathtime fun.
  • Corner-fit design saves a ton of space.
  • Spacious enough for loads of toys.
  • Neoprene mesh bottom for easy drainage.
  • Easy to install – with 4 suction cups.
  • The suction cups don’t work properly.
I think that the whimsical whale and corner-fit design makes this organizer perfect for parents who are starting out in a small space.

9. OXO Tot 63135700 Bath Toy Bin

This bath toy bin has a volume of 7 liters, making it perfect for storing all of your little one’s toys and bath products in one place. Instead of having everything scattered all over the bathroom, you can store all of your kids’ bath stuff in an organized toy bin.

I love the design of this kids bath toy storage solution because it actually divides into two parts. There is the basket and a removable base. The basket has a large mouth and ample space for all the toys. The base can be removed and used to scoop up all the toys from the bathtub after bath time is over.

Speaking about the bin, it has a unique hole-pattern, kind of like a colander. When you place the toys in it, the water drips out from the holes and air circulates properly. The toys dry up fast and there’s no chance for any mildew and mold to form. The oxo bath toy bin has soft handles, making it easy to grab.

Cleaning is not a problem with this product! It can be popped into the dishwasher once in a while if you want to give it a thorough cleaning. The base is sturdy and helps in keeping the bin upright. If you want a bath toy organizer without suction cups, then this plastic bin is definitely the best option.

This is a truly great product and I can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s just a little bit pricey.
  • 7 L volume provides ample space for toys and bath items.
  • Removable bases can be used for scooping up toys.
  • Unique design allows efficient drying.
  • Soft handles make it easy to grab.
  • Large mouth to accommodate plenty of toys.
  • It is slightly pricey.
This toy storage bin has a modern style and functional appeal, making it a versatile and great product. Its 7L volume makes it perfect for all families.

10. Tenrai Mesh Bag Toy Organizer

If you prefer functionality over fashion, then I would ask you to give some thought to this mesh bag toy holder for bathtubs. It is a large mesh container that you can use to store all of your little one’s toys safely and accessibly. I gifted this to my cousin, and I would say the experience has been good.

The bag is made of a high quality neoprene mesh that is breathable, easy to clean and 100% safe. This bag will pose no health risks to your children or to any of your family members. It is exactly what has been advertised – a bag of superior quality which you can use to safely store all your kid’s bath toys.

I was impressed with the structural sturdiness of this product. I saw that the bag itself is tear and scratch resistant, which is important in a family with 2 naughty kids. I like how the manufacturers have reinforced the outer edges of the bag by stitching it 3 times.

Installing the bag is easy as it comes with a suction placeholder and hooks. The adhesives on the hooks are strong, which makes sure that they don’t fall into the tub. Lastly, it has a large opening which makes it easier for kids to safely access their toys.

The bottom of this bath toy organizer comes with a zipper, which your toddler can pull to make a mess.
  • High quality material is breathable and safe.
  • Sturdy bag can handle a lot of weight.
  • Large volume provides 70% more space.
  • Comes with strong adhesive strips for installation.
  • Inexpensive and affordable.
  • The bottom zipper comes apart quite easily.
This product’s most shining characteristic is its sturdy construction and high-quality material, which makes it a valuable buy. You can use it for years.

11. Lulu & Buddy Bath Toy Organizer

I got my friend this baby bath toy bin as a baby-shower present, and she loves using it now that her little one is finally here. She loves bath time because she gets to play with all of her toys and her mom is super happy with this scoop organizer.

First and foremost, she loved this organizer so much because of its functional design. It is brightly colored and has large holes as well as a functional handle. Well, this lovely little product will help keep your bathroom clean and store all of your little one’s toys in one centralized place.

This storage basket has a lot of space so it will comfortably fit all the toys and bath products that your kid owns. The mouth of this basket is large, which makes it easy for boisterous toddlers to grab their toys and put them away as well. The holes help in draining away water quickly, eliminating mold formation.

Installing the basket is quite simple as well. It comes with 2 powerful suction cups and one hook, which you can use to install the basket anywhere in your bathroom or bathtub. The material of this product is good, which will allow you to clean it pretty easily. It is sturdy and will withstand wear and tear.

The suction cups can be a little difficult to install. You should contact the manufacturer if they don’t work well.
  • Innovative design makes bathtime lots of fun.
  • Large capacity for storing all your kids’ toys.
  • Draining holes allow circulation and eliminate mold and mildew.
  • Installing the product is easy.
  • It’s easy to clean which enhances convenience for parents.
  • Suction cups don’t work.
The design of this toy organizer, along with its high quality draining holes and affordable price make it a fantastic purchase for any household.

12. Muchfun Bath Toy Organizer

This mesh bathtub and shower toy holder is one of my most favourite organizer products. Its biggest plus point is the sheer amount of capacity that it provides me with. I can store all of my kids’ toys in here without breaking a single sweat.

Parents should get a bath toy storage organizer because it will make cleaning up the bathroom easy after giving kids a bath. This product will let you store all of your kids’ toys in one place. It has expandable pockets on the side, which will let you use the shower caddy to store toys, bath products and more.

Installation is easy because it comes with 4 ultra-strong hooks and 2 rings. This means that you can hang it on the bathroom wall or off your towel rack. There are no adhesive strips involved, which means that there’s no risk of the organizer bag falling off in the middle of the night.

The large openings allow your kids easy access to their toys. It will enable them to clean up after themselves once they are done with their bath. The bottom zipper of the toy holder can be pulled open to empty all of the toys into the tub. Let me mention that it is easy to clean and is affordably priced.

The plastic on this product is a little smelly. The smell is not too bad but it will take time to go away for good.
  • Large capacity allows you to store many toys.
  • Side expandable pockets allow you to store bath products.
  • Large openings allow easy access to the toys.
  • Easy to install.
  • Affordably priced.
  • The plastic smells a little bit.
All in all, this is a great product, especially because of its easy installation and large capacity. You can store all of your kids toys here safely without any risk of mildew and mold. I’d highly recommend this product to you.

What to Look for When Buying Bath Toy Storage


Now that you have known the best bath toy storage available in the market, it’s time to purchase. When I wanted to purchase a bath toy storage for my kid, I did a lot of research. That’s why, I thought of including all the information here, to help you purchase the appropriate bath toy scoop storage.

1. Storage capacity

It’s better to get a baby bath storage that does not consume much space. Otherwise, you will need to find another area to keep it. The main objective of the scoop toy organizer is to ensure that it accommodates all the toys.

In addition, the bath kneeler must not take more space. Even after keeping the bathtub in your bathroom, it should have enough space like you had initially.

2. The size of the bath toy storage

Make sure that you consider the size of the bath toy storage before buying. I made a mistake as I forgot to consider the size and got the wrong one for my child. It was small, and he was not able to play comfortably, and also all the toys, like a scoop, etc., were hard to accommodate.

Again, I need to purchase a new one but ensure that you do not commit this mistake. If your child has a lot of toys, it would be better to get a bigger one so that it accommodates all the toys.

3. Convenient to use

I do not want to get something that my child doesn’t like. You must keep this consideration as kids are sensitive, and if they do not like something, they will not use it.

Thus, it is always better to keep their choices in mind while buying. With that, they will be interested in using the toy again and again.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What is bath toy storage?

First of all, do you know what a bath storage basket is? Bath toy storage is the unit kept in the bathroom and can be easily assessed during bath time. Not only that, but the toy also can get dried out quickly.

Suppose if you are putting the bath toys in a simple box, the excess water flows out of it. As a result, there is a risk of your child getting hurt if he falls. Keeping that in mind, I was skeptical while purchasing a bath toy container, as I don’t want my child to get hurt.

Apart from having enough space to keep the toys in a bath toy storage, there should be a good ventilation system as well. With that, there won’t be any bad smell, and proper air circulation will help in drying.

2. What are the different types of bath toy storage?

Well, being a parent, you need to know that a variety of bath toy storage options are available. I will give you a brief idea

  • Scoop and store

The top-rated bath toy storage comes with a push-lock super-strong suction cup that can be securely mounted to fiberglass tub walls and tiles. It is a high-quality toy organizer and is easy and fun for a little one to put in toys.

The mesh fabric of the toy organizer increases airflow, preventing mold and mildew. I loved the bath toy organizer, and even my child got excited after getting it. After he finishes playing with it, he will keep all the toys inside.

  • Storage Net

The bath storage net is an excellent bath toy storage organizer and is a convenient one. The bath toy storage no mold lets water drainage, and it looks good. Two clear suction cups are present on the bath toy storage used to attach it to the wall. I find that it looks like a fishing net.

  • A storage basket

The best bath toy storage is like an organizer storage basket, holding soap, shampoo, toys, etc. Your kids can play on it during their bath time, and the bath toy organizers have adjustable length features.

The bath toy holder has holes through which the water can flow on the bathroom floor. Even though I didn’t prefer buying this bath toy storage option, it is quite popular among kids.

Well, these are some of the varieties of bath toy storage ideas to choose from. keep them in mind while you get one for your kiddo.

3. Why do you need a bath toy organizer?

It is a good question as you should know why you are getting a boon bath toy storage? The munchkin bath toy organizer will help in keeping toys in one place.

Also, the bath toy storage lets water flow while keeping the toys dry. As a result, it is easy to clean the toys, and there is no risk that water will trip and your child will get hurt.

Investing in a bath toy bin is definitely a good idea, and the toys are a money-back guarantee. Thus, even if there is any defect, getting a replacement is not at all difficult.

4. How does it work?

The way that a bath toy storage works mostly depends on the one you are purchasing. If it is a tub, you need to simply keep it at one corner or side of the bathroom. If it has suction cups, you can hang them on the bathroom wall. When buying a storage solution, always check how it works. For example, there is no point in purchasing a splash bath toy organizer that comes with a complicated working system.

5. What are some features of a good bath toy storage?

  • Space saving quality

A great product can have adhesive strips, that permits you to keep them on the walls. As a result, it does not consume any extra space. You will not have any additional problems with having to arrange more space in the bathroom!

  • Airflow and drainage

The base of the tub cubby must have holes, as it will help in the easy flowing of water. It also provides free air circulation which allows for quick drying. Therefore, while buying a store bath, verifying that the content has holes is essential.

  • Tile texture

I would want you to know that if you purchase heavy-duty bath storage, it would be difficult for you to carry it from one corner to another. Additionally, pulling the heavy bath toy storage solution can leave marks on your tiles.

That’s why, I preferred purchasing a toy scoop that comes with suction cups. With that, I did not face any problem in shifting the storage capacity.

If you purchase something like a skip hop or mesh bag, there is no chance of marks on the tiles. A good storage product should not incur any damage to your tiles!

6. How easy is it to remove?

Purchase a kids bath toy storage something like whale pod as such kinds help in storing in removing if required. If you are planning to get baskets, ensure that it’s lightweight, and you can take it out on your own whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions


I thought to list a few questions that parents come across while purchasing bath toy storage for the first time. Hopefully, this information will clear your doubts, and you can ultimately decide which would be great for your little munchkin.

1. What are the most trusted bath toy storage brands?

The most trusted bath toy storage brands are Munchkin Store, Tub Cubby, Ubbi Store, Boon Store, Comfylife Store, Skip Hop Store, and OXO Toy. You will come across many other brands when you look at the choices available in the market. For example, you can also opt for products under the category like the bath toy storage ikea. Ultimately, make sure you choose the most attractive and functional one.

2. How do I keep my bath toys from getting moldy?

To keep your bath toys from getting moldy, ensure that there is enough flow of air. Suppose if you purchase a munchkin super scoop, it will have enough airflow. As a result, there is no extra amount of water stuck in it. Otherwise, it will get moldy.

3. Where should I store my bath toys?

Well, It is better to keep bath toys in the bathroom only. My child plays with the rubber duckies before going to take a bath. Once he is done, I keep all the things on the divider panel toy storage. There is no point in taking the toys to your kid’s room and keeping it in the toy bin as he will play with them every day.

4. How often should you throw away bath toys?

Well, it depends on the condition of the bath toys that your child is using. Usually, if I see that it has become a little bad in texture, I prefer getting a new one. When I get a new toy, it also makes my child happier. So, if you want to buy new toys, there is no need for you to wait for them to spoil.

5. Where to buy?

Now that you have planned to purchase a bath storage toy for your child, you can look at the collection available at Amazon. Even though different websites sell the products, it’s better to get the bath toy storage from Amazon.

6. Can I trust online reviews present on websites?

I went through all the online reviews posted on the websites. You know these reviews provided by people help you understand which toy can be a better choice. Thus, the right reviews can affect your purchasing power also.

7. How much should I keep my budget for such toy storage?

It is a personal decision, but I suggest you purchase bath toy storage that is safe. If you buy something, you should be sure that the toy does not harm your child in any way. Therefore, if you need to spend a bit more, do not hesitate.

8. Is it necessary to get toy storage?

Well, whether you want toy storage as a necessity is a personal choice, but I would urge you to buy one. It will help you keep all the toys after your kids have completed playing with them. If not, your kids might also drop the toys here and there, creating a mess.


With your children playing with toys, foam letters, and splaying water, it makes the bathroom quite messy. If you get the best bath toy storage, not only will it make your child happier, but the space will look clean.

You can also hang the storage organizer on the bathroom wall and teach them to put away toys. In that way, kids will also learn to keep things in a more organized way. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you! All the best!

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  • NO MORE MOLDY TOYS! Our super strong mesh net makes for the ideal bath toys organizer because the netting is specially spaced so that plenty of air...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS + FREE REPLACEMENTS: Unlike some of the other bathroom organizer nets, we include 6 super strong suction cups instead of just 4....
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE BUNDLE! Not only do you get the best possible quality mash nets, we also include fun & educational Alphabet bath toys. These baby...
  • MULTI-USE ORGANIZER: This is the bathroom storage and organization solution you’ve been waiting for! The large pocket is perfect for kids’ toys...
  • AND IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT, YOU DON’T PAY! As a small business, we want to make sure all our customers are totally happy with their products. So if...
Woby Baby Bath Toys Cute Unicorn Spray Toys Bathroom Rubber Floating Bathtub Squirt Toys for Toddlers Infants 6-12 Months Girl Ideal Gifts Value Pack...
  • Safe Materials &Safe for Kids:Unicorn Family Bath Squirters toy sets are made from durable and non-toxic rubber material. BPA-free toy.Pass authority...
  • Adorable Unicorn Design:The Unicorn Family Bathtub Toy Set includes a mother unicorn and three babies,What could be more fun for little bathers than...
  • Rich Functions:The unicorn mother can squeeze funny sounds and unicorn babies can spray water,It can attract the attention of the baby, relieve a...
  • Perfect Size Toy for Babies:Soft material with smooth edge,they are perfect size for toddlers to hold. perfect size of each bath toy allows babies...
  • Great Value&Baby Gift:Not just a bathtime toy, but also as a water toy for pool, indoor & outdoor. The water unicorn squirt bath toy will be the best...
Tub Cubby Original Bath Toy Storage - Hanging Bath Toy Holder, with Suction & Adhesive Hooks, 30"x23" Mesh Net Shower Caddy for Kids Bathroom Decor,...
  • Easy Bath Tub Organization - Keep all of your child's favorite baby bath essentials within reach in a durable mesh bath toys holder. The Tub Cubby toy...
  • 2 Hook Options Included - Smooth surfaces: Use heavy-duty locking suction cups. Rough tile: Use 3M adhesive hooks. Extra hooks for hanging loofahs &...
  • Easy to Clean & Fast Drying - The multiple pouches and mesh design ensure ample airflow to allow toys to dry completely. Great replacement for a baby...
  • Safe & Soft - BPA-free non-toxic mesh bag shower caddy is double-stitched for durability, with lifetime guarantee. Bonus BPA-Free Rubber Duck!
  • Beyond The Bath - Uses everywhere include kids rooms, toy holder room, car activities, RVs, laundry rooms and so much more.
Skip Hop Bath Toy Storage, Moby Stowaway Bucket, Grey
  • Keep tub toys organized, dry & within reach with our handy bath toy bucket. Featuring large drainage holes at the bottom with a separate standing base...
  • Large bottom drainage holes for quick drying & air flow
  • Separate standing base catches excess water
  • Easy-grab handle
  • Size (inches): 13.3L x 9.4W x 8H; (cm): 33.78L x 23.87W x 20.32H
Munchkin® High 'n Dry™ Corner Bath Toy Organizer and Storage, Grey
  • Keep bath time cool, calm and collected with this organizer that keeps bath toys contained and off the tub floor
  • Compact corner design maximizes bath toy space and storage (toys Not included)
  • Mesh fabric helps water drain out while increasing air flow, so toys dry quickly
  • Non-slip suction cups firmly adhere to most smooth bath and shower surfaces
  • Works best on smooth surfaces - avoid grout lines and textures. Included mounting discs help suction cups attach to textured or porous surfaces.
CHERABOO Bath Toy Storage, Hurley Hippo Bath Toy Holder, Bath Toys for Toddlers 1-3, Bathroom Toy Storage, Bathtub Organizers and Storage, Bath Toy...
  • Engaging & Efficient: Transform clean-up into a playful moment with Hurley Hippo's bath toys for toddlers 1-3. The bath toy holder ensures your...
  • Superior Suction Stability: Our bath toy organizer for tub features advanced 'LIMPET LOCK' suction shower caddy cups for unparalleled grip on smooth...
  • Hygienic & Quick-Drying: The mesh bath toy holder design allows for swift drying, ensuring playthings are sanitary. This bath toy organizer is an...
  • Sanitary Storage Solution: Keep bath time toys in check with our easy-to-clean baby bath organizer, the perfect bathtub toy holder for maintaining a...
LUFOFOX Bath Toy Storage Organizer Basket, 3 Layers Colorful Robot Modeling Wall Mounted Kids Hanging Shower Caddy with Hooks for Shampoo
  • RELIABLE MATERIAL: Odourless plastic is the raw material for this set bathtub toy holder. Bath toy organizer is strong and durable, not easy to break,...
  • DETACHABLE DESIGN:The hanging bath toy holder can be detached into 3 separate baskets, the size of each bath toy bin is 8.9*6.1*5.3 inches, they can...
  • COLORFUL ROBOT APPEARANCE: Bath tub toy holder's beautiful colors and interesting robot shapes are especially suitable for children to distinguish...
  • TWO HANGING MODES: Each set of tub toy holder provides 3 pairs of non stick plastic hooks and 3 pairs of traceless wall hooks, and can select the...
  • WIDELY USAGE&CLEANING: In bathroom, as kids bathroom accessories can put bath toys, shampoo, toiletries, towel, toilet paper, etc. In toy room, they...
Quick Scoop Mesh Bath Toy Organizer for Tub with YKK Zipper,Multiple Ways to Hang, Ultra Large Capacity & Large Opening, Bathroom Toy Holder, Baby...
  • ZIPPER DESIGN: Use the world's best zipper brand-YKK, toys can be washed with this mesh bag, the bottom zipper design makes the toy more convenient to...
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO HANG: You can use it to hang behind the door, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you want ( 4 free hooks )
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Round bottom design, capacity increased by 70%, can accommodate all your baby bath toys, keep the bathroom tidy.
  • SCOOPING TOYS: The product has a spooning handle, which can quickly organize the toys in the bathtub and keep it tidy.
  • NEW FABRIC: Safe and healthy, strong, durable, stretch-resistant, fast drying, and can maintain its shape even when heavy items are placed.