17 Best Toy Vacuum Cleaners for Kids 2023 – Chores & Organization

Toy vacuums are special and entertaining toy. They are a great way to get children interested in chores and organization from an early age. Moreover, it also helps kids’ brains work by engaging in pretend play and make-believe. I think that realistic toys can help kids have lots of fun.

Top Pick
Casdon Dyson Ball / Miniature Dyson Ball Replica For Children Aged 3+ / With Twist and Turn Action For Realistic Role-Play Fun
Second Best
Fisher-Price Toddler Toy Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum Musical Push Along for Pretend Play Infants Ages 1+ Years​
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Kidzlane Kids Vacuum | Dyson Kids Vacuum | Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Toddlers | Kids Cleaning Set with Sound Effects & Ball-Popping Action | Pretend Play...
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LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum, Pink
Casdon Dyson Ball / Miniature Dyson Ball Replica For Children Aged 3+ / With Twist and Turn Action For Realistic Role-Play Fun
Fisher-Price Toddler Toy Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum Musical Push Along for Pretend Play Infants Ages 1+ Years​
Kidzlane Kids Vacuum | Dyson Kids Vacuum | Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Toddlers | Kids Cleaning Set with Sound Effects & Ball-Popping Action | Pretend Play...
LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum, Pink
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Top Pick
Casdon Dyson Ball / Miniature Dyson Ball Replica For Children Aged 3+ / With Twist and Turn Action For Realistic Role-Play Fun
Casdon Dyson Ball / Miniature Dyson Ball Replica For Children Aged 3+ / With Twist and Turn Action For Realistic Role-Play Fun
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Fisher-Price Toddler Toy Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum Musical Push Along for Pretend Play Infants Ages 1+ Years​
Fisher-Price Toddler Toy Laugh & Learn Light-Up Learning Vacuum Musical Push Along for Pretend Play Infants Ages 1+ Years​
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Kidzlane Kids Vacuum | Dyson Kids Vacuum | Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Toddlers | Kids Cleaning Set with Sound Effects & Ball-Popping Action | Pretend Play...
Kidzlane Kids Vacuum | Dyson Kids Vacuum | Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Toddlers | Kids Cleaning Set with Sound Effects & Ball-Popping Action | Pretend Play...
Don't Miss
LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum, Pink
LeapFrog Pick Up and Count Vacuum, Pink
Amazon Prime

A child can imitate their parents and grow a lot through that process. By getting them one of the best toy vacuum cleaners for kids, you will give them the tools they need to be creative and expressive. This kid’s toy vacuum will be one of the most beloved and entertaining members of their vacuum collection.

Comparison Table:

I know that a lot of parents are new to buying toys. When I started shopping online, I was just blown away by the sheer number of choices available. This is my main motivation to provide new toy buyers with a reliable and in-depth guide that you can use while you are shopping for the best toy vacuums for kids.


Top Picks Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Kids

In this section, I have compiled some detailed reviews of the top 14 toy vacuums that you can find online and offline for your child. Keep in mind that these evaluations are a result of my personal experiences with the toy. Hope that helps you!

1. Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner

A Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum cleaner is probably one of the most staple household items. It is present in e American home. So if you want your tiny tot to enjoy some fun realistic roleplay, then a Dyson toy vacuum would indeed be a good idea.

What I love most about this toy vacuum cleaner is the remarkable attention to detail that the makers have devoted to it. It looks exactly like the vacuum I have in my home, which is why my little child loves it so much. While developing some essential life skills, your toddler can also work on their overall hand-eye coordination.

I also adore that this toy vacuum cleaner has a working suction system. This is actually powerful enough to pick up little pieces of paper, fluff, beads and more. Hence, your toddler will have loads of fun helping you out any mess.

Apart from the impressive suction power, this dyson ball vacuum also comes with sounds. This makes the playtime much more fun and realistic. The innovative cyclone action and the realistic sounds are great for teaching children about cause and effect as well. Last but not least, this unit requires 3 AA batteries for operation but these batteries do not come with the set.

The only issue I have with the kids dyson vacuum is that the handle comes off a lot. This can be frustrating for a toddler – especially if it comes off suddenly.
  • Realistic design for realistic playtime.
  • Develops some essential social skills.
  • High suction power for fun.
  • Sounds are powerful.
  • Handle comes off suddenly.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries but not are not included with the product.
This kids vacuum cleaner is worth buying simply because of its realistic design and its working suction design. The realistic sounds are a fun addition too. Since, as parents, you would love recommending you to own this one for your child.

2. Fisher-Price Light Up Vacuum Cleaner

I recently got this Fisher-Price light up toy vacuum cleaner as a birthday present for my friend’s daughter, and oh my! she just plays with it all the time. This Fisher-Price toy vacuum cleaner is a great vacuum for intelligent and imaginative children who like playing.

The best way to let children develop is to just provide them with educational toys and give them a reasonable amount of free reign. Additionally, studies have shown that pretend to play with realistic toys helps kids to be more vocal, social and capable of problem solving. Playing with this Fisher-Price kids toys vacuum also helps in enhancing the kid’s hand-eye coordination. Hence, I think that all parents would love having one of these vacuum toys.

I love how this vacuum is just loaded with a bunch of songs, rhymes and music that give your child a head start in their academics. With the help of this Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn toy, your child can learn all about numbers, alphabets, colours, etc. in a fun and entertaining way. The buttons are also loads of fun, as your children will learn to press them thus developing their receptive power.

This Fisher-Price vacuum push toy can also help develop your child’s gross motor skills and their cognitive processing. You can speed up their development by giving them instructions, and they’ll follow along and clean the house with you. Finally, just like the previous item, this toy vacuum requires 3 AA batteries for running.

The vacuum push toy is small in size, so I would recommend you not to get this if your child is rather tall for their age.
  • Helps in cognitive development.
  • Helps in learning alphabets, colours, etc.
  • Promotes motor skills.
  • Buttons and music are entertaining.
  • Small in size.
The range of music, rhymes, etc. installed in this vacuum push toy is impressive, making it toy vacuums for kids for an imaginative and demonstrative toddler.

3. Casdon Cord-Free Toy Vacuum Cleaner

This is possibly my favorite toy vacuum cleaner globally, and I love it so much because of its design. When I saw this toy and its features, I knew I had to get it for my child.

The Dyson toy vacuum purple and grey colors are also realistic, which allow your children to have an authentic practice during playtime. By engaging in realistic role play, your children can develop their social skills and imagination. This will actually be helpful later on while you are seeking admission to a well-known primary school or kindergarten.

I would like to mention that this Dyson toy vacuum looks and works exactly like the real thing and it also has an impressive amount of suction power. It has a working cyclone and suction effect – making it an awesome toy vacuum that picks up stuff like paper, etc. On the other hand, the toy can be attached and used in many ways, which will develop key problem-solving skills.

Another thing I like about these toy vacuums is that it comes with lovely sounds, but they aren’t too loud. My kids can enjoy playing with the vacuum cleaner toy without me having to go through a painful toy-induced migraine.

The only problem I have with this Dyson vacuum toy is that it needs three AA batteries to work, which are neither eco-friendly nor cheap.
  • Authentic and realistic design.
  • Develops social skills and imagination.
  • Suction power can pick up small pieces.
  • The volume is loud enough without being annoying.
  • The design and function look like the real thing.
  • AA batteries are required.
To sum up, I’d like to say that this Dyson toy vacuum’s realistic design and innovative suction power make it a valuable purchase.

4. Black + Decker Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a kids’ vacuum that really works, then this handheld dust buster model is a great buy. This one is highly recommended by many parents for its great benefits. It is affordable and is also the perfect size for small houses. Not to forget that it has real suction and immersive sounds so that your child can have loads of fun.

This toy’s interior is filled with a bunch of poly beads, which all whirl around when the button is pressed. The toy also makes an exciting sound effect. This will make the play practice immersive and fascinating. This handheld vacuum is unique and will let your children play “house” with a degree of realism.

I firmly believe that teaching children about my daily experiences is a great way to introduce them to the world of chores. It also teaches them valuable life skills and helps them to be more responsible. Your little helper can now imitate what you do around the house. When they are older, they can take responsibility and help you out.

This kids’ vacuum cleaner is also unique and I am sure you will love the compact design of the toy. This handheld dust buster is the perfect toy for imaginative little kids who just want to have fun.

The only gripe I have about this kids working vacuum is that it can be too loud. So sometimes, it can be slightly annoying.
  • Immersive poly beads are cute.
  • Has a perfect size for a small house.
  • Compact design is attractive.
  • Teaches imagination and valuable life skills.
  • Sounds are realistic and immersive.
  • Too loud.
This toy vacuum set is considered as the best toy vacuum cleaners for kids, simply because of its compact design and useful features.

5. Play22 Kids Vacuum Cleaner Toy

I was looking up toy vacuums for kids and I discovered this adorable model made by Play22. The first thing that you’ll notice about this toy is its innovative design. It is brightly colored and fits with wheels and an adorably shaped handle to provide kids with maximum flexibility.

This toy vacuum for toddlers is loaded to the brim with fun features that make kids love it instantly. It is equipped with light effects and sound effects, which make playtime fun and memorable. The sounds and music made by the hand vacuum are realistic – they also help engross kids and keep them busy.

Kids are enthusiastic and curious by nature. My children always want to engage in pretend-play sessions. This toy is also perfect for make believe and role play, and will also help your kids develop their imagination skills.

I also think that a toy like this is a wonderful way of introducing small children to chores and tasks they’ll need to learn later on. Introducing them to it via toys is a clever and effective method.

The only issue that I have with this particular toy vacuum model is that I think it is too overpriced.
  • Innovative design and colours are attractive.
  • Light and sounds are immersive.
  • Perfect for role play and imagination.
  • Can teach life practices and chores.
  • Slightly too expensive.
All in all, if you are looking for the best toy vacuums for kids, I would recommend you to get this children’s vacuum cleaner because of its design and immersive features.

6. Casdon Little Henry Toy Vacuum

I was looking for a kids’ working vacuum when I came across this Little Henry vacuum toy made by Casdon. This has a memorable toy with a functional and attractive design, which will instantly make this your kids’ absolute favourite toy. It is the cutest little toy vacuum I’ve seen.

Let me tell you that this is a toy vacuum that works and is fully capable of picking up little scraps of paper and other small items. The items are all sucked into the machine and stored in a removable drawer to be used again and again. The drawer is accessible and can be cleaned easily too.

The cord of this toy hand vacuum can be reeled in, exactly like a real vacuum cleaner would. All of the accessories that come along with this toy can be stored easily, without any hassle at all. Your children can have a fun time playing with this toy and imitating you. I would like to mention that this Little Henry vacuum toy gives them valuable life skills too.

Walking around the house and pretending to clean can also help in developing the gross motor skills of your tiny tot. Pressing the buttons and handling the hose also help develop their hand-eye and muscular coordination.

One small drawback of this Little Henry vacuum toy is the tube is clear, so it can get kinked up if it is bent too far.
  • Has functional and attractive design.
  • Can pick up small pieces of paper.
  • Removable dust drawer for future use.
  • Develops motor skills and coordination.
  • The tube gets kinked up.
This Little Henry vacuum set is a wonderful vacuum, and I would recommend you to buy it for your little helper simply because of its design. It also comes with beautiful bonus features.

7. Kidzlane Handheld Toy Vacuum Cleaner

This is an eye-catching toy vacuum cleaner that you and your kids will fall in love with the moment you take it out of the box. It has a lovely design and loads of functionalities – even though it’s priced affordably. What’s more, you can teach your child all about cleaning up!

Personally, my favourite feature of this vacuum is the four unique brush arrangements that it comes with. Just like a real vacuum cleaner, this toy comes with a carpet brush, a wood brush, a bristle brush and a crevice duster. These features will help your child emulate you and start to do their chores in the guise of pretend play.

I would also like to talk about the vacuum cleaner sounds built into this vacuum, which are loud enough to provide kids with auditory stimulation. At the same time, it is not too loud and noisy – and it won’t disturb you at all. Before I forget, the vacuum also has popping foam balls inside it, which try to replicate a real hand vacuum.

Last but not least, you can be assured to let your kids have fun with this cleaning set. Since this vacuum and all its parts are made of safe BPA-free plastic, which is 100% safe and durable. That is why it has passed many rigorous safety standard tests implemented by organizations like USTM and ISO.

However, the plastic is of great quality but it does feel a little flimsy – so you have to be careful!
  • Attractive design and lots of functions!
  • Comes with 4 unique brush arrangements.
  • Realistic sounds are entertaining but not disturbing.
  • Made of durable BPA-free plastic.
  • It is rather flimsy.
I think that the realistic sounds and the popping balls are really great. Apart from that, the 4 additional brush arrangements is also a cool and interesting feature.

8. Minnie Mouse Clean Vacuum Cleaner

If your children are fans of Minnie Mouse and Disney, then this Minnie Bowtique toy vacuum cleaner would be the perfect toy vacuums set for you. This might be a child’s toy vacuum cleaner, but it comes with a ton of functions and advantages. This Minnie Bowtique vacuum will keep your child busy and happy.

Growing up, I was a huge Disney fan and I have to say – I just ADORE the functional design of this Minnie Bowtique Vacuum. The vacuum is also fit with Minnie’s iconic hair bow – which actually lights up as you play. The toy makes realistic sounds too.

When your child pushes the vacuum, the poly beads inside the toy will swirl around – like dust would in a real vacuum. The wheels on this vacuum also make it easy to maneuver around the room.

The device also comes in two modes – a “Try Me” mode and an “On” mode. The first mode is great if you’re introducing the vacuum to your child for the first time. The second one is great for regular use.

This Minnie Bowtique vacuum is perfect for any child aged 3 years old and older, because some of the small pieces can be choking hazards. The mode-switching buttons are on the bottom of the vacuum, and initially I was confused by the poor design.
  • Comes with lots of features for fun.
  • Adorable Minnie Mouse design is cute.
  • Makes fun light and sounds.
  • Two modes for kids’ convenience.
  • Poor toy design.
This Minnie Bowtique is a toy with an innovative and recognizable Disney design, which is the best reason to order the toy if you have a young Minnie Mouse fan in the house.

9. Casdon Dyson DC-14 Toy Vacuum Cleaner

This kids’ Dyson vacuum cleaner toy is fabulous toy vacuums – and it has a sleek and realistic design. It is the perfect toy vacuums set for older kids who like to emulate the actions of their parents. They need the best toys to help them develop during these crucial formative years.

This is an exact and to-scale toy replica of the Dyson DC-14 vacuum cleaner, which is one of the world’s most popular toy vacuums. It has a gorgeous design – with purple and red bands that capture the essence of this brand vacuum cleaners. It also has a vortex design for an extra realistic experience.

This is a real vacuum, since it is equipped with real suction capabilities that are strong enough to pick up small pieces of paper, foam balls, etc. Furthermore, this suction feature is attached to a detachable wand that can be taken out and fit back in. Its size and colour scheme makes it the perfect vacuum for a growing toddler.

I would recommend parents to get your child this cleaning set with great settings as part of a complete cleaning set. This helps them engage in realistic make-believe and pretend play, all of which will help with their physical and cognitive development.

The coil extension of the vacuum is short, which can be frustrating for an active and energetic toddler.
  • Realistic Dyson DC-14 replica design.
  • Vortex section with sounds for immersive experience.
  • Real suction capabilities for extra fun.
  • Helps in developing imagination.
  • The cord is too short.
This vacuum has an attractive design and a ton of cool features such as real vacuum suction, poly bead vortex, etc. It is a fun toy so that parents should order one of these for their kids. I would say it is the perfect toy vacuum that really picks up.

10. PlayGo 2 in 1 Toy Vacuum Cleaner

The PlayGo 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner toy is perfect for little kids who like to copy what their parents do. My youngest was especially naughty at this stage, which is why I got him a lot of cute toys so that he’d be occupied. Moreover, these toys will keep your child happy.

I like this device a lot because of its fun 2 in 1 stick vacuum design. One of the sections of the vacuum toy can be removed and reattached. This section comes with real sounds and suction and can be used as a handheld vacuum. It can be reattached and the entire thing can be used once again as a full-fledged vacuum cleaner.

There is a “dust catcher” that this PlayGo 2 in 1 toy is fit with, which is just a vortex that swirls with paper pieces. This kind of feature makes the vacuum much more attractive and fun – especially if you have a naughty little kid who just refuses to calm down. The swirling beads are cool and help calm kids down.

Last of all, I would also like to talk about the colour and design of this vacuum. It is nothing special – but the colours are bright, which a little child would love. It is durable and chunky, plus affordably priced.

The wheels that this PlayGo 2 in 1 toy comes with are weird – they started to squeak after only a little bit of use.
  • 2 in 1 vacuum design is fun and immersive.
  • Sound effects are nice.
  • Vortex is calming and entertaining.
  • Chunky design perfect for kids.
  • The wheels squeak loudly.
Let me tell you that this one is a solid and dependable vacuum. It has a bunch of entertaining features and is priced affordably – making it a worthwhile purchase.

11. Theo Klein Miele Toy Vacuum Cleaner

The Theo Klein cleaning trolley set is just perfect if you want to give your child an authentic way to express themselves and be imaginative. This toy set is actually a bit pricey, but I think it is good value for money – it is high quality and durable.

The set comes with a Miele children’s vacuum cleaner toy that looks and sounds exactly like a real vacuum. It is significantly smaller and lighter than a real vacuum cleaner – and is great for pretend play around the house. This toy set contains 1 vacuum cleaner, which doesn’t have any suction power. However, it comes with some great sounds.

Apart from the vacuum cleaner toy, the toy set also has a trolley equipped with a pair of high quality plastic wheels. The trolley is equipped with buckets, mops, scrubs, and all the other things your kiddo will need to clean up the house nicely. I think that toy sets like these are the best way to introduce kids to chores.

I should tell you beforehand that some of the items in this toy set will need assembly before your child can play with them. The included assembly instructions are easy and shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

The only issue I have with this toy set is that it can be too pricey for some parents.
  • Realistic toy vacuum with real sounds for pretend play.
  • Cleaning trolley loaded with realistic accessories.
  • Easy to assemble – no more than 10 minutes.
  • Made of durable and high quality plastic.
  • Slightly overpriced.
I love this toy set and I feel it’s the toy vacuum that really works. I’m sure you will too once you see the cool set of items and accessories that are included in it.

12. Melissa and Doug Toy Vacuum Cleaner

I am an enormous fan of Melissa and Doug toy vacuums – that is why my kids have almost all of the toys that they make as part of their wooden toy line. I was excited to try out the wooden toy vacuum cleaner – which is just adorable and so special.

The entire vacuum is made of extremely high quality wood, which is highly durable and resistant to all forms of moisture, heat, etc. The wood has been worked expertly and the craftsmanship of the vacuum is impressive. Moreover, the vacuum has been painted and decked out in a way that is tasteful, realistic and immersive for the best experience.

The best feature of this toy is its realism, even though it is made entirely out of wood. The handle of the vacuum tilts and the dial on its body actually clicks and turns as well. This vacuum also comes with several wooden pieces that look like pretzels, clips, papers, etc. They’re picked up and deposited in the vacuum’s container.

One of the crucial things I would mention is that the toy line is the perfect way to introduce kids to life experiences and important responsibilities such as chores, cleaning and much more. By playing right now, they will be able to do all this stuff when they are older.

The vacuum is easy enough to assemble, but the instructions are confusing. This made the assembly process long for me.
  • Made of extremely high quality wood.
  • Designed to be extremely realistic.
  • It picks up wooden pieces for real.
  • Introduces kids to chores, cleaning and much more.
  • Assembly instructions are confusing.
To sum up, I think that this Melissa and Doug toy vacuum is an endearing toy vacuums set- mainly due to its gorgeous design. I also love the simplicity of the functions.

13. LeapFrog Toy Vacuum Cleaner

This pick up and count vacuum cleaner toy is a wonderful way to get kids introduced to numbers, colours and more at a young age. It has a unique design and colour – which your children fall in love with immediately.

It’s made of sturdy materials. There are 6 unique learning modes built and programmed into this vacuum, which your kiddo can learn about basic academic concepts like numbers, letters, colours, etc. There is also a light-up dial that flashes different colours – this will engross your child and keep them happy. Also, the vacuum canister is filled with poly beads and bouncing balls for fun.

Another thing I love about this vacuum is the tiltable handle, which can be adjusted according to the height of your child. It is a vacuum that will grow with your child, making it a reasonable and worthwhile purchase. It comes with a set of “dust pieces” that can be vacuumed up. The vacuum can even recognize the colour.

There is an attached “dust bin” built into the vacuum which collects the “dust pieces” during playtime. There is enough storage space for all the dust pieces and other accessories to fit inside. Hence, it is no doubt that this vacuum is perfect for pretend play. Last but not least, one notable thing for you is that this toy vacuum needs 4 AA batteries for operating.

I have to tell you that this vacuum can be difficult to use if your home has a carpeted floor.
  • Functional design and durable materials.
  • Fun audio-visual elements for stimulation and entertainment.
  • Adjustable handle grows with the child.
  • Dust pieces that can be cleaned up.
  • Unsuitable for carpets.
This is a terrific vacuum, mainly because of its multiple learning modes and in-built nursery songs. The dust buster function is also entertaining and educational.

14. PlayGo Light Up Vacuum Cleaner Toy

This vacuum cleaner toy is a fantastic toy vacuums set which I fell in love with because of its lovely colour. The mint and gray combination is super cute and soothing, and my children love it too.

The vacuum is equipped with light and sounds that are exciting and engrossing. When you push the toy, it lights up and makes fun sound effects. It is a toy vacuum that actually cleans, and is fully capable of sucking up small pieces of paper and other light stuff.

Talking about the stand, it is fully upright, which makes the vacuum easy to store away. The toy handle is flexible and can tilt and move as much as you like without breaking. My children love running over the house and pretending to clean. There’s also a removable cleaning case that can be emptied/filled.

Well, the bottom of the vacuum is fitted with a pretend rotary brush, which is so realistic I thought that it was real at first glance. All of these features above make this toy a valuable purchase for any energetic little kid.

This vacuum needs C batteries to work properly, but the problem is that the battery power does not last long.
  • Exciting colour combo and design.
  • Adjustable and flexible handle for convenience.
  • Light and sounds are engrossing.
  • The real suction power is great.
  • C batteries are required and it doesn’t last long.
All in all, I think that this is a pretty good toy – especially because of its realistic features and light and sounds. The colour combo is also lovely.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Vacuum Cleaners


Here is a list of some of the factors you should consider while you’re out shopping for best toy vacuum cleaner for kids. This information will help you to evaluate your options and make a reliable and solid choice.

1. Brand of the Toy:

Firstly, I would ask you to consider the brand of the toy before you make a decision. Brands like Casdon, LeapFrog and Play22 have some of the best products that I’ve ever seen. You can be assured that their products are of the best quality.

2. Type of the Toy:

I would also recommend you give some thought to the type of vacuum cleaner toy you are looking for. If you’re looking for something simple but functional, then Melissa and Doug is a great choice. Theo Klein is perfect if you want something sophisticated.

3. Functions of the Toy:

Next, you have to think about the kind of features the toy is offering. Does it have light and sound effects? Does it have real suction? Can it be used to emulate a realistic cleaning session in any way? These questions are also important.

4. Price of the Toy:

You also have to give a lot of thought to the price of the toy. It is not a good idea to overspend on toys, which is why you have to do some research and think of your budget before you even go out shopping.

5. Materials of the Toy:

I would also ask you to consider the material of the toy that you’re going to buy. Usually, these toys are made of durable plastic – which is cheap and strong. If you want something different, like a wooden toy, you should check out Melissa Doug.

6. Age of the Child:

While you’re buying toys, you also have to think about the age of the child you are shopping for. A small toddler who is 12-18 months old would enjoy a simple and fun toy. Older kids would enjoy something more sophisticated and fun.

7. Preferences of the Child:

The vacuum that you buy should also make your child happy. You have to take into account the likes and dislikes of your children. If they like a particular TV show or movie, then you can buy toys that are based on that movie.

8. Safety of the Toy:

It is also important to pick a completely safe toy for your children to play with. You should pick something that is made of BPA-free and toxin-free plastic, so that your kiddo is perfectly safe. Make no compromises about kids’ safety.

9. Maintenance of the Toy:

I would also like to add that the ease of maintenance of the toy is also an important consideration that you have to make. It would help if you got something that consumes a low amount of battery power and is easy to clean. Storage is also important.

10. Batteries of the Toy:

This small factor should be mentioned here as depending on each vacuum cleaning set, they require different batteries for operation. For example, some need AA batteries, some need C batteries…. So it is quite vital to note what kinds of batteries that your vacuum set requires.

Other Important Factors to Consider


1. What is a toy vacuum cleaner?

A toy vacuum cleaner is a make believe toy that looks exactly like a vacuum cleaner. The best models are built to exactly resemble a miniature vacuum cleaner, such as the Dyson models made by Casdon. They are great for playing house and make-believe.

A toy vacuum cleaner is a great toy for children who want to participate in pretend play. Toys like these provide them with the impetus to give free rein to their imagination and free thinking skills. It is a great way for little kids to have some real fun.

The Casdon models are actually small-scale replicas of the actual Dyson vacuum cleaner, making it an exciting toy. Some of these toys are even equipped with real suction power, so that your child can pick up confetti, little pieces of paper and other light small stuff.

2. How does a toy vacuum cleaner actually work?

If the toy vacuum cleaner has real suction, it is equipped with a tiny motor. The motor spins a fan that creates a partial vacuum inside the cleaner. This negative pressure is then used to pick up small particles.

Apart from real suction, toy vacuums also come with eye-catching light and sound effects to make kids stimulated and entertained. These functions are powered with the help of an IC unit that has been built into the body of the vacuum. These functions are popular in all modern toys.

Some toy vacuums also come with playing modes that kids can use to learn more about colours and numbers. These playing modes are also powered with the help of IC units and microchips. Some rudimentary models are fit with magnets, so that they can imitate the real suction function nicely.

3. What are the different kinds of toy vacuums?

First of all, there are the replica models that are just small-scale reproductions of real Dyson products. These are the best models I know because of their high quality and realistic features. They are usually equipped with real suction also. You can also look for a dirt devil toy vacuum that really works.

Then, there are vacuum set cleaners that are meant exclusively for little kids. They don’t have many features, but they are designed to look innovative and simple to use. These can be used by little kids who want to practice pretend play and have fun with their playmates.

Apart from these types of vacuum set cleaners, there are also wooden vacuum cleaners which are available. The good versions of these toys come with a bunch of functions that you would not be able to see in the replica models. Your choice should rest on your kids’ preferences.

4. Why do you need a kid’s toy vacuum cleaner?

A kids’ toy vacuum cleaner will help your child to learn more about chores and responsibilities from a young age. I personally think that kids need to be introduced to such important tasks with the help of toys and games.

As parents, you know that pretend play is an important part of a child’s growth. When a child imitates their parents and tries to do stuff that they do, it means that they are growing. Parents should enable their children to develop and get them toys like these – so that they can play freely.

A vacuum like these will also help your children work on their gross motor skills. These physical skills are important and a vacuum like these help them to channel their energy in a constructive manner. Moreover, these vacuum cleaning sets offer many great educational content for your children and these content can also help them with school.

Frequently Asked Questions


Here is a compilation of some of the most FAQs that I receive from readers and curious parents. If you are new to buying toys, then I’d ask you to go through these FAQs. They will help to clear up any doubts you may have.

1. What are the most trusted toy vacuum brands?

I think that brands like Casdon, Fisher-Price, LeapFrog, Play22, etc. are some of the best brands for education and pretend to play toys like vacuum cleaners. They are trusted because of their industry presence and their experience in making toys like these.

2. Are toy vacuums safe for kids?

If you check out a dirt devil toy vacuum that actually works, you will discover that it is perfectly safe for kids who are 2 years old and older. Some toys have choking hazards for young kids. But they are generally 100% safe.

3. How should my kid use his toy vacuum cleaner?

Parents can scatter some confetti or paper balls on the floor and ask your kiddo to clean up the mess with their working vacuum set. By pressing a button and imitating their parents, a child can use the vacuum quite well.

4. Where can I buy a toy vacuum cleaner?

You can buy a toy vacuum cleaner in any toy store all over the country. You can also find these in department stores like Walmart and Target. Last but not least, you can also find these toys on Amazon.

5. How does a vacuum cleaner toy suction work?

Just like a real vacuum set cleaner, a toy vacuum cleaner is fit with a small motor that is connected to a fan. The fan spins at high speed and creates a negative pressure inside the vacuum which sucks in dust/paper.

6. Is pretend play healthy for kids?

Pretend play is actually important for growing kids. By emulating their parents and pretending to do tasks, your children’s problem solving skills are developed. Pretend play is also a great way for a child to socialize with their peers and elders. Hence, it is not surprising to know that this kind of toy is highly suggested by parents for their kids.

7. How can I clean a toy vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning up this toy vacuum is easy. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a disinfectant and a cloth after every play session. This simple task is all you need to do to keep the toy clean.


The best toy vacuum cleaners for kids is not just a playmate for your kid. We can call it a perfect aid for learning actions, and developing your kiddo’s motor skills. You can check out the reviews I have provided to go through and choose the best toy vacuum from that list itself. Hopefully, your buying experience would be great!

Kids Vacuum Cleaner Toy Set, Toy Vacuum Cleaner With Light Realistic Sounds & Whirling Stars, Pretend Role Play Household House Keeping Cleaning Play...
  • 👧【Pretend Role Play Cleaning Fun for Kids】Little ones adore role play and pretending that they are doing jobs around the house just like the...
  • 👦【Realistic Vacuum Sounds, Action & Fun Lights】Toy Vacuum Cleaner comes alive with realistic sounds, whirling stars & fun activities! Just like...
  • 👧【“TRY ME” / CONTINUOUS WORK】Removable Vacuum Cleaner designed with two modes.🌟“TRY ME”: Turn the switch to "TRY ME",then press...
  • 👦【Realistic Detail & Safety Material】Made of BPA-free, Non-toxic ABS plastic. Bright brilliant colors, smooth contours, an easy-to-grasp handle...
  • 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧【Including Cleaning Accessories】Kids cleaning set comes with a sprayer bottle and two cleaning cloths, they really work!...
Battat- Toy Vacuum Cleaner – Lights & Sounds Play Vacuum – Musical Vacuum Toy With 2 Songs- Pretend Play Chores & Activities- Clean n' Sing...
  • Toy Vacuum Cleaner: Have a ton of musical fun—this play vacuum cleaner comes with lights, sounds, and spinning beads!
  • Songs Included: Your kiddo can listen and sing along to 2 catchy tunes as they play!
  • Developmental Toy: As your kiddo pushes this play vacuum around, they’ll be developing their gross motor skills!
  • Age Recommendation: This toy vacuum cleaner is recommended for kids 2 years +.
  • Batteries Included: 3 x AAA batteries are required and included.
SUPER JOY Toy Kids Vacuum, Toy Vacuum Cleaner for Toddler with Lights & Sounds,Cord-Free Pretend Play Housekeeping Vacuum Toys with Working Suction,...
  • 【Toy Vacuum with Sounds & Light】Press the switch, and then press the vacuum button, start to play the vacuum cleaner with light & sounds effect....
  • 【Different Ways to Play】Its 3-in-1 design means kids can use it as a stick vacuum, hand vacuum or stair vacuum to meet various cleaning needs....
  • 【Encourage Kids To Clean House】Kids learn by imitation, kids can clean just like grown-ups! The kids vacuum cleaner can help children develop...
  • 【Excellent Gift for Toddler, Girls & Boys】Our kids vacuum toys make great gifts for encouraging screen-free, hands-on, and open-ended play. This...
  • 【Safe & Environmentally Friendly】Our kids vacuum made with premium and non-toxic plastic ABS materials, all of our toy vacuum are tested by an...
Battat- Play Circle- House Cleaning Set For Kids – Toy Vacuum – Hand Vacuum For Toddlers- Pretend Play – 3 years +
  • 2-in-1 pretend play vacuum cleaner sized perfectly for small hands and bigger imaginations!
  • Whirling beads and realistic vacuum sounds feels just like the real thing when rolling around the kitchen, rooms, and play areas.
  • The hand-held duster snaps into the upright vacuum for a variety of play options, and the dust cup full of swirling beads pops out so you can practice...
  • Includes: (1) upright toy vacuum cleaner, (1) pink hand-held duster, and (1) removable duster cup with “dust” beads.
  • Playing house teaches role play, develops fine motor skills, coordination, and encourages creativity.
PlayGo Pretend Play My Light Up Playset Cleaning Vacuum for Toddlers & Kids with Sound Effects Trolley Cart with Real Suction (3030)
  • ✔ removable vacuum cleaner bag will enhance the cleaning process and make it even more real. As parents ourselves, we realize the importance of...
  • ✔ the perfect gift for your future home Maker 24 months and up. This vacuum features a clicking button, knob and wheels.
  • ✔ children can enjoy hours of creative fun in a group setting with friends, as they learn to take turns to simulate the role of Mom or dad on Chore...
  • ✔ surprise your beloved ones and be appreciated forever! Perfect and unique gift idea, award, toy, prize. Pretend play toys that get your floors a...
  • ✔ colorful, durable plastic kit arrives with everything toddlers need for cleaning role play. Great for indoor & outdoor use.
NUOBESTY Floor Sweep Toy Robot, 1 Pc White Mopping Robot Kids Toy Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Pretend Role Play Toy for Kids Toddler Infant Boys Girls-...
  • 💗CAN MOVE LIKE REAL ONE- Our Mopping Robot Toy can move like a real floor sweep robot that you just need to put the battery in it. Not...
  • 💗HELP KIDS LOVE CLEANING - Simulate design and cute colour, strong floor sweep toy robot attraction to kids.
  • 💗EDUCATIONAL TOY- Great for you to teach your kids how to use floor sweep toy robot a Floor Mopping Robot.
  • 💗BEST PRESENT FOR KIDS- A perfect gift for birthday or festivals, and pretty floor sweep toy robot ornament for your house.
  • 💗ECO- FRIENDLY- Made of premium eco- friendly plastic material, floor sweep toy robot safe and durable for use.