15 Best Toy Trucks for 4 Year Olds 2023 – Eco-Friendly Materials

Toy trucks are always seen as a favorite toy for children; especially for those 4 year olds. These toy trucks will help children in improving imaginative play and socializing skills. On the other hand, most toy trucks are made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, making them completely safe for children. This is why it is hard to come across a child without a toy truck.

Best Choice
John Deere Tractor - Monster Treads Lightning Wheels - Motion Activated Light Up Monster Truck Toy - John Deere Tractor Toys - Monster Trucks for Boys...
Second Best
Toyvelt 16 in 3 Construction Take Apart Toys Trucks for 4 Year Old Boys STEM Tractor Toys for 3 Year Old Boys, Best Birthday for Boys & Girls Ages...
Good Pick
Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale, 15-in Toy Recycling Truck with Garbage Bin, Lights and Sounds
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Click N’ Play Friction Powered Jumbo Snow Removal Plow Truck Construction Toy Vehicle for Kids
John Deere Tractor - Monster Treads Lightning Wheels - Motion Activated Light Up Monster Truck Toy - John Deere Tractor Toys - Monster Trucks for Boys...
Toyvelt 16 in 3 Construction Take Apart Toys Trucks for 4 Year Old Boys STEM Tractor Toys for 3 Year Old Boys, Best Birthday for Boys & Girls Ages...
Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale, 15-in Toy Recycling Truck with Garbage Bin, Lights and Sounds
Click N’ Play Friction Powered Jumbo Snow Removal Plow Truck Construction Toy Vehicle for Kids
Best Choice
John Deere Tractor - Monster Treads Lightning Wheels - Motion Activated Light Up Monster Truck Toy - John Deere Tractor Toys - Monster Trucks for Boys...
John Deere Tractor - Monster Treads Lightning Wheels - Motion Activated Light Up Monster Truck Toy - John Deere Tractor Toys - Monster Trucks for Boys...
Second Best
Toyvelt 16 in 3 Construction Take Apart Toys Trucks for 4 Year Old Boys STEM Tractor Toys for 3 Year Old Boys, Best Birthday for Boys & Girls Ages...
Toyvelt 16 in 3 Construction Take Apart Toys Trucks for 4 Year Old Boys STEM Tractor Toys for 3 Year Old Boys, Best Birthday for Boys & Girls Ages...
Good Pick
Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale, 15-in Toy Recycling Truck with Garbage Bin, Lights and Sounds
Matchbox Cars, Large-Scale, 15-in Toy Recycling Truck with Garbage Bin, Lights and Sounds
Don't Miss
Click N’ Play Friction Powered Jumbo Snow Removal Plow Truck Construction Toy Vehicle for Kids
Click N’ Play Friction Powered Jumbo Snow Removal Plow Truck Construction Toy Vehicle for Kids

Hence, with so many options available in the market, the real question remains hard for the parents. Which one should they choose? Is it worth the amount they are ready to invest?

Comparison Table:

That is why in this article, I will walk you through some best toy trucks for 4 year olds; to learn about every product, its specifications, pros and cons, before finalizing on the right choice.

Top Picks Toy Truck for 4 Year Olds

1. TOMY John Deere Monster Treads Lightning Wheels Tractor

This unit is the finest example of a John Deere Tractor, which is great for all kids, especially the ones within 4 years of age. Available in bright green color, this toy is easy to catch your children’s attention.

Moreover, it has motion activated lights. So, when the truck rolls backward or forward, it activates the motion sensor lights. The trucks also have the original sturdy design. There are durable and oversized tires associated making the trucks proficient to run on all kinds of terrains.

This tractor toy runs seamlessly on any platform. It can roll and work greatly for the outdoor play here. This truck is the finest collaboration of John Deere trucks with monster vehicles. So, your kids are now ready to tackle any obstacle that comes along the way.

This tractor toy is also officially licensed by John Deere. The super cool oversized tires and motion sensor lights will spark imaginative play among kids easily. Additionally, the glowing LED green lights will make this toy more attractive among kids. For that, it needs 3 AAA batteries, which are included within the pack.
  • Motion sensor lights
  • Great sturdy design
  • Comes with the needful batteries in the pack
  • Great toy for outdoor play
  • Available in just one color – green
Next time, you are planning to get a sturdy truck toy for your child; this option seems to be on the top of the list. It is an easy and fun-filled toy for little kids.

2. ToyVelt Construction Take Apart Trucks

This toy set from ToyVelt is a good option for improving your kid’s construction and engineering skills. This is the great example of building a toy truck.

It comprises three construction truck packs of dump trucks, along with a concrete mixer truck, which kids can take apart easily. It also has a forklift truck with a total of 46 parts including truck parts, screws and more.

Moreover, this set has the latest TOY DRILL with two toy screwdrivers which then make this set ideal for children within the age group of 3 to 8 years old. These kinds of large toy trucks for toddlers are stated as educational building play sets. It helps kids to learn and then improve problem solving skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and more.

This wheel loader vehicle has big toy wheels, which help kids to push the truck forward and have fun for hours. Your children are also pretty safe while using this truck toy. The materials used for manufacturing are non-toxic and this toy does not have any sharp edge. So, your kid’s lips, soft fingers and hands remain protected.

The best part is that this manufacturing company provides a refund policy without asking questions. So, if you and your children aren’t satisfied with the toy, the company will refund it soon.

There is only one tiny disadvantage is it does not have lights and sounds in it.
  • Great toy to help improve kid’s constructional ideas
  • Sturdy and non-toxic materials
  • No sharp edge
  • Good refund policy
  • No lights or sounds included with the toy
Overall, this toy is completely different from any other option that you have tried so far. It is a fun way to educate your child, honestly!

3. JOYIN 10 in 1 Die-cast Fire Truck

If your kids love fire engines and firefighters, this toy truck is meant for them. There are 10 mini fire engine truck toys available to complete this set within one big carrier truck. The set comprises fire ambulance, rescue helicopter, lifting fire truck, fire engine vehicles, fire minivan, a pickup truck, fire tanker, armored car and many more!

This set is ideal for kids, who can play fire rescue games and grow their imaginative skills. These vehicles’ sizes are amazing for toddlers to handle and improve their hand-eye coordination and early preschool education. The unique design also fits well in kid’s pockets.

Moreover, this toy is totally made by toxic-free materials, that is why this one conforms to the US toy standards. So, your kids can play with it for hours without any worry. The items are also made using die-cast with some movable and functional parts as well to create a realistic look to the toys.

This toy set comes with easy storage value. It is mess-free and easy to store. So, your kids can carry the toy around anywhere they want! However, as the same with a previous product, this unit does not have lights and sounds in it.
  • Includes 10 mini trucks
  • Comes with some movable parts
  • Mess-free and easy storage
  • No light or sound involved with any of the toy
To enjoy a fire truck rescue mission, this set is always the first hand priority. It is available within your pre-set budget plans as well.

4. HCK Delivery Truck Toy Car

If your kids love the United States Postal Service and want something a bit different from monster trucks for 4 year olds, then this delivery truck from HCK is your kids ultimate choice.

It is a mini and durable pull back action car, without the need of batteries. It has 1/36 scale and is 5 inches in length. This toy truck is made using partly metal and partly plastic parts with some rubber wheels. Additionally, the doors are movable and kids can open or close it according to their will. Plus, the wheels move smoothly for that realistic approach.

One great thing about this truck is the well designed interior. Particularly, the interior is proficiently detailed with an instrument panel, steering wheel and seats. Even the rear gates can open as well. So this toy model is perfect for not just children, but also for adults who love to collect miniature toy trucks.

The truck is lightning fast. Just pull the truck back and let it go. It will zoom as fast as possible. It is a great toy to enjoy both indoor and outdoor but it does not have light and sound.
  • Great indoor and outdoor playing toy
  • The interior portion is well designed
  • Movable doors, rear gate and wheels
  • No light or sound added in this toy
Next time, you want to give your kid something different, this toy truck is the finest option. The results are amazing with imaginative play!

5. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Racing Vehicle

A well-crafted item from Hot Wheels is the finest example for anyone looking for monster truck toys for 4 year olds. This truck toy is made using a durable form of die-cast metal bodies. It is also available in multiple colors. There is an outrageous assortment of around 1:24 scale, which gives that extra realistic look to the toy.

The truck is packed completely with some awesome stats as well, which will give a prop detail of crash attack, strength, motor-vation and some more. It is mainly crafted to smash and even crash everything that is available in plain sight. So, your kids can now smash all the little cars with this monster truck and have a blast on his own or with friends as well.

This durable piece of toy is great to enjoy head to head collision. Your kids can invite some friends for a fight! The giant monster wheels and the oversized bodies will provide kids with a favorable 1:24 scale option. The wheels are perfect to glide over some of the mega rough terrain. One small disadvantage of this toy is it does not have the light and sound in it.
  • Great big wheels to glide over any rough terrain
  • Highly durable
  • Has multiple colors
  • Made from durable die-cast metallic bodies
  • Misses out the light and sound
If you are looking for durable monster trucks, make sure to get this one. The giant wheels and great durable body make it a stunning toy for outdoor play.

6. Mattel Garbage Truck Large

Mattel is proud to present Matchbox garbage trucks, available in an exclusive sea-green color. It is a 15 inches long truck toy made using safe materials. It remains hand-activated with realistic loading, dumping and rolling sounds. Your kids can push the vehicle forward or pull it backward for creating those realistic sounds.

They can push down the garbage lever for raising its adjacent trash bin and dump all the items into the truck. This movement also activates a sound. Let your little ones press down on that horn, located above the cab for some extra seconds. Now, kids get to enjoy unloading recycle or trash with this recyclable truck for realistic and purposeful play.

Particularly, this truck will inspire kids to be everyday heroes. This toy truck is the exact replica of the real deal. So, kids will learn more about garbage trucks, their functions and improve their own motor and fine gross skill with this toy.

Moreover, as this toy is hand activated, therefore; it helps in improving your kids’ grip and finger movements. It gives imaginative play a great wing! It will greatly enhance children’s imagination if it has LED lights in the vehicle.
  • Has an exclusive sea-green color
  • Made using safest materials and a long lasting body
  • Activates a sound with every move of the truck
  • Can be push forward or pull backward
  • No LED lights in the vehicle
It is really hard to find any complaints with this truck toy. With sounds and realistic functions, this truck is a great gift for the environment-conscious little kids.

7. BeebeeRun 7-in-1 DIY Take Apart Truck Car Toys

The DIY truck toy from BeebeeRun is another great choice for children within 3 to 7 years of age to learn about construction engineering. This is an educational toy set, which comprises 65 pieces of colorful parts, which kids can take apart anytime they want. Moreover, this set consists of a cutting vehicle, hole punch car, excavator, road roller, street sprinkler and dumper truck.

It is a great fun-filled toy for kids, who are willing to enjoy and learn early building skills, while playing with other kids. You can take this set outside as well. This truck toy set helps your kids to improve their concentration power and know more about shape and color sorting.

The manufacturer of such toy trucks for kids ensures to pack up the toy exclusively, making it a great gift for birthdays, Christmas and more. It is one of the finest examples of STEM learning educational toys for little ones, both boys and girls.

The toy itself is pretty durable and safe to play with. It is manufactured using durable and strong plastic. In addition, this tool toy is tested out to match safety standards by using only non-toxic materials here.

Kids can build fine motor skills with this toy set now. They can improve their assembly ability skill as well. How? Simply by taking apart all the parts and rebuilding vehicles from the start. It is a great training practice for kids to help improve their patience along with practical ability.

Kids will remain attracted to this toy for a long time as they can improve their craftsman skills to a great extent. You can invite other children to play with your little one as well, and improve their mutual friendship once they start building these toys together.

There are no lights in the toy which is a small disadvantage.
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Has an exclusive package
  • A fun and improved toy to help kids with building skills
  • Wish there were lights and sounds incorporated with the set
This set is meant for the adventurous little munchkins, who are eager to learn new things every day. So, next time you are looking for the best toy truck, make sure to get this one in your list.

8. Top Race Dump Truck Toy

The toy trucks, mentioned already, are a basic example of a kid’s play set. If you are currently looking for any unusual gifts for a 4 year old boy, this dump truck toy from Top Race is the main one to consider.

What makes it different from the rest, you may ask? It comes with a remote controller. So your kids have entire control over the truck’s movements, even without touching the vehicle at all!

It is a 5 channel fully functional dump truck toy, which runs with the help of electric remote control. This toy truck is designed much like the construction mining truck with sounds and lights.

It is a fully functional play set, where kids can move the truck backward, forward, left or right. Even the beds can move up and down with adjacent sound and light.

This toy truck is detailed much like the real thing. It is a great toy for outdoor and indoor play. You can place it on the sandbox for a much realistic imaginative play for your kid as well. In addition, there won’t be any charging hassle. This truck uses 4 AA batteries, and the transmitter needs 2 AA batteries.

In layman’s terms, this is a 1:18 scale RTR truck toy, amazing for kids above 3 years of age. The toy’s dimension goes as 14 inches L x 6 inches width x 6 inches height. Moreover, this toy comes in a beautiful packaging, making it great for any occasion or as a birthday gift.

I would like to mention a point that the edges of this toy are sharp so I advise parental guidance while playing.
  • Has a remote controlled construction truck toy
  • Has adjacent lights and sounds
  • Great gift for any occasion
  • Can be played indoor and outdoor
  • Has sharp edges
All in all, this dump truck toy is meant for improving your kid’s constructive skills. As this toy has exact detail much like the real thing, it can be a great asset for adults as well, who have a fascination towards collecting toys.

9. Byonebye 2 Pack Light Up Monster Truck

With beautiful flashing lights, this 2 Pack Light Up Monster Truck toy is a perfect set for boys and girls above 3 years of age. These are push and go cars, so no need to deal with remote controls.

It is a friction truck toy, which follows the monster truck design. This is a light up monster truck, available with red and blue cars. Each one is 5.9 inches in size.

With its push and go mechanism, it becomes easier for little boys to handle this set with ease. They can play with this truck anywhere indoor and outdoor, and even take it with them to the playground.

One the other hand, it is a great gifting idea for toddlers for the upcoming Christmas season or for any birthday celebration. This is a fun way for kids to interact with their family members.

This truck toy set has three button batteries, which parents can replace easily. These buttons are located at the bottom of the car. Regarding toy color, it has multi-colored LED lights with a switch controller, which helps illuminate the power wheel.

These toy trucks are made using 100% non-toxic and safe plastic. It also helps in adding some special reinforcement methods to detail the body and the truck’s wheels, known for its higher performance and quality.

The odorless ABS plastic makes it easier for kids to enjoy every second with this truck toy. You can invite other kids to come and play along with their monster trucks, and that helps your kid to learn socializing.

This toy is perfect for improving your kid’s imaginative play. The only tiny problem is that the decoration at the front isn’t well-built but it can be ignored.
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Made using harmless and odorless ABS plastic
  • Suitable for both boys and girls over 3 years of age
  • The front decorative grid is not quite sturdy
If you are looking for a perfect gift for your little kid, this monster truck toy with LED lights seems to be the right choice. Get your children one now before it gets out of stock!

10. Top Race Take Apart Toys

This 3 in 1 remote controlled and battery operated DIY construction truck set is a classic product from the house of Top Race. If you have children within the age group of 3 to 7 years, this toy set is great for those little ones. Here, your kids get the opportunity to create a vehicle with the help of easy step based guide and electric powered drill toll.

Kids can easily convert their battery powered drill into their own remote control truck, by following one simple setup. This set comprises 44 pieces in total, which help kids to create three precious construction trucks.

It has a remote controller, which helps kids to enjoy controlling the truck from over 100 feet. Moreover this set has realistic truck sounds. So it is a great gift for the little ones and even for older ones. It needs 4 AA batteries for playing with this toy as well.

Only heavy duty materials have been used for manufacturing this truck toy. Moreover, this toy set has realistic sound effects to improve your kid imaginative skills. It is a great gift for kids of all ages. This battery powered drill makes this set completely different from the other games with trucks age 4, that you might have come across so far. But, you will have to purchase the batteries separately.

I would like to advise parental guidance in this product because there are some parts which might lead to choking.

  • Amazing gift for kids from 3 to 7 years of age
  • Includes battery powered drill
  • Has realistic sound effects
  • Some smaller parts can lead to choking hazards
  • Have to purchase batteries separately
This easy to assemble truck set will improve your kid’s grip and constructive skill at a tender age. It has a battery powered drill, which completes the entire set. So, get one for your use now.

11. Bruder Mack Granite Tanker Truck

Made in Germany, this Mack Granite truck is the finest example of durable and sturdy looking truck toy for kids. This truck toy is made using premium quality and non-toxic ABS plastic, perfect for long lasting durability.

It is made up of ABS plastic and has a scale of 1:16, making it a suitable choice to play with it indoors and outdoors as well. Your kids take it outside to play and share with others. So this simple toy truck can improve your kid’s specializing skills well. Moreover this truck comes compatible with a figure, to complete the set well.

This toy truck represents an appealing combination of cab with that chrome-look feature. It even has a fully functional tank. Furthermore, it has movable doors, which can be opened or closed with numerous options like folding outside mirrors, opening bonnets and more.

This toy has been re-developed recently with a full functional tank to bring in various new features for young tank drivers. They get to fill it with water. They can also build up pressure with the help of compressed-air and manually operated pumps. Kids can operate a locking lever for draining water through a hose using the available drainage unit.

This manufacturing company offers truck tank trailers as well, which will be sold separately. It is one perfect supplement to match an appealing tanker truck.

It presents various toy figures to choose from. The toy figure can access the vehicle’s rear through ladder for inspecting the tank from top. This toy truck is also made compatible with sound and light modules, which is furthermore sold separately.

You will have to purchase a separate module for light and sound effect. Plus, parental guidance is advised for children.
  • Sturdy look and detailed design
  • Includes a figurine to complete the set
  • Has a fully functional tank to store water and drain through hose pipe
  • It is crafted using ABS plastic of premium durability
  • Needs to purchase a separate module
  • Has choking hazards, so not meant for children below 3 years of age
This truck toy proves to be a great addition to the existing toys for your kids and even for adults. The realistic look along with a figure completes the set entirely and makes it a great choice among masses.

12. Click N’ Play Snow Removal Plow Truck

For a durable toy vehicle, designed for kids, this Friction powered snow remove plow truck from Click N’ Play is a perfect choice. This friction powered truck toy describes the work of snow removal plow trucks. It is made using premium quality materials, which is BPA free and perfectly safe for your little ones to play with.

With its realistic features and functions, this snow remove plow truck encourages imaginative play. So, it is a great toy for kids above 3 years of age. It helps them to understand the functionality of a real snow removal plow truck. They can place themselves in the position of snow removal workers and have a blast playing with this truck toy.

Kids can easily maneuver this snow plow truck and the cover up dump opens for more simplistic results. The trucks will run on the virtue of some powerful propulsive force. There is no need to use batteries with this toy truck as well. Just pull back the car and let it go to zoom ahead smoothly.

The truck measures at 18” L x 6” H x 4.5” W. So, that makes it a perfect size for tiny fingers to grip. At such an affordable rate, this truck is a great winning buy for the parents out there.

Some functions of this truck work more or less like the real deal. It helps in building motor skills and imagination for the little ones out there.

The large size of the truck makes it a perfect truck toy for kids of all ages. You can purchase a complete fleet for your kid to start building a full construction set. The only cons is that it does not have lights in it.
  • Has a great large size
  • Functions more or less like the real product
  • Made using BPA free plastic materials
  • Does not have lights
Overall, for a little bit of a different style of toy truck for 4 years old, this one is a good call to make. It comes with all the best features, which make this truck toy completely different from the rest.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Trucks for 4 Year Olds


It is quite confusing to pick up one truck toy for your little kids. However, doing research is all that it takes to get issues out of your side and purchase the best toy truck for the little ones.

The reviews that I had for toy trucks for 2 year olds are all my own personal thought process. It might change, based on your flexible needs. However, the basic features remain the same. So, before investing on any toy trucks, you should look at those features below.

1. Materials used for manufacturing the trucks

First of all, you need to focus on the materials used for manufacturing these trucks. It has to be BPA free and made using ABS quality plastic. To make the trucks last the longest, some companies will create a product using die-cast mold.

If you are getting items that match US standard safety norms well, then you can feel safe to purchase it. However, be very careful of the colors used for painting the body of the truck. Reputed brands will use safe water based paints, which are not harmful for little kids, even if they play with it for long unending hours.

2. Safety of the items:

Whether you are planning to get toy trucks for 3 year olds or for anyone within the age bracket of 4 to 7 years of age, safety of the toys is of prime importance. These toys come handy with molded edges. So, without sharp edges, it becomes difficult for kids to get hurt.

The pieces that make up a set need to be of smoother edges. Moreover, some smaller pieces might result in choking hazards. So, parental guidance is of primary importance as well.

3. Pieces making up a set:

Not all truck toys come in one single product. There are some sets available, where 10 or more mini trucks are used together to form a complete set. Then you have some DIY kits for the little ones as well, which will help them to learn more about the trucks. So, check out the number of pieces as well, before buying a complete toy truck for your little ones.

4. The educational value of the truck toys:

You can’t ignore the educational value of the truck toys as well. The trucks are crafted to help improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and imaginative play. You can even teach your kid to share these toy trucks with other kids of the same age.

This movement will help to improve your kid’s socializing skills. So, these truck toys are not for simple playing time only. It is one way to improve your child’s creative mind and help them learn about various trucks and their different functions from a tender age.

5. Sound and light introduction to the products:

Not all trucks come with light and sound effects. There are some particular trucks to it, and you need to watch out for those options. You want your kid to have the best truck toy, to engage in long hours of playtime so you can get that well with the help of these toy truck products.

The LED lights on the wheels are motion activated. So, rolling the truck backward or forward to light up the wheels. Moreover, some other trucks have sounds activated as well. So, with every movement, the truck will make some realistic sounds.

6. Controlled mechanism of the toy trucks:

Don’t forget to check the controlled mechanism of the toy trucks as well. Some trucks do not need batteries and move forward through friction motion. Then you have other trucks with remote controlled mechanisms. Here, you have a power drill, which can be transformed into a remote control with just a press of a button. These remote controllers will help your kids to maneuver the truck from a distance, without even touching it always.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the most trusted toy trucks for 4 year olds brands?

I have already mentioned some of the best brands in my reviewed session. You can try any of those or can aim for your own independent research. So far, some of the brands that won millions of hearts with their toy trucks are TOMY, ToyVelt, JOYIN, HCK, Hot Wheels, Mattel, BeebeeRun, Top Race, Byoneby, Bruder and Click N’ Play. However, don’t just restrict yourself to these names and try some of your own too.

2. How to use it?

There is no specific guideline on how to play with a truck toy. Most of these toys have instruction manuals. If the trucks need to be made from the scratch, then you will receive a step by step guidance to follow. Other than that, for battery operated dump truck toys, place the batteries in their own spot, and press the “start” button.

Some manufacturers are making remote controlled truck toys. There will be separate buttons to move the truck backward, forward, left or right. Parents will guide little kids to learn more about the remote control’s usability so that they can start using RC independently within a short span of time.

3. Where to buy?

You can purchase truck toys for little kids from the namely retail outlets. Each brand has its own physical presence. So, if you are planning to purchase a truck toy after checking it out on your own, then head for those addresses.

If not, then online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target have these toys as well. You can purchase these products from ecommerce platforms to save time and money. Online stores offer exclusive discounts, which you can’t get from any retail outlet. So, watch out for those discounted deals right away!

4. How to care and clean?

There are some simple steps involved in caring and cleaning your truck toys for 4 years old. You can use mild soap or shampoo at home. Mix it with water to create a smooth soapy liquid and start cleaning the toy with this mixture. Use a clean cloth, damp it in the liquid mixture, and then wipe off dirt and dust from the toy.

If your kids are restricted to play with the truck toy indoor, then cleaning the trucks once in every 2 weeks is enough. But, you might have to clean your truck daily if your kids take it outside to play.

5. Can you return the toy if you don’t like it?

Not all manufacturing companies provide you with the refund policy. However, the reputed ones do, and they can refund the entire money without asking a single question. But, they have a restricted time limit, within which you have to return your truck toy. After that, the service is not viable.

Most of the time, you will be given 30 days to return the toy if you don’t like it and get the amount transferred to your account within a few business days.

6. For whom is this toy truck meant for?

This truck toy is for all. Whether you are planning to get it for little boys or girls within 3 to 8 years of age, you can get these truck toys for them. However, remember to check the pieces of the set and match it with the child’s age.

For example, if the set comprises a DIY kit with multiple pieces, don’t let kids below 3 years of age handle it. They won’t be able to do so due to choking hazards. Parental guidance is always mandatory to handle these toys with ease.


All in all, these truck toys are meant to improve your kid’s imaginative play and fine motor skills. As they get to share these toys with other little kids, these best toy trucks for 4 year olds are great weapons to improve socialization skills as well. The reviews of the top 12 products that I have listed are all my personal thoughts. So, if you want to add something new to the list, then feel free to do so as well.

Last but not least, it would be best if you checked the rate, features and pros and cons of every possible toy truck before the final purchase. It helps gifting really easy for parents as well.

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LODBY Dinosaur Toys for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Boys , Pull Back Vehicles Toys Monster Truck for Toddler Boys Age 2-4-6, Dino Cars for Kids 3-5 Year Old...
  • 🚗 【Trucks playsets - 2 Pack】- Dinosaurs are coming, your kid's dinosaur convoy team is ready to go! This item is a race truck sets, which...
  • 🚗 【GO! Dinosaur truck team】- The race game is ready to start, which one do you choose? horned dragon or tyrannosaurus Rex? Bring your dinosaur...
  • 🚗 【Faster & farther】- Double pull back design(4×4 power), Battery free, everything is under your hands. As long as you give me strength, the...
  • 🚗 【Hi, Look at me】- Hi, little guy, look at my cool 360 rotation stunt. Just give “me” some strength, push “me” forward and then stand...
  • 🦕 【Surprise for Child】- Baby, are you ready? Your most anticipated gift will arrive soon. Dinosaur truck team, is one of the most anticipated...
NARRIO Kids Toys for 3 4 5 6 Year Old Birthday Gift, Remote Control Car for Boys 3-5 RC Cars Monster Trucks Age 4-7, Christmas Teen Gifts for 3-7 Year...
  • 💠【Monster Trucks for Boys】- “Mommy, i want to get a remote control car.” Everyone is eager to racing, holding the remote control allows you...
  • 💠【Racing Car Toys】- RC car toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor, which also allow parents or partners to play interactively. You will have a...
  • 💠【Enjoy Every Moment】- This bright and colorful graffiti remote control car and 4 durable rubber tires could satisfied to you. It will more...
  • 💠【Easy to Operate】- The remote control car toys can go forward and backward, turn left and right, free and easily to rotate, flexible and...
  • 💠【Perfect Gifts for Kids】- Cool and amazing Monster trucks is the unique gifts for 3-8 year old boys and girls. Don’t miss any chance to...
9 Pack Cars Toys for 2 3 4 5 Years Old Toddlers Boys & Girls Gift, Big Transport Truck with 8 Small Cute Pull Back Trucks, Carrier Truck with Sound &...
  • Made with sturdy and premium quality plastic material, the cars are not only long-lasting but also safe for your kids to handle. This toy is...
  • This toy car set has 9 different types of bright-coloured vehicles, including an aeroplane, a dump truck, a mixer truck, a taxi, a school bus, a city...
  • The varied style of this toy set ignites your kid’s imaginary skills, stimulating curiosity and encouraging hand-eye coordination. This set helps...
  • No batteries required, energy saving and environmental protection. All you need to do is just pull the car back and it will move forward. Easy for...
  • This car toy set is a treat for your kid and their friends. Gift it in birthdays, or any other festive occasion, or just like that, and their smile...
iPlay, iLearn Heavy Duty Construction Site Playset, Metal Dump Truck, Excavator Digger Backhoe, Tractor Bulldozer Diecast Vehicle, Outdoor Sandbox Car...
  • Alloy made. Exceptional high quality moving vehicles are made of strong die-cast metal that can stand rough play.
  • Realistic vehicles help kids learn about the structures, working principles and applications of machinery in real life.
  • Sturdy parts allow Excavator to rotate, Dump Truck to unload, and Bulldozer bucket to rise, which develops kids fine finger skills.
  • Excellent for role playing games and suitable for sandpits. Recommended toys for 3-6 years old toddler boys, girls, kids, children.
  • Awesome gift for birthday, festivals and holidays. Give your child a construction gift that creates endless happy moments!
Kids Toys Car Transform Toy: Toys for 5 Year Old Boys | Robot Toys for 3 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys Girls | 5 in 1 STEM Building Toys for Kids Age 4-8 |...
  • 【Construction Transform Kids Toys】5 in 1 construction transform boy toys set that transform easily into Robot, or disassemble to 4 pull back toy...
  • 【Educational Toys for Kids】Construction assemble stem toys is a great tool for STEM education for early childhood. Toys for 5 year old boys....
  • 【Magnetic Assembly Toy Trucks】The robot toys set has 16 parts. Every part has a magnetic to connect to another part so that kids can easily take...
  • 【High Quality Toys for Kids】These take apart construction trucks with high quality and durable ABS. 100% friendly for children. They can be both...
  • 【Amazing Kids Gift】All Nicmore Toys are package with beautifully designed gift box. A highly recommended birthday present, gift ideas for kids,...