16 Best Toy Boxes for Living Room 2023 – Neat Playroom

There is no doubt about it: kids know the way to make an endless mess into any room. There are a dozen toys that kids can scatter throughout the house, from the car toys, trollers to animals, LEGO indents.

In the place of delight for the whole family, no one wants dinosaur figures and toy tracks all over the place, but prefers neat and sparkling space when playtime’s over.

Best Choice
Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins, White/Pink Bins
Also Consider
Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage for Nursery, Playroom, Closet, Home Organization, Large (Gray)
Second Best
Otto & Ben 45" Storage Ottoman with SMART LIFT Top, Upholstered Line Bench, Foot Rest, Black
Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins, White/Pink Bins
Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage for Nursery, Playroom, Closet, Home Organization, Large (Gray)
Otto & Ben 45" Storage Ottoman with SMART LIFT Top, Upholstered Line Bench, Foot Rest, Black
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Choice
Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins, White/Pink Bins
Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins, White/Pink Bins
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage for Nursery, Playroom, Closet, Home Organization, Large (Gray)
Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid, Kids Collapsible Storage for Nursery, Playroom, Closet, Home Organization, Large (Gray)
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Otto & Ben 45" Storage Ottoman with SMART LIFT Top, Upholstered Line Bench, Foot Rest, Black
Otto & Ben 45" Storage Ottoman with SMART LIFT Top, Upholstered Line Bench, Foot Rest, Black

It is stressful and frustrating for you to be the only one to pick them up, so it’s time to release the burden with some toy storage ideas for small spaces. Not every home has a separate area for a playroom, so an efficient toy storage family room is necessary.

The toy organizer is a lifespan investment that can serve multiple purposes for your house, so choosing the right one is tricky. Therefore, I’m here to help you find the right toy box for living room. I have collected detailed information of 12 best toy boxes for the living room in this review.

Comparison Table:

Keep reading to find out the best one that works for you!

Top Picks Toy Box for Living Room

1. Delta Children Toy Organizer

This Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is a smart choice for parents who don’t know what type of storage works for all kinds of toys. With nine spacious bins in small, medium, and large sizes, your kids can easily store different shapes or sizes of toys from teddys, cars, DIY legos to books.

Each foldable drawer features sturdy cardboard covered in thin fabric for easy unfold action. There aren’t drawer slides function; thus, it requires your kids to put little effort into making pull/push actions. This bins not only offer spacious and flexible storage for toys in the living room but also function as separate boxes for other storage purposes.

My favourite part of this toy storage is that it is super comfortable to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver and 10 minutes to install the living room toy furniture. Ideally, the quick built-up process gives the comfy resembling if you want to change the toy organizer’s location later.

The height of the desk perfectly fits kids from 3 to 6-year-olds, so your little ones can pull or push pack the drawer without any harm.

The overall construction is utterly impressive due to the high-quality material made of solid wood and fabric, which can guarantee a long time using. Delta Children also pays attention to safety functions. This product’s non-toxic material meets all national safety standards and CPSC regulations.

However, the bins are quite flimsy as a result of the origin folded flat shape. I also do not recommend this product for kids under 3-year-old because it might be challenging for such young kids to take out and pull back stuff with inappropriate height.
  • Spacious and flexible storage options
  • Creative separate drawers for easily adjust actions
  • Effortless assembling process
  • Thoughtfully height and size dimensions
  • Sturdy and safe material
  • Drawers are flimsy
  • Not suitable for very young children
There is no surprise that this modern toy storage for living room wins the Amazon’s best stuff for Strategist 2019 with tons of rave reviews. I believe that this is a life-changing item for any stressful parents stuck with messy toys in the living space. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!

2. AuAg Folding Storage

This Ottoman Bench Faux Leather Toy Box is an outstanding living room toy storage bench for the combo of the organisation’s keeper and stylish furniture. The premium PU leather covering the storage chest blends perfectly with any living room or house’s corner as a comfy sofa.

The appearance of this living room toy storage furniture is a hit. It comes with the high-density sponge, the meticulous sewing lines, and the button covered by PVC leather. Thanks to the selective faux leather covering, this toy storage is also waterproof and easy to clean.

The dimension of this toy storage is 43’’L x 12’’W x 15’’H, which gives enough capacity for toys, blankets, shoes, and plenty other things. Besides the immense storage capacity, this item has a magnificent weight capacity that offers a maximum load of 660s thanks to its high-density fiberboard design.

At first, I doubted the portable ability of this storage bench because of its solid design. Unexpectedly, the foldable seat design features the easy and quick set-up yet takes little storage space. In short, the collapsible sides and bottom all fit inside the top when not in use.

However, I notice that the smell inside the box is unpleasant and hard to get rid of. Therefore, it might not be ideal if you want to put clothes, blankets, or yarn inside.
  • 2-in-1 storage items and aesthetic blench
  • High-grade and selective material
  • Comprehensive capacity both in terms of large and weights
  • Convenient set-up process
  • Takes little space when not in use
  • Weird smell
Bring this little hidden storage gem with the design of a super comfy sponge sitting chair into your living room! No matter how narrow your rooms are, this blench ensures the perfect fit and utilises all functions for your convenience.

3. Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box

Another thrilling living room storage bench deserves a spot in your wish-list check. Otto & Ben is well-known for its signature seat with memory foam padding that has the same quality as other high-end blenches. You can place it in any corner of your living room, store any kind of stuff, and enjoy the comfortable sitting experience.

Designed with black faux leather upholstery, the outlook of this toy storage will match any interior style with a classic and modern vibe. I recommend the 45-inch version for extra storage spaces. It is also more suitable for the living room since it can be used as a coffee table or an additional sofa.

The construction of these smart items is durable and sturdy, yet easy to assemble. You only need to unfold and locate the right position for the base piece and cover. Another thoughtfully designed part of this storage ottoman bench is the divider with velcro that brings extra pleasure and productive organisation.

Most of the storage bench lid comes with a button that I personally find uncomfortable to put other items on the lid’s top. Fortunately, this toy organizer is designed with straight sewing lines only, making it easy to place stuff on top of the flat surface.

The corners of this storage bench are easy-to-damage; thus, you shouldn’t put a lot of pressure when setting it up, or it may fall apart.
  • Classic and eye-catching looks
  • Great capacity 45-inch toy storage
  • Excellent foam-padded design
  • Sustainable overall construction with the quick installation process
  • Inventive lines design lids
  • Weak corners functions
In conclusion, this storage bench is a utilised choice that satisfies parent’s furniture needs and brings enjoyment for kids. Imagine their priceless reaction when you open the hidden storage inside the “normal” looking bench and teach them to organise toys.

4. Milliard Wooden Toy Box

You would never go wrong to start the organization process for your kids with a storage chest. Here is good news: this storage chest from Milliard even comes with a cosy seating nook with lovely polka dot cushions, giving kids their own place to play, read, or even take a nap. Your kids also have a bonus sticker pack that customize their unique chest.

In that way, children will have more responsibilities for taking care of their own space and respecting their surroundings. The storage chest is able to hide the various toys yet easy to access just by lifting actions.

Furthermore, this hidden toy storage for living room is made of strong and durable wood that can last for years and hold a weight of up to 30 plus pounds. The toy storage’s painting with a high gloss finish is striking, scratch-resistance, and easy-to-clean.

This storage product puts safety first that is qualified to comply with all US toy safety regulations. Two built-in hinges prevent the top from falling, so they prevent any unexpected accidents when kids lift the lid to take out their toys. Plus, the cushion is Certipur certified for extra comfortable sitting.

Milliard provides excellent customer service, as you will receive a response immediately if your toy storage encounters any problems. The only drawback is that the picture instructions are somehow confusing; you will need screws to assemble it.
  • Adorable appearance
  • Great combo for wooden storage chest and seating bench at once
  • High-quality of safety functions
  • Responsive customer services
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Confusing guidelines instructions
To sum up, starting your savvy storage solutions by personalized kids’ chest is always an ideal step. Instead of the regular storage bench with a simple design that is mainly attractive to grown-ups, this toy organizer’s design is more to little kids’ taste and gives them space to enjoy their private time.

5. Humble Crew Toy Storage

If you are overwhelmed with too many kinds of toys and endless kids clutter, this toy storage solution for the living room may be helpful to you. With 12 regulated-bins and 4 double-sized bins, this wood toy storage has a tremendous capacity to carry and can withstand any toy mess.

The plastic bins are removable and easy to access due to the innovative 45-degree shelf design. In other words, you can see all items displaying on the drawers without pulling them out; thus, it makes perfect ways not only to teach your baby to clean up after themselves but also to categorize their toys.

Accordingly, this toy storage helps improve cognitive skills and bring fun cleaning times for kiddos. The engineered wood construction and the bins’ material provide reliable support and ensure constant sustainability despite any harsh pressure actions.

Another remarkable bonus point of this toy organizer is the neutral color painting that doubtlessly matches any home’s decor. I appreciate that this brand always pays attention to high-quality and safe materials, as this storage organizer is Bpa and phthalate-free.

The disappointing part is the inattentive glued edges, which is pretty noticeable. Additionally, if you expected the frequently take-out/put-in action, only the top bins come out quickly.
  • Spacious and easy-to-access organizer
  • Suitable for sorting and categorizing actions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Impressive monochromatic, gender-neutral colors
  • Safety and eco-friendly material
  • Carelessly glued edges
  • Inconsistent level of removable bins among different shelves
In conclusion, this hidden toy storage for living room is a comprehensive organizer for kids. It offers them unique opportunities to keep toys in place with enjoyment. This is a unique award for both parents and children, so don’t miss it!

6. KidKraft Austin Toy Box

KidKraft enhances the toy box organizer to the next level as high-end wood storage. Unlike other toy boxes that mainly mix between woods and plastics, this toy storage box for living room is 100% made of solid wood, even handles or screws.

Thanks to its two sturdy hinges, parents also don’t have to worry about the situation when the dropping lid can hurt your baby’s fingers. Designed with children in mind, the edges of this toy organizer are mostly rounded, preventing any scratched accidents to kids.

The average assembly time on the instruction is about 1 to 1.5 hours. But don’t be afraid! The toy storage is simple to follow as a DIY toy, making sharing times with your little assistants.

The bench size is perfect for two people sitting, but you need to purchase a separate seat cushion. I also enjoy the height of this toy organizer, which is ideal for kids to sit on.

However, I found that you can only adjust about ⅔ way because of the pneumatic struts. Therefore, it requires gentle action, which is hard for young kids.
  • Heavy and high-quality wood construction
  • Safe with curved edges
  • Well-designed functions
  • Cool assembling process
  • Thoughtfully dimension design
  • Uncomfortable open lid
All in all, the toy box for living room is a practical housekeeper to keep all types of your little ones’ toys in an impressively neat and organized way. With sturdy construction, this toy organizer promises to last for several years and is worth every penny!

7. Sorbus Toy Chest

Are you searching for affordable yet advantageous toy storage ideas living room? This Sorbus Toy Chest has all comprehensive functions to make your space well-organized and sparkling.

Sorbus’s material choice is smart. It uses soft fabric (75g non-woven) that is exceptionally lightweight, easy-to-clean, and utilizable with foldable shape.

The collapsible chest can be folded flat in minutes then stored in the most narrow space such as behind doors, on shelves, or under beds. Besides being advanced in saving space when not in use, parents also can save tons of time by skipping the complicated installation process.

Additionally, for extra portability, there are two sturdy handles for you to lift and move the toy chest to any corners or terraces. The neutral colour is a plus that easily complements most decor styles. The detachable lid is my favourite one. It constructively covers all contents inside when closed and can be used as an open-top storage chest when detached.

The common drawback of the standard toy chest is that it is hard to sort different items. Fortunately, this toy organizer comes with a removable divider that divides into dual compartments for quick categorization. I highly recommend it for those who want to store extra-large or oversized containers because of the impressive capacity it has.

Don’t estimate this toy organizer’s durability based on the foldable shape and soft fabric material. It is a permanent investment that can carry kids’ favourite items for years. However, this toy chest isn’t a smart choice if your kids’ toy is mainly small LEGO parts or tiny stuff.
  • A budget-friendly toy box
  • Super easy to assemble, transport, and storage
  • Innovation functions
  • Imposing large container
  • Neutral colors that suits various designs
  • Excellent durability for long-term use
  • Not suitable for small toys
Beyond the toy organizer sitting in your living room, this box can be packed away to travel with your kids. Let their playtime start anywhere and anytime in smart and organized ways.

8. Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box

Otto & Ben brings another thrilling living room toy storage bench with a unique lifting system and the brand’s signature foam padding.

The smart lift top swings open either side instead of lifting the whole cover, keeping both the lid and insides cleaner. This innovative part also works better for little kids’ hands as it is easier for them to open half of the lid and take out their toys.

The toy chest is made of medium-density fiberboard, which is thick and durable. The sturdy construction can sustain the weight under 150 lbs with a stable base. I’m amazed by the three tweed colours of this toy organizer: brown, light grey, and dark grey with a royal and luxury look.

The assembling process is simple due to the compactly folded shape. Your children will be surprised when seeing the 45-inch toy storage turn into flat broad and be placed inside the lid within minutes. No matter the style and types of your kiddos’ toy, the toy storage has three compartments that can be customized by two dividers.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to close the lid properly; otherwise, it will close as a seesaw.
  • Creative and convenient lid design
  • First-rate material choice
  • Well-designed construction for stability and durability
  • Aesthetic tweed colours
  • Uncomplicated built-up process
  • The lid is sometimes hard to adjust
Say goodbye to kids’ clutter by purchasing this astonishing toy organizer. With large capacity, this toy box, with the look of an elegant and stylish blench, is able to contain all precious items of your kids. Check it out, or you will regret it later.

9. R Runka Woven Basket

The only laundry toy basket type in my list promises to bring different organization experiences. Without any challenging assembling process, this toy organizer is designed with no sharp edges compared to plastic containers. Moreover, the storage bin has extra-strength stitching on all seams that has capacity up to 33 lbs.

This woven laundry organizer is one of the best toy baskets that I have ever seen. Made of high-quality premium natural cotton rope, this toy box for living room is handwoven with exceptional techniques, as you can see the clear screw thread.

If you prefer the toy organizer without any chemical substance to protect any harmful health effects, this is the one for you.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about aesthetic aspects because of the neutral colour and the weaving shape as a glossy and classy home decoration. The black colour on the bottom means you won’t see the dirt when sitting on a floor. This toy organizer also has two slit-type handles to pick up, move around, and take away even for kids.

Different from other standard baskets, this toy storage comes with stain-resistant material on the bottom so it can sturdily stand and automatically reshape when you put items inside the box. This product also doesn’t require a lot of space yet is able to contain miscellaneous toys from your little.

The quality of this handcraft storage basket is undoubtedly a first-rate standard. The only drawback is that it is hard to maintain a straight form as you have to fill enough items to shape the box toy in a fully-open shape.
  • Great value for high-quality organize basket
  • Safe choices for kids both in terms of playing and cleaning
  • Outstanding handwoven technique with natural cotton material
  • Elegant colour choice as stylish decoration
  • Easy to transport
  • Well-combine in any size of space
  • Hard to maintain the proper shape
This handmade sewing toy organizer is an excellent choice if you have a limited budget and just want a simple yet effective toy box. The storage basket is an ultimate item in any household, and this large woven toy storage is an upgraded version to keep your living space sparkling. The advanced functions of this basket continually expand, so give it a try!

10. Melissa & Doug Toy Chest

Melissa & Dough is a trustworthy brand that partners with the American Academy of Pediatrics to foster early brain development. Their products for kids always follow three principles: prioritize hands-on play, enjoy the screen-free time, interact and connect through play. And this toy storage family room has no exception.

This 8.25 feet of cubic storage provides a handy organizing solution for your little one to tuck away all stuffed animals and race cars. With a weight rating of 81 pounds, it surpasses the test of holding three times that amount. Hence, you don’t have to doubt the sturdiness level of this toy box.

I personally love the elegant and refreshing design of this toy organizer. Although it is made of wood that usually coordinates with vintage style, the overall design still has a modern vibe thanks to the white colour. Besides two slow-close hinges to prevent a pinching accident, this toy box even has a gap below the lid for extra safety.

With incredible capacity, this product is surprisingly lightweight, so you can comfortably carry it from corner to corner. The toy chest comes in a well-packaging box and has easy-to-follow instructions. However, the hinges may easily rip off the chest, and it is hard to fix due to its thin materials.
  • High reputation brand
  • Outstanding capacity
  • Creative design parts for safety purpose
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rip-off hinges
This is an excellent gift for new parents as it offers an active organizing solution. Parents also can freely combine it with other Melisa & Doug products, such as the Wooden Multi-Activity Table, to maximize the development benefit for children. Having been around for more than 30 years, this toy box deserves a spot in your bucket list.

11. VASAGLE Toy Chest

VASAGLE toy organizer for living room will initially attach you to its minimalist style with a classic espresso look. The selective CARB P2 MDF material perfectly mimics “real” woods, making it a high-end home decor piece that lights up your living space. Get this brilliant toy storage solution, and your kids won’t be able to make another excuse for their mess!

My best impression of this product is its innovative safety functions. Two safety hinges restrict the lid’s movement of closing and opening at an appropriate level, so it ensures the lid doesn’t suddenly shut down and smash your little one’s fingers. There are groves handles on the sides and front for extra portable ability without being pinched by the lid.

Compared to the standard safety hinges, this toy storage has more thoughtfully built-in hinges design that doesn’t narrow the containing space. I’m impressed by the exquisite frame design of this product. Besides the sturdy fiberboards and elegance paint finish, the edges of this toy box aren’t too sharp to hurt your little child.

VASAGLE also commits to following the environmental standards from material production to packaging, which is another point to make this toy organizer unique.

The biggest hitch that I have noticed is the surface of this item easily scratches. When setting up this toy box for living room, you should choose a soft surface to prevent undesired scratches.
  • Outstanding lids function to prevent abrupt closure
  • Minimalistic and classic decor that easy to coordinates
  • High-detailed “mimic” wood material
  • Comprehensive safety functions
  • Easily get scratched
Refresh your living space with this longlasting and sturdy toy organizer. Keep all your children’s scattered stuff clean and organized in one place while creating an adding sitting area. This toy organizer combines all preference designs: selective material, elegant appearance, great capacity, extremely sturdy, and safe. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a closer look!

12. Gimars X-Large Toy Box

This living room toy storage is the ultimate combination of chest and basket storage without a complicated construction process.

Toy storage could fold to 1.5’’ in height, yet is lightweight and collapsible for comfortable storage. Overcoming the typical folding problems of round basket storage, this canvas toy organizer comes with eight pieces of plastic to maintain the upright sides.

Additionally, the wire-framed around the top also supports the main structure and keeps it in container shape. The well-made handles make carrying and transporting easy as a snap. The canvas is a smart choice for lasting and enduring prospects. The interior design is a bonus point with water-proof PE coating that saves tons of time cleaning.

I love the way this stationery box has the basic black owl print that only appears on one side, so parents can utilize this box either as a personal toy chest for kids or a laundry basket. There isn’t a lid function; thus, parents can be worry-free about any lifting or smashing accident.

The box organizer doesn’t have any sharpening edges and is safe to play with, but kids can easily remove the plastic inserts.
  • Practical design for the upright shape
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Stability and sturdy construction
  • Waterproof coating inside for convenient cleaning
  • Adorable painting design
  • The plastic inserts are visible and removable
To sum up, the canvas toy bin is cool storage for all toys that children can toss them in no time. This toy chest box won’t interrupt joyful organizing moments with straightforward yet essential functions: rigid sides, no lid, no sharp edge, and built-up in seconds. Let your children take ownership of their belongings with this large toy chest for living room.

What to Look for When Buying a Toy Box for Living Room


1. Dimensions

You definitely don’t want to buy the wrong size of the toy organizer and end up leaving it in your basement. You should decide on which corners to put it, then use rulers to get the precise dimension of that area. This little effort will save a lot of time when searching for your desired toy organizer. (And your money, too.)

If you have a narrow living space or want to combine the living room and playroom, the toy storage bench is an ultimate choice for both sitting and storage purposes. Otherwise, the round basket bin, which requires a small space and is easy to move around, is an ok choice.

The height of the toy organizer is also a critical factor to check before making decisions because you would want to make sure your little one can reach its highest point.

2. Capacity

This factor will decide whether your toy organizer is practical and useful or not. My tip is decluttering your kids’ toy collection first. Start by removing any broken, incomplete, outgrown toys, or those toys that your kids come to dislike. By doing this, you also will have an idea of what types of storage your kids need and determine the required capacity.

Accordingly, for large or extra-large toys, a toy chest or a blench organizer is more suitable in terms of storage capacity. In contrast, a multiple-drawer shelf is an advanced option if most of your kids’ toys are Lego parts or small items.

Again, check the dimension of the products to know the exact volume.

3. Types

Depending on your taste, different types of toy storages go beyond just organizers. A lot of toy organizers are designed as a classy and modern sofa that perfectly blends with any house decor style for the parent’s wishes. These blench types typically have a large capacity and even extra dividers for the most pleasant organization process.

For better performance in terms of personalized kids’ storage, various eye-catching toy chests make cleaning and categorizing processes more enjoyable. The multiple-bin shelf is an ideal choice if you want to teach your little how to sort their items and keep them neat.

The round basket or rectangle chest without lid features is more effortlessly accessing and assembling compared to other types of toy organizers. It’s also portable, safe, and easy to store.

4. Safety functions

For any kids’ products, safety operation is a must. The toy storage’s lids must come with safety hinges to prevent smashing accidents or sudden shut-down injuries. When it comes to the sitting toy chest, the overall construction needs to be stable or sturdy to sustain the kids’ weight.

Regarding material aspects, parents should pay attention to non-toxic plastic to protect kids from any harmful chemical effect later. Ideally, natural cotton rope or canvas material is safer than “mimic” plastic woods.

5. Portable

Nowadays, most of the high-quality toy organizers are designed in folding shape for easy and convenient assembling and storage process. This design is also useful when you carry them from one room to another, so make sure your toy box fits not only in your living room but in others as well.

The organizer’s handle is also an innovative part to check no matter what types of your toy storage are. Having built-in or slit-type handles shows that one brand’s attention to the product’s details and their effort to care about their customers.

6. Material

Plastic or MDF is the most common toy storage material, while some expensive toy storages are made of wood. Picking the sturdy and thick one may affect the lifespan of your products.

If your hidden storage for living room is covered by faux leather, check for water-proof ability that offers the uncomplicated and infrequent cleaning.

7. Price

You can find a wide range of prices from $20 to over $100 when researching for a toy organizer. The price fluctuates depending on brands, sizes, types, and material choices, so it is vital to know what you will pay for. The blench toy organizers are commonly more expensive than baskets or toy chests.


One of the effective ways to keep kids’ toys organized is to develop an organization system that matches their playing tendencies. The high-quality and appropriate toy organizer is the right answer that brings endless benefits for both parents and children.

Besides keeping clean space, getting high-quality toy storage for the living room also brings effective ways to bring up your little’s responsible for cleaning up after themselves. No matter what their natural tendencies are, learning to sort and organize their stuff will train them to be more neat and methodical. Consequently, this familiarizes children with cleaning habits and educates them to respect their surroundings.

There isn’t any one-size-fits-all toy storage solution to completely wipe out all scattered toys over the living room; thus, the best toy box for living room is the most suitable and practical for you. Don’t wait until too late to train your little one to take responsibility for their mess.

Delta Children MySize Deluxe Toy Box, Dark Chocolate
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  • PERFECT SIZE: Assembled Dimensions: 23.5”W x 14.25”D x 21”H; Interior storage size: 23”W x 12.5”D x 12.25”H; Provides 2.05-cubic feet of...
  • EXTREMELY SAFE: Meets or exceeds all national safety standards
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B FSOBEIIALEO Folding Storage Ottoman, Faux Leather Footrest Seat Long Bench Toy Box Chest for Girls, Pink 30"x15"x15"
  • SUPER STURDY STRUCTURE: After third party certification authority, and holds a certificate , sturdy & steady with static load-capacity up to 550Lbs .
  • EXCELLENT FOR SMALL SPACES: 30"L x 15"W x 15"H (76.5 x 38 x 38cm), comfortable height for sitting & resting your feet or legs
  • EASY TO CLEAN: It is covered with durable faux leather and constructed with a sturdy frame.
  • HIDDEN STORAGE SPACE: Spacious hidden storage room for sundries such as shoes, blankets, great for de-cluttering your entryway & bedroom
  • SUPER EASY TO SET UP & FOLD FLAT: Collapsible ottoman design enables it to be space-saving, takes seconds to set up, great storage ottoman for dorm...
Otto & Ben 30" Storage Ottoman with SMART LIFT Top, Upholstered Tufted Bench, Foot Rest, Light Grey
  • Comfort Foam Padding: Comfort Foam Padded Top for Added Seating Comfort While Sturdy Setup Structure Gives Stability to the Base
  • Smart Lift Top: Lid That Swings Open on Either Side, so You Don’t Have to Clear the Top Every Time You Open It
  • Easy Set up & Fold Away: Designed to Fold Into a Flat Board and Can Be Stored Inside the Lid; Super Easy Setup: Simply Unfold, Position Base Piece and...
  • Perfect for Space Saving Needs: Spacious Hidden Storage Room for Loose Odds and Ends; When Not in Use, Can Be Folded Compactly and Stored; Perfect for...
  • Sturdy Construction: Made With Medium Density Fiberboard for Sturdy Stability for Seating
Toy Chest Box Storage Bins for Boys Girls, Kids Large Collapsible Sturdy Container Organizer with Fabric Flip-Top Lid & Handles for Clothes, Blanket,...
  • 【Extra Large Size】: This toy box chest for boys girls is 24.5x13x16 inches (62x33x41cm), which is big/huge enough to store various kinds of...
  • 【Sturdy than Normal Material】: Inside of this VERONLY kids toy box storage bins is 2.5mm thick hard cardboard, outside covered with premium...
  • 【Foldable & Stackable】: All of our toy box organizer are collapsible, which is easy-carrying and can be folded into flat piece for space-saving...
  • 【Multi-purpose】:It is not only a large collapsible toy box for boys, but also can be used as storage boxes/bins/ organizers/baskets/containers to...
  • 【100% Satisfaction】: VERONLY is a brand you can trust, who has been specializing in fabric storage products for more than 12 years. Any questions,...
YOLOXO Large Kids Toy Box Chest Storage organizer with Double Flip-Top Lid - Collapsible Sturdy Toy Organizers And Storage Bins With Big Handles For...
  • Large Kids Toy Box:The size of the flip-top lid storage chest is 26.8 x 13.8 x 16 inches,capacity more than 82 liters.
  • Removable Divider & Double Lids & Extra Big handles: Removable the divider in the middle of the storage bin, it will be one larger organizer which can...
  • Sturdy and Durable Materials: The toy storage chest is made of linen fabric which stronger than non-woven fabric and no bad smell.The fabric we used...
  • Multi-purpose Toy Chest: Great for toy storage, books, magazines, clothes basket, towel basket, blankets, decorations, office supplies, decorative...
  • LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We made this toy organizer box to make it easy and simple to store and organize your child’s toys and accessories. if...
SONGMICS Toy and Book Organizer for Kids, Storage Unit with 2 Storage Boxes, for Playroom, Children’s Room, Living Room, White UGKR42WT, 93 x 30 x...
  • [3-in-1 Multipurpose Kid's Bookshelf] Keep your kid's space tidy with this storage organizer. It has 3 roomy slots for books, 5 compartments for toys...
  • [Quality Matters] Built with premium veneered particleboard panels, this toy and book organizer for kids ensures stability and durability. The smooth...
  • [Safety First] With your child's safety in mind, this bookshelf for kids features rounded corners to prevent bumps and includes an anti-tip kit to...
  • [Versatile Uses] This kid's bookshelf with toy storage is perfect for more than just a kid's room. Whether it's a playroom, bedroom, living room, or...
  • [Decorative Touch] The lovely toy and book organiser with motif lightens up children’s space; rockets, asteroids, and stars bring enthusiasm for...
Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins, Grey SRT-06475 Grey
  • Organize a playroom’s worth of toys in 12 plastic bins
  • Assign toys to a small (8) or large (4) bin or to one of four colors
  • Helps kids learn and practice organization and clean-up skills
  • Wall-mountable for safety and peace of mind
  • Bins are free of BPA, lead, phthalates, and PVC