12 Best Robot Cat Toys 2023 – Lower Stress & Anxiety

Having a cat is truly beneficial because it can lower your stress and anxiety when you pet or play with it. But if you’re hounded with allergies, then getting a robot cat might do the trick. The best robot cat toy should do most of the things that a real cat can do and even more.

Best Choice
amdohai Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy Electronic Music Pet for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Gift Idea(Pink)
Second Best
Zoomer Meowzies, Lux, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors
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Westminster, Inc. Cloud the Kitten - Cute, Cuddly, Plush Battery Operated Cat Toy Walks, Wiggles, and Meows with Sound
amdohai Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy Electronic Music Pet for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Gift Idea(Pink)
Zoomer Meowzies, Lux, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors
Pattern Yellow Plush Cat Stuffed Animal Interactive Cat Robot Toy, Barking Meow Kitten Touch Control, Electronic Pet Kitty Toy, Animated Toy Cat for...
Westminster, Inc. Cloud the Kitten - Cute, Cuddly, Plush Battery Operated Cat Toy Walks, Wiggles, and Meows with Sound
Best Choice
amdohai Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy Electronic Music Pet for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Gift Idea(Pink)
amdohai Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy Electronic Music Pet for Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Girls Gift Idea(Pink)
Second Best
Zoomer Meowzies, Lux, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors
Zoomer Meowzies, Lux, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors
Also Consider
Pattern Yellow Plush Cat Stuffed Animal Interactive Cat Robot Toy, Barking Meow Kitten Touch Control, Electronic Pet Kitty Toy, Animated Toy Cat for...
Pattern Yellow Plush Cat Stuffed Animal Interactive Cat Robot Toy, Barking Meow Kitten Touch Control, Electronic Pet Kitty Toy, Animated Toy Cat for...
Don't Miss
Westminster, Inc. Cloud the Kitten - Cute, Cuddly, Plush Battery Operated Cat Toy Walks, Wiggles, and Meows with Sound
Westminster, Inc. Cloud the Kitten - Cute, Cuddly, Plush Battery Operated Cat Toy Walks, Wiggles, and Meows with Sound

Robot cat toys have developed so much that some models almost look similar to a real cat with detailed features and soft hair.

Comparison Table:

Other robot cat toys can even talk, sing, and dance. To help you pick the right robot cat toy for your needs, check my top recommendations and guide below.


Top Picks Robot Cat Toy

1. Amdohai Robot Cat Interactive Catty Toy

The amdohai robot cat impresses with its cute appearance and interactive features. This robotic cat toy can dance, sing, and do other lovely expressions while its eyes shine.

The electronic cat can even sing and dance cutely when you blow onto it. I feel amused whenever the pink cat sings and dances because its eyes blink and shine at the same time. Plus, the body is made of non toxic plastic, so I’m relieved that there’s no hair to trigger my niece’s allergies.

Besides singing and dancing, the amdohai robot cat toy can also walk and shake its head. This robot cat is built with excellent speech recognition technology that your child can interact with the toy like a friend. My niece loves this intelligent toy because it repeats what she says.

As for its battery, it’s easy to charge because it plugs through a USB cable. The toy already includes a rechargeable battery, so it can be used straight out from the package. The battery life is extraordinary as it can work for many hours of use.

The cat is cute, but the sound is a bit loud. I hope there was a volume controller to tone the sound down.
  • Sings and dances adorably
  • Looks cute with its shining eyes and pink color
  • Made of nontoxic material that won’t cause any allergies
  • Can talk and follow what you say, thanks to the speech recognition technology
  • Easy to charge as it comes with a USB cable
  • Built with a long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Lacks volume control
Overall, the amdohai robot cat is the best toy cat that moves because it’s interactive and smart. This robot cat can even communicate with your children.

2. Tekno Newborns 45910 Kitty Robot Toy

The Tekno Newborns 45910 is a toy kitten that moves like an 8-week-old newborn kitty. This kitty robot toy can sing, jump, and many more.

We love this kitty robot because it snores when it sleeps and lights up when it’s awake. It’s touch-sensitive, so we have no problems using it. With a touch, this cute robot kitty produces happy sounds, which I love very much.

My favorite part is when the Tekno 45910 wiggles its ears and tails because it looks like a real newborn kitten. It plays like a kitten that it even jumps into your hand cutely and begs with lovely eyes. Besides that, the robot kitty can sit and walk on any floor, including carpets.

Another desirable trait of this kitty robot is its ability to sing. You can program this product to sing with a cute voice. Thankfully, this little kitten can respond to commands easily, so we had no frustrations in using this product so far.

However, this cat toy is smaller than I expected. I wish it was bigger so my older kids can enjoy the same as the younger ones. It also uses two AAA batteries, which can pile up the cost in the long run.
  • Acts cutely like a newborn kitten
  • Makes cute snores when it sleeps
  • Touch-sensitive for great ease of use
  • Wiggles its ears and tail like a real kitten
  • Can jump into your hand playfully
  • Programmable to sing adorably
  • A bit smaller than I hoped
  • Needs to buy batteries constantly
Altogether, the Tekno Newborns 45910 is one of the best kitten toys for kids because of its playful nature. This little kitty can sing and jump charmingly.

3. Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

The Zoomer Meowzies Lux is one of the most fashionable cat toys for girls because of the fluffy tail and glittery eyes. My niece loves this interactive kitten because it plays and makes cute kitten sounds.

Lux has incredible sensors around its body, so it responds easily to your touch. Wave your hand near her chest, and her bright LED eyes follow you. My niece likes the robotic kitten when it gives kisses and says, “I love you”.

I like the fact that this Zoomer kitty can play many types of games to interact with my niece. My favorite games so far are Meow Hero, Peek-a-boo, and Fashion Match because my niece always has a smile on her face. When grouped with other Meowzies models, I love how Lux interacts with them to tell jokes and secrets.

This cute robot cat seems durably made, so I’m satisfied. I think the price is also good for its quality. Best of all, it comes with an instruction booklet, so using it from the get-go is easy.

However, this Meowzie model seems a bit loud. I hoped there was a way to lower the volume. Also, the size isn’t as large as I expected.
  • The glittery, fluffy tail looks fashionable
  • Responds easily to touch
  • Creates cute kitten sounds and tricks
  • Can do a lot of interactive games for entertainment
  • Impresses with its durable construction
  • Comes with an instruction booklet for ease of use
  • The sounds are a bit loud
  • Smaller than I hoped
All in all, the Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten is one of the best kitten toys for kids because it can play many interactive games. Lux also impresses with its fashion-forward design.

4. Marsjoy Black Plush Robot Cat

The Marsjoy stuffed animal is a toy cat that meows with a soft short, plush fabric. I love this plush robot cat, and so does my 5-year-old because of its different cute responses and tricks.

This particular robot cat model can do all types of fun tricks, like bowing and hand clapping. I like how this kitty toy shoes its body when my niece gently touches its tail. Besides those cute meowing sounds, this Marsjoy robot cat can also make the sounds of a dog or a sheep.

The plush fabric actually feels soft, so I’m happy with the toy cat’s craftsmanship. I noticed no hair shedding or any toxic smell. I also appreciate that the package includes a small screwdriver to help in opening the battery compartment on the toy’s stomach.

Not only is this cat toy soft to touch, but it also features a cute appearance. My niece loves to fondle and even sleep with it. For its price, this product is truly of great value.

The meowing sounds are adorable, but I hoped there was a volume control button to reduce the sound. The first time this robot cat made a sound, my niece jumped on her seat. Also, this toy needs four AA batteries, which is too many in my opinion.
  • Can do many types of entertaining tricks, like hand clapping
  • Responses quickly and cutely with a simple touch of its tail
  • Makes cute sounds of a real kitten, dog, and sheep
  • The plush fabric feels soft
  • Includes a screwdriver for easy battery installation
  • Comes at a fair price value
  • Needs many batteries to work
  • Lacks a volume control button
Overall, I’m happy with the cute appearance and soft body of the Marsjoy Black Plush Robot Cat. I highly recommend it to kids who want to cuddle.

5. JOY FOR ALL Black & White Tuxedo Cat

For adults and elderly people, this realistic cat toy from JOY FOR ALL might be a nice gift. The Black & White Tuxedo Cat is one of the most adorable toy cats that purr and move like a real cat.

This JOY FOR ALL robot cat produces an authentic purring sound, thanks to its ingenious vibrapurr technology. The fur also feels so soft that my grandmother loves to pet the cat toy when she’s watching the television. I find it amusing that this robot cat does what real cats do, like lifting its paw and opening its mouth.

I feel like the sensors are quite effective on this cat toy because it responds to gestures and touches quickly. The robot cat has a little weight on it, so it feels real when you cuddle it in your lap. My grandmother loves this toy so much that she sleeps with it while stroking the hair.

Thankfully, this toy includes four C batteries to work, so we directly used it as soon as it arrived. I think the batteries lasted for a good six weeks. When you need to replace the batteries, just access the belly part of the toy.

My only dislike is the price because it seems to be more expensive than others on this list. Also, the hair is so soft that it gets entangled sometimes.
  • Purrs like a real cat, thanks to its vibrapurr technology
  • Hair is as soft as real cat fur
  • Performs realistic cat gestures, like paw lifting
  • Sensors react quickly from touch
  • Feels heavy like a real cat
  • Includes four C batteries for straight-up use from the box
  • More pricey than similar models
  • Hair is prone to tangles
Altogether, the JOY FOR ALL Black & White Tuxedo Cat stands out with its realistic appearance and movements. I recommend this to elderly people who have dementia or anyone who needs emotional support.

6. FurReal Friends Bootsie

Bootsie is a FurReal cat that loves to be cuddled and acts almost similar to a real kitty. Some of the tricks it can make include purring and showing different moods from cranky to happy.

I like Bootsie because her fur is very soft and she makes nice cuddles whenever you feel lonely. When petting this cat, I noticed that she makes a lot of adorable purring sounds. My favorite is the large size because it makes it good for hugs.

This real life cat toy actually meows and moves that much as advertised. Just like a real cat, the Bootsie robot toy can pick up its head and make gestures on its own. The sounds aren’t that loud either, which is good.

What’s more fun is this robot cat shows a bit of personality. The cat doesn’t always eat the fish treat when my niece shows it to her. Thanks to its built-in sensors, the cat can switch from cranky to happy when you touch her forehead or mouth.

However, the price isn’t that budget-friendly as I hoped. The hissing sound is also a bit creepy, so my niece got freaked out at first.
  • Shows different moods like a real kitty
  • Soft fur feels good to the touch
  • Makes cute purring sounds and movements
  • Larger than I expected, making it good for hugs
  • The sound level is just right
  • Built-in sensors respond to touch and gestures efficiently
  • Comes at an above-average price
  • It’s a bit creepy when it makes a hissing sound
All in all, the FurReal Friends Bootsie is one of the best mechanical cat toys with a personality. This toy can go cranky to happy, similar to how a real cat responds.

7. Marsjoy White Plush Cat

If you want your baby to have a loyal playmate, the Marsjoy White Plush Cat might be a nice fit. This realistic robot cat toy has soft, plushy hair, plus it can do a lot of tricks.

Out of all the eight tricks that this toy cat can do, my favorite is tumbling because it never fails to make my baby niece giggle. This plush pet toy can also bark like a puppy and bleat like a sheep with a gentle touch of its tail.

I’m glad that the package includes a screwdriver because I don’t need to buy one just to open the battery compartment. The price is also one of the things that got me interested in this toy because it’s not that expensive. It’s a great purchase because my baby niece loves to fondle it.

During the holidays, this stuffed animal was a huge hit among the kids because it can dance and stand on its own legs. I’m actually glad that this toy doesn’t walk because my baby won’t be chasing it in hazardous places, like the stairs. More importantly, there’s a volume adjusting button to control the loudness to prevent the kids from freaking out.

However, it consumes too many batteries. You need to use four AAA batteries to get the toy to work. Since this stuffed animal is colored white, you need to wash it often as it gets dirty easily.
  • Can perform many tricks, including tumbling
  • Can make other animals’ sound like bleating and barking
  • Includes a screwdriver to make battery installation easy
  • Offers great value with its fair price
  • Safe for babies as the toy won’t walk in other places
  • Can adjust the loudness
  • Consumes a lot of AAA batteries
  • Gets dirty easily with its white plush fabric color
Altogether, the Marsjoy White Plush Cat is one of the perfect cat toys for toddlers because it’s safe and cuddly. This toy cat stays only in one place when it does its lovable tricks.

8. Perfect Petzzz Original Black and White Shorthair Kitten

Do you know how adorable real cats look when they sleep? Well, Perfect Petzzz captured that with its Original Black and White Shorthair Kitten with an indication that its breathing.

I bought this shorthair kitten for my nephew, and he really thought the toy was real because the belly moves up and down as it sleeps. From afar, it truly looks like a real cat sleeping in a luxurious plush bed. I like the collar that comes with the package because it’s already emblemed with a pet tag.

The robot cat toy is made of pure synthetic fur, so it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. It feels so soft that I can’t resist touching the tummy to make a purring sound. Thanks to the brush that comes with the package, my niece can groom the cat while it sleeps.

The toy already includes an alkaline battery so we were able to use it as soon as it arrived in the house. Approximately, the battery lasted up to two months. Since this kitty only sleeps, my grandmother also likes it because she always wanted to have a cat on her lap all day.

However, this toy might be boring for children because it only sleeps and purrs. I also hoped that there was an on/off switch to save power. The only way to turn off the toy is to remove the battery.
  • Looks very realistic with its breathing movement when it sleeps
  • Includes a posh plush bed for the cat to sleep on
  • Has a collar with a pet tag for a more realistic effect
  • Synthetic hair guarantees no allergic reactions
  • Purrs cutely when rubbed on the tummy
  • Comes with a brush to groom the fur and battery to work right away
  • Has no on/off switch to turn off the power
  • Has limited features (only sleeps and purr)
Overall, the Perfect Petzzz Original Black And White Shorthair Kitten is perfect for all ages, especially the elderly who need a feline companion. I like it because it’s a toy cat that looks real when it sleeps.

9. W Outwit Electronic & Interactive Cat Toys For Kids

If you want to see your children more energetic, the W Outwit Electronic Cat Toy is an excellent idea. This interactive toy will run when it hears a sound, like whistling and clapping.

I like that the manufacturer has the child’s safety in mind because the ABS plastic material is soft to touch. The corners are rounded, so I don’t think the toy can harm my baby niece when playing with it. There’s no smell to indicate any toxins, which is good for the safety of my kid’s health.

The feature that makes this cat toy stand out is its cute appearance. The cat is shaped like a round ball with blushing cheeks and droopy eyes. My niece loves it when the toy jumps and hops around while meowing.

I’m blown away with the sound quality of this cat toy. There’s no distortion, and the volume is moderate enough to protect my niece’s sensitive hearing. As long as there’s sound, this toy can sing and run without directly touching its head.

However, the robotic cat’s legs tend to grab any long hair on the floor. The size is also a little smaller than I expected.
  • Can be activated with sound
  • Safe for the health since the material is nontoxic
  • Soft to touch and contains no sharp edges
  • Designed with a cute appearance
  • Produces a high-quality sound
  • Has a moderate volume to protect children’s hearing
  • The legs can pick up hair on the floor
  • Very small to play with
Altogether, the W Outwit Electronic & Interactive Cat Toy makes a nice friend for children age three and up. This product is one of the best childrens cat toys to learn how to walk.

10. JOY FOR ALL Silver Tabby Kitten

The Silver Tabby Kitten is another good interactive companion pet from JOY FOR ALL. This model is so lifelike that it sounds and feels like a real kitten.

The synthetic fur feels so soft that my grandparents like to stroke and brush it. The VibraPurr sound almost fooled me because it sounds like a real cat. Plus, this toy makes a kneading motion that real kittens do with objects, which I’m very impressed with.

This cat is built with excellent sensors to react to certain gestures and touch. When you touch it, the toy gives delightful meowing and purring sounds. The cat will keep on purring as long as you pat the back of its head.

I appreciate that there’s a silent setting to stop the cat from meowing because my grandparents sometimes get annoyed with the sound after some time. As for the size, I think it’s perfect for cuddles because it’s neither too large nor small. Best of all, it already comes with three AA batteries that seem to last a long time.

However, I think the features are kind of limited considering its price. It would have been perfect if it added a light sensor or a yawn reaction. Also, I discovered that the motor makes a loud sound when the cat kneads its front legs.
  • Made of soft synthetic hair that feels comfortable to touch
  • VibraPurr sounds realistic
  • Makes a kneading movement similar to real kittens
  • Excellent touch sensors on its back
  • Has a silent mode to mute the meowing sound
  • Includes long-lasting AA batteries
  • Has limited features
  • The motor creates noise during the kneading motion
All in all, the JOY FOR ALL Silver Tabby Kitten makes an extraordinary companion pet for elders. This toy is so soft that it gives comfort to users who want to pet a cat.

11. DEMDACO Large Maine Coon Cat Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

The Large Maine Coon Cat is a huggable stuffed animal toy that’s perfect for all ages. This animal toy looks realistic, and my 5-year-old likes to bring it anywhere she goes.

I like the size of this DEMDACO stuffed animal toy because it’s perfect for small hands to snuggle and hold on anywhere. The cat’s legs aren’t too stiff, so it can be moved to make it lay down and sit. The body is squeezable, but not to the point that it loses shape like a flabby beanie bag.

This stuffed animal toy actually looks realistic because of its detailed design. The long fur looks and feels realistic that my niece’s friends like to pet it. Meanwhile, the backside seems to have some beans on it, so it’s a little squishy to fondle.

The construction quality seems to be superb on this one. I’ve seen no loose threads or any stuffing coming out of the plush toy. Also, it comes with a price that won’t break the bank, which is good.

However, this plush toy lacks tricks and animatronic movements. I believe this toy is only built for snuggles and not for play. Because of its fur, this toy can get dirty easily and needs regular cleaning.
  • Has the perfect size to fit for snuggles
  • Squeezable, huggable, and well-made
  • Looks very realistic with its detailed design
  • Built with a squishy backside that won’t lose shape
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Lacks animatronic movements
  • Needs to be cleaned regularly because it collects dirt
Altogether, the DEMDACO Large Maine Coon Cat Plush Toy is perfect for kids and adults who want to snuggle on a pet. This toy is so soft that petting the hair becomes irresistible.

12. Westminster Cloud The Mechanical Kitten

Westminster Cloud Kitten is one of the most lovely robot cat toys for kids out there. This mechanical kitten is so animated that it can meow, walk, and wag its tail like a real one.

I love the gray spots found on the Cloud Kitten’s body because it looks unique and almost life-like. Among all its animated movements, my favorite is when the kitten pounces playfully because it never fails to make us laugh. It looks tiny and cute that it becomes an instant hit in my family.

The toy’s fur is comfortable to touch, which is good for cuddling. I appreciate that the meow sound isn’t annoying but sweet. My baby niece loves to chase this cat around because it walks cutely on the floor.

I like that the kitten’s size is small because it doesn’t scare away my baby niece. So far, I had no problem changing the batteries because the latch is easy to open with a pencil. More importantly, anyone can afford this kitten because it comes at a very competitive price.

However, the legs are a bit flimsy, so be careful in using them. Also, I had to buy batteries separately because the package doesn’t include them.
  • Can do things that a kitten does, like walk and pounce
  • Very cute with its tiny size and gray spots
  • Fur feels comfortable to touch
  • The meows sound very sweet
  • Easy to change batteries
  • Comes at a very competitive price
  • Made of flimsy legs
  • Doesn’t include batteries
All in all, the Westminster Cloud Kitten is perfect for those who’re looking for an economical mechanical kitten for kids. This kitten is so cute that it’s entertaining to watch.

What To Look for When Buying Robot Cat Toy


Robot cat toys aren’t your normal toys because they have modern features to improve functionality. To avoid the headache of choosing the best robot cat toy for your child or parents, here are some factors to consider.

1. Suitable Age

Most manufacturers label their robot cat toys with a recommended age to make sure that it fits the user. Simple robotic cats usually fit for babies and toddlers because they don’t require any complex coding concepts. For adults, companion pets that look and act like a real cat best suit them.

2. Material

Real cat fur can cause allergies, so the last thing you need is to get an allergic reaction to the synthetic hair used by the toy. The best robot feline toys use nontoxic material, like BPA-free ABS and hypoallergenic fabric. Since a cat has naturally soft hair, make sure that you pick a robot cat with a soft plush.

Besides safety, the material should be durable to last for a long time. Plush robot cats are more durable than their plastic counterparts because they don’t break when you drop them constantly. However, the fabric gets easily dirty, so constant cleaning is required.

3. Ease Of Use

Now, the ease of use depends on the sensor sensitivity of the robot cat toy. If a robotic cat responds to touch, make sure that it does in one try. Most of the time, robot cats need to be touched in certain areas, like the head, to do certain movements or sounds.

The on/off switch should be accessible so that you won’t have a difficult time turning off the unit. The battery compartment should be easy to remove. If it uses screws, it would be best if the package offers a screwdriver.

4. Sound And Movements

Robot cat toys are enjoyable because they can do a lot of tricks, like walk and jump. Since robot cat toys aren’t made with the same features, make sure you know what tricks you want to see. Do you want a sleeping robot cat that snores or a dancing cat?

When a robot cat is set to make a meowing sound, make sure that it’s not annoying or creepy. Look for a volume control if you want to reduce the sound to a more comfortable level. If you want the robot cat to talk, look for a speech recognition technology.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much does a robot cat cost?

The price of robot cats may vary, depending on their quality and features. The most affordable robot cat can cost about $10, while the most expensive can go as much as $299 or even more.

In this list, you already get a decent robot at the price of $11.99 through W Outwit Electronic & Interactive Cat Toy. The JOY FOR ALL Black & White Tuxedo Cat is the most expensive on the list, costing almost $110. Usually, companion robot cats that look almost like real cats cost high.

2. How to make a robot cat step by step?

There are a lot of robot cat projects on the Internet, like Strider. If you want to make a robot cat on your own, here are some steps you can follow:

First, learn the cat’s anatomy. A cat should have three joints on its back legs, two joints on the front legs, and a lot of moving parts on its head and neck. For the tail, it needs 10 joints and muscles to imitate the real cat’s movement.

Next, make the 3D print prototype and servo driver board of your robot cat project. Experts recommend the PCA9685 driver board over MCU GPIO to produce a better servo signal. When it comes to the robot brain design, consider these factors- size, wireless connectivity, vision sensor, and I2C interface.

Now, measure and test the brain and servos. Once everything is normal, install the power circuit followed by the paw protection, joints, and servos on all legs. Don’t forget to fix the head, tail, and battery. To check the robot cat’s response, hook it to a program or browser you like.

3. How to clean and care?

Plastic robot cat toys are easier to clean than plush ones. Surface cleaning is the key! To begin, turn off the plastic robot cat toy and remove any batteries. Wipe the surface with a cloth damped in soapy water.

Make several passes over sticky areas and around buttons. Avoid the hole parts because you’ll risk the electric parts from getting drenched with water. Once everything is clean, rinse with a damp cloth, then air dry.

If your child is sick, disinfect the surface with an alcohol wipe or a mixture of chlorine and water. Leave the toy soaked with the solution for five minutes, then rinse with a clean cloth before air drying.

For plush robot cat toys, remove the batteries and scrub the plush with a cloth dipped in soapy water. Follow through with another clean cloth to remove any soapy residue. Once all soap is removed air dry.


It’s fun to have feline friends, but you can always resort to these wonderful robot cat toys above if you’re allergic to a real one. The best robot cat toy is the amdohai interactive catty toy because it can do many tricks. This amdohai Robot Cat is easy to maintain, plus it already includes a rechargeable battery.

If you want a robot cat toy that’s closest to the real kitten, the Tekno Newborns 45910 Pet might be a good alternative with its cute snores. For little girls, the fashion-forward Zoomer Meowzies Lux is a great choice with its glittery tail.

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YH YUHUNG Robot Cat Plush Toy Interactive Cat Electronic Pets Cat Boy Toy with Touch Control Meow Purring Cat Toy for Girls Mechanical cat Birthday...
  • Funny Toy Cat: Cat-like movements & sounds: This kitty cat toys for girls is activated by clapping or touching. Press the head or clap your hands to...
  • Safe Materials: The robot cat toys for kids use high-quality short plush fabric which provides you with a soft and comfortable touch, no dropping...
  • Great Gifts for Girls and Boys: Interactive cat toys make a wonderful gift for cat lovers for 3 year old and up - at a birthday, Christmas, or...
  • Soft & Huggable: Made of Plush and ABS. This toy cat is appropriate for children 3 years & up—robot cat toys for kids: Cute and soft kitten kitty...
  • Package Dimensions: 12.5" (L) x 7.5" (W) x 9" (H).You need to install the battery before you can use it. The kitty toys for girls are powered by 3 AA...
yiman Remote Control Robot Dog Toy, Programmable Interactive & Smart Dancing Robots for Kids 5 and up, RC Stunt Toy Dog with Sound LED Eyes,...
  • 【Remote & Voice (Applaud) Control Robot Dog】You can play the dog with two modes. 1,Infrared remote control with control range 33ft. 2,Voice...
  • 【Intelligent Programmable Rc Toy Dog】Programmable: You can program the Robot dog to perform according to your demands, then the dog will repeat...
  • 【High-quality Material】Flexible limbs enhance the dexterity and fluency of this small robot's moves. The robot dog toy for kids is made from...
  • 【Energy Saving & Lasting Battery】- The robot dog toy has a built-in rechargeable battery with 3.7V 500mAh (included), 3.0V controller batteries (...
  • 【Perfect Gift for Kids Toddlers】A robotic dogs for kids. This smart robot puppy is an exciting toy dog robots, Christmas or Birthday gift for kids...
Interactive Electronic Plush Toy Walking and Barking Robot Cat Plush Cat Remote Control Kitten for Girls (White Cat)
  • Unique design to disassemble clothes - Our electronic walking cat toy have a unique design of detachable clothes, will not be easy to deformation, and...
  • Lifelike with remote control ropes - The toy cat will walking, barking, wagging its tail and nod just like a real cat. When you load the batteries and...
  • Voice and touch interactive toys - Electronic pet toy can also bark, wag its tail as well as nod in response when you gently touch its head with your...
  • Highly safe and durable - Cat toys use safe and environmentally friendly materials, high-quality realistic fur, comfortable and soft, smooth and...
  • The perfect education set - The toy comes in a nice big gift box with a cat and all the accessories including a remote leash, mirror, comb, perfume...
Power Your Fun Unicorn Robo Pets Unicorn Toy for Girls and Boys - Remote Control Robot Toy with Interactive Hand Motion Gestures, STEM Toy Program...
  • Remote Control Robot Unicorn Gifts for Girls and Boys: The Robot Pets unicorn toy is a fun remote control toy robot that neighs, sits, prances, dances...
  • Interactive Unicorn Pet Toy Play Modes: Guide this walking unicorn with simple hand motions in Gesture Mode or watch your unicorn toy navigate a room...
  • Robotic STEM Toys for Kids: Learn basic programming skills with the included program treats; feed your robot unicorn toy with various program treats...
  • Kid-Friendly RC Toy Robot Unicorn Specs: Made with nontoxic and skin-friendly high quality materials to ensure kids’ safety; the Robo Pet Unicorn...
  • Fun You Can Count On: Play nonstop interactive unicorn games for 40 minutes with every 1.5 hours charge; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not...
Westminster Casanova The Mechanical Kitten - Orange Striped
  • Casanova can walk around and wag its tail and meow just like a cat
  • Batteries are required
  • Casanova The Mechanical Kitten - Orange Striped
  • Little ones will love this super soft and adorable furry friend that offers life-like movements and sounds just like the real thing
Lelia Plush Electronic Cats That Move and Meow Waliking Lifelike Interactive Toy pet Stuffed Kitten for Girls Kids,Persian cat
  • [Realistic Mimicry Pet Toy]: This walking cat toy that move and meow and then walk quickly forward as a while like a real pet cat, make sounds of...
  • [High Quality & Features]: Each cute cat made of good quality and eco-friendly matrerial of plush cotton, very soft for kids to hug and safe for baby,...
  • [The First Plush Cat Toy]: As a kitty toy for kids,While kids interaction with kitten, this toy enhance kids or toddlers perception of things, your...
  • [Directions for Use]: 1.Open the battery box cover (on the stomach) with a screwdriver, 2. load 4 AA batteries, 3. turn the switch to ON...
  • [Entertained and Suit For 3 Years or Older]: This toy cat is funny and cute, perfect gift for kids /adults/ pets/girlfriend/grandchild, as a birthday...