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best christmas train sets

If you have seen holiday-themed movies like The Polar Express, you must already know the deep connection between Christmas and trains. In case you want to enhance the Christmas experience, getting the best Christmas train sets for your child is not a bad idea. Apart from being great decorations, train sets are an immensely enjoyable toy.

Best Choice
Lionel North Pole Central Ready-to-Play Freight Set, Battery-powered Model Train Set with Remote
Second Best
Prextex Christmas Train Set - Christmas Tree Train Set Around The Tree with Real Smoke, Music & Lights - Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree -...
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PUSITI Classic Christmas Train Set with Lights and Sounds Railway Tracks Sets Battery Operated Locomotive Engine and 11.5 Ft Tracks Playset for Under...
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iHaHa Electric Train Set for Kids, Battery-Powered Train Toys Include Locomotive Engine, 3 Cars and 10 Tracks, Classic Toy Train Set Halloween...
Lionel North Pole Central Ready-to-Play Freight Set, Battery-powered Model Train Set with Remote
Prextex Christmas Train Set - Christmas Tree Train Set Around The Tree with Real Smoke, Music & Lights - Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree -...
PUSITI Classic Christmas Train Set with Lights and Sounds Railway Tracks Sets Battery Operated Locomotive Engine and 11.5 Ft Tracks Playset for Under...
iHaHa Electric Train Set for Kids, Battery-Powered Train Toys Include Locomotive Engine, 3 Cars and 10 Tracks, Classic Toy Train Set Halloween...
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Best Choice
Lionel North Pole Central Ready-to-Play Freight Set, Battery-powered Model Train Set with Remote
Lionel North Pole Central Ready-to-Play Freight Set, Battery-powered Model Train Set with Remote
Amazon Prime
Second Best
Prextex Christmas Train Set - Christmas Tree Train Set Around The Tree with Real Smoke, Music & Lights - Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree -...
Prextex Christmas Train Set - Christmas Tree Train Set Around The Tree with Real Smoke, Music & Lights - Christmas Train Sets for Under The Tree -...
Amazon Prime
Don't Miss
PUSITI Classic Christmas Train Set with Lights and Sounds Railway Tracks Sets Battery Operated Locomotive Engine and 11.5 Ft Tracks Playset for Under...
PUSITI Classic Christmas Train Set with Lights and Sounds Railway Tracks Sets Battery Operated Locomotive Engine and 11.5 Ft Tracks Playset for Under...
Amazon Prime
Also Consider
iHaHa Electric Train Set for Kids, Battery-Powered Train Toys Include Locomotive Engine, 3 Cars and 10 Tracks, Classic Toy Train Set Halloween...
iHaHa Electric Train Set for Kids, Battery-Powered Train Toys Include Locomotive Engine, 3 Cars and 10 Tracks, Classic Toy Train Set Halloween...
Amazon Prime

I think that a Christmas tree train set under the tree is a wonderful present for a developing child. Model trains are a good way for kids to develop an innate sense of neatness and order. I have realized that model trains and playsets are a clever way to introduce young children to STEM concepts. They enhance problem-solving and cognitive skills in toddlers.

Comparison Table:

To help you make a great choice, I have compiled all the information that you could possibly need to buy the best train set for Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations. Actually, you will find that there are a lot of competing products on the market. Quite naturally, what I feel is that this guide will help you.

Top Picks Christmas Train Set Reviews

Well, I’ve made the best effort to keep my reviews and evaluations based on my personal experiences with the toy. I hope it helps you out!

1. Lionel North Model Train Set

I love model trains that are designed to emulate the appearance and functioning of old-time classic steam engines. This “North Pole Central” is a beautiful battery-powered model train that is taken by Santa Claus and his helpers during Christmas. The most striking feature of this toy is its appearance.

This set contains an innovative steam locomotive, which is colored and designed retro Christmas-themed. The engine is a faithful reproduction of the old-fashioned steam trains that used to run in the 1950s.

If you are looking for a battery-powered or electric Christmas train set with light and sound, then this model is the best option for you. The train has a lot of attractive locomotive features such as realistic sound effects, working headlights, a working bell, and a whistle. Many support features to allow your kiddo to play at ease.

I love how the train cars themselves are attached with the help of fixed knuckle couplers. As a hardcore model train fan, I appreciate this touch of authenticity and realism. The railroad tracks are made of durable fabric and they can be assembled in no time. As a result, your little kiddo can play conveniently.

Apart from that, the engine has its own coal tender car, which you can use for fuel storage. In addition, there is a gondola freight car and caboose. You will see that the gondola train car features boxes of cargo that can actually be removed and loaded. This will allow your kids to have an immersive experience.

The train is powered with the help of 6 C-cell batteries, which are durable and long-lasting. The train can be controlled by a remote control unit, which requires 3 AAA batteries to work properly.

The sound effects of the train are nice but it would have been better if there were some holiday-themed music.
  • High levels of detailing that is perfect for decoration.
  • Fixed knuckle couplers are authentic.
  • Light and sound effects make playtime immersive.
  • Can be controlled with a remote control.
  • Easy to play train set.
  • Does not feature music.
All in all, this is a fantastic holiday-themed around the tree train set that would be perfect for your family’s Christmas decorations.

2. Prextex Christmas Train Set

I personally think that Christmas decorations are incomplete until you place a fully functional Christmas-themed train around the tree. If you are looking for the best Christmas tree train set, then I’d recommend you check this one out. What you would love is that it plays delightful music and it gives off real steam.

The engine has an authentic and beautiful design. It looks exactly like the old-fashioned steam engines that used to venture on the world railway tracks in the first half of the 19th century. It has a flashing red headlight that will look nice in photographs. The engine is actually equipped to exhale steam for a realistic train experience.

To make the entire experience even more lifelike and enjoyable, the train comes with lovely musical and sound effects. While running, the train has an original and fun engine sound that will surely amaze your children. As the train goes around the tracks, you will be serenaded by a number of Christmas melodies.

This perfect holiday train set is a great gift for a growing child. You and your family will be able to have a lot of fun assembling the tracks and operating the entire train set properly. Assembling such a sophisticated and high-quality Christmas tree train set go around tree will develop their problem-solving skills and motor skills.

The tracks are made of high-quality plastic and contain 16 pieces in total – 12 are curved, 3 are straight and 1 is a detachment track. The overall circumference of the entire track is more than 4 meters for extra fun.

This is a great product but the volume of the Christmas songs and sound effects can be too loud.
  • Authentic engine design for immersive playtime.
  • Christmas songs for holiday spirit and fun.
  • Goes well with Christmas decorations.
  • Develops motor skills in kids.
  • The volume is too loud.
In spite of the loud volume, this train set is just fabulous and will be appreciated by your whole family.

3. Bachmann Trains Jingle Bell Train Set

This is one of my favorite brands when it comes to premium model trains and their HO gauge electric train set is one of the finest pieces of craftsmanship I have ever seen. Whenever you want to buy Christmas electric trains sets, take a look at Bachmann Trains’ products.

This is a beautiful holiday-themed train set that features an authentic-looking 0-6-0 locomotive with a tender car, a tank car, a box passenger car, and an off-set cupola caboose. The entire train has all iconic holiday color schemes with lots of bright reds, whites and dark greens. I would say the train’s HO scale is comfortable at 1:87 size ratio.

The tracks for this train are easy to set up. I would advise you to set up the tracks with some assistance, as it will make the task much easier. After you find a working room with sufficient space, all you need to do is set up the innovative E-Z tracks and connect them with Bachmann Trains.

This HO Christmas train set has the train cars connected with the help of E-Z fixed knuckle couplers. They might look complicated, but they are easy to attach. With a little assistance, even a small child will be able to manipulate and attach the cars. The engine features a realistic red-colored working lamp.

The train is electric so that it needs to be provided with a stable power supply. It comes with its own power pack which will stabilize the amount of power it receives. I would also like to mention that it has a clever speed controller that ensures safe play sessions for children.

This train is wonderful but this is not for young kids. Assembling this train would be too complicated for little kids.
  • The authentic design of a 0-6-0 locomotive is beautiful.
  • Clever-speed controller for safe riding
  • 1:87 size ratio is easy for users.
  • E-Z track and coupler technology is convenient and easy to attach.
  • Too complicated for little kids.
On the whole, the Jingle Bells Express model train is perfect for your holiday decorations

4. Snaen Battery Powered Toy Train Set

Your search for a high-quality motorized train that would be the perfect Christmas present for your little one ends here. This toy train set will provide your child with a realistic and immersive playtime experience. At the same time, this is also the tree train set that doubles as holiday decorations.

This set includes a classic train engine that looks exactly like the steam engines of the early 19th century. Apart from the engine, the set features a coal tender car and two passenger coaches. Moreover, there are 12 track pieces, of which 8 are curved and 4 are straight. These can be set up in a number of ways.

The tracks and train components are 100% modular and easy to assemble. This train set can be easily assembled by your youngster since the instructions are intuitive and easy to follow. The engine has a realistic LED headlight, which will make your Christmas decorations look beautiful and bright. You would love to know that the engine has the capability to exhale real steam.

This train set is actually the perfect Christmas present for your child. It doubles as a fun Christmas toy and a fantastic piece of holiday decoration. It will allow your little one to have hours of open-ended play and limitless fun. Assembling the tracks and the train will enhance and develop their problem-solving abilities.

You might be a bit apprehensive about the Christmas train set with smoke. However, it is completely safe for your family. It has been manufactured from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, so you can be assured about its high quality and safety. The brand subscribes to all safety standards.

This toy would essentially be perfect if they didn’t use AAA batteries. These batteries are not eco-friendly and rather expensive.
  • Authentic design for realistic gameplay.
  • 100% modular elements can be easily assembled.
  • Lovely Christmas theme for decoration purposes.
  • 100% safe for children and eco-friendly.
  • This toy set uses AAA batteries.
Well, this is a wonderful Christmas train set under tree that will delight your family and spruce up your decorations.

5. Lionel BModel Train Set

This Polar Express Christmas train set is one of the best holiday gifts you can have. The Polar Express is a popular Christmas movie, especially among children, and this model train set pays homage to it in the best way possible.

The tracks of this set are easy to assemble, which is rare for most model train sets. There are 24 curved pieces and 8 straight tracks, which can be arranged to form a fairly large oval track. The tracks themselves are made of high-quality plastic, which is durable. Apart from that, the tracks have a simple latching mechanism.

The engine of this model train is a faithful reproduction of the iconic steam engine featured in the Polar Express film. I would like to mention that the engine has its own coal tender car, which has been stenciled with the name of the train in gold lettering. There are 3 passenger coaches attached to the train which have beautiful internal lighting.

The internal lighting of the train shows the shadows and silhouettes of the passengers who are seated inside the train. When you switch on the power, the train runs on the track and the entire experience is unforgettable. The engine has a working LED headlight that can become a major element of your overall Christmas decorations.

A Lionel Christmas train set is a valuable present for a train enthusiast. The included train remote control is easy to operate. I think that this will be a lovely present for your little one.

The only thing I should mention is that this model train can be too expensive for some first-time gift buyers.
  • Plastic track pieces are easy to arrange.
  • The design of the train is authentic and beautiful.
  • The light effects are immersive.
  • The remote control is easy-to-use.
  • The train set is expensive.
However, if you are alright with spending a little extra, this toy train set would be the perfect Christmas purchase.

6. Pusiti Classic Christmas Train Set

This set is probably the best train for Christmas tree decorations as it has a distinctive and beautiful holiday theme. All the components of this toy train set are designed to reflect the colors and aesthetics of Christmas. It would be perfect for Christmas morning.

This set includes a steam locomotive, tender, several passenger coaches, and cargo caboose. Each component of the train is attached to each other with the help of couplers, which are easy to fasten. I would like to point out that they are strong and secure despite being so simple in their function.

You would see that the tracks are made of high-quality plastic that is durable and can be cleaned easily. There are 6 curved tracks and 4 straight ones, which can be arranged to create a circular track that is almost 11.5 feet in circumference. Such a large track size will allow your kids to engage in open-ended play sessions.

I love how the tracks can be manipulated and their overall shape can be changed according to your needs. The track can be a circle, oval, or parallelogram depending on your needs and preferences. Therefore, this Christmas train set can easily be placed around your home’s Christmas tree or on the living room floor.

The quality of the materials used in the train is high, but the price of the set is affordable. If you want an affordable and reliable toy train for your Christmas decorations, this classic set would be perfect.

However, I should warn you that even though the train tracks are easy to connect, they are rather flimsy.
  • Reflects a beautiful Christmas aesthetic.
  • The railway tracks can be arranged easily.
  • Perfect for open-ended play sessions.
  • Track size is large for convenient play sessions.
  • The tracks are rather flimsy.
All in all, this set is a fantastic product and I am sure your family will enjoy it very much.

7. Hot Bee 2020 Updated Toy Train

If you’re looking for affordable and functional Christmas tree trains, then you should look at this newly updated model train. You can use this as Christmas decorations and it will be a great present for your growing child. Playing with trains develops kids’ problem solving and cognitive abilities.

One of the exciting features of this toy train is that its tracks come in 10 pieces, of which 8 are curved and 2 are straight. These train tracks can be latched with each other to create a layout that works best for your personal situation. The latches are easy to manipulate and can be successfully set up by kids as well.

Just let me tell you that when the train runs, it makes authentic train-like sounds and displays attractive lighting effects. The train also has an appealing LED-powered headlight that can be activated easily. The sound effects made by the train are realistic and will enable your child to enjoy an immersive session of open-ended play. I can guarantee with you that the engine steam option is cool.

The train has a lot of interesting and highly detailed components which are fun to set up and assemble. Using this set, you can introduce your child to the world of trains. Did you know that train sets like these are perfect for getting kids interested in STEM subjects? This train will definitely spark your child’s immense potential.

The materials used to make this toy are all of high quality plastic, and they are 100% eco-friendly as well. The materials are all certified to be completely safe and non-toxic. The train itself subscribes to all safety regulations.

However, the volume of the sound effects cannot be controlled and you will have no choice but to tolerate the racket.
  • Develops problem-solving and cognitive abilities.
  • Authentic sound effects make playtime immersive and fun.
  • The tracks can be manipulated and hence easy-to-use.
  • Non-toxic material subscribes to safety regulations.
  • Volume cannot be controlled.
In conclusion, if you’re looking for high-quality Christmas tree train sets under a tree, then this set is just perfect.

8. Lionel Hogwarts Express Train Set

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you definitely need to get this gorgeous model of the Hogwarts Express designed by Lionel Store. This is a high-quality Lionel Christmas train set and is a faithful reproduction of the train featured in the Harry Potter movies.

Hogwarts Express is an old-fashioned steam engine train that carries the students from London to Hogwarts and back. It is one of the most novel elements of the beautiful world of Harry Potter. The detailing and craftsmanship displayed in the construction of this set is of extremely high quality. As a Harry Potter enthusiast, this is truly the best Christmas gift.

The train is pulled forward by a battery-powered reproduction of a well-designed 4-6-0 locomotive, attached to its own coal tender car. The train has two passenger coaches, which are designed painstakingly to be faithful to the films. The name of the train is stenciled on the side in a beautiful font.

The tracks of this train set are made of high-quality plastic that is durable and easy to clean. There are 24 track pieces in total, of which 8 are straight and 16 are curved. You can manipulate these pieces into a variety of track arrangements according to your preferences. What I’m sure you will love is that the tracks are simple and easy to use.

The train itself is battery-powered and works with the help of C-batteries, which are eco-friendly and rechargeable. The train comes with authentic train sounds, along with the bells and whistles that were featured in the Harry Potter film series.

Nevertheless, I found that the remote control is rather difficult for children to operate. Another aspect that I would like to mention is that the included instructions for the remote control are somewhat complicated.
  • Beautiful piece of Harry Potter memorabilia.
  • 4-6-0 locomotives are well-designed.
  • The tracks are simple and well-designed.
  • C-batteries are eco-friendly.
  • The remote control is complicated.
I think that this train would be the perfect present for someone who is a huge fan of Harry Potter.

9. Temi Christmas Toy Train Set

If you want to amaze and delight your child with a fully functional Christmas train set this holiday season, then this toy train is definitely the perfect candidate. Let me tell you that this is one of the most well-made toys I have ever seen. It is a delightful present for both boys and girls.

With a startling and interesting appearance, this toy train for Christmas tree decorations is indeed what you have been looking for. It has a brightly colored and decorated body that you can include as part of your Christmas decorations. You can have the train set fully assembled and operational under the Christmas tree in your living room.

To be precise, this set has a battery-powered engine that will pull behind it a coal tender car, passenger car, cargo car filled with presents and candy, as well as a car carrying Santa Claus himself. The level of detail in all of the pieces of this toy set is high, making it the perfect educational and entertaining present for kids.

The train comes with a lot of realistic sound effects and headlights, which will add a special and unique flair to your home’s Christmas decorations. The tracks are easy to assemble, so all you need to do is set up the tracks, place the train on them carefully, and then turn on the switch of the engine.

This train is much more than a fine toy that your children will enjoy. It is actually a complex system that will develop your child’s motor skills and sense of spatial awareness. Along with that, assembling it will enhance their cognitive abilities.

This train needs AAA batteries to function properly, which I am unhappy about since they are unreliable and unsustainable.
  • The Christmas-style design will delight children.
  • Realistic sound effects for immersive playtime.
  • Tracks are easy to assemble.
  • Develops motor skills and spatial awareness.
  • AAA batteries are unsustainable.
I would say that this toy is a pretty great purchase because of its high quality, delightful design, and affordable price.

10. iHaHa Christmas Toy Train Set

This is a comprehensive and enjoyable Christmas toy train set that will be the perfect present for your child. It is a lot of fun to play with and it has loads of educational and developmental benefits, making it a well-rounded toy for all ages.

This is a large Christmas train set with 10 pieces of track. Each piece is made of premium plastic and can be easily connected with the other pieces. Setting up the tracks is simple and can be easily managed by a young child. The set comes with 4 straight tracks and 6 curved ones for easy setup.

The tracks are well-connected and the grooves fit snugly with each other. The improved technology decreases the chance of accidental derailments to nearly zero. The product is durable, and your kid will get hours of fun out of it without being distracted or bored.

The best part is that the train design is realistic and immersive. When the train runs on the track, you will be able to hear the iconic choo-choo sound of old steam engines. There are additional sound effects built into the train that will allow you and your kiddo to have a wonderful playtime experience.

The quality of all the materials used is high and they are also 100% safe. To ensure the safety of all the youngsters playing with this toy, the manufacturers strictly conform to the safety specifications set in place by standardization organizations like the ASTM and CPSIA. Lastly, packing up and storing the toy is simple.

The toy is of fantastic quality but the train and all its additional components are light and almost flimsy.
  • Tracks are well-designed and connected to prevent derailments.
  • Durable product for hours of fun.
  • Sound effects are immersive and realistic.
  • Conforms to major safety standards.
  • The train is light.
I would definitely say that this is a top-notch product that will become a favorite in the whole family.

11. Art Creativity Deluxe Train Set

A toy train for Christmas tree decorations is a good idea to take festive vibes to the next level. Toy trains are cool and add a bit of nostalgic charm to your home’s Christmas decorations. To add some spice to this year’s holiday, you should consider adding a toy train to the mix.

This is a battery-powered train set that can be used easily by children of all ages. Setting up the tracks and pieces is easy, since the assembly instructions are simple and intuitive. All you need is a suitable flat surface and 15 minutes to have a brand new train set for your tree.

The included train has 4 unique elements, which demonstrate an old-fashioned steam engine reproduction. This engine needs to be fit with AAA batteries, after which it will pull the remaining components along. There is a coal tender vehicle, cargo caboose, and passenger coach. Each element is made of high-quality plastic that is durable and valuable.

Setting up the entire train set will develop the cognitive and motor skills of your child. What you would like about the product is that it is an educational toy. Following instructions and setting up the tracks properly will polish your kid’s problem solving and spatial awareness skills. Secondly, manipulating the pieces will develop and refine their developing motor skills as well as hand-eye coordinative abilities.

This is a fun addition to any environment, especially to classrooms and nurseries. This is the sort of toy that is entertaining for both adults and children. The good thing about this product is that it subscribes to all major safety standards.

But, the screws of the battery compartment of the engine are difficult to remove. You will need a special screwdriver.
  • Assembling the tracks is easy.
  • Unique elements encourage open-ended play.
  • Develops problem solving skills and spatial awareness in your kid.
  • Perfectly usable by children of all ages.
  • Screws are difficult to remove.
I would like to conclude by saying that this is a terrific toy and you should seriously consider getting it.

12. Lionel Mickey Mouse Train

If you want to add a touch of Disney charm to your Christmas decorations, then you should definitely consider getting this beautiful Mickey Mouse Express. It is a battery-powered model train that will add a touch of whimsy and wonder to your home’s Christmas decorations. To be precise, it’s a fantastic toy.

The set includes a battery-operated general locomotive that has a cute holiday theme. In fact, the entire train is designed to reflect a sweet Christmas aesthetic. Mickey Mouse himself is present in the driver’s seat. There is a tender car that has Donald Duck in it. Additionally, there’s a cupola caboose and a passenger box car.

The tracks are made of high-quality plastic that is sturdy, durable. and easy to clean. The tracks themselves are easy to arrange and can be done by kids as well. There are 24 track pieces, of which 16 are curved and 8 are straight. You can manipulate these pieces into a variety of track shapes too.

The locomotive itself is powerful despite its miniature size. It features realistic light and sound effects to provide you and your family with a realistic and immersive playtime experience. The headlight of the engine is a powerful LED lamp that will illuminate your home. This train uses 6 batteries to work, which are rechargeable.

The train comes with a remote control, which is easy to use. Your toddler will be able to operate this train with ease. You will also get buttons that will allow you to change direction, activate sound effects, Disney phrases, etc.

The connectors/couplers between the train cars are rather weak, and they sometimes get disconnected while the train is running.
  • Disney characters are beloved and cute.
  • Powerful locomotive for great functionality.
  • Sound effects are realistic and immersive.
  • The remote control is easily operated.
  • The connectors are of poor quality.
This is a valuable novelty toy train that will positively light up your Christmas decorations in the best way.

What to Look for While Buying Christmas Toy Train Sets


Here is a brief and informative explanation of all the factors that should influence your decision-making process while you are shopping for Christmas tree train sets under tree. These guides will help you narrow down your choices and pick something awesome.

  • Brand of the Toy: I personally think that the first and most important consideration that you should make is regarding the brand of the Christmas tree train set. It is important that you pick a brand that has been making model trains and toy trains for years.

For example, you should consider well-known brands that have been making high-quality model and toy trains for a long time such as the Lionel Store and Bachmann Trains. All of these brands are well-known for making model trains of the best quality.

  • Reason You Are Buying The Toy: It matters what you are using the toy for. If you are only going to be using it to decorate your living room for Christmas, then you should not need to pick something that is clearly over the top and expensive.

However, if you are going to be using the train for more than a Christmas tree train set go-around tree decoration, you should get something that is high-quality and premium. I would recommend you to check out the novelty Christmas themed model trains made by brands like the Lionel Store.

  • Ease of Assembly of the Toy: In my opinion, the ease of assembly of the entire model train set should be a major factor to be considered before making a purchase. If you don’t have experience with model trains, it’s not a good idea to get something too complicated.

Setting up the railway tracks is the most vital and important task involved in the assembly of the toy. You should pick a product where setting up the rails is easy and uncomplicated. You should definitely consider this if you are getting the train for your kids.

  • Age and Preferences of the Child: A train set is actually a great way for parents to bond with their children. Setting up a train set with your kids can be a rewarding and memorable experience for everyone involved. However, you should consider your kid’s age and preferences.

If your child is a toddler, then you should get them something simple and uncomplicated like a wooden train set. If they are a bit older, then it would be a good time to introduce them to the magical world of model trains.

  • Safety & Compliance of the Toy: If you are going to be buying something for your children, you should get something that is safe and in compliance with safety regulations. I would advise double-checking whether the toy is certified by third-party testing labs and carries ASTM certification.

You should ensure that the paint and chemicals used in the construction of the toy are free of all toxic elements, such as lead, BPA, and phthalates. You should make sure that the toy you buy is made from eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Checking this information is crucial.

  • Power Source of the Toy: Since you are looking for a Christmas train set, you should consider the power source of the toy train set. Some model trains are electric and they need to be plugged into an adapter. I prefer this since there aren’t batteries involved.

However, a lot of the toys in the market either run on AAA batteries or C-batteries. I would ask you to avoid AAA batteries in general since they are not reusable or recyclable. If you want to make an environmentally conscious choice, you should pick C-batteries or electric train sets.

  • Developmental & Educational Benefits of the Toy: Did you know that a train set has a number of amazing educational and developmental benefits? First of all, manipulating the tracks and arranging the entire train will develop the fine motor skills of your kid. It will also develop their hand-eye coordination.

Secondly, playing with the toy will sharpen their sense of spatial awareness. Train sets are actually recommended by educationists all over the world as a great way to introduce maturing children to STEM concepts. Assembling the tracks and the trains will develop their problem-solving skills and imagination.

  • Size of the Model Train Set: I am sure you know that real trains themselves can be classified on account of their width and size into different gauges. Similarly, model trains can be classified on the basis of their ratio and size. There are loads of different sizes.

The National Model Railroading Association (NMRA) of the US actually specifies more than 15 different sizes, which are all classified according to the size-ratio of the model in comparison to the real train. HO gauge and O gauge train sets are among the most popular sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions


I often receive a number of questions from readers when they’re inquiring about model trains and Christmas trains. Here are all these questions in one place so that any lingering doubts can be cleared. Please reach out if you have any more questions.

1. What are the most trusted Christmas train set brands?

In my opinion, the two best model train brands that you can find are Lionel and Bachmann Trains. These two brands have been around for decades and they make some of the best model trains that I have ever seen.

However, if you are looking for something simple and uncomplicated, then you should look into the basic toy train brands such as Temi, Pusiti, Hot Bee, etc. Their products are affordable and have a lot of attractive and immersive features. They will make your Christmas unforgettable and fun.

2. Why do people put trains under the Christmas tree?

For many Americans, trains and Christmas have a close and sentimental association. Ever since the 1960s, children would wake up on Christmas morning to find a fully assembled and functional train puffing away tirelessly on its own track.

This sentiment still remains with many families who want to provide their kids with the same experience. Christmas was a time when many people traveled across the nation by train to finally reunite with their families and loved ones. As a result, Christmas and trains have always been connected.

3. Which train brand is better: Lionel or Bachmann Trains?

If you are looking for model trains that subscribe to international size standards, then I would advise you to go for the models produced by Bachmann Trains. The craftsmanship is of high quality and the reproduction is 100% perfect.

However, if you want to buy something that has intrinsic value as a keepsake or memorabilia, then I would advise you to look up the trains available in the Lionel catalog. They have models of famous fictional trains such as The Polar Express, The Mickey Mouse Express, and Hogwarts Express.

4. How should I use a Christmas model train set?

Using a Christmas model train set is easy. First, you need to decorate your living room and Christmas tree properly. Once that is complete, you should arrange the tracks around the tree.

Once you have arranged the tracks, you have to fit the locomotive with fresh batteries and make sure that all the train couplers are securely attached to each other. Once this process is complete, you need to place the train on the tracks carefully. Then, you switch the power on.

5. How to care for and clean a train set?

Cleaning and caring for a train set is no big deal. First of all, the individual elements of the train should be sprayed with a particular disinfectant and wiped properly with a clean fabric.

I would advise you to check the strength and quality of the fixed knuckle couplers between the cars on a regular basis. When the train is not in use, you should remove the batteries and store the train away in a safe place until the next time it’s used.


So, this is basically all the important information that you need to pick the best Christmas train sets for your family. A puffing toy train around the Christmas tree makes a beautiful piece of decoration and you should definitely invest in a good toy.

If you want to buy something extensive and long-lasting, then you should definitely consider a Christmas village train set. I hope that this information allows you to pick the best train set for your kids.

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  • 🌕【2023 Rechargeable Train Set】: 2022 train set is powered by rechargeable battery (USB Charging Cable is included, SAVE YOUR BATTERY MONEY!)...
  • 📦【Best Gift Idea for Age 3+ Kids】: The locomotive produces authentic train sounds, working headlights and realistic smoke (steam), which will...
  • 🎉【Easy to Assemble】: Kids can use his imagination to easily assemble their own special train tracks by snapping two different types of straight...
  • 🎈【Fun to Play】: Take your remote and assemble rail track parts into your own railroad shape and layout, place your train engine and favorite...
  • ✨【Safe & High Quality】: Safety is the most important thing we concerned. Our train set is made of eco-friendly ABS materials and conforms to USA...
Kids Musical Train Set for Kids with Christmas-Themed Music, Perfect Year-Round Gift for Boys Girls Toddlers
  • EASY TO USE: Easy to use push to start button gets train running on tracks while singing popular Winter-themed song
  • Perfect Winter gift for your little ones who love the year-round Christmas spirit
  • MUSICAL TRAIN: Musical Locomotive sings the popular songs We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho, and the popular Jingle Bell song while blowing...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Train tracks are easy to assemble for little kids includes 4 green trees for beautiful decorations
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Also includes 2 small gift boxes to be placed in the train wagon
Remote Control Train Set with Smoke, Sound and Light, RC Train Toy Under Christmas Tree, Birthday Gift for Boys and Girls
  • Plastic Remote Control Train: The remote control has start, stop, acceleration, retreat and sound functions that control the mobility of the train. A...
  • Smoking: Just add a little water to the locomotive. When the train is running, the chimney can generate smoke like a real steam train.
  • Sound and Light: It can make a clanging sound like a real steam train. The sound can also be turned off. The lights of the locomotive can turn red.
  • High-quality Wide Tracks: The Size of the elliptical track is 81" X 58". The diameter of the circular track is 58". The width of the track is 3.6"....
  • Great gifts: Kids will love this train as a best gift because of it's unique ability to move freely in daily.
Mini Tudou Christmas Electric Train Set w/Steam, Sound & Light, Remote Control Train Toys w/Steam Locomotive Engine, Cargo Cars & Tracks, Toy Train...
  • Retro Christmas Train Set - "Choo-Choo-Choo"...Mini Tudou retro classical steam train toy is coming! A classic steam locomotive with the coal car,...
  • Electric Train Set with Remote Control - Compare with other electronic train toy, our rc train playset not only include the locomotive engines, coal...
  • Perfect Immersive Experience - The great attention to the details, from the chimney to the wheels of this model train sets, our designers are...
  • Easy to Assemble and Ready to Play - Kids can assemble the upgraded modular rail train track to build their own railroad layout firmly and easily....
  • Durable & Safe Train Track Gift for Kids - Our electric train sets are made of high quality and child-friendly ABS material, smooth edge without...
Lucky Doug Electric Train Set for Kids, Train Toys with Sounds Include 4 Cars and 10 Tracks, Classic Toy Train Set for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Boys Girls
  • Impeccable 14 PCS Train Set Toys - Package includes 1 locomotive engine train, 1 passenger car, and 2 cargo cars and 10 train track pieces. Can be...
  • Realistic Music, Rich Atmosphere - Fine to every detail, from the chimney to wheels, we are committed to restoring the most realistic train...
  • Firmly Assemble, Prevent Train Derailment - Great attention to detail size, the toy train and track can perfect match, avoid the possibility of the...
  • Wonderful Train Set for Kid - The exquisite colorful packaging is perfect for as giving every child when a birthday or any occasion, let the train...
  • Safe & Durable, Not Easy Broken - Our train set assured that all are made with the highest quality, non-toxic, durable plastic. Pass the CPSIA and...
TEMI Train Set for Kids Toddlers 3-5, Train with Steam Engine, Cargo Car and Long Track, Rechargeable Battery Play Red Train Toys with Smoke, Light &...
  • A FULL SET WITH NUMEROUS ACCESSORIES – This motorized train toy comes with a classic steam engine, 2 passenger coaches, 1 VIP passenger car, 8...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND READ TO PLAY - Assemble the modular rail track parts into your own railroad shape and layout, place your train engine and...
  • REALISTIC HEADLIGHT, SOUNDS & STEAM– The electric train model also features authentic LED light, realistic sounds. Moreover, you can add water into...
  • AN IDEAL GIFT FOR MANY OCCASIONS - With plenty of track to ensure that it can build an oval for the table during festivities or in a circle around...
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – The train construction set is made of Phthalates and BPA free materials. Passed the US toy CPSIA and ASTM test. Our strict...
Fortikpo Train Set - Rechargeable Battery and Remote - Around The Christmas Tree with Water Steam, Music & Lights - Electric Train Toy Gift Toys for...
  • 🌕【Rechargeable Remote Control Train】: September 2022 train set is powered by rechargeable battery (USB Charging Cable is included). This...
  • 📦【Best Gift Idea】: The locomotive produces authentic train sounds, working headlights and realistic smoke (steam), which will make the child...
  • 🎉【Easy to Assemble】: Kids can use his imagination to easily assemble their own special train tracks by snapping two different types of straight...
  • 🎈【Fun to Play】When the train operates, the headlight is on filling the passenger coach with warm light. A realistic whistle sounds and the...
  • ✨【Safe & High Quality】: The train construction set is made of high-quality materials, Pass the US toy CPSIA and ASTM test. The train and all...